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— Embracing — 


A. Names oi All Firms (Officials, etc.) — with occupation and street 


B. Names of Adult Persons — with occupation; where employed, 

whether householder, roomer or boarder. 

C. Civic, Provincial, Federal Officials and Offices, etc.— See also 

Miscellaneous Directory. 

• A COMPLETE STREET GUIDE showing the name of the occupant at each 

street number, also which homes are owned by the occupants, the 
description of each street, and the numbers at which other streets 


ization in Windsor is listed under its proper Classified heading. 

• A MISCELLANEOUS SECTION containing a large amount of valuable 

miscellaneous civic, provincial, and federal government information. 

NOTE: — The public is warned that the Irrformaticn in the above several sections of this Book is compiled from original sources, 
is copyrighted, and must not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Publishers. 

Compiled and Published by 



Copyright, Canada, 1951, by Acme Windsor Directory Co. Ltd. 




Abbey Gray Ltd Left Top Lines 

Allan Construction Co Ltd 
Ambassador Motors 

.Classified, Yellow Page 17 

Ltd Back Cover 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 5 

Ambassador Parts Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 6 

Askin Realty Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 40 

Automart Limited Right Top Lines 

Bell Fuels Ltd Bottom Stencil Edge, 

Bensette Oswald R Alphabetical, White Page 39 

Benson Wm C & Co Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Borden Co Ltd Left Side Lines 

Classified, Yellow Pages 18 and 27 
Brading's Cincinnatti Cream Brewery Ltd .... Front Cover 

Brokenshire, Scarff & Co Left Top Lines, 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Burns W J Co Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Checker Cab Windsor Ltd .... Classified, Yellow Page 46 

Copeland's Book Stores ....Classified, Yellow Page 10 

Cross Supplies & Paving Ltd Back Cover 

Crown Trust Co Front Cover 

Oi Paola Agency Classified, Yellow Page 44 

Dougherty Wm J Classified, Yellow Page 40 

Downtown Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd Left Top Lines 

Edmonds Karl Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Empire Hanna Coal Co Ltd Top Stencil Edge, 

FitzGerald Arthur S & Co Front Cover, 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Foster & Robarts Front Cover, 

Frontier Pattern Works Classified, Yellow Page 36 

Goldin Irving S & Co Classified, Yellow Page 1 

Goyeau Ed & Sons Back Cover 

Gray, Abbey Ltd Left Top Lines 

Grayson Jewellers Backbone 

Griffith, E J W Agencies Back Cover 

Helwig Adjusting Co Front Cover 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 27 

Herald Press Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 39 

Hicks Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd 

Classified Yellow Page 38 

Hoppe's Nu-Vogue Right Side Lines 

Imperial Bank of Canada Left Top Lines 

Ingram G A Co Classified, Yellow Page 47 

Janisse Albeny J & Son Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Janisse Brake Service Classified, Yellow Page 10 

Labadie J T Ltd Right Top Lines, 

Also Classified, Yellow Pages 5 and 6 

Lafontaine Fur Co Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Lancaster E W Co Ltd Front Cover 

Also Classified, Yellow Pages 35 and 45 

La Salle Lead Products Back Cover, 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 6 

Malach Roofing Co Back Cover 

McAllister C A Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Meconi Bros Co Left Side Lines 

Warden, Helwig & Feme Ltd . . Classified, Yellow Page 27 

Morris Funeral Service Ltd Front Stencil Edge, 

Left Top Lines, Also Classified, Yellow Page 22 

Nickleson Tool & Die Classified, Yellow Page 33 

Norton-Palmer Hotel Left Side Lines, 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 27 
Ormerod H W & Co Ltd . . Back Cover, Right Top Lines, 
also Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Peck Insurance Agency Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Peerless Countryside Dairies Ltd, Classified, Yellow Page 18 

Physicians & Dentists Business Bureau 

Classified, Yellow Page 15 
Pierce Blake Finance Co .... Classified, Yellow Page 32 
Radioletric Service Co .... Classified, Yellow Page 39 

Reaume U G Ltd Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Record Credit & Collection Co Ud 

Classified, Yellow Page 15 

Ryan Builders Supplies Limited Left Top Lines 

Sanborn & Co Ltd Back Cover and 

Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Shorty's Auto Supply Classified, Yellow Page 5 

Silverwood Dairies Ltd Left Side Lines 

Sivadjian Paul B Front Cover 

Standard Machine & Tool Co . . Classified, Yellow Page 33 

Sterling Construction Co Ltd Right Side Lines 

Also Classified, Yellow Pages 11 and 39 
Teahan Furniture Co Ltd . . Classified, Yellow Page 20 
Thompson's Insurance Office . . Classified, Yellow Page 28 

Towle Douglas A Classified, Yellow Page 29 

Trimble-Pratt Motors Ltd Right Top Lines 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 5 

Tubaro J R & Son Back Cover 

Walker Insurance Agency .. Classified, Yellow Page 29 

Webster Motors (Windsor) Ltd Right Top Lines 

White Contracting Co Ltd . . Classified, Yellow Page 16 

Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd 

Classified, Yellow Pages 15 and 17 

Windsor Ice & Coal Co Ltd Front Cover 

Windsor Lumber Co Ltd Right Side Lines, 

Also Classified, Yellow Page 33 
Windsor Truck & Storage Co Ltd ... .Alphabetical, White 
Page 568, Also Classified, Yellow Pages 34 and 45 
Wing J T & Co Ltd Inside Front Cover 



Ttw information in this book is gathered as far as possible by actual canvass, and is compiled in a way to ensure 
maximum accuracy. The Publishers cannot, of course, guarantee the correctness of information furnished them or the 
complete absence of mistakes, hence no responsibility for errors can be assumed, but we will welcome the bringing to our 
attention of any inaccuracies so that correction may 'be made in the next City Directory. 


76 Church St., Toronto, Ont. 

“Where To Find It” 

in the 


general index 

Z 0 M - 

Abbreviations opposite commencement 

Alphabetical Section 

Adding Machines Classified Yellow Page 2 

Alphabetical list of Names White Section 3-581 

Apartment Buildings Classified, Yellow Pages 2-4 

Associations Classified, Yellow Page 4 

Automobile Dealers Classified, Yellow Page 5 

^ an ^ s Classified, Yellow Page 7 

Buildings— Office & Public. .. .Classified, Yellow Page 11 

Buyers' Guide Classified, Yellow Pages 1-49 

Cemeteries Classified, Yellow Page 12 

C. urches Classified, Yellow Page 13 

Cigars and Tobacco Classified, Yellow Pages 13-14 

City Government Introductory, Pages 2-3 

Classified Business Directory 

Classified, Yellow Pages 1-49 
Classified, Yellow Page 14 

Convents ... . 

Classified, Yellow Page 17 

County of Essex i„ t . 

Introductory, Page 3 

Dominion Government Introductory, Pages 3-4 

Educational . 

introductory, Pages 2-3 

Electrical Equipment and Supplies 

Classified, Yellow Page 20 

En9ra,,erS Classified, Yellow Page 20 

Fire Department Introductory, Page 2 

Kails r , . 

Classified, Yellow Page 25 

Hospital, Asylums, etc Classified, Yellow Page 26 

Classified, Yellow Pages 26-27 

Householders' Directory . . street Guide, Pink Pages 1-179 

Index to Advertisers 

Page opposite 

Machinery ...... 

Wise. Information 

v , 5 «* < .-\ : 1 

<*■ Vv 

/ j / 

Insurance Companies .. Classified, Yellow Pages 29-31 

Laundries Classified, Yellow Page 32 

Leather Goods Classified, Yellow Page 32 

Libraries Classified, Yellow Page 32 

Machinery Classified, Yellow Page 33 

Misc. Information Introductory, Pages 2-4 

Newspapers Classified, Yellow Page 35 

Parks and Playgrounds Classified, Yellow Page 36 

Police Department Introductory, Page 2 

P ° PU,ation Introductory, Page 2 

Provincial Government Introductory, Page 3 

Public Bldgs — (See Buildings — Office and Public) 

Public Schools— (See Schools— Public) 

Classified, Yellow Page 39 

R ver!i<le Introductory, Page 4 

Sandwich East Twp Introductory, Page 4 

Sandwich West Twp Introductory, Page 4 

Schools, Colleges Classified, Yellow Page 42 

Schools— Public Classified, Yellow Page 42 

Schools Separate Classified, Yellow Page 42 

Separate Schools — (See Schools — Separate) 

Societies— Benevolent and Fraternal 

Classified, Yellow Page 44 
Societies— Miscellaneous .... Classified, Yellow Page 44 
Street and Avenue Guide .... Pink Section, Pages 1-179 

Theatres Classified, Yeiiow Page 46 

Vacuum Cleaners Classified, Yellow Page 48 

Windsor City Government Introductory, Pages 2-3 

Alphabetical, White Page 577 

Y.W.C.A. Alphabetical, White Page 577 






Miscellaneous Directory 



We estimate the population of the Border 
Cities for 1951 as approximately 



City Hall, City Hall Square, 
Windsor av„ at Park E. 

Mayor — Arthur J. Reaume. 

City Clerk — C. V. Waters. 

City Treasurer — Eugene J. Langlois. 

Budget Director and Financial Advisor — R. J. Moore. 

Tax Collector — S. W. Harding. 

Assessment Commissioner — W. W. Green, office, City 
Hall Annex. 

City Solicitor — James E. Watson 

Secretary Board of Control — W. Steward. 

Property Manager — S. A. Tarleton. 

Purchasing Agent — D. S. Whyte. 

Building Inspector — Kenneth E. Shaw, office, City 
Hall Annex. 

Plumbing Inspector — Herbert Pozner, office, City Hall 

City Engineer — R. J. Desmarais, office, City Hall 

Director of Social Services — W. George Gardner, office, 
669 Tuscarora. 

Parks Manager — Charles Cook. Office, 940 McDougall. 

Fire Chief— Hed ley G Coates. Office, 254 Pitt e. 

Market Clerk — D. U. Piche, office, cor Chatham and 
McDougall Streets. 

Police Magistrates — Angus W MacMillan, J. Arthur 
Hanrahan, office, Police Building. 

Juvenile Court Judges — D. M. Brodie and J. A. Han- 

Probation Officer — James Burt, office, 737 Louis av. 

Secretary — -Police Commission — W. J. Dalton, Acting 
Secy., office. Police Bldg. 

Chief Constable — Carl W. Farrow, office, Police Bldg. 

Medical Officer of Health — John Howie, office 2090 
Wyandotte St. East. 

Sanitary Inspector Ch 2 S. R. Holmes, office 2090 

Wyandotte east. 


Mayor — Arthur J. Reaume. 

Controllers — John F. Martin, Gordon B. Ellis, W. E. 
Atkinson, Lawrence A. Deziel. 

Aldermen — 'Michael Patrick A. Munroe, Albert Long, 
Mrs. C. H. Montrose, Dr. Roy Perry, W. C. Riggs, 
Miss M. Catherine Straith, R. J. Newell, H. J. Bradley, 
Maurice Belanger. 


Judge Archibald Cochrane, Chairman; Bruce J. S. Mac- 
Donald; A. J. Reaume, Mayor; W. J. Dalton, Acting 


Office 451 Park West 

P.P. McCallum, Chairman; T. C. White, Supt. of 
Schools C. R. MacLeod, Inspector of Public Schools; 
T. Roy Noble, Business Administrator, Secretary-Treasurer; 
John Dower, Assistant Business Administrator; Wilson 
Abraham, Accountant; E. T. Howe, School Attendance 

Members of the Board 

P.P. McCallum, Chairman; A. R. Oavidson, Vice- 
Chairman; Dr. H. D. Taylor, C. W. Daynes, Lome Whittaker, 
Separate School Representatives; Dr. M. G. Brick and H. 
Lassaline, Vocational School Representatives; Cecil Samp- 
son, Earl Watson. 


Chairman, F. S. Hoi I whan; Vice-Chairman, Dr. Roy Perry; 
Members, Mayor A. J. Reaume, Dr. John Howie (M.O.H.), 
Miss Catherine Straith, Mrs. G. J. Lackner, P. P. McCallum. 

Main Office, Chest and Special Treatment Clinics, 2090 
Wyandotte St. East. 

Fred Adams (Isolation) Hospital, 2243 Byng Rd. 


No. 1, 254 Pitt east; No. 2, 2296 Richmond; No. 3, 
1833 Turner road; No. 5, 587 Wellington avenue and 
No. 6, 363 Mill. 

Chief— H. G. Coates; Deputy Chief, Geo. Guenot, First 
Assistant Chief, Arthur J. Hutchison; District Chiefs, 
James E. Hysiop, Ovila Bezaire, R. May and W. J. Murphy. 


A. W. MacMillan, Police Magistrate’ Geo. F. Warlow, 
J.P., Court Clerk; W. J. Dalton, J.P., Asst, Court Clerk; 
Mrs. Edith Ross, Court Reporter; Lloyd Lichty, Clerk; 
Wm. Cameron, Clerk, Stenographer. 


Carl W. Farrow, Chief Constable; John Mahoney, Deputy 
Chief Constable; W. H. Brumpton, Inspector of Police; 
James Campbell, Inspector of Detectives; John Burns, 
Inspector of Morality Squad; E. Mitchell, Inspector of 
Traffic Division; Police Building, Park east, corner Goyeau. 


Office, Willistead Library, Willistead 

Mr. L. C. Parent, Chairman; Anne Hume, Chief Librarian 
and Secretary-Treasurer; Annabelle McKillop, Head of 
Boys' and Girls' Department; Elizabeth Williamson, Head 
of Catalogue Department; Gladys Shepley, head of Reference 
Department; Kenneth S. Saltmarche, Curator, Art Gallery. 

Members of the Board 

Mr. L. C. Parent, Chairman; Rev. Cornelius Crowley, 
Miss Yvonne Gignac, Mrs. Gordon A. Kerr, Miss Gladys 
Munnings, Mr. John F. Peterson, Mr. W. C. Riggs, Mr. 
Maxwell Schott, Mr. R. S. Young. 

Introductory, Page 2 



Office, St. Alphonsus School, 75 Park 
west at Pelissier 

t 5 . L. McManus, Chairman; L. A. Demarais, Vice-Chair- 
man and Chairman of Finance Committee; Rev. H. B. 
McManus, Chairman of Teachers Committee; Donald Brian" 
Chairman of Maintenance; Dr. P. J. 6. Morgan, Chairman 
of Health and Sports Committee; A. M. McNamara and 
C. X. Charron, Inspector; Norman R. Langlois, Secretary and 
Attendance Officer; Felix Pecaski, Assistant Attendance 
Officer; Lillian Grier, Assistant Secretary. 


Windsor Chamber of Commerce, representing Tecumseh 
Riverside, Windsor, Ojibway, La Salle, Amherstburg, 
Sandwich East and Sandwich West Townships, office, 1007 
Canada Bldg., John J. Stuart, president; A. F. Fuerth 

Generaf Manage^" 1 * T * Grant treasurer; H * J - Vassal ine, 


Commissioners: Gordon H. Fuller,. Chairman; William 
Anderson, Vice-Chairman; Warren P. Bolton, Malcolm J 
Brian and Mayor Arthur J. Reaume. 

J. Clark Keith, general manager; S. Howard Gillett 
secretary-treasurer; Canada Bldg.— operating Hydro Electric 
System & Water Department. 



3255 and 3277 Sandwich west, 
near Brock 

-County Clerk, C. A. Keeley; County Treasurer, H J 
Cada; Engineer, J. D. Adams; Sheriff, Bruce A. E. Clouse; 

Deputy Sheriff, M. Rocheleau; County Court Judges, Judge 

r i'-r , °S', sen!or iud3e ' J - A - kegris, judge; County 

Court Clerk, Chas. Sale, X.C. ' ‘ a 1 


J. A. Hanrahan, Magistrate; Miss Mary Locke, 
Court Clerk. 


356 Brock 

Col. Paul Poisson, registrar of Deeds. 



Bruce J. S. MacDonald, K.C., Canada Building 

(Essex County) 

Claude Reese, res Harrow. PH. 31-J. Windsor Phene 


J. Herbert Dawson, superintendent, office, 737 Louis 


Roy J. Bondy, superintendent, office, 669 Tuscarora St. 


Windsor Detachment, Corporal Lome MacGillivary, 3255 
Sandwich w. 



(701 Canada Building) 

W. J. Elliott, representative. 


(507 Canada Building) 

Plant Inspection Office, W. R. Lapp, District inspector; 

Health of Animals Branch 
(829 Caron Av.) 

Dr. L. H. Ferris, veterinary inspector. 

Labour Management Co-Operation 
Service, Industrial Relations Branch 
(502, 185 Ouellette Av.) 

Albert Elson, field representative. 


(Customs and Excise Division) 

185 Ouellette Av. 

Harold Beardmore, collector. 


C. H. Strickland, Superintendent Veteran Welfare Services. 


Weights and Measures 

Wm Hobbs, inspector; 420 Devonshire road 


Radio Division 

R. G. Gooding, inspector; 185 Ouellette avenue. 


Maiden Lane, East, 0. G. Adams, inspector In charge 


Chas Leyden, assistant inspector; 185 Ouellette avenue. 


807 Canada Building 

James S. Lockie, manager. 


Unemployment Insurance Commission 

H. C. Stratton, Manager, 709 Ouellette av. 

Male Division, 709 Ouellette av. 

Women's Division, room 502, Dominion Public Bldg. 


185 Ouellette Avenue 

Harry Mahoney, postmaster. 

Introductory, Page 3 



(185 Ouellette Av.) 

Regional Office 
(129 Sandwich East) 

Eric N Buckley, Regional Supervisor. 


H. C. Stratton, manager, 709 Ouellette avenue. 

Male Division, 709 Ouellette avenue. 

Women's Division, Room 502 Dominion Public Bldg. 



Room 502 , Dominion Public Building. 

W. M. Holmes, District Auditor. 



Town Hall — Lauzon Road 

Mayor — Robt. J. Bondy. 

Clerk-Treasurer — C. J. McHugh. 

Tax Collector — Francis Fields; Deputy-Treasurer, Ber- 
nadette Martin; Deputy Clerk, Stanley A. Brown. 

Police Magistrate— J. A. Hanrahan. 

Chief of Police — Denis J. Mahoney. 

M. 0. H. — Or. F. D. Linton. 

Welfare Administrator — Denis J. Mahoney. 


Mayor, Robt. J. Bondy; Clerk-Treasurer, C. J. McHugh; 
Council men, J. J. lefave, C. P. Chauvin, Wm. K. Duncan, 
Arthur Charlton Alvin Lappan. 


(Windsor Board of Health) 

Dr. John Howie, Acting M. 0. H. 


Howard Friest, Chief, 3616 Riverside dr. 


Chief, Denis Mahoney; Sergeants W. Renaud and Paul 
Labute; Constables, H. LeBeouf and Bryce Monaghan. 


Riverside, Ontario. 

A. Colebourne, secretary-treasurer; Phone 5-1263. 


St. Peter's School, St. Rose Av. 

Korhian p. Reaume, secretary-treasurer. Phone 5-3673. 

1929 Ottawa 

Ed. Cecille, Robt. Bondy, Robt. C. Fenner, Paul Mailloun 
Secretary Treasurer; 0. MacKenzie, Manager. 


(Township Including District of 
Remington Park) 


Town Hall — Tecumseh Blvd. East 
at Lauzon 

Reeve — Barry E. Atkinson. 

Clerk-Treasurer — C. T. Ouellette. 

Police Dept.— .Ford C. Thurston, Chief; Neil Lester, Wm 
stables' Herbert BOyd ' Har, * y Hyland - Cf»s. Adam, Con- 
Assessor— Alfred C. Quenneville. 

Building & Plumbing Inspector — Thos. Munro. 

Road Superintendent — Ed.. Ouellette. 

Accountant — Henry Berthiaume. 


E - Atkinson, Deputy-Reeve, Robt. McDonald, 
Wilfred O'Hara, Gilbert Trudelle and Robt. Sampson. 


4639 Tecumseh Blvd. East 

Chairman Barry E. Atkinson; Commissioners, Victor 
Renaud and J. K. Young; Superintendent, Alphonse Hamel; 
Secretary, Joseph DuFresne. 


Chairman — Reeve B. E. Atkinson, J. P. Parent, M D 
and R. Gooch. 

Medical Officer of Health — Dr. J. p. Parent B A 
Secretary — C. T. Ouellette. 

Sanitary Inspector — T. H. Munro. 



Town Hall — Malden Road 

Reeve — Earl S. Totten. 

Clerk-Treasurer and Tax Collector— Louis Durocher. 
Assessor — Clifford Langlois. 

Bookkeeper — Pauline Renaud. 

Assistant Tax Collector — Nora Ouellette. 

Welfare Administrator — Louis Durocher. 

Road Superintendent — James Carstairs. 

Plumber— James Carstairs. 

Building Inspector— Gen Cronkrite. 


Reeve, Earl S. Totten; Deputy-Reeve, Lawrence' Brunet; 
Councillors, Chas. Stroud, Donald V. Gorman and David 


Dr. V. R. Messer. 

Earl S. Totten. 

Arthur Ouellette. 

Louis Durocher, Secretary. 

Windsor 1951 

Complete Classified Business Directory 

Names appearing under headings marked * 
are only inserted when specially contracted for. 

Copyright, 3951, by Acme Windsor Directory Co. Ltd. 


Ouellette avenue, Phone 4-6484 


Arbour Francis S, 374 Ouellette av 
Associated Services Co, 176 London w 




R. L. BATEMAN, Auditor. 




Phone 3-0820 

Benson, Wm C, & Co (Chartered), 15 Wyandotte e 
Berry F A & Co, 1664 Tecumseh Blvd e 
Berry Fred A, 1786 Central av 


and Company 

PHONE 4-3201 


J. A. HALL B.Com., C. A. 

W. F. HARVIE, C. A. 

Brokenshlre, Scarf? & Co (Chartered), 176 London w 
Carom Fred P, 232 Wyandotte e 
Cherniak & Co Ltd, 356 Ouellette av 

Cox Omer W & Co, 744 Ouellette av 


F.R.S.A.; C.P.A. 



Douglas Bldg. - - - 2-1730 

Edmonds Karl,15 Wyandotte e 

Fazackerley W P & Associates, 1968 Wyandotte e 



Arthur S. FitzGerald C.A., C.P.A. 
Guy F. Luttrell C.A. 

Harry Heyes C.A. 


PHONE 3-3100 

Fitzgerald, Arthur S, & Co (Chartered) 374 Ouellette « 






PHONE 3-1561 


Goldin Irving S & Co, 15 Wyandotte e 


Classified, Yellow Page 1 


Complete Line of Builders' Supplies 
Ryancrete Blocks — Ready Mixed Concrete 
210 DETROIT STREET - - PHONE 4-3271 

Accountants and Auditors 

London w, Phone 4-1014 

Holloway Fred L, 618 Lincoln rd 

Lorenzen Francis (Chartered) 374 Ouellette av 

Macdonald & Healey, 76 London w 

MacGregor Harry T M, 374 Ouellette av 

Meanwell Robt W, 176 London w 

Moncrieff, John G, 304 Ouellette av 

Paymaster Systems, 86 Chatham w 

Peat Bookkeeping Service Ltd, 1968 Wyandotte e 

Pirest M M, 1471 Tecumseh Blvd e 

Price, Waterhouse & Co, 176 London w 

Ramm, Norman, 176 London w 

Seguin L Philippe, 744 Ouelette av 

Smith Mabel, 52 Chatham w 

Soufrine Albt H, 327 Ouellette av 

Stephens Chas W, 176 London w 

Tremblay E J, 2776 Charles 

Tyler Jack, 25 London w 

Vallee Omer R, 824 Cataraqui 

Windsor Accounting Service, 267 Pelissfer 

Yuffy Henry, 121 Wyandotte w 


Acousticon Institute of Windsor, 374 Ouellette av 
Beltone Hearing Sales & Service, 376 Cartier pi 
Canadian Institute for Better Hearing, 376 Cartier pi 
Steeves Ken Sales Ltd, 376 Cartier pi 
Zenith Radio Corp of Can Ltd, 176 London w 


Burroughs Adding Machine of Canada Limited, 916-918 
Wyandotte e 

Burroughs Machines Ltd, 804 McDougall 
Inti Business Machine Co Ltd, 158 London w 
Monroe Calculating Machine Co, 76 London w 
Philip, Leonard A, & Co, 76 London w 

* ADJUSTERS ( Insurance ) 

( See also Insurance 'Adjusters) 

ada Building, 374 Ouellette av 
Phones 3-1151-2 

ITED, 806-10, 261 Pelissier, Phone 
3-7406 (See adv front cover; also 
car Insurance Adjusters) 

609-611 Canada Trust Building, 
Phones 4-3203, 4-3204, 4-3205 
(See adv Back Cover and top lines) 


Benton James & Co, 108 McDougall 

Brady Jim Ad Service, 510 Randolph av 

Gerard Associates, 1469 Ottawa 

Greenhow Webster Advertising Artists, 176 London w 

McGuire Advertising Ltd, 100 Ouellette av 

Plant, Elton M, Co, 76 London w 

Walsh Advertising Co Ltd, 305 Victoria av 


Marley, C E, Ltd, The, 581 Campbell av 
Teron J C Co, 1789 Walker rxi 


Empire Garden Tractors, 2291 Dominion Blvd (Sand W 

Garden Tractor Sales Co, 1160-1164 Albert rd 
Vollans, C Harold, 324 Pitt e 

( Sales and Service) 

Moore Air Equipment Ltd, 1694 Tecumseh Blvd e 
Price Air Conditioning Co Ltd, 985 St Luke rd 
Rexalr Sales & Service, 265 Westminster Blvd (R Side) 


Trans-Canada Air Lines (City traffic office), 39 Park w 
(District Cargo Sales office), 29 Park w 
Whitlock Air Travel, Air Cargo Services, 15 Wyandotte e 


Windsor Airport, Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 


Aluminum Co of Can Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 


Health Cooking Service of Can Ltd, 923 Wyandotte e 


ING CO LIMITED, 469 Shepherd 
east, Phone 4-8631 


Morris Funeral Service Limited, 1624 Wyandotte e 
Sutton, James H, Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette av 
Windsor Ambulance Service Co Ltd, 1297 Marentette av 


Dayus Stadium, w s Howard av (R'Park) 

Windsor Arena, Ltd, 572 McDougall 
Windsor Bathing Beach, 4036 Riverside Drive 
Windsor Collegiate Stadium, w s McDougall aftev Kennedy 


Candler Jas, 558 Goyeau 

Erie Furniture Exchange and Antiques, 571 Erie e 
Geller's Antique Shop, 161-167 Wyandotte e 
Kessler's Antiques, 1185-7 Wyandotte e 


Aaron Apts, 1009 Niagara 
Adam Apts, 561 Louis av 
Adam Bros Apts, 685 Wyandotte e 
Adeibert Apts, 130 Wyandotte e 
Albert Apts, 1101-1107 Pelissier 
Alexander Apts, 285 Cameron av 
Alfred Apts, 973-979 Marentette av 
Allen Apts, 1108 Goyeau 
Almeda Apartments, 269 Casgrain PI 
Alvin Apts, 286 Pitt w 



Windsor Avenue at City Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1185 
Complete Service on all Ford Products 
Branch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 

Ambassador Apts, 1382 Ouellette av 

Amberley Apts, 1260 Ouellette av 

Annette Apts, 805 Assumption 

Argon Apts, 435 Dougall av 

Argyle Apts, 657-693 Argyle rd 

Askin Manor Apts, 191 Askln av 

Austin Apts, 1310 Pierre av 

Avalon Apts, 858 Erie e 

Aylmer Apts, 420 Aylmer av 

Baldwin Flats, 317-323 Marentette av 

Beatrice Terrace, 460-472 Logan av 

Belvedere Apts, 638 Glengarry av 

Bennett Apts, 2191 Ontario 

Bezaire Apts, 1014 Marentette av 

Biltmore Apts, 444 Park w 

Bloom Apts, 538 Louis av 

Bradford Apts, 1225 Monmouth rd 

Brody Apts, 1616-40 Wyandotte w 

Bruce Apts, 840-846 Bruce av 

Burnside Apts, 1573 Tecumseh blvd e 

Cairngorm Apts, 524 Pitt w 

Casa Del Mara Apts, 1338 Ouellette av 

Charles Apts, 1574 Ouellette av 

Cl eve Apts, 271 Pillette rd 

Col lings Apts, 85.1 Tuscarora 

Coronada Apts, 581 Cataraqui 

Curry Apts, 277 Curry av and 1518 London w 

De Luxe Apts, 2212 Ontario 

De Mille Apts, 661 Windermere rd 

Devon Apts, 333 Chilver rd 

Devonshire Apts, 386 Devonshire rd 

Dewar Apts, 55 Wyandotte w 

Dora Apts, 1382-3388 Ellis av e 

Doris Apts, 3421 Wyandotte e 

Douglas Apts, 131 Wyandotte w and 619 Pelissier 

Doyle Building Apts, 609 Ouellette av 

Dufferin Apts, 1508 Dufferin pi 

Duke of York Apts, 1250 Ouellette av 

Durfey Apts, 978 Parent av 

Earl Apts, 1077 Sandwich w 

Edwards Apts, 1014-1036 Assumption 

Edwards Apts, 392 London w 

Eileen Apts, 1361 Ouellette av 

El Dorado Apts, 36 Hanna w 

Elite Apts, 773 Pelissier 

Ellis Apts, 135 Ellis av e 

Elsmere Apts, 1286 Elsmere a\ and 854 Ottawa 

Elvin Annex & Apts, 1312 Giles blvd e & 1190 Hall av 

Emerson Apts, 278 Josephine av 

Erie Apts, .129 Erie w and 1007 Pelissier 

Farrell Apts, 1361-1381 Assumption 

Farrow Apts, 957-963 Church 

Ferry Apts, 117 Ferry 

Fielding Apts, 265-271 Chatham e 

Frances Apts, 1614 Ontario 

Francis Apts, 1314 London w 

Francois Apts, 476 Parent av 

Franklin Apts, 130 Elliott w 

Frontenac Apts, Z18 Sandwich w 

c ulmer Apts, 686 Pelissier 

Garden Court Apts, 280 Erie w 

George Apts, 1093-1099 Pelissier and 372 London w 

Gerard Apts, 1178 Lincoln rd 

Giles Apts, 208 Giles blvd e 

Gladfern Apts, 1427-1429 Sandwich e 

Glen Apts, 2233-2241 Ontario 

Glencourt Apts, 1441 Wyandotte e 

Glenmore Apts, 474 Chilver rd 

Godo Apts, 1604-8 Wyandotte w 

Gordon Apts, 1237 Ottawa 

Goyeau Apts, 1404 Goyeau 

Granada Apts, 274 Giles blvd w 

Gregory Apts; 2891 London w 

Grier Apts, .1755-1795 Sandwich e 

Guest Apts, 1094 Lincoln rd 

Hanna Apts, 119 Hanna w 

Harrison Court, 1604 Goyeau 4 

Helen Apts, 491 Haig av 

Helen Terrace Apts, 107-139 Shepherd e 

Henry Apts, 738 Windsor av 

Higgins Apts, 1246 Dufferin pi 

Holden Apts, 109 Windsor av 

Holland Block, 1617 and 1637 Assumption and 416 Lincoln 

Holland Manor, 1551-1587 Assumption 
Ideal Apts, 1677-1695 Wyandotte w and 1516-1536 

Inverness Apts, 972 Erie e 
I-rvine Apts, 1483 Cataraqui 
Ivy Apts, 2236 Ontario 

Jeffrey Apts, 1315 Niagara 

Josephine Apts, 305-307 Josephine av 

Karl Apts, 469 Karl pi 

Keith Apts, 991-997 Pierre av 

Kensington Manor Apts, 1164 Ouellette av 

Kilkerran Apts, .125-133 McKay av 

Killarney Apts, 990 Erie e 

La Salle Apts, 74 Hanna w 

Leatherdale Apts, 571-583 M'oy av 

Lee-Ann Apts, 561 Parent av 

Lillian Apts, 983-989 Pierre av 

London Apts, 1766 London w 

Louis Apts, 993 Pelissier 

Lucky's Apts, 2682 Richmond 

Lynn Apts, 583 Partington av 

Madison Apts, 435 Pitt w 

MadofF Apts, 1469 Ottawa 

Mahon Apts, 2-3 Grand Marais rd (Sand W Twp) 

Malvina Apts, 1495 Gladstone av 

Manne Apts, 554 Pitt w 

Maple Apts, 1290 Ouellette av 

Marcett Apts, 1562 Tecumseh blvd e 

Marentette Apts, 1563-1589 Ontario 

Margaret Apts, 109.1 Wyandotte w 

Martin Apts, 1375-1379 Martin 

Martin Manor Apts, 706 Marentette av 

Marwood Apts, 1285-1291 Elsmere av 

Mary Apts, 1015-1017 Pierre av 

Maurice Apts, 812 Windsor av 

Max Apts, 1178 Giles blvd e 

Maxwell Apts, 1335 Niagara 

Maybelle Apts, 1515 Ouellette av 

Mercer Apts, .190 Mercer 

Merritt Apts, 545 Cameron av 

Milligan Apts, 616 Windermere rd 

Milton Apts, 384 Chatham e and 195 Mercer 

Milton Manor Apts, 710 Giles blvd e 

Moore Apts, 529-535 Oak av 

Muriel Apts, 368 Partington av 

Nelmes Apts, 74 Ellis av w 

Niagara Apts, 1640 Niagara . 

Nixon Apts, 1287-1293 Parent av / 

Oliver Annex & Apts, 465 Chatham w 

Oral Apts, 477 Dougall av 

Orechkin Apts, 588 Wyandotte e 

Oxford Apts, 704-706 and 712-714 Elliott e 

Palmer Apts, 137 Bruce av 

Park Apts, 131 Park w and 405 Pelissier 

Parkside Apts, 430 Giles blvd w 

Parkview Apts, 410 GiJ^s blvd w 

Pasadena Apts, ,1428 Wyandotte e 

Paul Apts, 307 Wellington av 

Pelissier Apts, 985 Pelissier 

Pentilly Manor Apts, 1970 Tuscarora 

Peters Apts, 1286-1292 Parent av 

Phoenix Apts, 962 Pelissier and 355 Bruce av 

Phyllis Apts, 1509-1535 Assumption 

Pitt Manor Apts, 129 McDougall 

Potts Apts, 1441 Ellis av e 

Prince of Wales Apts, 1534 Ouellette av 

Rae Apts, 130 Erie w 

Raedere Apts, 1632 Goyeau 

Renfrew Apts, 625-645 Argyle rd 

Riverview Apts,, 951 Sandwich w and 224 California av 

Robert Apts, 50.1-529 Erie w 

Roger Apts, 353 London e 

Rogin Apts, 873 and 889-891 Assumption 

Rose Apts, 568-574 Louis av 

Royal Apts, 16 and 30 Ellis av e 

Royal Windsor Apt Hotel, 280 Park w 

Ste Claire Apts, 74 Shepherd w 

St Denis Apts, 308 Wellington av and 1231 London w 

Saragossa Apts, 1106 Lincoln rd 

Sarah Apts, 1047-1049 Windsor av 

Scotts Apts, 485-91 Louis av 

Seneca Apts, 1636 Seneca 

Sharron Apts, 558 Partington av 

Sharron Earl Apts, 546 Partington av 

Sheila Apts, 1287 Moy av 

Sheldon Apts, .139 Sandwich e 

Sterling Manor Apts, 697 Victoria av 

Sylvain Apts, 249 Pillette rd 

Sylvia Apts, 984-990 Marion av 

Tuscarora Apts, 686 Argyle rd 

Victoria Apts, 247-285 Chilver rd and 1596 Victoria av 

Victoria Manor Apts, 308 Randolph av 

Vivian Apts, 1640 Ontario 

Wallace Apts, 557 Cameron av 

Waverley Apts, 839-845 Tuscarora and 1615 Ontario 

Classified, Yellow Page 3 




(Windsor Branch) 


Phone 3-1192 

Apartment Buildings 

Waverley Court, 1556 Goyeau 

Wilshire Apts, 147 Janette av 


Wilson Apts, 1660-1666 Cataraqui 

Art Display (commercial), 315 Pelissier 

Wilson Apts, 789 Windermere rd 

Gibson Adcraft and Art Service, 182 Pitt w 

Windsor Apts, 110 Elliott w 

Greenhow Advertising Artists (commercial), 164 London * 

Windsor Court, 1616 Ouellette av 

Mill-Hurst Studios, 319 Ouellette av 

Wyandotte Apts, ,1342 Wyandotte w 

Rubinsky Eddie, (Commercial), 100 Ouellette av 

Wylie Apts, 531-533 Windermere rd 

Seal T Arthur Studio (Commercial), 164 London w 

/ork Apts, 1486 York 

Varga Feren, 211 Sandwich e 

Windsor Advertising Artists, 315 Pelissier 


Street by Street. Numbers indicate location of Apartment 
House only. 


Askin av, 237 

Aylmer av, 240 

Bruce av, 1095, 1105 

Cameron av, 329 

( See Trustees) 

Campbell av, 279, 341 

Caron av, 393 

Chatham e, 70 

Chilver rd, 655 



Chippewa, 316 

Church, 533, 1543-1545 

Crawford av, 189, 264, 485 

Curry av, 212-214 

Drouillard rd, 977 

Dufferin pi, 1317, 1325, 1481, 1525 

Ellis av e, 1415 

Ellrose av, 826-828 

Erie e, 883, 890 

Giles blvd e, 686, 1330, 1366 

Giles blvd w, 460, 476, 490 

Gladstone av, 307, 1235, 2114 

Glengarry av, 390 

Goyeau, 357, 1095-1097 

Hall av, 234, 992, 1314 

Hanna w, 359 

Howard av, 1083, 1093, 1153, 1159, 1165, 1173 , 1179 

Jos Janisse av, 826 

Josephine av, 629 

Kennedy PI, 290 

Kildare rd, 1271, 1287 

Lincoln rd, 1497, 1696 

London w, 815, 833-35, 2145, 2977 

Lot, 459 

Marentette av, 191, 836 
Marion av, 1189 
Matilda, 2564 
McDougall, 1241 
Monmouth rd, 1219-1221 
Ontario, 2565, 2585 
Ottawa, 819, 825 
Ouellette av, 1360 

Partington av, 340, 344, 387, 547 , 559 

Pelissier 1008-1014 

Pierre av, 665 

Richmond, 1238 

St Luke rd, 880-886 

Sandwich e, 1139 

Sandwich w, 1805 

Tecumseh blvd e, 416, 1629 

Tecumseh blvd w, 253 

Tuscarora, 777, 785 

Victoria av, 207, 615, 772 

Wellington av, 905 

Wyandotte e, 88, 280, 863, 963, 1154, 1257, 1526, 4778 
Wyandotte w, 32, 955, 1653, 1663, 2173 
/ork, 1494 

Air Cadets of Canada, Squadron No. 310, 398 Huron Line 
Assumption College Alumni Assn, 398 Huron Line 
Border Masonic Temple Assn Ltd, 986 Ouellette av 
Boy Scouts Assn, 27 Sandwich w 

Canadian Girl Guides Assn, 162 Ouellette av ^ 

Canadian Legion of the British Empire Service League, 15- 
Wyandotte e., (For list of branches see alphabetical 

Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 230 Strabane av 
Canadian Pensioners Assn, 493 London w 
Canadian Underwriters Assn, 25 London w 
Catholic Family Service Bureau, 429 Goyeau 
Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation, 182 Pitt w 
Essex County (Ont) Tourists Assn, 374 Ouellette av 
Essex County Standard Hotelman's Assn, 29 Park w 
Industrial Accident Prevention Assn, 374 Ouellette 
Ontario Motor League, 369 Pelissier 
Original Club Inc No 3, 83 Sandwich w 
St Jo..n Ambulance Assn, 569 Ouellette av 
South African War Veterans Assn, 121 Wyandotte w 
Ukrainian Labor Farmer Temple Assn, 1457 Drouillard 
3466 Harris 

Windsor Chamber of Commerce, 374 Ouellette av 
Windsor Fire Fighters Benefit Fund, 254 Pitt e 
Windsor Junior Chamber of Commerce, 374 Ouellette 
Windsor Milk Distributors Assn, 76 London w 
Windsor Poppy Fund, Canadian Legion B.E.S.L 
Wyandotte w 

Windsor Retail Merchants Assn, 374 Ouellette av 
Young Men's Christian Assn, 511 Pelissier 
Young Women's Christian Assn, 511 Pelissier 




Holgate Wm V, 379 Chatham e 
McLean John, 1173 Wyandotte 



Beckett Harold C, 52 Chatham w 
Boyde John R, 156 McEwan av 
Cameron David J, 76 London w 
McElroy Garnet A, 152 Pitt w 
McPhail A H, 374 Ouellette av 
Nichols David W F, 916 Ottawa 
Pennington, James C, 100 Ouellette av 
Sheppard & Masson, 52 Chatham w 
Thomson, John P, 25 London w 


Armouries, 37 London e 


Vinen Artificial Wreaths, 1614 and 1620 London w 

( Wholesale ) 

Ambassador Parts Ltd, 722 Wyandotte e 

Auto Specialties Mfg Co (Canada) Ltd, 614 Tecumseh blvd* 

Bendix-Eclipse of Canada Ltd, 1473 Argyle rd 

Canadian Automotive Trim Ltd, 658 St Luke rd 

Canadian Motor Lamp Co Ltd, 2429 Seminole 

Champion Spark Plug Co of Canada Ltd, .1624 Howard av 

Cooper Automotive, 940 Goyeau 

Downtown Auto Supplies, 205 Glengarry av 

Lang & Jewell Ltd, 671 Wyandotte e 

McCord Corporation, 890 and 924 Walker rd 

Motor Products Corp, 1508 Walker rd 

Remington Auto Supply, 2600 Howard av (R Park) 

Sterling Automotive Supplies Ltd, 553 Lincoln rd 

Webster W L Mfg Ltd, 5320 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Windsor Automotive Supply Co Ltd, 649 Wyandotte e 




( Retail ) 

Accessory Products Ltd, 1673 Moy av 
Acme Auto Parts, 979-985 Howard av 
Alien Products Co, 1228 Tecumseh blvd e 
Arena Auto Parts, 334 Wyandotte e 
Bowman Anthony Ltd, 130-144 Pitt w 
Electroline Mfg Co Ltd, 1305 Windsor av 
Essex Wire Corp Ltd, 1664 Windsor av 


General Automotive Products Co, 29 Park w 
Johnny's Spring Service, 223 Glengarry av 
McKenty P H Auto Supplies, 344 Wyandotte e 
McLean W H Ltd, 198 Chatham e 
^ Motor City Auto Supply, 1860 Ottawa 
* Poehlman Clare Auto Supply, 780-786 Erie e 

Remington Auto Supply, 3201 Howard av (Sand w Tp) 
Roto-Cam Piston Ring Service, 471 Sandwich e 
i Shorty's Auto Supplies, 845-851 Walker rd 
Standard Auto Parts, 334 Wyandotte e 
... western Auto Supply, 624 Dufferin pi 
Windsor Auto Parts Ltd, 963 Windsor av 
Windsor Carburetor Co, 1434 Campbell av 


^Detroit Perfection Automotive Products Ltd, 315-325 
Devonshire rd 



:al 1 


KEO—WILLYS— Sales & Service 
Trucks and Safety School Buses 

Repairs and Accessories for all 
makes of Cars 

PHONES 4-3480 - 4-3715 

Shorty's Auto Supplies, 845-7.1 Walker rd 



Hudson Motor Cars, International Trucks, 
also Hillman Cars and Allis-Chalmers 
Farm Machinery. 

1010 London Street West 
Phone 4-6456 

Trlmble-Pratt Motors Ltd, 1010 London w 


Brantford Coach & Body Ltd, 1403 Dufferin pi 
^Elcombe Engineering Ltd, 3327 Russell 


Auto Sales, 611Tecumseh Blvd e 
Abbey Gray Ltd, 790 Goyeau, (rear) 711 Church, used 
car lot 699 Goyeau 



JAS. C. REID, President 

Chryco Parts and Accessories 


Phone 4-2571 



Ambassador Motors Ltd, 722 Wyandotte e (used cars), 738 
Wyandotte e 

Art's Car Mart (used), 1065 Wyandotte e 
Automart Ltd, 650 Ouellette av 
Avenue Auto Sales (used), 80 Wyandotte e 
Bordian Used Cars, 4537 Wyandotte e 
Canadian Auto Store, 594 Wyandotte e 
Central Auto Sales (used), 638 Wyandotte e 
Central Car Mart Ltd, 772 Ouellette av 
Crosstown Motors (used), 881 Wyandotte e 
Curtis Don Automotive Co Ltd, 621 Goyeau, used car lot 
91 Wyandotte e 

Dela-Haye Motor Sales, 1695 London w 

722 Wyandotte east. Phone 4-2571 

Downtown, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile Ltd, 731 Goyeau used car 
lot, 980 Goyeau 

Downtown Motor Sales, 69 Wyandotte e 

Duffy Reaume Service, 2520 Tecumseth blvd e 

Erie Motors, 835 Erie e 

Ernie's Used Car Lot, 1398 Crawford av 

Federal Trucks (Windsor) Ltd, (truck) 1887 Drouillard rd 

General Auto Sales (used) 759 Wyandotte e 

Groombridge Leo Auto Sales, 475 Tecumseh Blvd e 

Knapp & Altenhof Auto Sales, 1253 Drouillard rd 

*■ ? LABADIE ^D. 





24 Hour 

Service All Makes 
Cars and Trucks 

465 GOYEAU ST. PHONE 4-6491 

Tunnel Entrance 

Labadie J T Ltd, 465 Goyeau & 1520 Tecumseh blvd e 

Luckino T A Auto Sales (used), 858 Tecumseh blvd e 

M B Auto Sales (used), 1390 Drouillard rd 

Midway Motor Sales (used), 989 Wyandotte e 

Motor Mart (used) 1110 Tecumseh blvd e 

National Motors, 154 Tuscarora 

Nestor J A Motor Sales (used) 1887 Drouillard rd 

Noble Duff Ltd, 303 London w 

Packard Motor Car Co of Can Ltd, 955 Huron Line 

Parker Motor Sales, 818 Tecumseh blvd e 

Public Motor Sales (used), 185 Wyandotte e 

Reaume Motors, 1425 Wyandotte e 

Sandwich West Auto Sales, (used) 1539 Tecumseh blvd w 
(Sand w Tp) 

Sharon Motor Sales, 2897 Tecumseth blvd e (Sand e T) 

Shorty's Auto Sales, 871 Walker rd 

Snyder's Car Mart, 101 Wyandotte e 

T and M Motors, 748 Tecumseh blvd e 

Thomson H D Motors, 840 Wyandotte e 

Top Motor Sales, 792 Wyandotte e 







Blvd. East 

PH. 2-8621 




PH. 4-9666 

5? Q 




■S g 

w pD 





? cr 


, . -n 




rr 2 


n * 
n „ 




O <' 

-tv — • 



3 00 



3 B 


<» a 





Classified, Yellow Page 5 

Automobile Dealers 

Trimble-Pratt Motors Ltd, 1010 London w 

Webster Motors (Windsor) Ltd, 45 Windsor av, 1304 Ottawa 

and (rear) 48 Wyandotte e 
Working Men's Car Lot (used) 835 Tecumseh blvd e 
Young Motor Sales (used), 1360 Howard av 
Young's Motor Sales, (used) 2310 Tecumseh blvd e 


Ace Garage, 845 Brant 

Annen Automotive Service, 856 Walker rd 

Art's Body Repair, 305 Tuscarora 

Auto City Collision, 1707 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand w Tp) 

Auto Spring Service, 825 Tecumseh blvd w 

Auto Wheel & Axle Frame Service Co, 494 Pitt e 

Badgley Spring & Power Brake Service, 655 Langlols m 

Bigness J & Son, 2403-2411 Walker rd 

Caderette's Garage, 148 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Central Garage & Body Works Co, 452 Brant 

Charron Ted Service Station, 1007 Drouillard rd 

Clark Max H, 1320 Wyandotte w 

Cliff's Service Garage, 723 Tecumseh blvd e 

Commercial Service Garage, 905 Mercer 

Corr's Service Garage, 1390 Drouillard rd 

De Waard Automotive, 1460 College 

Dominion Auto Electric Service, 621 Tecumseh blvd em t 

Downtown Chevrolet Oldsmobile Ltd, 917 Goyeau 

Dube's Garage, 120 Louis av 

Empire Auto Repairs, 938 Erie e 

Erie Garage, 1573 Erie e 

Fleet Owner Garage (rear) 993 Wyandotte w 

Ford's Service, 4906 Tecumseh blvt e 

Fulford Motor Service, 131-5 Goyeau 

G C & G Enterprises, 895 Albert rd 

Gord's Service, 1735 Wyandotte w 

Hawkeswood Garage, 270 Erie e 

Howard Garage, 2814 Howard av (R Park) 

Island View Service Station, 3404 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Jack's Garage, 1477 Drouillard rd 

James C A, 1192 Gladstone av 

Janlsse Brake Service, 558 Tuscarora 

Johnny's Auto Body & Fender Service, 857 Howard av 

Laframuoise Garage, 546 Ellictt e 

Larry & Phil Service, 2430 Wyandotte w 

Leslie's Garage (rear) 46 Erie e 

Lincoln Garage, .1637 Cataraqui 

London Paint & Collision Service, 712 London w 

Lukacs Garage, 793 Tecumseh Blvd w 

Mailloux Edmond, 573 Pierre av 

Mallat Frank E, 2406 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Maris Service Station, 1611 St Luke rd 

McKees Service, 809 Ottawa 

Milner's Garage (rear) 960 Howard av 

Neda's Garage, 1321 Drouillard rd 

Neway Paint & Auto Body, 1260-1270 Erie e 

Normac Shell Service, 1003 Felix av 

Oliver Spring Service, (rear) 1577 Parent av 

Patterson Service Garage, 483 Erie e 

Percy's Custom Car Shop, 485 Logan av 

Pete's Body Shop, 2224 Elsmere av 

Remington Park Garage, 2644 Howard av (R Park) 

Renaud's Paint Shop, 460 London w 
Riverside Garage, 1211 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Royal Windsor Garage, 334-64 Dougall av 

Serbu John, 3857 Wyandotte e 

Shepherd Auto Repairs (rear) 1153 Ottawa 

Shorty's Auto Electric, 1950 Ottawa 

Si I Body Shop (rear) 853 Walker rd 

Simpson & Newman Garage, 572 Pierre av 

Skyway Cab & Auto Service, 3098 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Smitty's Texaco, 1405 Ouellette av 

Sparks Garage, 534 Charles (R Park) 

Strong Motors, (rear) 701 Wyandotte e 

Taylor's Garage, 6082 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Tommy's Garage, 1457 Niagara 

Tony's Paint Shop, (rear) 278 Strabane av 

Union Garage, 909 Maisonville av 

Uza's Super-Service Garage, 1696 Drouillard rd 

Vic's Body Shop, (rear) 950 Howard av 

West End Motors, 3496 Sandwich w 

Whitson's Garage, 144 Aylmer av 

Windsor Auto Paint Shop, 560 Marentette av 

Windsor Body & Fender Co, 280 Bridge m- 

Wright Geo Motors Ltd, 668-688 London w 

Young Auto Electric Service, 1303 Erie e 


Border Cities Auto Wash, 639-655 Langlois av 


Chrysler Corp of Can Ltd, Chrysler Centre and 300 Tecum- 
seh blvd e 

Ford Motor Co of Can Ltd, 2780 Sandwich e 
General Motors of Can Ltd, 1487 Walker rd 


Leonard Sign Co, 3971 Wyandotte e 
Putts Frank Paint Shop, 560 Marentette av 


Abbey, Gray, 797 Windsor av 

Checker Cab Parking Lot, 322-570 Cartier Place 

Jack's Parking, before 336 Victoria av 

Joe's Parking Lot, 222 Chatham w 

Labadie J T Ltd, 440 Goyeau 

Lafayette Parking tot, before 516 Pelissier 

Park &. Shop, 450-470 Ouellette av 

Shoppers Parking Lot, 340 and 356 Pelissier 

Tunnel Parking Lot, 570 Goyeau 

Websters Parking Lot, 452-474 Goyeau 


(Wholesale and Retail) 


Jas. C. Reid, President 
for all 

722 Wyandotte East Phone 4-2571 

Ambassador Parts Limited, 722 Wyandotte e 


Genuine General Motors Parts and Ac- 
cessories for all General Motors Cars 
and Trucks. 

465 GOYEAU ST. PHONE 4-6491 
Tunnel Entrance 

Wholesale — Retail 

Labadie J T Ltd, 465 Goyeau service garage 465-467 
Pitt w 


B & A Auto Supply (Trailer Rentals) 1290 Wyandotte w 
Hertz iDriveurself Systems, 730-740 Pelissier 


Yellow Trailer Rental Service,, 730-740 Pelissier 


American Auto Supply & Wrecking Co, 381 Wyandotte • 
Border Cities Auto Wreckers, 339 Wyandotte e 
Canadian Auto Wreckers, 295 Wyandotte e 
East Windsor Auto Parts, 959 Drouillard rd 
Howard Auto Parts, 968 Howard av 


■ ..^.^Alsize Tarpaulin & Awning Co, 1801 London w 
'"^’"Anchor Tent & Awning Co, (rear) 364 Bridge av 
Dominion Tent & Awning Co Ltd, 225 Sandwich w 
Windsor Awning & Tent Co, 270 Sandwich w 


Market Bag & Barrel Co, 188 Windsor av 
Morgan Bag Co, 221 Market 

Reid Industries Ltd, (waterproof bags), 1857 Sandwich c 
Windsor Bag & Barrel Co, 682 Tecumseh blvd w 


Yocom Ken W & Co, 569 Ouellette av 


■Bennett's Superior Pies (whol), 2161 Ontario 
Blak Bros Bakery, 1022 Langiois av 
Border Cities Bakery Ltd, 1051 Drouillard rd 
Canada Bread Co Ltd, 103,1 Walker rd 
Central Bakery, 665 Glengarry av 
Christie Brown & Co Ltd (whol), 1493 Union 
Cook's Bakery, 1662 Ottawa and 2133 Wyandotte w 
Ourfy Chas, 1779 London w 
Elizabeth Ann Bake Shop, 515 London w 
Frank's Bakery, 1685 Wyandotte w 

Gilchrist John Bakery Ltd, 1362 Ouellette av and 1437 

Hill's Bakery, 1128 Wyandotte e 
Linda Lee, 992 London w 
Lyttles Bakers & Confection, 507 Ouellette av 
Madeline's, 1308 Wyandotte (R'SMe) 

Mario's Restaurant Ltd, 752 Pelissier 
Miles Bakery, 4736 Wyandotte e, 1215 Ottawa, 1435 
Tecumseh blvd e and 151 Tecumseh blvd w 
•Modern Bakery, 560 Wyandotte e and 1327 Wyandotte e 
•Moore's ‘Bake Shop, 816 .Pillette rd 
Pie-Ann Shop, '1445 London w 
Quaker Pastry ' Shop, 1567 Ottawa 
Remington Bakery, 639 Charlotte (R Park) 

■Rowland & O'Brien Ltd, 2260 London w 
• Standard Bakery, 981 Drouillard rd and 166 McDougall 
Star Bakery, 634 McDougall 

JAialkerville Bakery, 59 Hanna w, 1872 Ottawa, 1767 
Wyandotte e and 101 Wyandotte w 
Windsor Co-Operative Bakeries Ltd, 279 Drouillard rd 
Wonder Bakeries Ltd, 337 -Salter av 


Bear G C Co, 2597 Howard av (R Park) 


Bank of Montreal, 200 Ouellette av (For list of branches 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Bank of Nova Scotia, 491 Ouellette av and 1900 Wyan- 
dotte east 

Bank of Toronto, 600-608 Ouellette av (For list of 
branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Canadian Bank of Commerce, The, 100 Ouellette av (For 
list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Dominion Bank, The, 101 Ouellette av and 1541 Ottawa 
Imperial Bank of Can, 285 Ouellette av (For list of 
branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Province of Ontario Savings Office, 374 Ouellette av 
Provincial Bank of Can, (For list of branches see Alpha- 
betical Section) 

Royal Bank of Can, 156 Ouellette av (For list of branch** 
see Alphabetical Section) 


Al's Barber Shop, 391 Wyandotte e 

Alb Wm, 976 Howard av 

Alex's Barber Shop, 3241 Sandwich w 

Allard's Barber Shop, 176 Pitt w 

Ambassador Barber Shop, 2840 London w 

Art Barber Shop, 808 Pillette rd 

Art's Barber Shop, 1604 Wyandotte w 

Baillie Wm, (rear) 55 London w 

Beauvais Arthur, 2753 Charles 

Bennett Hartley M, 2620 Tecumseh blvd e 

Beno's Barber Shop, 573 Partington av 

Bert's Barber Shop, 2333 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bill's Barber Shop, 862 Erie e 

Bilyk Peter, 1679 Adanac 

Boughner Lewis A, 263 Wyandotte w 

Campell's Barber and Beauty Shoppe, 419 Shepherd w 

Catramls Denis, 177 Pitt w 

Chauvin Arthur, 33 Wyandotte e 

Churchill Barber Shop, 607 Eugene (R Park) 

Churchill Randolph, 1679 Adanac 

Ciarrocciii Nick, 1398 Pelletier av 

Cluff J Barber Shop, 1769 London w 

Cuthbert Barber Shop, 640 Chilver rd 

Dean Lome, 6.11 Randolph av 

DeLuxe Barber Shop, 877 Pillette rd 

Denny's Barber Shop, 2065 Wyandotte w 

Drouillard Barber Shop, 3899 Seminole 

Duke's Barber Shop, 2842 Charles 

Erb Geo A, 82 London e 

Family Barber Shop, 1004 Felix av , 

Family Barber Shop, 1278 Prince rd 

Ferenci's Barber Shop, 1145 Tecumseh blvd e 

Folean Barber Shop, 248 Pelissier 

Frank's Barber Shop, 1280 Erie e 

Garrow Rock, 1294 Windermere rd 

Gignac Noble H, 1139 Erie w 

Goldin S Barber Shop, 576 Wyandotte e 

Gorski Leo P, 1496 Drouillard rd 

Handy Barber Shop, 1506 Parent av 

Hanson Lester, 892 Erie e 

Hicks Ernest, 232 Erie w 

Howard's Barber Shop, 580 Wellington av 

Howell Albert, 955 Drouillard rd 

Imperial Barber Shop, 1102 Drouillard rd 

International Barber Shop, 1505 Drouillard rd 

International Barber Shop, 1095 Drouillard rd 

Jack's Barber Shop, 2698 Howard av (R Park) 

Jack's Barber Shop, 412 Tecumseh blvd e 

Joe's Barber Shop, 611 Charles (BP) 

Joe's Barber Shop, 609 Ouellette av 
Joe's Barber Shop, 34 Erie e 
John's Barber Shop, 214 Pitt e 
Johnnie's Barber Shop, 308 Goyeau 
Kiefer's Barber Shop, 646 Aylmer av 
Kosta George, 220 Wyandotte e 
Larry's Barber Shop, 294 Bruce av 
Lazar Barber Shop, .1646 Drouiljard rd 
Lemieux Wm, 3218 Sandwich w 
Lewchak Kosma, 1657 Drouillard rd 
Little Wilfred, 2155 London w 
Lore J Anthony, 2277 Howard av 
Louis Ba-ber Shop, 378 Cartier pi 
Louis Barber Shop, 980 Parent av 
Macdonald's Barber Shop, 1340 Wyandotte e 
Marentette's Barber Shop, 2015 Ottawa 
Marinchovsky Steve, 731 Wyandotte e 
McCullough Jas L, 337 Wyandotte w 
McLeod Angus, 1199 Erie e 
Menard & Menard, 1309 Hall av 
Menard's Barber Shop, 1234 Tecumseh blvd e 
Mike's Barber Shop, 14,15 Erie e 
Moffat Alex F, 1491 Dufferin pi 
Monk Donald C ,382 Shepherd w 
Neighborhood Barber Shop, 1796 Westcott rd 
New York Barber Shop, 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 
Nicholas Barber Shop, 2919 Tecumseth blvd e ( 

Norm's Barber Shop, 969 Drouillard rd 

Norton-Palmer Barber Shop, 377 Pelissier 

Osurak Marko, 1037 Ottawa 

Ouellette's Barber Shop, 309 Wellington av 

Pailla Urgel, 474 London w 

Palace Barber Shop, 66 Erie e 

Palmer's Barber Shop, 1537 London w 

Pan American Barber Shop, 99 Pitt e 

Peffer Rose Barber Shop, 120 Goyeau 

Pete's Barber Shop, 924 Tecumseh blvd e 

Pete's Barber Shop, 1022 Langiois av 

Peter & Paul Barber Shop, 136 Pitt e 

Pidruczny Wm, 2919 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

Recker Bernard A, 1405 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand v 

Recreation Barber Shop, 35 Pitt e 

Ritz Barber Shop, 1161 Ottawa 

Riverside Barber Shop, 1417 Wyandotte (R'SIde) 

Robertson Barber Shop, 974 Wyandotte e 

Royal Barber Shop, 20 Ellis av e 

Royal Barber Shop, 3418 Sandwich w 

Russ's Barber Shop, 1252 Wyandotte e 

Sanitary Barber Shop, 1121 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Seigel Herbt, 45 Hanna w 

Service Barber Shop, 40 Wyandotte w 

Shreve John, 1032 Marion av 

Shulz Henry, 1008 Howard av 

Sims Melvin, 594 Caron av 

Snowden & Chambers, 1809 Wyandotte e 

Solonynka T, 3919 Seminole 

Speedy Barber Shop, 950 Ottawa 

Stan's Barber Shop, 4661 Wyandotte e 

Steve's Barber Shop, 1202B Drouillard rd 

Steve's Barber Shop, 3329 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Steven's Barber Shop, 1247 Wyandotte e 

Tate Philip, 86 Pitt e 

Tecumseh Barber Shop, 1686 Tecumseh blvd e 
Tivoli Barber Shop, 1557 Wyandotte e 
Trothen Walter, 3217 Sandwich w 
Up-to-Date Barber Shop, 1027 Drouillard rd 
Velko Barber Shop, 112 Wyandotte e 
Vincent's Barber Shop, 4881 Tecumseh blvd e 

Walter's Barber Snop, 3673 Seminole 
William's Barber Shop, 1116 Wyandotte e 
Williams B'arber Shop, 1194 Monmouth rd 
Windberg Jacob, 795 Langiois av 
Windsor Barber Shop, 223 Pitt e 

Sand E 



(Sand E 

Classified, Yellow Page 7 




PHONE 4-3201 


Canadian Booster Co Ltd, 1604-8 Tecumseh blvd v* 


East Windsor Steam Bath, 1055 Cadillac 
Parent Felix J, 793 Glengarry av 
Windsor Steam Baths, 562 Mercer 


Windsor Bag 4 Barrel Co, 682 Tecumseh blvd w 


Abramson H Lome, 176 London w 

Allan Jas S, KC, 374 Ouellette av 

Awrcy E Carman, 374 Ouellette av 

Baillargeon Floyd A, 1664 Tecumseh blvd e 

8artlet, Braid, Richardes- 4 Dickson, 374 Ouellette av 

Bell Alan C, 76 London w 

Bell 4 McCready, 1922 Wyandotte e 

Bowman G Wm, 76 London w 

Crown, Nisbet 4 Burnell, 176 London w 

Campeau Lovedy J, 25 London w 

Clark 4 Zeron, 374 Ouellette av 

Cohn Bernard, 29 Park w 

Croll 4 Croll, 374 Ouellette av 

Deneau Desmond, 176 London w 

Des Rosiers Roger J, 176 London w 

Donaldson Cnas W, 374 Ouellette av 

Duchesne Eugene A, 374 Ouellette av 

Egan Wm M, 280 Park w 

Ellis 4 Ellis, 25 London w 

Foster A Hainsworth KC, 52 Chatham w 

Fraser McPherson, 374 Ouellette av 

Furlong Bernard H, 437 Ouellette av 

Furlong 4 Furlong, 437 Ouellette av 

Gignac Achllle F, 374 Ouellette av 

Harvie 4 Holland, 176 London w 

Holden James A, 374 Ouellette av 

Hough 4 Hough, 374 Ouellette av 

Kamin Morris, 374 Ouellette av 

Kamin Sockley, 374 Ouellette av 

Kelly Wm E, 176 London w 

Kennedy J Al, 25 London w 

Kenning 4 Grant, 267 Pellssler 

Lynch Emily F, 2776 Charles 

MacDonald Bruce J S, 374 Ouellette av 

Macdonald Ian, 374 Ouellette av 

MacLeod Wm H, 25 London w 

Macnab Godfrey E, 374 Ouellette av 

MacPhee, McWilliams 4 Burnett, 1586 Wyandotte 

Maleyko Benj A, 993 Ottawa 

Martin, Laird, Easton 4 Cowan, 267 Pelissier 

McGladdery Harry R, 25 London w 

McGregor Walter L, 374 Ouellette av 

McHugh Gerald KC, 374 Ouellette av 

McHugh L Alfred, 1512 Ottawa . 

McTague, McKeon, Oeziel 4 Clark, 267 Pelissier 

McWrta Albert E, 1629 Tecumseh blvd e 

Meretsky Milton C, 327 Ouellette av 

Mingay James R, 374 Ouellette av 

Morand Donald R, 267 Pelissier 

Poole Gordon W, 332 Ouellette av 

Reycraft Jonn M, 374 Ouellette av 

Richardson David, 29 Park w 

Riddell 4 Winters, 176 London w 

Riordan Norman J, 374 Ouellette av 

Riordon, Wigle 4 Clarke, 176 London w 

«odd, Rodd 4 Carefoot, 374 Ouellette av 

Sale 4 Sale, 182 Pitt w 

Schott Maxwell, 332 Ouellette av 

Simon 4 Brody, 25 London w 

Spencer 4 Stewart, 374 Ouellette av 

Springsteen Stanley L, 267 Pelissier 

Start John E, 176 London w 

Stewart Arthur G, 374 Ouellette av 

Swart? Louis H, 25 London w 

Sylvestre Leo, 267 Pellssler 
Trottier Leo J, 569 Ouellette av 
Turnbull J Russell, 374 Ouellette av 
Turville W D Bruce, 25 London w 
Twigg John F KC, 76 London w 
Wallace Sami A, 25 London w 

Whiteside, Coughlin 4 Chapman, 374 Ouellette av 

Wilson, Thomson 4 MacDonald, 267 Pelissier 

Wright W McKay KC, 374 Ouellette av 

Yatohew John, KC, 176 London w 

Yates Geo A, 374 Ouellette av 

Yuffy 4 Yuffy, 176 London w 




Makers of Guaranteed Batteries 
for over 25 years 


Phone 3-6353 

La Salle Bear-Cat Battery Ltd, 680-88 Wyandotte e 


La Salle Lead Products Ltd, 680-696 Wyandotte e 


DUNLOP'S, Battery and Tire Service, 
625 Wyandotte west, Phone 

Horseshoe Battery Service, 745 Aylmer av 
Howitt Battery & Electric Service Co Ltd, 350-380 Pitt 

Morris Willard Battery Service, 542 Chilver rd 
Windsor Battery 4 Exchange, 909 Wyandotte w 


Central Beauty Supply, 134 Wyandotte e 
Curtis Helene Industries, 315 Pelissier 
Genasco Co, 1218 Moy av 
Miller Beauty Agencies, 546 Goyeau 


Ann's Beauty Shop, 1247 Wyandotte e 
Arthur Beauty Salon, 825 Arthur rd 
Aucot Beauty Salon, 2017 Wyandotte w 
Beauty Box, 911 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
Bee-Lov-Lee Beauty Salon, 255 Tecumseh 
Belle Beauty Shoppe, 4722 Wyandotte e 
Bernadette's Beauty Salon, 2329 Pillette 

blvd w 
rd (Sand E 

l uwioi up; . . , 

Bernadette's Beauty Shoppe, 3217 Sandwich w 
Bertha's Beauty Parlor, 1779 Lmco n rd 
Betty Ann Beauty Shop, 1310 Gladstone av 
Bonita Beauty Salon, 541 Caron av 
Brooker Beauty Shop, 2155 London w 
Capitol Beauty Salon, 315 Pelissier 
Caroline Beauty Shop, 3166 Sandwich w 
Chapman's Beauty Shop, 137 Ouellette av 
Char-La-Mar Beauty Salon, 327 Ouellette av 
Oharm Beauty Salon, 1157 Erie e 
Chez Rene, 1194 Monmouth rd 
Chic Beauty Salon, 471 Curry av 
Cinderella Beauty Parlor, .182 Pitt w 
Connie Lee Beauty Salon, 463 Erie « 

Doris Beauty Parlor, 1610 Ottawa 
Duchess Beauty Salon, 1299 Erie e 
East Windsor Beauty Shop, 1206 Albert rd 
Elite Beauty Parlor, 1140 McKay av 
Elizabeth Beauty Shoppe, 783 Gladstone av 
Elizabeth's Beauty Snop, 604 Stanley (R Park) 
Fmerson Beauty Salon, 1575 Tecumseh blvd « 
Eugene Beauty Shop, 2305 Howard av 
Fashion Beauty Salon, 304 Ouellette av 
Findlay D H Hair Stylist, 469 Ouellette a 
Gascoyne's Beauty Service, 1415 Lincoln rd 
Gay-Paree Beauty Salon, 121 Wyandotte w 

— 8 — 






650 Ouellette Ave. 

Coote And Dundas 

. PHONE 2-0962 


Gideon's Beauty Parlor, 1325 Parent av 
Glamour Bar, 1620 Drouillard av 
Hebert's Beauty Salon, 657 Moy av 
Hetman's Beauty Salon, 1937 Ottawa 
Hollywood B'eauty Salon, 1139 Erie w 
Irene's Beauty Shop, 1686 Tecumseh blvd e 
Ja Vaa Beauty Salon, 1407 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

James Beauty Shop, 248 Erie w 
Jean's Beauty Shop, 1648 Drouillard rd 
Jewell's Beauty Salon, 1809 Wyandotte e 
Jorge's Beauty Salon, 1619 Ottawa 
Josef's Hairdressing Salon, 1288 Ottawa 
Kathleen Beauty Shoppe, 569 Ouellette av 
Kay's Beauty Salon, 3812 Seminole 
Knight Beauty & Barber Shop, 766 Irvine av 
Ladyfair Beauty Shoppe, 1605 Pelissier 
LaRose Beauty Salon, 571 Lincoln rd 
Lee's Beauty Shop, 1116 Wyandotte e 
Lida's Beauty Shop, 1340 Wyandotte e 
Lilli Bette Beauty Salon, 3453 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Marge's Beauty Salon, 862 Erie e 
Marie's Beauty Parlour, 543 Rankin av 
Mary's Beauty Shop, 979 Drouillard rd 
Medical Arts Beauty Parlor, 1011 Ouellette av 
Miladi Beauty Salon, 618 Windermere rd 
Mildred Connie Beauty Salon, 1586 Tecumseh blvd e 
Moderne Beauty Salon, 374 Ouellette av 
Moxon Beauty Shoppe, 1256 Ouellette av 
Muriel's Beauty Clinic, 1535 London w 
Norine's Beauty Shop, 893 Shepherd e 
Nu-Art Beauty Salon, 980 Parent av 
Ottawa Beauty Salon, 1585 Ottawa 
Ouellette Beauty Salon, 309 Wellington av 
Parent Beauty Salon, 1622 Parent av 
Paris Beauty Shoppe, ,119 Ouellette a* 

Parkwood Beauty Shop & Florist, 1187 Tecumseh blvd • 

Pearl's Beauty Shop, 669 Mercer 

Peter's Beauty Shoppe, 994 Wyandotte w 

Plante Theresa, 1191 Drouillard rd 

Princess Beauty Shoppe, 2065 Wyandotte w 

Raye's Beauty Salon (rear) 956 Drouillard rd 

Rita's Beauty Shop, 1662 London w 

Robin's Beauty Box, 4149 Tecumseh blvd • 

Romeo's Beauty Salon, 481 London w 
Royal Beauty Shop, 20 Ellis av e 
Ruby Beauty Salon, 284 Goyeau 
Ruth Anne Beauty Salon, 4287 Wyandotte e 
Ruth's Beauty Shoppe, (rear) 1498 Pillette rd 
Sales Ivan Beauty Salon, 252 Pelissier 
Sandra's Beauty Shop, 3502 Bloomfield rd 
Sanitary Beauty Salon, 1121 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Seigel's Beauty Shop, 45 Harna w 
Smart Beauty Shoppe, 52 London w 
Sophie 3eauty Shop, 378 Cartier pi 
Sophie's Beauty Shop, 731 Wyandotte e 
Stewart Lilly, 875 Pillette rd 
Stroud C Beauty Salon, 136 Ouellette av 
Tivoli Beauty Salon, 1557 Wyandotte e 
Van's Beauty Studio, 1091 Wyandotte w 
Vanity Beauty Salon The, 1293 Parent av 
Veary V D, 569 Ouellette av 
Vogue Beauty Salon, 1445 Wyandotte e 
Walter's Beauty Salon, 1372 London w 
West End Beauty Salon, 1611 London w 
Windsor Hairdressing Shop, 52 Chatham w 
Wyandotte Beauty Parlor, 566 Glengarry av 


Al's Bicycle Shop, 430 Wyandotte w 
East Side Cycle Shop, 4755 Wyandotte e 
Eddies Cycle Shop, 4800 Tecumseh blvd e 
Haines Bicycles & Sporting Goods, 1335 Wyandotte 

Joe's Bicycle Shop, 875 Erie e 

Leo's Bicycle Shop, 1443-7 Erie e 

Ottawa Cycle Shop, 1317 Tecumseh blvd e 

Rathwell's Cycle and Toy Shop, 125 and 135 Wyandotte w 

Russel's, 950 Wyandotte w 

Stephens A J & Son, 1912 Wyandotte e 

( See also Bowling Alleys) 

Bee & Cee Recreation, 1092 Felix av 

Bieber Henry, 1940 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

British Billiards, 1177 Ottawa 

Capitol Recreation, 133 London w 

Charles Pool Room, 1624 Drouillard rd 

Dominion Pool Room, 148 Pitt e 

Erie Recreation, 999 Erie e 

International Pool Room, 9% Drouillard rd 

Joe's Pool Room, 1102 Drouillard rd 

Newman Wm, 1494 Langlois av 

O.K. Pool Room, 1097 Erie e 

Ouellette Billiards, 57,1 Ouellette av 

Palace Billiard's, 71 Sandwich e 

Pete's Pool Rocm, 1008 Drouillard rd 

Peter's Billiard Room, 915-925 Shepherd e 

Red's Recreation, 4881 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Remington Billiards, 2590 Elsmere av (R P) 

Sam's Billiard Parlour, 976 Drouillard rd 

Sandwich Recreation, 318 Mill 

Skeevis Anthony, 1119 Marion av 

Teren David, 3899 Seminole 

West Side Recreation, 1715 London w 

Windsor Recreation Billiards,, 41 Pitt e 

Wyandotte Bowling & Billiards Ltd, 1318 Wyandotte • 


Windsor Pet Shop & Taxidermist, 438 Erie e 


Hollywood Repair Shop, 902-904 Howard av 
Reaume Gilbert, 2833 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
Village Smithy, 718 McDougall 


Black Hugh C, 152 Pitt w 

Curry Blue Print Co, 123 McDougall 

Simmons & Byron, 955 Assumption 


Brown Garland, 4600 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Craft Marine Harbor, 4308 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Norm's Boat Livery, 2 Mill 
Richards Boat Livery, 3412 Russell 
Riverside Marine, 4500 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Riverview 8oat Harbour, 3296 Russell 
Smith Chas A, 3488 Russell 


Allen Max, 176 London w 


c Hardy James G, 757 Erie e -+ ' c " * 

~j~ Westholm Julius, 15^5 Martin 


Berl/s Book Room, 661 Sunset av 

Classified, Yellow Page 9 

Books crnd Stationery 



Books Stationery, Fancy Goods, 
Greeting Cards, Lending Library, 

Artists’ Supplies, Gifts. 


PHONE 2-1157 


PHONE 4-9484 

Copeland's Book Stores, ',35 Pelissier and 1421 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Marcntette's Book Store, 129 Ouellette av 
Selter Chas, 340 Wyandotte e 
Windsor Bible Book Room, 655 Dougall av 


Windsor Brass Works Ltd, 408 Hanna e 


ING CO LIMITED, 469 Shepherd 
east. Phone 4-8631 

nnn tv JhUo — RETAIL STORES 

Brewers' ^ Retail Stores, 1573 McDouall (For list ol 

branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Tj/irv yy aus 

Brading's Cincinnati Cream Brewery Ltd, 130 Bruce av 
Carling Breweries Ltd, 29 Park w 
Labatt John Ltd, 569 Ouellette av 
O'Keefe's Brewery (Walkerville) Ltd, 790 Walker rd 

( See Shoes, Retail) 


Essex County Milk Bottle Exchange Ltd, 7 fc London w 


210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 
(See odv top lines) 


Canada Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) Ltd, 2310 Walker rd 

Coca-Cola Ltd, The, 1650 Howard av 

Crown Syphon Bottling Works, 1249 Laurendeau av 

Munro Beverages Ltd, -456-464 Tecumseh blvd w 

Seven-Up Bottling Co, 970 Mercer 

Vernor-s Singer Ale Co Ltd, 1030 Walker rd 

Windsor Beverages Co, 1291 Albert rd 


Crescent Bowling Lanes, 1055 Ottawa 

Frank's Recreation, 4663 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Grand Terrace Bowling, 1340 Tecumseh blvd e 

Louis Bowling Alley, 729 Wyandotte e 

Ottawa Bowling Academy, 1250 Ottawa 

Palace Recreation Ltd, 871 Ottawa 

Playdium Recreation, 4985 Wyandotte e 

Regal Recreation, 1226 Drouillard rd 

Vanity Bowling Academy, 744 Ouellette av 

Windsor Recreation, 41 Pitt e 


Archer Refreshment Service, 468 Wahketa 


Gair Co (Can) Ltd, 300 Giles blvd e 
Hygrade Containers Ltd, 569 Ouellette -av 
Somerville Ltd, 948 Walker rd 


Canadian Bridge Co Ltd, 1219 Walker rd 

Adams W H (customs), 712 Huron Line and 44 Wy an- 

dotte e 

Border Brokers Ltd (customs), 712 Huron Line 
Egleston Wm (customs) 374 Ouellette av 
Farrow Russell A Ltd, (customs) 327 Ouellette av and 

718 Huron Line 

International Customs Brokers Ltd, 29 Park w 
Johnson Fredk W Ltd, (customs) 2010 Assumption 

Mason s Brokerage Ltd, (customs), 544 Goyeau 
Reaume U G Ltd, (ins) 176 London w 

Thomson J Mac D & Co (customs), 710 Huron Line 
Westland E A (ins), 744 Ouellette av 
Yatcnew Jos, 474 Victoria av 


Fuller Brush Co, 15 Wyandotte e and 29 Park w 
Wear Ever Brush Co, 516 Gladstone av 
Windsor Fountain Brush Co, 1778 Wyandotte e 


Kohen Box Co (Windsor) Ltd, 385 Salter av 



F E R O D O 

Brakes Relined and Adjusted 
Shock Absorber Service 
All Makes 

Phone 4-3620 Res. Phone 4-0944 

Janisse Brake Service, 558 Tuscarora 


sor av. Phone 4-7515 
WING J T & CO LIMITED, 375 Pitt e, 
Phone 3-2431 (See adv inside 
front cover) 


1272 Windsor av. Phone 4-1166 
(See adv back cover) 

— 10 — 




Dial 2-7241 

Sterling; Construction Co. 


2494 Sandwich St. E. — Windsor 

ITED, 2494 Sandwich Street East, 
Phone 2-7241 (See adv side lines) 
200 Shepherd East, Phone 4-3238 



Ace Roofing 4 Building Supplies, 3815 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

Ajax Builders Supplies Ltd, 6160 Tecumseh blvd • 
(Sand E Twp) 

Aluminum Building Products, 362 Chilver rd 
Border Specialty Co, 2043 Sandwich e and 1922 Wyan- 
dotte e 

Canadian Brickcote Ltd, 1105 Tecumseh blvd e 
Canadian Builders Supply, 3215 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

Cross Supplies 4 Paving Ltd, 1272 Windsor av 
Endw-ance Materials Ltd, 5304 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Kmday Co, 1673 Moy av 
Ladore and Co Ltd, 354 Chilver rd 

210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 
(See adv top lines) 

White George E 4 Son Ltd, 200 Shepherd e 
Windsor Brickcote Ltd, 1105 Tecumseh blvd e 

TED, 2171 Ottawa, Phone 4-2558 

( See also Halls) 

Alexander Bldg, 569 Ouellette av 
Auditorium Bldg, 709 Ouellette av 
Bank of Montreal Bldg, 15 Chatham e 
Bartiet Bldg, 76 Loudon w 
Bates Block, 1759 Wyandotte e 
Board of Education Bldg, 451 Park w 
Burnside Block, 1569-77 Tecumseh blvd e 
Campbell Block, 256-265 Sandwich w 
Canada Bldg, 374 Ouellette av 
Canada Trust Bldg, 176 London w 

Canadian Auto Trim Bldg, 776 and before 797 Albert rd 

Canadian Bank of Commerce Chambers, 100 Ouellette av 

Capitol Theatre Bldg, 315 Pelissier 

Chmese Benevolent Society Bldg, 171 Sandwich t 

City Market Bldg, 255-287 Pitt e 

County Court House, 3277 Sandwich w 

County Registry Office, 356 Brock 

De Mers Block, 4774-4778 Wyandotte t 

Detroit Realty Bldg, 437 Ouellette av 

Dominion Bank Chambers, 27 Sandwich w 

Dominion Public Bldg, 185 Ouellette av 

Douglas Bldg, 15 Wyandotte e 

E 4 L Building, 170 Ouellette av 

Equity Chambers, 52 Chatham w 

Essex County Offices, 3255 Sandwich w 

Ford Motor Bldg s, s Wyandotte e near Drouillard rd 

Gas Building, 185 Chatham w 

Guaranty Trust Bldg, 305 Victoria av 

HeinUman Bldg, 304 Ouellette av 

Imperial Bank Building, 1586 Wyandotte e 

Imperial Bank Chambers, 44 London w 

Imperial Block, 1922 Wyandotte e 

King Bldg, 356 Ouellette av 

Krentler Bldg, 875 Mercer 

La Belle Bldg, 25 London w 

Laing Bldg, 137 Ouellette av 

Lynn Bldg, 573-583 Partington av 

McGregor Block, 45-75 Pitt w 

Medical Arts Bldg, 1011 Ouellette av 

Murray Bldg, 182 Pitt w 

Osterhout Block, 61 Pitt e 

Page Bldg, 17-51 Ouellette av 

Palace Theatre Bldg, 332 Ouellette av 

Paramount Bldg, 325-327 Ouellette av 

Park Bldg, 29 Park w 

Parker Bldg, 29 Giles blvd w 

Pascoe Bldg, 507-519 Ouellette av 

Peabody Bldg, 258 Chilver rd and 1827-1857 Sandwich e 

Pickard Bldg, 618 Lincoln rd 

Police Bldg, 135 Park e 

Poole Bldg, 121 Wyandotte w 

R« Vi RM^ ?fo k n Bll ?P'.. 312 Victoria a# and 2776 Charles 
Ray Bldg, 469 Ouellette av 

Rose Bldg, 744 Ouellette av 

Royal Bank of Canada Bldg, 162 Ouellette av 

Royal Theatre Block, 3391-99 Sandwich w 

Samson Block, 4701 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Two) 

Security Bldg, 261-293 Pelissier 

Smith's Bldg, 35 Sandwich e 

Star Annex Bldg, 181 Ferry 

Star Bldg, 167 Ferry 

Stiller-Folean Bldg, 248 Pelissier 

Strathcona Block, 1953 Wyandotte e 

Teahan Bldg, 111 Sandwich w 

Thompson Block, 152 Pitt w 

Tuscon Block, 1311-1393 Tecumseh blvd e 

Universal Bldg, 44 Wyandotte e 

Walker Power Bldg, The, 315-325 Devonshire rd 

Windermere Block, 1658-1698 Tecumseh blvd e 


Eastern Canadian Greyhound Lines Ltd, 301 Chtaham 
and 44 London e 


( Wholesale) 

Wholesale Meat Distributor, 1605 Dougall av 
Windsor Packing Co Ltd, Tecumseh blvd w cor Wellington 
avenue (Sand W Twp) 

( Retail ) 

( See also Grocers) 

Acme Meat Market, 294 Pitt e 
Adam's Meat Market, 1130 Wyandotte e 
Al's Meat Market, 1410 Wyandotte w 
Allan's Meat Markets, 149 Tecumseh blvd w and 1477 
Wyandotte e 

Baird Meat Market, 2211 Howard av 

Bastion's Choice Meats, 49 Hanna w 

Bondy 4 Scott, 3204 Sandwich w 

Border Cities Kosher Meat Market, 527 Wyandotte e 

Bradshaw Norman, Stall 3, 285 Pitt e 

Brooks, Wing F, 2141 London w 

Bulat's Markets, 1657 College av 

Canadian Meat Market, 265 Pitt e 

Carl Butcher Shop 4 Groceries, 2625 Parent av (R Park) 

Chapman Bros, 229-231 Pitt e 

Chatham Meat Market, 216 Chatham e 

Cheney 4 Hamlin Meat Market, 2120 Wyandotte w 

Coatsworth's Meat Market, 1412 Wyandotte e 

Consumers Meat 4 Dairy Market, 166 McDougall 

Dougall Market, 849 Dougall av 

Erie Market, 1285 trie e 

Erie's Meat Market, 880 Erie e 

Garrett's Meat Market, 188 Pitt e 

Goldstar Meat Market, 1695 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand w Twpi 

Grant's Meat Market, 1511 London w 

Harry's Meat Market, 287 Pitt e 

Hill, Herman G, 1463 London w 

Howieson's Meat Market, 374 Shepherd w 

Ingram's Meat Market, 1312 Shepherd e 

James Wm Market, 1686 Wyandotte e 

Jenkins Market, 1936 Wyandotte e 

Classified. Yellow Page 1 1 

8 h 

*s 0 a 

£ *2 0 u 
® 8 a.'a 

o a- 




w Cti 

o w 





> Cfi 

W _l 
<« W 

W >-' 

C3 C? 
O' u 
£ r 
^ £ 


>■ ^ 


W W 

o 03 

8 ^ 

S &H 











O cvb 
in v* 

Butchers (Retail) 

Kripton Meat Market, 440 Tecumseh bldv e 
Landau's Meat Market, 257 Pitt e 
Millar's Market, 1484 Ottawa 
Montreal Meat Market, 870 Erie e 
Otto's Meat Market, 523 Tecumseh blvd e 
Park St Meat Market, 331 Park w 
Paul's Meat Market, 1594 Drouillard rd 
People's Meat Market, 287 Pitt e 
Peter's Meat Market, .157 Pitt e 
Quality Market, 3210 Sandwich w 
Robertson's Maricet, 4770 Wyandotte e 
Sanderson's Meat Market, 1795 London w 
Seminole Provision, 4409 Seminole 
Service Meat & Grocery, 1802 George av 
Smith's Meat Market, 156 Pitt e 
Stedman Alfred, 1584 Tecumseh blvd e 
Stevenson's Meat Market, 2116 London w 
Superior Meat Market, 265 Pitt e 
Taylor's Market, 1220 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Terminal Market, 75. London e 
Tip Top Meat Market, 1196 Hickory rd 
Top Quality Meat Market, 1017 Church 
Trim's Market, 90 Erie w 

United Farmers Meat, Poultry & Egg Market, 210 
Chatham e 

Warren's Meat Market, 309 Wyandotte w 
Western Meat Market, 1126 Langlois av 
Western Meat & Grocery, 1296 Westcott rd 
White Clifford, 314 Wellington av 
Williams Kosher Meat Market, 475 Wyandotte e 
Wright's Market, 188 Ouellette av 
Youngson Meat Market, 1776 London w 


Berk el Products, 515 Logan av 
Walsh Wm H, 253 Sandwich w 


Universal Button Fastening & Button Co of Canada Ltd 
1076 Walker road 


East End Cabinet Shop, 2731 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 
Hynds Janies, 1627 Niagara 


Mussolum Rug & Carpet Cleaners, 71 Sandwich e 
Star Rug Cleaning Co, 229 Sandwich e 
Windsor Duradeaners, 701 Marentette av 


A M Floorcovering, 1195-7 Tecumseh blvd e 

Desjarlais Bros, 204 Wyandotte e 

Floor Covering Dstributors Ltd, 1524 Windsor av 

Hi Neighbour Floor Covering Co, 257 Wyandotte e 

Hucker Bros, 1139 London w 

Modem Floor Covering Co, 1096 Wyandotte e 


GOYEAU ED & SONS, 1640 London 
west, Phone 4-3123, office and 
warehouse, 795 Caron (See adv 
back cover) 


National Cash Register Co of Canada Ltd, 620 Goyeau 
Universal Cash Registers, 449 Wyandotte e 


Industrial Food Services Ltd, 3550 Seminole 
Jean's Catering House, 202-212 Sandwich w 


Canada Cement Co Ltd, 602 Sandwich ar 

210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 

I J- 


(See adv top lines) 

LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street' s ‘ 
east, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 Sl ‘ 
(See adv top lines) - f 




Assumption Cemetery, cor Huron Line and Wyandotte w 
Green Lawn Memorial Park Co Ltd, 332 Ouellette av jP* 
Jewish Cemetery, 2650 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Our Lady of the Lake (RC) Cemetery, e s Cadillac, after ( 
Seminole j 

St Alphonsus Cemetery, e s Howard av cor Allendale 
Victoria Memorial Association Ltd, Talbot rd No 3 Highway, < 
Office 267 Pelissier 

Windsor Grove Cemetery, 455 Giles blvd e 


- Sn 


General Foods Ltd 1001 Wyandotte w 


Trinier Wilfred, 1731 Lincoln rd 



Canada Trust Building, 176 Lon- aii 
don west, Phone 4-3201 


307 Canada Building, Phone st 


3-3100 (See adv front cover) 







American Chemical Paint Co, 2224 Walker rd 

Bayer Company Ltd, The, 1019 Elliott w 

Besthall Chemicals, 816 Parent av 

Bureau of Industrial Chemical Research, 424 Pitt w 

Canadian Industries Ltd, 4016 Sandwich w 

Eaton Chemical and Dyestuff Co, 314 Giles blvd e 

Extermo Chemical Co, 137 Ouellette av 

Holland Chemicals Ltd, 4p3 Windermere rd 

Imperial Oxygen Ltd, 3445 Riverside dr 

Lewis Patrick Chemical Co, 1034 McEwan av 

Mercury Chemical Co ltd, 457 Sandwich e 

Neilson Chemical Co,o? Can, 2682 Tecumseh blvd e 

Nelson H C Chemicals Ltd, 1426 Windsor av 

Nyall Co Ltd, 1019 Ettiott ,w 

Oriental Commerce Ltd, 948 Drouillard rd 

Penslar Co Ltd, The, 325 Devonshire rd 

Roy Chemicals & Sales, 403 Windermere rd 

Sherman Laboratories, 551 Pelissier 

Sterling Drug Mfg Ltd, 1019 Elliott w 

Western Solvents & Chemicals of Can Ltd, 457 Sandwich 

Winthrop-Stearns Inc, 1019 Elliott w 













Jamieson C E & Co (Dominion) Ltd, 414 Sandwich w 
Marz Laboratories Ltd, 270 Sandwich w , 

Scherer R P Ltd, 1370 Argyle rd 

Stearns, Frederick & Co of Canada Ltd, 1019 Elliott w Rr 
Wyeth John & Brother (Canada) Ltd, 2109 Ottawa 


— 12 — 



D*!' Better Shop The, 4593 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp' 
r< Dorothy's Tots to Teen Shop, 104 Chatham w 
I Foster Helen Children's Wear, 1602 Wyandotte e 
J-Anne Specialty Shop, 1826 Ottawa 
Kiddie's Toggery, 1321 Ottawa 
IY Mary Jane Shop, 2185 Wyandotte w 
^-Sister's Children's Shop, 1453 London w 

le ’ “ ' 


* Elliott Distributing Co, 1950 Wynadotte e 
M’into A & Co, 1478 Wyandotte e 
Sanborn & McKee, 25 London w 
3 Sheridan China Shop, 467 Ouellette av 
r j Storey's Cnina Ltd, 75 London w 


Ballard Basil A, 304 Ouellette av 
Roseh Sidney, 569 Ouellette av 



Harrison John R, 564 Victoria av 
Marshall Frank, 694 Pelissier 
Roth Harold W, 994 Wyandotte w 
Shaw Clarence, 618 Ouellette av 
■y Shaw Geo E, 252.1 Sandwich w 
- Smith Ernest G, 1029 Dougall av 

( Roman Catholic) 

Assumption Church, 2775 London w 
Blessed Sacrament Church, King at Prince rd 
Church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, 2879 Sandwich e 
Church of the Holy Name of Mary, 681 McEwan av 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, 821 Wyandotte e 
Holy Trinity, 1021 Ellis av e 
Most Precious Blood Church, 3270 Tecumseh blvd e 
Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, after 804 Grand 
Marais rd (R Park) 

Sacred Heart (RC) Church, 1125 Ottawa 

St Alphonsus, 85 Park e 

St Angela Merici (RC) Church, 720 Erie e 

St Anne's, 2135 Richmond 

St Anthony's Church, 1493 Parent av 

St Clare's, 166 Tecumseh blvd w 

St Cyril and Methodius Church, 3065 Seminole 

St Joseph's (RC) Church, 4224 Seminole 

St Michael's, 2153 Parkwood av 

St Patrick's Catholic Church, 1566 Tecumseh blvd w 

St Rose Church, w s St Rose av (R'Side) 

St Theresa Church, 1991 Norman rd 
St Vladimir and Oiga Ukrainian (RC) Church, 984 Shep- 
herd e 

( United, Church of Canada) 

Calvary, 1099 London w 

Central, 628-38 Ouellette av 

Chalmers, 897 Windermere rd 

Giles Blvd, 795 Giles blvd e 

Lincoln Rd, 659 Lincoln rd 

Ottawa, 1728 Lincoln rd 

Riverside Church, w s Glidden av (R'Side) 

St James Church, Remington av (R Park) 

St John's United Church, 1696 Cadillac 
St Paul's Church, 973 Pillette rd 
Sandwich Church, 3340 Sandwich wen 
Trinity Church, 1976 Tourangeau rd 
Westminster, n s Tecumseh blvd w 


Catholic Church Goods, 455 Ouellette av 

T ( For names of Ministers see Alpha- 
betical Section) 

1 ( Anglican ) 

1“ All Saints', cor Windsor av and London e 
^Church of the Ascension, 1385 London w 
, St Aidan's, 834 Lawrence rd 
f St Andrew's, 1701 Tecumseh blvd e 
' St George's, 1949 Devonshire Court 
t€ St John's, 3305 Sandwich w 

St Mark's Church, 1636 Td?umseh blvd w 
4 *t Mary's, 2003 St Mary's Gate 
_^St Paul's, 1561 Ouellette av 

( Baptist ) 

Bethany Baptist Church, 1543 Aubin rd 
Campbell Av Baptist Church, 892 Campbell av 
"irst, 720 Mercer 
^ irst Baptist, 3652 Peter 
' Olivet, 579 Logan av 

Roumanian Baptist Church, 1630 Drouillard rd 
Tabernacle Baptist Church, 3216 Manchester rd 
Temple, 664 Victoria av 
Walkerville, 1675 Cataraqui 

( Christian Science) 

Christian Science Church, 1185 Pelissier 
, First Church of Christ Scientist, 114 Giles blvd w 


^Jewish Synagogue, 1008 Hickory rd 
- Shaar Adenack Synagogue, 504 Mercer 
Shaar Hashomayim Synagogue, 115 Giles blvd e 

( Lutheran ) 

* First Lutheran Church, 1176 Victoria av 

eace Lutheran Church, Tecumseh blvd e, cor Rossini 
blvd (Sand E Tp) 

Trinity Lutheran Church, 1215 Parent av 


( Presbyterian ) 

• cj^yngarian Church. 1566 Parent av 
T Knox Church, 318 McEwan av 

Riverside, e s Esdras pi (R'Side) 

St Andrew's, 405 Victoria av 

( Miscellaneous ) 

Bethel Pentecostal Church, 510 London w 
British Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada, 363 Me 

Church of Christ, 405 Curry av 
Church of God, 1604 Dougall av 

Church of Jesus Christ, The, n s Irvine av cor Howard av 
Church of the Nazarene, 1108 Pelissier 
Free Hungarian Reformed Church, 1396 Elsmere av 
Free Methodist Church, 1549 Howard av 
Giles Blvd Christian (Disciples) Church, 130 Giles blvd e 
Gospel Halls, 644 Partington av, 2203 Turner rd 
Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, 1406 Drouillard rd 
Hungarian Church of Christ, 1679 Parent av 
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 3238 Sandwich w 
Mount Zion Church of God in Christ, 795 McDougall 
Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, 1525 Howard av 
Remington Park Tabernacle, 602 Charles (R Park) 
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, 
397 Pierre av 

Roumanian Greek Orthodox Church, 2859 Seminole 
Russian Ukrainian Pentecostal Church, 2650 Tecumseh blvd 

St George's Roumanian Orthodox Church, 1240 Pierre av 
St John The Divine, 1094 Drouillard rd 
St Peter Mormonite Church, 903 Parent av 
St Vladimir's Ukrainian Orthodox Church, 2690 Seminole 
Salvation Army Citadel, 30 London e, 770 Partington av, 
2095 Ottawa and 860 Pillette rd 
Second F-ree Methodist Church, 900 Mercer 
Seventh Day Adventist Church, 909 Moy av 
Tanner A M E Church, 408 Mercer 

( Missions ) 

All People's Mission, 1175 Langlois av 

Anna Phelps Memorial Baptist Mission, 1059 Albert rd 

Central Gospel Mission, 3586 Seminole 

Emmanuel Mission, 1029 McDougall 

Free Methodist Church Mission, 1549 Howard av 

( Wholesale ) 

Dun R G Cigar Co Ltd, 656 London w 
Morton Wholesale Tobacco, 209 Sandwich w 
Murphy Tobacco Ltd, 656 London w 
Scales and Roberts Ltd, 556 Pitt w 

( Retail ) 

Boundy Chas, City Hall 
Charles Cigar Shop, 2838 Charles 
Erdelyan Alex, 1044 Drouillard rd 
Garoeau Cecile M, 176 London w 
Johnny's Smoke Shop, 521 Wyandotte e 







CO., LTD. 









Building Material 
694 Cameron Ave. 
PHONE 4-3215- 

§2 ° 

§ * 3 

5. O .H 

(D © 

S W Q 

c a> 



$ a 
w ►< 


3 O 

P.I- ^ 


S' g 
O I 

„ o 


Classified, Yellow Page 13 






Cigars and Tobacco (Retail) 

M & L News Stand, 44 London e 

Norton-Palmer Smoke & Gift Shop, 100 Park w 

Ottawa Cigar & Gift Shop, 1317 Hall av 

Richards Alvin W, 1261 Wyandotte e 

Tetley Lawrence W, 1314 Wellington av 

United Cigar Stores (for list see alphabetical section) 

Wickers Chas R & Son, 1229 London w 


ED, 2494 Sandwich Street East, 
Phone 2-7241 (See adv side lines) 


Armstrong, C G Russell, 605-6 Bartlet Building, 76 London 

Rolfson Orville, 76 London w 


Kleen Zall Co, (rear) 1220 Dufferin pi 

Red Line Chemicals for Canada Ltd, 29 Chathanr'w 

Sapoline Co Ltd, 1639 Tecumseh blvd e 

Vix Products Co, 1057 Felix av 


Eureka Bleach Co, 574 Pierre av 
Horrocks J A Co, 165 Sandwich w 
Jumbo Bleach, 955 Assumption 
Klean-Ez Co, 2176 McDougall 


Child Guidance Clinic (rear) 263 Bridge av 
Hett Cancer Treatment & Research Foundation, 1441 
Sandwich e 

Victorian Order of Nurses May Court Clinic, 263 Bridge 


( General ) 

Rexair Sales & Service, 265 Westminster blvd (R'Side) 


Argo Cleaners & Furriers, 2528 Howard av (R Park) 

Arrow Cleaners, 1599 Droulllard rd 

Blonde Cleaners, 909 Sandwich e 

Calvin Cleaners, 1098 Wyandotte w 

Canada Service Stores (for list see alphabetical section) 

City Dry Cleaners, 333 Mill 

Consolidated laundry & Cleaning Services Ltd, 1550 Els- 
mere av 

Cottage Cleaners, 2030 Wyandotte w 
Courtesy Cleaners, 1560 Tecumseh blvd e 
Crystal Cleaners, 1468 London w and 25 Wyandotte e 
De Luxe Cleaners & Dyers, 37-39 Chatham e and 928 
Erie e 

Doris Cleaners & Dyers, 316 Goyeau 
Ford Cleaners, 175 and 468 London w ' 

Forest Cleaners, 1656 Wyandotte w and 1115 Howard av 
Globe Dye Works, 956 Tecumseh blvd e 
Guarantee Cleaners, 533 Sandwich e 
1 X t, 9 leaners - 1909 Tecumseh blvd e and 161 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

Jeffrey Cleaners, 656 Pitt w 

Jewel Cleaners, 3163 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand £ Twp) 

.Cleaners, 1081 Ottawa and 1224 Wyandotte 
(R Side) 

Modern Cleaners, 801 Louis av 
Peerless Walkerville Cleaners, 1117 Tecumseh blvd e 

Prim Cleaners, 1501 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp' 
Quality Dry Cleaners Co Ltd, 238 Erie w and 360 Park » 
Remington Dry Cleaners, 780 South Pacific av (R Park] 

Richard's Dry Cleaners, 423 Shepherd w 
Rivard Cleaners Ltd, 783 Wyandotte e 
Riverside Cleaners, 1409 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Speedy Cleaners, 363 Wyandotte w 

Spencer Cleaners, 2861 Charles 

Spic and Span (for list see alphabetical section) 

Spotless Cleaners, 3905 Seminole 

Varsity Cleaners, 3195 Sandwich w 

Vet's Dry Cleaners, 704 Felix av 

Warren The Cleaner Ltd, 464 Crawford av 

Western Cleaners, 1124 Drouillard rd 

Woodman's Valet & Cleaning Service, 816 Hanna e 

Boys' Town-Girls' Town, 1199 Ottawa 

Dowler? Ltd, 115-121 Ouellette av 

Harold's Outfitter's, 940-942 Drouillard rd 

Harry's Place, 984 Drouillard rd 

Jaeger House, 423 Ouellette av 

Kaufman Abraham, 35 Wyandotte e 

Laird Ed, 423 Ouellette av 

Salvation Army Industrial Store, 341 Chatham e 

Scottish Clothing, 1091-1093 Ottawa 

Soble Ralph, 1230 Hall av 


Airforce Club of Windsor Br 364 Candn Legion B E S L 
n s Tecumseh blvd e after Dufferin PI 
Army, Navy and Airforce Veterans Club, (Unit 30) 1014 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Border Cities Polish Canadian Club, 1530 Langlols av 

Cabot Club, 2175 Parent av 

Campus Recreation, 2598 Wyandotte w 

Canadian Slovanian Club, 848 South Pacific av (R Park) 

Chrymoto Men's Club, 2330-2334 McDougall 

Elm Recreation, 1059 Wyandotte w 

Essex County Automobile Club, 369 Pelissier 

Foreman's Guild, 2425 Sandwich e 

French Canadian Club, 1253 Wyandotte'* 

Frontier Social Club Ltd, 452-54 McDougall 

May Court Centre, (rear) 263 Bridge av 

Othmar Grotto, 1730 Wyandotte e 

Penninsular Club, 250 Pelissier 

Polish Veterans Club, 1052 Langlois av 

Riverside Sportsmen's Club, 6001 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Riverside Yacht Club, 5228 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Rotary Club of Windsor, 76 London w 

Teutonia Club, 1119 Langlois av 

Wartime Community Centre, 3675 Matchette rd 

Windsor Flying Club Airport, Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Windsor Foreman's Club, 2425 Sandwich e 

Windsor Lawn Bowling Club (rear) 677 Church 

Windsor Macedonian Club, 25 Ouellette av 

Windsor Saxon Club, 966 Wyandotte e 

Windsor Theatre Guild, 2033 Sandwich e 

Windsor Yacht Club, 4400 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

( Wholesale ) 

Empire-Hanna Coal Co Ltd, 3304 and 3300-3370 Russell 
Lake Erie Coal Co Ltd, P M R Depot, 365 Devonshire rd 


314 Giles Boulevard East, Phones 
3-9362 and 4-2613 

( Retail ) 

Bell Fuels Ltd, 844 Bridge av 
Border Cities Coal Co, 1574 Gladstone av 
British American Coal Co, 1291 Albert rd 
Chandler Coal Co, 1402 Crawford av 
Confederation Coal & Coke Co Ltd, 3510 Russell 
Coulter Coal Co, 1324 Windsor av 

Diamond Coal Co, 1593 Lincoln r d 

Empire-Hanna Coal Co Ltd, 3304 Russell 

Essex Coal Co Ltd, 1232 McDougall 

Hurley J & T Coal Co, 2437 Howard av 

Hutchinson A G Ltd, 572 Chippewa 

Ideal Fuel & Supply, 945 California av 

Melnik Coal Co, 1276 Drouillard rd 

Mid-Dominion Coal Co Ltd, 2414 Tecumseh blvd e 

Moodrey Coal Co Ltd, 1591 Langlois av 

Nicholas Coal Co Ltd, 636 Tecumseh blvd w 

Provision Coal Co, 1788 Drouillard rd and 1124 Westcott rd 

Reaume P L & Son, 1573 Langlois av 

Sandwich Coal Co, 3158 College av 

Snyder G H & Son Coal Co, 1564 Elsmere av 

Weaver F P Coal Co Ltd, 2404 Sandwich e 

McDougall, Phone 4-6473 (See adv 
Front Cover) 

ED, 2171 Ottawa, Phones 4-2558-9 

Wright Coai & Supply Co Ltd, 883 Huron Line 


Holjac Victor, 1028 Orouillard rd 





402 Bartlet Bldg. Phone 3-1137 

Physicians and Dentists Business Bureau, 76 London w 


W. F. THOMSON, Mgr. 
PHONE 4-7511 

Record Credit & Collection Co Ltd, 76 London w 
Retail Credit Co, 100 Ouellette av 


(Established IP 22) 

E. L. SILVER, Sec.-Treas. and Mgr. 



Office : 


Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd, 100 Ouellette av 
Windsor Medical Services Inc, 76 London w 


1272 Windsor Avenue, Phone 
4-1166 (See adv Back Cover) 

210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 
(See adv top lines) 

LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 

( Wholesale and Mfg.) 

Meisner and Co, 635 London • 

Ro-An-Jo Pure Food Products, 230 McKay av 
Walker's Candies, 574 Goyeau 


Abdou Confectionery, 786 London e 

Adanac Confectionery, 1677 Adanac 

Alex Confectionery, 407 MoDougall 

Alliet Jos, 1878 Drouillard rd 

Ann's Snack Bar, 1204 Tecumseh blvd e 

Anne Confectionery, 833 Albert rd 

Art's Confectionery, 1500 Gladstone av 

Bertrand Janet, 2841 Charles 

Bluebird Confectionery, 900 Pierre av 

Bob's Lunch, 2189 Howard av 

Prock Confectionery, 3323 Sandwich w 

Butcher's Confectionery, 2874 Charles 

Cathy's Confectionery, 827 Pillette rd 

Charron Wilfred, 2753 Charles 

Collins' Confectionery, 2060 London w 

Constantine Geo, 1123-1125 Wyandotte (R'SIda) 

Croher Thos, 1097 Drouillard rd 

Crystal Dairy Bar, 3331 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Dan's Confectionery, 536 Aylmer av 
Derna's Confectionery, 1074 Assumption 
Oickinson Confectionery, 1577 Erie e 
Dottor Pedro A, 829 Langlois av 
Eddy's Confectionery, 1098 Hickory rd 
Egl insky Joseph, 3414 Wyandotte e 
Eugene Confectionery, 815 Ellis av e 
Forfitt Wm, 829 Pillette rd 
Forsch Wilhelmina Mrs, 660 Glengarry av 
Fournier's Confectionery, 425 Shepherd w 
Fraser's Products, 175 Tecumseh blvd w 
Frozen Custard, 3197 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

George's Confectionery, 2480 Tecumseh blvd e 

Girard Marie, 886 Mercer 

Gord's Confectionery, 956 Tecumseh blvd e 

Gordons Candies, 474 Victoria av 

Gurniak's Confectionery, 1643 Seneca 

Habib's Confectionery, 779 Cataraqui 

Halik Wincinty, 315 Glengarry av 

Harry, Ann & Terry Confectionery, 1246 Shepherd e 

Helen's Confectionery, 3606 Seminole 

Holt Wm, 1500 Pillette rd 

Howard Confectionery, 897 Howard av 

Joe's Corner Spot, 2899 Charles 

Josephine's Confectionery, 4723 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

Jumbo Cone, 3207 Sandwich w 
Kay's Confectionery, 1635 Lincoln rd 
Kereliuk Confectionery, 1677 Albert rd 
Kudrian Confectionery, 1629 Parent av 
Lanes Confectionery, 1527 London w 
Latouffe George, 851 London w 

Laura Secord Candy Shops, 344 and 581 Ouellette av 
and 1285 Ottawa 

Love's Dairy Bar, 1427 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Lucier & Belland, 2705 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Lucky Spot Confectionery, 4277 Wyandotte e 
Lyttle's Confectioners Ltd, 507-509 Ouellette av 
Lytwyniuk Peter, 3985 Seminole 

Mahair's Confectionery, 4701 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

Mallen Confectionery, 1093 Wellington av 
Marie's Confectionery, 195 Pitt w 
Martin's Confectionery, 839 Erie e 
Martineau's Confectionery, 1411 London w 
Writ's Confectionery, 477 London w 
Mircos Jos, 1370 Tecumseh blvd w 
Mitchell's Confectionery, 1496 Drouillard rd 

Classified, Yellow Page 15 



Confectionery and Ice Cream 

Monks Sarah Mrs, 3399 Sandwich w 

Moreau Grocery, 494 Aylmer av 

Niagara Confectionery, 902 Lincoln rd 

Nisby Confectionery, 1100 Erie e 

Oprenchok Susan Mrs, 1306 Drouillard rd 

Palahnuk Nick, 1361 Drouillard rd 

Paris Confectionery, 398 Chilver rd 

Park Plaza Ice Cream Bar, 158 Tecumseh blvd e 

Park View Confectionery, 1041 Ottawa 

Pillette Soda Fountain, 812 Pillette ro 

Radivojac Dan, 1099 Cadillac 

Randolph Confectionery, 2195 Wyandotte w 

Regina Confectionery, 1380 Wyandotte e 

Rita's Confectionery, 1191 Drouillard rd 

Robinet Lucien, 1079 Felix av 

Rose's Confectionery, 1753 Drouillard rd 

Rossini Dairy Bar, 4249 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

St Louis Confectionery, 2433 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

Sawchuk Confectionery, 2672 Parent av (R Park) 

Service Confectionery, 1806 George av 

Shady Nook Park, 3997 Wyandotte e 

Smyk John, 1485 Langlois av 

Stella's Confectionery, 1141 Drouillard rd 

Steve's Confectionery, 2534 Seminole 

Stop Inn Confectionery, 2783 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

Sweet Shop, 1037 Assumption 

Sweet Spot Confectionery, 3021 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

Sweet Spot Confectionery, 1804 Drouillard rd 
Ted's Confectionery, 824 London e 
Three Sisters Confectionery, 1707 Albert rd 
Treasure Chest The, 1552 Tecumseh blvd e 
Valebeat Peter, 2739 Seminole 
Vanity Confectionery, 1494 Wyandotte w 
Velvet Dairy Bar, 1646 Wyandotte e 
Vic's Confectionery, 698 Alexandrine (R Park) 

Vickers Milk Bar, 192 Tecumseh blvd e 
Vukanovich Steve 1146 Cadillac 
Wander Inn, 2646 Seminole 
Wei's Candies, 157 Erie e 
Windsor Dairy Bar, 328 Park w 


ITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 


ITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 


ITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 


Baxter M L Ltd (Rentals), 1989 Wyandotte w 
Bersch Construction Co Ltd, 1471 Tecumseh blvd e 
Dinsmore Construction Ltd, 2525 McDougall 
East Side Construction Co, 1716 Mercer 
Ecclestone Construction Ltd, 1551 Wyandotte (R'Side 
and 525 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Essex Construction Co Ltd, 911 Wyandotte {R'Side) 
Fuller Gordon H Construction Co Ltd, 1571 Mercer 
Fullerton W S Construction Co, 843 Central av 
Hein Construction Co, 172 Aylmer av 
McFarlane & Loree Construction, w s Betts (Sand W Twp) 
Meyns' Construction Co, 2294 Byng rd 

Morris Construction (Windsor) Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Mousseau Construction Co, 437 Ouellette av 
Murray Construction (Windsor) Ltd, 422 Fairview blvd 

Peeriess Construction Co, 6115 and 5304 Riverside dr 

Riverside Construction, 89 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

ITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 

Sartori & Son Construction Co, 2689 Parent av (R Park) 
Sterling Construction Co Ltd, 2494 Sandwich e 
Triangle Construction, 1711 Moy av 
Woollatt Construction Ltd, 2173 Ottawa 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


United States Consulate, 176 London w 

( Builders ) 

Bailey F R & Son, 657 Hall av 

Bolohan Homes, 2197 Moy av 

Central Contractors, 926 South Pacific av (R Park) 

Deapollonia Luigi, 1051 Campbell av 

Frederick Alex W, 866 Mill 

Gem Management Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

Head Construction & Supply Co, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 

Kimberley Homes, 2628 Howard av (R Park) 

Robarts Stephen F Ltd, 65 Elliott e 
Ryan Home Builders Ltd, 210 Detroit 
Tubaro J R & Son, 1331 Parent av 
Wharton & Wharton, 1288 Lincoln rd 
Woodall Bros, 1711 Walker rd 

( Carpenters ) 

Boismier Alfred, 354 Bruce av 

Gerard Oscar J, 526 Charlotte (R Park) 

( Cement ) 

Fasan & Son, 825 Hanna e 

Nadalin Louis, 889 Hanna e 

Paolatto Joseph, 1552 Parent av 

Riberdy Cement Contractors, 324 Marentette av 

( Construction ) 


Excavating, Grading 



Phone 5-1431 

White Contracting Co Ltd, 76 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 



Insurance Adjusters for the Companies 

609-610 CANADA TRUST BLDG. PHONES 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 


Padovan Dredging, 1586 Benjamin av 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 

White Excavating & Grading Co, 76 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

{Floor Surfacing) 

Armstrong Floor Service, 2211 London vv 
Bechard & Sons, 1682 Highland av 
Chadwick Wm, 2352 Forest av 
Douglas Floor Sanders, 1675 Westcott rd 
Hucker Bros, 1223 London w 

Windsor Floor Sanding Company, 830 Giles blvd e 


Allan L McGill Ltd, 44 Wyandotte e 
De Santi Bruce Contracting Co, 935 Langlois av 
Gazo John, 1321 Central av 
Glos Martin & Son, 1826 Central av 
Granite Construction Ltd, 29 Park w 
Keystcne Contractors Ltd, e s McDougall after CPR Tracks 
Loaring Construction Co Ltd, 52 Chatham w 
Lombardo Angelo, 1385 Shepherd e 
Pelton Construction Co Ltd, 368 Sandwich w 
Ryan Contracting Co Ltd, 210 Detroit 
Sterling Construction Company Limited, 2494 Sandwich 

Sun Builders Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

White Contracting Co Ltd, 76 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Wilson R J Ltd, 341 Tecumseh blvd e 
Wonsch Edward F, 1836 Wyandotte (R'Side) 


Miller Sales, 4133 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Tp) 


Cardinal Donat J, 55 Wyandotte w 
Marshall Theodore F, 1478 Bruce av 


Considine-Reid Ltd, 108 McDougall 


Nosella Modesto, 2541 George av (Sand E Twp) 

St Onge, Hormidas, 539 Hall av 

{Plastering ) 

Grady W H & Son, 1504 Tecumseh blvd w 
Revell Plastering Contractors. 1212 Pierre av 
Sellan Plastering, 1577 Parent av 
Troup John, 1790 Assumption 

{Ready Mixed Concrete) 

210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 
(See adv top lines) 

LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


2171 Ottawa, Phone 4-2558 


Sterling Construction Company Limited, 2494 Sandwich 


Canadian Tile & Terrazzo, 2910 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
Colautti Bros Ltd, e s McDougall after CPR tracks 


WING J T & CO LIMITED, 375 Pitt 
east. Phone 3-2431 (See adv inside 
front cover) 


Noel Equipment Service, 341 Tecumseh blvd e 

Wing, J T, & Co Ltd, 375 Pitt e 


Daughter* of Divine Charity, 1346 Benjamin av 
Grey Sisters Convent, 663 Marentette av 
Holy Name Convent, 3134 Peter 
Immaculate Conception School, 761 Tuscarora 
Saint Joseph's Convent, 267 Cadillac 
Sisters of St Joseph, 377 Cameron av and 1948 St Mary's 


Charis of Windsor 472A Pelissier 


Moore Business Forms Ltd, 5l Chatham w 


Northern Crane & Hoist Works Ltd, 1428 Argylt rd 



(Established 1922) 

E. L. SILVER. Sec.-Treas. and Mgr. 



Office : 


Windsor Credit Bureau Ltd, 100 Ouellette av 


Classified, Yellow Page 17 









Milk Division: 

628-648 MONMOUTH RD.. Walkerrille 
PHONE 4-2547 
Ice Cream Division: 

36? DOUGALL AVE. Phone 4-3 2? 1 

8orden Co Ltd, The, 628-648 Monmouth rd 







PHONE 4-2511 

Peerless Countryside Dairies Ltd, 437 Erie e 
Purity Dairies Limited, 1501 Howard av 
Sllverwood Dairies Limited, 427-447 Chatham • 
Twin Pines Dairy Co, 636 Aylmer av 


Peerless Dairies Retail Stores (For list of branches see 
alphabetical section) 


Barrett-Russell Dancing Studios, 134 London w 

Coral Ballroom, 649 Ouellette av 

Horton's Physical Culture & Dancing School, 1462 Niagara 

Romeo School of Dancing, 649 Ouellette av 

Showboat Ballroom The, ft w s Ouellette av 

Studio of the Dance, 1457 London w 

Vanity Ballroom, 665 Ouellette av 

Zimmerman's Famous School of Dancing, 464 London w 


American Decalcomania Co of Can Ltd, 315 Devonshire 


Abie's Delicatessen, 566 Wyandotte e 
Consumers Delicatessen, 166 McDougall 
Daniluk Delicatessen, 668 Wyandotte e 
John's Delicatessen, 2528 Howard av 
Kolonik Jack, 424 Wyandotte e 
Maurice's Kosher Delicatessen, 276 Pitt e 
Ottawa Delicatessen, 1167 Ottawa 
Paul's Delicatessen 854 Erie e 
Safran's- Delicatessen, 583 Wyandotte e 


Cochrane, Leonard E, 1179 Giles blvd e 
Frohman's Dental Laboratory, 52 Chatham w 
McKee Dental Laboratory, 243 Sandwich w 
McManus Dental Laboratories, 304 Ouellette av 
Parent Dental Laboratory, 162 Ouellette av 
Tiede Bros, 3436 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Webster Thos, 590 London w 


Cook Wait* Lab Inc, 1019 Elliott w 
Dominion Dental Co Ltd, 304 Outllett* av 


Armstrong, T Ernest, 583 Partington av 
Atkinson, Wm, 1011 Ouellette av 
Baker, Omar C, 374 Ouellette av 
Barkoff, Dennis, 374 Ouellette av 
Brick, Michl G, 304 Ouellette av 
Brown, Stanley A, 2776 Charles 
Cook A L, 332 Ouellette av 
Coppel D Leslie, 896 Erie e 
Cunningham, R Wallace, 1586 Wyandotte a 
Deans J Martin, 137 Ouellette av 
Ezra, I Ben, 902 Giles blvd e 
Fenech, Louis J, 1011 Ouellette av 
Fralick, Donald A, 1011 Ouellette av 
Freele Roy S, 29 Park w 
Fuller Jack, 4710 Wyandotte e 
Furlong, Francis J, 101,1 Ouellette av 
Hawrish Richard, 1027 Ottawa 
Hogan, Leonard D, 1969 Wyandotte e 
Jamieson, Ernest F, 1493 Wyandotte e 
Johnston, Arthur, 1011 Ouellette av 
Kelly Wm C, 635 Wyandotte e 
Lacasse Fernand, 315 Pelissier 
Lawson Robert A, 744 Ouellette av 
Loaring Ernest H, 106 Wyandotte w 
MacIntyre, Donald M, 25 London w 
Mady D C A, 356 Ouellette av 
McLean John 0, 304 Ouellette av 
McLister, J Carl, 267 Pelissier 
McManus Wm P, 744 Ouellette av 
McMillan, Roy G, 374 Ouellette av 
Mehanry Robt A, 1447 Tecumseh blvd • 
Meredith, Arthur L, 618 Lincoln rd 
Merner, Edward G, 1273 Ottawa 
Miller, Lloyd J, 1723 Wyandotte e 
Nolan Bernard J, 106 Wyandotte w 
Pepin Wilfrid J, 44 Wyandotte e 
Perlman Louis, 1069 Ouellette av 
Perry, Roy, 460 Wyandotte e 
Reid, Roy J, .1510 Ottawa 
Robinson, Tremaine N, 2145 London w 
Sanderson Robt M, 1291 Ouellette av 
Scarfone Joseph D, 912 Erie e 
Smith, Harold, 757 Ouellette av 
Stodgell Francis J, 304 Ouellette av 
Strokon Michael, 1509 Ottawa 
Thompson, George R, 1288 Ottawa 
Wachna Ted, 569 Ouellette av 
White, Cecil C, 89 Wyandotte w 
Wilson J W, 4615 Tecumseh blvd e 
Wilson, John 0, 1585 Ottawa 
Young, Edward C, 374 Ouellette av 


Adelman's Dept Store, 60-70 Pitt » 

Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow Ltd, 116-122 Ouellette «v 
Dixon's 5c to $1 Store, 1587-95 Tecumseh blvd • 
Hallo 5c to $1 Store, 1047 Drouillard rd 
Nessel's Oept Store, 1726-48 Wyandotte e 
Sam's Dept Store Ltd, 1526 Ottawa 
Smith C H Co Ltd, 136 Ouellette av 


Dictaphone Corp Ltd, 182 Pitt w 

Edison, Thos A of Canada Ltd, 176 London w 


Great Lakes Die Casting Co The, 875 Tecumseh blvd e 
Windsor Tool & Die Limited, 1680 Kildare Road 


LIMITED, 870 Ottawa Street, 
Phones 4-9231-2 

( See Letter Shops) 

— 18 — 


LIMITED, 76 Church St, Toronto 


Barclay, Jas & Co Ltd, 2067 Sandwich e 
Gooderham & Worts Ltd, 2067 Sandwich e 
Walker Hiram & Sons Limited, 2072 Sandwich e 


Commercial Delivery, 1287 Lincoln rd 
Factory Distributors, 899 Lincoln rd 
Fielding Donald & Co, (rear) 1106 Hall av 
O'Brien Distributing Co, 786 Langlois av 
Reliable Delivery, 1619 Windsor av 
Vet's Delivery Service, 933 Howard av 


MIDLAND LUMBER CO, 1540 Mercer, 
Phone 4-5155 


Kane's Dressmaking & Gift Shop, 75 London w 
Klancek Johanna,, 332 Ouellette av 
Thibeault Louis, 452 Pelissier 
Whitney Lydia Mrs, 457 Pelissier 



Canadian Von Company, 1968 Wyandotte • 

Carter Cummings & Co Ltd, 443 Sandwich w 

general Drug Co, 1019 Elliott w 

National Drug & Chemical Co of Can Ltd, 137 Ouellette 

Parke Davis & Co Ltd, 2301 Sandwich e 
Phillips Chas H Co, 1019 Elliott w 
Winttrrop Stearns Inc, 443 Sandwich w 


Acme Pharmacy, 1591 Drouillard rd 
Adams Drug Co Ltd, 1600 Ottawa and 1698 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Aitken Drugs, 2001 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Arrow Drugs, 1190 Wyandotte w 
Augustine's Drug Store, 1500 Parent av 
Bryson's Drugs, 3198 Sandwich w 
Charlton's Pharmacy, 2411 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Coutts Drugs Limited, 109 London w 
Dispensary, The, 1011 Ouellette av 
Evan's Drug Stores, 900 Ottawa, 1021 Drouillard rd and 
1000 Wyandotte e 

Farrell's Pharmacy, 1425 Tesumseh blvd e 
Fournelle's Drug Store, 100 Wyandotte a 
Graham, H A, 569 Ouellette av 
Gray's Pharmacy Ltd, 1492 Pillette rd 
Green's Ideal Drug Store Ltd, 1699 Wyandotte w 
Gubb's Pharmacy, 900 Erie e and 3808 Seminola 
Hamilton's Drug Store, 1602 London w 
Haynes Drug Store, 4700 Wyandotte e 
Hoffman John Drugs, 1311 Tecumseh blvd e 
Holmes Orug Store Ltd, 101 Tecumseh blvd w 
Hotel Dieu Pharmacy, 1004 Ouellette av 
Jennings Drug Store, 710 Ouellette av 
Laing's Drug Store, 135 Ouellette av 
Lanspeary's Limited, 16 Ellis av e (For list of branches 
see Alphabetical Section) 

Lever Drug Store, 1306 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Lewis' Drug Store, 292 Wyandotte w and 397 Wyandotte 

MacPherson's Drug Store, 418 Tecumseh blvd e 
Martin Drug Store, 1818 Ottawa 
McGaffey Drugs, 3497 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Millar's Drug Store, 280 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Morris Drug Store, 1505 Ottawa 
Ottawa Pharmacy Ltd, 898 Ottawa 
Paterson's Drug Stores Limited, 3206 Sandwich w, 
1585 Wyandotte e, 2198 Wyandotte w and 101 
Erie e 

Pelletier's Pharmacy, 2127 London w 

Peterson Pharmacy, 401 Shepherd w 
Pond's Drug Stores Limited (For list of branchei M» 
Alphabetical Section) 

Pullen's Drug Store, ,1037 Drouillard rd 
Ready's Drug Store, 3999 Seminole 
Reliable Chug Co, 1 Hanna w 
Remington Pharmacy, 2722 Howard av (R Park) 

Ridley Handy Store, 1127 Erie w 

Tamblyn, G, Limited, 372 Ouellette av and 1298 Ottawa 

Thompson Pharmacy, 4683 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Westover Wm F, 1341 Ottawa 

Wiley Ken Pharmacy, 2300 Howard av 

Wilkinson's Drug Store, 501 London w 

Williams' Orug Store, 1495 London w 

Willson Pharmacy, 1198 Monmouth rd 

Wilson Harly Pharmacy, 2000 Wyandotte w 

Young's Drug Store, 2110 London w 


Glaser Bernard, 1839 Wyandotte e 
Gordon Mackay & Co Ltd, .152 Pitt w 


Archie's Cut Rate Dry Goods, 480-498 Wyandotte e 
Bartholomew, Mildred Mrs, 462 Tecumseh blvd e 
Bernard's Dry Goods & Shoes, 1305 Ottawa 
Bogin's Dry Goods, 3188-3192 Sandwich w 
Bookwin's Dry Goods, 1664 Wyandotte w 
Brown's Dry Goods, 1311 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Burns, John F, 4767-4769 Wyandotte e 
Carom's Dry Goods, 911 Wyandotte e 
Consumer's Outfitters, 301 Pitt e and 166 McDougaH 
Dimmick's Dry Goods, 4635 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

Emon Dry Goods Store, 215 Erie e 
Evelyn Margaret Shoppe, 3222 Sandwich w 
Farrah Jean, 958 Ottawa 

Farrah's Dry Goods, 914 Erie e and 212 Wyandotte e 

Federal Outlet Store, 63 Pitt e 

G St G Dry Goods Store, 71,1 Wyandotte e 

Gray H Ltd, 1477-95 Ottawa 

Maguire's Fashion Shoppe, 4705-4729 Wyandotte e 

Marvin's Dry Goods Ltd, 1686-1694 Ottawa 

Michel's Dry Goods, 876 Erie e 

Morris Dry Goods, 1012 Drouillard rd 

Neighborhood Shop The, 2215 Howard av 

Remington Dry Goods, 2534 Howard av (R Park) 

Ro.nain Dry Goods, 964 Wyandotte e 
Selfast Dry Goods, 1093 Drouillard rd 
Shanfield's Dry Goods, 1224 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Smeeton John Ltd, 1565 Wyandotte e 
Solomon R, 2155 Wyandotte w 
Solway Dry Goods, 988 Wyandotte e 
Sudan's Dry Goods, 3993 Seminole 
Westod Limited, 110-122 Chatham w 
Wilkinson's Dry Goods, 4,15 Shepherd w 


Gestetner, (Canada) Limited, 108 McDougall 

(See Cleaners and Dyers) 


Capitol Egg & Poultry Co, 485 Pitt e 


Johnson-Turner Electric Repair & Engineering Co Ltd, 962- 
964 Walker rd 

Moncur Electric ’Motor Ltd, 800 Ottawa 
Morris Electric, 225-231 Wyandotte e 
Parker Marine, 552 Pitt w 
Waffle's Electric Ltd, 400 Erie e 

Classified, Yellow Page 19 














PHONE 4-2547 

Ice Cream 



PHONE 4-3291 


Beze3u's AppHances & Furniture Ltd, 3943 Tecumseh 
bird e (Sand E T wp) 

Dominion Electric, 560 Aylmer av 

Home Appliance Shop, 1195 Tecumseb blvd e 

Kane Appliance Shop, 289 .Wyandotte w 

Lessard Electric Co, 1888 Ottawa 

lewin Appliances Ltd, 715-717 Wyandotte e 

McDonell's Electrical Appliances, 1540 Ottawa 

Reliable Electrical Appliance & Repair, 3181 Sandwich w 

Scout Radio Electric, 575 Ouellette av 



119 Chatham West cor. Pelissier 

PHONE 3-3501 

Teahan Furniture Ltd. 119 Chatham w cor Pelissier 
Universal Repair Co, 215 Glengarry av 


Brown Electric Co, 4573 Tucemseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

City Electric Service, 78 Erie w 

County Electric, 924 Drouillard rd 

De Mers electric Ltd, 4780-4810 Wyandctte e 

Eastern Radio & Electric Service, 974 Plllette rd 

Ebbinghaus Electric Ltd, 346 Goyeau 

Hall Electric Co Ltd, 611 Devonshire rd 

handbridge Electric Ltd, 1250 Tecumseh blvd e 

HilL Edwin, 1163 Drouillard rd 

Kelly Electric, 2447 George av (Sand E Twp) 

Leacock Electric, 211 Oak av 
Marshall Electric Co, 272 Church 
Martin, Jas W, 1232 Lincoln rd 
Millen Electric Co, 174 Ferry 
Montour Electric Co, 1151 Drouillard rd 
Moore Electric Ltd, 530 Walker rd 
National Electric Co, 422 Campbell av 
Pare Electric Co, 3636 Queen and 1171 Dougall 
°ithie Electric Co, 1285 Marentette av 
Reaume Norman P, 437 Ouellette av and 173 l.auzon rd 

Renaud Electric, 872 Marentette av 
Standard Electric Co, 942 Erie e 
Tucker Electric, 2207 Wyandotte w 
Whelpton Electrical Contractor, 1275 Kildare rd 
Zeleney Electric Co, 2303 Howard av 

( Wholesale ) 

Canadian General Electric Co Ltd, 190 Church 
Northern Electric Co, Ltd, 699 Wyandotte w 

( Retail ) 

Beatty Washer Stores, 715-717 Wyandotte e and 675 
Ouellette av 

Bridges A F Ltd, 1520 Wyandotte e 
Conway's Electrical Supplies, 238 Erie w 
Dresser Electric, 877 Walker rd 

Elite Electric Shop, 4897 Tecemseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Eplett's, 1035 Drouillard rd 
Fox Electric, 420 Wyandotte e 
Frawley Electrical Appliances Ltd, 1357 Ottawa 
Good Housekeeping Shop of Canada Ltd, 176 Ouellette av 
Gora & Eddie's Electrical Appliances, 142 4 Wyandotte e 
Hamilton Refrigeration Sales & Service, 1823 Wyandotte « 
Hedrick's, 1731 Wyandotte e 

Lincoln Electric Co of Canada Ltd, 1637 Wyandotte e 

McDonell's, 1076 Droullard rd 

McKee-Morrison Electric Co, 1319 McDougall 

Paul's Electric Appliances, 916 Erie e 

Visual Electronics, 804 Ottawa 

Waffle's Electric Ltd, 400 Erie e 

Windsor Electric Co, 34 Chatham e 


Georgina Cclo D roducts, 315 Victoria av 


Callaway Frances, 469 Om Metre av 



Otis Elevator Co L‘d, 3E6 Park w | 

t, I 


Key Personnel Employment Service, 182 Pitt w 
National Employment Service, 709 Ouellette av and 185 
Ouellette av 


Armstrong C G Russell (Consulting), 605-6 Bartlet Build- 
ing, 76 London w 

Austin Co Ltd The, 374 Ouellette av ^ . 

Colman Automotive Engineering, 842 Dufferin pi \ 

Essex Boiler &. Heating Engineering Co, 1319 McDougall 

Fletcher Wm J, 182 Pitt w 

Giffels & Vallet of Can Ltd, 176 London w 

Laucomer & Manser (structural) 335 Pelissier 

Mclnnis, C H Co, 1857 Walker rd 

Sweeny Darcy, 52 Chatham w i? 

Wilmac Engineering Ltd, Malden rd 

( Jewellery ) 

Murray Thos G, 182 Pitt w 


Photo Engravers & Electrotypers Ltd, 52 Chatham w 
Rapid Grip & Batten Limited, 312 Victoria av 


Simpson H W Enterta'nment Bureau, 52 Chatham w 




( See also Real Estate) l 

Laing F H Estate, 137 Ouellette av p 

McGregor Estates. 44 Wyandotte e r S 


Canadian National Express Co, 30 Sandwich e and 298 ^ 

Walker rd 

Canadian Pacific Express Co, 196 Ouellette av and Te- 
cumseh blvd w 

Railway Express Agency Inc, 30 Sandwich • 

(See also Cartage and Express) to 

Amlin Cartage, 3575 Bloomfield rd 

Bondy Cartage, 2645 Union 

City Delivery Service, 2329 Parent av 

Cochois, Amede E, 967 Lillian 

Creasey The Mover, 654 Wyandotte e 

Curtis N E & Sons, 969 Goyeau 

Dominion Cartage Service, 1562 Gladstone av 

Donnelly Bros Cartage, 1826 St Luke rd 

Edna Cartage, 395 Gladstone av 

Ethier Eugene, 1442 Martin 

Eves Sadie Mrs, 320 Lincoln rd 

Flannery Cartage, 717 Windsor av 

Gerylo J Cartage, 2373 Parent av 

Goyeau Ed & Sons, 3640 London w 

Hackney Cartage Co, 59 Medbury la w 

Hendrie & Co Ltd, 794 Sandwich e 

Hinton C, & Co Ltd, 939 Erie e 

Ideal Cartage, 945 California av 

International Cartage, 712 Huron line 

Kinnee The Mover, 264 Tecumseh blvd e 

Lancaster E W Co Ltd, The, 850 Wyandotte w 

Latouf Cartage, 2425 Matilda 

Little F R Moving Co, 881 Goyeau 

Malenfant Cartage, 1179 Giles blvd e 

Maroon Cartage, 1717 Parent av 

McCourt Cartage Service, 1842 St Luke rd 

Menard's Cartage, 757 McKay av 

Merchants Delivery, 510 Randolph av 

Merrifield Cartage, 458 Josephine av 

Mill, Douglas W, 902 Monmouth rd 

Moir Cartage Limited, 819 Sandwich e 

Morrice Cartage Ltd, 1543 Mercer 




— 20 — 

i o o n n n cocq 

Overland Exoress, s s Eugene (R Park) 

Parent Cartage, 889 Elsmere av and 978 St Luke rd 
Pat's Cartage, 883 av 
■/ Poltras Trucking, 1056 Drouillard rd 
Russette Cartage, 2437 Howard av 
Theil Mich I Cartage, 1437 and 1480 Howard av 

5 ~~~ 


National Fumigating Co, 717 Assumption 


WING J T & CO LIMITED, 375 Pitt e 
Phone 3-2431 (See adv inside front 


sor avenue. Phone 4-7515 


' VOLLANS C HAROLD, 324 Pitt east. 
Phone 3-7951 


609-61 1 Canada Trust Building, 
Phones 4-3203, 4-3204 & 4-3205 
(See adv back cover and top 
lines) _ „ 


Edward's Fish and Chips, 460-462 London w and 1033 
Wyandotte east 

Heather Bell Fish & Chips, 628 Gladstone ay 
Matson Fish & Chips, 357 Park w 
Wayne's Fish &. Chips, 4660 Tecumseh blvd e 
Westside Fish & Chips, 1711 London w 
Yorkshire Fish & Chips, 2690 Howard av (R Park) 

( Wholesale ) 

Great Lake Fish Distributors, 448 Chatham e 
Windsor Fish Distributors Ltd (whol), 352 Pitt • 


Hy's Fish Market, 218. Chatham e 

Lake Erie Fish Market, 173 Market 
Ottawa Fish Market, 1557 Ottawa 
Poole's Quality Fish, 101 Wyandotte w 
Reliable Fish, 165 Market 
Veterans Fish Market, 1055 Drouillard rd 


Chauvin Feeds, 312 St Rose av (R'Side) 

Eastside Fuel & Feed Co Ltd, 6200 Tecumseh blvd • 
(Sand E Twp) 

Jackson's Feed Store, 2341 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp)* 

Melnik Feed & Roofing Co, 1250 Drouillard rd 
Purina Feed Store, 1788 Drouillard rd 

Seguin's Feed Store, 3231 Girardot av - 


T Argent Fishing Tackle Co, 124 Ferry 
Great Lakes Sporting Goods Ltd, 856 Walker rd 
! -Helin Tackle Co of Canada, 1901 Ottawa 



i # COCK BROS. LTD., 340 Pitt Street East, 
Phone 3-4611, 1451 Tecumseh 
Blvd. E. All popular brands animal 
and poultry feeds and suppplies 


Winosor Fence & Wire, 3051 Howaid av (R Park) 


Plbre Products of Canada Ltd, 1700 Langlois av 


Aucot Florist, 2017 Wyandotte w • 

Brumpton Florist -Nursery, 2244 Walker rd 
Carter's Flowers, 1063-67 Goyeau 
Fisher's Flowers, 925 Wyandotte w 
Galbraith My Florist, 612 Ouellette av 
Howe-Carter, 1731 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Janette Florist, 686 Janette av 
Lewis' Flower Shop, 425 Ouellette av 
Malone Flower Shop, 381 Pelissier 

dotte East and 68 Giles Blvd. East, 
Phone 4-5101 (See top lines) 

Parent's Greenhouse, 4351 Wyandotte e 
Pedrick's Flowers, 849 Sandwich e 
Rand's Royal Flower Shop, 515 Ouellette av 
Reynold's Florist & Nursery, 1554 George av 
St Luke Gardens, 1839 St Luke rd 
St Rose Florist, 2409 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Seary's Flowers Ltd, 1927 Ottawa 

Trojand Ernest J, 582 Grand Marais rd (R Park) 

Wightman, L, Florist, 5960 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand £ Twp) 

Blake Pierce Finance Ltd, 15 Wyandotte e 
Budget Finance, 524 Goyeau 
Canadian Acceptance Corp Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Commercial Credit Corp Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Eisen Finance Ltd, 524 Goyeau 
General Motors Acceptance Corp, 176 London w 
Guelph Finance Ltd, 741 Ouellette av 
Household Finance Corp of Can, 319 and 457 Ouellette -av 
Industrial Acceptance Corp Ltd, 511 Ouellette av 
Niagara Finance Co Ltd, 511 Ouellette av -J. 

Paramount Discount (Windsor) Ltd, 29 Pa r k w 
y- Personal Finance Co of Canada, 267 Pelissier 
Pierce Blake Finance Ltd, 15 Wyandotte e 
Traders Finance Corp Limited, 374 Ouellette av 
Trans Canada Credit Corp Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 


General Fire Hose Corp The, 2425 Edna 
General Fireguard Corp Ltd, 978 St Luke rd 


Maple Leaf Milling Co Ltd, 277 Montreull av 
Robin Hood Flour Mills Ltd, 1297 Wellington av 


General Foods Ltd, 1001 Wyandotte w 


Daley Household Appliances Ltd, 1107 Aubin rd 
Domestic Foundry, 1595 Crawford av 
Marshall Foundry, 940 Assumption 
Standard Foundry & Supply Co Ltd, 840 Walker rd 

Zalev Bros Lto, 3435 Bloomfield rd 


! I 

a Sr 
B ® 

s q 

2 . a 

1 § 

& § 
§ * 
r tr 

a X 

2. i 


8 tr 

? r 


® o 

5- •» 
S5 B 


s r § 







Classified, Yellow Page 21 


Sttvcrts, Frederic B, of Canada Ltd, 1262 McDou*afl 


Arctic Locker Systems, 846 London w 

(' Wholesale ) 

Abrash, Anthony, 1028 Parent a* 

B 0 U 2 ide Jas, 930 Parent av 
Catalano, John, 2*3 Chatham e 
Horovitz Adolf, 228 Chatham e 
Katz Sam, 133 Chatham e 
Nassr Fruit Co, 238-240 Chatham e 
People's Fruit Co, 245 Market 
Silverstein Produce, 185 Market 
Zakoor, GAR Ltd, 830 Caron av 

( Retail ) 

Abrash Joseph, 221 Market 
Consumer's Fruit, lfcfc McDougal! 

Florida Fruitland, 1412 Wyandotte e 
G & J Fruit Co, 221 Chatham e 
Howard Fruit Market, 2181 Howard av 
Hutnik's Fruit Market, 992 Drouillard rd 
Jabora Tony 871 Erie e 

Maroon Bros, 232 Chatham e and 4728 Wyandotte e 

Mary's Fruit & Confectionery, 794 Erie e 

Ontario Fruit Market, 1001 Goyeau 

Paramount Fruit Market, 328 Ouellette av 

Pearl D & Sons, 179 Market 

People's Fruit Market, 2,109 Wyandotte w 

Peters Anthony, 125 Tecumseh blvd w 

Sam's Produce, 217 Chatham e 

Service Fruit Market, 1024 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Sheinfeld Harry, 296 Wyandotte e 

Sunshine Fruit Land, 1706 Wyandotte e 

Zakoor Fruit Market, 1469 London w 


Anderson H S & Son, 895 Ouellette av 
Ellison Chas J Ltd, 659 Victoria av 

« SON 


One Place Of Business Only 





PHONE: 4-2585 

Janisse Albemy J & Son, 411 Sandwich e 
Janisse bros Funeral Directors, 561-585 London w and 
1139 Ouellette av 

Marcotte Funeral Home, 870 Wyandotte e 

The Advertisement 
That Lives and Works 
for a year — 

An Advertisement in the 
City Directory 


SERVICE, ltd. 

ED. W. MORRIS, Pres. 


Walkerville Chapel: 



Windsor Chapel; 



“Say It With Morris Flowers” 

1624 Wyandotte east, Phone 
4-5101 and 68 Giles Blvd. East 
(See adv front stencil edge; also 
top lines) 

Sutton, James H, Funeral Home, 937 Ouellette av 
Thompson Funeral Home, 454 Erie w 


Coon Gordon O, 423 Pelissier 
Forbert F A Fur Co Ltd, 71 Sandwich w 
Gervais A J Furs Ltd, 762 Ouellette av 
Gordner & Pasikov Furs, 1525 Ottawa 
Herman E Fur Co, 116-122 Ouellette av 



Manufacturers of 

We Specialize In 

Storage During the Summer Months 


PHONE 4-1872 Corner Mercer 

La Fontaine Fur Co Ltd, 395 Pitt e 

Lazare, Furs Ltd, 493 Ouellette av 

New Style Fur Co, 996 Drouillard rd 

Northwest Fur Co, 484 Pelissier 

Polar Furs, 520 Church 

Propas Furs (Windsor) Ltd, 123 Ouellette av 

Ronald Furs Ltd, 26 Chatham e 

St Pierre Walter, 662 Goyeau 


Windsor Furnace Co, 3177 Sandwich w 


Baum & Brody Ltd, 188 Ferry 
Berecz Furniture Limited, 1645-55 Wyandotte e 
Bernhardt's Furniture Limited, 1645-55 Wyandotte * 
Buy-Rite Furniture Co, 1022 1030 Wyandotte e 
Central Furniture Co, 1389 Wyandotte e 
David Furniture Ltd, 20 Chatham e 
Elgar, Fred Furniture Co, 737 Wyandotte e 
Friedman Furniture Co, 1156 Wyandotte e 
Glatter Furniture, 1272-1282 Wyandotte e 
Kaplan's Furniture, 1623 Wyandotte e 
Meretsky David Furniture, 20 Chatham e and 965 
971 Wyandotte c 

Meretsky Irving Co, 959-971 Wyandotte e 
Meretsky & Gitlih Ltd, 1448 Wyandotte e 
Nestor Woodcraft Co (rear) 806 Albert rd 
Parnes Furniture. 1074 Wyandotte e 

22 — 

agBBWB a 


Peoples Furniture Co, 4667 Wyandotte e 
Rose A Furniture Co, 459 McDougall 
Royal Furniture Co, 743-745 Wyandotte e and between 
1028 and 1068 Wigle av 
"-Star Furniture Co, 760 Wyandotte e 
Teahan Furniture Ltd, 119 Chatham w 
Tepperman, N Ltd, 1214 Ottawa 
Theaker Wm, 1645-1655 Wyandotte e 
Tinning, Peter J, 663 Ouellette av 
Unfinished Furniture Products, 1519-1523 Wyandotte e 
United Furniture & Plumbing Co, 1071-75 Wyandotte e 
Whiteman Furniture, 1378 Ottawa and 1182-1190 Wyan- 
dotte e 

Windsor Home Furniture Co Ltd, 101-129 Pitt e 


Maple Leaf Artcrafters, 269 Sandwich w 
Windsor Furniture Hospital, (rear) 663 Campbell av 


( See Fur Dealers and Furriers) 


(See Automobile Garages ) 


Union Gas Co of Canada Ltd, 185 Chatham w 

Union Gas Company of Canada) 
185 Chatham West, Phone 3-4661. 


Victor Mfg & Gasket Co of Can, Ltd, 1857 Sandwich • 

( See also Auto Garages ) 

ABC Service Station, 791 Sandwich e 
Al's Auto Service, 493 Wyandotte e 
Andy's Service Station, 933 Howard av 
Angelo's Service, '1101-1129 Wyandotte e 
Arena Service, 308 Wyandotte e 
Baker Bros, 1023 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Baughman Kenneth, 1219 Wyandotte e 

Baynham Alfred C, 968 Ottawa 

Bellinger, Harold D, 794 Ouellette av 

Beneteau's Gas Station, 1595 Union 

Bolger Stanley, 1919 Wyandotte e 

Bradshaw Garage & Service Station, 1578 Howard av 

Brissette Ivan, 925 Tecumseh blvd w 

Brown & Snider Service Garage, 2910 Tecumseh blvd e 

Byrne Harvey H, 1875 Wyandotte w 

Canadian Oil Co Ltd, 838 Erie e 

Catsman & Le Claire, 2705 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Cecile Service, 3341 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Chalmers Bros, 92 Erie e 
Chapman Allan W, 1691 Ouellette av 
Coates-Dunseith Service Stn, 2588 Howard av (RP) 
Dancer Ronald, 1980 Wyandotte w 
Delisle Ernest, 1785 Prince rd 

Derbyshire's Esso Service Stn, 2087 Tecumseh blvd e 
Donnellis Service Station, 521 Sandwich e 
Oornton & Martin, 305 Giles blvd-e 
Duffy Fred G, 278 Tecumseh blvd e 
Dunlop Service, 625 Wyandotte w 

Eddie's Service, 1495 Drouillard rd 

Fairlie, Sami, 280 London w 
Ferri Leo, 1692 Ouellette av 
Findlay Tommy A, 514 Erie e 

Fitzsimmons Patk A, 1115 Huron Line 
Fraser's Service Station, 1778 Wyandotte e 
G C & G Enterprises, 895 Albert rd 
Gamble's Service, 1009 Wyandotte w 
Getty's Service, 2409 Wyandotte w 
Gloude Service Station, 2486-2490 Tecumseh blvd t 
Green's Art Service, 190 Goyeau 
Gregory's Service Stn, 1502 George av 
Guilbeault Service, 3799 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Hamil Service Station, 789 Aylmer av 
Hank's Service Station, n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

Harabagin Alex, 1076 Tecumseh blvd e 
Henry's Service Station, 2220 Wyandotte e 
Hill, Ronald 1, 3105 Sandwich w 
Hodgson & Jones, 210 Pitt w 
Howard's Service Station, 1290 Tecumseh blvd e 
Imperial Oil Service Stations, 2465 Sandwich t, 2220 
Wyandotte e and 1320 Wyandotte w 
Jenkin's Service, 2109 Howard av 
Jerry's Service, 1810 Wyandotte e 
Jimmy's Service, 3253 Peter 
Joe's Service Station 1091 Felix av 
Joy Oil Company, 1005 Ouellette av and 1409 Wyandotte e 
Katzman, Harry M, 205 Wyandotte e 
Lampkin Richard F, 1192 Ouellette av 
Langer's Auto Service, 824 Wyandotte e 
Long's Supertest Service Station, 2970 London w 
Lyman Robt M, 2585 Wyandotte w 
Mac's Cities Service Stn, 1715 Wyandotte w 
Macdonald's Service Stn, 2091 London w 
MacRae's Service Stn, 3527 Sandwich w 
Marvin's Service, 1165 Wyandotte w 
McColl-Frontenac, 320 Wyandotte w 
McKee's Service, 809 Ottawa 
Merrifield Service Station, 1706 Tecumseh blvd w 
Mike's Service Garage, 1240 Cataraqui 
Milan's Auto Service, 2587 Howard av (Sand w Tp) 
Morency Arthur, 714 London w 
Myers Jas V, 391 Tecumseh blvd e 
Nestor J A Motors, 1887 Drouillard rd 
Neville's Sunoco Service, 615 Wyandotte e 
Nicholson's Motors, 4690 Tecumseh blvd • 

Noble Duff Ltd, 275 London w 
Novak, Wm, 895 Ottawa 
Ouellette Service, 5124 Tecumseh blvd e 
Pare Service, 1291 Wyandotte e 

Paul's Service Station, 5288 Tecumseh blvd • (Sand E 

Peltier Rene F, 1474 Tecumseh blvd w 

Peters Service Station, 1320 Wyandotte w 

Phil Service Station, 2679 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

Phillips Service Station, 390 Pelissier 

Poidevin Thos H, 3711 Sandwich w 

Prophet David, 9,11 Ottawa 

Rannie, Robt D, 680 Goyeau 

Ray's Service Station, 1485 Erie e 

Reliance Auto Service, 1579 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Tp) 

Rezoski Joseph 991 Ouellette w 

Rivait Henry, 320 Wyandotte w 

Robertson James D, 1780 Ottawa 

Robinson Service Station, 275 Tecumseh blvd w 

Romanycia Bros, 2576 Howard av (R Park) 

Roy, Orville P, 1419 Ottawa 

Russell, Jonadab D, 2702 Howard av (R Park) 

Serbu, John, 3857 Wyandotte e 
Shell Service Station, 1875 Wyandotte w 
Shorty's Service Station, 1804 London w 
Slim's Service, 3995 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Smi tty's Texaco, 1405 Ouellette av 
Soufrine, Albert, 4680 Wyandotte e 
Stefan's Service, 3720 Seminole 
Steve's Garage, 1502 Elsmere av 
Steve's Service Station, 2739 Seminole 
Steve's Service Station 985 Tecumseh blvd e 
Steven's Service, 3099 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Sullivan's Service, s s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Super Servicenter, 1596 London w 
Supertest Petroleum Corporation\td, 1219 Wyandotte e 
(For list of branches see Alphabetical Section) 

Sweet Wm F, 2105 Walker rd 

Tann's Service Station, 486 Tecumseh blvd e 

Teno Bros, 2465 Sandwich e 

Texaco Riverview Service, 3341 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Texaco Service Station, 1780 Ottawa and 1980 Wyandotte w 
Tofflemire, Fred, 3511 Wyandotte • 

Vic's Service Station, 920 London w 
Victoria Service Station, 1809 Tecumseh blvd e 
Walker Allison, 1204 Howard av 
Walsh Texaco Products, 832 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Wright Ray, 122 Tecumseh blvd e 
Wyandotte Service, 406 Wyandotte w 


Warner Sear Co Ltd, 315-325 Devonshire rd 


L & A General Store, 1282 George av 
Potomski's General Store, 1691 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand 
W Twp) 

Wignan Steven, 1802 Drouillard rd 

Classified, Yellow Page 23 



Branches and Agents at all principal points in Canada, U.S.A. and Abroad. 


Bunny Woo! «Sc - Gift Shop, 2149 London w 
Calverts Gift & Magazine Shop, 671 Ouellette av 
Clara's Gift Shop,. 604 Alexandrine (R Park) 

Cooper Gift Shop, 443 Pierre av 

Dvorak's, 3891 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Gift Shop, The, 979 Ottawa 

Grayson's Card Shop, 614 Pillette rd 

Moir Gift Shop, 1475 Tecumseh blvd e 

Nicholls Gift Shop, 641 Church 

Rhea-Rene Gift Shop, 134 Hanna w 

Riverside Gift Shop, 1417 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Tunnel Gift Shop, 69 Wyandotte e 

Victoria Shop, The 5151 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Wright's, 1281 Ottawa 


Artistic Gift Line, 108 MrDougall 
Bennett Glass Co Ltd, The, 1004 Walker rd 
Canadian Mirror Craft Ltd, 1052 Wyandotte w 
Dominion Plate & Window Glass Co, 2591 Howard «v 
(Sand W Twp) 

Duplate Canada Ltd (Windsor Div), 1850 Walker rd 
General Glass & Glazing, 858 Wellington av 
Hobbs Glass Ltd, 801 Caron av 
Windsor Glass Co, 1263 Niagara 


National Detroit of Canada Ltd, 258 Chilver rd 


Dilamarter Emerson, 10,10 Lincoln rd 

Excelsior Tool Shop, 1761 Howard av 

Leveque Alphonse, 5243 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 


( Wholesale ) 

Boulton A H Co Ltd, 635 Caron av 
Empire Wholesale Groceries, 1576 Howard av 
fogel I & Co, 3Q0 London e 
National Grocers Co Ltd, 871 Janette av 
Standard Brands Ltd, 1059 Janette av 
Windsor Grocers Supply, 956 Tecumseh blvd e 

( Retail ) 

( See also Butchers) 

A & P Super Market, 1580 Ottawa, 819 Ouellette av 

Al's Grocery, 382 Assumption 

Al's Grocery Store, 622 South 

Albert Grocery & Meat Market, 1098 Albert rd 

Alexis Grocery, 2999 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Allen's Grocery, 1402 Wyandotte w 

Andy's Market, 699 Charlotte (R Park) 

Annett Leslie D, 401 Dougall av 
Anthony's Food Market, 1690 Parent av 
Antonello Alex, 247 Louis av 
Appel Bros Ltd, 3689 Sandwich w 
Armaly Amelia Mrs, 239 Sandwich w 
Art's Grocery, 479 South 

Art's Market, 207 Erie e & 1000 Windsor av 
Assumption Grocery, 821 Assumption 

Atchison's Grocery, 224 Erie w 

Atkins Grocery, 1186 Monmouth rd 
Baker's Grocery, 400 Chippewa 
Barney's Market, 1459 Assumption 
Bastien Grocery, 3560 Peter 
Bell's Grocery Store, 364 Bridge av 

Bernstein's Market, 3706 Sandwich w 

Big Bear Super Market, 279 Chatham e 
Bloomfield's Market, 3578 Bloomfield rd 
Boles Market, 2710 Howard av (R Park) 

Bolter's Market, 409 Shepherd w 
Booze Hallell, 399 Elliott e 

Border Cities Consumers Co-Operative Services, 1450 Te- 
cumseh blvd e 

Bourgard Grocery, 2141 London w 

Brennan's Grocery, 358 Shepherd w 

Brichko's Grocery, 1860 Drouillard rd 

Bridge Grocery & Soda Bar, 2846 London w 

Brisson's Market, 5876 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Bruce Market, 1411 Bruce av 

8ulat's Market's 1657 College & 4898 Tecumseh blvd e 

Bulat's Market, 975 Drouillard rd 

Central Grocery, 1129 Drouillard rd 

Chapman Market, 969 Tecumseh blvd w 

Charron Quality Market, 2747 Charles 

Choice Market, 3315 Tecmseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Chrysler Provision, 3019 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Cimer Grocery, 1482 Langlois av 

College Confectionery, 921 Wellington av 

College Market, 900 McKay av 

Consumers Warehouse of Windsor Ltd, 166 MoDougall av 

Cory Grocery, 734 Parent *v 

Courney's Grocery, 90 Erie w 

Covington's Grocery, 432 Park w 

Cunningham's Grocery, 1601 Pelissier 

D & S Market, 1681 Drouillard rd 

Dave's Grocery, 565 Elliott w 

Davis Grocery, 401 Parent av 

Deep Abdo, 397 Chatham e 

Dell's Market, 894 Ottawa 

DeMarco Stephen, 602 Mercer and 255 Pitt t 

Derkach Grocery, 1177 Marion av 

DeVittori Jas, 1400 Pelletier av 

Diodati Grocery, s s Superior (Sand W Twp) 

Dominion Master Market, 617 Ouellette av 
Dominion Stores Ltd, 1262 Ottawa 
Dorner Market 1498 Pillette rd 
Dottor's Grocery, 829 Langlois av 
Drouillard Provision Co, 1645 Drouillard rd 
Dubiel Jos, 3277 Peter 

Dufour Market, 4581 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Dunlop's Market, 896 Lincoln rd 

Dupuis Geo J, 3190 Donnelly 

Dupuis Market, 5725 Clairview av (R'Side) 

East Economy Grocery, 1605 Westminster av (Sand E 


Economy Meat Market, 808 Ottawa 

Eddy's Market, 2605 Seminole 

Ellis Market, 349 Ellis av w 

Elsmere Market, 1501 Elsmere av 

Erie Market, 1285 Erie e 

Fairview Store The, 1487 Prince rd 

Fairway Super Market, 3955 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Tp) 

Farkas Frank, 1936 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Felix Ave Self-Serve Market, 1062 Felix av 
Ferrari Leo J, 1236 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Ferris Food Market, 2620 Howard av (R Park) 

Fielding & Son, 235 Sandwich e 

Foodland Ltd, 867-877 Wyandotte e and 1207 Ouellette 

Ford Provision Co, 1207 Drouillard rd and 900 Elsmere 


Fortune Market, 824 Niagara 

Forz ley's Food & Fruits, 305 Wyandotte w 

Fred's Grocery, 1784 Drouillard rd 

Primer's Grocery & Confy 1193 Langlois av 

Fuller Edwd R, 598 Janette av 

Fulton's Grocery, 525 Tecumseh blvd e 

G. M. G. Market, 3972 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Garabedian Geo K, 3441 Sandwich w 

George Avenue Marekt, 1709 George av 

George's Groceries, 292 Chatham w 

Gilbert Market, 2601 Edna 

Glauazky Sam, 2296 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

Go Idsp ink's Grocery, 936 Wyandotte w 

Gordon's Grocery, 500 Park w 

Goyeau Albert J, 314 Wellington av 

Goyeau Grocery, 1090 Wyandotte w 

Grand Marais Market, 2856 Parent av (R Park) 

Grant's Grocery, 1517 London w 

Grieve Harry, 61 Shepherd e 

Hakan Anthony, 3199 Sandwich w 

Handy Food Market, 2334 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Hanna Market, 424-426 Hanna w 

Harry's Food M’arket, 1523 Langlois av 

Hassan Grocery, 697 Glengarry av 

Hennessy Grocery, 858 Bruce av 

Hertz Grocery, 570 Pitt w 

Highland Market, 459 Erie e 

Hi-Way Market, 2151 Walker rd 

Holland Bros, 1277 Ottawa 

Horseshoe Market, 801 Howard av 

Howard Market, 1500 Howard av 

Huron Line Grocery, w s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

Jack's Market, 1652 Tecumseh blvd e 
Jensen Walter R, 395 McEwan av 
Jimmy's Market, 35 Hanna w 






PHONE 4-6491 

John & Son Grocery, 1000 Felix av 
Johns Sami, 297 Goyeau 
Kadrie's Market, 1405 Erie e 
Kander Max, 1055 Drouillard rd 
Karn Grocery & Meat, 527 Erie • 

Kirkpatrick Gordon C, 391 Bruce av 
Kornackl Confectionery, 3831 Seminole 
Kosluk Grocery & Hardware Co, 1296 Aubln rd 

Kost's Market, 1740 Drouillard rd 

Kwong Lung Wo-Kee Co, 177 Sandwich e 
Laforet Louis, 518 Laforet 

Langlols Market, 5138 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Levin Sam'l, 1197 Lincoln rd * 

Levy's Grocery, 108 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Lewis Grocery, 955 Wellington av 
Lintott Earl G &. Son, 897 Pierre av 
Loblaw Groceterias Co Ltd, (For list of stores see Alpha- 
betical ‘ Section) 

London Food Markets, 884 Erie e, 541, U55, 1545-47 
London w, 2007 Wyandotte w and 3609 Seminole 
Luxford John W, 304 Glengarry av 
M & T Market, 405 Erie w 
Mady Marketeria, 129 Erie e 
Maker Sam, 400 Janette av 
Maker Wm, 320 Elliott w 
Marcus Market, .1144 Wyandotte e 
Marentette Market, 800 Shepherd e 
Maroon Bros,, 8f91 Sandwich e 
Maroon's Grocery, 303 Marentette 
Mathew Grocery, 1184 Lillian 
Maxim Confectionery, 1696 Hickory rd 
Maziak Theodora Mrs, 2246 Janette av (Sand W Twp) 
McArthur Lena Mrs, 843 California av 
Meconi's Market, 439 Wyandotte e 
Mendelsohn's Grocery, 3601 Queen 
Meneghlni Grocery, 1225 Hanna e 
Mentley Geo, 494 Glengarr) av 
Metz Market, 1108 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

M'ike's Market, 1373 Prince rd 

Mike's Store, 1654 Elsmere av 

Milan's Market, 245 Drouillard rd 

Moore's Food Market, 1736 Wyandotte w 

Morgan Burton E, 945 Windsor av 

Morris Grocery, 2106 London w 

Mularchyk John, 2299 Reaume rd (Sand E Twp) 

Murray Grocery & Confectionery, 1695 Arthur rd 

Myers Market, 1609 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

Nestor's Market, 5709 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp' 

Nicholas & Sons, before 3201 Howard av (Sand w Twp) 

Nu-Neighbor Fruit Shop, 1470 Tecumseh blvd e 

Ohio Market, 1207 Monmouth rd 

O'Shea Grocery Store, 1211 Monmouth rd 

P & P Market, 701 Brant 

Packers Super Markets, 1365 Tecumseh blvd • 

Panek & Lis, 1405 Langlois av 
Parent Eugene J, 41 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Park Grocery, 359 Park w 
Partington Grocery, 1095 Partington av 
Pastorius J Darrel, 1042 Erie w 
Peter's Market, 1005 Lincoln rd 
Pillette Market, 899 Pillette rd 
Prince Road Market, 1357 Prince rd 
Publix Market, 1197 Drouillard rd 
Red & White Stores, (For list of branches see alphabetic* 

Remington Grocery, 786 William (R Park) 

Remington Provisions 604 William (R Park) 

Rex Groceries & Vegetables, 1111 Drouillard rd 
Riverside Market, 1405 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Rohn's Market, 525 Erie e 
Roland Alexander, 1462 Drouillard rd 
Roma Grocery, 347-349 Wyandotte e 
Ross's Grocery, 3592 Peter 
Rubin Hyman, 811 Erie e 
Saad's Grocery, 1464 Niagara 
St Rose Market 2401 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

St Rose Provision, 3236 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Sam's Groceteria Stores, 1794 Westcott rd 

Sam's Market, 4716 Wyandotte e 

Sandwich Provisions, 3499 Sandwich w 

Saveway Market, 3735 Seminole 

Scarfone Market, 899 Curry av and 1117 Erie e 

Sdhirtcariol Basilio, 899 Hanna e 

Select Food Market, 904 Tecumseh bivd e 

Seminole Fruit Market, 3689 Seminole 

Sergison S H Ltd, 1795 London w 

Service Market, 476-480 London w 

Shaheen's Grocery, 1566 Tecumseh blvd e 

Shamam's Grocery, 176 Pitt e 

Shamess Grocery, 954 Drouillard rd 

Sheremeta Michl, 1218 Tecumseh blvd e 

Sidebottom Grocers, 801 Bridge av 

Sorrell Fred J, 357 Grove av 
Spearin's Market, 1864 Ottawa 
Spence Jas E & Sons, 2285 Howard av 
Spidalieri Grocery Store, 636 St Paul (R Park) 

Square Deal Market, 1231 Drouillard rd 
Star Grocery, 825 Pillette rd 
Stein Louis, 700 Brock 
Steve's Market, 1687 Wyandotte w 
Stop-N-Shop, 3435 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Strong's Market, 3010 Tecumseh blvd e 

Stuart's Grocery, 1306 Woodgreen av 

Suey Yin Chong, 136 Goyeau 

Sun-Lite Food Market, 1445 Drouillard rd 

Sunshine Food Store, JL430 Ottawa 

Sydor Purity Food Market, 2498 Tourangeau rd (Sand E Tp) 

Tarcea Grocery, 4398 Tecumseh blvd e 

Taylor Helen Mrs, 429 Chippewa 

Ted's Grocery & Meats, 1010 Campbell av 

Tomei Grocery, 1692 Parent av 

Toth Grocery, 1140 Windsor av 

Tunnel Market, 315 Goyeau 

Up to date Market, 1034 Drouillard rd 

Vanity Market, 4395 Seminole 

Varga Peter, 995 Hanna e 

Vas Market, 3501 Sandwich w 

Vendrasco Fredk, 1781-3 Benjamin av 

Vernes Frank J. 2209 Howard av 

V ernes Grocery, 910 Erie e 

Vince's Grocery, 1106 Wyandotte e 

Vizzard's Market, 1494 Lincoln rd 

Walker Rd Food Mart, 3099 Walker rd (Sand £ Twp) 

Weber's Grocery and Meats, 1244 Wyandotte e 

Weir's Market, 2726 Howard av (R Park) 

Wellington Market, 992 Wellington av 

Westminster Grocery, 1594 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

White Eagle Grocery, 1515 Langlois av 

Williamson & House, 3790 Tecumseh blvd e 

Wojcik Grocery, 1990 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Wojtusiak Jos, 1052 Marion av 

Wyandotte Self Service, 561 Wyandotte w 

Zade Bessie Mrs, 698 Langlois av 

Zah Joseph, after 1751 South Cameron blvd (Sand W 


Border Cities Gum Tape, 169 McKay av 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich St. East, 
Phone 2-7241 (See adv side lines) 

( See Beauty Parlors ) 


Alexander Hall, 230 Strabane av 
Boy Scout Hall, 27 Sandwich w 
Chinese Hall, 169-17.1 Sandwich e 
Croatian National Home, 2520 Seminole 
Czechoslovakia Hall, 1367 Drouillard rd 
Dobson Hall, 4615 Tecumseh blvd e 
Gabryel Narutowicz Polish Hall, 838 Hildegarde (R Park) 
Grace & Truth Hall, 702 Pierre av 
Hungarian Labor Temple, 1042 Langlois av 
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Temple, 634 Chllver 

Jehovah's Witnesses, Kingdom Hall, 223 Wyandotte e 
Masonic Hall, 1029 McDougall, 986 Ouellette av and 
900 Mercer 

Moose Hall, 175 Sandwich w 
Polish Hall, 1275 Langlois av 

Roumanian Greek Orthodox Sunday School Hall, 2895 

St Alphonsus Hall, 439 Goyeau 
St Francis Hall, 3119 Peter 
Smith's Auditorium, 35 Sandwich e 
Sons of England Hall 1271-73 Erie e 
Ukrainian National Home, 1039 Ottawa ‘ 

Wesley Hall, w s Dufferin pi 

Classified, Yellow Page 25 


Hartwell Bros Ltd, 1407 Argylt rd 

( Wholesale ) 

Butler M G & Co Ltd, 401 Park w 

Lincoln Specialties Ltd, 1637 Erie e 

Skinner J M & Co, 1310 Windsor av 

Standard Equipment Supply Ltd, 1295 Wyandotte w 

( Retail ) 

Adkins Hardware, 1501 Tecumseh blvd e 
Arcade Hardware, 431 Shepherd w 
Bates -Hardware Ltd, 1082-4 Wyandotte e 
Bird Hardware Co, 2014 Wyandotte w 
Burnside Hardware Ltd, 1577 Tecumseh blvd e 
Carriere's Hardwire, 3935-3937 Seminole 
Casey's Hardware & Furniture, 276 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 
Central Hardware, 56 Pitt w 
D & R Hardware, 1483 Ouellette av 
Dobson's Hardware, 4619 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Douglas T G Ltd, 28 Chatham e 
Dubensky Hardware Ltd, .1018 Drouillard rd 
Fran-Jo Hardware, 3131 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Good Home Appliances & Hardware, 1504 Parent 
Greaves Hardware, 2187 Howard av 
Harris F H, 569 Ouellette av 
Hill's Variety & Hardware, 2279 Howard av 
Horse Shoe Hardware, 800 Howard av 
John's Hardware, 4756 Tecumseh blvd e 
Johnston Hardware, 72 Wyandotte e 
Kane Bros Hardware, 888 Erie e, 1346 Ottawa and 1473 
Wyandotte w 

Levine & Enkin Ltd, 1658 Drouillard rd 
Lincoln Hardware, 1331-1337 Tecumseh blvd e 
Long Hardware Ltd, 74 Chatham w 
Luborsky Hardware & Furniture, 935 Drouillard rd 
Lyons Hardware, 2698 Howard av ( R Park) 

Marentette Hardware Co, 3231 Sandwich w 
Market Hardware, 243 Pitt e 
Merlo Bros Hardware, 1605 Ottawa 
Neighbourhood Hardware, 135 Erie e 
Ordon's Hardware, 1081 Drouillard rd 
Reid Albert W & Son, 4781-4783 Wyandotte • 

Remington Hardware, 2714 Howard av ( R Park) 

Riverside Hardware & Electric, 1118 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
St Rose Hardware, 2403 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Sandwich Hardware 3493 Sandwich w 
Service Hardware Ltd, 1236 Ottawa 
Sexton Hardware Ltd, 1292 Wyandotte e 
Smith Syd Hardware, 1660 Wyandotte e 
Thompson Hardware, 127 Tecumseh blvd w 
West End Hardware, 1610 London w 


VOLLANS C HAROLD, 324 Pitt East, 
Phone 3-7951. 


Calhoun's Smile Hat Shops Ltd, The, 323 Ouellette «v 
Kaner the Hatter, 618 Wyandotte e 


Automatic Heat and Supply Co, 1366 Windsor av 
Canadian Sirocco Co Ltd, 310 Ellis av e 
Diamond Specialty Ltd, 744 Ouellette av 
Huot Maurice, 1175 Erie w 
Modernaire Ltd, 1672 Wyandotte e 
Trane Co of Can Ltd, 52 Chatham w 


sor avenue. Phone 4-7515 


Rival Herb Co, 182 Pitt w 

Thuna Balsam Herbal Remedies Co Ltd, 586 Wyandotte e 

(See Hospitals) 


Swarrwick Horse Meat Shop, 1014 Wyandotte e 


Blue Cross Plan for Hospital Care, 76 London w 


Braeside Nursing Home, 511-517 Devonshire rd 

Butterfield Convalescent Home, 1750 Union 

East Windsor Hospital, 3177 Sandwich e 

Essex County Sanatorium, 1453 Prince rd 

Faith Haven Home for Girls, 461 Crawford av 

Fred Adams Hospital, 2243 Byng rd 

German Mission Home, 1374 Benjamin av 

Grace Hospital (Salvation Army), 339 Crawford 

Home of Infant Jesus, The, 1394 Parent av 

Homestead The, 380 Wyandotte e 

Hotel-Dieu Hospital of St Joseph, 1030 Ouellette av 

McQueen Nursing Home, 709 Victoria av 

O'Neill Edna, 1064 Bruce av 

Metropolitan General Hospital, 1995 Lens av 

1226 Ouellette Avenue Miss 
Phyllis E Carleton Director 

Russian People's Home, 1222 Drouillard rd 
St Catherines Rest Home, 580-582 Devonshire rd 
St John the Evangelist Home for the Aged, 2856, 2904 
and 2918 Sandwioh w 

St Josephs Manor (RC) Children's Aid Society, 1*71 
Sandwich e 

Serbian National Home, 1351 Drouillard rd 
Windsor Private Medical Hospital, 1165 Ouellette av 


Gold Star Products Co, 75 Sandwich e 
Modern Design Co, 103 Sandwich w 
Windsor Hotel Supply Co, 145 Pitt w 


Ambassador Hotel, 87-91 Sandwich e 

Arcade Hotel, 1353 Wyandotte e 

Arlington Hotel, 891 Erie e 

Baby House, 1683 College av 

Bellvue Hotel, 1271 Sandwich e 

Betburl Hotel, 206 Sandwich w 

Blue Water House, 128 Windsor av 

Border House, 428-444 Wyandotte e 

Bridge Aveune House, 1886 London w 

Brltish-American Hotel, 4 Sandwich e 

Canada Tavern, 5923 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Casey's Tavern, 3885 Sandwich w 

Checker Hotel, 353 Sandwich e 

Chippawa House, 3404 Bloomfield rd 

Commodore Hotel (Windsor) Ltd, 25 Chatham e 

Coronation House. 1517-1521 Sandwich w 

Detroit Hotel, 1209-15 Drouillard rd 

Dixie House, 1080 Erie e 

Dominion House, 3140 Sandwich w 

Drake Hotel, 193-9 Glengarry av 

Driving Park Hotel, 29 Tecumseh blvd w 

East Windsor Hotel, 1214 Drouillard rd 

Elbow Room, 43 Pitt e 

Erie Hotel, 1067 Erie e 

Essex House Hotel, 317 Sandwich w 

Europe Hotel, 1636-38 Drouillard rd 

Fleming House, 4715 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Forest House, 1073 Tecumseh blvd e 

Grand Central House, 239-241 Sandwich e 

Grand House, 1014 Howard av 

Highway Hotel, 592 Dougall av 

Hollywood Hotel, 900 Howard av 

Horse Shoe Hotel, 542 Cataraqui 

Hotel Plaza Arms Ltd, 79-99 Pitt w 

Hotel Royale, 4877 Wyandotte e 

Howard Hotel, 1534 Howard av 

Hungarian Club, 812-20 Ottawa 

— 26 — 

Imperial Hotel, 191-3 Sandwich w 

International House, 928-932 Drouillard rd 

Island View Tavern, 3342 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Killarney Castle Tavern, 592 Victoria av 

Kozak's, 1444 Ottawa 

Lauzon Stop Inn, 3340 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Lincoln House, 651-655 London w 

Majestic Tavern 1269 Ottawa 

Maple Leaf House, 1627-29 Howard av 

Marigold House, 1011-15 Orouillard rd 

Martin House, 1327 Langlois av 

Menard's Tavern, 196 Riverdale av (R'Side) 

Metropole Tavern, 917 Walker rd 

Monarch House 82-88 Wyandotte w 

Munro Hotel, 85-95 Pitt e 

New Ritz Hotel, 93 Ouellette av 




Pres, and Mng. Dir. 


350 ROOMS 


Cafeteria at Popular Prices 
Modern Banquet Service 


PARK ST. WEST, Cor. Pelissier 

PHONE 4-2521 

Norton-Palmer Hotel Ltd, 130 Park w 

Ottawa Hotel, 943-947 Ottawa 

Palace House, 939 Drouillard rd 

Pero's House, 1056 Wyandotte e 

Prince Edward Hotel (Windsor) Ltd, 384 Ouellette av 

Rendezvous Hotel, 7324 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Rex Tavern, 1116-8 Drouillard rd 

Rowson's Tavern, 69 London e 

Royal Hotel, 65-67 Sandwich e 

Royal Oak Tavern, 3260 Sandwich w 

St Clair Tavern, 58 Wyandotte e 

Seminole House, 3983 Seminole 

Shore Acres House, 1981 Sandwich w 

Southwood Hotel, 1353 Wellington av 

Star Hotel, 788-792 Gladstone av 

Talbot Hotel, 581 Elm av 

Temple Hotel, 2756 Charles 

Thomas Inn Co Ltd, 4912 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Three Bear's House, 1415 Huron Line 
V.M.Y. Hotel, 683 Ouellette av 
Victoria Hotel, 400 Chilver rd 
Walker House, 309 McDougall 
Wellington Tavern, 1159 Elliott w 

West Side Hotel, 623-9 Sandwich w 

Westwood Hotel, 4280 Sandwich w 
Windsor House, 156 Windsor av 
Woodbine Hotel, 139 Goyeau 
Wyandotte Hotel, 892-98 Wyandotte e 


Baum & Brody Ltd, 156 Chatham w 
Cutforth Home Appliances, 1026 Drouillard rd 
Housenold Products Co Ltd, 109 Sandwich e 
Meretsky & Gitlin Ltd, 564-576 Ouellette av 
Rennie & Agnew Ltd, 128 London w 




Manufacturers of Walkerside Ice Cream 
Fountain Fruits and Syrups 

Phone 4-3291 

Borden Co Ltd, The, 363-369 Dougall av 


Bodie Ice, 804 Erie e 

Crystal Ice, 1574 Albert rd 

DeLisle Ice & Coal Co, 1590 Crawford av 

Empire State Ice Co, South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Fleming Ice & Coal, 872 Campbell av 

Marsh Ice h Cold Storage Co Ltd, 2890 Tecumseh blvd e 

Marshall Ice Co, 4088 Sandwich w 

1504 McDougall, Phone 4-6473 
(See adv front cover) 


Copeland Reflector Products, 332 Ouellette av 
Maple Leaf Importing Co, 462 Niagara 
Vick Wah, 155 Sandwich e 


\ Trerice H 0 Co, 170 Ferry 


Canadian Automobile Service Assn Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 




C. C. Helwig - General Manager 
R. M. Elliott - Assistant Manager 

806-810 SECURITY BUILDING — 3-7406 

Helwig Adjusting Co, 267 Pelissier 







Security Building 

Phone 2-7279 




RES. PHONE 5-3118 


RES. PHONE 5-3305 


RES. PHONE 4-4927 


- RES. PHONE TEC— 4434 

Morden & Helwig Ltd, 267 Pelissier 
Neale W H & Co, 469 Ouellette av 

Classified, Yellow Page 27 




Air Line 

Money Orders 





Insurance Adiusters 

8 CO., LTD. 

Covering Essex County, Chatham, 
Blenheim, Sarnia, Petrolia, Etc. 


Phones 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 

H. W. Ormerod 
W. S. Ormerod 
A. S. Norbury 
N. C. Cooper 
J. W. Adlington 

Res. Phone 3-3776 
Res. Phone 3 - 3 7 7 6 
Res. Phone 6-1327 
Res. Phone 2-2154 
Res. Phone 5-4080 

Ormerod H W & Co Ltd (Adjusters for the companies), 
176 London w 

Dominion Mutual Insurance Agency, 76 London w 
Dougherty Wm J, 304 Ouellette av 

Oupont F Bernard, 75 Wyandotte e a. 

Emigh Nelson B', 15 Wyandotte e 
Finkter Cecil S, 25 London w 

FOSTER & ROBARTS, Insurance, Rea 
Estate and Loans, 202 Bartlet 
Building, Phone 3-3538 (See atte 
Front Cover) 

Geddes Gamble I, 267 Pelissier 
Gourlay & Clavel, 571 Lincoln rd 
Granite Insurance Agencies Ltd, 267 Pelissier 
i Grant Wm T, 76 London w k, 

Griffith E J W Agencies, 745 London w 
Haslani Insurance Agencies, 25 London w 
Hoffman Insurance Agency, 960 London w 
Jervell R A Globe Insurance Agency, 25 London w 
Keane Fred'k W, 267 Pelissier 
Krawczyk John L, 993 Ottawa 

Larkin F R Co. Ltd, 267 Pelissier f 

Leith Wm H jr, 137 Park w 
Lutvak Louis, 374 Ouellette av 



Notary Public 









Canada Trust Building 
Phone 3-7478 


C. EGELT0N 4-5734 

C. A. CAMPBELL 5-2964 

G. B. SPARLING 2-9433 

G. J. WILKINSON . . . . 3-5169 

W. BARRETT 5-4468 

Sanborn & Co Ltd (adjusters for the companies), 176 
London w 

Statham Lee, 76 London w 


Anchor Insurance Agencies Ltd, 305 Victoria av 

Backer Jack, 170 Ouellette av 

Baker Ken H, 618 Ouellette av 

Baxter Insurance Agency, 44 Wyandotte e 

Bell Evelyn W, 639 Victoria av 

Bell Harry J Agency, 332 Ouellette av 

Benneian Geo H, 569 Ouellette av 

Bezaire L Insurance, 803 Elliott e 

Blonde Insurance Agency, 25 London w 

Border Cities Insurance Agency, 176 London w 

Brisebois Jos & Son, 889 Wyandotte e 

Bulmer Albert F, 25 London w 

Burns Minnie, 188 Pitt w 




Phone 3-6541 

Burns W J Co Ltd, 76 London w 

Chauvin Ernest H, 25 London w 

Clarke Chas N Insurance Service, 332 Ouellette av 

Curry Clyde W & Son Ltd, 367 Ouellette av 

Oe Paola Agency, 970 Wyandotte e 




Phone 3-4713 


McAllister C A, 25 London w 
McCarthy Ferdinand J, 712 Moy av 
Mills Dickie I, 497 Victoria av 
Mitchell Alvin W, 569 Ouellette av 
Montgomery R F & Co, 176 London w 
Morand Jos, 267 Pelissier 
Oliver Olive J, 2267 Louis av 
Ostricker Wm E, 569 Ouellette av 


London Street - Comer Victoria 
PHONE 4-9289 


Reaume U G Ltd, 176 London w 

Reynolds R A & Son, Insurance Agency, 25 London w 

Rouffer M J Real Estate & Ins, 1505 Parent a 

Secrest Insurance Agency, 405 Pelissier 

Spindler Billy L, 15 Chatham e J* 

Taylor N J & Co Ltd, 25 London w 

Taylor T Earl, 176 London w 



A. E. THOMPSON & T. BARDSLEY, Partners. 
W. E. TRUESDELL, Associate 

Insurance of All Kinds 

164 PITT ST. W. Phone 4-5151 

Long established and dependable. 

Thompson's Insurance Office, 164 Pitt w 





PHONE 3-5100 

Towle Douglas A, 267 Pelissier 



Fire, Automobile, Liability, Burglary, 
Bonds, Personal Floaters, Business 
Interruption — All General Lines. 


PHONE 3-5850 
Aft. 5.00 P.M.: Phone 4-3477 
C. W. Isaacs, Pres. 

L. B. DeWolfe, Mgr. 

C. R. Girardot, Secty. 

Walker Insurance Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Whiteside Harvey Insurance Agency, 374 Ouellette av 
Wilson A E & Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Wilson Ins Agency, 341 Tecumseh blvd e 
Windsor Insurance Ltd, 25 London w 


Aetna Ins Co, Foster & Robarts agents, 76 London w 
Aetna Ins Co, Thompson's Ins Office agts, 164 Pitt w 
Aetna Insurance Co of Hartford Conn, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, H Atkinson & Son, 1226 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Alliance Assce Co Ltd, U G Reaume Ltd, 176 London w 
Alliance Assce Co Ltd of London, England, Walker Ins 
Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
American Ins Co The, Windsor Ins Co (agents), 25 Lon- 
don w 

Anglo-Canadian Underwriters Ltd, Windsor Insurance Co, 
25 London w 

Anglo-Scottish Ins Co, Walker Ins Agency Ltd (agents), 
1942 Wyandotte e 

Atlas Assce Co, E J W Griffith Agencies, 745 London w 
Thompson's Ins Office (agents) 164 Pitt w and 
H Atkinson & Son (agents), 1226 Tecumseh blvd e 
Atlas Assurance Co Ltd of London England, Walker Ins 
Agency Ltd (agents) 1942 Wyandotte e 
Boiler Inspection & Ins Co of Can, H Atkinson & Son, 
(agents) 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, C A McAllister 
agt, 25 London w, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 
Wyandotte e, Windsor Ins Co (agents), 25 London w, 
Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyandotte e, Peck Ins Agency 
(agents), 1015 Ottawa, Ernest H Chauvin (agent), 
25 London w 

British American Ins Co, Baxter Ins Agency agt, 44 Wyan- 
dotte e 

British Canadian Underwriters, Peck Ins Agency, agts, 
1015 Ottawa 

British Crown Assce Corp, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt 

British General Ins Co, C A McAllister agt, 25 London w 
British Traders Ins Co Ltd, W J Burns Co Ltd agts> 76 
London w 

Caledonian American Ins Co, H Atkinson & Son, agts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e 

Caledonian Ins Co of Edinburgh, Scotland, Walker Ins 
Agency, 1942 Wyandotte e 

Canada Accident & Fire, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London 
W; Foster & Robarts, 76 London w; Granite Ins, 
Agencies, 267 Pelissier 

Canada Accident & Fire Insurance Co, Harry J Bell Agency 
332 Ouellette av 

Canada Health & Accident Assce Corp, 332 Ouellette av 
Canada Life Assce Co, 374 Ouellette av 
Canadian General Ins Co, Anchor Insurance Agencies Ltd, 
305 Victoria av, C A McAllister agts, 25 London W, 

Canadian Surety Co, Thompson's Insurance Office, 164 
Pitt w, A F Bulmer, 25 London w, Harry J Bell, 
332 Ouellette av and Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier 
Casualty Co of Canada, Baxter Insurance Agency, 44 Wyan- 
dotte e, Peck Ins Agency, 1015 Ottawa 
Central Union Ins Co, H Atkinson & Son, agts, 1226 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Century Ins Co Ltd, Baxter Ins Agency agts, 44 Wyandotte e 
Century Indemnity Co, Foster & Robarts agts, 76 London 

Commercial Union Assce Co, Douglas A Towle, 267 Peli- 

Commercial Union Assce Co Ltd of London, Eng, Walker 
Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Commercial Union Ins Co, Minnie Burns agt, 188 Pitt w 
Confederation Life Assn, 176 London w 
Connecticut Fire Ins Co. Geo Lawton 374 Ouellette av 
Consolidated Fire & Casualty Co, H Atkinson & Son, 
agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Minnie Burns, 188 
Pitt w, U G Reaume Ltd, 176 London w 
Continental Insurance Co, Peck Insurance Agency, agts, 
1015 Ottawa, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w and 
Walker Ins Agency Ltd agts 1942 Wyandotte e 
Continental Life Ins Co, 267 Pelissier 
Cornhill Ins Co, Windsor Ins Co, agts, 25 London w, Thomp- 
son's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w 

Crown Life Ins Co Border Counties Agency, 374 Ouellette 
av and Windsor Centre Agency, 374 Ouellette av 
Dominion Life Assurance Co, 176 London w 
Dominion of Can Genl Ins Co, Foster & Robarts, 76 
London w, Geo Lawton, 374 Ouellette av, (Thompson's 
Ins Office, 164 Pitt w, Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier 
Eagle Star & British Dominions, Anchor Ins Agencies Ltd, 
305 Victoria av, Foster & Robarts, 76 London w, Geo 
Lawton 374 Ouellette av 

Eagle Star Ins Co, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 London w 
Economical Mutual Fire Ins Co, Peck Ins Agency agts, 
1015 Ottawa 

Empire Life Ins Co, 267 Pelissier 

Employers Liability, Peck Ins Agency, 1051 Ottawa, 
Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyandotte e, U G Reaume Ltd, 
176 London w, Blonde Ins Agency, 25 London w, 
Geo Lawton 374 Ouellette av and Piche-Duchene General 
Ins Agency agts, 3209 Sandwich w 
Employers Liability Assce Co, W J Burns Co Ltd agts, 76 
London w, Foster & Robarts, 76 London w, H Atkinson 
& Son agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Granite Ins 
Agencies, 267 Pelissier, Walker Ins Agency agts, 1942 
Wyandotte e, Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier 
Eouitable Life Ins Co of Can, 267 Pelissier 
Excelsior Life Ins Co, 176 London w 
Federal Fire Ins Co, C A McAllister agt, 25 London w; 
H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Wal- 
ker Ins Agency -Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e; Baxter In- 
surance Agency, 44 Wyandotte e and Harry J Bell 
Agency, 332 Ouellette av 

Federation Ins Co, Blonde Ins Agency agts, 25 London w 
Fidelity Ins Co of Canada, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 
Wyandotte e, C A McAllister, 25 London w, W J 
Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w, Baxter Ins Agency, 44 
Wyandotte e 

Fire Ins Co of Can, Harry J Bell Agency, 332 Ouellette av 
Fireman's Fund Ins Co, Foster & Robarts, 76 London w 
Firemen's Ins Co, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ottawa, W J 
Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w 

General Accident Assce Co, Thompson's Insurance Of- 
fice, 164 Pitt w; Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ot- 
tawa; Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyandotte e; Blonde 
Ins Agency, 25 London w, E J W Griffith Agencies 
agts, 745 London w; Anchor Insurance Agencies Ltd, 
305 Victoria av 

General Accident Assce Co of Canada, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd agts, 1942 Wyandotte e, Peck Ins Agency, 1015 

Seneral Accident, Fire & Life Ins Co, C A McAllister, 
25 London w, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w, Peck 
Ins Agency, 1015 Ottawa, Douglas A Towle, 267 
Pelissier, Geo Lawton 374 Ouellette av 
General Fire Ins, Perth, Scotland, E J W Griffith Agencies, 
745 London w 

General Security Ins Co of Canada, Thompson's Ins Office 
164 Pitt w 

Glen Falls Ins Co, E J W Griffith Agencies agts, 745 
London w 

Gore District Mutual Fire Ins Co, E J W Griffith Agencies 

745 London w 

Gore District Mutual Fire Ins Co, Foster & Robarts agts, 
76 London w 

Granite State, Piche-Duchene General Ins Agency agts 
3209 Sandwich w 

Great American Ins Co, Thompson's Insurance Office, 
164 Pitt w 

Great American Ins Co of N Y, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 
1942 Wyandotte e 

Great West Life Assce Co, 374 Ouellette av 
Guardian Assce Co Ltd of London, Eng, Walker Ins 
Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Guardian Ins Co of Canada, Walker Ins Agency Ltd 1942 
Wyandotte e, Windsor Insurance Co agts, 25 London w 
Halifax Ins Co, Granite Ins Agencies, 261-293 Pelissier 

Classified, Yellow Page 29 


"Saf d wdk MORRIS FLOWERS " 

Ed. W. Morris President 


at Lincoln Rd. * 4-5101 at Goyeau St. 

Insurance Companies 

Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co, Ernest H Chauvin, 25 
London w 

Hartford Fire Ins Co of Hartford, Conn, Walker Ins 
Agency ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, Thompson's Ins Office, 
164 Pitt w, Plche-Duchene Ins Agency, 3209 Sandwich w 
Hartford Insurance of Hartford, Conn Piche-Duchene General 
Ins Agency, agt 3209 Sandwich w 
Home Fire it Marine Ins Co, Thompsons Ins Office, 164 
Pitt w 

Home Ins Co The, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 London w 
Home Ins Co of New York, Thompson's Insurance Office, 
164 Pitt w; Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte 

Hudson Bay Ins Co Ltd, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w, 
Imperial Guaranty & Accident Ins Co, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 

Imperial Ins Office, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w, 
Foster & Robarts agts, 76 London w 
Imperial Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette av 
Indemnity Co of North America, E J W Griffith Agencies 
agts, 745 London w 

Insurance Co of N A, Baxter Ins Agency agts, 44 Wyan- 
dotte e, Granite Ins Agency agts, 261-293 Pelissier, 
Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 London w 
Insurance Co of N A of Philadelphia, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 

Legal and General Assurance Society Ltd, Windsor Ins Co 
agts, 25 London w, Baxter Ins Agency agts, 44 Wyan- 
dotte e 

Liverpool Manitoba Ins Co, E J W Griffith Agencies, 
745 London w 

Liverocol & London & Globe Ins Co Ltd, Baxter Ins Agency, 
44 Wyandotte e, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyan- 
dotte e; Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w; E J W 
Griffith, 745 London w, Granite Ins Agencies, 267 

Lloyd's of London, England, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 
London w 

London & Edinburgh Ins Co, Baxter Ins Co agts, 44 
Wyandotte e 

London Assce The, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 London w 
London Assurance Corp of London. Cng. Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd 1942 Wyandotte e. Geo Lawton 374 Ouellette av, 
Chas N Clarke Ins Service agts, 332 Ouellette av 
London Guarantee & Accident, W J Burns Co Ltd, agts, 76 
London w 

London Life Ins Co, 267 Pelissier 

Loyal Protective Ins Co, E J W Griffiths Agencies agts, 745 
London w 

London & 'Lancashire Ins Co Ltd, Anchor Ins Agencies Ltd, 
305 Victoria 

Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co, 76 London w 
Maccabees, The, 304 Ouellette av 
Manufacturers Life Ins Co, 374 Ouellette av 
Maryland Casualty Co, Foster & Robarts, 76 London w, 
Merchants Fire Assce Corp, H Atkinson Son agts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e 

Merchants Fire Ins Co, Harry J Bell Agency 33-2 Ouellette 

Merchants' Fire Ins Co of Toronto, Minnie Burns, 188 
Pitt w. Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Metropolitan Life Ins Co, 367 Ouellette av 
Monarch Life Assce Co, 76 London w 
Montreal Life Ins Co, 25 London w 
Mutual Benefit Health & Accident Assn, E J W Griffith 
Agencies, Western Ont mgrs, 745 London w 
Mutual Life Assce Co of Canada, 374 Ouellette av 
National Ben Franklin, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ottawa 
National Life Assce Co of Canada The, 267 Pelissier 
National Retailers Mutual Ins Co, 76 London w 
New England Fire Ins Co, Blonde Ins Agency, 25 London 

New Hampshire Fire Ins Co, H Atkinson &. Son agts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e 

New York Underwriters Ins Co, Thompson's Ins Office agts, 
164 Pitt w 

New York Underwriters Ins Co of N Y, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier, 
Niagara Fire Ins, H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 Tecum- 
seh blvd e 

Niagara Fire Ins Co, Minnie Burns, 188 Pitt w, C A 
McAllister agt, 25 London w; Blonde Ins Agency, 25 
London w, Anchor Ins Agencies Ltd, 305 Victoria av 
North American Life Assce Co, 374 Ouellette av 
North British & Mercantile Ins Co Ltd, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 
London w, C A McAllister agt, 25 London w 
Northern Assurance Co, Granite Ins Agencies agts, 261- 
293 Pelissier 

Northern Assce Co Ltd of London, England, Walker Ins 

Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Northern Life Assce Co of Canada The, 374 Ouellette av 
Northwestern National Ins Co, Douglas A Towle 267 Pelissier 
Norwich Union Fire Ins Society Ltd, Walker Inc Agency 

1.942 Wyandotte e Thompson's Ins Office agt 164 
Pitt av, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ottawa 
Occidental Fire Ins Co, C A McAllister, 25 London w. 

Geo Lawton 374 Ouellette av, Blonde Ins Agency, 25 
London w 

Occidental Life Insurance Co, 618 Ouellette av 
Ocean Accident &. Guarantee Corp, Blonde Ins Agency agts, 
25 London w 

Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp Ltd, Thompson's Ins Of- 
fice, 164 Pitt w, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 

Wyandotte e 

Pacific Fire Assce, H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 Tecum- 
seh blvd e 

Palatine Ins Co, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ottawa and 
Harry J Bell Agency, 332 Ouellette av 
Pearl Assurance Co Ltd, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt 

Pearl Assce Co Ltd, of London, Eng, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, Minnie Burns 188 Pitt w, 
Chas N Clarke Ins Service agts 332 Ouellette av 
Perth Mutual Fire Ins Co, Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyan 
dotte e, Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier and Harry J 
Bell Agency, 332 Ouellette av 
Phoenix Assce Co Ltd of London, Eng, Walker Ins Agency 
Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, Foster & Robarts, 76 London 
w, H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, 
Blonde Ins Agency, 2-3 London w, Piche-Duchene Genl 
Ins Agency agts, 3209 Sandwich w, Baxter Ins Agency, 
44 Wyandotte e 

Phoenix Ins Co of Hartford, H Atkinson & Son agts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Foster & Robarts, 76 Lon- 
don w, Chas N Clarke Ins Service agts, 332 Ouellette 
av; Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e, 
Granite Ins Agencies, 267 Pelissier, Piche-Duchene 
Genl Ins Agency, 3209 Sandwich w 
Pilot Ins Co, E J W Giffith Agencies agts, 745 London w 
Provincial Ins Co of England, H Atkinson & Son a$ts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 

London w 

Provincial Service Agency, H Atkinson & Son agts, 
1226 Tecumseh blvd e, E J W Griffith Agencies 

745 London w 

Prudential Assce Co Ltd, U G Reaume Ltd agts, 176 

London w 

Prudential Assurance Co Ltd of Eng., W J Burns Co 

Ltd, 76 London w, Baxter Insurance Agency, 44 
Wyandotte e; Douglas A Towle, 267 Pelissier; Anchor 
Ins Agencies Ltd, 305 Victoria av; Geo Lawton, 374 
Ouellette av, Walker Ins Agency, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Prudential Assce Co Ltd, Toronto, Can, Piche-Duchene 
General Ins Agency agts, 3209 Sandwich w 
Prudential Insurance Co of America, 455 Ouellette av 
Queensland Insurance Co, Windsor Ins Co agts, 25 Lon- 
don w, 

Railway Passengers Assurance Co, W J Burns Co Ltd, 
76 London w, Chas N Clarke Ins Service agts, 332 

Ouellette av, C A McAllister, Agent, 25 London w, 
Walker Insurance Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Reliance Insurance Co, W J Burns Co Ltd agts, 76 London w 
Royal Exchange Assce Co, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w; 

Geo Lawton, 374 Ouellette av 
Royal Ins Co, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w; H 
Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e, Granite 
Ins Agencies, 267 Pelissier, Harry J Bell Agency, 

332 Ouellette av 

St Paul Fire & Marine Ins Co, Peck Ins Agency agts, 

1015 Ottawa; Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyan- 
dotte e; U G Reaume Ltd, 176 London w, Granite 
Ins Agencies, 267 Pelissier, Harry J Bell Agency, 

332 Ouellette av 

St Paul Fire & Marine Ins Co Ltd, Baxter Ins Agency agts, 
44 Wyandotte e 

Scottish Canadian Assce Corp, Anchor Ins Agencies Ltd, 305 
Victoria av 

Scottish Metropolitan Assce Co, Foster & Robarts, 76 
Lcodon w. 

Scottish Metropolitan Ins Co Ltd, C A McAllister agt, 
25 London w 

Scottish Union *& National, H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 
Tecumseh blvd e, C A McAllister agts, 25 London w 
Scottish Union & National Ins Co, Windsor Ins Co agts, 
25 London w 

Security Ins Co, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 Ottawa; 
Anchor Ins Agencies, 305 Victoria av & Windsor 
Ins Co, 25 London w 

Shaw & Begg Limited, H Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 
Tecumseh blvd e, Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyandotte e; 
Chas N Clarke Ins Service agts, 332 Ouellette av 

— 30 — 



1010 London St. West .... Phone 4-6456 

Sovereign Life Assce Co, 25 London w 
Springfield Fire & Marine Ins Co, Blonde Ins Agency, 25 
London w 

Startstead & Sherbrooke Ins Co, Harry J Bell Agency, 352 
Ouellette a v 

Sun Ins Office Ltd, Anchor Ins Agencies, 305 Victoria 
and Harry J Bell Agency, 332 Ouellette av 
Sun Ins Office Ltd of London, Eng, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 
1942 Wyandotte e, Plche-Ducherte Genl Ins Agency 
3209 Sandwich w 

Sun Life Assce Co of Can, 374 Ouellette av 
Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w; Blonde Ins Agency, 
25 London w 

Toronto General Ins Co, E J W Griffith Agencies, 745 
London w and C A McAllister agt, 25 London w 
Travelers Ins Co, W J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w; 

•Harry J Bell Agency, 332 Ouellette av 

Travelers Ins Co of Hartford, Conn, Baxter Ins Agency, 

44 Wyandotte e 

Union Fire & Accident, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w 
Union Ins Society of Canton, Peck Ins Agency agts, 1015 
Ottawa, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w 
Union Ins Society of Canton Ltd, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 
1942 Wyandotte e 

Uhlted States Fidelity & Guarantee Co, Thompson's In* 
Office, 164 Pitt w; C A McAllister, 25 London 
w; Baxter Ins Agency, 44 Wyandotte e; Blonde Ins 

Agency, 25 London w; U G Reaume Ltd, 176 London w; 
Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 Wyandotte e; Granite Ins 
Agencies, 267 Peliss e* 

Waterloo Mutual Ins Co, Harry J Bell Agency, 332 Ouel- 
lette av 

Wawanesa Mutual Ins Co, Harry J Bell Agency, 332 
Ouellette av 

Wellington Fire Ins Co, Walker Ins Agency Ltd, 1942 
Wyandotte e, Minnie Burns, 188 Pitt w; H Atkin- 
son & Son agts, 1226 Tecumseh blvd e 
Western Assce Co, Foster & Robarts agts, 76 London w; W 
J Burns Co Ltd, 76 London w; Douglas A Towle, 267 
Pelissier, Geo Lawton, 374 Ouellette av; Thompson's Ins 
Offfice, 164 Pitt w 

Western Assce Co (Fire Dept) of Toronto, Walker Ins 
Agency Ltd agts, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Western Assce Co (Marine Dept) of Toronto, Walker Ins 
Agency Ltd agts, 1942 Wyandotte e 
Western Assc* Co of Toronto, Canada, Blonde Ins Agency, 
25 London w 

Western Life Assce Co, E J W Griffith Agencies, Western 
Ont mgrs, 745 London w 

Willis Faber Co Ltd, K Atkinson & Son agts, 1226 
Tecumseh blvd e 

World Fire & Marine Ins Co, W J Bums Co Ltd agts, 76 
London w; Piche-Duchcne Genl Ins Agency, 3209 Sand- 
wich w 

World Marine & General Ins Co, Harry J Bell Agency, 332 
Ouellette av 

Yorkshire Ins Co, Thompson's Ins Office, 164 Pitt w; 

Granite Ins Agencies, 267 Pelissier 
Zurich General Accident & Liability Ins Co Ltd, Douglas 
A Towle, 267 Pelissier 


Arnold Candler, 558 Goyeau 
Bernhardt Lawrence, 1435 Wyandotte e 


Phone 4-5155 


Carruthers, Geo & Son, 76 London w 
Federal Securities, 25 London w 
McLeod Young Weir & Co Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Miiner Ross & Co, 261 Pelissier 


Armson Iron Works Ltd, 1558 Howard w 


WING J T & CO LTD, 375 Pin east. 
Phone 3-2431 (See adv inside 
front cover) 



( See also Watch and Jewelry 
Repairers ) 

Antique Jewellery Ltd, 530 Ouellette av 

Bensette, Oswald R, 306 Ouellette av 

Birks Henry & Sons (Ont) Ltd, 373-375 Ouellette av 

Black, Archie H, 1918 Wyandotte e 

Bruce Jeanne, 62 Park e 

Domino Jewellery, 4746 Wyandotte e 

Gold Shoppe The, 345 Ouellette av 

Grayson Jewellers, 973 Ottawa and 131 Ouellette «v 

Halmo Jewellers, 1368-70 Ottawa 

Horvath Anthony, 1295 Ottawa 

Jalin Carl, 1910 London w 

Jewelry Hospital, 132 Pitt w 

Kopstein Samuel, 1067 Drouillard rd 

Kryk Lewis, 1243 Ottawa 

Marentette Harold, 710 Wyandotte e 

Martin & Slack Jewellers, 1351 Tecumseh blvd e 

Minded's Credit Jewellers, 101 London w 

Paquette Fred J, 42 Pitt w 

People's Credit Jewellers, 307 Ouellette av 

Pleasance Chas E, 1701 Wyandotte e 

Racklin Jacob, 589 Wyandotte e 

Reliable Jewellery Mfg Co, 190 Ouellette av 

Shanfield's Jewellers, 190 Ouellette av 

Vezina C J Jeweller, 31 London w 

Webb John Ltd, 552-556 Ouellette av 

Williams Jewellery, 1364 Wyandotte e 



Kilpatrick C Mfg Co Ltd, 130 London e 
Traub Mfg Co of Can Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 


LIMITED, 870 Ottawa Street, 
Phones 4-9231-2 

Windsor Tool & Die Limited, 1680 Kildare road 


Kovinsky J & Sons Ltd, 110 Hill av 
Meretsky, Burnstine & Meretsky, 1577 Howard tv 


Barbara Goulde of Windsor (Reg'd) 1663 Ottawa 
Benkerdorf Stylist, 1432 Wyandotte e 
Bernard's Dress Shoppe, 1322 Wyandotte e 
Brown's Silk Shoppe, 1078 Drouillard rd, 665 London w, 
1257-630ttawa, 1755 Wyandotte e and 429 Ouellette 

Carol-Lee, 519 Ouellette av 

Chez Renee's Ladies Wear, 1602 Drouillard rd 

Diane Frocks, 341 Ouellette av 

Ooree's Ladies Wear, 1675-85 Ottawa 

Dress Shoppe The, 1315 Wyandotte e 

Du Barry Frocks, 61 London w and 1026 Drouillard rd 

Ford's Smart Style Shop, 46 Chatham w 

Genevieve Lingerie Shop, 472 Pelissier 

Gotham Shop, The, 325 Ouellette av 

Grayson's Ladies' Wear Ltd, 84 Pitt • 

Harriott Shopoe, 1666 Tecumseh blvd e 
Hoppe's Nu-Vogue, 246 Ouellette av and 1641 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Jo' Anne Shoppe Ltd, 361 Ouellette av 

Classified, Yellow Page 31 

Ladies' Ready-to-Wear 

Judy Shop, 1333 Ottawa 

Lady Ellis Shop Ltd, 1474 Ottawa 

Lee's Dress Shop, 1506 Wyandotte • 

MacKay's Ladies Wear, 1626 Ottawa 
Mayfair Ladies' Wear, 417 Ouellette av 
Moderne Modes, 1886 Ottawa 
Ordower Leo, 1515 Ottawa 
Pearl's Dress Studio, 520 Pelissier 
Pennington's 351 Ouellette av 
Princess Shoppe, '308 Ouellette av 
Raemar Dress Shop, 1063 Drouillard rd 
Red Robin Apparel Co, 331 Ouellette av 
Reitman's (Ont) Ltd, 1350 Ottawa and 459 Ouellette av 
Ros-Ann Shop, 559 Ouellette av 
Sally Shops Ltd, 359 and 409 Ouellette av 
Smith John Women's Wear Ltd, 545 Ouellette av 
Stuart Fashions Ltd, 356 Ouellette av 
Style Shoppe, 1239 Ottawa 
Tinker Togs, 1623 Howard av 
Tula Fashions, 324 Ouellette av 
Waterman's Ready-to-Wear Ltd, 553 Ouellette av 
Young & Smith Shoppe, 1514 Ottawa 


Walkerville Land & Building Co Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 


Harris Landscape Service, 4171 Wyandotte e 


Lajeunesse F J Mrs, 137 Ouellette av 


Baby Diaper Laundry, 1406 Erie e 

Burnside Wet Wash Laundry, 1148 Chatham • 

Chan Bros Laundry, 269 Wyandotte w 

Chong Geo, 73 Wyandotte e 

East End Hand Laundry, 1232 Erie e 

Hong Laundry 2863 Charles 

Hong Sing Laundry, 752 Parent av 

Jean C F, 276 Windsor av 

Lee Chas Laundry, 555 Erie e 

Lee Charlie Laundry, 263 Sandwich w 

Lee Hop Laundry, 318 Pelissier 

Lee-Jim Hop, 283 Sandwich e 

Lee Laundry, 994 Maisonville av 

Lee Ming, Laundry, 1547 Wyandotte e 

Lee On, 73 Erie e 

Lee Willie, 797 Goyeau 

Lung Charles, 488 London w 

Monastery Laundry, 3615 College av 

Peerless Handwork Laundry, 175 Goyeau 

Reliable Laundry, 3185 Sandwich w 

Sing On, 341 Park w 

Sing Sam, 167 Pitt w 

Standard Laundry, 1201 Dougall av 

Sunshine Laundry, 1105 Albert rd 

lorn Charlie Co, 1216 Wyandotte e 

White Laundry & Dry Cleaning Co Ltd, 938 Wyandotte e 

Wing Chung Laundry, 1491 London w 

Wing Lee Laundry, 648 Chilver rd 

Wong Charlie, 76 Pitt e 


CO, 314 Giles Blvd E, Phones 
3-9362 and 4-2613 


( See Barristers, Solicitors, etc.) 


Addison Leather Goods, 1068 Windsor av 

Banwell's Better Baggage, 196 Pitt e 

Bayley & Ellis Co Ltd (distributors), 321-323 Sandwich w 

Land's Luggage, 130 Pitt e 

Monarch Belting Co, 408 Hanna e 


Direct Letter Service, 29 Park w 


Christian Science Reading Room, 29 Park w 
Essex Law Assn Library, 374 Ouellette av 
Public Libraries (for list of branches see Alphabetlcil 

Riverside Assn Library, 1929 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Windsor Public Library (For list of Branches see Alpha- 
betical Section under public libraries) 

Winston Churchill Public Library, 75 Park w 


Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario 400 Tecurn- 
seh blvd w 

■Hydro -'Electric Power Commn Inspection Dept, 1671-7 

Windsor Utilities Commission, 149 Chatham w 


■Dodd & Struthers Ltd, 1721 Moy av 


Real Lace and Linen Store, 266 Ouellette av 


Liquor Control Board of Ontario (for list of branches set 
Alphabetical Section) 


Caisse Populaire, 1602 Drouillard rd 
Commercial Credit Plan Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Hennin Joseph G, 195 Goyeau 
Huron & Erie Mortgage Corp, 190 London w 
Kaplan Sami S, 374 Ouellette av 






Ouellette at Wyandotte 
Phone 4-1191 

Pierce Blake Finance Co, 15 Wyandotte • 


Bakst Sewel, 508 Ouellette av 
Fixit Shop, 134 Pitt w 
Master Locksmiths, 241 Wyandotte e 
Windsor Locksmiths, 1001 Howard av 


Allan Roger Lumber Ltd, 2187 Ottawa 
Beaver Lumber Co Ltd, 2324 Walker rd 
Branch J D Lumber Co Ltd, 2479 Howard av 
Fraser Box & Lumber Co, 1874 Walker rd 
Hymans Lumber Co Ltd, 376 London w 
Matthews Lumber Co Ltd, 1498 Mercer 
Midland Lumber Co, 1540 Mercer 
Nevison J L, 76 London w 
Osborne Lumber Co, 869 Mill 
Poisson Lumber, 1350 St Luke rd 
Walkerville lumber Ltd, 604 Walker rd 
Windsor Lumber Co Ltd, 694 Cameron av 

— 32 — 



Windsor Tool & Die Limited, 1680 Kildare Road 




PHONE 4.3215 

Wm. Griesinger, Pres, and Treas. 

Harry Holland, Sec. 

Windsor Lumber Co Ltd, 694 Cameron av 


Firth Rylah, 1285 Elsmere av 
MacArthur John A, 388 Devonshire rd 
Tobin Wm E, 25 London w 
Wade Geo & Co, 182 Pitt w 
Watkins J R Products Co, 454 Church 
White Geo T Co, 530 Walker rd 
Whitlock Harry H, 15 Wyandotte e 


Alison Machinery Co Ltd, The, 76 London w 
Barter F F Machinery Co, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Canadian Fairbanks Morse Co Ltd, The, 357 Pitt e 
Dominion Auto-Drive Ltd, 315-325 Devonshire rd 
Duncan D M Machinery Co Ltd, 1958 Wyandotte e, 
and 985 St Luke rd 
Erie Machine Products, 108 McDougall 
Henze C H Co Ltd, 620 Glengarry av 
Hydraulic Diamond Drill & Products Co Ltd, 1530 Ouellette 

Mendler Manufacturing, 2540 George av 

Ontario Rototiller Sales Co, 1159 Lillian 

Rudel Machinery Co Ltd, 267 Pelissier 

Ryder J H Machinery Co Ltd,, 1165 Tecumseh blvd e 



Tools, Dies, Fixtures, Jigs, Gauges, 
Plan-O-Mill, Multiple Heads, Drill 
Masters, Hole-Wise Grinders, Gear 
Cutting, Heat Treating and Special 

PHONES 4-9231-2 

Standard Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 870 Ottawa 
Williams & Wilson ad, 267 Pelissier 



Butcher Engineering Enterprises Ltd, 258 Chilver rd 
Connor Machine Shop,, 565 Shepherd e 
Gordon Machine Co, 1539 Crawford av 





General Repair Work 

PHONE 3-5870 

Nickleson Tool & Die Co Ltd, 1562 Windsor av 
Romeo Machine Shop, 1577 Howard av 
Saltsman Harry H, 1959 Iroquois 

LIMITED, 870 Ottawa Street, 
Phones 4-9231-2 

riK n ' B . r . ad ? en & James Ltd, (tool dlrs) 624 Chilver rd 
Windsor Machine & Stamping Ltd, 4331 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand £ Twp) 

Zollner Machine Works, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 


Eaton T Co Ltd, 659 Ouellette a/ 

Simpson Robt Co Ltd, 48 Wyandotte e 

mats and matting mfrs. 

American Mat Corp of Can Ltd, 176 London w 


Monarch Mattress Mfg Co, 729 Cataraqui 

Windsor Mattress & Equipment Co Ltd, 673 Caron av 

( See Butchers ) 


Lewis-Howe Co, 2595 Sandwich e 
Page E R Co, 52 Chatham w 
Rundle Geo H & Son Co Ltd, 320 Pitt w 
Siroil of Can Ltd, 152 Pitt w 
Vanderhoof & Co Ltd, 76 London w 


Avenue Men's Shop, 1392 Wyandotte e 
Beausoleil's Harry, Swank Shop, 1646 Ottawa 
Bergers Cut-Rate Store, 77 Pitt e 
Bond Clothes Shop, 368 Ouellette and 1201 Ottawa 
Brotherhood Men's Store, 1535 Ottawa 
Bulat's Men's Wear, 1623 Drouillard rd 
Burberry Coat Shop (operated by Dowlers), 401 Ouellette 
Community Store, 3347 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Coward Clotnts Ltd, 1347 Ottawa and 461-463 Ouellette 

uueuene av ana I4b4 Uttawi 
Esquire Clothes Shop 337 Ouellette av 
Friendly Store, 1345 Tecumseh blvd e 
Gagnon, Phillas Men's Wear, 4565 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

Harry's Clothing, 137-141 Pitt e 

Jackson John A Ltd, 180 Ouellette av 

Janisse Omer E, 170 Ouellette av 

Liddy's Men's Wear Ltd, 481 Ouellette av 

Lyle's Campus Shop, 1060 Drouillard rd 

M T T Disposal, 271 Ouellette av 

Manufacturers Surplus Stores, 143 Ouellette av 

McCance W J, 321 Ouellette av 

Oxford Shop The, 1479 Tecumseh blvd e 

Piche Ray Men's Wear, 864 Erie e 

Richman Clothes, 1235 Ottawa 

Seguin Ray J, 109 Ouellette av 

Sire Shop For Men, 2180 Wyandotte w 

Stewart Clothes Ltd, 356 Ouellette av 

Strand Men's Wear, 1494 Ottawa 

Stuart Clothes Ltd, 1504 Ottawa and 294 Ouellette av 

Teno's Toggery, 1326 Wyandotte e 

Towne Shop, 1036 Drouillard rd 

Turner Harry H, 1090 Drouillard rd 

Union Men's Shop Ltd, 25 Pitt e 

Walkerville Men's Shop, 1600 Wyandotte e 

Wickham's, 286 Ouellette av 


Invisible Menders, 170 Ouellette av 


Dun & Bradstreet of Canada Ltd, 332 Ouellette tv 


Strome Fire Places, 'rear) 942 Church 
Whittaker Fireplaces, 859 Wyandotte w 

( See Tailors — Merchant) 


Classified, Yellow Page 33 

Goodhousekeeping Seal oi ApprovaL 







Backstay Standard Co Ltd, 875 Mercer 
Banner Metal Products Ltd, 1696 Kildare rd 
Hewitt Metals Corp Ltd, 1554 McDougall 
Johnstel Metal Products Ltd, 1628 Durham pi 
L K Metal Products, 1640 Cataraqui 
M & C Metal Stamping Co (rear) 1673 Moy a v 
Norando Copper & Brass Ltd, 29 Park W 
Walker Metal Products Ltd, 1500 and 1511 Kildare rd and 
1855 Shepherd e 


Pitney-Bowes of Can Ltd, 76 London w 


Butler M 6 Sc Co Ltd, 1220 London w 

LIMITED, 357 Pitt east, Phone 

Windsor Industrial Supplies & Parts Ltd, 205 Glen- 
garry av 


Chez Suzanne, 31 Wyandotte e 
Estelle Millinery Salon, 1647 Tecumseh blvd e 
Hats By Anne, 246 Ouellette av 
Lindenman Rose, 722 Moy av 
Maris, 472 Pelissier 

My Lady's Hat Shoppe, 419 Ouellette av 
Ritz Millinery, 433 Ouellette av 
Russak Nancy Mrs, 1886 Ottawa 
Veale Helen Millinery, 912 Ottawa 


Carshaw Porcupine Gold Mines Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Corbana Exploration Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Great Lakes Copper Mines Ltd, 176 London w 
Ourgold Mining Co Ltd, 1530 Ouellette av 
Reoplata Mines Ltd, 744 Ouellette av 


Monastery of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd, 
3615 College av 


Clarke D & Co, 1044 Howard av 

Excelsior Granite & Marble Works, 163 Pitt • 


Windsor Motorcycle Sales & Service, 2504 Howard a v 
(R Park) 

The Advertisement 
That Lives and Works 
for a year — 

An Advertisement in the 
City Directory 

— 34 — 



Windsor Avenue at City Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1185 
Complete Service on all Ford Products 
Branch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 




We have Bonded Highway Licenses lor 
Canada and United States, eliminating 
transfer en route. 

850 Wyandotte West. Windsor 
Phone 3-1166 

4022 Dundas West, Toronto 
Phone RO. 1197 

Lancaster E W Co Ltd, 850 Wyandotte e 
Windsor Truck & Storage Co Ltd, 201 Shepherd 



[ y Commercial Advertisers, The, 52 Chatham w 


Francois Baby House, 254-6 Pitt w 


Ciccone Pat, 609 Ouellette av 

Elliott Lillian, 137 Ouellette av 

French Greeta, 618 Ouelletta av 

Grayson Anna G, 1077 Ouellette av 

Grey Sisters School of Music, 663 Marentette av 

Halcyon School of Music, 111 Sandwich w 

Howe Waneta, 359 Lot 

King Geo H, 1181 Ouellette av 

Moore Templeton, 137 Ouellette av 

Prince Irene, 52 Chatham w 

St Josephs School of Music, 267 Cadillac 

Sisters of St. Joseph, 377 Cameron av 

Ursuline Academy, 850-868 Ouellette av 

Windsor Musical Art Studio, 15 Wyandotte w 


Davies Gethin B, 304 Ouellette av 
Downie Bros, (rear) 889 Wyandotte e 
Grinnell Bros Music House, 184 Ouellette av 
Ouellette H T Co, 1185 Tecumseh blvd e 
Rennie Music Store, 138 London w 

i ‘ 


dT.'. 031 ;, News Co Ltd ' The ' 277 Sandwich w 
Rollett News Service, 617 Ouellette av 
runnel News-Stand, 508 Ouellette av 
Windsor News Co Ltd (whol), 346 Victoria av 


Detroit Free Press, The, 174 Pitt w 
Riverside News, 421 Glidden av (R'Side) 
Winds ° r Daily Star, The, 167 Perry 


Eberwein Paul, 166 Ouellette av 

Erie Novelty, 1059 Erie e 

Kay's Souvenirs, 116-118 Wyandotte e 

Knox Souvenirs, 407 Ouelette av 

Magic Fun Shop, 230 Wyandotte e 

Man-Dee's Products, 1001 Erie e 

Patricia Gale's Novelty Shop, 38-42 Shepherd e 

Sigal Bros, 860 Drouillard rd 

Tally-Ho Novelty Co, 1291 Erie e 

Zimmerman's Novelty Mfg, 464 London w 



Nursery Co, 1159 Lillian 


Victorian Order of Nurses, 567 Lincoln rd 

Windsor Community Nursing Registry, loll Ouellette av 

( Dealers and Importers) 

Blue Circle Products, 51 Ouelle^e ay 

1 UUUULJ, ■#! UU 

Pekar’s Nut Shop, 129 Pitt 


Bostitch (Canada) Ltd, 29 Park w 

Brown Stationery Co, 108 McDougall 

Business Systems Ltd, 29 Park w 

Dominion Office Supply Co Ltd, 1167 Mercer 

Jolly D W Co, 136 Ferry 

Knaggs N V & CO, 134 Pitt w 

Mamoch Office Supply Co, 1950 Wyandotte e 

Mitchell Bros, 120 Pitt w 

Offrey (Canada) Ltd, 305 Sunset av 

Whitley A Ltd, 86 Chatham w 

Windsor Office Supply Ltd, 361 Pelissier 


Angus John R, 960 Wyandotte e 

Bygrove Wm T (Bill) & Son, 3008 Tecumseh blvd e 

Chausse Mfg Co Ltd, 1263 MdDougall 

Manor E G Oil Burner Service, 631 Pierre av 


Kersiey Oil & Gas Co Ltd, 274 Ouellette av 
Macardell Oils Ltd, 224-274 Ouellette av 


Beaver Oil Co, 1597 Howard av 

British American Oil Co, 4027 Sandwich w 

Cities Service Oil Co Ltd 305 Giles blvd e 

Imperial Oil Ltd, 1027 St Luke rd, (For list of branch*. 

see Alphabetical Section) 

McColl-Frontenac Oil Co Ltd. 2425 Richmond 

Penn-Ada Petroleum Co Ltd, 1308 St Luke rd 

Shell Oil Co of Can Ltd, 4059 Sandwich w 

Shunda Oils Ltd, 744 Ouellette av 

Socony-Vacuum Oil Co of Can Ltd, 437 Ouellette av 

^pertest Petroleum Corp Ltd (Wind Div), 1219 Wyandotte 

Trinidad Leaseholds (Canada) Ltd, 933 Howard av 


American Optical Co Canada Ltd, 457 Ouellette av 
Bass Harry, 356 Ouellette av 

Classified, Yellow Page 35 

I £ilo.&'uuoad 



| (Windsor Branch) 


Phone 3-1192 
















s 1 1 g g h 

Opticians and Optometrists 

Bass Optometrists, 37 London w 
Black James R, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Boley John P, 405 Wyandotte w 
Brown Optical Co, The, 475 Ouellette av 
Gabus Edwd A, 1362 Wyandotte e 
Gibson Sami L, 1273 Ottawa 
Grayson Peter, 1512 Ottawa 
Imperial Optical Co (mfg), 332 Ouellette av 
King Optical Co, 415 Ouellette av 
McDonald Chas E, 182 Windsor av 
Pringle George S, 744 Ouellette av 
Semple Optical Co, 577 Ouelleltte av 
Steele Optical Co, 353 Ouellette av 
Struckett Florence Mrs, 320 Ouellette av 
Tait Optical Co Ltd, 23 Park w 
Windsor Optical Co, 374 Ouellette av 


Miracle Foot Aid, 29 Wyandotte e 


Kinsperger Clement V. 374 Ouellette av 


( Meat and Provisions) 

Brenner Packers Ltd, 497 Cataraqui 
Burns & Co (Eastern) Ltd, 1518 Mercer 
Canada Packers Ltd, 795 London w 
Essex Packers Ltd, 897 Mercer 
Swift Canadian Co Ltd, 847 Janette av 


Berry Brothers Incorporated, 1106 Walker rd 
Canadian Industries Ltd, 176 London w 
Murphy Paint Co Ltd, 1160 Central av 
Scarfe & Co Ltd, 327 Pitt e 
Sherwin-Williams Co of Canada Ltd, 45 Pitt w 
Standard Paint & Varnish Co Ltd, 845 Wyandotte w 


Erie Paint & Wallpaper Co Ltd, 1412 Tecumseh blvd e 
and 716 Ouellette av 
Leo's Paint Shop, 1040 Windsor av 
Lowe Bros Paint & Wallpaper, 1840 Ottawa 
Regal Paint & Wallpaper Co, 1304 Wyandotte e 
Riverside Paint & Wallpaper, 1425 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
Rock-Tred Corporation (Can) Ltd, 29 Park w 


Brooke T W & Sons I Id, 74 Pitt w 

Dollars Painting Contractors, 1460 Gladstone av 

Ed & Andy Painters & Decorators, 3477 Girardot av 

Frederick Chas K, 435 Moy av 

Kaus Decorating, 249 Prado pi (R'Side) 

Millinoff Interiors, 1633 Tecumseh blvd e 

National Painting & Decorating Co Ltd, 725 Wyandotte i 

Nicholls & Nicholls, 1922 Wyandotte e 

Potvir Arthur, 3415 Cross 

Rose Decorators, 720 Partington av 

Roy & Huebert, 1445 Tecumseh blvd e 

Smee Painting & Decorating, 779 Argyle rd 

Smith Herbert, 367 Chappell av 

Stan's Paint Shop, 919 Drouillard rd 

Taylor A Decorating Co, 2694 Howard av (R Park) 

Waterer G & Sons, 328 St Louis av (R'Side) 



Guittard & Co, 650 Sandwich w 
Merchants Paper Co, 1096 Goyeau fijk'r- 


( See Automobile Parking) 


Baby Park, between 3424-3476 Cross 
George Av Park, 884 George av 
Jackson Park, s s Tecumseh blvd e 
Lanspeary Park, s s Giles blvd e 
Mitchell Park, before 459 Giles blvd w 
Prince Rd Park, s s Prince rd 
Reaume Park, n s Riverside dr 
Riverview Park, Sandwich w cor Campbell av 
Stodgell Park, after 1636 Seneca 
Wigle Park, s s Erie e cor McDougall 
Willistead Park, bounded by Chilver rd, Niagara, 
shire and Richmond 
Wilson Park, after 1495 Wyandotte w 



(See Medicine Manufacturers) 


Bryant Pattern & Mfg Co Ltd, 469 Shepherd e 



Estimates Given on Application 



PHONES: 3-7237; Res. 3-9969 

Frontier Pattern Works, 1887 Sandwich e 
Industrial Pattern Works, 1074 Marentette av 
Windsor Patterns Ltd, 315 Devonshire rd 


LIMITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 

LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich StreeJ 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


COCK BROS. LTD., 340 Pitt Street East 
Phone 3-4611 and 1451 Tecumse) 
Blvd. East. Everything for youi 
pets in feeds and supplies. 


Record Pressing Co Ltd, 1652 Wyandotte w 

Bell W J Paper Co Ltd, 135 Church 

Fine Papers (London) Ltd (Windsor Br), 15 Wyandotte < 

Millinoff J, Waste Paper, 1730 Howard tv 

Windsor Paper Co Ltd, The, 280-300 Sandwich w 


Artona 5cudios, 1616 Ouellette av 
Child's Studio, The, 578 Wyandotte e 
Clarke Louis, 1030 Doug? 1 * av 
Gloster Barney Studio, 931 Pelissier 
Greenhow's Photographic, 164 London w 
Harrison & Gatfield, 315 Pelissier 
Holland Studios, 15 Wyandotte e 
Jennings Hugh F, 31 Ouellette av 
Lazurek John, 1377 Drouillard rd 
Lloyd Sydney C 2277 Windermere rd 
Marion's Photo Service, 1122 Drouillard rd 

— 36 — 


Meyers Studios / 569 Ouellette av 
Paramount Studios, The, 327 Ouellette av 
Reade Photographic Service, 25 London w 
, Riwney Photos, 3535 Wyandotte e 
^Snappy Snap Shot Service, 115 Chatham e 
Spurgeon Alfred W, 2206 Parkwood av 
Sturn Pat, 374 Ouellette av 
I Tatka Studio, 618 Ouellette av 
Taub's Studio, 455 Ouellette av 
Tru-Tone Studios, 1183 McKay av 
^Turner's Commercial Finishing Studios, 312 Victoria av 
V Wansbrougli Frank, 569 Ouellette av 
Warren Studio, 1069 Curry av 
Wild Noel F, 985 Ottawa and 176 London w 
Zoller Ruth E Mrs, 667 Gladstone av 



Camara Shop# 526 Goyeau 
Ontario Camera Supply Co, 

33 Chatham e 







Adams J Frank, 1011 Ouellette av 
Alewick Nicholas A, 1089 Ouellette av 
ERSfa thurs Jas, 1585 Ottawa 

Asselstine Stanley M, 1011 Ouellette av 
Barnby T Ivison, 1011 Ouellette av 
— Beuglet Ernest, 1011 Ouellette av 
' Blakely Arthur M, 286 Rossini blvd 
Boley John P, 405 Wyandotte w 
Boyd Norman 0, 618 Lincoln rd 
^Bradley Ruth J, 858 Wyandotte e 
[ Bradshaw Phyllis, 612 Goyeau 
Breault Henri J, 1011 Ouellette av 
Brien J Wilbert, 806 Ouellette av 
Brien Wilbert P, 806 Ouellette av 
I Broadwell Douglas J, 912 Erie e 

J 3rockenshire Freeman A, 1011 Ouellette av 
Butt Elmer G, 1011 Ouelette av 
Campbell C Gordon, 1011 Ouellette av 
Campbell J Gerard, 1011 Ouellette av 

Campbell S Hardie, 1710 Ottawa 

Carter Arnold, 803 Victoria av 
. Chatters Othello P, 309 Wyandotte e 
^Cohen Jacob L, 744 Ouelllette av 
; Cole John M, 89 Wyandotte w 
Coulter Wm G G, 757 Ouellette av 
Cox James R, 1879 Lincoln rd 
Coyle Roy J, 1C11 Ouellette av 
Craig Cecil R, 1471 Tecumseh blvd e 
> AKIN Crassweller Henry, 1011 Ouellette av 
Davidson Donald A, 1011 Ouellette av 
'Hone Oavidson Wm R, 15 Wyandotte e 
Davies John A, 1011 Ouellette av 
De Marco Frank, 929 Wyandotte e 
i m . IV Dignan John G, 4675 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Tw>) 
'ANT Douglas M S, 1011 Ouellette av 
itrppt Du ff' n Grant W, 271 Pillette rd 
' « Jurocher Evarist, 1011 Ouellette av 
’ Side Durocher Ulysses J, 603 London w 
Fachnie Harold L, 89 Wyandotte w 
Flock G Murray, 1402 Ouellette av 
Foster Ken H, 636 Kildare rd 
Fraser George, 803 Victoria av 
Fuller Carl L, 803 Victoria av 
George George G, 1052 Drouillard rd 
Gerace Joseph R 1510 Ottawa 
East, Girard Leo J, 945 Parent av 

. Gorman John E, 805 Giles blvd e 
mS6r Guest Freeman R, 1094 Lincoln rd 
vnUI H « rse v Lewis R, 744 Ouellette av 
• holmes Arthur B, 614 Mill 

^Holmes Royden E, 1011 Ouellette av 
Hough H Bruce, 1011 Ouellette av 
Hullca Leslie, 1189 Ouellette av 
Humphries John I, 1291 Ouellette av 
ipn^Jacks Nathan B, 900 Giles blvd e 
Xi/X/t Jacques Alex J, 853 Wyandotte e 

.^Johnston Kennoth H, 1287 Parent av 
Kalichman Nathan, 744 Ouellette av 
Keith W Elliott, 1710 Oneida Court 
Krakauer Bernard, 1231 Ouellette av 
Lager Louis H, 188 Giles Dlvd e 
Laing Geo F, 589 Pelissier 
Lanspeary Wm D, 69 Giles blvd w 

t .awlor Ambrose B, 3066 Sandwich w 
awson John B, 1291 Ouellette av 
Lees H Hislop, 1493 Wyandotte e 
Le Fave Lawrence R, 1189 Ouellette av 
lever Malcolm A, 1011 Ouellette av 
Lewis George F, 131 Park w 
Linton F Douglas, 1206 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

•'•Vthgow Alexander D, 933 Ottawa 
Kuborsky Benj, 1980 Ottawa 
Lyon Arthur H, 1011 Ouellette av 

MacDonald J D, 1505 Victoria av 
MacDonald Neil, 1011 Ouellette av 
MacLennan Farguhar, 1011 London w 
Markkanen Wm V, 929 Wyandotte e 
Master Wellington M, 1011 Ouellette av 
McCabe John, 1011 Ouellette av 
McCabe Philip, 4710 Wyandotte 
McCormick Norman A, 1687 Wyandotte • 

McCormick Wm K, 1922 Wyandotte % 

McGavin Edwin H, 1468 Wyandotte c 
McLister John C, 482 Pelissier 
McTague Gerald A, 896 Erie e 

Messer Vernon R, 4615 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Millen Donald B, 1206 Ouellette av 

Mills Cecil V, 304 Ouellette av 

Miskew John, 1509 Ottawa 

Morand Raymond D, 1292 Victoria av 

Morgan Phillip J G, 282 Pil'ette rd 

Morris Gordon W, 1011 Ouellette av 

Morton G Malcolm, 1011 Ouellette av 

Mullins Jos F, 564 Rankin av 

Needham Wm L, 4615 Tecumseh blvd e 

Nesseth Merrill E, 269 Mill 

Newman Jean M, 1040 Giles blvd e 

Parent J P, 940 Pillette rd 

Hhelps Albert, 1607 Cataraqui 

Polynchuck Dora, 1027 Ottawa 

Powell W Gayner, 15 Wyandotte e 

Randazzo Salvatore, 772 Wyandotte • 

Rider Robt C, 89 Wyandotte w 
Robert J Terrance, 1011 Ouellette av 
Robson Russell B, 1309 Windermere rd 
Rubenstein Alfred, 1069 Ouellette av 
Rutherford Donald D, 366 Wyandotte w 
Rutherford Scott E, 345 Victoria av 
Sacharoff Mortimer, 592 Randolph av 
Sanborn Clare S, 1011 Ouellette av 
Sanborn Kathleen, 1011 Ouellette av 
Savage Herman L, 89 Wyandotte w 
Scarfone Frank P, 589 Pelissier 
Seymour Burwell, 121 Wyandotte w 
Shaw Violet A, 464 Cameron av 
Shepherd Grosvenor H, 805 Lawrence rd 
Simpkins Harold A. 308 Curry av 
Smith Herbt B, 374 Ouellette av 
Spooner Stanley, 374 Ouellette av 
Stewart Alfred E, 1292 Parent av 
Stewart Friel, 1447 Tecumseh blvd e 
Stewart J Duncan, 1290 Ottawa 
Stover Chas B, 1011 Ouellette av 
Stratton Henry G, 744 Ouellette av 
Sylvestre Norbert, 1011 Ouellette av 
Taylor Alan, 1011 Ouellette av 
Taylor Henry D, 460 Wyandotte e 
Taylor Wm A, 1011 Ouellette av 
Topping Fredk 0, 1011 Ouellette av 
Trottier Adelard H C, 569 Ouellette av 
Turner George E, 1969 Wyandotte e 
Wachna Anthony T, 1520 Ottawa 
Waddell W Roy, 1011 Ouellette av 
Walsh Thomas E, 1705 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Weber Clifton R, 1661 Ouellette av 
Wells L Stewart, 2304 Howard av 
White George E, 1011 Ouellette av 
Whitty Goldie T, 643 Campbell av 
Wigle Douglas S, 3011 Ouellette av 
Wilson A Patrick, 955 Ouellette av 
Wilson Wm M, 1011 Ouellette a* 

Winbaum Edward S, 1275 Ouellette av 
Winde’er Eric C H, 1325 Hall av 
Young J Stuart, 374 Ouellette av 
Young James M, 374 Ouellette av 
Young Mary, 887 Victoria av 
Ziter Michael J, 1052 Drouillard rd 


Camp S H & Co of Canada Ltd, 932 Walker rd 
Ingram G A Co, (Canada) Ltd, 1011 Ouellette av 


Bateman Ethel M, 1011 Ouellette av 
Windsor Health Service, 1969 Wyandotte e 


Heintzman & Co Ltd, 302 Ouellette av 
Imperial Piano Co, 1103 Tecumseh blvd e 


Reynolds Picture Framing & Sign Service, 450 Pierre av 
Street Herbt G, e s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 







Blvd. East 

PH. 2-8621 




PH. 4-9666 

cr g 

" n 
m n 

„ 3* 

O 3 

O q/ 

W 3 sr, 

> s-p : 

< « 

M 8.0 

pi so 

1 - *" i 

§2 s-S< 

8 si: 


Classified, Yellow Page 37 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


Canadian Bridge Engineering Co Ltd, 1219 Walker rd 
Elastic Home Crafts, 3021 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 
Stephenson Mfg, 2597 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

McAIpine, Malcolm, 445 Curry av 

Modern Plumbing & Heating, 466 Curry av 

Morand Wm, 991 Albert rd 

Pierce Wm H, 1866 St Luke rd 

Quality Plumbing, 2342 Chilver rd 

Robinson Plumbing, 1236 Tecumseh blvd e 

Ross A Plumbing Co, 1636 Tecumseh blvd e 

Sieber Delaney Co, 52 Chatham w 

Sieber John L, 355 Partington av 

Slote Thos S, 889 Dawson rd 

Tans'cy Frank J, 1451 London w 

Walkerville Plumbing, 801 Lincoln rd 

White Plumbing & Heating Co, (rear) 954 London w 


East Side Plating, 1939 Balfour blvd (Sand E Tp) 
Industrial Platers Co, 955 Assumption 
Manufacturers Plating Co Ltd, 1305 Windsor av 
Service Plating & Manufacturing, 1210 London w 
Windsor Chrome Plating, 663 Glengarry av 


Canadian Battery & Bonalite Co Ltd, 1587 McDougall 

Crane Limited, 386 Park w 

East Windsor Supply, 925 Drouillard rd 

Hamlin 0 P Co Ltd, 395 London e 

McKeough G G Ltd, 1534 Windsor av 

Veteran Contracting, 276 Wyandotte e 


314 Giles Boulevard East, Phones 
3-9362 and 4-2613 



^International Playing Card Co Ltd, 1123 Mercer 


Back Arthur, 1574 Dougall av 
Brian M A Co, 245 Sandwich w 
Cater Duncan M, 2131 Wyandotte w 
Central Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd, (rear) 178 Janette 

Charron Plumbing & Heating, 440 Glengarry av 

Cooper Wilfred F, 469-71 Pelissier 

Daniels C & Son, 904 Wyandotte w 

Freeman John, 3148 Donnelly 

Gaut Chas Plumbing & Heating, 642 Chilver rd 

Gendreau Roy M, 1397 Erie e 

Gilmour Plumbing, 1769 Assumption 

Hamlin 0 P Co, Ltd, 395 London e 

Hayes Stanley V Plumbing & Heating, 341 Mill 


' Plumbing Repaid 



Phone 3-P425 


Hicks Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd, 431 Shepherd w 
Hoover Plumbing & Heating Co, 1332 Wyandotte • 
Hughen & Co, 2612 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Hussey J E & Son, 1094 Parent av 

Hutchinson Harold P, 168 Curry av 

Jessop Chas W, 639 London w 

Kearn Jeff Ltd, 342 Park w 

Knowles Wm j r, 2439 Princess av (Sand E Tp) 

L'Heureux Plumbing & Heating Co Ltd, 77 Wyandotte e 

Longley Plumbing (rear), 1449 Lincoln rd 

MacDonald & Son, 495 Glengarry av 

Marcotte Plumbing, 278 Mill 

( (V kniesale ) 

sor avenue. Phone 4-7515 


WING J T & CO LIMITED, 375 Pitt east, 
Phone 3-2431 (See adv inside 
front cover 


Sure Good Products Co, 1536-42 Shepherd e 
Sweetheart Potato Chip Co, 1571 Marentette av 


Craner W Poultry (rear) 653 Assumption 
Krall Rudolph, 212 Chatham e 
Molnar Poultry, 533 Elliott e 
Standard Poultry, 667 Assumption 
Sa-ajer Wm, 214 Chatham e 
Warwick Poultry, 1680 Tecumseh blvd e 


Arcadia Press Ltd, 108 McDougall 
Border Press, 128-132 Ferry 
Commercial Press Co Ltd, 447 Pitt e 
Conn Creative Printers, 468 Victoria av 
Crain R L Limited, 1968 Wyandotte e 
Curtis Co Ltd, 385 Chatham w 
Dominion Press, 235 Wyandotte e 
Hall Printers, 786 Langlois av 
Herald Press Ltd, 424 Pitt w 
Hunt Albert H, 958 Wyandotte w 
Jacques Nelson J, 258 Detroit 
Keystone Press, 258 Chilver rd 
Lincoln Press, 3010 Tecumseh blvd e 
Maple Leaf Press, 805 Elliott e 
Peat Business Systems Ltd, 1968 Wyandotte e 
Printcraft, 48 Ouellette av 
Ring.-ose Press The, 1J’36 Highland av 
Seguin Bros Limited, 922 Brant 
Stanley, Archie, 4.11 Clinton 
Sumner Printing & Publishing Co Ltd, 120 Ferry 
^Voice of Canadian Serbs, 1297-1299 Drouillard rd 
,WaIkerville Printing Co Ltd, 543 Lincoln rd 

— 3 8— 


Heralb $res& 





Direct Mail Counsellors 
Multi-Colour Printing 
Loose Leaf Systems 


Jerald Press Ltd, 424 Pitt w 


Campbell Lome Co, 379 Janette av 

Center Produce, 225-229 Chatham e 

Hepworth Produce, 239 Chatham e 

Thomson Produce, 1518 Mercer 

Windsor Produce Co, 166 McDougall and 339 Pitt • 


Star Publishing Co of Windsor Ltd, The, 167-181 Ferrj 


Acme Radio, 1816 Wyandotte e 

Al's Radio Service & Electrical Appliances, 1090 Felix 

Armstrong Radio Service, 3534 Peter 

Bowman- Anthony Ltd, 121 Sandwich e 

Brown's Radio & Television, 1163 Tecumseh blvd e 

Canadian Television Service Co, 257 Tecumseh blvd w 

Coronet T V, 649 Ouellette av 

Daoust Leon, s s Seminole 

De Luxe Television & Radio Service, 2130 Wyandotte w 
Eplett's, 1460 Tecumsen blvd e 
Gray Radio & Television Service, 824 Pillette rd 
Heine Radio Repairs, 424 Campbell av 
Hutchinson Radio Service, 1159 Goyeau 
Kay Radio Service, 230 Wyandotte e 
Machin Bros, 429 Wyandotte e 
Marentette Radio Service, 815 Tecumseh blvd e 
McAuley Radio Service, 999 Lincoln rd 
Modern Radio Service, 986 McKay av 
Feterson C M Co, 384 London w 
Poole Wholesale Radio Supplies, 857 Wyandotte e 
Radiocraft, 121 Haona w 
Radioletric Service Co, 711 Glengarry av 
Sears Radio, 2628 Tecumseh blvd e 
Short Sound Service, 216 Josephine av 
Smithy's Radio, 3224 Sandwich w 
Suddick Wilfred, 1446 Goyeau 
Supreme Television, 581 Moy av 
Uptown Radio Sales & Service, 712 Wyandotte e 
Veteran Radio Service, 717 Campbell av 
Waddell's Sound & Radio Ltd, 1279 London w 
Whyteway Music Co, 4739 Wyandotte e 


C B E. 267 Pelissier 

C K L W, 176 London w 


Viking Pump Co of Canada Ltd, 661 Grove av 


LIMITED, 357 Pitt east, Phone 


- Long Manufacturing Co Ltd, 2744 Edna 
National Auto Radiator Mfg Co Ltd, 667 Cataraqui and 
1537 Mercer 


Jimmie's Radiator Service, 948 Goyeau 
Penney, Stanley E, 566 Niagara 
Vincent Radiator Service Co, 397 Wyandotte e 
Windsor Auto Radiator Service, 955 Assumption 


Canadian Broadcasting Corp, 267 Pelissier 

Western Ontario Broadcasting Co Ltd, 176 London w 

SOUND EQUIPMENT (Sale or Rental) 

711 GLENGARRY AVE., Dial 4-6404 


Canadian National Railway Co, 364 Ouellette av 
Canadian Pacific Railway Co, 196 Ouellette av 
Essex Terminal Railway Co, The, 1219 Walker rd 
New York Central System, 374 Ouellette av 
Pere Marquette Railway Depot, 365 Devonsnire rd 
Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg Railway Co, 1570 
Kildare rd 


Barco Mfg Co of Canada Ltd, 315 Devonshire rd 


210 Detroit Street, Phorte 4-3271 
(See adv top lines) 




Dial 2-7241 

Sterling: Construction Co. 


2494 Sandwich St. E. — Windsor 

2494 Sandwich east. Phone 
2-7241 (See adv side lines) 


Radioletric Service Co, 7.11 Glengarry av 

Classified, Yellow Page 3 9 






PHONE 4-3201 




Real Estate — Insurance 
Mortgages and Property Management 
PHONE 4-3221 

Security Building — Windsor 

Askin Realty Ltd, 267 Pelissier 
Baker Ken h, 638 Ouellette av 
Barry Erwin, 2776 Charles and 4069 Wyandotte e 
Bell Real Estate, 618 Ouellette av 
Benneian George H, 569 Ouellette av 
Borio John Agency, 970 Wyandotte e 
Bruner C D Realtor, 267 Pelissier 
Bruner Carl D, 171 Wyandotte w 
Burns, W J Co Ltd, 76 London w 
Chilver Land & Building Co, 794 Chilver rd 
Clarke Jack, 744 Ouellette av 
Cornwall, Nate K, 1862 Wyandotte » 

Cousins, Lester, 2167 Moy av 
Croson's Real Estate, 354 Goyeau 
Dawes Albert, 544 Wyandotte w 



Property Management and Insurance 

Phones 4-8619-4-1030 

Dougherty, Wm J, 304 Ouellette av 

Dowie V W, 942 Tecumseh b ! vd e 

Duda Alex W, 1664 Tecumseh blvd e 

Edna-Walker R'D Management Co Ltd, 108 McDougall 

Essex Management Co Ltd.. 108 McDougall 

Finch H J, 76 London w 

FOSTER & ROBARTS, Real Estate, In- 
surance and Loans, 202 Bartlet 
Building. Phone 3-3538 (See adv 
Front Cover) 

. Francis Wm H, 503 Askin av 

French Norman E, 569 Ouellette av 

Freshman Sol, 168 London w 

Gillan A 2, 924 Tec.imseh blvd e 

Godin Louis C, 920 Ouellette av 

Hill's Real Estate, 997 Louis av 

Holden John S, 544 Wyandotte w 

Holme Realty & Management Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

Hyland Real Estate, 1304 Chilver rd 

Jeffery Realty, 4117 Tecumseh blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Jones John A, 1488 Ottawa 
Ladouceur Romeo, 1015 Ottawa 
.Leighton Fredk W, 584 Church 

Leinbach-Humphrey Co of Can Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

“Lorie J E Realtor, 1745 Prince rd 

Loveridge Stanley E, 374 Ouellette av 

MacPbail Malcolm D, 1958 Wyandotte e 

Malowany Onufry, 993 Ottawa 

Marentette Joseph A, 532 Campbell av 

Marentette Raymond B, 15 Wyandotte w 

Matte Norman, 1073 Elm av 

Meloche Arthur 584 Tournier 

Mitchell Alvin w, 569 Ouellette av 

Murray Lome W, 374 Ouellette av 

Noel Oscar, 374 Ouellette av 

Page Leo, 31 Ouellette av 

Pennington James E, 744 Ouellette av 

Pyne Gordon, 1341 Wyandotte e 

Reaume U G Ltd, 176 London w 

Redeker C R Realtor, 455 Wyandotte w 

Remington Estates, 2628 Howard av (R Park) 

Riberdy Frank D ,4924 Tecumseh blvd e 

Riberdy Onesime W, 819 Jos Janisse av 

Rouffer M J Real Estate & Insurance, 1505 Parent av 

Sayko Real Estate, 314 Pelissier 

Shanbom Abraham, 253 Wyandotte e 

South Windsor Development Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 

Taylor Lloyd B, 15 Wyandotte e 

Taylor N J & Co Ltd, 25 London w 

Taylor W Lome, 339 Clinton 

Walkerville Land & Bldg Co Ltd, 1958 Wyandotte e 

Waters & Beaudoin, 2919 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

V/hitesell & Reaume, 70 Chatham e 

Wickett Gordon D, 29 Park w 

Wight Geo W, 374 Ouellette av 

Windsor Building Co, 1498 Mercer 

Windsor Property Management Ltd, 108 McDougall 


Ace Refrigeration Co, 123 Sandwich w 
Alpine-Aire Refrigeration Service, 1558 Francois rd 
Arrand & Co, 1659 Drouillard rd 

Bannister Refrigeration Service, 2472 Francois rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Champagne Electrical Refrigeration, 230 Pitt e 
Davis Sydney & Son, 812 Chilver rd 
JollifFe Enterprises Ltd, 553 Tecumseh blvd e 
Maybee W M Ltd, 541 Erie e 
S & W Equipment Co, 347 Sandwich w 
Savill T W Refrigeration Sales & Service, 1323 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Windsor Refrgeration The, 1314 Orouillard rd 


Modem Machine Products, (rear) 1153 Ottawa 


Glendon Crest Co, 55 Sandwich w 


Marcus Wm f, 719 Wyandotte e 


( See also Fish and Chips) 

Adrien's Coffee Shop, 198 Pitt w 
Andy's Lunch, 1365 Prince rd 
Ann's Dairy Bar, 1718 Wyandotte e 
Arizona Lunch, 475 London w 
Bamboo Restaurant, 583 Ouellette, av 
Belmont Cafe, 71 Pitt e 
Bigness Inn, 2415 Walker rd 
Bluebird Restaurant, 414 Tecumseh blvd e 
Bonnie's Bar, 1022 Wyandotte w 
B-aun's Snack Bar, 931 Ottawa 
Budapest Restaurant, 1015 Erie e 
Bun'n Burger, 1201 Monmouth rd 
Busburger Lunch, 1620 Durham pi 
Cameo Lunch, 3226 Sandwich w 
Can USA, 400 Tecumseh blvd e 
Canada Grill, 4780 Wyandotte e 
Casa Loma Restaurant, 1533 Wyandotte e 
Casino Grill, 1405 London w 
Cecile's Snack Bar, 3335 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Chicken Court, 531 Pelissier 

Chocolate Bar The, 3865 Tecumseh blvd e 'Sand E Twp) 

Chuck's Grill, 1824 Wyandotte e 

College Soda Bar, 1700 College av 

Commodore Coffee Shop, 25 Chatham e 

Coral Room, The, 170 Wyandotte w 

Coronation Ice Cream & Light Lunch, 988 Drouillard rd 

Cozy Restaurant, 980 Howard av 

Crystal Tower, 157 London w 

Crystal Tower Restaurant, 54 Wyandotte w 

Delecta Grill, 905 Ouellette av 

De Lux Lunch, 100 Pitt e 

De Soto Lunch, 2800 Tecumseh blvd e 

Detroit Grill, 124 Wyandotte e 

Dew Drop Inn Dairy B'ar, 3239 Sandwich w 

Dominion Cafe, 1020 Drouillard rd 

— 40 — 

buy sell trade 



650 Ouellette Ave. , Coote And Dund\s 


Dot Restaurant, 2270 Tecumseh blvd e 

Eagle Grill, 240 Windsor av 

East Windsor Cafe, 2925 Sandwich e 

Economy Restaurant, 130-132 Goyeau 

Empire Lunch, 157 Pitt w 

Eng's Chop Suey Service, 131 Wyandotte e 

Erie Lunch, 901 Erie e 

Europe Lunch, 1103 Drouiilard rd 

Felip's Snack Bar, 851 Erie e 

Felix Lunch, 1086 Felix av 

Ferry Lunch, 2011 Sandwich e 

Franks Light Lunch, U12 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Frank's Lunch, 2424 London w 

Gene's Restaurant, 1023 Drouiilard rd 

Geranium Tea Room, 415 Pelissier 

Gergel Maria Mrs, 3883 Seminole 

Gettas Grill, 1541 Wyandotte e 

Gil's Gables, 1065 Huron Line 

Golden Arrow Restaurant, 2630 Seminole 

Golden Pheasant Restaurant The, 973 Tecumseh blvd w 

Goyeau Gene J, 871 Ottawa 

Handy Lunch, 2565 Sandwich e 

Harmony Grill, 1311 Ottawa 

Hawkins Art Coffee Shop, 966 Drouiilard rd 

Helen Snack Bar, 777 Walker rd 

Hl-Ho Curb Serv-us Ltd, 5240 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Twp), 7207 Riverside dr (R'Side) and 3746 Sand- 

wich w 

Hollywood Lunch, 1321 Wyandotte e 

Home Lunch, 1096 Cadillac 

Honey Dew, 358 Ouellette av 

International Restaurant, 1223 Drouiilard rd 

Javaland Lunch, 1008 Wyandotte e 

Jerry's Coffee Shop, 683 Ouellette av 

Joe's Lunch, 1298 Drouiilard rd 

John's Grill & Soda Bar, 1501 Parent av 

Judy's Snack Bar, 925 Tecumseh blvd w 

Kent Grill, 343 Wyandotte w 

King's Highway Grill, 2564 Howard av (R Park) 

Kopper Kettle Tea Room, 490 Wyandotte w 
La Grace Lunch, 978 London w 
LaPaloma Restaurant, 1898 Ottawa 
La Plaza Restaurant, 563-565 Ouellette av 
London Grill, 139 London w 
Luigi's Spaghetti House, 733 Ouellette av 
Lustre Cafe, 1825 Wyandotte t 
M C M Dairy Bar, 1991 Ottawa 
Ma's Lunch, w s Superior (Sand W Twp) 

Madison Grill, .1002 DroLillard rd 
Manor The, 801 Victoria av 
Maple Leaf Restaurant, 533 Ouellette av 
Mario's Restaurant Ltd, 2105 Ouellette av 
Mario's Tavern, 755 Ouellette av 
Mariotti's Restaurant, 915 Wyandotte e 
Market Lunch, 220 Chatham e 
Martin's Dairy Bar, 1086 Drouiilard rd 
Mary Lee Coffee Shop, 262 Church 
Maxwell Coffee Shop, 163 Market 
Melody Grill, 188 Erie e 
Mercury Lunch, 2925 Charles 
Merrydale Snack Bar, 2045 Wyandotte w 
Midway Grill, 1029 Ouellette av 
Mike's Grill, 466 London w 
Milan's Lunch, 251 Drouiilard rd 
Murphy's Lunch, 3433 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

National Lunch, 1112 Drouiilard rd 
New Arena Restaurant, 263 Wyandotte e 
New Service Lunch, 59 Pitt e 
Oak Lunch, 1039 Wyandotte w 
Olympia Restaurant, 1574 Howard av 
Oriental Cafe, 170 Pitt e 
Ottawa Cafe, 1672-80 Ottawa 
Paradise, 134 Goyeau 
Paradise Restaurant, 624 Mercer 
Park Grill, 311 Tecumseh blvd e 

Pete's Dairy Bar, 4033 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Playdium Luncheonette, 4985 Wyandotte e 
Ponic Snack Bar, e s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

Post Office Rp<taur*nt **» Pitt w 
Queen Grill, 2020 Wyandotte w 
Radio Tavern, 546 Ouellette av 

Richard's Drive Inn, after 2755 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
Richmond Grill, 1100 Cadillac 
Ritz Restaurant, 1264 Wyandotte e 
Riverside Grill, 3405 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Rod's Snack Bar, 448 Tecumseh blvd e 
Rosnovan Lunch, 1185 Marion av 
Rowson's Coffee Shop, 40-42 London e 
Royal Grill Restaurant, 111 Wyandotte w 
St. Clair Dining Lounge, 66 Wyandotte e 
Sandwich Lunch, 3219 Sandwich w 
Shanghai Tavern, 151 Sandwich e 

Shell Lunch, 2576 Howard av (R Park) 

Shepherd Dairy Bar, 384 Shepherd w 
Speedy Lunch, 89 London w 
Stan's Snappy Snacks, 1118 Wyandotte w 
Star Restaurant, 172 Ouellette av 
St&rlite Curb Service, 5409 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twd! 
State Grill, 1017 Drouiilard rd 
State Restaurant, 4650 Tecumseh blvd e 
Station Lunch, 1350 'Pelletier av 
Sunshine Lunch, 1101 Erie e 
Superior Restaurant, 714 Wyandotte e 
Sweet Heart Soda Bar, 342 Tecumseh blvd w 
Tasty-Bar-B-Q, 19-23 Wyandotte e 
Tasty Lunch, 807 Pillette rd 
Tea Garden Restaurant, 560 Ouellette av 
Terminal Lunch, 1233 London w 
Three Star Coffee Shop, 1646 Tecumseh blvd e 
Three Star Restaurant, 139 Chatham e 
Torigian Lunch, 1898 Shepherd e 
Tunnel Bar-B-Q & Coffee Shop, 58 Park e 
Ukrainian Restaurant, 1148 Marion av 
Uneeda Snack Bar, 850 Tecumseh blvd e 
United Grill, 20 London e 
Vanity Restaurant, 2394 London w 
Vet's Restaurant, 1153 Erie w 
Victoria Cafe, 1404 Howard av 
Walkerville Grill, 1850 Wyandotte e 
Watkin's Snack Bar, 3600 Peter 
White Spot Restaurant, 63-65 Wyandotte w 
White Tower Lunch, 2121 Howard av 
White's Restaurant, 33 Pitt e 
Williams Esther Coffee Lounge, 1356 Drouiilard rd 
Windsor Arena Concession, Co, 572 McDougall 
Windsor Grill, 86 Wyandotte e 
X 1 Soda Bar, 364 Prince rd 
Yank Snack Bar, 4806 Tecumseh blvd e 
Yc-Kum-In Restaurant, 2343 Pillette ra (Sand E Twp) 


Boot & Saddle Riding Club, 1602 Huron Line (Sand V* 

Health Riding Academy, 1021 Prince rd 


Atlas Roofing, 1756 Durham pi 
Best Roofing Co, 144 Aylmer av 
Bolton Jos, 246 Wyandotte e 
Dayus F E Co, 130-144 Sandwich w 
East Windsor Roofing Co, 1669 Drouiilard rd 
Malach Roofing & Flooring Co, 4449 Tecumseth blvd e 
(Sandwich E Twp) 

M*eikar Rooofing Ltd, 2748 Seminole 

Melnik Feed & Roofing Co, 1250 Drouiilard rd 

Reliable Roofing & Insulating, 920 Drouiilard rd 

Windsor Roofing Co Ltd, 178 Janette av 

Zold & Prince Roofing Co, 439 Eastlawn (R'Side) 


Canadian Collord Products Ltd, 985 St Luke rd 
Dominion Rubber Co Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Goodrich 8 F Rubber Co of Can Ltd, 1579 Wyandotte e 
Industrial Rubber & Supplies Ltd, 404-416 Wyandotte e 


Essex Stamp Co Ltd, 227 Sandwich w 
Fortier Specialties, 1986 Pillette rd 


Excello Services, 378 Londbn w 


MussoLim Rug & Carpet Cleaners, 71 Sandwich e 
Sivadjian Paul B, 766 Ouellette av 

Classified, Yellow Page 41 


Canadian Salt Co Ltd, 4016 Sandwich w 


Canada Salvage Co, 65 Pitt e 
Windsor Salvage Co. 464 Wyandotte e 


210 Detroit Street, Phone 4-3271 
(See adv top lines) 

TED, 2494 Sandwich Street East, 
Phone 2-7241 (See adv side lines) 

Windsor Dock Co Ltd, 1814 Sandwich w 

TED, 2171 Ottawa, Phone 4-2558 


Hygiene Products Ltd, 978 St Luke rd 
National Sanitary Supply Co, 1111 Howard av 
St Clair, Lome & Co Ltd, 1945 Wyandotte 
Wood G H & Co Ltd, 628 Chilver rd 



Mercer, Phone 4-5155 


Sandwich Sausage Co, 265 Pitt e and 3161 Donnelly 


Hobart Mfg Co, 279 Sandwich w 
Toledo Scale Co of Can Ltd, 1974 Wyandotte e and 2462 
Howard av 


Assumption College, 398 Huron Line and 397 Patricia ri 

Bank Building, 44 London Street 
W, Phone 3-8202, Successor to 
O'Neill Business College. 

International Correspondence School, 61d Ouellette av 

Kennedy Myrtle G, 1005 Victoria av 

of Canadian Business Schools 
Association, Day and Evening 
Classes, Imperial Bank Building, 
44 London west, Phone 3-8202 

Peretz I L School, 814 Erie e 

Windsor Beauty Culture School, 890 Peiissier 

Windsor Business College, 15 Chatham e 

( Collegiate Institutes) 

Kennedy Collegiate Institute, s s Tecumseh bivd e cor 

Lowe W D Vocational School, 874 Giles bivd e 
Patterson Collegiate Institute, 151 Elliott e 
Riverside High School, 1401 Ontario (R'Side) 

Sandwich Collegiate Institute, 749 Felix av 
Walkerville Collegiate Institute, 2100 Richmond 


Ada C Richards School, 4533 Ontario 

Alicia L Mason School, 284 Cameron av 
8enson J E School, 1542-1546 Wyandotte w 
David Maxwell Pub Schl, 1648 Francois rd 
Dougall Av Pub Schl, 811 Dougail av 
Edith Cavell Schl, 1401 Ontario (R'Side) 

Frank W Begley Schl, 1065 Assumption 
General Brock Pub Schl, 3312 Sandwich w 
Gilmore Public School, 736 Edinborough (R Park) 

Gordon McGregor Pub Schl, 1646 Alexis rd 
H E Bondy.Schl, e s Mark (Sand W Twp) 

Harry E Guppy Schl, 441 Tecumseh bivd e 
Hugh Beaton Schl, 2229 Chilver rd 
John Campbell Schl, 1255 Tecumseh bivd e 
John McCrae Schl, w s St Paul av (R'Side) 

King Edward Schl, 853 Chilver rd 

King George Schl, 1799 Ottawa 

Marlborough Schl, 3557 Melbourne av 

Mayfair Pub Schl, w s Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

Prince Edward Schl, 949 Giles bivd e 
Prince of Wales Schl, 2285 Wyandotte w 
Public School Technical Classes, 441 Tecumseh bivo e 
Sandwich East Twp School No 1, 2537 Bernard rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Victoria Av Schl, 1376 Victoria av 
Victoria Pub Schl, e s St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 
Westcott Rd Pub Schl, 2403 Westcott rd (Sand £ Twp) 
Western Pub Schl, 3901 Peter 


Glengarda Ursuline Academy of Our Lady of Prompt Suc- 
cour, 4955-5043 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Holy Name, 636 Campbell av 
Holy Rosary, 1168 Drouillard rd 

Maryvale Vocational Training School, cor Prince and 

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Schl, cor Parent av & Grand 
Marais rd (R P) 

Sacred Heart Schl, 1398 Martin 
St Alphonsus Schl, 75 Park w 
St Angela Schl, 816 Ellis av e 
St Angela Schl Annex, 1368-90 Elsmere av 
St Anne's Schl, 1124 Monmouth rd 
St Anthony's Schl, 754 California av 
St Bernard Schl, 1847 Meldrum rd 
St Cecile Schl, after 75 Dieppe (R'Side) 

St Clare Separate Schl, 1469 Bruce av 
St Edmund Schl, 842 Tuscarora 
St Edward Schl, 3755 King 
St Francis Schl, w s Detroit 
St Genevieve Schl, 647 Irvine av 
St J B De La Salle Schl, 1119 Niagara 
St Joseph High Schl, 869 Jos Janisse av 
St Jules Schl, 1982 Norman rd 
St Peter's Schl, w s St Rose av (R'Side) 

St Robert School, 1074 Curry av 
St Theresa Schl, 200 Elinor (R'Side) 

St Thomas Schl, after 220 Thompson bivd (R'Side) 


p Metaiometer Co Ltd, 29 Park w , 


United Iron & Paper Co, 825 Tecumseh bivd w 


Canadian Furniture Exchange, 704 Wyandotte e 
Dominion Furniture Exchange, 533 Wyandotte e 
Pillette Furniture, 2391 Plllette rd (Sand E Twp) 
Square Deal Furniture Exchange, 161-167 Wyandotte * 
Wyandotte Furniture, 992-996 Wyandotte e 


Armeland Jos, 200-6 Pitt e 

Economy Clotiing Exchange, 323 Wyandotte e 

Harry's Used Clothing, 124 Pitt e 

Jack's Second Hand Exchange Store, 980 Wyandotte e 

Sam's Second Hand Store, 912 Wyandotte e 

Shapira Nem, 254 Wyandotte e 


COCK BROS. LIMITED, 340 Pitt Street 
East, Phone 3-4611 and 1451 
Tecumseh Bivd. East, Everything 
for the Garden, lawn and pets. 

Essex Hybrid Seed Co Ltd, 5300 Riverside (R'Side) 
Girard's Seeds, 288 Pitt e 

— 42 — 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


ITED, 210 Detroit Street, Phone 


Sewing Machine Specialty, 467 Grove a v 

Singer Sewing Machine Co, 1251 Ottawa, 276 Ouellette «» 

Viclcers Sales & Service, 153 Pitt w 


Acme Sheet Metal Works, 830 Tecumseh b!vd e 
Atkins' Sheet Metal Works, 495 Glengarry av 
Cardinal Donat J, 1532 York 
Cunningham Sheet Metal Works, 1478 Kildare rd 
Doran John F, 2025 Sandwich e 

Dupuis & Gravel Sheet Metal Works, 2688 Howard av 
<R P) 

frankland Co of Can, 122 Sandwich w 
Gillespie Andrew W, 1697 Betts av (Sand W Twp) 

Globe Sheet Metal Works, 1452 St Luke rd 
Harold's Tinsmith Shop, 711 Brant 
Leonard H F & Son, 736 Tecumseh blvd e 
Lynn John R, 1640 Carataqui 
Murphy John E, 595 Tecumseh blvd e 
Neilson Sheet Metal, 3560 Seminole 
Parent E F & Sons, 815 Pillette rd 
Riverside Sheet Metal, 3306 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Ryall Sheet Metal, 446 Indian rd 
Schultz Sheet Metal, 144 Aylmer av 
Whittington R Bruce, 4606 Tecumseh blvd e 
Windsor Metal Fabricators Ltd, 868 Walker rd 


sor av, Phone 4-7515 


Elmes Shirts, 247 Sandwich w 

( Retail ) 

Agnew-Surpass Shoe Stores Ltd, 357 Ouellette av, 1356 
Ottawa and 1528 Wyandotte e 
Bondy W J & Sons, 126 Ouellette av 
Dack Corporation Ltd, 41 Park w 

Diane Shoes Ltd, 537 Ouellette av and 1329 Ottawa 
Dionne's Shoes and Dry Goods, 4917 Tecumseh blvd e 
•(Sand E Twp) 

Haas Ed Fine Shoes, 1555 Wyandotte e 
Hamel & Taylor, 1648 Wyandotte e 
Imperial Shoe Store, 421 Ouellette av 
Karen's Shoes, 1665 Ottawa 
Lang's Shoe Store, 924 Ottawa 
McGee Dan, 380 Ouellette av 
Purycz Shoe Store, 2558 Howard av 
Ray's Shoe Store, 1280 Prince rd 
Reward Shoe Stores, 435 Ouellette av 
Sample Shoe Co, 45 Pitt e 
Trotts Shoes Ltd, 352 Ouellette av 
Wilkinson Geo H Ltd, 333-35 Ouellette av 


Acme Finders Ltd, 1375 Wyandotte e 
Clark Geo C Metal Last Co, .1889 Sandwich e 


Al's Shoe Shop, 574 Curry av and 3189 Sandwich w 
Albert's Shoe Repair, 444 Tecumseth blvd e 
Anderson's Shoe Clinic, (rear) 55 London w 
Babechuk Peter, 1539 Drouillard rd 
Balga Mike, 1317 Ottawa 
Bialas Shoe Repair, 1503 Langlois av 
Bires John, 1789 George av 
Border Cities Shoe Repairing, 755 Wyandotte e 
Brooks Chas H, 315 Wyandotte w 
Bus Barn Shoe Repair, 1125 London w 
Canada Service Shoe Repair, 543 Wyandotte e 
Canadian Shoe Repair, 1635 Ottawa 
Carbin Harvey, 70 fcne - 
Central Shoe Repairs, 1525 London w 
Charles Shoe Clinic, 336 Ouellette av 
Charlie's Shoe Repair, 988 Moy av 
City Shoe Repair, 1027 Drouillard rd 
City Shoe Repair, 4453 Wyandotte e 
Dan's Shoe Hospital, 4651 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp> 
Daniluk Andy, 666 Wyandotte e 
Deck's Shoe Repair, 1050 Drouillard rd 
Deprof io Chas D, 320 Windsor av 
Duczman John, 396 Tecumseh blvd w 
Dufferin Shoe Rebuilders, 1504 Dufferin pi 
Eglinsky Shoe Shop, 3414 Wyandotte e 
Erie Shoe Repair, 853 Erie e 
Gansky L Shoe Repair, 1011 Langlois av 
General Shoe Repair Shop, 529 Tecumseh blvd 9 
Gibala Martin, 1084 Drouillard rd 
% Hanna Shoe Repairing, 135 Hanna w 
Humphries Shoe Repair, 558 Erie e 
Jack's Place. 55 Station av 
Jerry's Shoe Repair, 1363 Prince rd 
Jimmie's Shoe Store, 3491 Sandwich w 
Joe's Repair Shop, 343 Mill 
Joe's Shoe Repair, 732 Langlois av 
Joe's Shoe Repair, 1019 Wyandotte w 
John's Shoe Repair, 1291 Parent av 
Juhasz Jos, 150 Erie w 
Kedziera Jos, 1457 Wyandotte e 
Kepran Steve, 1187 Erie w 
Knapek Frank, 624 Campoen 
Leo's Shoe Repair, 531 London w 
Leon's Shoe Repair, 3215 Sandwich w 
Liberty Shoe Repair, 364 Shepherd w 
Lincoln Shoe Repair, 1575 Lincoln rd 
London Shoe Repairs, 88 London e 
Louie's Shoe Repair, 2157 London w 
Martin's Shoe Repair, 1747 Wyandotte e 
Momotiuk Andrew, 1200 Drouillard rd 
Nantais Albt M, 704 Lincoln rd 
New Service Shoe Repair, 1767 London w 
Nick's Shoe Repair, 1250 Wyandotte e 
0 K Shoe Repair, 873 Pillette rd 
Orban John, 2110 Wyandotte w 
Ottawa Shoe Repair, 1695 Ottawa 

Palace Shoe Repair, 59 Erie e 

Paris Steve, 531 Ouellette av (For list of branches see 
Alphabetical Section) 

Paulin's Shoe Repair, 86 Erie w 

Paxman Wm, 86 Pitt w 

Pete's Shoe Repair Shop, 4725 Seminole 

Philip, Shoe Repair, 872 Tecumseh blvd e 

Pitt St Shoe Repair, 220 Pitt e 

Riverside Shoe Repair Shop, 1531 Wyandotte (R'Side) 

Roxy Shoe Repair, 42 Wyandotte w 
Sawuta's Shoe Repair, 584 Randolph av 
Scheirich John, 1569 Tecumseh blvd e 
Senay Shoe Repair, 929 Shepherd e 
Serafini Ernest, 377 Mercer 
Shepherd Shoe Repair, 860 Shephard e 
Square Deal Shoe Repair, 1279 Erie e 
Square Deal Shoe Repair, 1080 Felix av 
Stephen's Shoe Repair, 262 Wyandotte w 
Stoisich Sami, 806 Howard av 
Taylor's Shoe Repair's, 3933 Seminole 
Trocz Fred, 987 Wyandottte e 
Universal Shoe Service 4750 Wyandotte e 
Ursaki Shoe Repair, 1582 Drouillard rd 
Weeks Wm rear 136 Reedmere av (R'Side) 

William's Shoe Shop, 1742 Drouillard rd 
Wyandotte Shoe Rebuilders, 218 Wyandotte e 
Zuprik Anatoly. 1338 Drouillard rd 


-Show Case Manufacturing, 546 Partington av 


Acme Neon Signs, 829 Pillette rd 
Bull S : gns, 1419 Labadie rd 
Hardy S gn Co, 149 Sandwich w 
Humphreys Signs, 791 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

Modern Signs, 209 Glengarry av 
Roxy Signs, 233 Sandwich w 
Service Neon Sign Co, 271 Salter av 

Classified, Yellow Page 4 3 

( Retail ) 

Brown's Silk Shoppe, 1755 Wyandotte e 


Windsor Rollerdrome, 1154 London w 


Levine Kosher Soap, 365 Assumption 
Windsor Soap Co, 365 Assumption 

United Automobile Workers of America (CIO) Local 19 ; 

42 Chatham e and 348 Victoria av 
United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners Local 49< 
892 Ouellette av 

United Society of Hasroon, 808 Marion av 
Windsor Federation of Musicians, 938 Ouellette av 
Windsor Jewish Community Council, 332 Ouellette av 
Windsor Jewish Youth Council 115 Giles blvd e 
Windsor Social Service Dept, 737 Louis av 


Windsor & District Trades & Labor Council, 892 Oue- 
lette av 


Catholic Order of Foresters 

Champlain Court, No 1799, Louis Robitaille, 1787 
Oneida ct F S 

Holy Trinity Court No 1764, Napoleon Dupuis, P 0 Bo* 
462 Windsor, Ont. F. S. 

Lady of Lake Court, No 548, E C Beaune, 825 Belle 
Isle, F S 

Sacred Heart Court, No. 514, Alex Meyers, 194 McKay 
av, F S 

I 0 F 

Court Speedwell, No 845, Alex Meyers, 194 McKay ay, 
F S 

Court Milne, No 336, Alex Meyers, 194 McKay ay, F S 

I 0 OF 


634 Chilver rd 

Knights of Columbus, Windsor 

Council No 1453, 1140 Goyeau, Marvin F Rourke fin 
sec, Jos C Le Page grand knight, Thomas Purcell 
recording secretary 


Scientific Sound Service Ltd, 920 Ottawa 


Watkins Quality Products, 985 Shepherd e 


'maly Sponge Co, 108 McDougall 


dambrai Sports Products Co, 181 Sandwich w 

Coulter Walter Ltd, 575 Ouellette av 

Hotti Tackle Co, 619 Crawford av 

Nantais Sport Shop, 1484 Wyandotte w 

Ottawa Sports Shoppe, 2017 Ottawa 

Rogin's Sporting Goods, 1335 Wyandotte e 

Varsity Sports Centre, 10 Sandwich e and 1445 Ottawi 

Windsor Outboard Motors, 307 Wyandotte e 

l o L 

L0L No 584, Earl of Erne, Read C Jee 3555 Sandwich w 
rec sec 

L0L No 843, Harry Musson sec, 432 Eastlawn (R'SIde) 

Loyal Order of Moose 

Loyal Order of Moose LAB, 175 Sandwich w 

The Maccabees 

304 Ouellette av, Alfred Holmes, dist mgr 


Masonic Temple, 986 Ouellette av 

R B p 

Walkerville Preceptory, R.B.P. No 539, Harry Musson, 432 
Eastlawn (R'Side) registrar 


Binks Manufacturing Co of Can Ltd, 224 Sandwich w 
DeVilbiss Manufacturing Co Ltd, 673-717 Wellington a 


Young L A Industries of Canada Ltd, 1441 and 12« 


Essco Stamping Products Ltd, 729 Caron ay 

Eastern Star 

Masonic Temple, 986 Ouellette av 

{See also Associations ) 

Canadian Red Cross Society (Border Branch), 122b Ouellette 

Catholic Family Service 'Bureau, 429 Goyeau 

Children's Aid Society of the City of Windsor, County of 
Essex & Pelee Island, 737 Louis av 

Humane Society of Essex County, Dougall Highway (Sand 
W Twp) 

Imperial Order of the Daughters of the Empire, 27 
Sandwich w 

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, 744 Ouel- 
lette av 

International Brotherhood of Painters & Decorators of 
America, 61 Sandwich w 

International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Chauffeurs & 
Helpers, 61 Sandwich w 

National Society of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing, 870 
Elm av 

Ontario Society for Crippled Children, 162 Ouellette av 

Polish Alliance Society, 1089 Tecumseh Blvd e 

Roman Catholic Children's Aid Society for the County of 
Essex, 669 Tuscarora 

Roumanian 8eneficia! &. Cultural Society, 2585 Seminole 

Royal Canadian Air Force Benevolent Fund, 374 Ouellette 


Personal Stationery Shop, 60 Ouellette av 


Penberthy Injector Co Ltd, 159-169 Windsor ay 


Canada Steamship Lines Ltd, 444 Sandwich w 
Clarke Travel Service, 444 Sandwich w 


970 Wyandotte Street East 
Phone 4-9813 Residence Phone 4-8475 

Oi Paola Agency, 970 Wyandotte e 


The Only Modern Fireproof Storage 

Warehouse in Windsor 

Fireproof Warehouse, 100,000 Sq. Ft. 






Hurwitz Steamship Agency, 1801 Walker rd 

Kelch Lloyd F, 76 London w 

Lake Erie Navigation Co Ltd, 365 Devonshire rd 

MECONI BROS CO, 443 Wyandotte 
East, Phone 4-7388 (See side 

Northwest Steamships Ltd, 1619 Windsor av 


Atlas Steels Ltd, before 2587 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
Border Cities Wire & Iron Ltd, 961 Walker rd 
Canada Wire & Cable Ltd, 29 Park w 
Canadian Steel Corp Ltd, 1219 Walker rd and Front rd 

Dominion Forge & Stamping Co Ltd, 2480 Seminole 

Eansor T J & Sons Ltd, 300 Pitt e 

Fabricated Steel Products Co, 1537 Mercer 

Huron Steel Products Co, 3710 Peter 

Lanork Industries Ltd, 671 Wyandotte e 

Peerless Steel Co Ltd, 1319 McDougall 

Railway & Power Engineering Corp Ltd, 408 Hanna e 

Steel Co of Canada Ltd The, 374 Ouellette av 

Steel Frame Shelf & Supply, 108 McDougall 

Truscon Steel Co of Can Ltd, 2275 Ottawa 

United States Steel Export Co, 267 Pelissier 

Welded Steel Products, 1319 McDougall 

Windsor Steel Products Co Ltd, 1701 Shepherd e 


Rynd-Smith Typing & Duplicating Services, 1431 Albert rd 
and 744 Ouellette av 
Wood Barbara F, 29 Park w 
Wood Barbara Secretarial Services, 29 Park w 


Bongard & Co, 86 London w 
Draper, Dobie & Co, 374 Ouellette av 
Osier and Hammond, 15 Wyandotte e 
Stodgell S J & Co, 374 Ouellette av 


ING CO LTD, (Capital Stokers), 
445 Shepherd east, Phone 2-7275 

Taylor Stoker Sales & Service, 1402 Pierre av 


Standard Stone Co Ltd The, 1704 Howard av 


Canada Storage Co Ltd, 978-980 St Luke rd 
Flagg's Cold Storage, 614 Erie e 

Lancaster E W The, 850 Wyandotte w 
Poole's Cold Storage Ltd, 436 London e 
Producers Cold Storage Ltd, 1518 Mercer 
Windsor Truck & Storage Co Ltd, 201 Shepherd e 

Classified, Yellow Page 45 








Windsor Showcase Co, 232 Pitt e 


Armstrong C G Russell, 605-6 Bartlet Building, 76 London 

De Luxe Cabs, 750-740 Pelissier 
Diamond Cab, 188 Wyandotte e 
Howard Taxi, 2780 Howard av (R Park) 

Riverside Taxi, 182 Riverdale av (R'Side) 

Sandwich East Taxi, 3098 Walker' rd (Sand E Twp) 
Sandwich West Taxi, 1305 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 
Scruton H Mansell, 1114 Ouellette av 
Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd, 180 Goyeau and 308 
Wyandotte e 

Yellow Cab Co of Windsor Ltd, 730-740 Pelissier 


Ben The Tailor, 3216 Sandwich w 
Benny The Tailor, 116 Pitt e 
Brooks Sami, 189 Pitt w 
Burton The Tailor, 89 Sandwich w 
Caledonian Clothes Shop, 1310 Gladstone av 
Capitol Tailors & Cleaners, 1948 Ottawa 
Caswell Tailors, 373 Pelissier 
DeLuxe Custom Tailors, 76 London e 
Desramaux's, 4749 Wyandotte e 
Elite Tailoring, 238 Erie w 
Fenech's Limited, 388 Ouellette av 
Firth Bros Ltd, 256 Ouellette av 
Fradette Albert L, 1365 Wyandotte e 
Frank the Tailor, 1043 Drouillard rd 
Fred's Custom Tailors, 811 Pillette rd 
Gamier John, 1605 York 
Gladstone Tailor Shop, 1310 Gladstone av 
Havran Jos, 1228 Wyandotte e 
Hoger Steven, 1450 Ouellette av 
Hollywood Tailoring, lio Wyandotte e 
John's Custom Tailors, 4705 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Kennedy Alex, 1990 Ottawa 
Krist The Tailor, 1161 Erie w 
Laird Ed, 423 Ouellette av 
Leo The Tailor, 67 London w 
Lukas & Schafer, 1153 Ottawa 
Mandalas Gus, 179 Pitt w 
Mandell Tailored Clothes, 318 Ouellette av 
Modern Custom Tailoring, 1077 Drouillard rd 
O'Hara The Tailor, 108 McDougall 
Ostojich Alex, 1089 Drouillard rd 
Ozimek Frances Mrs, 53 Pitt e 
Paul's Tailoring, 121 Sandwich e 
Powell John, 183 Goyeau 
Ruohoen Toivo, 168 Erie e 
Scheuerman Adam, 781 Erie e 
Searle's Tailor Shop, 131 London w 
Stiller Jos, 256 Pelissier 
Tip Top Tailors Ltd, 343 Ouellette av 
Towne & Country, 315 Pelissier 
Wellwood Harold A, 55 Sandwich w 
Western Tailors, 1368 Erie e 
Wiener Bargain Store, 580 Wyandotte e 
Youngs Tailor, 42 Wyandotte w 


Ambassador Taxi Cab, 961 Drouillard rd 
Capitol Cab, 4647 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 






3-Way Radio Equipped 




Checker Cab Windsor Ltd, 379-389 Goyeau 


Dominion Coffee Co, (rear) 1220 Dufferin pi 
Soble Tea & Coffee Co Ltd, 919-923 Wyandotte e 


Canadian National Telegraphs, 364 Ouellette av and 396 
Devonshire rd 

Canadian Pacific Communications, 196 Ouellette av and 
1984 Wyandotte e 


Telephone Answering System, 29 Park w 


Beil Telephone Co of Can, 1149 Goyeau, business office 98 
London w 


Commercial Television Service, 582 Wellington av 
Francis Television Appliances, 1481 Ouellette av 


Textile Specialties Mfg Co, 420 Kildare rd 
Windsor Buff &. Specialties Mfg Co, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 
cor South Pacific 

Windsor Textiles Ltd, 635 Tecumseh blvd w 


Capitol Theatre, 125 London w 
Centre Theatre, 4904 Wyandotte e 
Empire Theatre, 115-17 Pitt w 
Kent Theatre, 1219 Ottawa 
Palace Theatre, 310-316 Ouellette av 
Park Theatre, 1377 Ottawa 
Royal Theatre, 3395-97 Sandwich w 
Temple Theatre, 2771 Charles 
Tivoli Theatre, 1564 Wyandotte e 
Vanity Theatre, 673 Ouellette av 


Canadian National Railways, 364 Ouellette av 
Canadian Pacific Railway, 196 Ouellette av 


sor av. Phone 4-7515 

( Wholesale ) 

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co of Canada Ltd, 444 Windsor 


Canadian Tire Corp Associate, 695 Wyandotte e 
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co Ltd, 635 Tecumseh blvd \ 
Frank's Tire Shop, 902 Wyandotte e 
Provincial Tire Co, 468-470 Wyandotte e 
Standard Tire & Auto Supply, 600-612 Wyandotte e 
Tennants Tire Service, 489 Chatham e 
.Western Tire & Battery Service, 624 Dufferin pi 


Avon Products of Canada Ltd, 267 Pelissier 
Beauty Counselors of Canada Ltd, 258 Chilver rd and 
315-325 Devonshire rd 
Belcano Co, 2035 Sandwich e 
Dearborn Supply Co, 3174 Sandwich w 
Herpicide Co, 255 Walker rd 
Parisian Imports Ltd, 673 Caron av 
Seely Products Ltd, 673 Caron av 


B & B Tool Co, 542 Brant 
Bertram John & Sons Co Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Border Too! & Die 1358 Windsor av 
Buda Machine Too! Co, 825 Tecumseh blvd w 
Canadian Engineering & Tool Co Ltd, 920 Mercer 
Colonial Tool Co Lid, 1691 Walker rd 
Dominion Twist Drill Ltd, 1880 Assumption 
Essex Machine & Tool Co Ltd, 862 Walter rd 
F & A Tool Co Ltd, 1660 Durham pit 
International Tools Ltd, 875 Tecumseh blvd e 
Kendan Mfg Co, 2918 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Law & Anderson Machine & Tool Co, 289 Elm av 
Leepo Machine Products Ltd, 69 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 
Master Tool & Grinding Co, 1695 Turner rd 
Nickleson Tool & Die Co Ltd, 1562 Windsor av 
Perfect Cutting Tools Ltd, 469 Chatham e 
Pratt & Whitney Co of Can Ltd, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Steel Master Tool Co, 1005 Walker rd 
Universal Tool Co, 374 Ouellette av 
Wheatley Power Tool, 3220 Edison av 
Wheel Trueing Tool Co of Canada Ltd, 573 Langlois av 
Wickman A C (Canada) Ltd, 374 Ouellette av 
Windsor Tool & Die Limited, 1680 Kildare Road 

TOOLS ( All Kinds) 

sor av. Phone 4-7515 


ING CO LIMITED, 469 Shepherd 
east. Phone 4-8631 


Klein Travel Service, 17 Wyandotte e 


Canadian Silk Manufacturing Co Ltd, 2527 Sandwich e 
Ideal Towel and Linen Supply, 1075 Lillian 
Windsor Coat, Apron & Towel Supply Ltd, 881 Erie e 
Windsor Sanitary Towel Supply, 2309 Alexis rd (Sand 
E Twp) 


Border City Toy Co, n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Tot's Toys, 108 McDougall 


Brown Stan Transport Ltd, 2260 Walker rd 
Canadian Breweries Transport Ltd, 645 Mercer 
Charlton Transport Ltd, 716 Huron Line 

Consolidated Trucks Ltd, 261 Shepherd e 
Detroit and Windsor Subway Co, 583 Goyeau 
Direct-Winters Transport, 1329 Windsor av 
Dominion Auto Carriers Ltd, ,985 St Luke rd 
Dominion Auto Transit Co Ltd, 985 St Luke rd 
Gilson Automobile Transports Ltd, 2262 Walker rd 
Inter-City Forwarders Ltd, 1877 Walker rd 
Langford Transport, 1619 Windsor av 
Lyon's Transportation, 1619 Windsor av 
Maris Automobile Transport Ltd, 1611 St Luke rd 
McAnally Freight-Ways Co Ltd, 1543 Mercer 
R & M Auto Carriers, 2117 Munsee 
Raitar Transport Ltd, 558 Chatham e 
Releasing & Driveways Co, 1707 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand 
w Twp) 

Thibodeau Express, 1112 Dufferin pi 
Western Freight Lines Ltd, 965 Walker rd 
Williams Driveaway Ltd, 2425 Tecumseh blvd e 


Phil-Wood Industries Ltd, 857 Tecumseh blvd e 
Welles Corp Ltd, 2650 Metcalfe 


Canadian Traction Ltd, 1989 Wyandotte w 


Gotfredson Ltd, 1585 St Luke rd 




We Specialize in Fitting 



Hospital Beds, Wheel Chairs 81 Crutches 
PHONE 4-6484 

Ingram G A Co The, 1011 Ouellette av 


Canada Trust Co, 190 London w 
Crown Trust Co, 100 London w 
Guaranty Trust Co of Can, 305 Victoria av 
Toronto General Trusts Corp, 347 Ouellette av 


Windsor Typesetters Service, 108 McDougall 


Bulmer Typewriter Co, 76 London w 
Remington Rand Ltd, 58 Chatham w 
Underwood Ltd, 154 Pitt w 


'Aircraft Auto & Furniture Upholstering Co, 981 Erie e 
Vmerican Upholstering Co, 663 Campbell av 
rochert Upholstering, 824 Tecumseh blvd e 
anadian Upholstering, 4468 Wyandotte e 
Hebert Refinishers, 3197 Sandwich w 


Classified, Yellow Page 47 




‘Leveque's Upholstering, 860 Marion av 
McGhee Upholstering, 955 Assumption 
McIntyre T Upholstery, 161 Sandwich w 
Midwest Furniture & Upholsterers, 693-699 Langlois av 
Parker's Trim Shop, 987 Maisonville av 
Pekar Andrew, 129- Pitt w 
Phil's Trim Shop, (auto) 140 Aylmer av 
Renaud Upholstering & Furniture Repairs, 2755 Howard 
av (Sand W Twp) 

Stoddart James, (rear) 1856 Hall av 
Vickers Upholstering Co, 699 Langlois a 
Williams Bedding, (rear) 1276 Drouillard rd 


Airway Distributor of Ontario, 121 Wyandotte w 

Electrolux (Can) Ltd, 1356 Ouellette av 

Filter Queen Sales & Service, 912 Campbell av 

Glover's Vacuum Cleaner Service, 1040 Elm av 

Hoover Co Ltd, 1022 Wyandotte w 

Ontario Vacuum Cleaner Co, 325 Wyandotte w 

State Vacuum Stores of Can Ltd, 167 Tecumseh blvd w 

Windsor Vacuum, 560 Wyandotte w 


Ashton's Variety Store, 3234 Sandwich w 
Belle's 5c to $1.00 Store, 4772 Tecumseh blvd e 
Federal Stores Ltd, 309-311 Ouellette av 
Giroux 5c to $1.00 Store, 2601 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
Kresge S S Co Ltd, 245 Ouellette av 
McBain G S 5c-10c-15c Store, 1625 Tecumseh blvd e 
Metropolitan Stores Ltd, 439-457 Ouellette av 
Neighborhood 5c to $1.00, 1097 Felix av 
Pickard's 5c to $1.00 Stores Ltd, 1068-70 Drouillard rd 
and 1328 Ottawa 

Weldon Variety Shoppe, 2796 Howard av (R P) 
Woolworth F W Co Ltd, 1408-18 Ottawa, 255-263 0u*l- 
lette av and 1719 Wyandotte e 


Polarmat Limited, 998 Cadillac 


Canada Waste & Sanitary Supply, 704 Felix av 
Windsor Wiping Cloth Co, 180 Mercer 
Zalev Bros Ltd, 1305-1309 Mercer 


( See also Jewellers ) 

Frost Max P, 182 Pitt w 
Hudson Geo, 1028 Langlois av 
Jahn Ludwig N, 1058 Drouillard rd 
Knowlton Claude H, 182 Pitt w 

Mike's Watch Repair Shop, 3599 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

Nantais & Hill, 304 Ouellette av 

Naumis Peter, 332 Ouellette av 

Stringer David M, 1922 Wyandotte e 

Summerland A G, 50 London w 

Topps Jewellery & Gift Shop, 120 London w 

Watch Craft, 25 London w 


LIMITED, 2494 Sandwich Street 
East, Phone 2-7241 (See adv side 


Sealrite Window Products, (rear) 565 Shepherd e 
Williams Norman & Co of Can Ltd, 1801 Walker rd 


Best Manufacturing Co Ltd, 2437 Howard av 


Boyd Thos H, 1011 Howard av 

Bradshaw's Small Animal Hospital, 1895 Tecumseh blvd e 
Burke Thos S, 2205 Dougall av 



Canadian Welding & Manufacturing Co, 169 St Luke rd 
City Welding & Boiler Repair Ltd, 472 Tecumseh blvd e 
Empire Welding Service, 938 Erie e 
Erie Handy Shop, (rear) 1056 Erie e 
Fitzpatrick John C Ltd, 29 Park w 
Gene's Welding Service, 1263 Drouillard rd 
General Machinery Repair & Welding Co, 320 Curry av 
Jack's Welding Service, 955 Wyandotte w 
Leal's Welding Service, 904 Howard av 
Sandwich Welding, 544 Bridge av 
Thomson Welding & File Service, 486 Pitt e 
Victory Welding Service, 2462 Tecumseh blvd e 
Windsor General Welding Shot?, 1587 Windsor av 

Border City Tire Service, 701 Wyandotte e 
Chatham Lodi Nu-Treads, 505-15 Wyandotte e 
Popkey Paul H, 358 London w 


Clarke Wallpaper, 139 Sandwich w 

Consumers Wallpaper Co Ltd, 628 Goyeau 

Regal Paint & Wallpaper Co, 1304 Wyandotte e 

Reliable Paint & Wallpaper Co, 1374 Wyandotte e 

Russell Wm & Sons, 65 Sandwich w 

Walkerville Paint & Wallpaper Supply, 1928 Wyandotte e 


OBeatty Washer Stores, 715-717 Wyandotte e and 675 

S Ouellette 

McKenzie Washer Service, 687 Pierre av 
Menzies Washer Service, 273 Wyandotte w 


Anti-Borax Compound Co Ltd, 1244 McDougall 
Canadian Liquid Air Co Ltd, 467 Chatham e 
Essex Welders Supply Ltd, 1696 Durham pi 


1011 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 


Kelsey Wheel Co Ltd, 309 Ellis av e 


, Insurance Adjusters for the Companies 

609-610 CANADA TRUST BLDG. PHONES 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 


Bailey Jas, 1275 Windsor av 
Border Cities Window Cleaning Co, 61 Ferry 
Diamond Window Wash, 1791 Moy av 
Stanley Window Cleaning Co, 1714 Gladstone 

West Side Cleaners, 1269 Langlois av 


U-Need-A Venetian Blind Mfg Co (rear) 2821 Howard av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Windsor Venetian Blind Co, 673 Caron av 


Nu-Way Manufacturing, 3479 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

Rusco Windows, 2375 Edna 
Universal Window Ltd, 2437 Howard av 


Bright's Wines Ltd, 591 Ouellette av 
Marsh Fred Winery Ltd, 1570 Wyandotte e 


ING CO LIMITED, 469 Shepherd 
east, Phone 4-8631 


Adrian's Woodworkers, 3979 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 
Canadian Wood Products, 1066 Lena 
Denis Lionel, 658 Tournier 

Emery's Woodcraft, n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Kellington Wood Products, s s Eugene (R Park) 
Larry's Woodcraft, 1068 Erie e 
Livingston Wood Mfg Co, 2930 College av 
Remington Woodcraft, 551 Alexandrine (R P) 
Shipley's Wood Products, 2039 Sandwich e 
Unsworth Garnet, 944 Niagara 


Elite Wool Shoppe, 347 Goyeau 

Jaeger, House (Ed Laird), 423 Ouellette Avenue 

Scotch Wool Shop, 480 Pelissier 

West & Son, 471 Ouellette av 

Wool Shop The, 144 London w 


ramming Wrecking Co Ltd, 1578 Windsor av 


• allomand Fred A i Co Ltd, 24 Sandwich e 



Classified, Yellow Page 4P 

-Produces Results 

Are your products displayed under all the 
proper headings to which Purchasing Agents 
and Buyers refer? If not, the business that 
should come your way goes to your com- 
petitor who is listed. 

Directory Advertising Dept. 



Windsor City Directory 

195 1 

Copyright, 1951, by Acme Windsor Directory Co. Ltd. 

An Alphabetical List of Names 

• Of all individuals showing Christian and surname with 
initials, occupation with name of firm employed by or asso- 
ciated with, address whether householder or residing (board- 
ing, rooming, living at home), etc., name of wife follows 
the husband's name in parenthesis, thus: (Mary). 

• 0f a11 commercial, industrial, financial, professional or 
government and municipal organizations with names of 
executives, showing title, type of product or services pro- 
duced or rendered and address. 

© Of all clubs, associations, churches, trades unions and vari- 
ous other kinds of organizations, with address. 

• Of all City, County, Provincial and Federal Government 
departments and officials, together with many other names. 
When Looking for a Name Note the Different Spellings. — 
For list of abbreviations see back of this page. 


Abbreviations in brackets after street address indicate the suburb in which the street is 

located — see following list for suburban 

R Park Remington Park 

R’Slde Riverside 


Sand E Twp ........ 

Sandwich East Township 

Sand W Twp 

Sandwich West Township 

Alphabetical, White Page 1 


acct, accountant 

agrl impts, agricultural Implement* 

arch, architect 

assn, association 

attdt, attendant 

bgemn, baggageman 

ba rr, barrister 

bndr, binder 

blksmth, blacksmith 

blrmkr, boilermaker 

bkbndr, bookbinder 

bkpr, bookkeeper 

btlr, bottler 

brkmn, brakeman 

bldr, builder 

btchr, butcher 

cabt mkr, cabinet maker 

chauf, chauffeur 

chkr, checker 

coll, collector 

com mer, commission merchant 

commr, commissioner 

comp, compositor 

cond, conductor 

confr, confectioner 

confy, confectionery 

const, constable 

contr, contractor 

Corp, corporation 

ctr, cutter 

dir, dealer 

dec, decorator 

dir, director 

dist, district 

Dom, Dominion 

drsmkr, dressmaker 

drvr, driver 

elect, electrician 

elev opr, elevator operator 

exp, express 

fin, financial 

fnshr, finisher 

ftr, fitter 
furn, furniture 
gdnr, gardener 
genl, general 
geol, geological 
gro, grocer 
hlpr, helper 
hosp, hospital 
h, householder 
hsekpr, housekeeper 
insp, Inspector 
instr, instructor 
Ins, insurance 
Jwlr, jeweller 
Indrs, laundress 
Indry, laundry 
I c, letter carrier 
Ltd, Limited 
lino linotype 
iitho, lithographer 
m p, mail porter 
mach hd, machine hand 
mach, machinist 
mgr, manager 

mng dir, managing director 

mfr, manufacturer 

mkt gdnr, market gardener 

mech, mechanic 

messr, messenger 

mlnr, milliner 

moto, motorman 

mldr, moulder 

mntr, mounter 

mus tchr, music teacher 

opr, operator 

opp, opposite 

pntr, painter 

Parlt, Parliament 

photo, photographer 

phy, physician 

plstr, plasterer 

plmbr, plumber 

plshr, polisher 

P 0, Post Office 

pres, president 

prin, principal 

prntr, printer 

prop, proprietor 

provs, provisions 

publr, publisher 

r, resider 

Rly, Railway 

repr, repairer 

rep, representative 

ret, retail 

Rev, Reverend 

RC, Roman Catholic 

sdlr, sadler 

smstrs, seamstress 

sec hd gds, second hand goods 

sec, secretary 

shpr, shipper 

stn, station 

staty engnr, stationary engineer 

stmftr, steamfitter 

SS, steamship 

stereo, stereotyper 

stkpr, stockkeeper 

supt, superintendent 

tlr, tailor 

tlrs, tailoress 

tchr, teacher 

tmstr, teamster 

tel opr, telegraph or telephone 

tnsmth, tinsmith 

twp, township 

trans, transportation 

treas, treasurer 

uphol, upholsterer 

vet surg, veterinary surgeon 

wtr, waiter 

wtrs, waitress 

whol, wholesale 

wid, widow 

wd wkr, wood worker 

wks, works 

Bell Tel 
Can Bread 
Candn Auto Trim 
Candn Bridge 
C I L 
C N Exp 
C P Exp 
C P R 


Genl Motors 

Hotel Dieu 
Inti Playing Card 



Bell Telephone Co of Canada 
Canada Bread Co Ltd 
Canadian Automotive Trim Ltd 
Canadian Bridge Co Ltd 
Canadian Industries Ltd 
Canadian National Express Co 
Canadian National Railway Co 
Canadian Pacific Express Co 
Canadian Pacific Railway Co 
Chrysler Corp of Canada Ltd 
Ford Motor Co of Canada Ltd 
General Motors Products of Canada 

Gotfredsons Limited 
Hotel Dieu of St Joseph 
International Playing Card Co Ltd 

Metro Genl Hosp 
Metro Life 
Parke Davis 
Police Dept 
P 0 

Royal Win Garage 


Truscon Steel 
Univ Button 

H Walker & Sons 
Walker Metal 
Win Gas 
Win Star 

Metropolitan General Hospital 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co 
Parke Davis & Co 
Police Department 
Post Office 

Royal Windsor Garage 
Sandwich, Windsor & Amherstburg 
Railway Co 

Truscon Steel Co of Canada Ltd 
Universal Button Fastening & Button 
Co of Canada Ltd 
Walker, Hiram, & Sons Ltd 
Walker Metal Products Ltd 
Windsor Gas Co Ltd 
Windsor Daily Star »' 

ttt^i '7nmweafetefltaQi 



Windsor Avenue at City Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1185 
(.omplete Service on nil Ford Products 
Branch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 


A Auto Sales (Alphonse W Dufour) used cars 611 
Tecumseh blvd e 

ABC Service Station (Duke Brighter & Elmer 
Downey) 791 Sandwich e 

A M Floorcovering (Murray J Teahan) 1197 Tecumseh 
f blvd e 

A & P Super Market Norman Miller mgr, 819 Ouellette 
av and 1580 Ottawa 
Aaron Apts 1009 Niagara 

Abaloz Theodore (Vera) emp Great Lakes Steel h 1054 
London e 

*- Abbey A Douglas (Dorothy) dept hd Burroughs Mach h 

* 407, 280 Park w 

—Ethel (wid Marcus) emp Metro Genl Hosp h 229 
Sandwich w 

—Geo (Janet) Insp Fords h 1456 Felix av 

l ABBEY GRAY LIMITED, A E Gray President, 

George F Cakebread Vice-President and Sales 
Manager, H R Kelch Secretary-Treasurer, 
Chrysler, Plymouth Autos and Fargo Trucks, 
Sales and Service, Goyeau at Elliott, Phone 
4-1171, Used Car Lot, Goyeau cor Tuscarora, 
f Phone 4-1171 (See adv top lines) " 

« —Jarvis L (Margt) emp Fords h 1274 Windermere rd 
' —Muriel priv sec H W Simpson Entertainment Bureau 
r 1746 Highland av 
--Nellie h 1746 Highland av 
Abbis Peter r 918 Parent av 
f- Abbott Dennis (Eleanor) h 1733 Labadie rd 

—Edwd (Doris) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1410 
George av 

— Edwd B (Marjorie) emp City Engineers Dept h 420 

—Fred caretkr W D Lowe Vocational School r 1130 

* Giles blvd e 

—Glen (Jean) emp Fords r 1532 Moy av 
—Harry (Beatrice) sis elk C H Smith h 2, 92 Hall av 
— Isabella (wid John) h 816 Campbell av 
—Jos (Margt) asst cr mgr Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 2366 Byng rd 

^ —Mary emp Franks Light Lunch res Tecumseh 
9 —Stirling C asst foremn Sterling Drug r 816 Campbell 

Abdou Chas (Victoria) h 295 Marentette av 
—Confectionery (Mrs Victoria Abdou) 786 London e 
— Josephine r 295 Marentette av 
—Marie r 295 Marentette av 
’ —Peter r 295 Marentette av 
Abel Josephine h 379 Bruce av 
--Mary r 2327 Hall av 

Abela Louis emp Fords r 4065 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

Jk Abell Jas W (Hilda) ftr Stand Mach & Tool h 1029 
Howard av 

--Jean M stenog Detroit r 1029 Howard av 
Aberhardt Anthony r 1094 Lena 
— Elizth r 1094 Lena 
— John (Annie) brklyr r 1094 Lena 
v Abernethy Wm emp Fords r 349 Logan av 

* Abie's Delicatessen (Abie Engelbaum) 566 Wyandotte e 
fl Abilgaard Jennie (wid Valdimar) h 1384 Bruce av 

— Verner E (Doris) h 4, 1759 Wyandotte e 
Ablenas Brone nurse Hotel Dieu r 517 Janette av 
n Aboud Ann elk Unemploy Ins Comm r 902 Elsmere av 
v --Shmouny (wid John) h 902 Elsmere av 

* Abraham Alex (Katherine) (Felix Av Self Serv Market) 

h 928 Lincoln rd 

Gerald emp Essex Steel & Wood r 3553 Barrymore 

John E prin H E Bondy School r 3352 Sandwich w 
—June elk Felix Av Self Serv Market r 928 Lincoln 

—Wilson G (Gwendolyn) acct Board of Education h 343 
Esdras PI (R’Side) 

Abrahams Avner (Ethel) elk Scottish Clothing h 2273 
Hall av 

—Harry (Isabel) (Scottish Clothing) h 1641 Dougall av 
Abram Roy E (Pearl) emp Fords h 388 Josephine av 
Abramoff Peter studt r 1026 Albert rd 

— Wm (Dora) emp Melkar Roofing h 1026 Albert rd 
Abramovich Frank L box assmblr Long Mfg r 1106 
Hickory rd 

--John (Marie) emp Fords h 3727 Vaughan 
—Matthew (Mary) emp Dom Forge h 1108 Hickory rd 
—Michael emp Dom Forge r 1106 Hickory rd 
— Robt r 1106 Hickory rd 

Abramson H Lome barr 601, 176 London w r 1218 ' 

Elsmere av 

--Sami emp Gotfredson Ltd r 939 Drouillard rd 
Abrash Anthony (Genevieve) whol fruit 1028 Parent 
av h same 

— Gloria A asst off suprvsr Prudential Ins r 1028 
Parent av 

— John (Charlotte) with Johnny’s Fruit h 934 Parent 

--Jos (Avis) fruit & veg 221 Market h 3, 1108 Goyeau 
— Michl emp Rowson Restaurant r 934 Parent av 
— Norma typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 1028 Parent 

—Rose (wid Michl) h 936 Parent av 
— Theresa stenog Sterling Drug Mfg r 1028 Parent av 
—Thos D (Avis) insp Citizen & Immi h 4, 1108 Goyeau 
Abray John W (Vera) mech Eastern Candn Greyhound 
Lines h 2497 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

Abson Harry (Mary) elk Fords h 343 Chippewa 
Abt Helen prsr T X L Cleaners r 1061 Moy av 
Accessory Products Ltd W F Jordan pres & genl mgr, 
auto parts & accessories 1673 Moy av 
Accette Vernon G slsmn C H Smith Co r 1067 Moy av 
Ace Garage (John Tesolin & Angelo Fracas) genl reprs 
845 Brant 

—Refrigeration Co (Leslie Hillis & Hector Drouillard) 
123 Sandwich w 

—Roofing & Building Supplies (Arendt Meikar) 3815 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Achtabowski J Rev priest Holy Trinity RC Church r 
1035 Ellis av e 

Achtemijczuk Geo (Mary) emp Fords h 1715 Maren- 
tette av 

Ackens Nellie (wid John) h 2212 Fraser av 
Ackerman Albt G (Gabrielle) emp Chryslers h 2403 
Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Alfred emp Bd of Educ h 552 Curry av 
Ackert Sadie M tchr r 492 Janette av 
Ackley Clara (wid Andrew) r 755 Patricia rd 
—Hugh E (Mary) engnr Michigan Central h 755 Patricia 

—Jack r 755 Patricia rd 

— Marjorie M svgs elk Bank of Com r 755 Patricia rd 
Acme Auto Parts (Edna M Schmutz) new & used auto 
parts 979-985 Howard av 

ACME FINDERS LIMITED r Shoe Store and Repair 

Store Supplies, Leathercraft, Tooling, Uphol- 
sterers Supplies and Shoemakers Machinery, 
Agents Landis and Champion Shoe Machinery, 
1375 Wyandotte e, Phone 4-6825 

—Meat Market (Wm Musye) btehr 294 Pitt e 
—Neon Signs (Gordon Catton) 829 Pillette rd 
—Pharmacy Harold R Naish mgr drugs 1591 Drouillard 

—Radio (Otto Allemang) radio serv & records 1816 
Wyandotte e 

—Sheet Metal Works (Carl M Meston) tinsmiths 830 
Tecumseh blvd e 


76 Church Street, Toronto 

Acousticon Institute of Windsor Mrs M Bryce mgr, 
hearing aid serv 710, 374 Ouellette av 
Acres Jack (Dorothy) emp National Grocers h 922 

Acton Chas P (Dorothy) metal pattern mkr Win 
Patterns h 4208 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Dorothy r 4208 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Jos W h 130 Curry av 
— June E elk Bank of Mont r 771 Langlois a\£ 

--Kenneth emp New York Central r 458 Lauzon rd 

— Mary r 458 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

Alphabetical, White Page 3 






(Windsor Branch) 





AN Dill 




Phone 3-1192 


a Dh 

s o 

8 O 
8 h 
c U 



yj § t £ 


•g •* a 
* p 

* E 

B> O 

I u 

— w w 

U. 5 -S 


£ P 

.3 2 

— Olive emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 4208 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

— Richd (Marie) h 771 Langlois av 
— Richd jr wrhse elk M G Butler & Co r 771 Langlois 

--Wm A (Reva) h 1650 Central av 
Aczel Attila (Elizth) (East End Cabinet Shop) h 1076 

Ada C Richards School Howard A Campbell prin 4533 

Adair Edwd (Marvilla) barber h 872 Church 
— Fred (Norah) emp Fords h 1938 Francois rd 
— John (Marian) emp CNR h 1184 Oak av 
— John G (Lawrence) elk Fords h 230 Homedale blvd 

--Mary G Mrs pekr Motor Products Corp h 120 
Prado PI (R’Side) 

— Robt I (Miriam) slsmn Borden Co h 448 Glldden av 

—Robin shpr W H McLean Ltd h 1175 Felix av 
Adam A J (Lottie) mfrs agt h 2451 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Adrien emp Frawley’s Electric r 652 Langlois av 
— Albt J (Joan) emp S W & A Rly h 2353 Francois rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Alex M (Ina) emp Fords h 1608 Hall av 
— Altura emp Dom Forge r 1531 Marentette av 
--Andy r 1375 Lillian 
— Apts 561 Louis av 

— Armand H (Beatrice) h 2929 Sandwich w 
— Barbara diamond setter Wheel Trueing Tool r 2010 
Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Betty J r 2451 Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

—Bros Apts 685 Wyandotte e 

— Chas J (Teresa) p c Sand E Twp h 2509 Tourangeau 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Denis J (Marie) assessor City Assess Dept h 1235 
Hall av 

—Donald J (Shirley) slsmn h 209 St Rose av (R’Side) 
—Eugene D sis elk CGE r 2021 Olive rd 
— Gabrielle stenog Waffle’s Elect r 2021 Olive rd 
—Geo (LaVerne) btehr h 1773 Kildare rd 
—Georgina (wid Jos) r 2021 Olive rd 
—Gerald emp Chryslers r 2010 Balfour blvd (Sand E 

—Graeme M (Helen) off mgr Essex Hybrid Seed Co Ltd 
h 1735 Byng rd 

—Helen emp Hotel Dieu r 2905 Denning av 
—Henry J (Irene) gro dept mgr Consumers Warehouse 
h 926 Hall av 
— John h 164 Windsor av 
— Jos O (Clara) stkmn Fords h 2021 Olive rd 
—Louis r 2010 Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Marcel studt r 1235 Hall av 

—Marie cash Candn Meat Market r 235 Drouillard rd 
— Marie R priv sec St Theresa Rectory r 2021 Olive 

— Mary housemaid Grace Hosp r 2095 Deming 
— Norman r 1496 Dougall av 

--Norman (Adam’s Meat Market) r 314 St Rose av 

— Paul (Alice) core mkr Fords h 2010 Balfour blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Peter B emp S W & A Rly res LaSalle 
—Philip (Rita) emp CNR h 278 Belle Isle av 
—Raymond P (Geraldine) (Adam’s Meat Market) h 
314 St Rose av (R’Side) 

— Roger (Marie) emp Fords h 1609 Olive rd 
— Steve (Julia) emp Auto Specialties h 1531 Marentette 

— Steve emp Chryslers r 1096 Langlois av 
—Vincent (Louise) emp Gotfredson Ltd h 155 Louis 

— Vivian studt r 803 Pierre av 

— Walter M (Clara) emp Fords h 803 Pierre av 

—Wilfred (Helen) h 2440 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Wilfred M (Florence A) slsmn Bowman -Anthony 
h 1626 Bernard rd 

—Yvonne h 652 Langlois av 

Adam’s Meat Market (Raymond & Norman Adam) 

1130 Wyandotte e 

Adamac Frances off elk American Chemical Paint 
Co r 1110 Gladstone av 

—John (Margt) mgr Sire Shop for Men h 962 Part- 
ington av 

—Nicholas (Anne) emp Kelsey Wheel'll 1110 Gladstone 

Adamic Anthony (Frances) emp Fords h 1637 Highland 

—Eddy studt r 1637/H1 ghland av 

— Miroslav wldr L A Young Industries r 1637 Highland 

Adamo Arthur r 496 Curry av 

--Jos (Rosaria) cook Mario’s Rest r 276 Pierre av 
— Robt r 496 Curry av 

— Rocco wtr British American Hotel h 496 Curry av " 
--Wm advtg elk Win Star res LaSalle ». 

Adamov Velko S (Velko Barber Shop) h 79 Thompson 
blvd (R’Side) 

Adamovic Dragutin (Margt) h 1036 Wyandotte e 
Adams Ada tchr Hon J C Patterson Coll Inst h 304, 

1616 Ouellette av 

— Agnes emp Fords r 1723 Kildare rd ” 

—A Ivan emp CPR r 1159 Hall av 
—Anne Mrs h 960 Mercer 

— Arthur (Ethel) mach Fords h 705 McKay av a 

--Arthur E (Ada) emp S W & A Rly h 1560 Pillette rd * 
— Barbara studt r 1208 Wigle av 
— Betty mgrss Laura Secord r 1149 Hall av 
--Betty stenog Canadian Motor Lamp r 1794 Gladstor ' 

--Boris (Mary) emp Fords h 865 Lawrence rd 
— Carl H (Iris) slsmn Burns & Co (Eastern) h 3410 
Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Carmon T Insp Citizen & Immi h 379 McEwan av 
— Clarence r 891 Erie e 

—Donald emp Walkerville Lumber r 354 Curry av ’ 

— Dorothy emp S W & A Rly r 1560 Pillette rd 
—Dorothy emp Motor Products Corp r 2241 Moy av " 
--Drug Co Ltd Norman M Graham mgr 1600 Ottawa . 
and 1698 Tecumseh blvd e 

— Edgar J (Allie) emp CPR h 1159 Hall av f * 

—Elizth (wid Jos) h 1149 Hall av * 

— Ernest (Irene) contr h 1347 Langlois av ^ 

— Eunice A emp Fords r 422 Windermere rd 
—Everett S (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1563 Lincoln rd A 
— Florence h 202, 1290 Ouellette av ^ 

—Florence M (wid Geo) techn McManus Dental Lab-^.. 

oratories h 456 Pine w w \ 

— Frances hsekpr r 716 Patricia rd 
—Frances M Mrs elk G Tamblyn h 235 Louis av 
—Fred W (Irene) emp Fords h 1208 Wigle av 
— Fredk (Betty) traff mgr Essex Term Rly h 1794 
Gladstone av 

—Geo sweeper L A Young Industries r 2232 Parent f 1 , 
—Gordon (Edith) emp Dom Forge h 354 Curry av 
—Hamilton (Lottie) h 371 McEwan av 
—Harry G (Augusta) h 3376 Baby ^ 

—Harry J emp. Chryslers r 2453 Turner rd j 

—Helen lab techn John Wyeth & Bro r 354 Curry av 
—Helen Mrs r 2905 Deming * . 

—Helen Mrs emp Parke Davis r 23, 951 Sandwich w J 
— J Frank (Katherine) surg 504, 1011. Ouellette av 
h 1929 Ontario 

—Jack emp Fords r 1208 Wigle av 
— Jas (Mabel) slsmn Jack Clarke h 2137 Moy av 
— Jas E (Mildred) h 2210 Janette av (Sand W Twp) 
—Jas M Customs & Excise r 411 Wellington av 
—Jas R jr emp Dominion Forge r 1523 Albert rd 
—Jas R (Barbara) mech CNR h 2536 Chilver rd 
—Jas S elk Toledo Scale r 1929 Ontario 
— Jas W (Jessie) emp Chryslers h 1523 Albert rd 
--Jane druggist Adams Drug Co Ltd res McGregor pt. 
— Jean nurse Grace Hosp r 705 McKay av 
—John (Ileene) emp NYC h 2193 Wellesley 
—John D engnr County of Essex h 482 Randolph av 
—John W emp Dom Forge r 1523 Albert rd 
— Jos (Catherine) (Heather Bell Fish & Chips) h 151; 

Gladstone av ^ ^ 

— Jos delivery Frawley Electrical Appliances Ltd 
r 652 Langlois av 

—Kathleen emp The Vanity Beauty Salon r 382 

— Kenneth r 391 Hall av 

—Kenneth mldr Stand Fndry r 1469 Pellisler v 
— Mr32, 1382 Ouellette av 1 

— Madeline nurse Hotel Dieu r 1662 Elsmere av 
—Marie r 1347 Langlois av 
—Mary emp Grace Hospital r 2905 Deming 
—Michael studt r 865 Lawrence rd 
— Mike (Helen) emp Fords h 2905 Deming * 

— Mort on emp CPR r 1159 Hall av 
— Orval G insp in charge Citizen & Immi h 1395 
Dougall av 

— Philip emp Hiram Walker & Sons res Roseland 
—Philip E (Leona) off Candn Bridge h 1182 Chilver 

— Raymond perm force r 1159 Hall av r 

--Reginald emp Fords r 505 Dougall aV 
— Richd J (Albertine) policemn Chryslers h 1704 
Superior (Sand W Twp) 

--Richd T emp Chryslers r 1704 Superior (Sand W 

—Robt (Ellen) toolmkr Fords h 950 Pierre av ^ 
—Robt C (Dorothy) firemn Win Fire Dept h 476 
Janette av 



’ —Roy (Leona) emp Curtis Printing Co h 3, 1231 
London w 

—Shirley elk Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r 
at 1560 Pillette rd 

#■— Shirley M emp Detroit r 1395 Dougall av 
Son --Sidney R (Gertrude) wtchmn Truscon Steel h 422 
Windermere rd 

—Stafford A (Alice) plant mgr Truscon Steel h 2241 
4 ’ Moy av 

—Stanley (Teresa) emp Windsor Laundry h 1430 
r Dougall av 

—Viola emp Bell Tel r 354 Curry av 

ADAMS W H, (Mrs E Grace Clark) Arthur C 

6 ” Clark Manager, Custom House Broker and 

>’orwa rding Agent, Head Office 44 Wyandotte 

. y Street East, Phone 3-5421; Branch Office 

Ambassador Bridge Terminal, Phone 3-5414 

—Wilfred (Cecile) emp Chryslers h 930 Pierre av 

10 —Wilfred (Florence) lithographer Curtis Printing Co 

h 1662 Elsmere av 

* v -Wm (Jennie) emp Chryslers h 3, 1407 Wyandotte 
Y (R’Side) 

v — Wm H (Grace) emp Detroit h 876 Church 

-Wilma J r 1182 Chilver rd 

Adamson Andrew (Edna) emp Fords h 1878 Dacotah dr 
wa Adamus Frank (Gertrude) emp Fords h 2753 St Louis 
. av (Sand E Twp) 

JvAdanac Confectionery (John & Minnie Ruffeski) 1677 

Adcock Dorothy emp Beauty Counsellors of Canada 
h 310, 444 Park w 

rd Addeman Edna Mrs h 1018 Campbell av 

Addis Jas (Amelia) leader Motor Products Corp r 227 
Rankin av 

* Addison Austin (Addison Leather Goods) h 1068 

Windsor av 

—Blake (Margt) adjuster Helwig Adjusting Ltd h 1645 
Wyandotte w 

4 —Leather Goods (Austin Addison) 1068 Windsor av 
V/— Robt emp Woodall Constn r 847 Pierre av 
m -T Addyman Florence J Mrs r 1063 Sandwich w 

—Gordon E (Mildred) elk & mech Rathwell’s Cycle 
& Toy Shop h 1063 Sandwich w 
Adalbert Apartments 130 Wyandotte e 
Adelman Jack A (Adelman’s Dept Store) r 150 Casgrain 
av Place 

, * —Louis (Jenny) h 150 Casgrain PI 

h w Adelman’s Dept Store (Jack Adelman & Sidney & A1 
v Nickin) 60-70 Pitt e 

Aden Winnifred r 260 California av 
Adian Kenneth emp Fords r 939 Drouillard rd 
, t Adiar Sterling E (Janet) emp Chryslers r 224 Homedale 

11 blvd (R’Side) 

, Adilla Frank emp Fords r 179 Bruce av 
1 Adkin Florence bkpr Walker Insurance Agency h 2E, 

686 Argyle rd ■ 

—Lome (Thelma) emp N Y Central Rly h 1660 
a Bernard rd 

;or ^ Adkins Dorothy emp Hoppe’s Clothing r 1519 George av 

—Hardware (Lloyd Adkins) 1501 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Lloyd (June) (Adkins Hardware) h 815 Francois Crt 
av Adlam Ernest (Margt) emp Chryslers h 1331 Partington 

ic avenue . 

151! — Geo (Janet) emp Chryslers h 526 Irvine av 

^ v __Geo emp Det & Can Tunnel h 945 McKay av 
d — Marjorie r 945 McKay av 

Adler Fannie (wid Abraham) h 981 Drouillard rd 
—Milton (Pearl) emp Economy Home Bldrs h 2308 
Parkwood av 

—Saul (Bella) (Standard Bakery) r 981 Drouillard rd 
W Adley Jas radio servicemn Hedrick's r 932 
Gladstone av 

— W Douglas (Vera) dhem engnr Parke -Davis h 932 
Gladstone av 

Adlington Harry (Margt) emp Michigan Central Rly h 
1676 Bruce av 

j. —Jack (Ruth) adjuster H W Ormerod & Co Ltd h 1666 

• Ellrose av 

Admans Leslie A (Edna) asst suprvsr United Cigar 
Stores h 1714 Marentette av 

d Adrians Woodworks (Adrian Gadoury) 3979 Tecumseh 
ver blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Adrien’s Coffee Shop (Adrien Archambault) 198 Pitt w 
r Adsett Alex studt r 2428 Windermere rd 

— Chas (Mona) tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 2428 
1 Windermere rd , _ , . u 

— L Hazel home missionary All Peoples Mission h 
^ 1175 Langlois av 

— Wm studt r 2428 Windermere rd 
>^Aebli John (Eva) emp Fords h 1103 Hall av 
Aeillo Carmen emp Windsor Laundry r 82-88 
Wyandotte w 

Affleck Carl L (May) emp Windsor Utilities (Hydro) 
h 1049 Lena 

— Chas A (Flossie) h 1255 Lincoln rd 
— Geo (Sarah) emp Fords h 869 Monmouth rd | 

— Laura r 529 Victoria av 

--Lawrence E (Jean) drvr Det & Can Tunnel h 1530 

— Lewis (Ellen) emp Fords h 1344 Elm ay 
--Melvin B (Dorothy) drvr Overland Exp h 3, 1415 
Ellis av e 

—Ronald (Reta) emp Chryslers h 1535 Pierre av 
--Stanley (Dorothy) insp L A Young Industries b 
1167 Tuscarora 

Agajanian Beatrice Mrs nurse Essex County Sanator- 
ium r 996 Felix av 

— John E (Beatrice) foremn Fords h 996 Felix av 
Agajeenian Kaspar (Helen) h 994 Felix av 
Agasse Bert (Mary) emp Fords h 1417 Cadillac 
Agishian Lucy Mrs h 3, 117 Ferry 
Agla Emma (wid Adrian) h 1005 Chilver rd 
— G Clarence (Bridget) emp Candn Sirocco Co Ltd r 
1005 Chi lver rd 

—Gladys E lib asst Willistead Pub Library res 
Harrow , 

— H Ellis (Ruth) emp Gotfredson’s h 2353 Wellesley 
Agnew Andrew h 1766 Arthur rd 
— Andrew (Winnifred) (Coral Ball Room) h 1379 Lab- 
adie rd 

— Robt (Jennie) emp Fords h 1647 Central av 
— Robt (Gladys) sec-treas Rennie & Agnew Ltd h 4, 

1574 Ouellette av 

— Sami (Gabriel) elk Fords h 1694 Arthur rd 
— Surpass Shoe Stores Ltd Larry Gosnell mgr, 357 
Ouellette av branches: 1356 Ottawa, 1528 
Wyandotte e 

—Victoria r 1647 Central av 

— Violet press opr Motor Products Corp r 301 Coron- 
ado dr (Tecumseh) 

Agnolin Angelo (Angela) emp Fords h 925 Howard av 
—Anthony (Mary) emp Fords h 915 Howard av 
— John emp Fullerton Constn r 915 Howard av 
—Mario J (Jean) shoemkr Humphries Shoe Repair h 
351 Partington av 

Agocs Jos (Annie) emp Canada Battery h 927 Hanna e 
Agon Jean r 2570 George av (Sand E Twp) 

Agopsowicz Jacob emp Baum & Brody r 1046 Parent 
1 avenue 

--Josephine (wid Zachary) h 1046 Parent av 
—Stanley r 1046 Parent av 

Agostini Guilo (Alice) jan Phil Wood Industries Ltd 
h 364 Curry av 

Agostinis Vittorio (Eva) emp Fords h 520 Niagara 
Agoston Andrew (Mary) emp Genl Motors h 1181 
e Hickory rd 

—John (Anna) core assmblr Walker Metal h 1234 
Louis av 

— Mary emp Adelmans r 1181 Hickory rd 
—Rose bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1234 Louis av 
Agricola Martha r 1043 Janette av 
Aho Aina A opr Motor Products Corp r 1141 Elsmere 

v avenue 

Aiken Betty emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 977 Partington 


,n —Sherman W (Ida) asst supt Chryslers h 552 Rankin 

—Wilfred (Gladys) emp Chryslers h 977 Partington 

— Wm J diemkr Somerville Ltd h 212 Virginia av 

Alkens Florence Mrs br sec Dominion Life Assurance 
Co r 1508 Elsmere av 

—Phyllis emp Dominion Glass h 7, 1077 Sandwich w 
Alkin Donald A emp S W & A Rly h 3270 College 
i-Glendon V (Violet) slsmn Teahan Furniture h 4, 316 

—Mary Mrs r 247 McEwan av 
Alnslie Alice (wid Robt) h 18, 249 Pillette rd 
— Dorothy W aud elk Unemployment Ins Commn res 

— Jack M slsmn Murph y Tobacco r 244 Oak av 
— Jas E btehr Anthony Hakan h 244 Oak av 
— Thos (Agnes) slsmn The Ford Housekeeping Shop 
h 14, 249 Pillette rd 

—Velma Mrs emp & claims off Unemployment Ins 
Commn r 524 Pitt w 

Ainsworth Alfred (Winnifred) h 93 Esdras PI (R’Side) 

— Fred J (Betty) emp Fords h 145 McEwan av 
Air Cadets of Canada Squadron 310 Rev C F Harrison 
squadron leader, 398 Huron Line 
— Elizth J emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 826 Belle Isle 
— Geo (Ann) emp General Motors h 977 Lawrence rd 
— Pollution Control R E Nlcholls smoke insp 1 City 

Hall Annex 

deal. White Page 5 


Nil - VOGUE 





Blvd. East 

PH. 2-8621 




PH. 4-9666 

2 * g r 
o- ^ 

o 3 C 

O S.U 

> M' 5- 

< "• 3 
w ° n a 

_ " tr 3 

" 3 


O w* jj* 

> o 5 ~ 

W Eg H 

rA JT* .a 



Aircraft Auto & Furniture Upholstering Co (Arthur 
Miles & Andrew Gergel) 981 Erie e 
Airey Gertrude (wid John) h 570 Grove av 
--Jean E stenog Fords r 570 Grove av 
— John custo ms elk Welles Corp r 570 Grove av 
— Leslie W musician r 570 Grove av 
— Robt G (Alice M) mgr Victor Mfg Si Gasket Co of 
Can Ltd h 410, 280 Park w 
— Thos (Susan) drvr Direct -Winters Transp h 1170 

Airforce Club of Windsor Br 364 Candn Legion BESL 
n s Tecumseh blvd e after Dufferln PI 
Airway Distributor of Ont Sovereign E Ducharme mgr 
vacuum clnrs 2, 121 Wyandotte w 
Aitchison David attdt Arena Service r 474 Lincoln rd 
— Gordon (Melba) reporter Win Star h 2563 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Altken Chas W (Estelle) (Aitken Drug) h 2005 Wyandotte 

— David (Jean) h 306, 1290 Ouellette av 
—Drug (Chas W Aitken) 2001 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

—Geo K (Ruby) serv mgr T W Savlll Refrigeration Sis 
& Serv h 807 Wellington av 
—John (Catherine) emp Windsor Gas h 747 Monmouth 

—John (Minnie) garage mech Silverwood's h 1463 
Westcott rd 

— Robt (Catherine) emp Fords h 561 Elliott w 
— Robt jr emp Gotfredson Ltd r 561 Elliott w 
Aitkenhead Wm G (Florence) emp Chryslers h 2858 
Melbourne av 

— Wm W studt r 2858 Melbourne av 
Attkens John C (Nora) civil engnr Fords h 1982 
Lorraine av 

— Wm J (Margt) slsmn Bell Paper Co h 1, 1486 York 
Aizenberg Carl (Velga) carp h 6554 Brant 
Ajax Builders Supplies Ltd Walter Wachna sec, 

Boris Wachna mgr, 6160 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

Ajersch Carl (Annie) (Carl Butcher Shop Si Groceries) 
h 2625 Parent av (R Park) 

Aker Agnes M emp Inti Playing Card r 3217 Howard 
av (Sand W Twp) 

Aklens Lionel (Mary E) drvr Bondy Cartage r Baby 
Park Dougall rd 

Akins Douglas arc wldr Chausse Mfg Co Ltd r 776 
Bruce av 

Akselrod Morris (Anna) (Morris Electric) r 105 9 
Marentette av , „ , _ , 

Aksmit Sylvester emp Fords r 1054 Hickory rd 
Al’s Auto Service (Alex Baz) gas, light reprs 493 
Wyandotte e 

—Barber Shop (Allan Husband) 391 Wyandotte e 
—Bicycle Shop (Norman J Rocheleau) 430 Wyandotte w 
--Grocery (Alex Ashe) 382 Assumption 
— Grocery Store (Alphonse Charest) 622 South 
—Meat Market (Geo Thomson) btehr 1410 Wyandotte w 
—Radio Service & Electrical Appliances (Alfred 

Carpenter & Robt Backhouse) 1090 Felix av 
—Shoe Shop (Alex Wanchuk) shoe repr 574 Curry av 
and 3189 Sandwich w 

Ala Frank (Frances) barber Johnnie’s Barber Shop r 
883 Brant 

— Jos barber Bert’s Barber Shop r 1488 Wyandotte w 
Alarcon Julius (Mary) emp Fords r 1183 Elsmere av 
Alb Wm (Katharine) barber 976 Howard av h same 
Albano Dorothy (wid Jos) emp Hotel Dieu h 1527 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

— Jas (Margt) emp Fords h 1947 Arthur rd 
Albert Apts 1101-7 Pelissier 
— Edwd emp Fords r 1053 Elm av 
—Grocery & Meat Market (Roy Jasin Si Thos Corgin) 
1098 Albert rd 

—John (Grace) (Albert's Shoe Repair) h 1053 Elm av 
—Ross (Rena) r 411 Janette av 
Albert’s Shoe Repair (John Albert) 444 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Alberts Alberic carp r 455 Chatham w 
Albright Elmer E (Myrtle) h 1080 Lincoln rd 
Albrough Christina (wid John) h 494 Victoria av 
— Ernestine emp Detroit h 917 Langlois av 
—Gerald r 917 Langlois av 

— Jeanne emp Brown Nesbit Si Burnell r 917 Langlois 

avenue , . 

—Lawrence (Ada) off mgr Si sec-treas Johnson-Turner 

Electric Repair h 630 Sunset av 
Albu John emp Chrysler r 1151 Moy av 
—Julie r 2548 Lincoln rd 

Alcner Steven (Lena) iron pourer Walker Metal h 881 
Parent av 

Alcock Susan sis elk Woolworth’s r 1337 Benjamin 

Aldea John (Fannie) emp Fords h 1647 Francois rd 
Alden John shpr Dorn Off Supply r 260 California av 

Alderton Elgie drvr Inter-City Forwarders r 3523 
Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Aldiglteri Robt r 859 Mercer 

Aldous Albt C (Elizth) emp Fords h 1921 Dacotah dr 
— Edwin A slsmn J H Ryder Machinery Co Ltd r 
1921 Dacotah dr 

—Geo C (Dorothy) emp Chryslers h 1718 Tourangeau 

—Geo C emp S W Si A Rly h 1662 George av 
— Leonard W (Iris) off Customs Si Excise h 3, 1759 
Wyandotte e 

—Robt mech Otis Elevator Co Ltd r 1717 Highland 
— Stanley G (Grace) foremn Fords h 1962 Verdun av 
Aldrich Norman (Violet) emp CNR h 1768 Mercer 
Aldridge Minnie Mrs r 1239 McEwan av 
Aldworth Marjorie R stenog City Hall r 2258 Howard 

--Stanley W (Myrtle) elk International Customs 
Brokers Ltd h 2258 Howard av 
Alek Orna emp Can Motor Lamp r 917 Walker rd 
Aleksich Milan app Colonial Tool r 1112 Drouillard 

Alessi Alfred emp Fords r 650 Mercer 
— Jos studt r 650 Mercer 
— Luigi baker Can Bread h 916 Langlois av 
—Mario M drftsmn T J Eansor Si Sons r 916 Langlois 

— Norma elk Prince Edv/ard Hotel r 916 Langlois av 
—Paul emp Natl Auto Radiator h 650 Mercer 
— Tullio A studt r 916 Langlois av 
Alessio Alfred emp Fords r 2608 St Louis av (Sand E 

— Anna slsldy Barlet Macdonald Si Gow r 2608 St 
Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Frank (Amelia) emp Truscon Steel r 2608 St Louis 
av (Sand E Twp) 

— Orio stk mgr Shorty’s Auto Supplies r 2608 St Louis 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Sylvester (Teresa) trk drvr Brewers Warehse r 2442 
Byng rd 

Alewick Nicholas (Sylvia) phy Si surg 1089 Ouellette av 
h same 

Alex Confectionery (Alex Ash) 407 McDougaU 
—Frank r 1097 Langlois av 
—Thos r 311 Windsor av 

Alex’s Barber Shop (Alex Holzman) 3241 Sandwich w 
Alexander A Harold (Christina) emp Empire Grocery 
h 1457 Olive rd 

—Albt L emp S W & A Rly h 491 Curry av 
—Apts 285 Cameron av 
— Assen (Lena) emp Fords h 902 Windsor av 
— Building 569 Ouellette av 
—David (Jenny) ctr Lazare’s Furs h 1542 York 
—David T (Eva) off Candn Bridge h 1420 Indian rd 
—Donald M studt r 420 Indian rd 
—Donald R stk hndlr Brewers’ Warehse res Essex 
—Donald W (Mabel) mfg opr John Wyeth Si Bro h 
1779 Highland av 

— Edmund (Jeanette) engnr Bell Tel h 1742 Oneida 

—Edmund W studt r 1742 Oneida Crt 
—Elizth sis elk Henry Birks Si Sons r 2132 Union 
—Frances elk Bank of Toronto r 1742 Oneida Crt 
— Frank (Laurena) h 1100 Goyeau 
— H S Weir (Dorothy E F) advtg sis Win Star h 2167 

—Hall Home for the Blind 230 Strabane av 
—Jean I teller Royal Bank r 1364 George av 
—John W (Violet) emp Detroit h 2244 Gladstone av 
—Jos E drvr Coca-Cola r 780 Bruce av 
— Kelso (Vera) mach Fords h 1364 George av 
— Kerwood Rev (Roxcey) h 780 Bruce av 
—Louis cook Walker House r 309 McDougaU 
— Margt display Henry Birks Si Sons r 2132 Union 
—Margt (wid Eustace) h 2192 Forest av 
—Marie L (wid Francis) h 831 Jos Janisse av 
—Maude (wid Herbert} r 1544 Lincoln rd 
—Muriel r 943 Bridge av 
—Nancy studt r 1742 Oneida Court 
—Norman (Leda) emp Truscon Steel h 1746 Elsmere 

—Peter (Louise) emp Fords h 4th West Randolph av 
(Sand W Twp] 

— Philip V (Elsie) carp b 1135 Lillian 
—Ross (Edith) emp Auto Specialties h 2179 Forest 

— Roy (Jean) emp Fords h 2219 Louis av 
— Stan W emp Fords r 1210 Albert rd 
— Stanislaus J (Odile) emp Fords h 1210 Albert rd 
— Theodore E (Ellison) emp Chryslers h 2211 
Kildare rd 

--Theresa emp Super Market r 1210 Albert rd 
— Wm studt r 420 Indian rd 
— Wm A (Margt) emp S W Si A Rly h 2132 Union 

— 6 — 



962 Pelisster 

— Zephter emp Fords r 831 Jos Janisse av 
Alexl Paul (Harriet) r 1256 Albert rd 
Alexioh Mike heat treat Long Mfg r 989 Cadillac 
Alexiore Georgois emp Radio Rest r 150 Hanna 
Alexis Grocery (Michl Thachuk) 2999 Tecumseh blvd 
e (Sand W Twp) 

—Isaac (Sarah) ctr Lazare’s Furs h 706 Bruce av 
Alford Edwd D (Rose) emp Geo H Rundle & Son Co 
Ltd h 1587 South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 
—Geo (Bessie) emp Fords h Northway (Sand W Twp) 
—Geo R (Lillian) emp Fords h 541 Sandwich w 
—Jos (Gladys) emp Fords h 3rd vest Betts av (Sand 
W Twp) 

— Robt r 1587 South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Alfred Apartments 973-979 Marentette av 
Alguire Robt A (Martha) h 1422 Shepherd e 
Alice Danny emp Chryslers r 478 Windsor av 
—Edwd studt r 478 Windsor av 
—Gloria elk Bongard & Co r 478 Windsor av 
— Herbt (Anne) h 478 Windsor av 
—Louis (Mildred) emp Chryslers h 531 Erie e 
.-Peter (Mary) h 330 Goyeau 
Alicia L Mason School Finlay Green prin 284 
Cameron av 

Alison Machinery Co Ltd The G Stanley Issell dlst 
rep 301, 76 London w 

All Peoples Mission church 1175 Langlois av 
—Saints Anglican Church Rev Carl Swan rector 
cor Windsor & London e 
Allan Alex (Victoria) (Allan's Markets) h 2297 
Lincoln rd 

—Alex (Jean) mgr Allan’s Markets h 2, 1419 
Ouellette av 

— Alfred D mech drftsmn Giffels & Vallet of Can Ltd 
r 594 Church 

— Annabelle r 293 Louis av 
—Donald emp Giffels & Vallet of Can Ltd r 594 

—Doreen Mrs h 1466 Westcott rd 
--Dorothy studt r 72 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

—Douglas H Insp Fords h 3271 Millen 
—Edna (wid Leslie) h 534 Alexandrine (R Park) 

—Edwd (Edna) emp Fords h 1497 Tourangeau rd 
—Edwd perm force r 3659 Barrymore Lane 
^—Eleanor emp Textile Spec r 3659 Barrymore Lane 
— Esther com opr Fords r 113 Thompson blvd 

—Frank A (Margt) emp Candn Bridge h 113 Thomp- 
son blvd (R Side) 

—Geo R (Jean) emp Chryslers h 1550 Gladstone av 
—Gordon (Jean) emp N Y Central Rly h 756 McKay av 
—Howard studt r 3659 Barrymore Lane 
—Isa dom r 1723 Wyandotte e 
— Jas (Ada) foremn CIL h 225 Isabelle PI (R’Side) 

— Jas M (Flora) agt Metro Life h 1408 Giles blvd e 
—Jas S K C (Beatrice) barr 406, 374 Ouellette av 
h 3090 Peter 

—Jane Mrs h 2311 Westcott rd (Sand E Twp) 

--John emp Fords r 250 Hall av 
— L McGill (Mabel) pres L McGill Allan Ltd h 160 
California av 


Went, General and Building Contractors, 44 
Wyandotte East, Phone 4-4265 

— Loy comp opr Chryslers r 3271 Millen 
— Malvena emp Can Motor Lamp h 1757 Parent av 
—Margt Mrs h 3550 Wyandotte e 
— Margt stenog Granite Insurance Agencies Ltd r 
365 Barrymore Lane 
— Mary emp Detroit r 1408 Giles blvd e 
—Muriel emp Textile Specialties r 3659 Barry- 
more Lane 

— Oscar R (Mabel) emp Fords h 3659 Barrymore 

— Peter (Theresa) emp Detroit h 2322 George av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Ray studt in accts Price Waterhouse & Co res 

—Raymond B (Jean) emp Hiram Walker & Son h 201 
Reedmere av (R’Side) 

—Robt studt r 1408 Giles blvd e 
—Robt C (Cecelia) emp Fords h 1244 Gladstone av 
— Robt L (Ida) sub stn const Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1341 Erie e 
— Roger (Myrtle) pres Roger Allan Lumber Ltd h 
72 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Roger Lumber Ltd Roger Allan pres, retail 
lumber yard 2187 Ottawa 
— Stewart (Nancy) emp Chryslers h 3048 Peter 

Lincoln rd 

— Thos (Brenda) emp Candn Automotive Trim h 1165 
Partington av 

— Thos F (Jane) mach Chryslers h 444 Rankin av 
— Wm (Sophie) engnr Empire State Ice Co res R R 
#1 Windsor 

— Wm (Nancy) pekr Motor Products Corp h 1466 
Labadie rd 

Allan’s Meat Markets (Alex Allan) btehr 149 Tecumseh 
blvd w and 1477 Wyandotte e 
Allard Andre emp Fords r 1530 Lincoln rd 
—Gerald wldr Hydro Project (Ojibway) r 978 Wyan- 
dotte w 

—Jos furrier r 856 Brant 

—Lewis (Helen) emp Truscon Steel r 2372 Tourang- 
eau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Patrick r 405 Janette av 

—Paul O (Aimee) engnr Sterling Drug h 978 Wyandotte 

—Raymond emp Gotfredson Ltd r 962 Niagara 
—Russell ldr Motor Products Corp r 196 Spring 
Garden (Sand W Twp) 

Allard’s Barber Shop (Allard Verhoecky) barber 176 
Pitt w 

Allbutt Enid elk John Richardson Lib r 490 Campbell 

Allchin Denis W (Patricia) h 275 Prado PI (R’Side) ' 

— Ellen (wid Martin) h 863 Wellington av 
— Fredk G emp Fords r 863 Wellington av 
— Philip sec Windsor Foreman’s Club h 1368 Plllette 

Alldis Robt (Kathleen) emp Otis Elevators Co r 1717 
Highland av 

Alldritt J Harold (Nellie) emp Chryslers h 2129 
Windermere rd 

— Wm (Mary) emp Chryslers h 473 Wellington av 
Allemang Otto (Acme Radio) r 1007 Elm av 
♦Allen see also Allan and Allin 
--A Leslie (Alma) metermn Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1439 Dufferin PI 
—Agnes r 1140 Mercer 

— Albt (Grace) emp Fords h 566 Charlotte (R Park) 
—Alex (Ada B) carp r 333 Askin av 
—Alfred J (May) h 1257 Gladstone av 
—Alva M h 2-6, 1495 Gladstone av 
— Alvin B (Elsa) foremn Win Gas Co h 615 Dougall 

— Anctl (Wava) emp S W & A Rly h 1377 Bruce av 
—Apts 1108 Goyeau 

—Arthur F emp Gotfredson’s h 751 St Antoine 
—Arthur J (Felice) h 3077 Peter 
— Barbara nurse Grace Hosp r 1707 Pierre av 
—Barbara E stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 1569 

— Carl r 1377 Bruce av 
— Chas (Irene) emp Fords h 835 Pillette rd 
— Chas E (Dorothy) tester Long Mfg h 476 Windermere 

— Chas J baker’s hlpr Can Bread r 1440 Gladstone av 
„ —Chester (Margt) emp Fords h 1693 Central av 

— Clarence (Windsor Outboard Motors) h 1645 

— Corda teamster r 543 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Dale studt r 1439 Dufferin PI 

— Delphine (wid Wm D) emp Crystal Cleaners h 1169 
Huron Line 

—Donald (Lois) drvr Essex Wire Corp h 1228 Lillian 
— Donald (Bernice) emp Fords h 951 Bridge av 
—Donald tool mkr Fords r 615 Dougall av 
—Donald J (Windsor Awning & Tent Co) res R R #1 
Rankin blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Edith M h 3187 Peter 

—Edwd (Edith) machinist’s hlpr N Y Central Rly h 
1683 Bruce av 

— Eleanor opr Textile Specialties r 3659 Barrymore 

— Elizth (wid Wm R) h 1011 Dougall av 
— Emma clnr City Hall r 1287 Prince rd 
— Ethel F (wid Robt) h 53 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Frank (Clairena) emp Fords h 491 Church 
— Frank (Catherine) slsmn Meisner & Co res LaSalle 
— Geo E elk Union Gas r 1694 Marentette av 
—Geo E (Janette) emp Chryslers h 325 Westminster 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Geo W (Victoria) wtchmn Fords h 125 Jefferson 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Glenn studt r 615 Dougall av 
• — Gordon emp CKLW r 278 Lincoln rd 

--Gregory B app Candn Engrg & Tool r 491 Church 
—Harold T (Ruth) emp O’Keefe’s Brewery h 1262 
Elsmere av 

— Harriett (wid Wm) r 1239 Prince rd 
—Harry (Ethel) emp Fords h 727 Rankin av 

Alphabetical, White Page 7 





--Helen J emp Wheel Trueing Tool r 125 Jefferson 
av (R’Side) 

— Henry (Alice) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 889 Mc- 
Dougall av 

—Horace (Rita) emp Chrysl ers r 2047 Ottawa 
— Hortenee (wid Geo) h 543 Te cumseh blvd e 
— Hugh r 3567 Bloomfield rd 

—Hugh courtesy boy Webster Motors (Windsor) r 1404 
Wyandotte w 

— Hugh (Minnie) ian Det & Can Tunnel h 1404 Wyan- 
dotte w 

— Hugh R r 1571 Aubin rd 
—Irene stenog Sterling Drug r 1359 Janette av 
— Jas asst pressmn Herald Press Ltd h 1609 
Tecumseh blvd w 

—Jas (Katy) millwright Fords h 1879 Francois rd 
—Jas S (Ludivina) shear press opr Fords h 228 Parent 

—Jean leader Essex Wire Corp r 1359 Janette av 
—John (Margt) emp Detroit h 5, 557 Cameron av 
—John (Lena) engnr Burroughs Mach h 1429 Aubin rd 
— John (Jean) sheet metal man DeVilbiss Mfg h 
1178 Howard av 

— John K (Marie) emp Fords h 587 Tecumseh blvd w 
--John S (Beatrice) suprvsr Borden Co h 1243 
Argyle rd 

—John V (Eleanor) supt London Life I ns Co h 1452 
Dougall av 

—Jos (Florence) caretkr Sisters of Good Shepherd h 
3567 Bloomfield rd 

—Joyce emp Can Sirocco r 228 Parent av 
—Justin (Hattie) drftsmn h 964 Giles blvd e 
—Kate h 327 Windsor av 

—Kathleen G opr Motor Products Corp r 2047 Ottawa 
—Keith L studt in accts Macdonald & Healey r 1439 
Dufferln PI 

—Leo (Dorothy) emp Fords h 2278 Alexis rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Leonard (Myrtle) hd jan Hiram Walker & Sons h 
1707 Pierre av 

—Leonard J emp Fords h 278 Lincoln rd 
— Lillian r 1810 Bernard rd 
—Lillian (wid Lloyd) h 1354 Bruce av 
—Lloyd (Gladys) emp Fords r 944 Pellssier 
—Lloyd W (Irene) blacksmith h 11 82 Church 
—Lome G emp Chryslers h 1512 Lincoln rd 
—Loyal (Marion) emp Supertest h 467 Logan av 
—Lyman A (Norma) slsmn Can Packers h 1139 Sand- 
wich av w 

— Marcia r 1068 Janette av 

—Margt emp Granite Ins Co r 3659 Barrymore Lane 
— Margt (wid Wm) h 1359 Janette av 
— Marjorie maid McQueen Nursing Home r 835 
Plllette rd 

— Marjorie opr Motor Products Corp r 3253 Riberdy 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Mary A r 278 Lincoln rd 
— Mary E (wid Wm) r 812 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Maude (wid Austin G) h 944 Pellssier 
— May^th^atrlcal agt 306, 176 London w res Detroit 
— Minnie (Allen’s Grocery) h 1404 Wyandotte w 
— Muriel opr Textile Specialties r 3659 Barrymore 

— Orlie L (Lillian) emp Fords h 2190 Janette av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Oscar (Mary) emp Fords h 548 Glengarry av 
— Patrick (Betty) elk City Hall h 7, 1569 Assumption 
— Paul J (Vera) emp Candn Bridge h 678 Charlotte 
(R Park) 

— Perry E (A116n Products Co) res Detroit 
— Products Co (Perry E Allen & U M Stevenson) auto 
accessories 1228 Tecumseh blvd e 
--Ralph (Ann) emp Fords h 1302 Partington av 
— Rawley opr Motor Products Corp r 723 Ouellette 

— Raymond W emp Penberthy r 1879 Francois rd 
— Richd tool Improver Essex Mach & Tool r 566 
Charlotte (R Park) 

—Robt h 625 Janette av 

— Robt emp Chryslers r 2190 Janette av (Sand W Twp) 

1 — Robt (Ruby) millwright Long Mfg res R R #1 

--Robt M (Marion) mgr Hobbs Glass r 336 Eastlawn 


— Roland emp Motor Products r 2047 Ottawa 
— Roy (Isabel) emp CIL h 3131 Tecumseh blvd w 
(Sahd W Twp) 

—Roy F pekr Fibre Mfg r 278 Lincoln rd 
— Shirley multiple mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 534 
Alexandrine (R Park) 

— Silas (Bertha) h 1095 Gladstone av 
— Stanley A sec-treas & mgr Windsor Automotive 
Supply Co Ltd h 812 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

— Thos assmblr Viking Pump r 278 Lincoln rd 
— Thos (Georgina) emp Tucker Electric h 393 
McEwan av 

--Thos (Jennie) rec elk Bartlet MacDonald & Gow h 
278 Lincoln rd 

— Thos J punch press opr Candn Motor Lamp h 462 
Bridge av 

— W Fredk (Vesta K) acct Imperial Bank of Canada h 
1448 Dufferin PI 

--Warren (Peggy) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 1096 
Windsor av 

— Wilfred (Marjorie) constn suprvsr Bell Tel h 361 
Randolph av 

— Wilfred H (Mae) bldr h 2206 Chilver rd 
— Wm (Idra) car insp CNR h 341 Askin av 
--Wm (Evelyn) emp Fords h 893 Jos Jantsse av 
— Wm (Jean) emp Security Bldg h 1239 Prince rd 
— Wm glass setter Motor Products Corp r 1707 
Pierre av 

— Wm D r 804 Dougall av 

— Wm E (Catherine) asst mgr Beaver Lumber Co Ltd 
h 1709 Marenette av 

--Wm R (Gwynethe) acct Fords h 2596 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm R bus opr Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines r 
608 Eugene (R Park) 

— Wm V (Evelyn) emp Fords h 307 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 
—Wilma tchr Ivor Chandler School r 2206 Chilver rd 
Allen's Grocery (Minnie Allen) 1402 Wyandotte w 
Allevato Anthony (Frances) dingmn Chryslers h 124 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

— Cammelina r 2418 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Phillip emp CNR h 2418 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 
Alliet Albt (Nellie) emp Bendlx Eclipse of Can Ltd 
h 1417 Benjamin av 

--Jos (Violet) confy, malt & hops 1878 Drouillard rd 
h same 

♦Allln see also Allan and Allen 

--Natalie tchr Hon W C Kennedy Coll r 1661 Pellssier 
— Ross (Rose) emp Fords h 857 Dougall av 
Allison Alex H (Catherine) emp Fords h 1411 Winder- 
mere rd 

— Alfred W (Winnifred) cash C P Frt h 848 Janette 
—Annie (wid Chas) h 961 Dougall av 
—Donald M (Ruth) frt checker C P Frt h 6, 459 Lot 
— G Stanley (Sadie) customs excise off Dept Natl 
Revenue h 2515 Turner rd 
—Geo (Eva) mgr Loblaws (720 Ouellette av) h 844 
Parent av 

— Grace E r 224 St Mary’s blvd (R’Side) 

— Helen Mrs bench wkr Essex Wire Corp res 
Walker rd 

--Ian A (Jean) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 2293 Moy av 
— Jas emp Candn Sirocco r 3567 Sandwich w 
—Jas jr plstr r 3567 Sandwich w 
— John (Emma) radio repr Whyteway Music Co h 2633 
Tourangeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—May D bkpr Singer Sewing Mach r 446 McKay av 
— Paul H (Helen M) stk foremn Long Mfg res South 

— Robt emp Murphy Paint r 1062 Hickory rd 
— Stanley (Helen) elk CPR r 2936 Walker rd (Sand E 

— Wm emp Win Lumber r 1042 Hall av 
--Wm G (Alberta) agt Prudential Life Ins h 1527 

Allpass Arthur studt r 878 Ellrose av 
—Chas (Violet) slsmn h 878 Ellrose av 
Allport Ross h 378 Windsor av 
Allsop Geo Y jr emp Candn Bridge r 1557 Aubin rd 
— Geo Y (Isobel) emp CIL h 1557 Aubin rd 
—Horace L (Ann) (Chatham Lodi Nu -Treads) res 

—Robt L (Betty) asst mgr Chatham Lodi Nu -Treads 
h 1905 Malta rd 

buy sell 





| 650 Ouellette Ave. 

Coote And Dundas 

PHONE 2-0962 



— Vera emp J Stuart McCleary r 1557 Aubin rd 
Allworth Louise h 799 Kildare rd 
— Wanzer B (Enid) vice-pres Win Truck & Storage 
Co Ltd h 2410 Byng rd 
Allyson Wm D bkpr Inti Cartage r 1586 York 
Aim Gustav (Gerda) engnr Empire State Ice Co h 1479 
Hickory rd 

Almack Albt G (Eleanor) industrial slsmn Imp Oil h 
1736 Labadie rd 

Almagan Victor emp Chryslers r 1641 Hickory rd 
Almasl John (Susanna) emp Walker Metal r 1496 
Elsmere av 

Almeda’Apts 269 Casgrain PI 
Almond Donald (Shirley) emp Brading’s Cincinnati 
Cream Brewery h 858 Monmouth rd 
--Harry (Evelyn) mailing suprvsr Sterling Drug h 
1387 Elm av 

— Jas W (Elsie) asst foremn Brading’s Cincinnati 
Cream Brewery h 171 McKay av 
—Jas W jr (Alice) sr elk Brading’s Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 12, 435 Dougall av 
--Leah Mrs h 1927 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
Almost Chris (Anne) emp Chryslers h 2305 Forest av 
Alofs Omer F (Patricia) emp Detroit h 405 Jefferson 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Theofiel C (Blondina) emp Fords h 1532 St Luke rd 
Alonzo Jas (Marion) emp Detroit h 919 McDougall 
Alpine -Aire Refrigeration Service (Arthur W Gee) 

1558 Francois rd 

Alsize Tarpaulin & Awning Co (C Guenot & L J 
Colombe) canvas mfg 1801 London w 
Alstadt Catherine r 1617 Bruce av 
--John emp Fords h 1617 Bruce av 
—John H emp Fords r 1617 Bruce av 

Alston Arthur (Johanna) emp CNR h 3207 Howard av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Gordon (Mary) grinder Chryslers h 3207 Howard 
av (Sand W Twp) 

— Lillian E elk Brading’s Cincinnati Cream Brewery 
h 202, 1338 Ouellette av 
— Robt (Kay) h 394 Parent av 
Alt Dave (Rosa) pdlr h 329 Aylmer av 
Altenhof Eva studt r 1585 Alexis rd 
—Fred studt r 1585 Alexis rd 
— Geo (Barbara) emp Fords h 1468 Albert rd 
# —Geo jr improver Win Tool & Die r 1468 Albert rd 
—Jack emp Fords r 1468 Albert rd 

—Jack mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool r 1585 Alexis 

—Jacob (Margt) (Knapp & Altenhof Auto Sales) h 1585 
Alexis rd 

--John improver Win Tool & Die r 1585 Alexis rd 
Alton John W (Olivia) immig insp h 1589 Duffer in PI 
— Leslie (Lillian) mach Windsor Machine & Stamping 
Ltd r 1642 Highland av 

—Russell (Pearl) loom opr Genl Fire Hose Corp h 
2318 Forest av 

Altschul A Leon (Gertrude) genl mgr Adelman’s h 6, 
1617 Assumption 

Aluminum Building Products Co Ltd Jos Zitomer pres, 
Nicholas J Hallp genl mgr, Irvin Zitomer 
exec sis mgr, aluminum door & window mfg 362 
Chilver rd 

— Co of Canada Ltd Windsor Sales Office Park Merri- 
field dist mgr, 1209, 374 Ouellette av 
Alvin Apts 286 Pitt w 

Alvlnl Steve (Annie) emp General Motors Ltd h 1232 
Marentette av 

Alward Wm (Julia) tool & die mkr Fords h 3483 
Barrymore Lane 

Alway Sheppard purch agt C H Henze Co Ltd res R R 
#1 River Canard 

Alzner Bernhard (Ann) emp Fords r 1415 Langlois av 
Aman Conrad (Mary) emp Fords h 1041 Drouillard rd 
Amarmino Agostino emp Webster Motors (Windsor) 
r 544 Glengarry av 
Ambassador Apts 1382 Ouellette av 
—Barber Shop (J Adelard Drouillard) 2840 London w 
— Bridge 710 Huron Line 

— Hotel (Stojan Demic & Dan Kovarbaslc) 87-91 Sand- 
wich e 



Reid President, W G Dowler Secretary-Treasurer, 
Arthur A Shafer General Manager, A M Innes 
Sales Manager; Dodge and DeSoto Motor Cars 
and Dodge Trucks. Sales and Service, 722 Wyan- 
dotte e Phone 4-2571, Used Car Lot 738 Wyandotte 
e (See adv back cover; also card Automobile 

dent and General Manager, W G Dowler Secretary- 
Treasurer, E J Ambrose Parts Manager, Genuine 
Parts and Accessories for all Chrysler Built Pass- 
enger Cars and Trucks, 722 Wyandotte East, Phone 
4-2571 (See card Automobile Parts and Accessories 
(Wholesale and Retail) , 

--Taxi Cab Robt Gratto mgr 961 Drouillard rd 
Ambedian Mary stenog Bryant Pattern & Mfg Co Ltd 
r 1032 Lena av 

Amberley Apts 1260 Ouellette av 
Ambery Chas C (Barbara) emp Fords h 2357 Hall av 
—Peter h 201, 410 Giles blvd w 
Ambrisko Jos Jr assmblr Chryslers r 1676 Elsmere 

—Jos (Anna) emp Chryslers h 1676 Elsmere av 
Ambrose Elmer J (Irene) parts mgr Ambassador 
Parts h 345 Gltdden av (R’Side) 

--Gladys Mrs h 1531 London w 

—Harold R (Margt) asst vendor Liquor Control Board 
h 1457 Felix av 

—John (Patricia) musician Elmwood Hotel r 880 Moy 

--Louis emp Colauttl Bros r 572 Irvine av 
Ambroziak Walter (Wanda) emp CNR h 1539 Bucking- 
ham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Amelia Andrew (Jean) h 1687 St Luke rd 
—Anthony (Catherine) h 1009 Bruce av 
— Carmel emp Essex Wire r 362 Haig av 
—Harry (Lilian) emp Essex Wire h 3, 815 London w 
—Harry emp Fords r 362 Haig av 
—Jos (Adeline) emp Windsor Grove Cemetery h 362 
Haig av 

—Lucy r 362 Haig av 

— Madeline priv sec Border Specialty Co r 362 Haig 
— Raffaele R (Edith) customs off Dom Natl Rev h 583 
Hildegarde (R Park) 

Amell Doris emp Dominion Store r 2323 Howard av 
Ament Caroline Mrs h 1435 Elsmere av 
—John G (Mabel) h 1435 Elsmere av 
American Auto Supply & Wrecking Co (Michael Craig 
& Martin A Eagen) 381 Wyandotte e 
Chemical Paint Co E Roland Hill mgr, chemical 
mfrs 2224 Walker rd 

— Decalcomania Co of Canada Ltd Wm Boyd supt 
transfers 315 Devonshire rd 
--Mat Corp of Can Ltd Lois Powell genl mgr, mats & 
mattings 608, 176 London w 
—News Co Ltd Jeff Edwards mgr, 277 Sandwich w 
--Optical Co of Canada Ltd Leo G Luc mgr, mfg 
opticians 457 Ouellette av 

—Upholstering Co (Milburn Weese) 663 Campbell av 
Americo Antonelli emp T J Eansor h 577 Elliott e 
Amies Danl (Winnie) maint Chryslers h 435 Hanna e 
Amish Donald r 4, 307 Gladstone av 
Amison Alfred J (Ellen) Jan Bartlet Building r 1060 
Prince rd 

Amley David studt r 704 Rosedale av 
Amlin Cartage (Darrel & Wm Amlin) 3575 Bloomfield 

— Clarence (Maria) mech Wonder Bread Co h 1804 
Ellrose av 

—Darrel (Marie) (Amlin Cartage) h 3575 Bloomfield 

—Frank (Rose) h 3548 Peter 
—Malcolm (May) shpr Gotfredson Ltd h 2, 246 
Glengarry av 

—Murray (Stephlne) emp CIL h 1760 Arthur rd 
—Olive Mrs customs & excise off Natl Rev h 301, 

147 Janette av 

— Peter T emp S W & A Rly r 369 Ellis w 
— Raymond J emp S W & A Rly res LaSalle 
— Vivia Mrs (Sister’s Children Shop) h 326 Langlois 

Alphabetical, White Page 9 



--Wm (Dorothy) (Amlin Cartage) h 3640 Bloomfield rd 
Ammerata Mary finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 
124 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

Amonite Ada emp Gotfredson Ltd h 649 Cataraqui 
--Henry (Myrtle) cable splicer Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) res Amherstburg 
Amos Frank emp Fords h 476 Glidden av (R’Side) 

— Jas J (Dorothy) planer & shaper mach opr Colonial 
Tool r 476 Glidden (R’Side) 

Amschlinger Frances Mrs emp Grace Hosp r 884 
Howard av 

—Mary emp Grace Hosp r 884 Howard av 
Amsden Edwd J (Mabel) die setter Fords h 3420 

--Edwd J (Annie) emp Fords h 1125 Gladstone av 
--Harold H (Ruth) emp Motor Products Corp h 2511 
Turner rd 

— Joyce prsr Spotless Cleaners r 3420 Erskine 
— Shirley M opr Motor Products Corp r 3420 Erskine 
Amy Francis elk Hoover Plumbing & Heating r 1460 
Aubin rd 

— Wm T (Margt) emp Truscon Steel h 1460 Aubin rd 
Amyot Alice F (wid Norbut J) h 133 Thompson blvd 

—Aubrey F (Catherine) pres Industrial Rubber & 
Supplies Ltd h 20 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 
--Cyrille trk drvr Walker Metal r 444 Pelisster 
--Lionel (Rhea) mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool 
h 1508 Ellrose av 

—Maurice (Genevieve) emp Chryslers h 1153 Hickory 

—Sophie G lib Riverside Assn Library r 133 Thomp- 
son blvd (R’Side) 

Anaruk Wm (Olga) emp Chryslers h 2297 Alexis rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Anber Edwd J (Pamela) h 5 Elliott e 


Insurance Brokers, 305 Victoria Avenue, 

Phone 3-5310 

Anchor Tent & Awning Co (Maurice Colombe) (rear) 
364 Bridge av 

Anderchuck Eric emp Meikar Roofing r 1489 Albert 

Anderson A He nry (Eva) material control suprvsr 
Long Mfg r 982 Langlois av 
—Agnes accts elk Bartlet Macdonald & Gow res 

— Albt (Julia) emp Fords h 1460 Westcott rd 
--Alec (Mabel) emp Detroit h 121 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 
--Alfred (Beatrice) emp Commercial Press h 848 
Elliott e 

—Allan (Pearl) emp Fuller’s Constn h 1615 Laing 
—Allan C (Anderson’s Shoe Clinic) h 10, 133 
McKay av 

— Allan T (Cora) immi insp Citizenship & Immigrat- 
ion h 332 A skin av 

— Arthur (Dorothy) comp Win Star r 1510 Dougall av 
—Arthur (Jeanette) emp Fords h 1990 Westminster 
av (Sand E Twp) 

— Austin dir H S Anderson & Sons Ltd r 824 
Ouellette av 

--Bessie h 1395 Windermere rd 
— Cameron C (Helen) emp Fords h 1941 Richmond 
— Cameron D studt r 1941 Richmond 
— Chas E (Ida) sand blaster Toledo Scale h 1170 
Gladstone av 

—Clarence B (Cora M) acct Detroit Trust Co h 1633 

— Clarence E fEthel) tool & die mkr Law & Anderson 
h 3491 Sandwich w 

— Claude (Helen) emp Fords r 857 St Luke,rd 
— Corinne (wid Moses) h 480 Chatham w 
— D Irene nurse Ben) Luborsky r 1980 Ottawa 
—David B (Maude) h 302-303, 1616 Ouellette av 
— Donald (Harriet) emp Gotfredson’s h 3708 Myrtle 

— Douglas W (Ruth) emp CNR h 1196 Elm av 
—Earl (Georgina) emp Fords h 538 Church 
— Earle (Jean) agt C P Exp h 729 Janette av 
— Edwd (Margt) emp Detroit h 1730 Bernard rd 
--Edwd (Jean) emp Fords h 1123 Wigle av 
— Edwin J (Florence) car insp Chesepeake & Ohio Rly 
h 8, 386 Devonshire rd 

—Eleanor N tchr Victoria Schl h 1661 Pelissier 
— Elizth r 1268 Labadie rd 

— Elizth opr Motor Products Corp r 1376 Partington 

—Elizth priv sec Fords r 1226 Gladstone av 
--Elizth Mrs attdt Park Theatre r 414 Moy av 
—Elizth Mrs payroll elk Me t ro politan Genl Hospital 
r 2364 Parkwood av 

—Elmer (Agnes) shift engnr Hiram Walker & Sons h 
213 St Louis av (R’Side) 

--Ernest A B (Kathleen) vice -pres H S Anderson & 

Sons Ltd h 7, 280 Park w 
--Esther (wid Jos) h 423 Crawford av 
—Florence nurse Hotel Dieu r 875 Ouellette av 
— Florence stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 8, 386 
Devonshire rd 

--Fred (Jessie) mech Super Servicenter h 614 Cali- 
fornia av 

— G Alex (Audrey) pekr Eaton Chemical & Dyestuff . 

Co h 152 Reedmere av (R’Side) 

—Geo opr Can Steamship Lines r 417 Janette 
—Geo tool mkr Fords r 1226 Gladstone av 
--Geo L (Mildred) emp Chryslers h 816^ Ellrose 

— Geo W r 1447 Crawford av 
--Grace emp Cunningham Sheet Metal h 1395 
Windermere rd 

— H John (Lilly) pattern repr Walker Metal h 440 
Glidden av (R’Side) 


son President, Ernest Anderson Vice-President, 
Stewart Anderson Secretary, Funeral Directors, 

895 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 4-3223 

—Harold R (Kathleen) h 136 Homedale blvd (R’Side) 
—Helen r 372 Bruce av 

—Henry P (Joyce) emp Fords h 1268 Labadie rd 
— Herbt S (Irma) pres H S Anderson & Sons Ltd 
h 895 Ouellette av 

—Herbt W (Mabel) emp Candn Bridge h 3, 474 
Chilver rd 

— Howard B h 355 Sunset av 

— Isidore (Dorothy) vehiclemn C P Exp res South- 

--Jack (Ruby) emp Fords h 944 Lena 
— Jas jr r 1657 George av 
— Jas (Valeda) emp CNR r 160 Askin av 
--Jas (Blanche) emp Chryslers h 865 Elm av 
— Jas malnt Dominion Forge & Stamping h 3360 
Sandwich w 

—Jas A (Ethel) emp H S Anderson & Sons h 824 
Ouellette av 

—Jas W (Margt) caretkr Chryslers h 1657 George 

--Jas W (Beatrice) fruit mgr Loblaws h 1840 Meldrum 

—John (Margt) cooper Neilson Chemical h 1226 
Gladstone av 

—John (Jessie) emp Fords h 1068 Marion av ■ 

--John (Marion) tool & die mkr Fords h 1375 Ellrose 

—John A (Regina) h 382 Church 

—John J (Norah) emp New York Central h 940 Campbell 

— John W (Marion) drvr Thibodeau Express h 862 
McKay av 

— John W (Elaine) emp Chryslers h 1103 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

— Jos (Eileen) emp Candn Bridge h 1408 Westcott rd 
— Jos A (Jane) emp M C Rly h 1114 Josephine av 
— Joy emp Detroit r 4590 Riverside dr 
—Kate D Mrs h 838 Chilver rd 
--Kathleen elk Peerless Dairies Retail Store r 940 
Campbell av 

—Kenneth (Charlotte) emp Noble Duff h 2347 Wood- 
lawn av 

—Kenneth G (Ella) vice -pres & genl mgr Walsh 
Advertising Co Ltd h 4283 Riverside dr 
—Leonard A (Frances) lab techn CIL h 655 Pierre av 
— Madeleine h 1071 Goyeau 

— Margt emp Elmwood Hotel h 3, 1310 Pierre av 
--Mary (wid Robt) h 160 Campbell av 
— Mary M (wid Geo) h 1839 Hickory rd 
--Muriel Mrs tchr John Campbell Schl h 1769 Lincoln 

— Nelson H (Georgina) h 510 McKay av 
—Nettie K Mrs sec Spencer & Stewart h 10, 280 
Erie w 

—Norman (Helen) trk drvr Win Star r 625 Janette av 
— Olive L h 206, 1338 Ouellette av 
— Oscar (Floridia) carp r 417 Janette av 
—Paul studt r 1615 Laing 

— R Bruce (Jean) dir H S Anderson & Sons Ltd h 831 

— Raymond emp Fords r 695 St Luke rd 
— Raymond (Ilene) foremn Purity Dairies h 5, 341 
Campbell av 

— Regd (Emma) supt Dom Twill Drill h 1065 Chilver 

—Robt emp Detroit r 341 Partington av 
—Robt emp Fords r 1460 Westcott rd 

— 10 — 



—Robt J (Leora) detective Police Dept h 967 Curry av 
--Roger (Elizth) emp Vets Plumbing h 1611 Rossini 

--Roland G (Florence M) app prntr Win Star r 339 

— Ruby emp Bell Tel r 1058 Moy av 
--Rupert (Elizth) insp CPR h 1143 Marion av 
— Sam (Isobel) r 1093 Wellington av 
— Sophie M (wid Vincent) r 979 Oak av 
—Stanley plant elk Essex Wire Corp r 1114 Josephine 

—Stanley sec Fords r 1226 Gladstone av 
—Stanley W (Bernice) brkemn N Y Central Rly r 1714 
Lincoln rd 

— Stuart jr r 695 St Luke rd 
—Stuart N trk drvr Morrice Cartage h 695 St Luke 

— T Stewart (Norma) sec H S Anderson & Sons Ltd h 
1157 Victoria av 

— Thos (Betty) h 6, 615 Victoria av 
— Thos engnr Dom Forge & Stamping r 796 Hall av 
--Thos H (Ruby) vice -pres Gotfredson Ltd h 2424 
Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

—Vincent emp Candn Bridge h 979 Oak av 
--W Fred H J (Kathryn M) customs off Natl Rev h 3801 

—Walter (Mary) r 1635 Central av 
--Walter A (Margt) emp Detroit h 80 Prado PI 

— Wm r 649 Goyeau 
— Wm r 171 Janette av 
— Wm r 128 Windsor av 
— Wm r 112 Wyandotte w 
— Wm lab Morrison Constn r 649 Goyeau 
--Wm (Margt) tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 2347 
Kildare rd 

— Wm trk drvr Coulter Coal r 1128 Curry av 
--Wm D (Lola) mech engnr Fords h 4590 Riverside 

--Wm H (Joan) purch agt Bowman -Anthony res Puce 
— Wm N (Marion) steamftr Jeff Kearn h 1531 

Anderson's Shoe Clinic (A C Anderson) shoe repr 
(rear) 55 London w 

Andison John V (Marie) slsmn h 980 Campbell av 
Andonian Simon reprmn Paul Sivadjean r 356 Rankin 

Andras Robt K (Frances) sis promotion dept Fords 
h 2237 Moy av 

Andrassy Julius (Maiy) emp Can Bonalite h 558 Char- 
lotte' (R Park) 

Andre Emile (Betty) crane opr Keystone Contractors r 
1893 Larkin av 

— Lucien (Aldea) emp Fuller Contractor h 2208 
McDougall av 

Andreas "Wm (Norma) emp Fords h 8, 1260 Ouellette 

Andreasen Carlo W (Eva) carp h 3430 Wyandotte 

Andrejclw John (Mary) emp Fords h 1497 Elsmere av 
--Russell studt r 1497 Elsmere av 
Andrejlcka Emil (Mary) emp Ford Motor Co h 2369 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

Andreuzza Vittorio emp Mario Fazan Constn r 1418 
Lincoln rd 

Andrew Arthur L (Stella) emp Fords h 2057 Alsace 

—David emp Win Hydro r 242 Chatham w 
— Donna studt r 1555 Dougall av 
— Geo emp Chryslers r 1745 Hickory rd 
— Geo emp Fords r 1032 Drouillard rd 
—Irwin (Jean) emp Chryslers h 2284 Fraser av 
—Jessie assmblr L A Young Industries r 1396 Hall av 
— Owen M (Georgette) customs excise off Natl Rev h 
400 Edward av (R'Side) 

—Thos N (Dorothy) mgr' Continental Life Ins Co 
h 1555 Dougall av 

— Wm (Hazel) emp Fords h A, 1587 Assumption 
Andrewes Wm B (Florence) groundmn Win Utilities 
Comm (Hydro Div) h 2207 Elsmere av 
Andrews A F (Vera M) vendor Liquor Control #32 
h 3699 Howard av (Roseland) 

— Abraham (Jane) h 935 McKay av 
— Albt E (Orise) slsmn Wm T (Bill) Bygrove & Son h 
3660 Muiford Court 

—Alice (wid Ernest W) h 1431 Windermere rd 
—Betty registration elk John Wyeth & Bro r 1563 

— Cuthbert W (M Jean) pres & genl mgr Border Cities 
Wire & Iron Ltd h 1155 Windermere rd 
— D Jean studt r 1155 Windermere rd 
— Daisy (wid Wm F) h 44 Esdras PI (R'Side) 

—Donald studt r 1155 Windermere rd 

—Doris M stenog bkpr British American Oil Co Ltd 
r 1431 Windermere rd 

— Edwd J (Kathleen) drvr Peerless- Countryside 
Dairies h 1668 Bernard rd 
—Elizth ward aide Essex County Sanatorium r 1453 
Prince rd 

—Geo (Margt) surface grinder Colonial Tool res 

— Glen h 3416 Sandwich w 

—Gordon (Marie) stereo Win Star res RR 1 Roseland 
—Harold H (Berniece) emp Fords h 1563 Richmond 
—Irwin (Jean) spot wldr Chryslers h 540 Belle 
Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

— J Richd (Isabella) emp Chryslers h 2354 McDougall 
—John (Laurene) emp Central Furniture Co h 673 
Janette av 

—John (Mabel) emp City Engineers Dept r 670 

—Leslie (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1769 Moy av 
— Maude h 857 London e 
—Murray emp Fords r 789 Bruce av 
--Russell G slsmn h 234 Victoria av 
—Thos (Lily M) slsmn D M Duncan Machinery Co Ltd 
res R R #1 Roseland 

Andrich Melfort maint Assumption Coll h 3273 Curry 
av (Sand W Twp) 

—Vivian emp Kavanaugh’s Motel r 3273 Ciirry av 
(Sand W Tw p) 

Andrichuk Hazel r 1079 Marentette av 
—Mike (Sophie) emp Fords h 1079 Marentette av 
Andrie Geo (Mary) gardnr h 3879 Riverside dr 
Andries Stephen A r 642 Goyeau 
Andrijouski John (Dorothy) h 1728 Balfour blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

Andros Fred emp Fords r 915 Albert rd 
Andruch Steve (Rex Groceries & Vegetables) h 1111 
Drouillard rd 

—Tanya s'tenog Robt W Meanwell r 1111 Drouillard 

Andrusky Wm (Mary) (Western Meat Mkt) h 1126 
Langlois av 

Andry Bernard mach Nlckleson Tool & Die r 1359 

—Gordon (Gwendoline M) p c Police Dept h 1210 
Felix av 

—Jos (Ursula) emp Genl Motors h 1359 Cadillac 
Andrzejewski Ben studt r 1167 Langlois av 
—Stanley emp Candn Bridge r 1167 Langlois av 
—Victoria (wid Bruno) h 1167 Langlois av 
Andy’s Lunch (Robt D & John A Mann) confy & tob 
1365 Prince rd 

—Market (Andrew Bouchat) gro 699 Charlotte (R Park) 
— Service Station (Andrew A Lobzun & Walter F 
Holmes) gas stn 933 Howard av 
Angel Theodore wtr Arlington Hotel r 891 Erie e 
Angelakos Jas bar tender White Tavern r 1243 Bruce 

— Nicholas perm force r 1243 Bruce av 
— Wm (Georgia) chef White Restaurant h 1243 Bruce 

Angeli Adam (Katherine) set-up man L A Young 
Industries res R R #1 Tecumseh 
—Bruno (Esther) emp White Constn r 1631 Benjamin 
—Mary priv sec J Russel Turnbull res R R #1 

Angeli Fred G plmbr 2445 Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 
h same 

Angelo Jas (Dorothy) (Arizona Lunch) h 329 California 

—Jennie wtrs Arizona Lunch r 329 California av 
— Sam r 1896 Drouillard rd 

Angelo’s Service (Angelo Muzzin) gas serv stn 1101- 
1129 Wyandotte* e 

Anger Adam glass setter Motor Products Corp res 
R R #1 Belle River 

—Alex emp S W & A Rly h 2241 Howard av 
—Geo (Ruby) emp Burnside Laundry h 1st West St 
Clair (Sand W Twp) 

— Harold emp Chryslers r 2241 Howard av 
—Norma emp Chryslers r 2241 Howard av 
--Valerie pekr McCord Corp r 1378 College rd 
—Walter J (Val) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp 
h 1378 College av 

— Wm E (Elinore) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp 
h 3532 Girardot av 

Anghel Ignatz emp Genl Motors r 891 Erie e 
Anglin Douglas G (Katherine) set up man Fibre Products 
h 322 Frank av (R’Side) 

—Geo M foremn Essex Wire Corp h 312 Lauzon rd 

Anglos Peter (Olga) chef La Grace Lunch h 216 Elm 
Angood Arthur (Edith) embalmer Morris Funeral 
Serv h 1624 Wyandotte e 

Alphabetical, White Page 11 



Anguish Jack M (Jean) exec sec The Community 
Fund of Windsor res Belle River 
Angus Agnes E hsekpr Metropolitan Schl of Nursing h 
993 Pelissier 

—Alfred P (Rita) mgr Guaranty Trust r 337 Homedale 
— Herbt (Lilian) mach Fords h 2, 826 Jos Janisse av 
— Herbt J (Suzanne) mech R P Scherer h 1483 Mar- 
entette av 

—Jean M smstrs C H Smith r 993 Pelissier 
— John R (Ann) oil burners & furnaces 960 Wyandotte 
e h same 

— Lawrence (Edna) emp Bendix Eclipse h 1856 Aubin 

— Richd (Patricia) emp Fords h 1950 Vimy av 
— Robt (Jane) bkpr Brown Stationery Co h 968 
Monmouth rd 

Anhorn Emile (Laurencia) plstr h n s Tecumseh blvd 
e (Sand E Twp) 

Anklewicz Witold (Krosno) emp Walker Metal r 
1459 Langlois av 

Anklivich Edwd opr Motor Products Corp h 1611 
Hall av 

Ann’s Beauty Shop (Steve Doskosh) 1247 Wyandotte e 
— Dairy Bar (Mrs Ann Moore) rest 1718 Wyandotte e 
--Snack Bar (Nelson Wall) confy & light lunch 1204 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Anna Phelps Mem or ial Baptist Mission 1059 
Albert rd 

Annan Harry (Ila) agt Catholic Magazine h 1198 
California av 

Anne Confectione;ry (Antonia Zokvich) 833 Albert rd 
Annen Automotive Service (Eugene Annen) rebabbitting 
serv 856 Walker rd 
--Betty studt r 778 Irvine av 

--Eugene (Christine) (Annen Automotive Service) h 
778 Irvine av 

Annett Chas L (Anita) off mgr Victoria Service 
Station h 1107 Wellington av 
—Chas emp Duplate r 1107 Wellington av 
— Ethel comp Auto Spec h 9, 1286 Elsmere av 
—Gordon E (Elizth) elk Leslie D Annett r 711 

— John (Catherine) elk Leslie D Annett h 1802 
Norman rd 

--Leroy (Doris) emp Fords h 878 McKay av 
—Leslie D gro 401 Dougall av h 711 Church 
--Stanley emp Fords r 932 Albert rd 
— Velma compt opr Hiram Walker & Sons h 123, 1616 
Ouellette av 

Annette Apts 805 Assumption 
Annis Jas T (Anna) emp Federal Dept Agriculture 
h 2037 Amiens av 

Ansburger Benj emp Chryslers r 592 Dougall av 
Ansell Frank N (Aileen) store mgr Brewers Wrhse 
h 1511 Dougall av 

Ansley Fredk (Helen) engnr Fords h 72 Prado PI 

Anson Geo M serv mgr Candn Admiral Sales r 38 
Elm (Kingsville) 

— -Irwin r 2213| Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Anstead Bridget (wid Steven H) h 1425 Lincoln rd 
Antal John emp Auto Specialties Mfg Co r 1538 
Highland av 

— John (Julia) emp Fords h 1541 Marentette av 
— Jos r 1541 Marentette av 

— Margt elk Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r 1541 
Marentette av 

— Marie artist’s asst Gibson Adcraft & Art Service 
r 1666 St Luke rd 

— Paul (Jennie) belter Hartwell Bros h 1666 St Luke 

— Steve emp Radio Rest r 193-199 Glengarry av 
Antaya Aurele P (Dorothy) elk Hiram Walker & Sons 
res River Canard 

— Edwd (Marie) solderer Fords h 347 Bridge av 
— Ernest N (Pearl) toolmkr Fords h 428 Indian rd 
--Henry G (Monica) emp Fords h 1516 Seneca 
—John r 461 Mill 

—John B (Bernice) drvr Peerless Countryside 
Dairies res River Canard 
— Louis J (Carmen) tool mkr DeVilbiss Mfg res 

— Raymond (Leone) r 458 Bruce av 
Anthony Alice (wid Chas) h 248 Rossini blvd 
—Harold J emp Candn Bridge r 1611 Bernard rd 
—Harold M (May) foremn Chryslers h 977 Felix av 
— Stanley (An gela) btehr h 1512 Parent av 
Anthony’s Food Market (Anthony Lenarduzzi) 1690 
Parent av 

Anti -Borax Compound Co Ltd Fredk M Crain mgr, 
welding compounds 1244 McDougall 
Antique Jewellery Ltd Antole Hoffman genl mgr, 

530 Ouellette av 

Antoine John (Lassie) h 4, 841 Ouellette av 7 

Anton Elizth bkpr'r 1335 Elsmere av . 

--Hanna r 629 St Paul (R Park) 

— John (Elizth) (Munro Hotel) h 1335 Elsmere av A 
--John jr emp Can Sirocco r 1335 Elsmere av V 
— John vice -pres F & A Tool Co Ltd r 85-95 Pitt e 
--Marie h 1258 Lincoln rd 

--Shahin (Victoria ) wtr Grand House r 902 Elsmere A 

Antonelli Americo steel wkr T J Eansor & Sons r . 

579 Elliott e j* 

Antonello Alex (Anna) gro 247 Louis av h same 
— Jana elk Alex Antonello r 247 Louis av 
--Lena R lab asst R P Scherer r 247 Louis av 
— Rena elk Antonello Gro r 247 Louis av 
Antonese Geo (Mary) emp Chryslers h 528 Aylmer 

avenue * p- ^ 

—John (Rose) emp Auto Specialty h 1486 Benjamin 

avenue 4 

— Peter (Katherine) emp Windsor Gas h 693 Alex- 
andrine (R Park) 

—Rose opr Motor Products Corp r 693 Alexandrine 

(R Park) a. _ 

Antonik Peter (Annie) emp Chryslers h 1571 Albert r 
Antonio Peter (Helen) emp Town of Riverside h 428 
Glidden av (R’Side) 

Antoniw Dmytro emp Fords r 783 Hildegarde (R Pai 
— Wm emp Kelsey Wheel r 783 Hildegarde (R Park) £ 
Antonoviene Tina r 1534 Benjamin av 
Antonschuk John r 1473 Hickory rd r 

—Joseph emp Candn Bridge h 1473 Hickory rd 
— Stanley r 1473 Hickory rd 

Antonyk Wm emp S W & A Rly h 359 Ford blvd (R’Slc / 
Antosko Boris studt r 1914 Jefferson blvd (Sand E Ti / 
—Henry (Sophie) emp Truscon Steel h 1914 Jeffersoi 
blvd (Sand E Twp) ** 

Antymus Paul emp Fords r 1420 Drouillard rd f 

Apanasiewicz Mikolaj emp Candn Bridge r 1455 

Benjamin av / 

Apedaile L G off mgr Purity Dairies h 45 St Louis a 

Apostal Geo pntr & dec h 435 Oak av -J* 1 

—Margt Mrs wtrs Killarney Castle r 2, 561 Parent 
Appel Benjamin (Rose) sec-treas Appel Bros Ltd h r 
320 Prince rd 

--Bros Ltd Wm Appel (Detroit) pres, Benjamin Apjx 
sec-treas, marine supplies gro 3689 Sandwic 
west !>► 

—Edwd (Roma) adjuster Burroughs Mach h 1178 Oar • 
—Leah M priv sec Hiram W’alker & Sons r 1219 
Hall av 

—Roy E wtchmkr Henry Birks & Sons h 519 Giles 
blvd w 

— ‘ Wm (Ruth) pres Appel Bros Ltd res Detroit 
Applebaum Abraham A (Esther) shoe mgr Nessel’s m 
Dept Store h 255 Hall av 

— Anne S bkpr Kaplan’s Furniture r 995 Cadillac • 
--Harry (Bertha) h 995 Cadillac < 

— Max (Annie) (Seminole House) r 453 Falrview 

—Otto studt h 995 Cadillac t 

Appleby Harry (Sarah) (Seminole House) r 453 Fair' 
view blvd (R'Side) 

—John H (Audrey) emp Fords h 211 Josephine av 
—Marjorie (wid Gordon) h 702 Sunset av 
— Sydney (Jessie) emp Chrysl ers h 2318 Chari 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Thos r 505 Caron av 
— Thos W (Ethel B) engnr Walker Metal h 2193 i . 
Windermere rd 

Appleton Fredk J (Mary) emp Walker Foundry h 835 1 
Langlois av l 

— Jos A (Mary A) emp Walker Metal r 835 Langlois^ 
avenue '"T 

Appleyard Daniel emp Chryslers r 1571 Tourangeau t 

— F Albert (Elsie) (British Motorcycle Sales & j j 
S ervice) h 2457 Turner rd 

—Jack (Marjorie) emp Chryslers h 1571 Tourangeav^ 

— Norman W (Mary) acct Murphy Paint h 1180 * 

Pelissier ; 

— Regd J local mgr Osier and Hammond h 310 Fair- 
view blvd (R’Side) 

— Thos (Shirley) slsmn Berry Bros h 1862 Westcottipr* 

Aqwa Donald carp r 1158 Monmouth rd I 

—Jos carp r 1158 Monmouth rd , 

— Phillip (Mary) contr h 1158 Monmouth rd j 

— Phillip (Doris) emp Dominion Forge h 1261 Curry 

Aqzdup Stephen (Lena) emp Fords h 1746 St Luke rd^* 

Arasyn John wtr Wyandotte Hotel 

- 12 — 


Arbaur Marie emp Detroit r 347 Elm av 
Arbeau Victor (Mary) emp Genl Motors h 282 • 

Parent av 

e Arbic Josephine D Mrs emp Norton Palmer Hotel r 
542 Caron av 

!t " — vittaline wtrs Riverside Yacht Club r 5228 River- 

side dr (R’Side) 

ere Arbogast Lewis D (Vera) acct Bank of Toronto h 848 
Gladstone av 

' Arbour Elsied J (Frances) agt Prudential Ins h 208 
i* Bidell (Tecumseh) 

—Francis S (Mary) pub acct 702, 374 Ouellette av 
h 1586 Dougall av 

— J Stanley (Stella) parts insp Chryslers h 1071 
Wyandotte w 

- T Lebaire (Alma) pump mech Imp Oil res LaSalle 

P^Arbucke Jack emp Dorn Forge & Stamping r 781 
' n Assumption 

Arbuckle Agnes Mrs elk T :ledo Scale res Roseland 
—Cecil pekr & checker Motor Products Corp r 1183 
, Howard av 

lne — Danl (Elva) h 1325 Ouellette av 

&■— Donald C (Velma) trk repr Walker Metal r 1325 
“ rti Ouellette av 

128 —Harold J (Margt) mgr Imperial Bank of Canada 
(1600 Tecumseh blvd e) h 1872 Lincoln rd 

rk > ARCADE HARDWARE, Gilbert E Hicks Proprietor, 

jr General Hardware, Martin-Senour and Flo-Glaze 

r Paints, Enamels and Varnishes, 431 Shepherd 

west, Phone 3-9425 

VSic Arcade Hotel (Michael Kozak) 1353 Wyandotte e 
E T. Arcadia Press Ltd (W Glen Rogers, Clarence Beckett , 
rsoi Jack E Kitson, Albert Hopkins) 1st fir, 108 


Archaboie Marjorie emp Radio Lunch r 606 Victoria 

Archambaul* Adrien (Adrien’s Coffee Shop) h 706 
is a Brant 

—Ernest (Odena) emp Fords h 748 Elliott e 
i* --Ernest studt r 748 Elliott e 
ent^f 1 --Jessie r 748 Elliott e 
l h r —Josephine r 931 Goyeau 

Archambeault Georges elk Bank of Tor r 969 Elm av 
\pp< Archer Alex (Ella) 1 c PO h 1245 Windsor av 
Iwic —Ernest A (Gladys) emp Windsor Laundry h 1227 

Oa f --Frank (Phyllis) trk drvr Cross Supplies & Paving 
h 1066 Shepherd e 

--Gaylord E appliance reprmn Win Utilities Comm 
s (Hydro Div) r 537 Dougall av 

—Gordon studt r 1857 Lincoln rd 
John (Jean) pressmn Win Star h 1857 Lincoln rd 
L’s m'— M arshall (Alfreda) (Archer Refreshment Service) 
r h 468 Wahketa 

• --Melissa (wid David) h 537 Dougall av 

i —Refreshment Service (Marshall Archer) 468 

—Richd drvr Windsor Automotive Supply Co Ltd r 
r 1245 Windsor av 

air- —Sami (Elsie) emp Fords h 1293 Giles blvd e 
1 Archibald Andrew M r 423 Grove av 
r — Dorothy emp Fords r 206 Cameron'av 

' --Emerson (Gertrude) emp Fords h 3769 Vaughan 
^--Henry sprayer Motor Products Corp h 1397 
f* Francois rd 

— John (Dorothy) emp Detroit h 206 Cameron av 

• — John steamship agt h 1179 Lincoln rd 
--Kenneth (Elizth) tabulator Fords r 3230 Linwood PI 

835* — Margt Mrs wtrs Radio Rest r 423 Grove av 
—Moses (Melvina) h 423 Grove av 
ols^J^ -Richd (Esther) -emp M A Brian Co res Roseland 
Thos (Janet) supt Fords h 480 Partington av 
eau Archie’s Cut Rate Dry Goods (Archie Hemrend) 498 
Wyandotte e 

j Archnlc Fritz emp Walker Metal Products r 1726 
Albert rd 

retie Locker Systems (Morris, Harry, Meyer, Sami 

* & Leonard Schwartz) lockers & butcher shop 

i 846 London w 

Ardelain Calina r 415 Josephine av 
air-’ —Geo emp Fords h 415 Josephine av 

! Ardelean Geo (Anna) pntr Fords h 1060 Giles blvd e 
:otti*2*‘Ardern Allen emp S W & A Rly h 3509 Peter 

* Ardiel Jas R (Ruth) slsmn Londo n Life h 121 Esdras 

I PI (R’Side) 

( — Wm S (Margit) emp Downtown Chev & Olds h 3253 

| Riverside dr (R’Side) 

irry Ardley Walter opr Motor Prod Corp r 3835 Connaught 


s rdr** — Wm F (Marjorie) emp Fords h 3835 Connaught rd 
Arena Auto Parts (Jack Bordoff) 334 Wyandotte e 

— Service (A J Debernarde) gas serv station 308 
Wyandotte e 

A rend G Wesley (Minnie) metermn Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1930 Oneida Crt 
Argent Arthur (Maude A) mach Stand Mach & Tool h 
112, 280 Park w 

—Fishing Tackle Co (Geo Argent) 124 Ferry 
—Geo A (Hazel) (Argent Fishing Tackle Co) h 1138 
Wigle av 

— Wm (Dorothy) emp CKLW h 417 Dougall av 
Argo Cleaners & Furriers (Mrs Margaret H Barron) 
2528 Howard av (R Park) 

Argon Apts 435 Dougall av 

Arguatte Sophie r 1587 South Cameron blvd (Sand W 

Argyle Apts 657-693 Argyle rd 
Arigan May Mrs h 1770 Aubin rd 
— Robt drvr Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd r 1770 
Aubin rd 

— Virginia emp Bendix Eclipse r 1770 Aubin rd 
Arison Wm H asst prod mgr Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 345 Sunset av 

Ariss Elizth studt r - 573 Campbell av 
—John F (Grace) emp Fords h 573 Campbell av 
--John R studt r 573 Campbell av 
Arizona Lunch (James Angelo) rest 475 London w 
Arkell Lewis H asst acct Royal Bank r 2331 Turner 

Arkle John E (Ruby) slsmn Teahan Furniture Co Ltd h 
1282 Wigle av 

Arkwell Betty typist Fords h 756 Caron av 
— Emma shipping rm elk Beauty Counselors of Can 
r 756 Caron av 

— Emmia (wid John) h 756 Caron av 
— Gladys nurse Grace Hosp h 102, 147 Janette av 
— Mavis emp Hotel Dieu r 753 Caron av 
Arlein Chas L eng despatcher N Y Central Rly h 
1448 Pierre av 

— Norbert F (Doris) mach MCR h 1747 Langlois av 
—Odell E (Ruby) insp Fords h 4, 1093 Howard av 
—Patricia r 1747 Langlois av 
Arlington Hotel (John Bilson) 891 Erie e 
Armaly Amelia Mrs gro 239 Sandwich w h 241 same 
—David (Margt) gro Mrs Amelia Armaly h 331 Indian 

—Helen (wi d)Michael) h 1138 Cataraqui 
—John W (Harriett) (Armaly Sponge Co) res Detroit 
—Jos (Helen) emp Chryslers h 5607 Clatrview av 

—Myrtle elk Chryslers r 241 Sandwich w 
—Sponge Co (John W Armaly) sponge mfrs (basement) 
108 McDougall 

Armasi John emp Walker Metal Products r 1650 
Parent av 

Armbruster Adam emp Gotfredsons r 1070 Hickory rd 
—Geo emp Gotfredsons r 1070 Hickory rd 
—Geo P (Barbara) emp Dominion Forge h 1070 
Hickory rd 

Armel Edna (wid Sam) r 1456 St Luke rd 
Armeland Hymie (Land’s Luggage) r 439 Brant 
— Issie r 439 Brant 

—Jos (Cecilia) second hand goods 200-206 Pitt e h 
439 Brant 

—Poultry (Julius Roth, Meyer Wohl, Solotnen 
Schwitzer) poultry & eggs 447 Brant 
Armes Allan (Anne) emp Detroit h 520 Oak av 
Armitage Harry emp CPR r 1190 Elm av 
—Hollis G (Ruth) emp Fords h 1190 Elm av 
Armour Betty emp Mot or Products Corp r 1157 

—Grace emp Sally Shop h 982 Victoria av 
—Harold (Birva A) maint Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 368 Grove av 

—Wesley (Florence) supt Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 1157 Pelissier 
Armouries 37 London e 
Armson Annie Mrs h 770 Erie e 
—David S (Emily) emp Candn Bridge h 664 Charlotte 
(R Park) 


Ramm President, David Richardson Vice-Pres- 
ident, Rose Evans Secretary-Treasurer, Steel 
Products, Welded and Formed Products, Stamp- 
ings, Forgings, Steel Scaffoldings, 1556-1558 
Howard Avenue, Phones 4-2501-2 

Armstrong Alex J (Yvonne) emp Cunningham Sheet 
Metal h 686 Charlotte (R Park) 

— Andrew (Katherine) toolmkr Fords h 1402 Bernard 

—Anger (Margt) pres Hiram Walker & Sons Grain 

Corporation Ltd res Grosse Pointe (Michigan) 






CO.. LTD. 











Building Mattrial 
694 Camrron Ave. 
PHONE 4-3215 

Oo O 
O O 

a c kj 

lit > 
Si 3 ^ 

g; ** 

C ® ^ 

5" i? ^ 

ffl Q 

w 3- fir 

10 K* ^ 

•3 o 
£ 5-. 

g- $ 

2 3 

% 5- ^ 

- 5 r*, 

0 & 

3 • 
i s 

if ^ 







—Bernice r 1023 Church 
—Betty studt r 1463 Labadie rd 

ARMSTRONG, C G RUSSELL, (Edith) consulting 

Engineer and Surveyor, 605-606 Bartlet Building* 
76 London w, Rhone 3-0968 h 73 Ford Blvd 
(Riverside) Phone 5-3274 

— C Maurice civil engnr C G Russell Armstrong h 49 
Thompson blvd (R’Side) 

— Calvin foremn Purity Dairies r 1591 Howard av 
— Carlo tta h 1108 Assumption 
— Catherine emp Detroit r 345 California av 
— Catherine (wid Alex) r 2211 London w 
—Clifford emp Chryslers r 2, 30 Ellis av e 
— Clifford A (Katharine) elk Fords h 1392 Prince rd 
— Dawn M elk Huron & Erie Mort Corp r 236 Home- 
dale blvd (R’Side) 

— Douglas (Phyllis) emp Fords h 2282 Moy av 
— Douglas emp Silverstein Produce r 417 London e 
--Douglas studt r 2, 1314 Hall av 
— E Madge emp h 6, 249 Pillette rd 
— Earl (Lillian) emp Fords h 1359 Huron Line 
--Eileen checker Vets Dry Cleaners r 1097 Campbell av 
—Emily t 376 Elliott w 

--Fenwick R (Edith) plant supt Canada Dry Bottling Co 
(Windsor) Ltd r 4337 Riverside dr 
—Floor Service (Wm Armstrong) floor sanding & 
coverings 2211 London w 

—Francis J (Catherine) emp Fords h 1095 Pelissier 
—Frank elk Lake Erie Coal Co Ltd r 3282 Bliss rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Fredk (Edna) emp Fords h 871 McKay av 
—Geo (Irene) emp Fords h 1275 Lincoln rd 
—Geo G (Margt) emp Northern Crane & Hoist h 1226 
Curry av 

--Georgina emp Bell Tel r 1653 Lincoln rd 
--Gertrude E emp Chrysler r 5, 1569 Assumption 
--Gladys tchr h 2, 1314 Hall av 

—Gordon (Geraldine) slsmn Supertest Petroleum h 377 

— Gurney J (Lizzie) h 916 Windermere rd 
—Harry (Madeline) emp Chrysler h 236 Homedale blvd 

—Hazel Mrs dept mgr Bartlet Macdonald & Gow Ltd 
h 514 Caron av 

—Hector studt r 1226 Curry av 
— Henry (Annie) emp Essex Terminal h 723 Hall av 
— Henry W (Jessie) foreman Auto Spec h 2262 Dougal av 
— Howard (Elizth) emp Bell Tel h 2031 Arras 
— Ivan (Trixie) emp Fords h 1157 Windsor av 
—Ivan M inspector Citizen & Immigration h 345 Cali- 
fornia av 

— J (Helen) emp General Motors h 1615 Ford blvd (Sand 
E Twp) 

—James insp Fords h 103, 286 Pitt w 
— James (Ruth) emp Industrial Food Co h 10, 561 Louis 
— Joseph W emp S A Ry r 102 Fort (Amherstburg) 

--Keith studt FordTfade Schl r 854 Lincoln rd 
— Lawrence (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1463 Labadie rd 
--Lawrence E (Margt) h 1819 Lincoln rd 
—Lillian Mrs emp Warren Cleaners h 1550 Lillian 
— Lloyd (Izell) emp Truscon Steel h 884 Howard av 
— Lome (Edith) h 201 Janisse dr (R’Side) 

— Lome W (Olive) h 1120 McKay av 
— Lydia (wid Alex) r 103, 286 Pitt w 
— M Diane ledgerkeeper Royal Bank r 236 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Margaret (wid Wm) h 265 Park w 

—Marilyn J stenog Win Credit Bureau r 1463 Labadie rd 

—Marion r 2166 Forest av 

—Marjorie finishing opr John Wyeth. & Bro r 3534 Peter 
--Martha (Eugene Beauty Shop) r 1152 Pierre av 
—Martha emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd h 5, 1587 

— Merua h 278 Chatham w 
--Nancy h 1330 California av 
—Radio Service (Wm C. Armstrong) 3534 Peter 
— Robt (Olive) emp' Chrysler h 1653 Lincoln rd 
— Robt (Gertrude) tool mkr Fords h 961 Pierre av 
— Robt A (Mariori) sis mgr DeVilbiss Mfg h 752 Chilver 

— Robt I emp General Motors r 1226 Curry av 


— Roy emp Chryslers r 1850 Lincoln rd 
—Samuel (Katherine) emp Chryslers h 1068 Wigle av 
— Shirley bkpr Essex Hybrid Seed Co Ltd r 1463 
Labadie rd 

— Shirley mica slitter Banner Metal Products r 894 
London w 

— Shirley Mrs finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 178 
Janette av 

— Stewart E slsmn Soble Tea & Coffee Co Ltd h 
1593 Howard av 

— T Ernest (Jane M) dentist 1, 583 Partington av h 205 
Cosgrain pi 

— Velma J assembler DeVilbiss Mfg r 3534 Peter 
— Wallace trk drvr J Kovinsky & Sons h 345 Alexander 
blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Whitney emp Chryslers h 2343 Woodlawn av 
— Wm (Blanch) emp Chryslers h 1448 Elsmere av 
— Wm (Edna) emp Fords h 1373 Langlois av 
— Wm emp Fords h 1155 Monmouth rd 
— Wm (Beryl) emp N Y Central r 942 Oak av 
— Wm (Martha) emp Truscon Steel h 1152 Pierre av 
— Wm A (Edith) emp Chryslers h 1149 Wigle av 
— Wm C (Eva) postal elk P O h 1556 Bernard rd 
— Wm C (Armstrong Radio Service) h 3534 Peter 
— Wm D (Armstrong Floor Service) h 2211 London w 
Army, Navy & Airforce Veterans Club (Unit 3) Arthur 
Radcliffe pres Roderick Macleay club steward 
1014 Tecumseh blvd e 

Arndt Palmer Laboratories of Canada Ltd Victor 

Childerhose pres & sec-treas Orlin Fox vice- 
pres mfg interior reconditioning materials for 
new cars 457 Sandwich e 

Arner Ada B tchr Prince Edward Schl h 104, 710 Giles 
blvd e 

--Agnes nurse Candn Auto Trim, h 202, 710 Giles 
blvd e 

—Clifford G asst acct Royal Bank res R R #1 Kingsville 
--Harold B investigator Natl Revenue Drawbacks Br h 
Howard av (Rose land) 

--Keith J mach C H Mclnnis Co r 214 Alma 

—Lou housekeeper r 1261 Lincoln rd 
—Roy (Violet) driver McAnally Freight Ways Co Ltd h 
812£ Stanley (R P) 

Arneson Arnt T (Helene) emp CPR h 1177 Curry av 
Arnold Abner A (Mary) driver Chryslers h 595 

--Candler (Glenn M Arnold & James Candler) interior 
decorators 558 Goyeau 

--Carl T (Rita) foreman R P Scherer h 308 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Cecil (Rose) emp Fords h 1116 Highland av 
--Claude G H studt r A4, 1518 London w 
--Edgar (Mary) emp Auto Specialty h 550 McKay av 
— Ephriam r 380 Wyandotte e 

--G Leonard asst acct Royal Bank r 364 Villaire av 

--Geo S (Minnie) h 1515 Pillette rd 
--Gerald L emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 2406 Princess 
rd (Sandwich E Twp) 

— Glenn M (Elaine) (Arnold -Candler) h 480 Pelissier 
— Irwin emp S W & A Ry h 1553 Goyeau 
--James (Louise) emp Fords h 151 Crawford av 
—Leslie W emp S W & A Ry res R R 1 Essex 
— Lloyd A (Viola) spec exciseman Customs & Excise 
h 2406 Princess (Sand E Twp) 

— Robt L (Doreen) clutch assmblr Long Mfg r 1668 

— S Gertrude (wid Claude G)hA4, 1518 London w 
— Selah r 580 Crawford av 
—Theresa r 444 Assumption 
— Thos G (Florence) h 321 Campbell av 
—Vera tchr Dougall Av Schl r 139 Cameron av 
—Violet color artist Meyers Studios h 104, 619 

— Wallace A (Mable) Customs & Excise Natl Revenue h 
2375 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Myrtle) emp General Motors h 543 Hildegarde 

— Wm C credit mgr Traders Finance Corp Ltd r 2569 
McDougall (Sand W Twp) 

Amoldi Peter (Anna) emp Kelsey Wheel h 2226 Chari 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Sylvia emp Detriot r 2226 Chari (Sand W Twp) 

14 — 



Arnot John (Rita) mech Globe Sheet Metal Works h 2, 

279 Campbell av 

Arnott Ira K (Charlotte) office mgr Chryslers h 1475 

--Joan studt r 1475 Church 

Arnyas Magdalene stenog Blake Pierce Finance Ltd 
r 1294 Erie e 

--Martin (Julia S) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 1294 Eriee 
Arona Gavril (Sophia) emp Can Steel h 412 Langlois av 
Aronne Vincenzo (Emma) emp Walker Metal r 477 
Parent av 

Aronoff Sami (Pearl) emp Chryslers h 1025 Bruce av 
Arpan Harry (Christine) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 
884 Jos Janisse av 
—John (Mabel) r 573 Sandwich w 
— Melvina Mrs emp Candn Auto Trim r 555 Gladstone 

—Minnie (wid Wilfred) emp Candn Automotive Trim h 
756 Langlois av 

—Wallace mgr Leo Groombridge Ltd r 756 Langlois av 
Arpin Donald E studt r 1610 Victoria av 
--Joseph emp Northwest Fur Co r 1610 Victoria av 
—Kathleen nurse r 1610 Victoria av 
—Louis (Mary) emp Fords h 1058 Moy av 
--Louis J (Mary) (Northwest Fur Co) h 1610 Victoria av 
Arquette Edward F (Irene) emp Truscon Steel h 1511 
Hickory rd 

—Ernest P (Frances) mach Fords h 2356 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Gordon r 2647 Meighin rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Herbert r 2647 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Lawrence (Catherine) mach opr L A Young Industries 
h 2336 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Leo driver Argo Cleaners & Furriers h 19 Walker 

--Louis emp Wm H Pierce r 2647 Meighen rd (Sand E 

--Pauline M stenog Remington Rand res Belle River 
—Raymond (Jean) emp Chryslers h 1495 Felix av 
—Sarah h 2647 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Wm (Marie) foreman Truscon Steel h 1670 Mercer 
Arrand Earl W (Vivian) emp Windsor Gas Co h 1925 
Aubin rd 

--Evelyn opr Motor Products Corp r 958 Campbell av 
—Everett G (Mabel) (Arrand & Co) h 958 Campbell av 
—Marion bkpr Bd of Education r 958 Campbell av 
— & Co (Everett Arrand) refrigeration & air conditioning 
sales & service 1659 Drouillard rd 
Arrighini Vincent emp Keystone Cont r 1706 Elsmere av 
Arronne Vincenzo r 477 Parent av 
Arrow Cleaners Harry E Nott mgr dry cleaning 1599 
Drouillard rd 

--Drugs (Bernard Friedman) 1190 Wyandotte w 
Arrowsmith Joseph (Emma) emp Brading’s Cincinnati 
Cream Brewery h 20, 1250 Ouellette av 
—Kenneth (Dorothy) emp Brading’s Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 2185 Wellesley 
—Leslie emp Chryslers r 605 Stanley (R P) 

--Tom (Mary) emp CPR h 605 Stanley (R P) 

Arsenault Alphonse (Edna) emp Fords h 842 Vimy av 
--Alphonse T (Catherine) emp Fords h 217 Westminster 
blvd (R’Side) v 

— Anaclet emp Somerv ille Ltd r 993 Josephine av 
--Eddie (Ruby) emp Detroit h 242 Curry av 
—Eric (Dora) emp Chryslers h 1645 Goyeau 
--Fred (Theresa) emp Chryslers h 1642 Highland av 
— Gerald (Marion) emp Fords h 1244 Louis av 
--Lawrence r 1214 Drouillard rd 

—Muriel emp Fssex County Sanatorium r w s Superior 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Norbert (Jeanne d’Arc) emp Genl Motors h 1732 Hall 

--Philip emp Kelsey Wheel r 1327 Langlois av 
— Sylvain (Florence) emp Somerville Ltd h 993 
Josephine av 

— Theodore mach opr L A Young Industries r 3303 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Wilfred (Josephine) carp h w s Superior (Sand W Twp) 
Arseneault Bernard (Agnes) emp Ford h 2539 Rossini 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Joseph (Therese) emp Chryslers r 736 Assumption 
—Walter (Rachael) carp h 333 Edward av (R’Side) 

Arsic Steve plumber Sieber & Delaney Co r 1433 
Parent av 

Art Barber Shop (Arthur LePage) 808 Pillette rd 
—Display (Harry M Zeilig) com artist 9, 315 Pelissier 
Art’s Barber Shop (Arthur J Chevalier) 1604 Wyandotte 
west _ . 

— Body Repair (Arthur Gaw) auto garage 305 Tuscarora 
--Car Mart (Arthur Lyons) used cars 1065 Wyandotte e 
--Confectionery (Bernice Radak) 1500 Gladstone av 
— Grocery (Arthur Baranowski) 479 South 
—Market (Arthur J Charbonneau) meats & gro 207 
Erie e and 1000 Windsor av 

Arthur Agnes h 1437 Windermere rd 
— Beauty Salon (Mrs Anna To mas i) 825 Arthur rd 
— Chas H (Florence) elk Unemployment Ins Comm h 
84 Elliott w 

— Thomas emp Detroit r 564 Randolph av 
— Thos E (Jean) emp Detroit h 564 Randolph av 
— Wm r 880 Tecumseh blvd e 
--Wm (Leonora) slsmn McDonell’s Electrical 
Appliances r 774 Felix av 
— Wm (Sybil) emp J T Labadie h 1762 Pillette rd 
Arthurs Frederick J (June) sec Win Truck & 

Storage h Cousineau rd (Roseland) 

—Irene Mrs r 1531 Assumption 
—James physician 1 & 2, 1585 Ottawa r 48 Reedmere 
av (R’Side) 

—Joan R opr Motor Products Corp r 1704 P’llette rd 
--Lee emp Gilson Trans r 890 Moy av 
— Orville D (Elsie) drvr Fords h 1704 Pillette ,rd 
— Robt r 1704 Pillette rd 
Arthy Arthur r 386 Bruce av 

Artico Egidio stockman Motor Products Corp r 1456 
Labadie rd 

—John (Carissma) elk Meneghins Grocery h 1225 
Hanna e 

— John (Hilda) emp Motor Products h 1456 Labadie rd 
Artinger Elois (Anna) emp Fords h 1078 Langlois av 
— Elois jr (Emelia) emp Candn Bridge r 1078 Langlois 

— Louis A emp Candn Bridge r 1078 Langlois av 
Artingstall Elaine E observer Bell Tel r 328 Erie w 
--Ethel (wid Sami) h 328 Erie w 

— John G (Irene) off mgr Packard Motor Car h Church 
(South Windsor ) 

--Joyce elk Chryslers r 328 Erie w 
— Wm emp Fords r 328 Erie w 

Artinian Anne stenog J T Wing & Co r 1006 Felix av 
— Archie (Seranoush) bench moulder Walker Metal h 
1006 Felix av 

— Arthur (Marie) emp Candn Automotive Trim h 3288 

—Christopher assembler Chryslers r 1006 Felix av 
— Mossis elk Fords r 1006 Felix av 
Artiss Walter (Katherine) emp Detroit h 1205 Winder- 
mere rd 

Artistic Gift Line (Sergio DePaoli) decorated glassware 
3rd fir, 108 McDougall 

Artona Studios (Josephine A Smith) photographers 102 & 
102, 1616 Ouellette av 

Artschnik Friedrich emp Walker Metal r 1726 Albert rd 
Artukovich Michael emp Chryslers r 1140 Cadillac 
Arvisais Jean M (Leone) wrehsemn N Tepperman Ltd 
r 509 Grove av 

Arzensek Malci opr Motor Products Corp r 995 
Windermere rd 

Ascott Duncan (Nora) tool & die maker Fords h 738 
Felix av 

— Edwd (Florence) emp Fords h 268 Westminster blvd 
(R Side) 

— Melvin T W (Audrey) emp Fords h 417 East Lawn av 

— Norma L billing elk Inti Playing Card r 1036 Windsor 

— Wm (Gladys) emp Fords h 205 Parent av 
Aseltine Howard S (Charlotte) elk Dept of Natl Revenue 
Income Tax Division h 3, 224 California av 
--Keith M (Suzanne) installer Bell Tel h 406, 274 Giles 
blvd w 

Ash Alex (Dorothy) (Alex Confectionery) h 405 McDougall 
— Geo emp Fords r 654 Chilver rd 
— Harold A fireman Win Fire Dept r 939 Wellington av 
--Helen M sis elk C H Smith r 405 McDougall 
—James A service man Household Products r 405 

--James W emp Chryslers r 939 Wellington av 
—Leslie (Gladys) emp Fords h 1719 Ford blvd (Sand E 

— Sami D (Brenda) emp S W & A Ry h 923 Curry av 
— Wm L (Eileen) emp Fords h 1260 Lincoln rd 
--Wm W (Emma) insp M C R h 939 Wellington av 
Ashbury Morris line man. Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) r 531 Erie e 

Ashby Edwd brick layer r 1657 Howard av 
--Edwd emp Chryslers r 605 Ed Inborough (R P) 

— Margt (wid Donald) h 605 Edinborough (R P) 

— Norman r 605 Edinborough (R P) 

Ashdown Ernest W slsmn John Webb h 8, 285 Cameron 

Ashe Alec (Al’s Grocery) r 392 Assumption 
— Assum (Edna) h 392 Assumption 
Ashley Gordon emp Fords r 1531 Windsor av 
—Harold (Betty) emp Purity Dairies h 2267 Highland av 
--Joseph (Dorothy) emp Truscon Steel h 1430 Prince rd 
—Norman trucker Motor Products Corp r 1531 Windsor 

Alphabetical, White Page 15 




— Richard emp Chrysler s r 1531 Windsor av 
-Win (Pearl) metal pattern maker Bryant Pattern & 

Mfg Co Ltd h 1531 Windsor av 
— Wm jr metal pattern maker Bryant Pattern & Mfg 
Co Ltd h 2345 Elsmere av 
Ashman Chas r 842 Dawson rd 
— Ernest (Pauline) h 842 Dawson rd 
Ashmore James H (Christine) chief insp Fords h 63 
Esdras pi (r’Side) 

Ashton A James (Alma) (Ashton’s Variety & Hardware 
Store) h 908 Arthur rd 
— Chester M (Evelyn) emp Chryslers h 1030 
Pierre av 

— Danl elk Ashton’s Variety Store res R R 1 Dougal rd 
--Geo (Doreen) emp Fords r 76 Belleperche av (R’Side) 

— Jay (Lillian) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1066 California av 
— Junius J (Pearl) electrician h 627 Victoria av 
— Lome E (Annie) fireman Dept of Natl Defence h 271 
Jarvis av (R’Side) 

— Rosella (wid Elliott) h 986 Gladstone av 
— Sidney emp Candn Bridge r 1943 Tourangeau rd 
--Thos (Muriel) emp Fabricated Steel h 1664 Olive rd 
--Wm H (Ethel) emp Fords h 969 Wyandotte w 
Ashton’s Variety & Hardware Store (A Jas Ashton) 3230 
& 3234 Sandwich w 

Ashworth John tool crib attdt Candn Engnrg & Tool r 969 
Ouellette av 

Asich Nick r 2536 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Steven (Annie) emp Fords h 2536 Pillette rd (Sand E 

Askew Addison (Irene) timekeeper Toledo Scale h 2937 
London w 

— Joyce M payroll elk Candn Bridge r 3526 Sandwich w 
—Walter S (Frances) caretakter Western Pub Schl 
h 3526 Sandwich w 

Askin Alfred (Stephanie) emp Fords h 774 California av 
—Chas (Joan) emp Detroit h 764 Rosedale av 
— Erskine H A r 2326 Byng rd 
--Jas S (Audrey) elk Fords h 3696 Matchette rd 
—John M (Rose) stock handler Motor Products Corp h 
1796 Labadie rd 
—Manor Apts 191 Askin av 

— Nina G press feeder Walkerville Printing Co Ltd h 721 
Parent av 

—Realty Ltd Robt W Askin mgr real estate 304, 267 

— Robt (Joyce) mgr Askin Realty Ltd h 654 Indian rd 
Asling Edwd R (Frieda) maint Bell Tel h 320 Rosedale 
avenue f 

Asmar Amelia (wid Toufic) h 466 Windsor av 
— Edwd emp CNR r 466 Windsor av 
— Geo (Beatrice)/ Maple Leaf Importing Co) h 462 Niagara 
Asner Abram (Luba) emp Walker Metal r 1090 Erie e 
Asoklis Augustus (Isobel) emp Auto Trim h 818 St 
Luke rd 

Aspeck Ferdinand (Bernadette) milling mach opr Colonial 
Tool res Tecumseh 

Asquith John emp Fords r 1054 McKay av 
Assarica Alex (Irene) h 433 McDougall 
--John (Lillian) emp Gotfredsons h 1041 McDougall 
Assef James (Annie) (Wellington Mkt) h 1421 Erie e 
—Jos J h 805 Wellington av 

—Patricia Lee sis elk C H Smith r 2423 Howard av 
—Rudolph (Beatrice) (Shorty’s Auto Supplies) h 853 
Walker rd 

Asselstine Harold F (Dixie) asst phys Stanley M 
Asselstine h 1229 Devonshire rd 
— Kathryn K h 4, 74 Ellis av w 
—Stanley M (Ilda) phys 706, 1011 Ouellette av h 2105 
Victoria av 

Assessment Dept W W Green assessment commissioner 
4, City Hall Annex 

Assim Moody (Edna) emp Fords h 676 Gladstone av 
Assistant City Solicitor Francis J Chauvin 102 City Hall 
Associated Services Co (Norman Ramm) acctg & 
auditing 301, 302,303 & 304, 176 London w 
Assumption Cemetery cor Huron Line and Wyandotte w 
—College Very Rev J H O’Loane pres Rev E C LeBel 

vice -pres Rev R S Wood sec-treas Rev P J Swan 
registrar college dept Rev F A Brown principal 
High Schl Dept 398 Huron Line 
—College Alumni Assn Rev R Stack pres Howard Pray 
vice -pres Rev J F Mallon sec-treas 398 Huron 


— College Grounds Wyandotte w at Huron Line 
— Grocery (Stanley & Annie Numchik) 821 Assumption 
--(R C) Church Rev James Donlon pastor 2775 London w 
Astles Geo R (Reta) asst sis office supervisor Hiram 
Walker & Sons h 1308 Rossini blvd 
Aston Harold (Lillian) tool & die mkr L A Young 
Industries h 738 Lincoln rd 

—Henry W (Lucy) (Quality Plumbing) h 2342 Chilver rd 
— Janett Mrs practical nurse East Win Hosp h 204 
Ho me dale blvd (R’Side) 

—Joyce payroll elk Somerville Ltd r 738 Lincoln rd 
--Marilyn J studt r 2342 Chilver rd 
— Ross rigger Noel Equipment Service r 204 Homedale 
av (R’Side) 

--Roy lab techn Stand Paint r 738 Lincoln rd 
Astor Mike r 553 Moy av 

Astrup Elizth office elk C H Smith r 686 Argyle rd 
— H R h 3F, 686 Argyle rd 

Asztalos Edith T stenog Gair Co r 1919 George av 
— John (Julia) emp Abbey Gray h 1919 George av 
--Julia M accounting elk Bendix-Eclipse r 1919 George 

Atamanec Harry G emp Essex Packers Ltd r 1428 
Elsmere av 

Atcheson Ronald emp Fords r 24 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 
♦Atchison see also Aitchison 
--Catherine nurse Neil MacDonald res Essex 
—Gay emp Chryslers r 1860 Moy av 
— John (Nina) turnkey Essex County Gaol h 3423 
Wilkinson Lane 

—John D (Lillian G) elk Empire -Hanna Coal r 2343 
Tourangeau rd 

—Olive (wid Ernest) r 754 Victoria av 
—Russell A (Agnes) (Atchison’s Grocery) r 3188 
Turner rd 

--Thos (Kathleen) emp Chryslers h 1860 Moy av 
—Victor (Irene) (Vic’s Body Shop) h 2505 Wyandotte e 
Atchison’s Grocery (Russell A Atchison) 224 Erie w 
Athens Nick r 486 Goyeau 
Atheridge Harry emp Fords r 478 Windsor av 
Atherley Wm N (Nancy) emp Fords h 305 Aylmer av 
Atherton Cora bench worker Essex Wire Corp r 892 
Monmouth rd 

--Edward A rough polisher Motor Products Corp r 3864 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Harry emp Ford Trade Schl r 892 Monmouth rd 
--James (May) asst mgr Loblaws h 2025& Pillette rd 
—James J (Lily) elect Fords h 371 Partington av 
— Reginald A (Dorothy) emp Universal Button h 658 
Windsor av 

— Richard (Edna) emp Universal Button h 1686 Balfour 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Mary) emp Fords h 892 Monmouth rd 
♦Atkin see also Altken 

--Anne asst treas Inti Flaying Card res Detroit 
--Calvin (Maude) (Atkin’s Sheet Metal Works) h 959 
Elsmere av 

— Calvin Jr emp Fords r 959 Elsmere av 
—Geo D (Bertha) h 180 Bruce av 
—Howard (Mary) emp Fords h 658 Assumption 
—James r 519 Bruce av 
— John R studt r 519 Bruce av 
— Mahlon A (Mabel) h 1031 Curry av 
—Marilyn J compt opr Borden Co r 1031 Curry av 
— Orville W (Jessie) h 3549 Bloomfield rd 
— Walter (Irene) emp Candn Comstock h 519 Bruce av 
Atkin’s Sheet Metal Works (Calvin Atkin) 495 Glengarry 
Atkins Albt E emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd r 1180 
Ouellette av 

—Alfred (Peggy) printer Curtis Publishing h 481 Oak 

--Alice teacher John McRae Schl (Public) r 909 
Windermere rd 

— Chas (Marion G) brake man C & O Rly h 7, 74 
Shepherd w 

—Dolly sis elk Hoppe’s Nu-Vogue r 1519 George av 
— Ernest attdt Ouillette Service Stn h 1876 Westminster 
av (Sand E Twp) 

— Fred (Florence) chief elect Genl Motors h 2336 Turner 

— Geo (Elizth) emp Fords h 1128 Devonshire rd 
—Grocery (Herbert Atkins) 1186 Monmouth rd 
—Herbert (Dorothy) (Atkins Grocery) h 1186 Mon- 
mouth rd 




— 16 — 

~\Y 'Y'V ~v tr Y Y '* 

~\y -\i \rv 'V T V- Y Y 


Insurance Adjusters for the Companies 

609-610 CANADA TRUST BLDG. PHONES 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 





— Jphn studt r 1186 Monmouth rd 
--.Leonard E elect Montour Electric Co h 1218 Wyan- 
dotte (R’Side) 

--Leonard J (Alice) electrician Fords h 294 Gladstone 

—Mabel bkpr Howard Auto Parts r 1031 Curry av 
—Marion Mrs emp Candn Motor Lamp h 1779 Westcott 

—Mary emp Motor Products Corp h 2447 Tourangeau 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Nathaniel J (Ella) receiving elk J T Wing & Co h 2246 

—Patricia r 2336 Turner rd 

—Phyllis sec Dominion Plate & Window Glass Co r 
2457 Tourangeau av 

— Thos L (Helen) Customs & Excise Natl Rev h 1928 
Ellrose av 

—Walter J L export dept mgr Hiram Walker & Sons r 
572 Pelissier 

— Wm (Shirley) emp Fords h 245 Reedmere av (R’Side) 
Atkinson Barry E (H Atkinson & Son) h 2424 Princess 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Bernard V (Maisie) elk County Registry Office h 5, 
559 Partington av 

— Chas C (Gertrude) emp Fords h 980 Josephine av 
--Claire (Janet) contractor r 719 Chilver rd 
Cora r 709 Victoria av 

—Dale investigator Physicians & Dentist Business 
Bureau r 792 Chilver rd 
— Elizth r 284 Chatham w 
—Ella (wid Geo) h 317 McKay av 
—Elmer (Elizth) h 648 Irvine av 
—Frederick emp Motor Products Corp r Victoria rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

--Geo A (Maud) agt Pere Marquette Railway Depot 
h 251 Coronado (Tecumseh) 

—Geo L (Beryl) billing elk Chryslers h 240 McEwan 
—Georgina (wid Horace) h 1120 Janette av 
— H & Son (Barry E Atkinson) ins 1226 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

—James (Dorothy) slsmn h 1778 Lincoln rd 
— Jas T (Florence) electrical engnr Fords h 329 
Prado pi (R’Side) 

— Janet G stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 719 Chilver 

--John W (Mildred) genl mgr & vice -pres Kaiser - 
Frazer of Canada Ltd h 2078 Vi my av 
--John W jr studt r 2078 Vimy av 
--Kenneth (Dorothy) acct Fords h 1075 Victoria av 
—Kenneth S (Mayme) plant supt Stand Mach & Tool 
h 1373 Janette av 

— Lewis J houseman Norton Palmer Hotel r 284 
Chatham w 

—Marion L traveler Cosmetics r 2078 Vimy av 
—Mildred J stenog J T Wing & Co res Amherstburg 
—Norman (Shirley) emp Dom Forge & Stamping Co 
Ltd h 1636 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Patricia r 2078 Vimy av 

— Philip (Audrey) foreman Fords h 1253 Windermere 

— -S Dale (Ettamae) h 719 Chilver rd 
— Wilfrid (Jessie) (Windsor Duracleaners) h 701 
Marentette av 

— Wm (Emilienne) dentist 204, 1011 Ouellette av h 
1014 Victoria av 

— Wm (Elizabeth) emp Dominion Forge & Stamping 
Co h 1512 Tourangeau rd 
— Wm E (Reta) printer Win Star h 1171 Pierre av 
Atlas Belle sis elk Rose Ann Shop r 1445 Victoria av 
— Roofing (Michael Hedgewick & Chas R Clinansmith) 
1756 Durham pi 

— Steels Ltd Wm V Vincent br mgr before 2587 
Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

Atnolik Nick emp Godfredsons r 1821 Alexis rd 
Atoka Semon elev opr L A Young Industries h 1220 
Erie e 

Atras Steve (Jean) emp Fords h 2415 Howard av 

Attamanchuk Peter (Eva) emp Melkar Roofing Co 
h 1411 Cadillac 

Attard John emp Golfredson h 1, 632 Windsor av 
^ Attenborough Anna h 764 Caron av 
'/* --Gordon H emp Fords r 764 Caron av 
—John h 1854 May av 

Attilio Colarossi emp Hydro r 1077 Erie e 
— Silvestro emp Walker Foundry r 512 Glengarry av 
Attman Ada (wid Louis) h 166 Bridge av 
Attogalli Jack (Lucy) emp Fords h 1941 Ellrose av 
Attridge Arnold emp Fords r 518 Bruce av 
--Jean opr Motor Products Corp r 485 Dougall av 
— Leonard J drvr Rand Royal Flower Shop r 518 

Bruce av 1 

Attrix Gerry emp Motor Products h 1341 Benjamin 

Attrux Germaine opr Motor Products Corp r 1621 

Attwood Agnes (wid Albt) h 1543-5 Church 
--James emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd h 3526 
Girardot av 

— Jean emp Park Davis r 1543-5 Church 
Atyeo Frank W (Jessie) mach opr Fords h 4, 32 
Wyandotte w 

—Harold F (Margt) civil engnr H G Acres Engineering 
Co h 2, 32 Wyandotte w 
Aubert Chas E emp Fords r 1210 Niagara 
— Jane S (wid David) r 1210 Niagara 
--Jos (Katherine) carp h 1210 Niagara 
— Willey (Marguerite) emp Fords r 822 Marion av 
Aubin Alphonsine h 1982 Bernard rd 
— Isidore (Florence) emp Hydro h 739 Hall av 
— Joseph O (Florence) h 40 St Rose av (R'Side) 
—Lorraine R sis elk C H Smith r 1066 Dougall av 
— Ulric J h 424 Tecumseh blvd e 
Aubrey Sange mill hand J D Branch Lumber r 1060 

Aubry Richard (Rosina) emp Fords h 2131 Woodlawn 

Auckland Annie (wid Oliver) r 531 McEwan av 
—Leon R (Electa) mgr Walkerville Plumbing h 2249 
Windermere rd 

Aucott Arthur (Phoebe) (Aucott Beauty Salon) h 1, 558 
Partington av 

—Beauty Salon (Arthur Aucott) 2017 Wyandotte w 
—Florist (Arthur Aucott) 2017 Wyandotte w 
Audesian Leo emp Chryslers r 2468 St Louis av 
(Sand E Twp) 

Audet Frank (Sarah) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1540 Howard 

Auditorium Building 709 Ouellette 
Auerbach Wilfred (Fannie) h 2 X 1090 Erie e 
Auffret Catherine emp Mrs Sarah Monks res LaSalle 
—John (Veronica) emp O’Keefes Brewery h 515 Bridge 

—Joseph emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd res R R 1 

—Vincent C (Leah) emp General Foods h 253 Ford blvd 

Auffrett Gordon E (Ethel) maint Chryslers h 1229 Prince 

—Joseph (Joy) emp Hiram Walkers h 3rd east St Clair 
(Sand W Twp) 

Auger Ernest (Marian) emp Fords r 994 Elm av 
— Frank (Joyce) mgr Dominion Dental Co Ltd h 1684 
Pillette rd 

— Joseph (Victoria) emp Fords h 1383 Wellington av 
--Peter J emp S W & A Ry.h 885 Marentette av 
Augustine Ernest W (Dorothy) (Augustine’s Drug Store) 
h 1358 Pierre av 

—Fred (Helen) trk drvr Hendrie & Co r 1417 Westcott 

— Mahlon K (Esther) social worker Children’s Aid 
Society res Kingsville 

--Wilfred emp Humane Society h 3577 Riberdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Janet) emp Detroit h 508 Pierre av 
— Wm P tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 1955 Oneida 

Augustine’s Drug Store (Ernest W Augustine) 1500 
Parent av 

Auld Laura r 14, 16 Ellis av e 
—Mary C tchr Walk Coll Inst res Essex 
—Murdoch D emp Candn Bridge h 1030 Prince rd 
— Wlnnifred nurse Essex County Sanatorium r 1030 
Prince rd 

Auneault Lambert tv technician Eplett's r 643 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Ausman Alfred (Bonnie) emp Roy M Gendreau h 4, 

1366 Giles blvd e 


Alphabetical, White Page 17 



--Grace assembler Win Steel Products r 1515 
Dougall av 

— Jas slsmn G G McKeough Ltd r 3128 Turner rd 
— James (Mary) watchman Candn Engnrg & Tool h 1515 
Dougall av 

—John (Barbara) trk drvr Western Freight Lines h 1608 
Tecumseh blvd w 

— Lloyd emp Avenue Auto Sales r 1515 Dougall av 
--Raymond shipping elk G G McKeough Ltd r 1515 
Dougall av 

Aussant Georges (Charlotte) emp Chryslers h 984 

— Jeannette waitress Dot Restaurant r 2671 Meldrum 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Wilfred L ( Aura) asst mech Consolidated Trk Lines 
h 2671 Meldrum rd (Sand E Twp) 

Austen Atlee P (wid Geo) h 1872 Windermere rd 
— F Muriel bkpr Producers Cold Storage r 1872 
Windermere rd 

— Ronald (Fannie) emp Fords h 889 Lawrence rd 
— Ronald B (Helen) chartered acct Brokenshire 
Scarff & Co r 1231 Louis av 
— -Walter H elk CIL r 889 Lawrence rd 
Austin Apts 1310 Pierre av 

—Arthur W (Doris) customs officer Natl Rev h 1050 
Victoria av 

— Bruce (Marion) slsmn Scales & Roberts Ltd res 
Calverts Corner 
— Chas slsmn h 6, 1315 Niagara 
— Chas W (Beulah) mgr Rudel Machinery Co Ltd res 

— Christine elk Vanity Market r 957 Windsor av 
—Company Ltd The (Br) Herbert A Greene Purchasing 
agent R Stanley Reid head of Eng dept civil 
engineers & builders 1203-1204, 374 Ouellette 
— Frances (wid Wallace) h 1464 Victoria av 
— Fred D asst assessor Essex County res Roseland 
--Harry (Ethel) emp Chryslers h 954 Windsor av 
—Harry (Christina) emp Chryslers h 957 Windsor av 
--Helen M priv sec Bendix -Eclipse res R R 1 

—Jane stenog Walker Ins Agency Ltd res R R 1 

--John (Catherine) emp Fords h 6, 1291 Elsmere av 
—John (Alberta) service man Miller Sales h 826 
Francois Court 

--John J (Esther) h 498 Elm av 

--John M (Vera) slsmn London Life h 1529 Assumption 
--Keith G wrehsemn Imp Oil r 383 Gladstone av 
— Leonard (Valeria) tool mkr Steel Master Tool Co h 
1330 Erie e 

--Leslie emp Candn Bridge r 1772 Gladstone av 
--Raymond toolroom Motor Products Corp res R R 1 
Talbot rd 

—Robert emp Bell Tel r 1050 Victoria av 
— Robt (Jean) emp Fords r 1626 Elsmere av 
—Robt (Rosalie) emp Fords h 3592 Sandwich w 
--Robt (Shirley) interne Hotel Dieu h 2177 Gladstone 

— Robt J (Frances) lab tech Fords h 815 Hanna e 
— Robt J (Mary) opr CIL h 3617 Peter 
— Thos (Mary) tool & die mkr Fords h 1772 Gladstone 

— Vincent slsmn Abbot Drug r 711 Church 
— W Lloyd (Lorraine) slsmn G A Ingram Co (Canada) 

Ltd h 383 Josephine av 

Autet Margt waitress New Service Lunch r 182 Glen- 
garry av 

Authier Irene opr Motor Products Corp r 1239 Lillian 
— Raymond E (Ellen) mach opr DeVilbiss Mfg r 3947 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Autio Sirco E r 165 LaPoste av (F’Side) 

— Toivo N (Alexandra) emp Fords h 165 LaPorte av 

Auto City Collision (Jack Hatch) auto garage 1707 
Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

— Specialties Mfg Co (Can) Ltd Wm H Cantelon pres 
& genl mgr R M Foote asst genl mgr Leslie 
Jones works mgr Geo R Williamson treas Ford 
McKay personnel mgr R G Millin purch agt 
Malleable foundry & auto accessories 614 
Tecumseh blvd e 

— Spring Service (Alex Pickos) auto garage 825 Tecum- 
seh blvd w 

—Wheel & Axle Frame Service Co (Jas M Blanchard) 

494 Pitt e 

AUTOMART LIMITED/ Used Cars Bought, Sold and 

Traded, 650 Ouellette Avenue Phone 2 - 0962 (See 
top lines) 

Automatic Heat & Supply Co (W A White) heating engnr 
1366 Windsor av 

Autry Fred (Elsie) h 294 Louis av 

Aiitterson Barbara stenog Blake Pierce Finance Ltd 
r 751 Bridge av 

--Gordon (Margt) leader Burrough Mach h 1983 
Arthur rd 

— Wm emp Bell Tel r 751 Bridge av 
--Wm H (Annie) foreman Burroughs Mach h 751 
Bridge av 

Avadesian Chas studt r 1020 Lena 
--Harry (Alma) emp General Motors h 1020 Lena 
—Pearl office elk Romeo Mach Shop r 1020 Lena 
Avalon Apts 858 Erie e 

Avdesian A (wid K) h 2469 St Louis ay (Sand E Twp) 
Avenue Auto Sales (Norman Goldman) used cars 534 
Wyandotte e 

--Men’s Shop (Louis Cohen) 1392 Wyandotte e 
Aver C Stanford (Gwynneth) emp Fords, h 136 Villaire 
av (R’Side) 

—Glenn emp Hall Printers r 136 Villaire av (R’Side) 
--Stanford elk G Tamblyn Ltd r 136 Villaire av 

Averameas Louis cook White’s Rest r 619 Crawford 
Averardi Evo emp Sterling Constn r 715 Aylmer av 
Averill Glen (Mary) emp Detroit h 6820 Riverside dr 

— Hester r 4C, 686 Argyle rd 

—Robt (Margt) emp Border Cities Wire & Iron h 822 
Partington av 
--Rose r 506 Pierre av 

. — Thos W (Margt) section head Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 4C, 686 Argyle rd 

Avery Chas C (Joyce) cashier Can Packers r 3439 

--Donald (Florence) spray painter Welles Corp h 410 

—James W (Anne) emp S W & A Rly h 6, 561 Louis av 
--Mary elk Laing’s Drug Store r Cabana rd (Sand W 

Avey Arthur (Clara) emp Fords h 439 Randolph av 
--Wm (Ruth) emp Fords h 1568 Norman rd 
— Wm G (Jewelry Hosp) h 132 Pitt w 
Avian Ada mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 374 Glengarry 

— Armando (Bessie) emp Fords h 374 Glengarry av 
— Arthur emp Detroit r 374 Glengarry av 
—Louis emp Fords r 374 Glengarry av 
—peter (Mary) emp Chrysler h 653 Assumption 
Avon Products of Canada Ltd Mrs Pearl Yaxley city 
mgrss cosmetics 609, 267 Pelissier 
Avram Nicholas (Mary) emp Chryslers h 2296 Alexis 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Paul (Dora) emp Chryslers r 1861 St Luke rd 
Avran Matthew (Catherine) emp Walker Metal Products 
h 1818^ Drouillard rd 

A wad Aziz (Mary) window dresser h 678 Parent av 
--Emerald (Evelyn) emp Chryslers h 2360 Louis av 
--Frank emp Chryslers r 1325 Church 
Await Percy (Percy's Custom Car Shop) r 4099 
Roseland dr (Southlawn) 

Awde John B (Viola) controller Phil Wood Industries h 
.2168 Lens av 

Awerbuch Bernard studt r 834 Giles blvd e 
—David (Betty) (United Furniture & Plumbing Co) h 
834 Giles blvd e 

— Jacob (Beckie) h 536 Aylmer av 
— Mendal studt r 536 Aylmer av 
Awerbuck Sydney (Mildred) (Veteran Contracting) h 
2266 Hall av 

Awram Wm (Theresa) foreman R P Scherer h 1814 
Westcott rd 

Awrey E C barrister 904, 374 Ouellette av h 1162 
Chilver rd 

—Evelyn E tchr Gordon McGregor Public Schl r 1162 
Chilver rd 

Axford Harold C (Ada) elk Fords h 2314 Union 
— J W Omer (Lydia M) customs officer Natl Rev h 525 
Erie w 

—John (Dorothy) emp Board of Health h 1575 Westcott 

Ayerst Jo?m W (Gladys) treasurer Backstay Standard 
Co Ltd h 1336 Dougall av 

Ayland Edith Mrs bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1831 
Windermere rd 

Aylesworth Doris Mrs finishing dept opr Sterling 
Drug h D, 490 Giles blvd w 
--Perry (Bertha) emp Chryslers h 460 Giles blvd e 
Aylett Frederick electrician Chryslers h 1831 
Windermere rd 

— Minnie r 1831 Windermere rd 
Aylmer Apts 420 Aylmer av 
Ayotte Rose r 553 Caron av 

—Xavier J (Laura) emp Chryslers h 1120 Campbell av 
Ayre Ernest (Ethel) emp Candn Bridge h 1150 
Gladstone av 

Ayres Dorothy r 511 Pelissier 

— 18 — 


—Olga mgrss Cook’s Bakery #2 r 327 Lauzon rd 

--Sophie sis elk Cooks Bakery r 327 Lauzon rd 

$r --Steve (Amelia) (Cooks Bakery) h 327 Lauzon rd 

—Vera sis elk Cooks Bakery r 327 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 
— Wm baker Cooks Bakery r 327 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 



B & A Auto Supply (Leonard Michaelis) trailer rentals 
1290 Wyandotte w 

B & B Tool Co (F Burrell & R Gardner) 542 Brant 
Babaik Paul emp Motor I roducts h 2456 Meldrum rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

jte Babaniw Paul r 1676 Drouillard rd 
f Babb Jean Mrs h 464 Oak av 
Babbe Michl (Leona) emp Rowuns Meat Mkt r 1333 
Langlois av 

Babbington Robt (Isabel) emp Walker Metal Prod h 
1605 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

.Babchuk John (Jessie) shipper Barco Mfg Co of Can 
f h 2686 Clemenceau blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Babcock Calvin M emp Fords r 2437 Turner rd 
--Francis r 11, 1534 Ouellette av 
—Leonard G (Jean) mgr Dom Bank (101 Ouellette av) 
h 936 Windermere rd 
--Robt emp Fords h 1625 Langlois av 
- --Roy emp Fords r 1627-1629 Howard av 
—Scott Mrs h 11, 1534 Ouellette av 
' V -Babdal Joseph cafeteria mgr Metro Stores r 1248 
Westcott rd 

Babechuk Mike studt r 1519 Drouillard rd 
—Peter (Marguerite) shoe repairer 1519 Drouillard 
rd r same 

jp^Babiak Pauel (Angela) emp Walker Metal h 2456 
Meldrum rd 

Babiasz Phyllis emp Sterling Products r 3456 Harris 
— Wojciech (Mary) mach moulder Walker Metal h 
3456 Harris 

,aBabic Louie (Stanislaw)! emp Fords r 759 Ellis av e 
Babies Nick (Barbara) emp Fords h 1622 Albert rd 
Babilo Anthony (Aggie) emp Fullerton Const h 1145 
Marentette av 

—Bertha ticket agt Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines r 
1145 Marentette av 

^-Victor (Vic’s Service Stn) r 1145 Marentette av 
(ffiabin Jas (Yvonne) emp Fords h 1669 Windsor av 
—John (Anna) hob grinder Colonial Tool h 1049 
Chatham e 

Babinec Wm (Mary) barber Norm’s Barber Shop h 1084 

^Babington Welsley (Isabelle) trk drvr Walker Metal 
-- h 1005 Wellington av 
HSabiuk David (Minnie) h 1588 Hall av 
--John r 1588 Hall av 

Babuin Angelo (Ernesta) contr h 520 Niagara 
Baby Anthony studt r 900 Campbell av 
Anthony studt r 1683 College av 
C Philip (Mathilda) emp Fords h 5378 Sandwich w 
--Diaper Laundry (Morey Mandell) 1406 Erie e 
—Harry (Baby House) h 1683 College av 
—House (Harry Baby) 1683 College av 
—John stableman Peerless Countryside Dairies r 1009 

* -Park public playground between 3424-3476 Cross 
-Raymond emp Fords r 666 Caron av 
— Raymond H r 314 Josephine av 
--Richard W emp Fords r 3378 Sandwich w 
Babychuck John (Rae) waiter Bigness Tavern h 561 

^5abychuk Andrew (Dora) foreman Windsor Metal 
Fabricators h 333 Bridge av 
Baca Stephen (Elizth) lab Fords h 1543 Arthur rd 
Bach Alfred emp General Motors r 1342 Drouillard rd 
Bachalo Walter (Jose) elk Sam’s Department Stores 
; Ltd h 340 Esdras pi (R'Side) 
yfaachand Philip T (Bernice) emp Fords h 2022 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Bachelo Nickolas (Mary) emp Auto Specialty h 2457 
Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bachila Barbara (wid Fred) h 1855 Albert rd 
Bachiu Alex (Yvonne) emp Fords h 2, 1361 Ouellette av 
-^•Nicholas (Jean) lab Candn Bridge r 2560 Norman rd 
'•Bachman Julia emp Hotel Dieu r 978 Cadillac 
--Michl (Anna) emp Dominion Forge h 978 Cadillac 

Bachuk John artist Greenhow Webster Advertising 
Artists r 937 Dawson rd 

Bachwansky Agnes customs elk Bend ix -Eclipse r 1684 
Hickory rd 

--Dorothy r 1684 Hickory rd 
--Mike (Donna) emp Chryslers h 1684 Hickory rd 
Bachynski Frank (Fran-Jo Hardware) r 2434 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Helen stenog Nickleson Tool & Die r 1533 Albert rd 
— Mike (Caroline) r 2149 Parent av 
— Walter emp CNR r 1511 Drouillard rd 
Bacik Andy (Anna) emp Fords h 1545 Moy av 
Back Arthur (Ruby) plumber 1574 Dougall dr h same 
—Arthur E (Mary Margt) emp Traders Finance h 7, 
247 Chilver rd 

Backer Henry emp Brochert Upholstering h 1351 
Marentette av 

--Jack general ins 2nd fir, 25-30, 170 Ouellette av 1 
r 703 Lincoln rd 

— Wm emp Fords h 703 Lincoln rd 
Backhouse John H (Jean) emp Noble Duff h 1569 
Sandwich e 

— Robt jr (Al’s Radio Service & Electrical) h 1241 
Felix av 

--Robt J press opr Truscon Steel r 1241 Felix av 
Backmeir Benj r 196 Marentette av 
— Konstantine emp Fords r 196 Marentette av 
--Peter emp Fords r 196 Marentette av 
— Sebastian emp Fords r 196 Marentette av 
--Victor emp Fords r 196 Marentette av 
Backstay Standard Co Ltd Frank A Best pres & mgr 

Dr J S Reid (Cleveland) vice -pres C W Sanford 
(Cleveland) sec John W Ayerst treas metal 
machinery, stampings & rubber products 875 

Backstrom Geo carp C E Marley Ltd r 689 Josephine 

Backstrum Arthur opr Motor Products Corp r 1519 
Olive rd 

--Ernest (Myrtle) emp Chryslers h 1519 Olive rd 
Bacon Geo (Ida) (Bellvue Hotel) h 1271 Sandwich e 
--Gerome (Christine) oiler CNR h 566 Hildegarde (R 

--Gordon elk Can Bread h 1442 Drouillard rd 
--Gordon janitor John Gilchrist Bakery Ltd h 1136 

--Gordon A emp Candn Bridge r 1136 Lillian 
--Louise elk Langlois Market res Tecumseh 
Badale Thos emp Welles Corp r 602 Bruce av 
Badder Arthur (Maxine) emp Genl Foods h 1245 Oak av 
--Ray delivery Dominion Dental Co Ltd r 1592 Central 

Badeski Jos (Angela) cupola repair Walker Metal h 
1174 Mac Kay av 
Badgero Philip r 1357 Moy av 
Badgley Bernice sec Neway Paint & Body r 148 
Riverdale av (R’Side) 

—Douglas helper Vincent Radiator Service Co r 645 
Lauzon rd 

— Harold (Veta) mech Badgley Spring & Power Brake 
Service h 394 Cameron av 
--Galbraith (Dorothy) mech Badgley Spring & Power 
Brake Service h 645 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

--Garnet (Neway Paint & Body) h 148 Riverdale av 

—Spring & Power Brake Service (Garnet H Badgley) 
655 Langlois av 

Badikonis Bromus emp Fords h 1102 Gladstone av 
Badley Grace (wid Geo) r 1291 Victoria av 
--Jean elk Bank of Toronto r 1291 Victoria av 
Bado Rudolph lab Thorp -Hambrock r 1212 Gladstone 

Badour Declan C (Clara) h 3831 Matchette rd 
--Declan H emp Candn Salt Co r 3831 Matchette rd 
--James (Nora) emp Chryslers h 1485 Elsmere av 
--Margt (wid Peter) h 1485 Elsmere av 
— Philip T (Irene) emp General Motors h 1238 Niagara 
--Willard (Evelyn) emp Fords h 1231 Partington av 
•Badovinac Nick (Draga) emp Chryslers h 1912 Meldrum 

Badragon Stewart H E emp Genl Motors h 371 Elliott e 
Badregon Leo J (Betty) claims agt Direct -Winters 
Transp h 1512 Aubin rd 

Badwin Donald C (Lillian) trucker & checker CNR 
Freight Rly h 659 Sandwich w 
Baes Joseph E (Amanda) scale repairer h 1392 Bruce 
Baetens Louis engnr Hotel Dieu h 1167 Bruce av 
Bagato Pietro emp Candn Tile & Terrazzo res 
Tecumseh rd 

Bagatto Elena emp Hotel Dieu r 527 Charlotte (Sand 
E Twp) 



Aytoun Roy R (Beatrice) mgr Excelsior Life Ins Co 
h 6324 Riverside dr (R’Side 
Azar Nassim W (Fahima) emp Walker Metal res 
R R 1 Cabana rd 

P* Azlen Douglas baker Cooks Bakery r 327 Lauzon rd 

Bagely Kenneth (Mary) r 668 Church 
Baggio Santo (Olimpia) h 922 Langlois av 
—Tino studt r 922 Langlois av 
Alphabetical, White Page 19 
















PHONE 4-2547 

Ice Cream 


PHONE 4-3291 

Baggoley Mary h 775 London e 
Baginski Tadeusz emp Walker Metal r 1586 Moy av 
Bagley Annie (wid Albt) h 1563 Pelissier 
— Audrey E stenog The Boy Scouts Assn r 1563 

— Everitt W (Lena) emp Fords h 1260 St Luke rd 
— Glenn B (Helene) city mgr London Life h 28 Fairview 
blvd (R’Side) 

--Kenneth insp Motor Products Corp r 668 Church 
--Mildred L stenog The Boy Scout Association r 1563 

—Roland (Kathleen) emp Candn Bridge h 1808 Malta 
— Wm emp Wonder Bakery r 757 London e 
Baglole Emma F prod wkr Burroughs Mach r 1510 
Gladstone av 

Bagnall Walter A slsmn Borden Co r 956 Monmouth rd 
Bagnarol Antonio (Victoria) farmer h n s Tecumseh blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Gano (Norma) emp Murray Constrh ns Tecumseh 
blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Bagnell Kenneth drvr Direct-Winters Transp r 630 
Lesperance rd (Tecumseh) 

Bagnski Ted (Sabino) electrician Walker Metal r 1586 
Moy av 

Bagovich Norman (La Paloma Restaurant) r 1917 

Bagutskis Jos emp Brading’s Cincinnati Cream Brew- 
ery r 423 Kildare rd 

Bahaluk Mary r 1595 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
Bahrey Nettie (wid Michael) h 1341 McKay av 
Bahri Albt (Irene) emp Chrysler h 894 Lincoln rd 
Bahrie Peter E (Ann) h 312 Homedale blvd (R’Side) 
Bahry Michael opr Motor Products Corp r 339 Rose- 
dale av 

Bala Albt stock dispatcher Burroughs Mach r 1617 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

--Geo draftsman Detroit r 1617 Wyandotte (R'Slde) 
--John (Mary) emp Border Cities Wire h 1617 Wyan- 
dotte (R'Slde) 

— John P emp Burroughs Adding Machine r 1617 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Balczura Steve emp Fords r 1636 Hickory rd 
Baigent Alice emp Fords r 1783 Moy av 
—James (Eva) emp Fords h 1783 Moy av 
Balle Geo S (Anna) asst mgr Singer Sewing Mach h 1222 
Windermere rd 

‘Bailey see also BaiUle & Bayley 
--Albt H stage mgr Capital Theatre h e s Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Aubrey (Grace) tool engnr Fords h 1004 Lawrence rd 
--Bernard V emp Chryslers r 1458 Lincoln rd 
— Bernle (Nettie) genl yardmaster Essex Terminal 
Rly h 1458 Lincoln rd 
— Carl (Mae) emp Fords h 1814 Pillette rd 
— Chas (Joan) emp Chrysler h 1155 Moy av 
—Clifford A (Jean) service mgr Bulmer Typewriter 
Co h 415, 280 Park w 

—Donald (Bernadette) emp Parke Davis r 536 Win- 
dermere rd 

— Donald (Doris) emp Bailey & Sons r 657 Hall av 
--Edward W mach opr DeVilbiss Mfg r 1275 Windsor 

— F R & Son (John E Bailey) bldg contractors 657 
Hall av 

—Francis M (Clols) emp Fords h 1, 1640 Ontario 
—Fred J (Katherine) emp Detroit h 2214 Forest av 
--Geo elk Somerville Ltd r 1955 Westcott rd 
— Geo (Ethel) emp Fords h 1955 Westcott rd 
— Geo (Alice) foreman Truscon Steel h 1140 Moy av 
--Geo T h 291 Lincoln rd 

— Geo W (Margt) shipping elk Chryslers h 1325 Bruce 

— Harold (Julia) welder Truscon Steel h 22134 River- 
side dr (R’Side) 

— Harvey (Mabel) foreman Essex Wire Corp h 2038 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

— James (Jessie) window cleaner 1275 Windsor av h 

— Jeanette Mrs r 1772 Gladstone av 
--John (Mary) chef h 1308 Church 
— John r 225 Vlllaire av (R'Side) 

— John A studt r 1004 Lawrence rd 
—John E (Evelyn) (F R Bailey & Son) h 2366 Gladstone 

--Justin (Ruby) purchasing agent G G McKeough Ltd 
h 1474 Lincoln rd 

--Kenneth emp Service Hardware r 1140 Moy av 
—Lawrence O (Phoebe) emp Chryslers h 1529 Glad- 
stone av 

—Leonard (Janet) slsmn Kellogg Co h 1659 Pierre av 
—Leslie (Audrey) emp Fords h 912 Windsor av 
—Lorraine elk Fords r 909 Windermere rd 
--Lucy nurse r 273 McKay av 

— Luella h 2259 Lincoln rd — J 

— Malcolm (Agnes) carp Kelso Const h 968 May av —7 
--Marjorie (wid Forest) h 657 Hall av — J 

- -Mary h 2259 Lincoln rd 

— Morley W (Mary) emp Detroit h 1094 Gladstone I 
— Nancy office elk Fords r 1814 Pillette rd f 

--Norman emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd r 421 Hal — 1 
— Orlie F emp Chrysler h 222 Louis av — F 

— Orville hauler Purity Dairies res R R 2 Ruthven — F 
--Pauline Mrs h 460 Giles blvd e — V 

— Phyllis emp Chryslers r 1558 Lincoln rd p-— 7 

— Robt (Ethel) h 87 Villaire av (R'Side) —7 

— Robt studt r 460 Giles blvd e Bal 

--Terrence (Jean) emp Fords r 224 Jefferson blvd --I 
(R’Side) — 1 

— Thos (Frances) emp Fords r 224 Jefferson blvd Bai 

--Yvonne M Mrs emp & claims officer Unemploy 

Ins Comm res Amherstburg — f 

Baillargeon Adrian appr toolmkr Banner Metal Pro — ’ 
res R R 1 Tecumseh 

— Aileen cafeteria Hotel Dieu r 1, 420 Aylmer av 
--Alex r 1107 Walker rd 

— Alice M asst supt nurses Essex County SanatoriuV 
r 1453 Prince rd 

—Alfred (Antiilia) emp Fords h 1051 Parent av 
—Alphonse emp Somerville Ltd res R R 1 Tecumse: — ] 
road e . — 1 

Arthur R (Olive) lineman Riverside Public TJtUltU- --] 

h 4807 Little River rd (R’Side) jy- 

— Bernard G emp Bendix Eclipse r 209 Jefferson bt .. 

—Chas V radiator asst Long Mfg res St Joachim 

--Earl emp Fords r 965 Moy av 

--Edmond emp Fords h 1, 425 Pitt w 

— Edwd emp Chrysler r 1, 420 Aylmer av 

—Eva bkpr r 965 Moy av r" 

— Evelyn sec Gerald McHugh KC r 1857 Central av — 
— Ferdine r 461 Hall av 

—Floyd A (Evelyn) barrister 1664 Tecumseh blvd t 
h 1857 Central av 

—Geo H (Irene) deck hand CNR Car Ferries h 6321— v 
Riverside dr (R’Side) a 

— Harry starter Hiram Walker & Sons h 1, 420 Ayl’-^ 
avenue Ba 

--Helen finishing opr John Wyeth & Bro r 1011 

Wellington av Be 

—Henry Rev h 716 Patricia rd Jl£ 

--Herman emp Truscon Steel r 1051 Parent av } - 
—Irwin r 1051 Parent av Ba 

—Jennie Mrs h 209 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) Ba 

—John (Eleanor) emp Fords h 316 Parent av 
—Lawrence insp Citizen & Immigration h 2236 

Wellesley "" 

—Leo elk A & P Tea r 1235 Moy av T,' 

— Leonard (Frances) clnr Rivard Clnrs h 591 CaplU^- 
(R Park) 

—Louis (Alice) emp Ford’s Cafeteria h 213 Jeffers - 
blvd (R’Side) 

Lucien emp Internation Tools Ltd h 1915 Ellrose: -- 

Mary Mrs prod wkr Burrough Mach res R R 1 >*■' 

Belle River 

— Norbert (Doris) emp Fords h 2367 Meighen rd 

(Sand E Twp) - 

—Paul (Rita) emp McCord Corp r Roblnet Lane 
(Sand E Twp) 

Paul N slsmn provincial Tire Co r 209 Jefferson-p: 

blvd (R’Side) <_ 

— Pierre h 965 Moy av 

—Robt (Mary) emp Long Mfg res R R 1 Belle Rivet, 

— Rosaire elk A & P Tea r 1011 Wellington av i 
—Theresa cafeteria Hotel Dleu r 1, 420 Aylmer av _ 
—Wallace agent F B Dupont res Tecumseh j* 

‘Baillie see also Bailey & Bayley 
— Benj emp Merchant Paper r 542 Cataraqui _ 

— Glen emp Fords r 234 Victoria av 
—John (Alexandra) customs exicse officer Natl 
Revenue h 1702 Labadie rd 
--Wm (Catherine) barber (rear) 55 London w h 384 .ft* 
Cameron av 

— Wm B (Helen) druggist Adams Drug Co Ltd h 17, ■ . 

951 Sandwich w , 

— Wm H emp S K D r 384 Cameron av ; - 

Bain Cecil (Edith) stereotyper Win Star h 211 Fieri - 
avenue .'VI 

—Geo (Joan) C E officer Customs & Excise h 871 ✓ 
Francois Court i - 

—Geo P (West End Hardware) res Roseland 
—Gordon C stn attdt TCA r 211 Pierre av | ' 

—Helen r 2319 Hall av 

— James r 211 Fierre av >- 

—James R glass setter Motor Products Corp r 

Windsor av -i I 

— 20 — ; 

~ —John L (Olive) emp Fords h 3227 Edison av 
,, I. j 0 hn W (Elizth) h 1605 Adanac 

—Jos W (Marie) emp Brading’s Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 390 Bruce av 

Livingstone chemist Hiram Walker & Sons h 1309 
r Lincoln rd 

a y ..Milton lab Tot’s Toys h 1459 Assumption 

-Ralph fireman Hiram Walker & Sons h 1328 Church 
. — Robt emp Motor Lamp r 1018 Windsor av 

„jlm G (Leatha) emp Detroit h 2319 Hall av 
»,-Wm H (Audrey) emp Fords h 1759 Dacotah dr 
''..SHm W emp Kelsey Wheel r 1459 Assumption 
Baines Francis (Doris) emp Fords h 1586 Bernard rd 
d —Frank D emp Fords h 409 Prade pi (R’Side) 

—Nicholas emp Fords r 409 Prado pi (R’Side) 
i Baird Barbara J studt r 2322 Windermere rd 

—Donald A (Ann) warehouse supt G G McKeough h 417 
P Glidden av (R’Side) 

—Geo emp Purity Dairies r 1543 Sandwich w 
— —Grace prlv sec Borden Co r 2322 Windermere rd 
— Jas (Agnes) boilermaker N Y Central h 1543 
Sandwich w 

--Jean polisher International Tools Ltd r 440 Glen- 
+JP-i garry av 

--John tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 2322 Winder- 
mere rd 

isei --Kathleen nurse r 1865 Windermere rd 
—Mary Mrs r 2322 Windermere rd 
lift —Maurice J (Mabel) (Baird Meat Market) h 2246 
Jr Fraser av 

by —Meat Market (Maurice J Baird) butcher 2211 
Howard av 

--Patsy emp Fords r 1865 Windermere rd 
—Richard (Marian) emp Rowsons Restaurant h 1941 
Labadie rd 

•—Robt pipe insulator Hiram Walker & Sons h 1865 
r" v “ Windermere rd 

av —Root B emp Candn Bridge r 1865 Windermere rd 
—Robt S (Ellzth) sec-treas & purch agt Dominion 
de Twist Drill Ltd h 731 Windermere rd 

— Wm G (Ina) mech Globe Sheet Metal Works h 1367 
i2L Windermere rd 

ajak Ambrose (Ellzth) emp General Motors h 559 
iylj ? Capitol (R Park) 

Bajci Michl (Anna) emp Can Automotive h 1324 
Langlois av 

Bajinski John (Euphemia) emp Fords h 4910 Reginald 
tiajurea Tralan opr Motor Products Corp r 1060 

Bakatyte Theresa waitress Kent Grill r 705 Dougall av 
Bake Anna A r 705 Chilver rd 

Chas E (Florence) stock elk Noble Duff’s h 1845 

Lincoln rd 

—Douglas butcher Taylor’s Market r 954 London w 
'•-Ernest (Ann) emp Fords h 626 Cataraqui 
ipit**-Ernest M (Rose) butcher Taylor’s Market h 954 
London w 

ePS — Geo emp Noble Duff r 1845 Lincoln rd 

—Gerald (Betty) emp Ford h 1226 Dufferin pi 
jse: —Jerry emp Windsor Coat Apron & Towel Supply Ltd 
>— r 954 London w 
— ^-John studt r 1845 Lincoln rd 
I --Norman R (Shirley) tool & die mkr Fords h 1795 
Sandwich e 

Baker A Percy asst mgr Henry Birks & Sons h 2645 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) • 
son— -A Roy emp Fords r 819 Ellrose av 

/1-Adele sis elk Grays Dry Goods r 1, 1388 Ottawa 
— Albert special sis consultant Northern Life Assce 
t vet Co of Can h 1733 Kildare rd 

I —Albert E (Vivian) stkmn Fords h 2632 Norman rd 
. av (Sand E Twp) 

. — Albt M (Henrietta) tchr Gordon McGregor Public 
■AV Schl h 1015 Lawrence rd 

(^-Alfred (Evelyn) stockman Chryslers h 931 Windsor av 
, --Alphonse elk Ottawa Cigar & Gift Shop r 1126 
Windermere rd 

--Alva lab techn Essex County Sanatorium r 446 
McKay av 

3o4.ft*^Archie (Lena) Janitor Ambassador Bridge h 368 
f Esdras pi (R’Side) 

. 17 ’ —Arnold F (Elfreda) yardmaster CPR h 1179 Bruce 
v avenue 

1 — Arthur (Eva) waiter Fords h 1568 Francois rd 
>ierr — Blane C millwright C H Mclnnis Co r 1171 Lillian 
.OyBros (F J & J H Baker) service stn 1023 Wyandotte 
71 "f (R’Side) 

i — Cameron (May) telegraph opr New York Central h 
410 Rankin av 

| --Caroline r 2446 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Catherine r 764 London e 

^-Chalmers (wid Wm) nurses aide Grace Hosp h 103, 

: 10iy" 619 Pelissier 

--Chas E (Frances) h 1094 Wyandotte e 

--Chas H pres Canada Storage Co Ltd h 2360 George 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Chas M emp Kelsey Wheel r 1327 Langlois av 
--Clara M (wid John) h 1158 Erie e 
—Cora E stenog Borden Co r 3790 Matchette rd 
— Cuthbert C (Jean) asst foreman Fords h 4741 

—David (Goldie) (Baker’s Grocery) h 624 Randolph av 
—Edgar drvr L Wtghtman Florist r 1126 Windermere 

—Edgar (Faith) stkpr Fords h 1541 Moy av 
— Edwdh 203, 435 Pitt w 

— Edwd J r 1126 Windermere rd ' 

— Edwd S (Edna A) emp CNR Car Ferry h 675 Chilver 

—Elijah E (Bertha) police dept New York Central h 451 
Rankin av 

—Ellzth (wid Wm) r 1126 Windermere rd 
—Emily r 1126 Windermere rd 
—Emily (wid Wm) r 2526 Gladstone av 
— Emmanual pres Murrey Construction (Win) Ltd res 

— Esther stenog r 3553 Queen 

— F J (Marjorie) (Baker Bros) r 816 Pillette rd 

— Fanny (wid Leo) h 1, 1388 Ottawa 

—Frank (Mabel) r 2360 George av (Sand E Twp) 

—Frank (Elsie) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1554 Langlois av 
— Frank J emp Fords r 998 Gladstone av 
--Fred r 515 Windsor av 

--Geo H (Matilda) emp Fords h 998 Gladstone av 
—Geo L (Winifred) office Candn Bridge h 1662 
Lincoln rd 

Geo W (Laura K) foreman Genl Motors h 1617 Hall 


—Gertrude emp & claims officer Unemploy Ins Commn 
r 624 Randolph av 

— Gordon (Miriam) emp Fords h 1277 Oak av 
—Gordon A r 1179 Bruce av 
—Harold L emp Fords r 1158 Erie e 
—Harold R (Edna) welder Phil Wood Industries res 
R R 1 Staples 

—Henry r 1126 Windermere rd 
—Hilda (wid Harry A) h 8, 74 Ellis av w 
—Irwin r 1930 Tourangeau rd 
—Isabel elk Chryslers h 2380 Turner rd 
--J Geo (Vivian) emp Fords r 3245 Baby 
--James (Annie) h 3553 Queen 
--John h 1065 South 

--John A (Lila) acct Royal Bank h 805 Pillette rd 
—John H (Sylvia) (Baker Bros) h 1571 Bernard rd 
—John T (Mary M) time study engnr Fords h 1896 
Arthur rd 
—Jos h 344 Oak av 

--Ken H real estate & ins 618 Ouellette av h 2149 
Moy av 

—Kenneth emp Paul C Neuls Sheet Metal r 405 
Eastlawn av (R’Side) 

—Kirkland r 1126 Windermere rd 
—Leo J (Elva) mach Perfect Cutting Tools h 3790 
Matchette rd 

--Leonard (Winnifred) assembler Chryslers h 1938 

--Leonard (Daisy) emp Fords h 2254 Forest av 
--Leonard (Genevieve) emp Fords b 972 Partington av 
--Louise Mrs h 127 London e 
—Lucy Mrs h 819 Ellrose av 
— Margt Mrs r 2380 Turner rd 
— Margt E stenog Silverwoods r 3553 Queen 
--Marilyn opr Motor Products Corp r 1662 Lincoln rd 
—Marilyn studt r 624 Randolph av 
—Mark (Jean) emp Fords h 1739 St Luke rd 
— Mary (wid Robt) h 305, 1616 Ouellette av 
--May r 1467 Windermere rd 
—Omar C (Monica) dentist 601, 374 Ouellette av h 
1535 Ypres blvd 

--Orval P (Vivian) perm force h 1604 Felix av _ 

Ralph (Jacqueline) elk P O h 1522 Dufferin pi 

—Richard W r 1617 Hall av 
—Robt A studt r 1568 Francois rd 
—Robt A M (Benisia) emp Fords h 1903 Bernard rd 
—Russell H (Mary) welder Kelsey Wheel h 1686 Hall 

—Sidney (Clara) mach CNR h 1084 Monmouth rd 
—Theodore W r 1617 Hall av 
— Thos R drvr h 133 VUlaire av (R’Side) 

Walter (Mary) emp Fords h 838 Stanley (R Park) 

—Wesley D (Eileen) slsmn A B Gillan h 1570 Pierre 

—Wilfrid (Barbara) emp Chryslers h 853 Gladstone av 
— Wm (Ellzth) h 1133 Moy av 
— Wm h 201, 286 Pitt w 
— Wm elk Toledo Scale r 703 Lincoln rd 
Wm emp Chryslers r 571 Dougall av 

to CO O SO 
th —4 o ret 

m 3 

CO -jn 3 “■ 
tZ 1“ ^ (B > 
a. - 7 - to * 
£ “ x 
— . CTD 

C/> 09 

STa tO 

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o S.43 

W 3 Str 
> 5 !* s- 

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en tr 3 
S B’R » 

§ - *” 5‘ 

S ° “ *r 

>—4 M VI 

5 3*5 n 
° 5J 3 

01 aj H 

ui » 2 ►< 

Alphabetical, White Page 21 


— Wm (Theresa) emp CIL h 1102 Hall av 
— Wm A studt r 410 Rankin av 
— Wm E (Ethel) off mgr Stan Brown Transp h 1831 
Larkin rd 

--Wm H (Madeline) checker Hiram Walker & Sons h 
4, 858 Erie e 

— Wm J emp Gandn Auto Trim h 1126 Windermere rd 
— Wm J (Dora M) supervisor Fords h 244 Riverdale 
av (R’Side) 

Baker’s Grocery (David Baker) 400 Chippewa 
Bakmaz Mirko emp Walker Metal r 1180 Albert rd 
Baksi Nicholas W (Elizth) barr Benj A Maleyko r 2243 
Turner rd 

Bakst Albt emp Fords r 476 Aylmer av 
—David (Doris) emp Ford h 223 Crawford av 

Louis mgr Paramount Discount (Windsor) Ltd r 476 

Aylmer av 

—Phillip studt r 476 Aylmer av 
— Sewel (Rose) locksmith & news stand 508 Ouellette 
av h 476 Aylmer av 
Bala Mary r 1342 Drouillard rd 
--Nicholas (Anna) mach opr Fords h 1474 Pierre av 
—Raymond elk Police Dept r 1474 Pierre av 
Balaban Steve (Jean) emp Independent Cab h 168 
Louis av 

Balactar Carl emp Fords h 1796 Drouillard rd 
Balair Frank caretaker h 5, 240 Aylmer av 
Balaji Lenuta r 1646 Drouillard rd 
— Moisa (Lena) h 1646 Drouillard rd 
Balaktar John janitor Purity Dairies h 1195 Hickory rd 
Balan Harry emp Chryslers r 2606 Seminole 
Balandzich Stevka Mrs cafeteria wtrs Norton- 
Palmer Hotel r 853 Ouellette av 
Balasko Irene elk Loblaws r 1065 Hall av 
Balaza Helen clipper Textile Specialties r 1646 
Drouillard rd 

Balazlc Ludvik (Mary) assembler L A Young Industries 
h 2212 Marentette av 

Balazs Gabriel emp O’Keefes Brewery h 614 Church 
—Helene finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 1646 
Drouillard rd 

— Ignacz (Anna) (Montreal Meat Mkt) h 1122 Langlois 

--Irene emp Radio Rest r 614 Church 
--John (Edith) h 1143 Marentette av 
--Nick cook Radio Rest r 614 Church 

Steve (Shirley) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1888 Cadillac 

Balch Geo r 1272 Dufferin pi 
--Helen emp Detroit h 1272 Dufferin pi 
Balciar Andrew (Julia) emp Chryslers h 1702 Glad- 
stone av 

--Anne stenog Prudential Assce Co Ltd Of London Eng 
r 1490 Bruce av 
--Beatrice r 1490 Bruce av 
—Michael (Susanne) emp CIL h 1490 Bruce av 
Baldassare Bruno emp Ford Motor Co r 1742 Mercer 
— Jas M (Helen) appliance repairs Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1740 Mercer 
— Thos (Mary) emp Auto Specialties h 1742 Mercer 
Baldassi Jos L (Rose) foreman Woollatt Fuel Si Supply 
h 2360 Marentette av 
—Leo (Ida) h 252 Giles blvd e 
— Lucien emp Keystone Cont r 1157 Josephine av 
--Roland studt r 252 Giles blvd e 
Baldock Alice (Cinderella Beauty Parlor) h 201, 182 
Pitt w 

--Geo emp Chrysler h 1, 212 Curry av 
—Leonard (Pauline Joyce) acct & off mgr Stand 
Mach & Tool res Southlawn 
— Wm N emp S W & A Rly h 346 Indian rd 
Baldwin Amelia M (wid James A) h 252 Victoria av 
--Arthur J (Mary) customs -excise officer Natl 
Revenue h 1440 Giles blvd e 
--Donald (Lillian) emp CNR r 337 Josephine av 
--Flats 317-323 Marentette av 

Frank dist mgr Tilson Automobile Transport Ltd 

h 2209 Victoria av 
— Gertrude h 258 Aylmer av 

Gilbert W (Ruth) service mgr Zenith Radio Corp h 

35, 1382 Ouellette av 

—Gordon draughtsman Moore Air Equipment Ltd h 
1787 Albert rd 

—Gordon mech Noel Equipment Service res R R 1 

--James C (Candace) emp Fords h 877 Windermere 

—Josephine elk Fords r 6, 1589 Ontario 

—Minnie (wid Wm) h 1145 Tuscarora 
— Robt D (Margt) pattern mkr Fords h 2542 Chilver rd 
--Roy (Grace) emp Fords h 2263 Turner rd 
Bale Archie B (Charlotte) h 956 Lincoln rd 
—Everett A (Viola) Customs Excise officer Natl Rev 
h 2515 Princess av (Sand E Twp) 

— RoSs J (Virginia) painter Roy & Huebert r 433 Karl- 
Baleisi Balys television techn Waddell’s Sound & Radi; 
r 1069 Dougall av 

Baleka John (Beverly) emp Fords h 1404 Labadle rd 
—Thos emp Fords r 1404 Labadie rd , 

Balen John emp Chryslers r 1857 Hickory rd 
—Katie r 1857 Hickory rd 
--Tony emp Chryslers r 1857 Hickory rd 
Bales Paul emp Natl Radiator h 269 Glengarry av 
Balestrini Jos (Beatrice) emp CPR h 1864 Labadie rd 
—Kathleen finishing dept opr Sterling Drug res y 
Betts av (Sand W Twp) 

—Louis (Anna) emp M C R h e s Betts av (Sand W Twp) 

Patrick (Marie) emp CPR h 2490 Dominion blvd 

(Sand W Twp) 

Balfour Agnes C Customs Excise officer Natl Rev r 

1555 Goyeau . 

--Allan (Ivy) emp Johnson & Turner Electric h 1775 
Albert rd 

--Charlotte h 8, 1335 Niagara 
— Florence E consultant Candn Institute for Better 
Hearing h 2B, 645 Argyle rd 
—Mabel E r 1555 Goyeau 

—Ruth bkpr Bell & McCready r 2B, 645 Argyle rd 
— Wm D emp Fords h 1555 Goyeau 
Balga John (Margt) emp Mike Balga h 1530 Parent av 
--Jos emp Bendix-Eclipse r 1529 Pierre av 
—Mike (Barbara) shoe repairer 1317 Ottawa h 1526 
Parent av 

Balich Nick r 892 Wyandotte e ' 

Balika Wm (Mary) emp Can Auto Trim h 841 Langlois 

Baling Andrei emp Dominion Steel r 1024 Langlois av 
Balint Andrew (Mary) emp Gotfredson’s h 1102 St 
Luke rd 

—Andrew jr (Vivian) emp Trusoon Steel r 1102 St 
Luke rd 

--Anna presser Vets Dry Cleaners h 1685 Drouillard 

—David (Shirley) sprayer Motor Products Corp r 
2496 Resume rd (Sand E Twp) 

—John (Elizth) moulder Auto Specialties h 1563 
Marentette av 

--Mary stenog General Motors r 1685 Drouillard rd 
--Rudolph emp Lawrence Enterprise r 1563 
Marentette av 

— Theo (Anna) h 1685 Drouillard rd 
Balko Geo emp Long Mfg r 2646 Seminole 
--John (Caterine) emp Truscon Steel h 1708 Alexis rd 
Balkwill Arthur (Anna) h 835 Howard av 
--Elsie mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 1069 Tuscarora 
--Ewart G (Jean) metal finisher Fords h 1953 Pillette 

--Florence (wid Jos) h 941 Pelissier 

--Fred (Margt) h 468 Kildare rd 

--Geo assembly lab Candn Bridge r 375 Curry av 

--Harold G (May) emp Fords h 4, 957 Church 

—James r 423 Glengarry av 

--John emp Dominion Forge r 835 Howard av 

--Keith emp Detroit r 941 Pelissier 

--Leo r 423 Glengarry av 

—Mary nurse h 687 Pierre av 

--Minnie h 423 Glengarry av 

—Patrick N lab asst Murphy Paint r 1951 Tourangeau 

--Roy r 321 Mercer 

--S Gordon (Gladys) druggist Ottawa Pharmacy Ltd h 4,. 
1238 Richmond 

--Shirley elk Horseshoe Market r 835 Howard av 
—Silas (Laura) emp Fords h 375 Curry av 
—Stanley A (Peace) emp Candn Bridge h 2361 Louis 

—Stella r 2620 Parent av (R Park) 

— W Neal (Frances) sweeper drvr City Engineers Dept 
h 1951 Tourangeau rd 

--Wilfred E emp General Auto Sales r 835 Howard av 
Ball Ada r 1117 Janette av 

--Albt (Ethel) polisher Motor Products Corp h 1, 359 
Hanna w t 

—Albt S (Elizth) h 3761 Connaught rd 
—Archie R drvr Bd of Education h 1317 Goyeau 
— Chas H emp Detroit r 978 Windsor av 
—Clifford (Mary) emp Fords h 965 California av 
— Donald emp Norton P aimer Hotel r 280 Louis av 
— Edwd (Celia) mach Fords h 1416 George av , 

—Emanuel (Louisa) corp of commissionaires DVA 
h 1082 Wellington av 

— Everett (Dorothy) emp Fords h 978 Windsor av 
--Gwendolyn E priv sec Sterling Drug r 2009 Verdum 

—Herbert (Evelyn) emp Rader Transport h 1434 
Westcott rd 

—Jack studt r 1571 Victoria av 

- -John W r 3246 College av , 

• 22 — 


--Leonard (Mabel) emp McMillen Lumber Co h 1650 

--Lloyd G assembler Genl Fireguard Corp r 1814 
Meld rum rd 

— Margt emp Bank of Montreal r w s Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Melbourne (Margt) emp CNR h 448 Gladstone av 
--Melvin (Louise) emp Truscon Steel h 1274 
Partington av 

--Rose r w s Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

— Thos H (May) emp Fords h w s Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

„ Tiza (wid RW)b 361 Detroit 
--Vera (wid Stanley) h 576 Irvine, av 
--Walter emp Fords h 4065 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand 
E Twp) 

—Wilfred r 508 Church 

— Wm F E (Winifred) foreman Fords h 2253 Howard 

— Wilmot N (Hilda) principal Walk Coll Inst h 1705 
Chilver rd 

— Winnifred h 508 Church 
Ballan Danl emp Chryslers r 494 Victoria av 
Ballance Hazel emp Parke Davis r 766 Lincoln rd 
—Mary L (wid Wm) h 766 Lincoln rd 
♦Ballantine see also Ballantyne 
— Albt (Iva) emp Chryslers h 301 Glidden av (R’Side) 
—Donald (Mary) emp Candn Bridge h Grand Marias rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Robt A studt r 301 Glidden av (R’Side) 

Ballantyne Ernest (Victoria) emp Velvelene Co h 1971 
Francois rd 

— G Ross (Nora) industrial relations dept Ford Motor 
Co h 111, 280 Park w 
--Helen elk A Si P r 331 Bridge av 
--John r 1249 Albert rd 

—Robt M (Hazel) vice-pres Windsor Ambulance 
Service Co h 1114 Lillian 
—Velma r 520 Windermere rd 
—Walter S (Helen) pres Windsor Ambulance Serv 
Co Ltd h 1006 Windsor av 

— Wm E (Helen) genl mgr City Morgue r 1341 Parent 

— Wm R (Mae) emp Fords h 1249 Albert rd 
Ballard Basil A (Edna) chiropodist 408, 304 Ouellette 
av h 80 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

— Elizth Mrs h 1, 1241 McDougall 
—Harold F (Eileen) slsmn Borden Co h 1964 Labadie 

—Henry r 2052 Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Marlene studt r 80 Esdras pi (R'Side) 

Ballik Chas (Ann) chef East Win Hosp h 2, 861 Wyan- 
dotte e 

—Chas studt r 2, 861 Wyandotte e 
Balman Wm T (Clare) mgr Dowlers Ltd h 430 River- 
side dr (Tecumseh) 

Balmos Dan emp Curtis Printing r 1712 St Luke rd 
Balo Mike (Rose) emp Gotfredson’s h 628 Lincoln rd 
Balog Alex r 1270 Elsmere av 
--James emp Natl Radiator r 1747 St Luke rd 
—Joe emp McKee Morrison Elec r 1747 St Luke rd 
--Jos h 954 Howard av 

— Moses (Margt) emp Fords h 1747 St Luke rd 
Balogh Frank appr tool-mkr Steel Master Tool Co 
res Kingsville 

— Jas emp Golfredson r 1119 Elsmere av 
—Jos (Annie) h 1275 Marentette av 
— Zolton (Francis) emp Gotfredsons r 783 Hall av 
Balohood Kelly slsmn Cutforth Home Appliances r 
1577 York 

Balonskl Tony emp Dominion Forge r 2572 Matilda 
Balsam Jean nurse Hotel Dieu r 511 Pelissier 
Balsdon Leslie (Mary) emp Fords h 174 Janette av 
— Myrcelle J (Margt) stockman Fords h 2, 1390 
Wyandotte e 

Balser Chas emp Rowson Tavern r 825 Victoria av 
Balsom Henry (Amelia) emp Detroit h 440 Cameron 
avenue , 

Baltrusiunas Vytautas emp W’alker Metal r 1102 
Gladstone av 

Baltzer Allan (Ena) vice-pres Marsh Ice & Cold 
Storage Co Ltd h 1530 Bruce av 
— Edith Mrs stock room attdt Burroughs Mach h 2, 

993 Wellington av 
—Lloyd r 1215 Chilver rd 

Baluck Rose studt r 2384 Reaume rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Lily) emp Dominion Forge h 2384 Reaume rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Baluk Ann emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 2384 Reaume 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Balys John (Vera) emp Chryslers h 1155 Louis av 
Balysh Olga r 1829 Cadillac 

Balzli Herman (Claudia) pastry chef Elmwood Hotel 

h 2238 Union _ 

Bamber Arthur E special del Can Bread r 1150 
Prince rd 

Bamboo Restaurant (Poy & Joe Gene) 583 Ouellette av 
Bambrick Elston (Mary) emp Arts Market h 204 Mc- 
Ewan av 

--Kenneth studt r 204 McEwan av 
Bamert Patricia studt r 1140 Parent av 
_-R Godfrey (Martha) (Crosstown Motors) h 1140 
Parent av 

Bamford Arthur A (Maud) caretaker h 1, 1287 Kildare 

Ivan (Marguerite) slsmn Rowland & O'Brien h407, 524 

Pitt w 

--Karl (Katherine) butcher Rohn’s Market h 1635 
Lincoln rd 

—Pauline sis elk Barlet Macdonald & Gow r 1383 , 
Tourangeau rd 

—Stanley emp Service Plating Co r 1383 Tourangeau 

—Waldron studt r 1635 Lincoln rd 
— Wm Janitor J E Benson Schl r 893 Tecumseh blvd e 
Bamsey Reginald (Grace) supt Salvation Army 
Industrial Store h 1087 Janette av 
Banar Frank (Mary) emp Fords h 1366 Moy av 
— Pete press opr J Kovinsky & Sons r 110 Hill av 
Banasikowski Edmund J (Sofia) emp Walker Metal 
r 1315 Langlois av 

Bancroft Burton emp Can Bread r 458 Pierre av 
--Clayton H shipper & trk drvr Colonial Tool r 945 
McKay av 

—Harley C (Margt) drvr Det 8i Can Tunnel h 945 
McKay av 

--Wyman E (Anne) petty officer Dept of Natl Defence 
h 1820 Arthur rd 

Band Isabel B book keeper Central Plumbing r 4, 

178 Janette av 

—John P (Annie) mgr Central Plumbing h 4, 178 
Janette av 

—Stuart D (Eleanor) sec Fibre products of Canada 
Ltd h 1A, 645 Argyle rd 

— Wm B (Eileen) plumber Central Plumbing h 1058 
Dougall av 

Banda Jack (Florence) welder Gotfredsons h 2315 
Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Nicholas (Elizth) emp Gotfedsons h 1048 California 

Banderzandin Gertrude emp Lansperry Drug Store 
r 1864 Labadie rd 

Bandoian Anne accounting elk Walsh Advertising r 
984 Felix av 

—Chas R bkpr Inti Cartage r 984 Felix av 
—Peter B studt r 984 Felix av 
— Vahan (Sarah) emp Fords h 984 Felix av 
Bandura Dan G (Square Deal Shoe Repair) h 1082 
Felix av 

Bane Dennis r 1870 Hickory rd 
Banfill Norman (Gladys) emp Walker Metal h 2191 
Parent av 

--Norman R (Madeleine) watchman C H Smith h 450 
Oak av 

Raymond J (Mary) emp Fords h 977 Josephine av 

Bangle Arthur J (Della) cashier Brewers Warehouse 
h 1742 Gladstone av 

Delores receptionist Vernon R Messer r 1742 

Gladstone av 

Banlch Chas (Mary) emp O’Keefes Brewery h 1847 
Hickory rd 

—John (Frances) emp Fords h 1697 Albert rd 
--Michael emp Chryslers r 1028 St Luke rd 
Banici John emp Fords r 1029 Cadillac 
, Baniewicz Ronald emp Fords r 1016 Cadillac 

Banik John (Anna) emp Auto Specialties h 2259 Forest 

Banionis Gus emp Fords r 439 Chilver rd 
Bank Edwd elk Loblaws r 457 Janette av 

BANK OF MONTREAL, D M Carmichael Manager, 

200 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 4-3241, C W Rot- 
chell Manager, 1799 Wyandotte East; Frank W 
Bolus Manager, 1295 Walker Road; H M Paton 
Manager, 1201 London Street West; J A Thomson 
Manager, 744 Ouellette Avenue 

—of Montreal Bldg 15 Chatham e 


Manager, 487 Ouellette Avenue, Phone 4-2519 

BANK OF TORONTO, THE, (Main Branch, Wyandotte 

and Ouellette), Harold E Whitney Manager, 600-608 

Ouellette Avenue, Phone 3-2439 

Bank of Toronto D W Marks mgr 1601-9 Wyandotte e 
--of Toronto Jose ph F Zuber mgr 2161 Wyandotte w 

Alphabetical, White Page 23 




Branches and Agents at all principal points in Canada, U.S.A. and Abroad. 


— Raymond (Jeane) emp O’Keefes Brewery h 417 Moy 

Banks Agnes (wid Wm) h 1287 Prince rd 
— Archie (Mary) emp General Motors h 1316 Touran- 
geau rd 

--Carl (Naomi) emp Fords h 1582 Drouillard rd 
—Donald H (Marion) insp Royal Ins Co h 27 Giles blvd 

--Earl emp CPR r 2686 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Elizth Mrs h 449 Cameron av 
--Ezra trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 2308 Victoria 
rd (Sand W Twp) 

--Harold B (Catherine) switchman Essex Terminal h 
1039 Erie e 

— Herbt drvr Ideal Fuel & Supply 
--Herbt (Margaret) gas stn attdt Checker Cab h 2686 
Norman rd (Sand E) 

— John (Shirley) emp Chryslers h 846 Hall av 
--Joseph (Barbara) toolmaker Fords h 1288 Wigle av 
--Lance (Ada) emp Investigation Dept CNR h 461 Hall 

— Lawrence r 2686 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Malcolm vice-pres Checker Cab Windsor Ltd h 675 
Janette av 

—Mary J r 1288 Wigle av 
—Mildred sis elk C H Smith Co r 461 Hall av 
— Robt parking lot attdt Checker Cab r 2686 Norman 
rd (Sandwich E Twp) 

— Ruel r 658 Mercer 

--Stephen (Anita) welder Fords h 1431 Bernard rd 
— Thos I (Gloria) bkpr Checker Cab h 2411 Princess 
av (Sand E Twpi 

— Wm D (Jean) process engnr Fords h 3666 Girardotav 
— Wm H (Ellen) maint CIL h 265 Shepherd w 
Banner Jack W (Leona) emp Fords h 886 Ellrose av 
—Metal Products Ltd C Melvin Lossing pres & mgr 
Carl Doster treas & supt 1696 Kildare rd 
Bannister David r 2472 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Ellen nurses aid Hotel Dieu r 4, 386 Devonshire rd 
— Ellen (wid Arthur) h 4, 386 Devonshire rd 
--Refrigeration Service (Richard A Bannister) 2472 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Richard (Ann) assembler Kelsey Wheel r 1768 St 
Luke rd 

— Richard A (Betty) (Bannister Refrigeration Service) 
h 2472 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Robt (Linda) plumber Walk Plumbing h 1051 
Hickory rd 

Bannon Barbara emp Bell Tel r 259 Campbell av 
— Colin (Jean) foreman Kelsey Wheel h 2171 Church 
— Colleen emp Bell Tel r 341 Josephine av 
—Daniel emp Cnryslers r 341 Josephine av 
--Donald r 259 Campbell av 
--Eugene J emp Detroit r 259 Campbell av 
— F Basil (Jane) emp General Motors h 341 Josephine 

--Joseph K (Anne) Inspector Fords h 259 Campbell 

— Patrick (Marie) carp h 2493 Francois rd (Sand E 

— Rosemary emp Bell Tel r 259 Campbell av 
--Ruth emp Park Davis r 341 Josephine av 
Banos Gus (Helen) emp Gideon Decorator h 1556 St 
Luke rd 

Bantrock Gloria S stenog Huron & Erie Mort Corp r 
2362 Fraser av 

Banwell Chas (Adele) drvr Inter-City Forwarders r 
576 Caron av 

— Donald r 1636 Dougall av 
— Ellen (wid Wm) h 576 Caron av 
— Gertrude M bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 576 
Caron av 

--Herbt (Hazel) emp Fords h 180 Erie e 
— James E (Edith) (Banwell’ s Better Baggage) h 
455 Vera pi 

— Louis A (Dorothy) shipper Canada Cement Co Ltd 
h 359 Louis av 

—Louis F (Kathleen) agent Prudential Ins h 157 St 
Louis av (R’Side) 

--Percy E (Gladys) sis mgr Walker Metal h 1939 
Vimy av 

--Richard J (Annie) assembly Burroughs Mach r 1985 


Banwell’s Better Baggage (James E Banwell) leather 
goods 196 Pitt e 

Banyai Alex (Glenda) emp Chrysler r 1558 Gladstone 

--Frank (Mary) emp City Engineers Dept h 1558 
Gladstone av 

—Jos (Theresa) staty engnr McCord Corp h 2354 
Louis av 

Bar Jos emp Chryslers r 2433 Chandler rd (Sand E 

Bara Henry head cooper Hiram Walker & Sons r 
1336 Howard av 

--Morris R (Erma) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1336 
Howard av 

— R Henry emp Hiram Walkers r 1336 Howard av 
Barac Geo bricklayer r 1214 Hickory rd 
Barach Morris (Margt) h 5, 1250 Ouellette av 
— Obred (Kad) emp Fords h 2751 Edna 
--Robt bartender Europe Hotel r 1636-8 Drouillard rd 
Barakett Theodore (Wilma) emp Chrysler h 305 Vir- 
ginia av (R’Side) 

Baran Dometro (Mary) emp Walker Metal r 1788 Ford 

—Michael (Annie) emp Fords h 705 Brock 
— Michl emp Kelsey Wheel r 705 Brock 
Barandowski Jacob (Frances) carp Burch Housing h 
1249 Moy av 

Baranestka Olga r 848 Langlois av 
Baranowski Arthur (Nicka) (Art’s Grocery) h 3479 

Baranski Ann Mrs h 1065 Langlois av 
—Frank (Catherine) emp Fords h 1112 Windsor av 
--Julian (Eva) emp Walker Metal h 1149 Walker rd 
— Stephen sprayer Motor Products Corp r 1065 
Langlois av 

Baras Andrew emp Auto Spec r 1541 Marentette av 
Barash Louis (Della) emp Fibre Products h 715 

—Louis jr emp Fibre Products r 715 Cataraqui 
—Robert emp Fibre Products r 715 Cataraqui 
Barat Arthur studt r 1328 Parent av 
--Benjamin (Esther) slsmn h 1328 Parent av 
—Bessie (wid Isaac) r 1328 Parent av 
--Irvin r 1328 Parent av 

Barath Desire D (Madeline) emp Detroit h 630 
Josephine av 

--Mac emp Chryslers r 953 Marion av 
Barbara Goulde of Windsor (Reg’d) (Abraham Gold- 
stein) 1663 Ottawa 

Barbaro Ronald asst mgr Metropolitan Store r 2532 
Chilver rd 

Barbaruk Moses (Tena) emp Gotfredson h 1042 
Marion av 

Barbe Hector (Loretta) Customs Excise officer Dept 
Natl Rev h 717 Pelissier 

—Wilfred R (Mary) postal elk P O h 1589 Tourangeau 

Barbech Peter J (Frances) emp Fords (rear) 1062 
Drouillard rd 

Barber A1 (Gladys) h 897 Goyeau 
—Beverly A stenog Unemploy Ins Comm r 1463 Cen- 
tral av 

--Delbert K (Rose) mech Thibodeau Express h 1419 
George av 

—Earl E (Mary) credit mgr Grinnell Bros h 1438 
Duffer in pi 

— F F Machinery Co Div Massey Harris Co Ltd Wm 
S Wood br mgr 13-15, 1922 Wyandotte e 
— Fredk (Lillian) elevator opr Post Office h 1650 
Prince rd 

—Isabelle (wid Wm) r 367 Grove av 
—James (Dorothy) emp Chryslers h 764 Gladstone av 
— Jeanne emp Downtown Chev & Olds mobile r 1463 
Central av 

— John studt r 1463 Central av 
— John A (Rose) insp L A Young Industries r 3236 

--Joseph (Constance) emp Fords h 509 Janette av 
--Mabel (wid Joseph) h 3236 Peter 
—Robt (Mana) moulder Stan Fndry r 705 Dougall av 
— Thos (Ivy) h 140 Janisse dr (R’Side) 

— Wm (Verna) elect C H Smith h 3519 Barrymore 

— Wm (Phyllis) painter h 805 Shepherd e 

— 24 — 





Barber! Geo press opr Long Mfg r 764 Bruce av 
Barbesin A Ido lab r 1628 Parent av 
— Alvis studt r 1628 Parent av 
--Angelo (Rose) emp Motor Products Corp h 1628 
Parent av 

--Bruno G (Jean) plastering contr h 1608 Elsmere av 
Barbosu John r 1205 Cadillac 
Barbu John lab Fords h 1463 Central av 
Bare Stanley (Jeannie) emp Auto Specialties h 1739 
Langlois av 

Barchard Ernest J (Lucille) pres & genl mgr City 

Welding & Boiler Repair Ltd h 462 Prince rd 
— Wm E sec-treas City Welding & Boiler Repair 
Ltd r 462 Prince rd 

Barclay Alida Mrs waitress Consumers Delicatessen 
h 853 Sandwich e 

—Doreen stenog Granite Construction Ltd r 231 Curry 

--Ellen r 3012 Sandwich w 

—Ernest R (Sarah) janitor Walk Land & Bldg h IB, 686 
Argyle rd 

—Frederic W (Sarah) meter reader Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1232 Argyle rd 
— Jas & Co Ltd Thos H Gibbons pres affiliate of Hiram 
Walker & Sons Ltd 2072 Sandwich e 
—John cook Joe's Lunch r 853 Sandwich e 
--Norman M (Florence) emp S W & A Rly h 2346 Tour- 
angeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Ronald (Barbara) usher Vanity Theatre h 262 Glad- 
stone av 

--Wilfred mechanic Menzies Washer r 231 Curry av 
Barco Mfg Co of Can Ltd J W Oberg mgr railway 
specialties entr 3, 315 Devonshire rd 
Bard Jack (Marie) emp Fords h 3, 812 Windsor av 
Barden Edith I Mrs h 1523 Shepherd e 
Barden Fredk G (Edith M) spray pntr Backstay 
Standard h 1961 Ford blvd (San.i E Twp) 

Bardsley Douglas emp Fords r 417 Haig av 
—Ivy elk Producers Cold Storage r 417 Haig av 
—John (Lily) emp Fords h 417 Haig av 
—Thos (Lorna) (Thompson’s Insurance Office) h 1918 
Verdun av 

Bardwell Chas S (Ada) assmblr Fords h 1636 Pelletier 

—Jas emp Gotfredsons r 1064 Janette av 
—Louise nurse Victorian Order of Nurses h 201, 619 

--Marjorie stenog D M Duncan Machinery Co Ltd r 
1064 Janette av 

--Sami E (Ella) mach Fords h 1064 Janette av 
Bareford Bert C (Florence) mech Meikar Roofing h 
1092 Dougall av 

Bareham Edgar W (Marjorie) emp Win Gas h 805 
Howard av 

Barei E auditor Caboto Club r 2561 Windermere rd 
— Egidio (Onorina) carp h 2561 Windermere rd 
Baresech Carl emp Fprds r 1171 Albert rd 
Barge Clifford F (Frances) sis elk CGE h 855 
Francefis ert 

Barger Emma h 250 Hall av 

Bargiel Roman (Antonina) gasket mkr Barco Mfg Co 
of Can h 40 Frank av (R’Side) 

Baribeau Bertha r 1367 Hickory rd 
— Paul (Peggy) emp Chryslers h 1369 Hickory rd 
Barichello Attilio J (Amelia) stock handler Brewers’ 
Wrhse h 251 Tuscarora 

— Oscar (Norma) opr Sterling Drug h 947 Lillian 
— Robt (Doris) emp Fords h 215 Elliott e 
— Violet emp Hotel Dieu r 251 Tuscarora 
Baril Emilien (Gloria) mach opr L A Young Industries 
h 2633 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Wilfrid (Phyllis) press opr L A Young Industries h 
335 St Pierre (Tecumseh) 

Barisas Bruno emp B end ix- Eclipse of Can Ltd r 1417 
Benjamin av 

Barker Anna emp Sterling Products r 326 Cameron av 
--Annie (wid Sami) h 1162 Lincoln rd 
—Chas T (Annie) sprayer Chryslers h 1792 Central 

—Donald C (Mary) emp Candn Bridge r 1903 Aubin rd 
—Fred (Annie) elk Fords h 1334 Marentette av 
— Fredk (Ethel) set-up man Fords r 1529 Marentette 

--Geo sheet metal wkr Windsor Furnace Co 


--Gertrude (wid Chas) r 1476 Bernard rd 
— Gladys dir of nursing services Grace Hosp r 339 
Crawford av 

— Harold G (Annie) stock handler Brewers’ Wrhse 
h 2512 Windermere rd 

— Hugh J meter reader Win Utilities Commn, Water 
Div r 2268 Dougall av , 

— Jack (Margt) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1267 Wigle av 
--Jas emp Wilfred Cooper r 455 Chatham e 
— Jas F (Hattie) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp 
r 294 Marentette av 

--Justin (Mabel) emp Fords h 1053 Wyandotte e 
— M ry (wid Herb) h 7, 1563 Ontario 
— Mary (wid Wm) h 326 Cameron av 
— Roderick (Jean) dist mgr Bell Tel h 545 Victoria av 
--Roy E (Wilhene) elect Fords h 4, 1189 Marion av 
--Sami N (Marion) merchandising mgr Hiram Walker 
& Sons h 1781 Windermere rd 
—Thos (Lottie) emp Fords h 3, 1271 Kildare rd 
— Thos (Olive) mach Fords h 2856 Donnelly 
— Vincent (Delma) emp Fords h 1476 Bernard rd 
— Wm A (June) emp Candn Bridge h 117 Reedmere av 

— Winifred A emp Inti Playing Card r 1162 Lincoln rd 
Barkhouse Laurie W ctr Loblaws r 1518 Dufferin pi 
Barkley Geo opr Motor Products Corp res R R #1 
Rose land 

—Sabina (wid Geo) h 687 Alexandrine (R Park) 

Barkoff Dennis (Rose) dentist 905, 374 Ouellette av 
h 2292 Victoria av 
--Joel studt r 2292 Victoria av 
Barless Geo C emp Fords r 2725 Howard av (Sand W 

—John D emp Fords r 2725 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 
—John J (Agnes) emp Fords h 2725 Howard av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Barley Leslie (Laura) foremn Auto Spec h 1782 Central 

Barlow Derek (Betty) emp Windsor Public Utilities 
Commn r 961 Goyeau 
—Earl h 242 Langlois av 

—Fredk (Jean) elk L A Young Industries h 1949 
Ellrose av 

—Geo H h 1548 Church 

— Geo S (Alluvia) emp Fords h 911 Pelissier 
— Hazel M elk Win Utilities Commn, Water Div res 
La Salle 

--Hector (Charlotte) emp Barlow Sign Co h 51 
Prado pi (R’Side) 

— Herbt J (Norah) p c Police Dept h 3830 Montcalm 
—Jack (Annie) emp Detroit h 92 Prado pi (R'Side) 

— Joseph B (Mary) engnr Gotfredsons r 1057 Windsor 

—Raymond millwright C H Mclnnis Co res Amherst- 

— Richd r 952 Marion av 
— Roy r 952 Marion av 

Bamabo Marco mech Keystone Contractors r 1791 
Benjamin av 

Barnard Allan emp Fords r 3582 Sandwich w 
—Annie Mrs h 956 Cadillac 
— Douglas emp Fords r 3582 Sandwich w 
— Geo A (Florence) h 926 Josephine av 
—Geo E shpr Waddell's Sound & Radio r 926 
Josephine av 

— John (Evelyn) emp Chryslers h 1025 Wellington av 
— L Gloria r 3582 Sandwich w 

--Percy (Gladys) toolmkr Genl Motors h 3582 Sandwich 

Barnby T Ivison (Effie) phy 204, 1011 Ouellette av h 
1909 Verdun av 

Barnden Benj G (Leota) emp Essex County Sanatorium 
h 3844 Glendale av 

—Mildred opr Motor Products Corp r 3626 Riberdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Barnes Albt weighmaster Hiram Walker & Sons r 
Scoffield av (Roseland) 

— Alex emp Chryslers h (basement) 629 Pitt w 
—Alfred (Lillian) mech Chryslers h 3089 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

• — Amyntis r 3022 Alexander blvd 
■ — Bernard emp Fords r 400 Chilver rd 
--Byron (Vivian) emp Fords h 701 Grand Marais rd 
(R Park) 

Alphabetical. White Page 25 



— Cyril (Frances) emp Fords h 2189 York 
--Don (Madeline) sis engnr Walker Metal h 423 

--Edwd L (Florence) customs officer Natl Revenue h 
267 Curry av 

--Elizth Mrs h 452 Glidden av (R’Side) 

—Fred H tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 122 Maple 
— Fredk (Maude) insp Fords h 6, 1139 Sandwich e 
— Fredk M r 122 Maple 

— Herbt (Nellie) slsmn Baum & Brody h 12, 36 Hanna w 
— Jack (Patricia) emp Norman Williams h 1749 
Kildare rd 

— Jas r 523 Wellington av 
--Jean bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 122 Maple 
--Joan bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 122 Maple 
— John (Marie) lab Fords h 1023 Wigle av 
— John J (Rose M) capt Win Fire Dept r Howard av 

—Joseph r 626 Victoria av 
— Leonard (Jean) emp C I L h 1577 Labadie rd 
--Lloyd W (Shirley) maint Rivard Clnrs h 345 Dougall 

—Norman (Ida) emp Candn Bridge h 524 Pierre av 
— Percy (Iva) mason C I L h 3161 Peter 
— Phoebe L h 1, 533 Windermere rd 
—Raymond H emp Fords r 6, 1139 Sandwich e 
—Rex emp Chryslers r 267 Curry av 
— Robt emp Motor Products Corp h 1718 Aubin rd 
Barnesky Steve H top & bottom tanks Long Mfg res 
R R #2 Leamington 

— Walter tester McCord Corp r 1823 Cadillac 
Barnett Alex emp Fords r 1065 Albert rd 
--David D (Eileen) emp Genl Motors h 141 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

—David L engnr Bryant Pattern Mfg Co r 515 Windsor 

—Edwd (Nellie) h 1220 Elliott w 
--Evelyn nurse Metro Genl Hosp r 2452 Turner rd 
— Geo K (Ivinnifred) emp Hydro h 238 Bridge av 
—Geo T r 238 Bridge av 
—Harold r 1220 Elliott w 
—Joan emp Parke Davis r 238 Bridge av 
—Leonard A (Delores) lab C I L h 3632 Barrymore 

—Lily (wid Albt) r 2309 Forest av 
— Regd (Florence) emp Peerless Countryside Dairies 
h 631 Aylmer av 

— Ronald G (Isabel) acct Royal Bank h 6, 559 Partington 

--Sarah E teller Bank of Com r 4, 1153 Howard av 
— Thos J (Annie) h 1634 St Luke rd 
—Victor emp Fords r 623 Kildare rd 
—Victor hauler Purity Dairies res R R #1 Kingsville 
Barney A1 wtr r 3, 963 Wyandotte e 
—Doris r 149 Clover (R’Side) 

—Elizth (wid Phillip) r 149 Clover (R’Side) 

— Jeanette emp Woolworths r 149 Clover (R’Side) 

--Robt H (Rose) assmblr Fords h 149 Clover (R’Side) 
Barney’s Market (Bernard Martin) groc 1459 

Barnhart Darlene studt r 4, 561 Parent av 
— Lillian emp Prince Edward Hotel h 4, 561 Parent av 
Barniecki John br mgr British American Oil Co Ltd 
r 725 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Barnier A1 wtr Wyandotte Hotel r 3, 963 Wyandotte e 
— Harvey (Ethel) emp N Y Central Rly h 387 Glengarry 

--Joseph (Hilda) h 737 St Luke rd 
--Paul A (Iva) h*561 Langlois av 
—Robt (Gladys) elect Fords h 539 Janette av 
—Robt jr emp Fords r 539 Janette av 
— Roy (Mary) die setter Fords h 843 Belle Isle av 
— Sydney S (Shirley) mldr Stand Fndry h 1615 Hickory 

—Theodore C (Margt) emp Candn Bridge h 1218 
Hickory rd 

--Wilfred r 539 Janette av 

Barnocky Joseph scale elk Empire-Hanna Coal r 1182 

—Mathew (Ruby) (Mathew Grocery) h 1182 Lillian 
Barnoff Harold (Mabel) emp Fords r 1857 Norman rd 
— Solly (Windsor Steam Baths) h 447 Aylmer av 
Barnum Doran A (Josephine) emp Candn Bridge h 2480 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Barnwell David (Frances) elect Fords h 365 Ford blvd 

—Patricia J compt opr Fords r 365 Ford blvd (R’Side) 
Baron August caretkr Polish Hall h 1275 Langlois av 
— Danl emp Brading’s Cincinnati Cream Brewery r 
60 Erie e 

— Dor in U (Ruica) emp Fords h 60 Erie e 
Baroski Wm (Patricia) emp Jeff Kearn h 161 Cameron 

Barr Alice A (wid Frank) h 3518 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

--Betty V emp C K L W r 1549 Sandwich w 
— C Douglas (Lena) acct Imp Bank h 1741 Pierre av 
--Clifford A (Dorothy) emp Fords h 5912 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

--David (Helen) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1507 
Rossini blvd 

--Doris M supt Grace Hosp r 339 Crawford av 
— Emily h 4, 234 Hall av 
--Geo (Sarah) elect Fords h 1543 Gladstone av 
— Jas H emp Fords r 1543 Gladstone av 
--John slsmn Bezeau's Appliances & Furniture Ltd 
h 2805 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

--Joseph M (Anne) studt h 307, 131 Wyandotte w 
--Laura nurse Grace Hosp r 4, 234 Hall av 
--Leonard (Donna) emp NYC Rly h 703 Bruce av 
— Norman (Lillian) emp Service Plating & Mfg Ltd 
h 1549 Sandwich w 

--Norman R (Rita) cadmium plater Burroughs Mach 
h 1549 Sandwich w 

--Wm (Dorothy) emp Fords h 777 Campbell av 
Barras Ethel Mrs foreldy Textile Specialties h 475 
Louis av 

Barratt Walter (Glenora) adjuster Sanborn & Co Ltd h 
1194 Langlois av 

Barrell Charlotte h 1206 Giles blvd e 
— Edwin (May) emp Fords h 1671 Lincoln rd 
. --Georgina r 1206 Giles blvd e 
Barren Dimitro (Margt) emp Walker Metal h 1788 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Barrett Arthur R A (Rosalind) mgr P'rkside Apts h 
406, 430 Giles blvd w 

— Catherine stenog Beauty Counselors of Can r 1315 
Labadie rd 

— Chas (Laura) maint Win Star r 329 Pierre av 

—Eileen bkpr George Lawton r 303, 29 Giles blvd w 

--Geo r 1537 Lincoln rd 

— Geo H emp Fords r 1240 Argyle rd 

—Ida Mrs h 187 California av 

— Jack (Doris) prod mgr & plant supt Backstay 

Standard Co Ltd h 55 Reedmere av (R’Side) 
—John slsmn Don Curtis Automotive r 2428 Highland 
— Katherine h 19, 1556 Goyeau 
— Leo E (Virginia) stkmn Fords h 2491 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Norman (Lorraine) emp Purity Dairy h 130 
Hanna w 

— Richd attdt Shoppers Parking Lot r 697 Pelissier 
—Robt G (Margt) musician Rowson's h 1387 Wyandotte 

---Russell Dancing Studios (R6ne Russell & Rosalind 
Barrett) 134 London w 
--Sami (Jean) slsmn h 1558 Duffer in pi 
—Thos E (Dorothy) emp Bartlett, Macdonald & Gow 
h 261 Sandwich w 

Barrette Albt (Catherine) with Dept of Transport h 
1315 Labadie rd 

--Basil winder Waffle’s Elect r 347 Indian rd 
— Charllotte manicurist Paris Beauty Shoppe r 347 
Indian rd 

--Danl (Isobell) emp Fords h 1045 Cadillac 
--Denis J (Fannie) emp Fords h 220 Cadillac 
— Donald r 451 Pelissier 
— Edna assmblr Somerville Ltd r 458 Oak av 
— Euclid (Madeline) wtchmn Bryant Pattern & Mfg 
Co Ltd h 347 Indian rd 

— Gerard (Irene) emp Fords h 610 South Pacific av 
(R Park) 

— Girard (Cecilia) emp Detroit h 551 Edinborough 
(R Park) 

—Homer emp Fords h 451 Pelissier 
--Joseph (Elsie) h 1288 High 
--Louis P (Denise) emp Fords h 2920 Peter 
—Norman J (Lorraine) slsmn Borden Co h 1061 
Chatham e 

--Phyllis Mrs r 451 Pelissier 
— Raymond farm hand r 5431 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Seville (Angelina) emp Fords h 458 Oak av 
Barriage Kenneth (Marjory) emp Fords h 1815 
Westcott rd 

Barriault Isidore (Lea) emp Fords h 3551 King 
Barrick June r 736 Victoria av 

— Maurine Mrs tchr J E Benson Schl h 736 Victoria av 
Barrie Frank r 5, 307 Gladstone av 
—Helen emp Kresge’s r 5, 307 Gladstone av 
--Robt (Annie) acct elk Fords h 3876 Glendale av 
—Robt emp Fords h 910 Els mere av 
Barris Edmund (Emily) emp Win Utilities Commn 
Water Div h 1762 Bernard rd 
— Eugene emp Joe’s Bicycle Shop r 1123 Cadillac 
—Frank (Park View Confectionery) r 2541 George av 
Barron Alex (Ann) elk Fords h 462 Hall av 
—Chas (Amalie) section head Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 2356 Parkwood av 

— 26 — 

iii ■Vi" n i, T^rrffwiMflc(BgaaaaaaM 



— Danl C (Doreen) customs officer Natl Rev h 106, 

1290 Ouellette av 

—Ivan J (Alison) app opr Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 1626i Hall av 

—Lester F (Margt) firemn Win Fire Dept h 1956 
Ellrose av 

--Ray studt r 484 Church 
— Robt C (Ruth) constable Ont Prov Pol Windsor 
Detachment h 1040 Giles blvd e 
— Thos A D service repairs Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 104, 1361 Assumption 
Barrott Joan elk Eatons r 1703 Hall av 
—John B (Jean) asst mgr Metro Life h 1703 Hall av 
— Walter r 797 Monmouth rd 
--Walter E (Sarah) ins agt Metropolitan Ins h 797 
Monmouth rd 

Barrow Chas J (Helen) emp Parke Davis h 141 Cameron 

—Donald studt r 462 Church 
--Fred (Ella) emp Chryslers h 1535 Windsor av 
—John emp Fords r 1155 Langlois av 
—John O (Cynthia) emp S W & A Rly r 663 
Charlotte (R Park) 

—Louise (wid Thos) h 663 Charlotte (R Park) 

--Mary E studt r 462 Church 

--Melbourne (Ann) emp Kelsey Wheel h 756 Assumption 
— Mildred h 462 Church 

—Thos L (Maria) clutch mach opr Long Mfg h 1155 
Langlois av 

Barrows Jack emp Chryslers r 17 Belleperche av 
(R ’Side) 

Barry Alice Mrs cook Essex County Sanatorium r 1453 
Prince rd 

—Bud (Ruth) swtchmn NYC Rly h 35, 1164 Ouellette 

—Erwin (Isobel) real estate 2776 Charles and 4069 
Wyandotte e h same 
— Jas emp Bell Tel r 1621 Howard av 
— Jas emp Fords r 1582 Dougall av 
—John (Greta) emp Chryslers h 4, 1139 Sandwich e 
—Roger M mortician app Morris Funeral Serv r 1624 
Wyandotte e 

—Ruth slsldy Askin Realty Ltd r 35, 1164 Ouellette av 

Barson Geo (Pauline) h 415 McKay av 

--John r 1538 Parent av 

—John barr r 2503 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

—John (Hazel) fraternity slsmn I O F h 3661 Queen 
--Joseph r 415 McKay av 

Barsona Delores E credit dept N Tepperman Ltd r 266 

—Marie press opr Banner Metal Prod r 266 Goyeau 
--Rose (wid Anthony J) h 266 Goyeau 
Barsotta Geo (Margt) sub stn const Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) r 225 McKay av 
— W Frank E (Maude) mgr C N Tel h 225 McKay av 
Bart A1 f red emp C N R r 156 Giles blvd e 
—Elmer (Jermaine) emp Fords h 1390 Lincoln rd 
--Harold (Irma) emp Chryslers h 7, 978 Parent av 
— Helen Mrs h 908 Parent av 
--Pauline checker Jeffrey Cleaners res Roseland 
—Ruth stenog Fords h 306, 280 Park w 
Barta Jas J (Helen) emp Candn Auto Trim r 409 Glidden 
av (R'Side) 

— Tibor emp Reade Photographic Service res 

Barteaux Edwd emp Genl Motors r 1123 Cadillac 

— Sarah L (wid Fredk) h 825 Hall av 

Bartelli John emp Chryslers r 1009 McDougall 

Bartello Chas (Frances) tool repairer Fords h 2, 1178 
Lincoln rd 

Barth A Joseph studt r 2120 Riverside dr (R Side) 

— Jas H (Ruth) pres & treas Gotfredson Limited h 
2120 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Jas H (Shirley) studt r 2120 Riverside dr (R’Side) 


(Walter G Bartlet, KC, James L Braid, George 
C Richardes, Gordon P Dickson, A R Jessup and 
J N Bartlet) Barristers, Rooms 1001-1005, 374 
Ouellette Ave, Phone 3-4675 

—Building 76 London w 

—Grace (wid Noble) h 19, 1382 Ouellette av 

— Helen h 484 Victoria av 

--Jas N (Marcia) (Bartlet, Braid, Richardes, 

Dickson) h 1161 Victoria av 
— , Macdonald & Gow Ltd Geo F Macdonald pres Jas S 
Gow vice-pres Carl H Koelln sec Walter G 
Bartlet treas dept store 116-122 Ouellette av 
— Margt h 434 Victoria av , 

--Margt C (wid Gordon) h 858 Argyle rd 
— Walter G KC (Bartlet, Braid, Richardes, Dickson) 
h 2005 Willistead cres 
Bartlett Arthur r 294 Rankin av 
—Donald M studt r 5020 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Jas (Border Cities Window Cleaning Co) h 2625 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

— Jane (wid Wm J) h 844 Marion av 
—Kenneth (Sandra) h 333 Caron av 
—Marie r 1670 Mercer 

— O R (Gladys) phy Medical Arts h 5020 Riverside dr 

--Preston L (Elizth) emp Parke Davis h 362 Bridge av 
— Walter (Shirley) h 608 Bridge av 
—Walter (Border Cities Window Cleaning Co) h 2628 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

Bartley Edwd prof engnr Fords h 6, 280 P^rk w 
—Leith (Hazel) repairmn B 11 Tel h 1464 Parent av 
Bartok Alex mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool r 1622 
Parent av 

—Ben) (Elizth) emp Auto Spec h 1105 Lillian 
Bartolotto Linda elk Stand Paint r 2606 Parent av 
(R Park) 

Barton Eric (Margt) mgr Dom Stores Ltd (1262 Ottawa) 
h 3838 Montcalm 

—Evert C (Beatrice) mach Fords h 3112 Peter 
—John (Mildred) emp Fords h 1565 Aubin rd 
— Joseph (Margt) customs excise suprvsr Natl Rev 
h 1376 Moy av w 

—Leslie (Pauline) emp Chryslers h 1788 Moy av 
--Lillian h 1087 Curry av 
--Pearl (wid Eldon) h 1581 Ellrose av 
— Richd (Cecilia) acct S W & A Rly h 1025 Curry av 
—Roy emp Fords r 1140 Albert rd 
--Roy (Irene) emp Fords h 1049 Drouillard rd 
—Thos (Katherine) emp Fords h 1759 Hall av 
—Thos (Ellen) emp Tucker Electric r 3140 Wyandotte 

—Thos W emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1759 Hall av 
— Wm (Jessie) appliance repairmn Win Utilities Comma 
(Hydro Div) h 1516 Lincoln rd 
— Wm opr Motor Products Corp r 3112 Peter 
Bartraw Margt h 711 Sandwich e 
—Martin (Gertrude) emp People’s Fruit Co r 12, 269 
Chatham e 

— Orval W (Mary) tester Long Mfg r 392 Assumption 
Bartrum Dorothy K retail store elk Borden Co r 691 
Chilver rd 

—Frank H (Jessie) foremn Borden Coh 691 Chilver rd 
—Fred (Shirley) pekr Motor Products Corp r 353 
Chappell av 

— Kenward r 691 Chilver rd 

Bartu John P (Elizth) carp Cumming Wrecking Co Ltd 
h 688 Langlois av 

Bartulis J oseph (Mary) emp Fords h 1065 Albert rd 
Barulas Robt r 1334 Pierre av 
Baruth Donald (Marian) emp Fords r 1023 Hall av 
— Marguerite E (wid Wm) priv sec Fords r 1218 
Marentette av 

Bartholomew H Earle W (Ada) elk P O h 1447 
Francois rd 

— Jack C (Walkerville Paint & Wallpaper Supply) r 
269 Hall av 

— Jas H (Mildred) h 1790 Highland av 
Bartkiw Nick emp Stand Fndry r 1547 Albert rd 
— Peter (Dora) emp Fords h 1603 Drouillard rd 
Bartko Jas carp h 1539 Windermere rd 

Bartkowicz Joseph (Louise) emp Fords h 1649 Albert 

Bartl Frank (Julia) foremn Cumming Wrecking Co Ltd 
h 2602 George av (Sand E Twp) 

— Marlleyn studt r 2602 George av (Sand E Twp) 
Bartlam Thos (Evelyn) customs officer Natl Rev h 966 
Dawson rd 

♦Bartlet see also Bartlett 

-Alfred (Martha) mach Fords h 5, 1225 Monmouth rd 
--Ann N r 2005 Willistead cres 

Barwick Bertha receptionist Auto Spec r 1559 Victoria 
Barzotto Elizth (wid Chas) h 943 Hanna e 
—Lino (Cecilia) emp Caboto Club h 885 Louis av 
Barzut Trifko emp Fords r 1668 Hickory rd 
Basan Josephine emp Fords r 1516 Hickory rd 
—Nick (Anne) emp Candn Bridge h 1516 Hickory rd 
Baschucki Wm emp Webster Motors (Windsor) r 233 
Parent av 

Baschuk Joseph drvr Direct-Winters Transp r 1547 
Alexis rd 

— Nick (Rose) emp Fords h 1547 Alexis rd 
Basden Chas spot wldr Win Steel Products r 252 
Riverdale av (R’Side) 

—Geoffrey C br sec The Prudential Assce Co Ltd of 
London Eng res La Salle 

—Geo H (Betty) stk elk Webster Motors (Windsor) h 
252 Riverdale av (R'Side) 

—John (Margt J) stock handler Stand Paint h 1951 
Arthur rd 

Alphabetical, White Page 27 





Air Line 

Money Orders 







Notary Public 






— Lloyd W rivet mach opr Long Mfg r 252 Riverdale 
av (R' Side) 

— Norman (Josephine) shipper Viking Pump h 539 
Aylmer av 

--Winifred h 252 Riverdale av (R’Side) 

Basham F emp C P Tel r 259 Elm av 
—Fredk C (Rachel) T & R chief C P Tel h 3143 Peter 
Bashich Pero (Mary) emp Fords h 1190 Cadillac 
Bashucki Michl (Mary) emp Candn Bridge h 233 
Parent av 

—Olga stenog M A Brian Co r 233 Parent av 
Bashura Fredk r 1215 Cadillac 
—Mike r 1215 Cadillac 
— Wm (Pauline) emp Fords h 1215 Cadillac 
— Wm W (Rosetta) emp Parks Dept h 1573 Central av 
Basinski Boleslaw emp Natl Radiator r 1085 Highland 

— Ted (Wanda) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 1961 
Labadie rd 

Basisty Michael emp Fords r 815 Gladstone av 
Baskiera Albt (Pauline) emp Fords h 1343 Benjamin av 
— Anton (Katherine) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 
1256 Albert rd 

Baskovich Mike (Dorcy) cook Commodore Hotel h 
2625 Seminole 

Bason Thos (Emily) h 472 Glidden av (R’Side) 

Basota Geo (Margt) emp Hydro h 412 Langlois av 
Bass Harry (Dora) optometrist 3, 4, 5 & 6 A, 356 
Ouellette av h 212 Hall av 
--Joseph A (Katherine) emp Walker Metal h 1165 
Lincoln rd 

— Optometrists (Harry G Bass) 37 London w 
— Robt W (Helen) tchr Hon J C Patterson Coll Inst 
h 224 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 

Bassett Donald studt r 845 Bruce av 
--Helen (wid Chas) nurse h 1541 Church 
— Lavern (Eleanore) emp S W & A Rly h 2176 Union 
— Richd C (Shirley) credit mgr Sterling Drug h 1969 
Alsace av 

Bassi Hugo (Albina) emp B end ix -Eclipse r 1771 
Windermere rd 

— Odo emp Truscon Steel h 1109 Highland av 
— Richd (Nicholetta) emp J R Tubara & Son h 1109 
Highland av 

— Walter A (Dorothy) mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool 
r 1109 Highland av 

Bastasic Eli emp Candn Bridge r 1652 Cadillac 
Baste in Cecile tchr Our Lady of Perpetual Help res 
River Canard 

Bastianon Joseph (Florence) emp Windsor Body & 
Fender Co h 452 Glengarry av 
--Massimo (Melinia) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 853 
Pierre av 

— Wm r 863 Pierre av 

Bastien Alphonse (Rose) mech City Engineers Dept h 
3455 Cross 

— Andrew merchant marine r 544 Tournier 
—Clarence emp S W & A Rly res McGregor 
— Clyde opr Motor Products Corp h 1330 Campbell av 
—Connie emp Parke Davis r 15, 1604 Goyeau (Marguerite) h 1095 Sandwich e 
--Donald r 15, 1604 Goyeau 

— Donald (June) furnace opr Duplate r 1212 Monmouth 

— Edwd carp Edward F Wonsch r Spring Garden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Edwd elk Bastien's Grocery r 485 Prince rd 
—Edwd (Eleanor) roofer Wright Coal & Supply Co 
Ltd h 3463 Cross 

— Elmer J (Bertha) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 
904 Marentette av 
— Emily h 1437 Albert rd 

— Ernest J emp S W & A Rly res R R 1 McGregor 
— Ernest J (Severyn) emp Sterling Constn h 544 

—Eugene receiving elk Parke Davis r 517 Chippewa 
— Eva emp Bell Tel r 904 Marentette av 
— Ferdinand r 7 19 Janette av 
—Frank elk United Cigar Stores Ltd h 676 Brock 
— Fredk J (Marie) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 
3507 Bloomfield rd 

—Freeman (Laura) emp Fords h 1752 Mark (Sand W 

— Grocery (Solomon Bastien) 3560 Peter 
—Harold I (V era) immigration insp h 1853 Tourangeau 

— Herbt (Lillian) emp Chryslers h 1449 Lincoln rd 
— Isabelle bundler Textile Specialties r 3455 Cross 
— Jas (Loretta) emp Candn Auto Trim h 1471 
Norman rd 

—John C (Winnifred) wrehse suprvsr J T Wing & Co h 
3514 Queen 

— June emp Montreal Bank r 1752 Mark (Sand W Twp) 

— Lawrence (Mildred) prntr Parke Davis h 8, 316 

—Leo J foremn City Engineers Dept h 911 Elsmere* 
— Louis r 485 Prince rd 

— Marvin (Nora) emp Fords h 2315 Forest av ) 
--Napoleon F emp Fords r 544 Tournier 
— Noe r 485 Prince rd 

—Norma emp White Laundry r 1752 Mark (Sand W T« 
— Paul r 655 London w 

—Raymond furnace opr Duplate r 1752 Mark (Sand W 

— Richd emp Fords r 485 Prince rd 
--Rose (wid Jacob) h 517 Chippewa 
--Solomon (Alice) (Bastien Grocery) h 485 Prince rd 
— Thos (Gloria) lab Fords h 3591 Peter 
--Victor (pilda) emp Detroit h 3487 Cross 
Bastion Harry (Bastion’s Choice Meats) res Learning^ 
Bastion's Choice Meats (Harry Bastion) btehr 49 
Hanna w 

Basutto Antonio r 531 Glengarry av 
Batchelor Jas E studt r 2169 Chilver rd 
— Robt (Marjorie) emp Fords h 822 Dougall av 
--Walter J (Mabel) elk Fords h 2169 Chilver rd 
--Wm J (Ann) acct Toledo Scale h 154 Giles blvd w ' f 
Batchin Geo F (Doris) mgr Bell Tel h 858 Chilver rd 
Bate Alfred (Evelyn) emp Fords h 484 California av 
— Chas (Beatrice) emp Fords h 1806 Wyandotte w 
—Fredk (Elizth) elk C I L h 673 Randolph av 
--Geo (Annie E) emp Fords h 623 Bridge av 
--Robt C (Janette) emp Bendix-Eclipse h 719 Erie e ^ 
— Wm T (Mary) elk Fords h 646 Bridge av 
Bateman Audrey J priv sec K L Crain Ltd r 528 

— Beverley J elk Union Gas r 528 Church 
—Clarence A (Isabella) engnr CNR h 528 Church 
— Dora opr Motor Products Corp r 441 McKay av 
—Ethel M physiotherapist 402, 1011 Ouellette av h 
426, 1616 Ouellette av 
—John emp Candn Motor Lamp r 1591 York 
—Joseph leader Welles Corp r 1128 Hall av 
—Margt Mrs maid Norton-Palmer Hotel r 355 Church 
— Marie E elk B ndix- Eclipse r 441 McKay av V 
— Robt L (Jane) auditor Wm C Benson & Co h 966 * 

Victoria av 

—Thos J (Mary) serviceman Win Gas h 1591 York 
—Thos P (Robina) emp Badgley Spring & Power Brata 
Service h 340 Crawford av 
--Thos S outside rep Household Finance r 340 
Crawford av 

Bates Aaron (Betty) emp Bates Roofing r 428 Bridge 
— Adelbert (Lila) emp Fords h 428 Bridge av 
—Arthur D (Edna) pres Bates Hardware Ltd h 1943 
Verdun av 

--Block 1759 Wyandotte e ■ 

— Carlos slsmn Purity Dairies res Amherstburg ' 
--Cecil S (Margt) p c Police Dept r 661 Bridge av 
--Clarence H (Moya) elk Bates Hardware Ltd h 2251 
Hall av 

--Earl E (Eunice) tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 
1362 Richmond 

--Edgar (Jennie) emp Fords h 1680 Drouillard rd *" 
— Geo H (Hughena) emp Fords h 1245 Devonshire rd 
— Gordon (Letha) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 627 
Victoria av 

— Hardware Ltd Arthur D Bates pres 1082-4 
Wyandotte e 

— Jack (Jean) emp Fords h 947 Sandwich e 
—John G (Marguerite) emp S W & A Rly h 4, 891 

— Margt elk Harly Wilson Pharmacy r 661 Bridge av 
—Marilyn J emp Bell Tel r 1245 Devonshire rd 
— Moya A priv sec Hiram Walker & Sons r 2251 

Hall av ) 

--Robt J (Phoebe) emp S W & A Rly h 1774 
Tourangeau rd 

— Sami C (Margt) h 661 Bridge av 
— Wm H (Margt) elk Bates Hardware Ltd h 317 Esdra 
pi (R’Side) 

Bateson Harry (Christine) plstr h 370 Brant ■ 

Batey Alfred F (Guinevere E) prntr Win Star h 1535 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Bath Oswald (Vera) h 1936 Central av 
Batiste Earl (Norma) emp & claims officer Unemploy 
Ins Comm h 8, 2236 Ontario 
— Fred (Gracia) emp Fords h 488 McKay av V 

Batiuk Steve (Lillian) wtr Munro Hotel r 181 Goyeau 
— Wm (Anna) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1176 Highland av 
Batke Wm (Gwendolyn) carp Dinsmore McIntyre h 165 
Ford blvd (R’Side) 

Batkowski Alex cupola repairmn Walker Metal r 346C 

Batson Bruce (Florence) drvr Maris Transport h 378^ 







Batstone Chas L (Evelyne) emp Fords h 1279 Monmouth 

—Janet (wid Thos) hsekpr r 1228 Howard av 
—Lois opr Motor Products Corp r 1279 Monmouth rd 
Battagello Alice lab tech Borden Co r 952 Marentette 

—Harry studt r 493 Mercer 
— Ida (wid Ino) h 952 Marentette av 
—Roger J (Yolande) checker Brewers' Wrhse r 945 
Marentette av 

--Roy A studt r 952 Marentette av 
— Ugo (Stella) stock handler Brewers' Wrhse h 493 

Batte Jas (Madeline) mech h 1474 Pierre av 
— Jas F (Jimmy’s Service) h 2808 Dougall av (Sand 

—John F (Shirley) shipping mgr Candn Admiral Sales 
res R R #1 Windsor 

—John J (Lulu) emp Fords h 1540 Church 
Batters Frank G (Rene) sec Ford Motor Co of Can Ltd 
h 2440 Lincoln rd 
—John S studt r 2440 Lincoln rd 
Battersby A Dorset (Inez) mgr Fords h 2164 Hall av 
— Bella r 14, 435 Dougall av 
—Carl E elk C P Tel res R R #3 Maidstone 
— Edith r 2164 Hall av 

—Marie smstrs Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow h 14, 435 
Dougall av 

--Raymond H (Mary) trk drvr City Engineers D-pt h 
535 Bridge av 

—Walter (Alma) elect Walker Metal h 1739 Aubin rd 
Batterson Eric (Elsie) tool & die mkr Candn Engnrg 
& Tool h 936 Bruce av 

--Leslie (Elsie) pres Border Cities Consumers 
Co-operative Services h 2034 Amiens av 
Battistelli Anthony (Anna) h 924 Windsor av 
Battiston Giovanni r 754 Tuscarora 
—Jasper (Ernestine) emp Dept Transp-Aviation Div 
h 754 Tuscarora 

—Sergio emp Windsor Chrome Plating Co r 754 

Battle Albt (Kathleen) emp CNR r 1893 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Edna emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 803 Monmouth rd 
--Wesley A (Marcetta) suprvsr Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 1223 Elsmere av 

— Wm (Ethel) emp Fords h 803 Monmouth rd 
Battram Elizth stenog Chryslers h 111, 1616 Ouellette 

— M Helen r 111, 1616 Ouellette av 
Batty Beatrice Mrs fabricator McCord Corp r 1776 
Aubin rd 

Batuik Mary elk Paul’s Meat Market r 1467 Aubin rd 
—Stephen (Veronica) emp Munro Hotel r 181 Goyeau 
Baturinsky Jack (Sophie) emp Fords h 1215 Labadie rd 
— Michael r 1215 Labadie rd 
Baty Arthur emp Candn Bridge r 904 Bruce av 
Batycki Frank (Ann) staty engnr Assumption Coll 
h 1959 Arthur rd 

Batzold Wm (Agnes) r 1963 Pillette rd 
Bauchop John emp Dom Forge & Stamping Co Ltd r 
1945 Dacotah dr 

Baudry Wm emp Candn Bridge r 194 Glengarry av 
Bauer Annie (wid Fred) h 1027 Windsor av 
—Bernard drvr & wrehse man Maple Leaf Milling Co 
r 2040 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Chas r 1027 Windsor av * 

— Cora office elk Detroit r 1027 Windsor av 
—Elias (Ellen) emp Cunningham Sheet Metal h 2040 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Elmer F (Mildred) insp Fords h 1810 Buckingham 
dr (Sand E T^p) 

— Gordon (Cecille) drvr Inter-City Forwarders res 

—John N (Alice) elect drftsmn Giffels & VaUet of Can 
Ltd h 1024 Windsor av 

— Lloyd mech's hlpr Inter-City Forwarders r 2040 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Nick (Elisabeth) emp G Bolohan h 1059 Marion av 
— Nick jr app Win Tool & Die r 1059 Marion av 
—Raymond B emp Maple Leaf Milling r 2040 Ford 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Stanley A (Charleen) emp Fords h 1952 Meldrum rd 
Bauerle Andrew tlr Ed Laird h 833 Church 
Baughman Kenneth (Edna) service stn 1219 Wyandotte 
e h 356 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

Baugrend Camille (Lorenda) emp Chryslers r 1316 

Bauld Mathew G (Doreen) drftsmn Candn Bridge h 200 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

Baum Benj (Betty) vice-pres Baum & Brody Ltd h 2177 
Victoria av 

— Chas W (Lee) sec Baum & Brody Ltd h 2133 
Victoria av 


—Jack studt r 2177 Victoria av 
— Robt studt r 2133 Victoria av 

BAUM & BRODY LIMITED, Benjamin Brody 

President and Manager, Benjamin Baum Vice- 
President, Charles W Baum Secretary, Louis 
D Brody Treasurer, Furniture and House Fur- 
nishings, Etc, 188 Ferry, 156 Chatham West, 
Phone 3-3547 

Bauman Frank O (Rita) genl sis mgr John Wyeth & 
Bro h 56 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

Wm (Florence) metal fnshr Fords h 276 Moy av 
Baumert Frank (Annie) emp Dom Forge & Stamping 
h 1094 Lena 

Baumgartner Leo emp Chryslers r 1233 Elsmere av 
—Ruth H sec curative workshop Candn Red Cross 
Society r 1233 Elsmere av 
—Wenzel (Caroline) emp Chryslers h 1233 Elsmere 

Baumont John (Lillian) emp Fords h 1908 Tourangeau 

Baune Ida Mrs h 3450i Wyandotte e 
Bauslaugh Lloyd (Jessie) h 884 Church 
Bawden David F (Helen) trk drvr Win Star h 792 
Partington av 

—Donald emp Walkerville Printing Co Ltd r 1204 
Windermere rd 

—Howard W (Pauline) patternmkr Chryslers h 1204 
Windermere rd 

Bawtenheimer Danl C (Marie) slsmn Baum & Brody 
res R R #1 Roseland 

Bawtinheimer Medesa R (wid Danl C) h 668 Winder- 
mere rd 

Bakter Arthur J (Lynn) acct h 2248 Chilver rd 
—Carl W (Vyra) emp Ambassador Bridge h 238 McKay 

—Chas (Maisie) emp Motor Products Corp h 665 
Felix av 

—Donald elk The Candn Fairbanks Morse Co Ltd 
r 377 Lincoln rd 

—Donald H (Marjory) elk C I L h 3162 Curry av 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Douglas advtg elk Win Star r 824 Dawson rd 
— Effie (wid Archd) h 1170 Windermere rd 
—Henry W (Dorothy) slsmn Consumers Wall Paper h 
83 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

— Herbt pntr h 1731 Everts av (Sand W Twp) 

— Hilda M Mrs sec-treas Consumers Wall Paper Co 
h 73 Esdras pi (R’Side) 


Baxter Owner, Harry R Roberts Manager, Life 
and General Insurance, Room 2, Universal 
Building, 44 Wyandotte East, Phone 3-4275 

—Jack (Toby) emp C P R h 1027 Oak av 
—Jean Mrs (Baxter Insurance Agency) h 825 Kildare 

—John (Hazel) capt Win Fire Dept h 1028 Elm av 

— John A slsmn Consumers Wall Paper res R R #1 

— L Russell (Betty) emp Fords h 971 Curry av 

— M L Ltd (M L Baxter (Toronto) pres Sam J 

Van Flymen mgr sis, rental & service of 
construction equipment 1989 Wyandotte w 
— Margt Mrs h 212, 131 Wyandotte w 
--Marion J nurse Hotel Dieu r 2272 Parkwood av 

— N Allen (Katherine) pres & mgr Consumers Wall 
Paper Co h 2272 Parkwood av 
— Nana (wid Edmund) h 152 Giles blvd w 
— Norman emp Fords r 892 Wyandotte e 
—Robt studt r 824 Dawson rd 

—Robt G (Irene) off mgr McBonell’s Electrical 
Appliances h 377 Lincoln rd 
—Robt G jr (na) sis suprvsr Auto Spec h 60 Hanna e 
— Roger (Madeline) sheet metal wkr Giobe Sheet 
Metal Works h 449 Elliott w 
— Stanley emp Detroit h 824 Dawson rd 

—Stanley V (Elva) emp Ambassador Motors h 1035 
Elm av 

—Susan studt r 825 Kildare rd 
—Walter E (Elizth) pntr & dec h 2, 112 Dougall av 
Bay Wm O (Nellie) emp Crystal Cleaners h 924 
Windsor av 

Bayard Anna E (wid Gilbert) h 2, 706 Marentette av 
—Gilbert A sec Keystone Contractors Ltd h 2, 706 
Marentette av 

Bayer Arthur L pres Windsor Property Management 
Ltd res Detroit 






Alphabetical, White Page 29 


Ed. W. Morris President 


at Lincoln Rd. * 4-5101 at Goyeau St. 


BAYER CO LIMITED, THE, H L Schade President 

and General Manager, Fredk Tilston Vice- 
President and H C Eastman Secretary-Treasurer, 
Aspirin Tablet Manufacturers, 1019 Elliott West, 
Phone 4-9291 

— Harry treas Windsor Property Management Ltd 
res Detroit 

— Joseph emp Chryslers r 2453 Turner rd 
Bayley Chas E (Arthemise) bailiff Seventh Division 
Court h 161 Oak av 

— Geo H (Nelly e G) pres Bayley & Ellis Co Ltd h 484 
Sunset av 

— Harold (Phyllis) office elk Fords h 776 Rankin av 
— Wm studt r 161 Oak av 

— & Ellis Co Ltd Geo H Bayley pres Donald T Ellis 
vice-pres wholesale distributors 
321-323 Sandwich w 

Baylis Clifford W (Marjorie) grinder Fords h 417 
London e 

--Douglas trk drvr Silverwoods r 417 London e 
—Elisha r 658 Mercer 
--Evelyn r 971 McDougall 

—Everett (Gwendolyn) grinder Fords h 77G Mercer 
--John (Hannah) emp Steve Paris h 779£ Mercer 
— Kenneth emp City Engineers Dept h 971 McDougall 
— Margt r 971 McDougall 
--Mary (wid John) h 353 Assumption 
— Morris D (Hazel) emp Walker Metal res R R #4 

—Roy janitor Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines r 
353 Assumption 

Bayliss Clarence D (Marie) emp Walker Metal r 1077 
Windsor av 

Bayne Alex H elk Chryslers r 307, 1338 Ouellette av 
—Isabelle M cash Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) 
h 307, 1338 Ouellette av 
Baynham Alfred C (Bridget) service station 968 
Ottawa h 1043 Raymo rd 

--Alfred J toolroom Motor Products Corp r 1043 
Raymo rd 

--Harold (Marjorie) drvr Diamond Cab h 202 McKay av 
--Jack emp Natl Radiator r 202 McKay av 
Baynton Cletus A (Ruth) emp Detroit h 764 Partington 

— Clifford E (Norma) asst acct Bank of Com h 2333 
Kildare rd 

--Mary J bkpr Empire -Hanna Coal r 764 Partington 

--Wm studt r 764 Partington av 
Bays Bernard (Phyllis) emp Chryslers h 1671 
Norman rd 

--Douglas (Nota) emp Fords h 265 McEwan av 
— Jas S (Shirley) emp Fords h 116 St Mary’s blvd 

— Neil T (Joan) elk Chryslers h 929 Wyandotte e 
— Regd (Louise) slsmn G G McKeough Ltd h 137 
Jefferson blvd (R'Side) 

--Victor r 549 Niagara 

Baytaluk Josephine (Vanity Dance Studio) r 531 
London w 

—Leo (Mary) (Leo's Shoe Repair) h 531 London w 
Bayton Chas r 933 Campbell av 
--Mary E decorator h 933 Campbell av 
Baz Alex (Edith) (Al’s Auto Service) r 1321 Bernard 

—Fred (Mary) attdt Al's Auto Service r 1735 
Benjamin av 

Bazaire Louis (Edith) insp Fords h (rear) 1059 Erie e 
Bazaluk Michael emp Fords r 1347 Pierre av 
Bazan John emp Gotfredsons r 1855 Albert rd 
Bazeire Danl h 805 Erie e 

Bazelwicz Valerie emp Windsor Laundry r 1332 Hall 

Bazinet Emile (Doris) carp Sterling Constn h 280 
Ford blvd (R'Side) 

—Geo (Doreen) emp Truscon Steel h 797 Pierre av 
—Paul E (Phyllis) boiler mkr Romeo Mach Shop r 280 
Ford blvd (R’Side) 

Bazlik Steve (Olga) stkmn Chryslers h 2273 Meldrum 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Victor emp Fords r 2273 Meldrum rd (Sand E Twp) 
Bazzetta Ann r 440 Giles blvd e 

Bea Frank (Mildred) driller C I L h 2368 Mercer 


Beach Geo (Pearl) emp Fords h 1114 Wellington av 
--Jas emp Checker Cab r 694 Randolph av 
--John (Grace) emp Fords h 361 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

--Wm (Florence) emp Fords h 1226 Labadie rd 
Beacom Ernest A (Alice) emp NYC Rly h 1678 
Pillette rd 

Beacon Ray die cast mach opr Great Lakes Die 
Casting res RR#4 Leamington 
— Wm h 1533 Moy av 

Beadle Jessie emp Guarantee Cleaners r 2673 Turner 

Beadon Sydney (M Louise) emp Fords h 1127 Parting- 
ton av 

Beadow Alfred C (Jean) clutch assmblr Long Mfg res 
R R #3 Amherstburg 

— Victor mach Viking Pump r 197 Spring Garden rd 
(Sand W Twp) 

Beahan Francis (Jean) emp Fords h 532 Marentette av 
--Jas (Nettie) emp Fords h 1237 Hickory rd 
— Jas C (Jean) emp Fords h 1595 Olive rd 
— Julia nurse Geo G George res Maidstone 
—Margt (wid Wm) h 591 Shepherd e 
--Wm (Frances) drvr McGaffrey Transport h 1165 
Lincoln rd 

Beal Geo emp Champion Spark Plug r 943-7 Ottawa 
--John emp Champion Spark Plug r 943-7 Ottawa 
Beale Dick janitor Arcade Hotel r 1353 Wyandotte e 
—Thos P (Helen) wrehsemn C P Exp h 1260 Oak av 
Beall Constance h 407 , 4 30 Giles blvd w 
—Helen cash C H Smith Co r 462 Logan av 
—Helen Mrs janitress J E Benson Schl h 462 Logan av 
Beally Ernie (Jean) emp Fords h 1091 Marentette av 
Beals Harry (Florence) emp Highway Furn h 604 
St Paul (R Park) 

Beaman Ronald (Naomi) emp Dinsmore-Mclntire Ltd 
h 4028 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Beamer Earl J (Helen) mech Angelo’s Service h 630 
Park av 

Bean Annie r 954 Hall av 
—Florence (wid Chas) r 749 Chilver rd 
--Harold W (Doris) emp Fords h 1826 Arthur rd 
--Wesley E (Alta) customs appr Customs and Excise 
h 1357 Moy av 

Beanlian Armand emp Fords r 444 Crawford av 
--Clifford emp Fords r 444 Crawford av 
Bear Benj r 742 Victoria av 
— Eliza (wid Jas) r 1616 Bruce av 
—Frank (Rose) emp Stokley’s h 415 Partington av 
— G C Co (Grover C & Grover C jr Bear) bakers 
supplies 2597 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

— Grover C jr (G C Bear Co) h 2337 Moy av 
--Grover C (Gladys) (G C Bear Co) res Detroit 
— Lawrence (Joanne) app mech Noble Duff Garage 
r 446 Chatham e 

— Madeleine H library asst Willistead Pub Library 
r 1468 Dufferin pi 

— Robt (Joyce) emp Detroit h 1674 Pelissier 
— Wm C (Ileen) elk County Registry Office r 1042 
Moy av 


LaSalle Lead Products Ltd, E J Bensette General 
Manager, L V Bensette Assistant General Manager, 
Rene Brisbois Sales and Service Manager, Battery 
Manufacturing, Sales and Service, Tires and Vul- 
canizing, 680-696 Wyandotte East, Phone 3-6353 
(See adv back cover) 

Beard Austin L (Mabel) constable Ont Provincial 
Police Windsor Detachment h 3593 Queen 
— Harwood slsmn Protective Coatings Co r 1534 
Elsmere av 

Beardmore Albt C (Elizth) emp Candn Bridge) h 2377 
Woodlawn av 

— Harold (Marjorie) collector Natl Revenue h 315, 

1616 Ouellette av 

Beare Fred M (Eleanor) emp Truscon Steel h 3421 

Bearhope Robt M (Isabelle) emp Fords h 1457 Bernard 

— Robt W (Elizth) emp Fords h 117 St Louis av (R’Side) 
Bearman Clara elk Stand Laundry r 1227 Dougall av 
—Clara (wid Fred) h 1227 Dougall av 
--Fred studt r 1227 Dougall av 

• 30 — 

finr imaauaszi 



1010 London Si. West .... Phone 4-6456 


—Thos R (Florence) engnr Burroughs Mach h 416 
Pine w 

—Valerie elk Bank of Com r 1227 Dougall av 
— Wm slsmn Stand Laundry r 1227 Dougall av 
Bearor Maude h 827 Monmouth rd 
Bearse Maxwell tnsmth’s hlpr Price Air Conditioning 
Co Ltd 

Bearss Ethel L (wid Roland S) h 1436 Goyeau 
Beasley Chas (Edith) foremn Colonial Tool res R R #1 
Belle River 

--Doris M elk Loblaws r 935 Goyeau 

—Jean E tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl r 221 Mill 

—Lillian (wid Wm J) h 221 Mill 

—Ronald W (Janet) h 116 Virginia av (R’Side) 

Beasse Ernest r 604 William (R Park) 

— Lucienne emp Remington Provisions r 2446 George 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Pierre (Marie L) (Remington Provisions) h 604 
William (R Park) 

Beaten Donald (Shirley) emp Traub Co r 665 Dougall av 
Beaton Alex emp Truscon Steel r 1067 Drouillard rd 
--Alex erection man Windsor Metal Fabricators r 
544 Assumption 

--Eleanor customs elk W H Adams r 1835 Gladstone av 
--Eve r 338 Josephine av 
—Geo (Louise) emp Detroit h 1835 Gladstone av 
—Geo (Annie) emp Detroit h 160 Prado pi (R’Side) 
—Geo studt r 1235 Sandwich e 
—Hector erection man Windsor Metal Fabricators r 
544 Assumption 

—Jack emp Candn Auto Trim r 1230 Pierre av 
— Jas F (Lena) mach Fords h 1230 Pierre av 
—Joan beautician Au Cott Beauty Salon res La Salle 
—Joan stenog DeVilbiss Mfg r 1835 Gladstone av 
—John emp Chryslers r 2383 Parent av 
--Mary Mrs r 667 McKay av 
— Neil M (Almeda) h 920 Windermere rd 
— Robt I (M Elizth) service mgr A Whitley Ltd h 1850 
Larkin rd 

— Robt J (Ella) h 967 Marion av 
—Theresa C emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 544 
--W r 892 Wyandotte e 
— Walter D r 920 Windermere rd 
— Winnifred Mrs hsekpr r 2383 Parent av 
Beatrice Terrace apts 460-72 Logan av 
♦Beattie see also Beatty 

— Arthur (Stella) group leader & mach repairmn 
McCord Corp h 1076 Janette av 
— David (Rose) emp Fords h 1785 Tourangeau rd 
— Elizth r 1076 Janette av 
—Elizth emp Detroit r 112 John M (R’Side) 

—Elsie (wid Peter) h 226 Glidden av (R’Side) 

—Ethel T tchr King George Schl h 1219 Lincoln rd 
—Hugh M (Julia) reporter Win Credit Bureau h 261 
Virginia av (R'Side) 

—Irene (wid Wm) h 112 John M (R'Side) 

--Jas (Ferannde) emp Chryslers h 1, 2682 Richmond 
—Jas (Muriel) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1562 
Tourangeau rd 

—Jane (wid Wm) r 1233 Bruce av 
— John J emp Fords h 1233 Bruce av 
— Kate r 4, 1315 Niagara 
—Lindsay (lone) emp Fords h 420 Josephine av 
— Moyna stenog Sterling Drug r 226 Glidden av 

— Nora r 164 Parent av 

— Norine D stenog Kaiser-Frazer h 4, 1315 Niagara 
—Ronald emp Gotfredsons r 1850 Cadillac 
— Ronald J (Jeanne) mach opr Fords h 1760 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Sherman J (Muriel) emp S W & A Rly h 1689 
Dougall av 

—Stanley emp Detroit r 112 John M (R’Side) 

—Thos C (Katherine) caretkr Win Star h 216 Lauzon 
rd (R’Side) 

— Wm (Jean) acct Omer W Cox r 539 Church 
♦Beatty see also Beattie 

— Albt C (M Vivian) sec J H Ryder Machinery Co Ltd 
h 1828 Labadie rd 

—Bernice emp Genl Foods r 729 Huron Line 
--Cecil R emp Fords r 937 Goyeau 


—Clair W (Doreen) mgr H D Thomson Motors h 1539 
Hall av 

— Jean nurse Fred Adams Hospital r 2243 Byng rd 
— Malcolm elk Champion Spark Plug r 1971 
Westcott rd 

--Marjorie emp Bell Tel r 929 Elm av r 

— Mary (wid Malcolm) r 1971 Westcott rd 
—Ralph emp Hydro h 729 Huron Line 
— Vida (wid Kenneth) h 937 Goyeau 
--Washer Stores (Max Lewin) electrical appliances, 
sales & service 675 Ouellette av and 715-717 
Wyandotte e 

Beaubien Edwin (Rosalind) r 1824 Aubin rd 
Beaucage Shiela wtrs Walkerville Grill r 247 Langlois 

Beauchamp Albt wrehsemn Can Storage Co Ltd res 
Dougall rd 

--Alice prsr Qiiality Cleaners r 340 Goyeau 
--Bernard emp CNR r 827 Pierre av 
—Ernest (Anne) shpr Meretsky & Gitlin r 1, 543 

— Eva h 1761 Howard av 
—Fred (Laura) foremn Fords h 929 Marion av 
— Henry (Florence) spray pntr Murphy Paint r 
Ronald (Rose land) 

--Ivan emp Guilbeault Service r Baby Park, Dougall av 
— Jacqueline emp Capitol Theatre r 827 Pierre av 
— Jeannine cash Loblaws r 827 Pierre av 
—Luc Ule Mrs sis elk C H Smith Co Ltd h 1, 543 

—Pat (Evelyn) emp Fords h 2608 Tourangeau rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Rene (Evelyn) h 737 St Luke rd 
—Roger perm force r 827 Pierre av 
—Thos E (Kathleen) engraver Win Star h 901 Gladstone 
avenue * 

—Victor (May) emp Fords h 827 Pierre av 
Beauchemin Marcel (Vida) internal grinder & hole 
lapper Colonial Tool h 1169 Marion av 
Beauchesne Claude emp Chryslers h 237 Campbell av 
—Herman emp Penberthy Injector r 1370 Moy av 
—Lea Mrs smstrs Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow r 1231 
Gladstone av 

—Ray (Phyllis) emp Lang & Jewell r 1114 London e 
Beaudet Edwd G emp Fords r 908 Dawson rd 
— Leo D emp Fords h 908 Dawson rd 
—Leonard firemn Win Fire Dept r 908 Dawson rd 
— Wilfred (Mary Louise) emp Detroit h 2476 
Princess av (Sand E Twp) 

Beaudette Conrad emp Chryslers r 1133 Drouillard rd 
Beaudin Jean L (Marie R) emp Walker Metal r 571 
Sandwich e 

--Peter (Helena) emp Fords h 314 Josephine av 
Beaudion Joseph (Helen) emp Chryslers h 2306 Chari 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Philimon emp Ont Hydro r 1273 Albert rd 
—Theodore barber Norton Palmer Barber Shop r 542 
Caron av 

Beaudoin Aimon (Olive) emp Fords r 2242 Elsmere av 
— Bernadette r 476 Janette av 
— Clifford J emp Webster Motors (Windsor) r 2463 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Clinton car attdt Auto Mart Ltd r 2463 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Clyde (Mary) fireman Wabash Car Ferries h 1185 

— Danl (Mabel) emp Fords h 2242 Elsmere av 
—Della (wid Henry) h 2463 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Earl (Ethel) emp Fords h 2, 1225 Monmouth rd 
— Ernest mach mldr Walker Metal res Amherstburg 
— Frank (Loretta) emp Chryslers r 958 Louis av 
—Gerald emp Gotfredsons r 1, 2682 Richmond 
— Gilles (Rita) emp Fords h 770 Church 
—Harvey R (Waters & Beaudoin) h 2456 Westminster av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Helen r 1171 Dougall av 
--Jas meat ctr A & P Tea Co h 3845 Glendale av 
— Jeanette typist Webster Motors (Windsor) res River 

—Jerry (Margt) caretkr T J Eansor & Sons h 3238 

— John M (Loretta M) assessor City Assess Dept h 1346 
Partington av 

Alphabetical, White Page 31 



— Joseph (Veronica) carp Hotel Dieu h 1424 Arthur rd 
— Laurent servicemn LaSalle Lead Products r 501 
Parent av 

--Leo C (Julia) emp Truscon Steel h 1, 1080 
Drouillard rd 

— Lionel (Juliette) emp Fords r 554 Dougall av 
— Lloyd (Anne) acct Social Services Dept h 245 Curry 

— Merl F (Ruth) emp Fords h 260 St Louis av (R’Side) 

— Norman r 3238 Edison av 
—Ray (Victoria) emp C I L h 723 Bruce av 
--Robt (Eleanor) emp Chryslers h 188 McKay av 
— Theodore (Eva) barber Norton-Palmer Barber Shop 
— Wallace J (Dora) (Reliance Auto Service) h 1580 
Tecumseh blvd w 

Beaudry Albt (Myra) emp Candn Bridge h 779 Argyle rd 
—Donald (Florence) emp Candn Bridge h 1058 Hall av 
— Henry emp Chryslers r 461 Bruce av 
— Lewis E (Ruby) emp Candn Bridge h 1551 Langlois 

—Lilian h 194 Glengarry av 
— Wm L emp Candn Bridge r 194 Glengarry av 
Beaugrand Arthur W (Madeline) trimmer Chryslers 
h 1355 Shepherd e 

— Chas (Almina) metal fnshr Chryslers h 349 Frank 
av (R’Side) 

--Doris priv sec White Contracting Co Ltd r 1677 
Els mere av 

—Ernest (Bella) wtchmn Northern Crane & Hoist 
h 511 St Joseph 

— Ernestine elk Bowman -Anthony r 562 Brock 
— Helaire (Regina) bench hand Fraser Box & Lumber 
h 1655 Highland av 

—Jas (Diana) emp Fords h 1527 Windermere rd 
— Jas (Marie) emp O’Keefe's Brewery h 1441 
Hickory rd 

--Jeanette counter girl Norton Palmer Hotel r 511 
St Joseph 

--Jeanne emp Fords r 1019 Elm av 
--Joseph (Mary) emp Fords h 562 Brock 
--Jos bkr Rowland & O'Brien h 308, 435 Pitt w 
--Jos (Mary) emp Welles Corp h 1009 Albert rd 
—Leo firemn Northern Crane & Hoist Works h 
Baby Park, Dougall av 

— Margt counter girl Norton Palmer Hotel r 571 
Dougall av 

— Oliver (Eileen) emp Wonder Bakeries h 1019 Elm av 
— Paul emp Windsor Beverage r 1441 Hickory rd 
—Raymond (Alice) h 1677 Elsmere av 
— Raymond shpr Candn Auto Trim r 1019 Elm av 
—Sylvia r 1708 Pillette rd 

— Walter (Ellen) emp Walker Metal res S Woods lee 
Beaul Marron (Louise) emp Fords h 1003 Josephine 

—Stanley O (Muriel) emp C I L h 3739 Vaughan 
Beaulac Fernand (Mary) emp Trailmobile h 523 
St Joseph 

Beaule Arthur (Cecile) carp h 1374 Langlois av 
Beaulieu Albt T emp Fords h 718 Brock 
--Alfred (Clara) emp Fords h 267 Drouillard rd 
— Andrew A emp Candn Bridge r 842 Assumption 
—Arthur r 2746 Howard av (R Park) 

— Delia (wid Albt) h 842 Assumption 
— Elmer (Alice) emp Candn Auto Trim r 718 Brock 
— Geo drvr Vet Cab r 175 Janette av 
— Jeanne M cost elk Bendix-Eclipse r 842 Assumption 
— Leonard r 267 Drouillard rd 
--Louis (Kathleen) r 1219 College av 
—Louis A (Evangeline) emp Ryan Const h 518 
Josephine av 

— Napol^Jn (Alfredage) carp h 2404 Reaume rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Napoleon (Hedwidge) emp Fords h 547 Janette av 
— Omer pntr r 452 Pelissier 

— Robt (Evelyn) emp Candn Sirocco Co r 1360 St Luke 

— Zephirin (Rita) h 1064 Marion av 
Beaulive Jerry (Clare) emp Chryslers r 2266 Melghen 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Beaumes Mary M acct h 1601 Victoria av 
— Tina tchr h 1601 Victoria av 
Beaumont Chas W (Chrystobel) mach Fords h 3915 
Wyandotte e 

—Chris (Fern) emp Chryslers h 13, 655 Chilver rd 
--Diana bkpr Pithie Electric Co r 3915 Wyandotte e 
—Edwin (May) trk drvr Chryslers h 1670 Pelissier 
— Frank W (Clara) emp Fords h 1134 Mercer 
— Gerald r 3915 Wyandotte e 

— Harold (Leona) emp Western Freight r 1222 Moy av 
— June slsldy Brown’s Silk Shoppes Ltd 
— Marie h 467 Dougall av 

— Raymond (Mabel) emp Chryslers h 1755 Hall av 
— Richd (Nellie) staty engnr Victoria Schl h 1376 

Dougall av 

— Wm (June) dealer Airway Distributors of Ont h 
1040 Lincoln rd 

— Wm A (Helen) dispatcher Consolidated Truck Lines 
h 1222 Moy av 

Beaune Claire nurse Metro Genl Hosp r 825 Belle 
Isle av 

— Edwd C (Marion) btehr Langlois Market h 825 
Belle Isle av 

— Eva E typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 825 Belle Isle 

— Lawrence V (Grace) emp Lang & Jewell h 909 Louis 

— Leo studt r 825 Belle Isle av 
—Marie elk Laura Secord Shop r 825 Belle Isle av 
— Orpha (wid Fred) r 1219 Hall av 
--Peter emp Chryslers r 2939 Sandwich e 
— Raymond (Delores) emp Fords h 1843 George av 
Beauparlant Madiline r 357 Josephine av 
— Mederic (Bernadette) emp Fords h 357 Josephine av 
— Mederic jr emp Martin’s Beverages r 357 Josephine 

— Theresa emp Packers Super Markets r 357 
J osephine av 

Beaupre Georgina (wid Wilfred) r 121 Homedale blvd 

— Jule (Deneye) emp Chryslers h 1321 Shepherd e 
— Leo (Alberine) emp Chryslers h 1066 Partington av 
— Leo (Florence) emp Gotfredsons h 234 Brock 
— Leon J (Fleurang) emp Gotfredsons h 541 Belle Isle 
View blvd (R’Side) 

—Loretta elk Unemploy Ins Comm r 422 Erie e 
—Madeline acct Assumption Coll r 121 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

Beauseigle Fred r 461 Bruce av 
Beausejour Mose h 1134 Albert rd 
Beausoleil Adelle (wid Al) r 855 Jos Janisse av 
— Alphonse (Lorraine) slsmn Can Bread h 1055 Hall av 
— Armand emp Genl Motors r 522 Hall av 
--Beatrice hrdrssr Campbell’s Barber & Beauty 
Shop r 1130 Langlois av 
--Cecile (wid Andre) h 1130 Langlois av 
— Edwd emp Parks Dept h 1378 Erie e 
—Eleanor typist Chryslers r 1055 Hall av 
—Ernest toolmkr Fords h 876 Strabane av 
— Harry I (Edith) (Harry Beausoleil’s Swank Shop) h 
2383 Gladstone av 

—Janet elk Taylor's Market res Tecumseh 
— John emp Detroit r 855 Jos Janisse av 
— Laure (wid Israel) h 522 Hall av 
— laurent studt r 1055 Hall av 
— Marie J elk L A Young Industries r 1055 Hall av 
--Maurice (Theodora) slsmn Silverwood’s h 893 
Lawrence rd 

--Sarah mach opr L A Young Industries r 1378 Erie e 
--Victor r 1378 Erie e 

Beausoleil’s Harry Swank Shop (Harry Beausoleil) 
men’s furnishings 1638-1646 Ottawa 
Beausoliel Odilon (Rose) emp Chryslers h 2033 Fern- 
dale av (Sand E Twp) 

--Yvette studt r 855 Jos Janisse av 
Beauty Box (Mrs Margt Forsythe) 911 Wyandotte 


LIMITED/ Mrs H W Johnston President, Mrs 
Lillian G Mann (Montreal) Vice-President, 
Norton S Walbridge Treasurer, William 
Essery Secretary, Cosmetics, 1st Floor, 

Walker Power Building, 258 Chilver Road 
Phone 4-5077 

Beauvais Aline A inventory control elk J T Wing & Co 
r 848 London e 

— Arlene bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 911 Albert rd 
— Arthur (Laura) barber 2753 Charles h 911 Albert 

— John (Helen) emp Fords h 2348 Gladstone av 
Beaver Jas H (Edith) emp Fords h 2302 Dominion blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Lumber Co Ltd (Windsor Branch) H I Gorrell mgr 
lumber & supplies 2324 Walker rd 
— Oil Co (Clarence Stephens) 1597 Howard av 
Beavis Jas (Calvina) customs & excise officer Natl 
Revenue h 1929 Ellrose av 
--Jas J emp Fords r 437 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 
Bebensee Norman H (Annette) elect Fords h 1752 
George av 

Bee Anthony (Mary) emp Fords h 1425 Langlois av 
— Ted drvr John Gilchrist Bakery Ltd r 1425 Langlois 
Becchio Joseph (Cenerina) h 986 Langlois av 
Bechamp Simon (Annie) emp Fords h 278 Strabane av 
Bechard Alfred (Blanche) (Bechard & Sons) h 1682 
Highland av 

- 32 — 

j^gsBasBasaag -- ^ a^aaa^aasaa 



--Arthur (Zoe) emp Fords h 3, 826 Ellrose av 
—Blanche stenog Selfast Dry Goods r 1081 Drouillard 

—Clarence bkr Lyttle's r 3471 Harris 
— Clarence (Helen) emp Fords h 1279 Albert rd 
--Clifford bkr’s hlpr Can Bread r 442 St Thomas 

--Donne (Bella) emp Fords h 910 St Luke rd 
—Eli (RoseJ mach Fords h 1088 Cadillac 
—Florence r 3471 Harris 
—Fred (Freda) drvr Fords h 1179 Albert rd 
— Fredk (Bechard & Sons) r 264 Pierre av 
—Harvey M (Eleanor) emp Fords h 1220 Oak av 
^-Hector (Margt) emp Fords h 1658 Arthur rd 
— Henry M (Beatrice) emp Truscon Steel h 108l£ 
Drouillard rd 

—Lawrence (Ruth) mech Royal Win Garage h 3471 

— Leda (wid Donat) h 3422 Little River rd (R'Side) 

— Norman r 1179 Albert rd 
— Oliver (Cecile) emp Fords h 888 Drouillard rd 
--Paul (Rita) emp Fords h 2234 Reaume rd (Sand E 

—Romeo (Stella) emp Chryslers h (rear) 266 Wyandotte 

--Rosalie elk Up-To-Date Market r 1081 Drouillard 

—Rose Mrs r 888 Drouillard rd 
— Stanley (Bechard & Sons) r 1682 Highland av 
—Terrance (Bechard & Sons) r 1682 Highland av 
— Victor (Mary) emp Woodall Construction h 919 

— Wm emp Fords r 496 Goyeau 

— Wm roofer Reliable Roofing & Insulating Co h 1015 
Albert rd 

Sons (Terrance, Stanley, Fredk & Alfred Bechard) 
contr (floor sanding) 1682 Highland av 
Becic Anna emp Auto Specialties h 1726 Albert rd 
--John drftsmn Win Tool & Die r 1726 Albert rd 
—Steve (Grace) emp Fords r 926 Curry av 
. Becigneul Aline emp Hotel Dieu r 3175 Peter 
— Gerrard emp Trailmobile r 242 Brock 
--Josephine r 3130 Wyandotte w 
—Louis (Lucille) emp Fords h 242 Brock 
—Lucie elk Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r 3175 

—Raymond J engnr Candn Sirocco Co r 242 Brock 
--Rose (wid Adolph) h 3175 Peter 
Beck Alfred (Margt) emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 
1885 Francois rd 

—Alfred (Nora) mach Dom Forge & Stamping h 284 
Pierre av 

—Andrew (Anna) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 2317 
Louis av 

--Andrew studt r 2317 Louis av 
— Annie Mrs r 126 Curry av 
— Florence (wid Geo) h 478 McDougall 
— Geo C (Mildred) emp Fords h 1081 Church 
—Jas (Nancy) emp Detroit h 1357 Victoria av 
—John emp Chryslers h 1444 Drouillard rd 
—Kenneth (Delia) timekpr Kelsey Wheel h 754 Camp- 
bell av 

--Lester r 648 Cataraqui 

--Lloyd emp Candn Bridge r 2820 Tourangeau rd 
— Russell H (Romaine) emp Dom Forge & Stamping 
h 2582 Turner rd 

—Sami (Rachel) wtchmn Fords h 492 Pine w 
—Stephen B (Henrietta) emp Detroit h 357 Parent av 
— Valentine (Barbara) trk drvr Mfg Plating h 1665 
Windsor av 

—Victoria L A sis elk Federal Stores r 2820 
Tourangeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Isabella) emp S W & A Rly h 126 Curry av 
— Wm L lab Elcombe Engineering Ltd r 2820 
Tourangeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

Becker Frank J (Rose K) h 2624 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 
— John (Margt) h 2340 Mercer 

Beckerson Cecil R (Marguerite) asst mgr Williams & 
Wilson Ltd h 851 Wellington. av 
— E Miss office mgrss Sherman Laboratories h 551 

—Lester E (Nellie) lineman Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 1193 Howard av 

Beckett Bert (Agnes) emp S W & A Rly h 408, 274 
Giles blvd w 

— Brien (Gladys) emp Chryslers h 1778 Cadillac 
— Clarence (Bernadette) (Arcadian Press Ltd) res 

--Clarence (Mary) emp Fords h 992 Lincoln rd 
— Clarence E (Maribel) emp Fords r 1342 Dougall av 
--Douglas E (Helen) emp Gotfredsons h 1342 Dougall 

— Edwd (Aleda) emp Bell Tel h 1479 Dougall av 
— Elmlre (wid Wm) h 1609 Westcott rd 

--Gerald T (Madeline) mach opr Fords r 891 Moy av 
—Harold C (Josephine) architect 22, 52 Chatham w 
h 37 Jefferson blvd (R’Sid6) 

— John R studt r 37 Jefferson blvd (R'Side) 

— Marion bkpr Modernaire Ltd r 1681 Lincoln rd 
— Martin r 1609 Westcott rd 
— Philip W (Frances) h 776 Janette av 
— Raymond constable Ont Prov Police Windsor 
Detachment res R R #1 Belle River 
— Thos (Barbara) toolmkr Fords r 908 Oak av 
— Vern (Ada) emp Detroit h 1685 Westcott rd 
--Warren F (Annie) carp Fords h 1938 Buckingham 
dr (Sand E Twp) 

Beckitch Sam r 1652 Cadillac 
Beckley Albt emp Detroit r 697 Ouellette av 
--Fredrick (Sophie) emp Dept Transp-Aviation Div 
h 3727 Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Fredk S (Joan) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 1807 Oneida 

Beckner Christopher (Ida) prntr Win Star h 1333 Bruce 

— Gertrude clerical asst John Wyeth & Bro r 1333 
Bruce av 

— Robt A elk groc A & P r 1333 Bruce av 
Bedard Adolph (Esther) emp Chryslers h 1371 
Benjamin av 

—Alfred r 2470 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Alfred (Cecile) emp Fords h 2216 Ontario 
—Alphonse (Georgina) asst mgr Singer Sewing Machine 
Co r 3835 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

— Arthur (Adeline) emp Chryslers h 658 Windsor av 
— Arthur jr emp Detroit & Windsor Tunnel r 658 
Windsor av 

— August emp Kelsey Whe^ 1 Co r 1158 Langlois av 
— Benedict emp Chryslers r 934 St Luke rd 
— Bernadine assmblr L A Young Industries r 2383 
Els me re av 

—Burns E (Vida) elk CGE h 201, 29 Giles blvd w 
—Clement emp Fords r 934 St Luke rd 
—Donald tchr St Jules Schl r 2020 Olive rd 
— Fernand emp Fords r 353 Sandwich e 
—Jean emp Fords r 944 Marentette av 
--Jean M (Marjorie) supt Windsor Painting & Decorat- 
ing h 148 London e 
--John emp Detroit r 494 Bruce av 
--John meat mgr Loblaws r 578 Pelissier 
--Joseph (Ethel) emp Detroit h 494 Bruce av 
--Joseph M (Leonne) emp Detroit h 1462 Erie e 
--Leo (Inez) emp Sterling Construction h 2546 Howard 
av (R Park) 

—Leo C emp Chryslers r 1371 Benjamin av 
— Louis (Ubalda) h 623 Edinborough (R Park) 

— Louis A (Yvonne) dairymn Borden Co h 2470 St Louis 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Marilyn opr Sterling Drug r 2470 St Louis av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Milton (Eva) foremn McCord Corp h 2297 Louis av 
—Patrick A (Helen) slsmn Borden Co h 1751 Labadie 

— Paul emp Gotfredsons r 975 Albert rd 
—Paul (Eleta) emp Sterling Construction h 2504 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Regis (Armondin) dir Airway Distributor of Ont h 
2383 Elsmere av 

— Roger emp Fords r 623 Edinborough (R Park) 

— Roland perm force r 944 Marentette av 
— Seraphine emp Candn Auto Trim r 944 Marentette av 
— Simon (Laurenza) emp Jeff Kearns Co h 944 
Marentette av 

— Simon jr mach opr L A Young Industries r 944 
Marentette av 

— Stanislaus (Vera) carp h 582 Irvine av 
— Stanley carp r 1566 Lillian 

— Sylvio (Eleanor) trk drvr Gotfredsons r 1606 West- 
minster av (Sand E Twp) 

— Thereasa emp Champion Spark Plug r 944 
Marentette av 

— Wm emp Bendix- Eclipse r 2216 Ontario 
Bedell Beverly compt opr Chryslers r 828 California 

— Clayton (Evelyn) emp Downtown Chev & Olds mobile 
h 828 California av 

Bednarick Louis J (Madeline) buyer Bendix- Eclipse 
h 1814 Ellrose av 

Bednarik Joseph (Anne) emp Fords h 1360 Benjamin 

Bednarski Jennie typist Win Lumber r 624 Hildegarde 
(R Park) 

— Mary (wid Valentine) h 624 Hildegarde (R Park) 

— Stanley (Anna) emp Auto Specialties h 1584 Albert 

Bednarz Mary (wid Joseph) r 1037 Marion av 
Bedore Earl (Jean) emp Chryslers h 1644 Marentette 

Alphabetical, White Page 33 


Complete Line of Builders' Supplies 
Ryancrete Blocks — Ready Mixed Concrete 
210 DETROIT STREET - - PHONE — 4-3271 


Bedran Paul r 518‘Goyeau 
Beduz Leona Mrs emp Backstay Standard r 511 

--Peter (Albina) h 1280 Elsmere av 
Bedy Lucien (Yvette) emp Stand Fndry h 868 St Luke 

Bee & Cee Recreation (R Cullen) billiard parlor 1092 
Felix av 

Beebe Ernest C h 2271 Dougall av 
— Marianne L elk Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd r 227 1 
Dougall av 

— Noreen B stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 2271 
Dougall av 

Beechey Fredk J (Eva) emp Detroit h 763 Randolph av 
— Jack (Betty) mech h 1228 Albert rd 
Beecroft Albt (Thelma) h 575 Caron av 
—Carl L (Shirley) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1925 
Ellrose av 

— Dorene Mrs information desk C H Smith h 3152 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Edwd (Joan) spec exciseman Customs & Excise h 
822 Campbell av 

— Florence (wid Wm) r 1352 Elsmere av 
--Frank R (Grace M) mach Win Star h 726 Partington 

—Gertrude Mrs emp Heather Bell Fish & Chips h 40 
Shepherd e 

— Robt emp Fords r 144 1 Gladstone av 
— Thos (Frances) emp Fords h 1441 Gladstone av 
--Wm emp Fords h 649 Cataraqui 
Beedle Chas A (Jessie) furnace tender Win Brass 
Wks h 2673 Turner rd 

--Wilfred C emp Motor Products Corp res LaSalle 
Bee-Lov-Lee Beauty Salon (Corinne Morrison) 255 
Tecumseh blvd w 

Beemer Cecil L (Violet) foremn Ont Hydro h 1534 

—Donald (Agnes) refrig div Purity Dairies h 1955 
Central av 

--Edwin trucker Confed Coal & Coke r 545 Church 
--Irene (wid Geo) h 574 Hildegarde (R Park) 

— K Ray emp Fords r 1534 Church 
— Lester opr Motor Products Corp r 5755 Howard av 
(R Park) 

--Morgan (Adah) emp Chryslers h 514 Church 
--Murray emp Kelsey Wheel r 1534 Church 
--Russell (Lillian) emp Fords h 3525 Barrymore Lane 
— Warren E (Margt) elk Windsor Electric Co h 12, 

139 Sandwich e 

Beenakker Anthony (Helen) emp Fords h 826 Brant 
Beer Donald mgr Essex Golf & Country Club r 1019 
Curry av 

— Edith L (wid Fredk L) h 1019,, Curry av 
—Geo A emp S W & A Rly r 1603 Pillette rd 
— Queenie h 815 Moy av 

—Robt (Blanche) drvr E W Lancaster Co h 1857 West- 
cott rd 

Beers Mayde C bkpr Bartlet, Braid, Richardes, 
Dickson & Jessup h 728 Victoria av 
Beesley Ethel emp Windsor Textile Co r 385 Erie w 
Beeson Leonard (Margt) emp Fords h 1333 Sandwich 

Beeston Albt E (Hilda) sis mgr Lake Erie Coal Co Ltd 
h 728 Rankin av 

— Wm (Alberta) r 728 Rankin av 
Beetenson Olive shipping room elk Beauty Counselors 
of Can r Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

Beetham Julia wtrs Uneeda Snack Bar r 1673 Elsmere 

Beeton J Harmon (Anna) emp Truscon Steel h 1930 
Labadie rd 

Begbie Alfred V (Mary L) tool & die mkr Fords h 312 
Glidden av (R’Side) 

— Lyle shpr’s hlpr Electroline Mfg Co Ltd r 312 
Glidden av (R Side) 

Beger Bruno E (Alberta) dept mgr Bartlet, Macdonald 
& Gow Ltd h 541 Grove av 

— Earl J uphol Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow r 541 Grove 

— Edgar E (Lillian) emp Chryslers h 121 Shepherd e 
—Joanne studt r 121 Shepherd e 
— Regd (Helen) emp Fords h 948 Lillian 
Begg Wm (Christina) emp Fords h 1115 Windsor av 
Beggs Eleanor r 1087 Windermere rd 

— Fred wtr Driving Park Hotel res Baby Park 
—Kay emp Somerville Paper Box h 1081 Sandwich e 
Begin Donald (Virginia) emp Fords h 852 St Luke rd 
--Ferdinand (Florence) emp Fords h 1415 Central av 
— Gaudias prntr Curtis Co h 413 Prado pi (R’Side) 
Begley Edith (wid Frank) h 1559 Gladstone av 
— Herbt (Reta) firemn'Win Fire Dept h 1559 Gladstone 
_ avenue 

Behn Pearl nurse Chryslers r 441 McKay av 
Behune Danl (Jennie) emp Chryslers h 1141 Albert rd 
Beim Geo (Sinowia) emp Fords h 1049 Pelissier 
—Geo jr emp Fords r 1049 Pelissier 
—Kay emp The Standard Stone Co Ltd r 1049 Pelissier 
— Sophie steneg J D Branch Lumber r 1049 Pelissier 
--Steven emp Fords r 1049 Pelissier 
Beirnes G Wesley (Ellen) television techn Waddell’s 
Sound & Radio h 369 Prado pi (R'Side) 

Beitler Fred (Olga) h 805 Janette av 
— Richd (Jean) emp Fords h 803 Janette av 
— Walter r 805 Janette av 

Beke Steve (Barbara) lab Genl Motors h 1751 Parent av 
— Stephen J messr Hiram Walker & Sons r 1751 
Parent av 

—Valerie emp Champion Spark Plugs r 1751 Parent 

Bekeja John (Margt) emp Fords r 968 Albert rd 
Bekesinski Tadeusz lab Electroline Mfg Co Ltd r 1059 
Marion av 

Bekke Gunvor Mrs slsldy Bartlet, Macdonald & Gow 
h 1240 Howard av 

Belair Alice (wid Albt) r 731 California av 
—Herman (Rita) emp Chryslers h 731 California av 
--Joan assmblr Genl Fireguard Corp r 466 Rankin 

--Lawrence S (Florence) foremn Great Lakes Die 
Casting h 1663 Tourangeau rd 
--Ora M mgr Lady Ellis Shop Ltd h 8, 616 Windermere 

—Virginia meat elk Loblaws r 1663 Tourangeau rd 
Belaire Gordon (Lucille) emp Fords h2051 Buckingham 
dr (Sand E Twp) 

--Joan r 466 Rankin av 

Belan Paul (Barbara) emp Domestic Foundry res 

Belanek Mary ampule dept opr Sterling Drug r 1708 
Hickory rd 

Belanger Adelard (Ann) emp Fords h 352 Parent av 
--Aline r 1076 Highland av 

—Allan G (Dorothy) acct Natl Auto Radiator r 3766 
Connaught rd 

— Annette emp Detroit r 1091 Marentette av 
— Antionette Mrs r 1117 Cadillac 
--Arthur J (Eleanor) emp Elmwood Hotel h 864 Vimy 

— Arthur J (Delia) emp Fords h 889 Langlois av 
— Aureli (Anne) emp Fords h 1441 Marentette av 
--Bernadette h 470 Randolph av 

—Bernard E slsmn C H Smith Co r 1091 Marentette av 
— Berndette studt r 908 Marentette av 
— Betty emp James Market r 1743 Gladstone av 
— Camille studt r 908 Marentette av 
—Claude E shipping elk C H Smith Co r 1091 
Marentette av 

--Donat emp Chryslers h 2459 Chandler rd (Sand E 

— Edmond (Gertrude) shovel opr D ins more -Mclntire 
Ltd h 441 Sandwich e 

—Emile (Laura) emp Fords h 1539 Drouillard rd 
—Euclide (Regina) grinder Fords h 141 Albert (R’Side) 
—Frank studt r 1753 Westcott rd 
— Fredk H (Geraldine) emp Fords h 741 Vimy av 
— Girard (Bella) emp Fords h 1363 Cadillac 
—Henry (Shirley) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 466 
Giles blvd e 

--Jean P emp Bendix- Eclipse r 908 Marentette av 
— Joseph (Emilia) carp h 6521 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Joseph (May) emp Candn Auto Trim h 2515 Arthur 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Joseph (Dorothy) mech Don Curtis Automotive h 319 
Glengarry av 

—Leo (Mirand) emp Fords h 3273 Peter 
— Leo (Violet) emp Fords h 1753 Westcott rd 
—Leo J elk Hiram Walker & Sons res LaSalle 
--Leo P (Ella) h 543 Tecumseh blvd e 



Windsor Avenue at City Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1185 
Complete. Service on all Ford Products 
Branch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 


—Lloyd L (Elizth) installer Northern Electric h 521 
" Tecumseh blvd e 

— Lome E (Vernona) steel wrehsemn Peerless Steel 
h 433 Crawford av 

— Louis (Beatrice) stkmn Motor Products Corp h 631 
Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

--Madeline elk Wm Egleston r 2891 London w 
--Marie Mrs h 1091 Marentette av 
--Mary L (wid Arthur) h 470 Randolph av 
—Maurice L tchr St Francis Separate Schl h 470 
Randolph av 

--Nova A (Madeline). prod servicemn DeVilbiss Mfg 
h 9, 2891 London w 

— Omer (Lucy) emp Fords h 908 Marentette av 
—Paul r 141 Albert (R’Side) 

— Paul (Lucille) emp Candn Bridge h 1020 Windermere 

— Philip emp Fords h 1117 Cadillac 
—Raymond (Pauline) emp Terminal Meat Market h 
2650 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Rene (Margt) emp Fords h 2403 Meldrum rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Robt (Cecile) emp Fords h 479 Crawford av 
--Roland G ctr Fords h 470 Randolph av 
— Rosaire (Auralie) emp Fords h 2536 Richmond 
—Rose Mrs h 433 Crawford av 
—Thos E studt r 543 Tecumseh blvd e 
' --Vernona housemaid Grace Hosp r 344 Crawford av 
. — Wm jr (Margt) caretkr U A W, C I O (Local 200 ) 
h 1170 Hickory rd 

— Wm (Lena) emp Fords h 1172 Hickory rd 
Belas k Robt emp Fords r 449 Me Ewan av 
Belavetz Nick (Opal) emp Chryslers h 2256 Howard av 
Belavich Fred emp Fords r 1098 Albert rd 
Belawetz Anna studt r 773 Glengarry av 
--Annie sec Bell Tel r 511 Wyandotte e 
—John (Edna) h 511 Wyandotte e 
— Wm (Edna) emp Chryslers h 773 Glengarry av 
Belbasz John (Jumbo Bleach) r 1342 Erie e 
Belbeck Edmond caretkr Windsor Federation of 
Musicians r 938 Ouellette av 
Belcano Co Mrs Bertha Tennant br mgr cosmetics 
2035 Sandwich e 
Belcher Alice r 631 Pelissier 
—Geo A (Lillian) h 551 Hildegarde (R Park) 

—Hugh (Louisa) engnr Fords h 19, 1632 Goyeau 
— Walter sec-treas Scientific Sound Service Ltd res 

—Walter J h 631 Pelissier 

--Wm J (Marcella) trk drvr Raitar Transport h 3778 

Belchuk Basil insp Motor Products Corp r 1252 
Marentette av 

— Geo (Mary) wldr Chryslers h 1148 Highland av 
—John (Marguerite) emp Candn Sirocco Co h 1252 
Marentette av 

— Michl emp Fords h 1252 Marentette av 
— Nick (Evelyn) h 611 Tuscarora 
Belcoure Jas (Edith) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 3475 

—Wanda L stenog C I L res Amherstburg 
Belcourse Peggy emp Burnside Wetwash Laundry r 772 
Langlois av 

Belcourt Dorothy bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 450 
Caron av 

— Edwd Jr emp Genl Motors r 450 Caron av 
— Edwd J (Mary) elect Fords h 450 Caron av 
— Rosemary emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 450 Caron av 
— Ted emp Fords r 239 Church 
Belec Ernest emp Fords r 882 London e 
—Jean suprvsr Bell Tel r 2203 Kildare rd 
— Marie- Laure h 868 London e 
—Napoleon (Ivy) emp Ecclestone Constn h 2203 
Kildare rd 

Belej Doris emp Hotel Dieu r 1155 Marion av 

Beleshok John (Eileen) (Johnny’s Sheet Metal) h 541 

Belesty Margeret Mrs h 2841 Trenton 

Beletz Anton (Cecelia) h 1023 Pelissier 

—Jerome studt r 1023 Pelissier 

Beleutz Amil (Amelia) emp Chryslers h 1515 Albert rd 

—Mary assmblr Win Steel Products r 1515 Albert rd 

Belford Henry r 1869 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Belfoy Louisa Mrs h 17, 372 London w 


Belfry Atherton R (Adeline) emp Fords h 907 Lawrence 

Belie k Frances Mrs h 3493 Peter 
Belinski Anne (wid Michael) h 468 Bruce av 
— Stephen (Rita) brakemn Essex Terminal h 2675 St 

Louis av (Sand E Twp) ' 

Belis John (Mary) emp Walker Metal h 1604 
Marentette av 

Belisle Edgar (Henriette) emp Truscon Steel h 1724 
Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Eugene (Irene) stkpr Duplate h 2229 Els mere av 
— Paul (Kathleen) mgr Metropolitan Stores Ltd 

(439-457 Ouellette av) h 6, 546 Partington av 
Bell Alan C (Mary G) barr 604, 76 London w h 837 
Victoria av 

— Albt r 1835 Chilver rd 
--Annie (wid Joseph) h 693 Bruce av 
— Archd (Elizth) emp Genl Motors h 1274 Lincoln rd 
— Barbara J tchr Prince of Wales Schl r 2006 Lorraine 

—Bertram R (Mary) slsmn Borden Co h 958 Monmouth 

— Catherine S Mrs slsmn Peoples Credit Jewellers 
h 2033 Alsace 

—Cecil (Bernadette) emp Fords h 611 Hildegarde 
(R Park) 

—Cecil R (Helen) drvr E W Lancaster Co h 364 
Bridge av 

— Chas linemn Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r 580 
Erie e 

—Chas A (Dorothy) (Bell and McC ready) h 2430 
Gladstone av 

—Chas G medical officer DVA h 305 Hall av 
—Clarence E (Roena) elk Fords h 1385 Ellrose av 
—Clifford drvr Inter-City Forwarders r 958 Monmouth 

— Danl J bar tender Hotel Royale h 3317 Chappelle 

--David G (Iris) emp Fords h 819 Windermere rd 
—Donald emp Chryslers r 844 Ellrose av 
--Donald R (Mary) prntr Win Star h B, 460 Giles blvd 

—Donald W (Sophie) slsmn Can Packers h 988 Oak av 
—Donne (Mabel) h 344 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

—Dorothy Mrs billing elk Sterling Drug Mfg Ltd r 
1467 South Cameron blvd 
— Dorothy H emp Detroit r 693 Bruce av 
— Dougall (Marguerite) office elk Fords h 40 Reedmere 
av (R’Side) 

—Earl A (Ruby) dist chief Win Fire Dept h 1835 
Chilver rd 

— Elizth opr Motor Products Corp r 1274 Lincoln rd 
— Elizth C (wid Percy) h 2318 Moy av 
— Elmer (Sarah) mach Fords h 1028 California av 
— Elsie wtrs New Service Lunch r 645 Pelissier 
— Erna r 844 Ellrose av 

— Evelyn W insurance 639 Victoria av h same 
— Francis A emp Detroit h 2006 Lorraine av 
—Fred H (Inez H) emp Chryslers h 2143 Lincoln rd 

BELL FUELS LIMITED, Allan F Bridges President 

and General Manager, Prompt Delivery Ser- 
vice, Coal and Coke, Office and Coal Yard 844 
Bridge av, Phone 4-1164 (See bottom stencil 

— Geo E (Maybell) asst supt Walkerville Lumber Co h 
902 Dougall av 

— Geo H (Sara) caretkr St Paul's United Church h 973 
Pillette rd 

— Graham emp Detroit r 4 10 Goyeau 
— Grenville M (Ethel) lab techn Borden Co h 835 
Monmouth rd 

— Harry elect Motor Products Corp r 1172 Pelissier 

* — Harry J Agency Chas N Clarke mgr genl ins 6, 332 
Ouellette av 

— Henry H (Laura) h 581 Bruce av 
— J Russell (Marguerite) (Bell Real Estate) h 2028 
Lens av 

—Jas (Nettie) h 887 Curry a/ 

--Jas (Irene) janitor Ambassador Motors h 157 

Alphabetical, White Page 35 





(Windsor Branch) 


Phone 3-1 1 91 

































































— Jas pattern mkr Frontier Pattern Works res South 

— Jas A r 128 Windsor av 

— Joseph (Marie) emp Chryslers h 2546 Rossini blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Joseph M (Sarah) maint Empire State Ice h 2221 
Chari (Sand W Twp) 

— Josephine r 693 Bruce av 

— Kenneth emp Ryan’s Construction r 3128 Sandwich 

— Lilly emp Rowson’s Restaurant h 844 Ellrose av 
— Margt studt r 2430 Gladstone av 

— Margt E Mrs swtchbd opr Unemploy Ins Comm r 2316 
Highland av 

--Marjorie Mrs janitoress Windsor Business College 
r 790 Bruce av 

— Mary Mrs emp Can Packers h 1895 T.ourangeau rd 
— May (wid Oswald) h 2265 Turner rd 
— Murney O rcvr Can Bread h 1054 McKay av 
— Patricia A nurse Metro Genl Hosp r 958 Monmouth 

--R Donald pricing elk J T Wing & Co r 2028 Lens av 
— Rachel emp Fords r 1274 Lincoln rd 
— Rachel hsekpr r 956 Victoria av 
— Real Estate (J Russell Bell) 2nd fir, 618 Ouellette av 
— Robt (Marilyn) app Colonial Tool h 325 Pierre av 
— Robt (Margt) emp Fords h 955 Chilver rd 
— Robt studt r 955 Chilver rd 

— Robt (Rebecca) tool room Fords h 304 Lincoln rd 
— Robt jr (Barbara) tool room supt Genl Motors- h 955 
Chilver rd 

—Robt H elect Motor Products Corp r 993 Pelissier 
--Robt L (Elsie) proofreader Win Star h 5, 285 
Cameron av 

--Ronald elk Dufour Market r 988 Oak av 
--Rowena r 2268 Dougall av 
—Roy pntr h 347 Curry av 
--Scofield r 887 Curry av 
—Stewart B (Mary) drvr Shell Oil h 983 Oak 
—Sydney (Dot Restaurant) r 2265 Turner rd 
— Telephone Co of Can Thomas Cooper dist plant 
supt, Roderick Barker dist mgr, W A Ruse 
dist traffic supt, G F Batchin mgr Windsor 
district, 1149 Goyeau commercial dept 98 
London w 

—Thomas (Beatrice) insp L A Young Industries h 344 
Glengary av 


Manager, Paper Dealers Wholesale Paper Dis- 
tributors, 135 Church 

--Warren D (Sophia) emp Canada Packers h 988 Oak av 
— William cabinet maker r 1543 Niagara 
— William (Phoebe) carp h 569 William (R Park) 
—William (Wilhelmina) emp CNR h 2A, 129 McDougall 
— Wm S (Windsor Rollerdrome) 

— & McCready (Chas A Bell & Grant R McCready) 
barristers 1, 2, 3 & 19, 1922 Wyandotte e 
Bell’s Grocery Store (Mrs Helen Bell) 364 Bridge av 
Bella Joseph r 1718 Factoria 
Bella ck Lena (wid Wm) h 3552 Peter 
Bellaire Arthur (Cecile) emp Fords h 820 Marentette av 
— Claire Mrs maid 1945 Ontario 
— Donald J emp Chryslers r 879 Tuscarora 
— Edmond truck drvr Pooles Quality Fish r 709 William 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Edmund (Ruth) emp Chryslers h 2169 Bruce av 
--Harry (Josephine) emp Chryslers h 1705 Central av 
— Harvey emp Fords h 430 Langlois av 
— Herbt J (Irene) emp Candn Bridge h 1359 Parent av 
--James A (Gertrude) wrehse supt Brewers’ Warehouse 
h 879 Tuscarora 

— Lawrence (Edwidge) emp Chryslers h 1692 Central av 
— Lawrence (Alma) export shipper Fords h 1140 Lillian 
--Marcella dom r 1314 Wyandotte e 
— Mary H finisher Norton Palmer Hotel r 480 Louis av 
— Norman dept mgr Bartlet Macdonald & Gow h 430 
Langlois av 

--Raymond (Elizth) grinder Dominion Twist Drill h 
703 Moy av 

— Rene wtr Star Hotel r 820 Marentette av 
— Violet M elk Loblaws r 1705 Central av 
Beliak Andor (Julia) emp Walker Metal h 1623 Benjamin 

— Martin emp Chryslers r 1623 Benjamin av 
Bellamore Reny (Loretta) emp Fords h 1595 Alexis rd 
Bellamy James (Blanche) emp New York Central h 642 
Park w 

Belland Bernice (wid Joseph) h 1703 Benjamin av 
--Donald R (Lula) sub foremn Ont Hydro h 2558 
Reaume rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Francis G r 1703 Benjamin av 

— Frank emp Chryslers r 56.°5 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Louis A (Christine) Customs & Excise h 3582 

Barrymore Lane *3, 

— Louise Mrs opr Motor Products Corp h 4, 2565 ~ 

— Max (Anna) emp Chryslers r 1703 Benjamin av 
— Theodore inspector Motor Products Corp h 1596 
Labadie rd 

Bellanger Allan (Dorothy) acct r 3766 Connaught rd ^ 
— Frank punch press opr F & A Tool Co Ltd r 1753 

Westcott rd B 

— Lome lab Peerless Steel Co Ltd r 433 Crawfords - 
Bellavy Frank (Mary) emp Gotfredson’s h 1340| 

Aubin rd 

Bell chamber Geo emp Waddell’s Sound & Radio Ltd B 
h 716 Caron av b- 

— Walter E (Audrey) television techn Waddell’s 
Sound & Radio Ltd res Anderdon 
Belle Alphonso (Angelina) h 917 Louis av 
--Anthony (Jeannette) emp Chryslers h 453 Fairviei - 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Beauty Shoppe (Mrs Bernice Stradek) hairdressing 
4722 Wyandotte e 

Belle’s 5? to $1.00 Store (Mrs Isabelle Paget) varie - 
store 4772 Tecumseh blvd e E 

Belleau August S h 2516 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Gerald emp Can Auto Trim r 1887 Balfour blvd 

(Sand E Twp) y- 

--Patricia Mrs hrdrsr Kathleen Beauty Shoppe r 73; - 
McKay av 

— Wilfred grinder Fords h 1887 Balfour blvd (Sand E - 

Bellefeuille Edward R (Alice) mach Fords h 748 
Pierre av 

—Maurice (Betty) emp Fords h 748 Pierre av - 
Belleheumer Herbert (Doreen) plumber M A Brian 
Co r 1882 Larkin av 

Bellehumeur Alfred (Annie) steamfitter M A Brian - 
Co h 235 Oak av 

—Ernest emp Bendix-Eclipse r 235 Oak av 
— Theophile J (Rose) acct Chryslers h 2221 Dougall* - 

—Wilfred (Francis) brakeman New York Central 
h 2951 Donnelly 

Bellemare Onesime (Frances) plumber Jeff Kearns • 
r 757 London e 

--Raymond (Lucille) emp Gotfredson’s Ltd h 978 (t- 

Langlois av 

Bellemore Bernard (Annette) emp Fords h 2416 

Turner rd 1 

--Bertha practical nurse East Win Hosp r 1588 

Tecumseh rd w 1 

— Edwd emp Peerless Constn h 886 St Luke rd p. 
--Emile (Geraldine) emp Killarney Castle h 956 

Pierre av 1 

--Ernest emp East Win Hosp r 261 Drouillard rd 
--Frank mgr Hi-Ho Curb Serv-us Ltd h 7207 
Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Leonard (Evelyn) (General Auto Sales) h 844 £r 

Jos Janisse av 

--Raymond construction worker r 1190 St Luke rd 
— Sylvio (Jeanne) emp Fords h 547 Janette av 
—Theresa bench worker Essex Wire Corp res 

Bellenger Marcel (Irene) emp Fords h 3482 ^ 

Barrymore Lane 

Belleperche Alma h 470 Chatham w 

--Arthur (Christina) emp Fords h 1344 McEwan av 

--Beatrice r 1905 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

--Betty Mrs pantry gril Norton Palmer Hotel 

r 3423 Peter m 

— Corinne practical nurse r 470 Indian rd ■ 

--Daniel r s s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

— Donald (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1245 Marentette a' 

— Ernest J (Central Auto Sales) h 341 Parent av 
— Eugene (Marguerite) slsmn Canada Packers h 997 
Lesperance rd (Tecumseh) 

--Eugene A (Helen) emp Fords h s s Tecumseh blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Janet M emp Champion Spark Plug r 1960 
Tecumseh blvd w 

--Jean nurse Victoria Order of Nurses 

h 1905 Wyandotte (R’Side) **, 

--Joseph H (Gloria) trk drvr Brewers* Wrhse r T 
1960 Tecumseh blvd w 
--Leo emp Purity Dairies r 245 Parent av 
—Loretta r s s Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

— Mary elk Canada Service Store r 665 Pelissier 
— Mederic J (Amanda) sub stn constr Win Utilities 

Comm (Hydro Div) h 433 Elm av ^ 

— Norman F (Mary A) credit mgr Baum & Brody 
h 434 Rankin blvd 

td W 



r- -Norman J (Mercedes) office mgr Baum & Brody 
h 268 Moy av 

— Wm H (Loretta) h I960 Tecumseh blvd w 
JBelleveau Doris floor lady Windsor Coat, Apron 
55 r & Towel Supply Ltd r 714 Bruce 

Belling R Glen teller Bank of N S r 255 Grove av 
v Bellinger Geo R (Nina) customs off Natl Rev h 7, 

>96 1766 London w 

—Harold D (Elvera) service station 794 Ouellette av 
,t rd * h 3222 Curry av (Sand W Twp) 

753 --Mary Mrs elk Wm James’ Market r 1743 Gladstone av 
Beilis Frank emp Fords r 1604 Marentette av 
ordi —John (Mary) emp Walker Metal h 1604 Marentette av 
--Paul (Marion) drvr slsmn Coca-Cola r 1578 Hickory 

Ltd Belliveau Aimee (Linonie) r 714 Bruce av 

K -Camille (Adele) packer Motor Products Corp h 889 
Sandwick e 

-Doris emp Win Coat, Apron & Towel Supply Ltd 

r 714 Bruce av 

■viei — Evangeline r 714 Bruce av 

— Marg’t opr Motor Products Corp r 714 Bruce av 
ssicj**— Nathalie r 714 Bruce av 

—Philip emp Fords h 714 Bruce av 
irie — Robt (Alice) elk Fords r 977 Pierre av 

Bellmore Arthur (Irene) emp Fords h 1566 Ford blvd 

vp) (Sand E Twp) 

rd — Aurel (Elda) drvr Empire -Hanna Coal r R R #2 

y Essex 

r 73 { Barney (Blanche) mach Fords h 1866 Jefferson blvd 

(Sand E Twp) 

ind E —Beatrice emp Detroit r 1307 Wyandotte e 
—Charles (Mary) r 1590 Francois rd 
\ —Eugene (Georgette) emp Candn Bridge h 1590 
» Francois rd 

* — Francis (Marg’t) short order cook Hi-Ho Curb 
ian Serv-us Ltd r 7207 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Geo emp St Mary Creamery h 473 Broadhead 
ian —Gerald emp Win Steel Products r 1716 Jefferson blvd 
^ (Sand E Twp) 

- -Hiram emp Chryslers r 1214 Drouillard rd 
igall^ — Jerry (Norah) emp Fords h 1716 Jefferson blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

tl —John spot wldr Win Steel Products r 1716 Jefferson 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

irns —Joseph (Lucille) dock hand L A Young Industries 
r 1566 Ford blvd 

8 /'—Lorenzo (Dorothy) drvr Empire -Hanna Coal res 
R R #2 Essex 

—Paul r 1866 Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Bellovitz Mary (Wyandotte Beauty Parlor) h 566 
Glengarry av 

Bellperche Earl (Mary) emp Checker Cap h 665 

5 —Eugene (Beatrice) car checker C N R r 3423 Peter 
Bellas Emile jr emp Chryslers r 1040 Albert rd 
*d — Emile (Annie) emp Walkerville Bag Co h 1040 

Albert rd 

Bellvue Hotel (George Bacon) 1271 Sandwick e 
W-Belmont Cafe (Lee Kevong, Lee Wah, Joe Lee and 
*•' Henry Lee) 71 Pitt e 

r( j Belmore Betty r 2, 559 Partington av 
— James F h 2, 559 Partington av 
— Laurence (Catharine) emp Candn Bridge r 1527 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Walter J (Mary M) mtee Win Utilities Comm 
“ (Hydro Div) h 2461 Kildare rd 

Beloski Stanley (Mina) pattern mkr Dorn Forge 
1 av h 1341 Parent av 

Belosky Gordon emp Sterling Products r 420 

itte a' 


Bruce av 

Belovitz Daniel (Mary) emp Parks Dept h 509 
Wyandotte e 

Belton Cameron W emp Genl Motors r 2396 Byng rd 
— Edwd (Flossie) millwright Fords h 2396 Byng rd 
— Eric P elect Handbridge Electric Ltd h 3597 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Laura r 697 Pelissier 
b j v( j*~Beltone Hearing Sales & Service (Kenneth Steeves) 

376 Cartier ol „ J _ _ _ . 

Beluch Stanley (Josephine) emp Fords h 3429 Baby 
Belvedere Apts 638 Glengarry av 
Belyea Louise packaging Lewis -Howe Co r 1646 

,*?Ben The Tailor (Benjamin Newman) 3216 
Sandwich w 

Benateau Theodore L (Rita) emp Fords h 1833 

Benbard liVrn (Frances) janitor J E Benson Schl r 
'■T 893 Tecumseh blvd e 

Benca Agnes studt r 725 Giles blvd e 
--Fay studt r 725 Giles blvd e 

— Frank W (Mary) welder Trailmobile r 922 Drouillard 


--John (Anna) paint inspector Fords h 725 Giles blvd e 
—Michael studt r 725 Giles blvd e 
— Wm agent Prudential Assce Co Ltd of London Eng 
r 725 Giles blvd e 

Benchop Nick emp Chryslers r 553 Caron av 
Bencze John (Theresa) h 2504 Francois rd (Sand E 

Benda Daniel emp Janisse Brake Service r 2502 George 
av (Sand E Twp) 

--George (Elizabeth) emp Gotfredsons h 2502 George av 
(Sand E Twp) ! 

--Jacob (Katheran) carp Central Mortgage & Housing 
Corp r 1456 Aubin rd 

Bendeck Ivan (Violet) emp Fords h 1237 Chilver rd 
—Violet T stenog & cashier Household Finance r 
1237 Chilver rd 

Bendell William G (Sarah) h 943 McEwan av 
—William J (Florence) messr Bank of Tor h 3324 
Bloomfield rd 

Bender Charles E (Alice) emp Fords h 151 Westminster 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Elizabeth emp Fibre Products r 1044 Cadillac 
—Fred (Ellzth) emp Fords h 1044 Cadillac 
--Joanne finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 1044 

— Johanna r 1044 Cadillac 
—John (Helen) emp Dom Forge h 1617 Cadillac 
Bendera Anne (Ouellette Beauty Salon) res OJibway 
Bendlck John r 1227 Drouillard rd 
—Jos (Jean) drvr McCallum Transport h (rear) 1227 
Drouillard rd 

—Kate Mrs h 1227 Drouillard rd 
— Richard (Mary) emp Fords h 890 Belle Isle av 
—Richard ]r drftsmn Sheppard & Masson r 890 
Belle Isle av 

— Ronald wtr Richmond Grill r 890 Belle Isle av 


Subsidiary of Bendix Aviation Corp, R W Keeley 
President and General Manager, Automotive 
Parts Manufacturers, 1473 Argyle rd at Essex 
Terminal Rly, Phone 4-9263 

Bendyk Michael (Helen) emp Gotfredsons h 1014 
Marion av 

Bendzsak Anna Mrs h 1544 Langlois av 
--Annie r 1544 Langlois av 

--John J (Annie) emp Chryslers h 1873 Drouillard rd 
Benechki Mike emp Dominion Forge r 1708 Hickory rd 
Benedek George (Marg’t) pres Hungarian Club r 
560 Ellis av e 

--Geo (Gloria) uphol Benedek’s Upholstering h 1394 
Howard av 

Benedet Annibele (Mary) emp Fords h 934 Pierre av 
— Calvin (Roberta) emp Fords h 934 Pierre av 
— Jas E emp Chryslers r 934 Pierre av 
--Leo (Virginia) emp Fords r 677 Brock 
Benedetti Adele assembler Somerville Ltd r 441 

—Alexander (Maria) trk drvr Brewers’ Wrhse h 
458 Cataraqui 

— John (Esther) emp City Engineers Dept h 441 

Benedict Edith maid r 1327 Victoria av 
— Walter (Victoria) h 90 Erie w 
— Winfred (Barbara) h 1839 Malta rd 
Benesette Edward J mgr La Salle Lead Products 
h 2 58 Riverside dr (Tecumseh) 

Benest Frederick W r 2333 Highland av 
— Geo (Janet) emp Chryslers h 2363 Highland av 
— Wm G (Emma) carp h 2333 Highland av 
Beneteau Adolph R (Annie) (Beneteau’s Gas Station) 
h 348 McEwan av 

— Agnes opr The Vanity Beauty Salon res Amharstburg 
— Albt (Clara) (Horse Shoe Battery Service) h 743 
Aylmer av 

— Alida (wid Sami) h 775 Moy av 
— Alphonse H h 952 Howard av 
--Anthony (Annie) emp Horse Shoe Battery Service 
h 888 Pierre av 

— Beatrice tchr Holy Rosary School h 2895 
Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Cecile (wid Alex) h 3123 Donnelly 
— Chas (Emily) emp Bendix- Eel ipse r 855 Elliott e 

— Christine h 153 London e 

--Darlene A inventory control elk J T Wing & Co 
r 213 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

—Donald stock handler L A Young Industries r 2465 
Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Eugene (Doris) perm force h 862 McKay av 
--Florence purchasing elk John Wyeth & Bro res 







' 1641 
Blvd. East 

PH. 2-8621 




PH. 4-9666 


O 3 O 

O Q.T3 


3 * c* 


2 r>2 

tr 3 

tr tr „ 

O 5 3 - 
G f* 

V> M 

3- c o 

Q. « 






3 1 

* t. 

<T> O 


Alphabetical, White Page 37 




— Fred H (Eleanor) rug washer Paul Sivadjian r 435 
Victoria av 

— Geo r 2465 Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Harmedas (Stella) emp Fords h 1, 2927 Richmond 
—Harry welder Chausse Mfg Co Ltd res R R # 1 

—Hector (Rose) emp S W & A Ry h 1144 McKay av 
— Irene elk Red Robin r 34S McEwan av 
— Janette checker Master Cleaners r 1676 
Benjamin av 

--Jeanne Mrs emp Hotel Dieu h 840 Marentette av 
— Joseph G (Anna) tester Fords h 1963 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Julien (Dolores) drvr Peerless Countryside Dairies 
.es RR#1 Windsor 
— Kenneth studt r 743 Aylmer av 
— Lawrence (Agnes) emp Chryslers h 2470 Rossini 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Lawrence (Eugenie) emp Fords h 882 Pierre av 
—Lena (wid Edw’d) h 2465 Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Leo (Eva) h 876 Pierre av 
—Leo emp Chryslers r 181 Goyeau 
--Leo J (Lucille) (Beneteau's Gas Station) h 1591 Union 
— Lester J (Amelia) emp Fords h 928 Windermere rd 
— Louise Mrs emp Hotel Dieu h 1676 Benjamin 
--Lucien J (Kathleen) carp Chryslers h 968 Lincoln rd 
— Margt opr Textile Specialties r 3592 King 
— Mary A h 3433 Sandwich w 
— Norman J (Frances) firemn Win Fire Dept h 320 
Lauzon rd (R'Side) 

—Oscar (Antoinette) tool & die maker Universal 
Button h 2987 Donnelly 

— Ovila J (Vida) mech Horse Shoe Battery Service 
h 213 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

—Pauline emp Reade Photographic Service res 

— Percy J ^Master Clnrs) h 1043 Howard av 
--Raoul (Ermine) emp Purity Dairies h 663 
California av 

--Rita accts elk Bartlet Macdonald & Gow r 1644 Prince 

—Rita bkpr Long Hardware Ltd r 3217 Linwood pi 
--Shirley studt r 743 Aylmer av 

—Stanley (Fernande) spline tool grinder Colonial Tool 
h 666 Prince rd 

— Ulric (Eva) emp Fords h 3592 King 
— Ulysse (Blanche) cupola repair Walker Metal 
r R R #1 Curry av (Sand W Twp) 

—Vincent E emp Varsity Sports Centre r 3592 King 
— Wm J (Josephine) emp General Motors h 3217 
Linwood pi 

Beneteau’s Gas Station (Leo & Adolph R Beneteau) 

1595 Union 

Benetin Mike emp Chryslers r 716 Pierre av 
Benfield Margt E h 1141 Devonshire rd 
Benjak Sophie (wid Adam) r 85 Hanna e 
Benjamin E W (Edith) engnr Fords h 145 Esdras pi 

— Francis (Alyce) emp Fords h 1363 Labadie rd 
— Shirley r 1363 Labadie rd 

Benkendorf Adolph (Martha) mgr Benkendorf Stylist 
h 931 Goyeau 

— Helmunt (Elinor) h 321 Prado pi (R'Side) 

— Stylist (Mrs Martha Benkendorf) ladies ready to wear 
1432 Wyandotte e 

Benko Ivan (Mattie) emp Candn Bridge r 1816 

Benmore Frank (Dolores) carp r 559 Pe Ussier 
Benn Irving (Mary) emp Fords h 228 Curry av 
— Ronald r 228 Curry av 

Benne Annie ledger keeper Provincial Bank of Canada 
r 1589 Drouillard rd 
— John r 1589 Drouillard rd 

--Peter (Barbara) elk D & S Market h 1589 Drouillard 

Benneian Geo H (Jean) real estate & insurance 207, 569 
Ouellette av h 880 Moy av 
Benner Glen H (Naida) drvr Inter-City Forwarders 
h 1647 Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

Bennet Eric (Theresa) emp Chryslers r 2181 York 
— Fred emp Chryslers r 2202 Marentette av 
— Lloyd emp S W & A Ry r 266 Goyeau 
— Sami (Ellen) mach Fords h 2181 York 
Bennett Addie M priv sec Hiram Walker & Sons h 
1135 Chilver rd 
— Albt r 2202 Marentette av 
— Albt (Lorraine) pipe fitter General Foods Ltd 
r 1232 Janette av 
— Albt K studt r 252 McEwan av 
--Albt T baggage elk Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines 
r 2347 Highland av 
— Alfred r 822 Ottawa 

— Allan (Marguerite) emp Truscon Steel h 1565 
Mark (Sand W Twp) 

--Alton (Mary) emp Fords r 1293 Dufferin pi 
— Apts 2191 Ontario 

— Arnold (Sonia) packer & checker Motor Products Corp 
h 1724 Labadie rd 

— Arthur A (Stella) emp Fords h 1833 Westminster av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Barbara studt r 252 McEwan av 
— Bernard B (Rose) sprayer Fords h 1868 George av 
— Bernice (wid Geo) h 1057 Lincoln rd 
--Bruce (Margt) emp Fords h 2251 Marentette av 
— Carman inspector L A Young Industries r 1057 
Lincoln rd 

— Catherine L teller Royal Bank of Canada r 1685 

--Charles emp General Motors r 1269 Windermere rd 
— Charles L mach opr Fords h 1443 George av 
--Christina Mrs h 1685 Cadillac 

— Claire W (Margaret) emp Chryslers h 3, 1286 Parent 

— Donald (Marion) h 3, 308 Randolph av 
— Donald r 2289 Windermere rd 
— Donald F elk McCord Corp r 888 Parent av 
— Douglas (Shirley) adjuster Burroughs Machines h 
280 Edward (R'Side) 

— Edwin (Rosemary) emp Chrysler’s h 1133 HaU av 
— Emma r 353 Elm av 

— Ethel Mrs bindery grl Dorn Off Supply h 4, 

417 Caron av 

— G R (Calvina) customs excise officer Natl Rev 
res Roseland 

— Geo (Rose) emp Chryslers r 355 Caron av 
--George emp J Millinoff Waste Paper r 663 
Eugene (R'Park) 

— George M (Muriel) foremn Motor Products Corp 
h 1689 Central av 


Manager, “Everything in Glass,” 1004 Walker 
road. Phone 4-5159 

--Gordon (Beryl) emp Kellogg Construction Co h 
1665 Norman rd 
--Hannah h 26, 858 Erie e 
--Harry pres Metalco Products res Detroit 
--Hartley M (Irene) barber 2620 Tecumseh blvd e 
r 1468 Gladstone av 

— Hurley (Nellie) (Bennett Bakery) h 1497 Pierre av 
— Inez r 511 Pelissier 

— James timekeeper L A Young Industries r 359 
Caron av 

--John (Marg’t) moulder Auto Specialties h 699 Hilde- 
garde (R Park) 

--John L (Ethel) emp Fords h 1372 London w 
--John P emp Can Sirocco r 2347 Highland av 
— John W (Hannah) h 822 Ottawa 
— John W (Mary Ann) janitor Fords h 2202 Marentette 

— Joseph emp Gilson Transport r 1636-38 Drouillard 

—Keith S (Gladys) acct A H Bouton Wholesale Grocer 
h 252 McEwan av 

— Kenneth (Margaret) emp Fords r 1443 George av 
— Kenneth tool & die improver Candn Engnrg & Tool res 
R R #1 Roseland 

--Lyle (Elizth) maint carp Chryslers h 1649 Hall av 
— Malcolm J (Georgina) timekpr Truscon Steel h 
827 Francois Court 

— Margt Mrs prod worker Burroughs Mach r 2251 
Marentette av 

— Marion (wid Geo) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 391 
Langlois av 

— Mildred (wid John) h 739 Rankin av 
— Nancy elk Eatons r 1, 1415 Ellis av e 
--Napoleon (Lily) emp Auto Specialties h 663 
Eugene (R Park) 

— Paul (Mary) h 2347 Highland av 
— Percy tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl h 2289 
Windermere rd 

— Rachel L (wid Richard) h 1160 Monmouth rd 
— Reba h 234 Giles blvd e 

— Robt dental techn McKee Dental Laboratory res 

—Robt P r 234 Giles blvd e 

—Russell (Jean) emp Ford's h 3539 Barrymore Lane 
— Stephen (Catherine) emp Ford’s h 1, 1415 Ellis av e 
— Steve (Shirley) emp Chryslers r 2337 Howard av 
--Thelma Mrs checker Vets Dry Cleaners h 888 
Parent av 

— Thomas emp Ford's r 1685 Cadillac 
— Thomas C (Ann) customs officer Natl Rev res 

— Thomas W (Jane) polisher & buffer Mfg Plating 
h 1531 Gladstone av 

— Vera (wid Douglas) h 929 Moy av 

— 38 — 













--W Howard (Lillian J) customs officer Natl Rev 
h 24, 1556 Goyeau 

--Walter E (Dominion Coffee Co) r 1100 Ouellette av 
— Wm slsmn Heintzman & Co h 1127 Bruce av 
-Wm C (Sarah) h 359 Caron av 
--Wm G (Florence) postal elk P O h 1040 Erie e 
Bennett’s Superior Pies E Lebert mgr bakers 2161 

Bennetto Edgar (Beatrice) painter Walk Land & Bldg 
h 646 Argyle rd 

Benning John D (Enid) emp Chryslers h 1525 

— Shirley r 511 Pelissier 
Benninger Gregory h 5-1, 265-271 Chatham e 
— Wm H (Eileen) mgr Varsity Sports Centre Ltd 
h 429 McKay av 

Benny Roy (Shirley) emp Chryslers h 2656 Lloyd 
George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— The Tailor (Jacob B Shanbom) 116 Pitt e 
Beno Celotto (Louise) (Beno's Barber Shop) 
h 1462 Wyandotte w 
--Levi (Helen) carp h 847 Ellrose av 
--Richard emp Fords r 731 Victoria av 
— Robert emp Truscon Steel r 796 Hall av 
Beno’s Barber Shop (Celotto Beno) 573 Partington av 
Benoit Allan J (Mary) emp General Motors h 4150 
Riverside dr 

— Andrew (Anemarie) emp Fords h 1623 
George avenue 

--Bernard emp Fords r 228 Drouillard rd 
— Eon L emp Long Mfg r 251 Church 
--Ernest (Irene) emp Fords h 228 Drouillard rd 
--Harry L (Joyce) adjuster Burroughs Mach h 1472 
Tourangeau rd 

—Hector emp Candn Bridge h 1527 Ford blvd (Sand E 

— Hector (Kathleen) emp Fords h 891 Arthur rd 
— Homer emp S W & A Ry res LaSalle 
—Melvina (wid Elmer), r 1623 George av 
—Norman (Agnes) pntr r 624 Edinborough (R Park) 
--Paul (Annette) emp Fords h 2514 Clemenceau blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Robt r 685 Rankin av 

—Rose A emp Hotel Dieu h 110 Bedel (Tecumseh) 
—Vital (Margt) h 685 Rankin av 
--Wilfred assembler L A Young Industries res 
R R #2 Tecumseh 

--Wm asst cutter Textile Specialties r 228 
Drouillard rd 

Benotto Angelo (Elda) pattern maker Frontier 
Pattern Works r Church (South Windsor) 

— Elfio app pattern maker Frontier Pattern Works 
r 1554 Parent av 

--Tony (Katherine) carp Woodall Bros h 
1554 Parent av 
Benowitch J r 254 Goyeau 

Bensette Alfred C elk Loblaws r 537 Josephine av 
— Alfred J (Margt) emp Ford’s h 537 Josephine av 
— Armand (Mary B) set-up man L A Young Industries 
h 3295 Byng rd 

— Arthur A (Mabel) emp Fords h 747 Chatham e 
— Aurore M (wid Albt) h 172 Giles blvd e 
— Clara I Mrs sis elk Henry Birks & Sons r 737 
Charles (R Park) 

— Clarence emp Donelli’s Service Station r 747 
Chatham e’ 

— Dora Mrs h 227 Sandwich e 
—Dorothy M J elk Royal Bank r 3457 Harris 
—Edward J (Evelyn) (Crystal Tower Restaurant) 
h 258 Riverside' dr (Tecumseh) 

—Earl r 747 Chatham e 

--Edmund (Beatrice) opr Michigan Central Rly h 
710 Grand Marais rd (R Park) 

— Edwd emp Ford’s r 542 Cataraqui 
— Emile motor mech Romanycia Bros h 3272 Edison av 
—Ernest (Clara) emp Chryslers h 738 GrandMarais rd 
(R Park) 

—Garnet (Phyllis) mach opr L A Young Industries 
r 650 Chatham e 

— Genevieve (wid Emile) h 916 McKay av 
— James emp New York Central Rly r 710 Grand 
Marais rd (R Park) 

— James I (Mildred) wtr Crystal Tower Restaurant 
h 692 Wyandotte e 
--John J studt r 172 Giles blvd e 
—Lawrence V (Madeleine) asst mgr LaSalle Lead 
Products h 256 Riverside dr (Tecumseh) 

— Leonard J (Clara) emp S W & A Rly h 737 Charles 
(R Park) 

— Louis emp Chryslers r 747 Chatham e 
— Margt slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow r 537 
Josephine av 

--Mary (wid Frederick) h 846 Pierre av 
— Norman E (Loraine) emp Fords h 3480 Peter 


Jeweller and Optician 

Oldest Established Jewellery Business 
in the City 

306 OUELLETTE AV., Phone 4-2172 
Residence 1179 Pierre Ave. 

Bensette Oswald R (Rosalita) jeweller & optician 306 
Ouellette av h il79 Pierre av 
— Roy (Eva) emp Genl Motors h 2340 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Walter C (Adelina) coll Win Star h 3457 Harris 
Bensic Jos emp Chryslers r 1726 Albert rd 
Benson Alfred r 1725 South Cameron blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Dessie r 457 Bridge av 

— Douglas (Geraldine) shipper Goodyear Tire & 

Rubber h 3549 Peter 
—Gena h 8, 74 Shepherd w 

— Gerard (Eva) emp Miles Bakeries h 4013 Riverside 
d r (R’Side) 

--H emp Gotfredsons r 573 Victoria av 
— J E Memorial Public Library 4533 Ontario 
— J E School Peter D McCallum prin 1542-1546 
Wyandotte w 

— John H r 1725 South Cameron' blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Keith (Jean) emp Fords h 405 Aylmer av 
— Wm r 1096 Wigle av 
— Wm emp S W & A Rly r 448 Crawford av 

BENSON/ WM C/ & C0, L W Pastorius CA, 

R L Bateman Auditor, Chartered Account- 
ants, Rooms 216-217 Douglas Building, 15 
Wyandotte e, Phone 3-0820 (See card Accoun- 

— William D (May) ertkr Win Star h 337 South 
Bentham Joseph (Lydia) police officer Michigan 

Central Rly h 252 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 
Bentley Alice M (wid Wm J) h 1475 Martin 
--Arthur (Esther) engnr Board of Education h 1126 
Louis av 

--Donald emp Strome Fireplaces r 3641 Riberdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— H Wm (Cora) process develop suprvsr C I L h 
504 Victoria av 
—Lille M Mrs h 182 Curry av 

— Mabel with W D Lowe Vocational Schl r 1126 Louis av 
—Robert (Nancy) emp CPR h 2273 Marentette avenue 
—Roy H (Viola) radiator Long Mfg r 3641 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Benton Benj (Alice) h 1014 Windsor av 
— Jas (Virginia) (James Benton & Co) r 2402 Byng rd 
— Jas (Florence) shipper Penslar Co h 2402 Byng rd 
—Jas & Co (James Benton) advertising agency 
1st & 3rd fir, 108 McDougall 
Benza John solderer McCord Corp h 15, 577 Moy av 
--Mary compt opr Fords h 3, 1390 Wyandotte e 
Benzig Michael drvr Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd 
r 317 Sandwich w 

Berard Armand emp Chryslers r 1381 Ellrose av 
--Armand (Nettie) emp Fords h 2374 Meighen rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Arthur (Florence) emp Ont Hydro h 365 Prado pi 

— Corinne (wid Joseph) r 1445 Bernard rd 
--Donald r 1381 Ellrose av 
— Ernest (Margt) elect h~: 837 Raymo rd 
— Fred (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 2458 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Gloria A elk Genl Motors r 857 Ellrose av 
--Henry (Verna) emp Fords h 1381 Ellrose av 
—Henry E (Bernice) (Teren Billiards) h 1304 George av 
— Joseph A (Corrine) foremn L A Young Industries 
h 857 Ellrose av 

Berbenchuk Alex (Petruneli) drvr Donnelly Bros 
Cartage res Cottam 

Berbynuk Annie (wid Dimitro) h 1229 Marentette av 
--John pres Johnstel Metal Products Ltd res Detroit 
--Stella sec-treas Johnstel Metal Products Ltd 
res Detroit 

Bercik John (Barbara) emp Fords h 1596 Alexis rd 
Bercowthy David emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 968 

Bercuson Herman (Hattie) (People’s Furniture Co) 
h 21, 858 Erie e 

-Jack (Marie) slsmn Baum & Brody h 2346 Parkwood 

Berdan Allen O floor man Loblaw’s r 1766 Chilver 

Alphabetical, White Page 39 






Berdette Wm emp Fords r 1323 Lincoln rd 
Berecz Furniture Co (Joseph Berecz) furniture 
461 Wyandotte e 

— Joseph (Margt) (Berecz Furniture Co) hl321 Benjam- 
in avenue 

—Marie (wid Martin) r 1321 Benjamin av 
Berekali Joseph h 1189 Langlois av 
Beren Hyman (Gertrude) h 531 Langlois av 
—Jacob mgr Beren’s Market h 317 Pierre av 
--Louis (Lillian) Inspector Webster Motors (Windsor) 
h 531 Langlois av 

Beren’s Market Jacob Beren mgr grocery 1175 
London east 

Berenblum Bernard elk Bogin’s Dry Goods r 429 
Parent av 

Berenz Margt tlrs Steven Hoger res Kingsville 
Berescik Andrew (Susan) emp Walker Metal r 1031 
Elsmere av 

Beresford Annie (wld Arthur) h 1591 Hickory rd 
--Chas emp C P Tel r 1, 993 Pellssier 
—Kenneth (Rita) emp Fords h 1, 1159 Howard av 
— Percy (Ida) boiler maker CNR hi, 993 Pel Issier 
Bereza Chas (Kay) lab Beaver Lumber Co Ltd h 
2251 Marentette av 
— Karol studt r 2251 Marentette av- 
Berezowskl Metro (Ann) emp Direct Transport 
h 2514 Clemenceau blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Berg Henry parts room wash opr Long Mfg r 
1366 Hickory rd 

— Julia sub forelady Sterling Drug r 1627 Benjamin av 
Bergamin Blanche J slsldy Gotham Shop r 166 
Louis av 

—Joseph (Hazel) emp Fords h 1862 Meldrum rd 
— Lx>uis h 170 Mercer 
— Mary Mrs h 166 Louis av 

—Paul O (Pheobe) police constable Police Dept h 
1877 Labadie rd 

— Rent orderly East Win Hosp r 2084 Tecumseh blvd 

Berger Blanche receptionist Dr Dora Polynchuck r 503 
Dougall av 

—Harry (Bessie) Berger’s Cut-Rate Store) h 1549 

--Harvey slsmn Berger’s Cut-Rate Store h 286 
Josephine av 

— Joseph emp Ford’s r 503 Dougall av 
—Kenneth (Ann) emp Chryslers h 1757 Parent av 
— Laura cash H Gray Ltd r 1704 Windermere rd 
— Leo (Polly) (Leo The Tailor) h 165 Hanna e 
—Martin buyer I Fogel & Co h 1164 Louis av 
—Nellie (wid H A) h 7004 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Osias (Freda) emp Ford’s h 503 Dougall av 
— Paul (Sylvia) emp Acme Paper h 7, 1607 Goyeau 
— Theodore emp Ford’s h 1062 Hickory rd 
Berger’s Cut-Rate Store (Harry Berger) men’s wear 
77 Pitt e 

Bergeron Aurele (Helene) slsmn Windsor Automotive 
Supply Co Ltd res La Salle 
— Betty emp Inti Playing Card res La Salle 
— Dolphis J (Eileen) trk drvr Confed Coal & Coke h 360 

— Donald emp Kresge’s r 738 Giles blvd e 
— Earl drvr Bowman-Anthony r 3720 Blackburn 

— Elmer (Violet) emp Ford’s h 515 Glengarry av 
— Ernest A mach opr R P Scherer r 491 Elm av 
— Jos emp Peerless Construction r William (Tecumseh) 
--Jules (Rachel) drvr Peerless Countryside Dairies 
h 738 Giles blvd e 

— Julien E (Beverley) cost acct Fords h 265 
Frank av (R’Side) 

—Louis J (Edith) emp S W & A Rly h 376 Bridge av 
—Marie Mrs h 666 Pitt w 
—Norman J emp S W & A Rly res LaSalle 
— Ovlla J (Celine) foremn Confed Coal & Coke h 3479 
Sandwich w 

—Percy (Genevieve) drvr Checker Cab Co h 3548 

— Raymond emp Chryslers h 3, 1557 Sandwich e 
— Raymond J (Belle) h 920 Moy av 
—Rita nurse Dr Philip McCabe res La Salle 
—Roy (Edna) foremn Auto Spec res La Salle 
—Wallace truck drvr British American Oil Ltd 
h 1640 Prince rd 


Bergiel Gerry (Irene) h 1526 Langlois av 
Bergin Justina teacher r 4, 285 Cameron av 
— Wm (Anne) h 451 Karl pi 

Berglund Harold S (Katherine) millwright L A Young 
Industries h 1564 Howard av 
--Ralph E (Rosemary) h 2031 Sandwich e 
— Virgil slsmn Morton Wholesale Tobacco r 735 
Parent av 

Bergoine Alex M (Lillian) emp City Engineers Dept 
h 2275 Turner rd 

— Beatrice emp Modern Cleaners r 2273 Turner rd 
—Chris emp C I L r 2273 Turner rd 
—Daisy I tchr Walk Coll Inst r 2273 Turner rd 
—Mary (wid Chas) h 2273 Turner rd 
Beringer Jos (Katie) emp Crescent Bowling Lanes 
h 694 Irvine av 

Berish Harry r 2158 Victoria av 
Berk Fred (Ruth) genl mgr Union Men’s Shop Ltd 
h 374 Erie w 

— Robert studt r 374 Erie w 
--Wm emp Union Men’s Shop r 374 Erie w 
Berkel Products A E Hodgkinson rep & mgr processing 
equip for butchers and grocers 515 Logan av 
Berkeley WUliam (Mary) emp Fords h 847 Oak av 
Berkovitz Maurice H (Jeanette) vice -pres Consumer’s 
Warehouse of Windsor h 68 Jefferson blvd 

Berl Carl toolmkr app Banner Metal Prod res R R #4 

--Frederick W structural engnr Giffels & Vallet of 

Can Ltd res R R #4 Essex ^ 

Berlanyette Chas emp Universal Button r 1264 
Monmouth rd 

Berlinski Carl (Alice) emp Fords h 2170 Forest av 
Berlys Bookroom (Edna B Courtney) 661 Sunset av . 
Berman Lily r 1111 Lillian 
— Louis (Annie) h 1111 Lillian 
Bernacchi Alfredo emp Motor Products Corp r 936 
Windsor av 

—Harold (Mary) emp Service Plating h 936 Windsor av 
--Luigi emp Service Plating r 936 Windsor av 
—Sylvia r 936 Windsor av 

Bernachi Harold emp Windsor Body & Fender Co r 
208 Virginia av (R’Side) 

— Louis (Canadina) (Humphries Shoe Repair) h 558 Erie 

— Maurice (Victoria) (Windsor Body & Fender Co) h 
208 Virginia av (R’Side) 

Bemacki Louis (Phyllis) coat maker Searle’s 
Tailor Shop h 1026 Langlois av 
—Stanley emp Kelsey Wheel r 1564 Benjamin av 
Bernadette’s Beauty Salon (Bernadette Tourangeau) 

2329 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Beauty Salon (Bernadette Beudoin) 3217 Sandwich w 
Bernans r Vladislavs (Antonija) emp Glengarda 
Urseline School h 5056 Wyandotte e 
Bernard.. 4dplphe (Noella) emp Chryslers h 2208 Lillian 
—Dolores M opr Bell Tel r 2264 Windermere rd 
— Frank (Nellie) baker Candn Postum h 562 Elm av 
— Gerald emp Chryslers r 543 Elm av 
— Irvin J (Elizth) shipping elk Brunner Mond of Can 
h 2264 Windermere rd 
— Ivan (Ellen) mech Chryslers h 543 Elm av 
— Jerome U (Mary) emp Fords h 732 Stanley (R Park) 

— Joseph U (Elizth) wtr Driving Park Hotel h 339 
Dougall av 

—Lionel X (Louise) emp Chryslers h 1022 Oak av 
— Marie E priv sec C H Smith r River Front rd 

— Mike (Emily) emp Chryslers h 21 Esdras pi (R’Side) 
— Neil emp Detroit d 802 Bruce av 
— Owen emp Chryslers r 543 Elm av 
—Peggy sis elk C H Smith Drug Co r Riverfront rd 

— Raymond (Sally) emp Chryslers h 1358 Dufferin pi 
— Zaley studt r 21 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

Bernard’s Dress Shoppe (Alice Helfgott) ladies ready 
to wear 1322 Wyandotte e 

— Dry Goods & Shoes (Joseph & Morris Mirsky) 1305 

Bernard! Angelo (Angela) emp Phil Wood Industries 
res Remington Pk 

Bernardt Steve (Veronica) emp Fords h 1232 Goyeau 
Bemat Chester (Ida) emp Fords h 1059 Shepherd e 

rO— - 




650 Ouellette Ave. Coote And Dundas 



— Keitha B Mrs sis elk West & Son r 234 Bruce 
--Mike (Katy) h 1464 Langlois av 
Bernath Aurelia drsmkr h 1212 Gladstone av 
Berneche Donald (Eleanor) firemn Win Fire Dept h 
4870 Seminole rd 

— Geo (Julia) emp Universal Button Co h 3651 King 
—Harry A (Eva) butcher Up-To-Date Market h 864 
Pillette rd 

— James emp Fords r 864 Pillette rd 
—Leonard (Inez) emp Back Stay Standard h 1855 
Ellrose av 

— Oliver (Mildred) firemn Win Fire Dept h 1355 
Francois rd 

Berneer Walter P (Norma) wtchmkr Oswald R Bensette 
h 3640 Barrymore Lane 

Bernhardt D Herman pres Bernhardt’s Furniture Ltd 
res Kingsville 

--David G (Margt) mgr Bernhardt’s Furniture Ltd h 
56 Esdras pi (R’Side) 

— Lawrence interior decorator 1435 Wyandotte e 
h 2, 1536 Ontario 

--Rudolph (Elizth) emp Gotfredsons h 937 Dawson rd 
Bernhardt’s Furniture Ltd D Herman Bernhardt pres, 

D G Bernhardt mgr 1645-1655 Wyandotte e 
Bernier Raoul (Clare) pntr National Painting h 1146 
Albert rd 

Bernot Julius emp Genl Motors r 1097 Langlois av 
Bernstein Eva seamstress Tula Fashions r 1274 
Parent avenue 

—Louis (Sara) h 971 Victoria av 
—Phillip (Dora) h 505 Sunset av 
--Saul (Leah R) (Bernstein’s Market) b 731 Campbell 

Bernstein’s Market (Saul Bernstein) gro 3706 
Sandwich west 

Bernyk Anne bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1203 
Westcott rd 

—John (Viola) emp Chryslers h 994 Arthur rd 
— Wm (Evelyn) emp Dom Forge h 1203 Westcott rd 
Beron Joseph J (Rose) slsmn Detroit h 725 
Partington av 

Berren Lillian wtrs London Grill 

Berriman Donald E electrical drftsmn Giffels & 

Vollet of Canada Ltd r 924 Marentette av 
—Geo E (Catherine) checker Brewers’ Wrhse h 
924 Marentette av 

Berry Agnes emp Candn Motor Lamp r 871 Arthur rd 
—Albert E (Marjorie) office mgr Empire -Hanna Coal 
res RRll River Canard 
—Bros Inc Harry Hoyle genl mgr, A L Petz 

factory mgr, paints & varnishes 1106 Walker rd 
— Bryce (Eveline) installer Bell Tel r 2910 Trenton 
— Christena J r 917 Chilver rd 
—Donald emp Fords r 511 Pelissier 
— Donald C (Marion) emp Detroit h 472 Cameron av 
— Dorothy elk Board of Health r 1537 Hall av 
--Edward T (Gale) asst genl mgr & treas Guaranty 
Trust h 2069 Lorraine av 

— F A & Co (Frederick A and Ronald A Berry) public 
acct 1664 Tecum seh blvd e 

— Fred A (Louise) public acct 1786 Central av h same 
— Genevieve emp Windsor Packing h 3, 993 Wellington 

—Howard (Pearl) emp Fords h 449 Tuscarora 
— Louise priv sec Jas S Allan r 1786 Central av 
—Mary E (wid Harryih 917 Chilver rd 
— Ronald A (F A Berry & Co) r 1786 Central av 
— Roy D (Ida) carp Dlnsmore & McIntyre h 1537 Hall av 
—Virginia sec F A Berry & Co r 1786 Central av 
— Wm (Theresa) elk Brewers’ Warehouse # 18W r 
785 Janette av 

Berryere Earl (Alice) emp Chryslers h 1020 

Bersch Construction Co Ltd Sam Bersch pres, J M 
Bersch sec -treas 1471 Tecumseh blvd e 
— J M sec -treas Bersch Construction Co Ltd 
h 2214 Gladstone av 

—Sam pres Bersch Construction Co Ltd h 3860 
Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Bert Victor r 511 Pelissier 
Bert’s Barber Shop (Albert Lorenzl) 2333 Pillette 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bertelli Avino E (Angelina) chef Chicken Court Rest 
h 829 Erie e 


— Lener chef Hotel Dieu h 918 McDougaH 
Bertha’s Beauty Parlor (Mrs Bertha Litwin) 1779 
Lincoln rd 

Berthele Aldoria (Lillian) emp McGregor Plasterers 
h 764 London e 

Berthiaume Abraham G (Lillian) foremn Dom Forge 
h 2020 Vimy av 

— Aurele (Frances) emp Chrysler h 2315 Louis av 
— Bernard J (Ann) emp Chryslers h 1195 Walker rd 
— Clifford (Gladys) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h ■ 

1443 Dufferin pi 

— Dennis (BeUa) tool room worker Dominion Forge 
h 2562 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ernest (Josephine) die sinker Dom Forge & 

Stamping h 1618 Hall av 

— Gerard emp Fords r 2419 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 
— Henry D (Delia) emp Fords h 2043 Norman rd 
— Henry J (Maxine) acct Sand E Twp h 1478 Ellrose av 
— Hubert (Laura) foremn Fords h 2451 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Jacqueline practical nurse East Win Hospital r 2419 
Francois rd (Sandwich E Twp) 

— Kenneth R (Eva) emp Chryslers h 2506 Windermere 

—Leo H (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 2038 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Lionel J (Mary) janitor Doyle Building h 102, 45 
Wyandotte w 

--Mary A fabricator McCord Corp r 884 Lesperance 

— Maurice studt r 1618 Hall a v 

—Mae emp Candn Auto Trim r 2562 Pillette rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

— Pamella (wid Henry)r 2419 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Patricia elk Mason’s Brokerage Ltd r 1618 Hall av 
--Patricia L elk Metro Life r 1809 Pillette rd 
—Raymond (Claire) firemn Win Fire Dept h 2392 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Rene emp S W & A Rly res LaSaUe 
—Victoria insp dept R P Scherer r 102, 45 Wyandotte 

—Wilfred H (Gertrude) sergeant Win Fire Dept 
h 1809 Pillette rd 

—Wilfred U (Marguerite) insp Dom Forge & Stamping 
h 2419 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bertoia Alphonse (Angelo) emp Fords h 1783 Hickory 

— Ercole emp Dominion Forge r 1783 Hickory rd 
— Leno (Dora) h 1678 Mercer 
— Leno jr r 1678 Mercer 

— Leo (Mary) emp S W & A Rly h 1814 Central av 
— Libero (Rena) emp Fords h 1727 Langlois av 
— Licineo plstr r 1783 Hickory rd 
— Sylvia emp Dominion Eorge r 1783 Hickory rd 
— Vilno emp Colautti Bros r 1727 Langlois av 
Bertram Arnold A (Verda) stock checker Fords h 
693 Hildegarde (R Park) 

— Fred (Lorraine) auditor Fords h 1689 Olive rd 
— Fred S (Attie) emp Fords h'427 Moy av 
— John & Sons Co Ltd br W Walter Binkley dist mgr 
machine tools 17-18, 1922 Wyandotte e 
— Mabel Mrs h 327 McKay av 
— Melvin emp Candn General Foods r 327 McKay av 
—Roy (Kathleen) patrol police Chryslers h 590 St Paul 
(R Park) 

— Shirley customs elk J MacD Thomson & Co r 
590 St Paul (R Park) 

—Wesley J (Lillian) emp Chryslers h 390 Bridge av 
— Wm (Ada) caretaker Gilmore Public School h 690 
Capitol (R Park) 

Bertran John A rep Moore Business Forms Ltd 
h 213, 280 Park w 

Bertrand Albt (Diane) emp Gotfredsons h 911 Langlois 

—Alec (Elizth) emp Fords h 182 Glengarry av 
— Geo (Elizth) bar tender Elmwood Hotel h 764 - 

Indian rd 

— Gervis W (Bernice) police constable Police Dept 
h 926 Dougall av 

— Girard T (Madeline) emp Brading’s Cincinnati 
Cream Brewery h 1719'Tourangeau rd 
— Gordon R timekpr Woollatt Fuel & Supply r 2251 
Gladstone av 

-•-James J (Sylvia) emp Kelsey Wheel r 724 Caron av 

Alphabetical, White Page 41 



--James W (Gertrude) emp Fords h 724 Caron av 
--Janet confectionery 2841 Charles r 1015 Cadillac 
— Lucien emp Chryslers r 1674 Dufferin pi 
—Lyle (Dora) sec-treas Woollatt Fuel & Supply Co 
Ltd h 2251 Gladstone av 

--Nora floor lady Banner Metal Prod r 776 Langlois 

— Patrick E (Onelia) emp Parks Dept r 2186 Bruce av 
— Real (Reina) emp Fords h 794 Langlois av 
--Reuben h 14-3, 265-271 Chatham e 
--Rita emp New Service Restaurant r 140 Glengarry av 
— Rose emp Hotel Dieu r 2251 Forest av 
--Steve trk drvr Thibodeau Trans r 926 Dougall av 
Bertusik John (Mary) emp Gotfredsons h 8, 2564 

Berube Leo P (Anne) emp Fords h 1471 Langlois av 
Berwick Doreen K cafeteria wtrs Norton Palmer Hotel 
r 517 Victoria av 

Berzanskis Kostas emp Walker Metal r 1021 Cadillac 
Berze Frank uphol Bernhardt’s Furniture Ltd h 1227 
Albert rd 

—Olga M typist Murphy Paint r 1009 Niagara 
--Steve (Theresa) uphol Chryslers h 2, 1009 Niagara 
--Steve (Theresa) emp Chryslers h 1227 Albert rd 
Besaschuk Jennie (wid Sam) h 1471 Langlois av 
—Metro emp Chryslers r 1471 Langlois av 
— Nick r 1471 Langlois av 

Besch John (Betty) acct Maroon Cartage r 309 Belle 
Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

Besette Russel emp Fords r 480 Chatham w 
Besner Alice swtchbd opr Hotel Dieu r 2131 Dougall av 
Beso Theresa M tchr Genl Brock School h 129 Craw- 
ford avenue 

Bespflug John (Catherine) emp Fords h 1826 Malta rd 
Besse Edwd A core stringer Long Mfg r 260 Riverside 
drive (Tecumseh) 

Besser Nellie r 2072 Iroquois 
Bessette Albt J cabinet maker Alf Deschamps h 568 

—Alec r 955 Sandwich e 

--Alphonse (Angeline) emp Chryslers h 1058 Lena 
—Arnold trk drvr C Hinton & Co r 941 Marentette av 
— Chas carp h 2416 Tecumseh blvd w 
--Clarence (Madeline) sis mgr Bezeau’s Appliances & 
Furniture Ltd h 568 Tournier 
—Donald G (Eileen) bartender British American Hotel 
h 1159 Sandwich e 

— Edmond J (Stella) contr h 941 Marentette av 
— Euclide r 195 Oak av 

— Joseph E (Justine) pipe fitter Win Utilities Commn 
Water Div h 2957 Peter 

--Lawrence (Alice) emp Chryslers r 1564 Langlois av 
--Lena r 2465 Howard av 
— Lillian emp Can Motor Lamp h 680 Pelissier 
—Oscar (Ethel) involute grinder Colonial Tool h 
Mark av (Sand W Twp) 

— Wilfred A (Geraldine) emp Essex Terminal Rly h 
2465 Howard av 
— Wm r 2904 Sandwich w 
Best Bessie (wid Garry) r 657 Randolph av 
— Charlotte Mrs h 567 Wyandotte e 
—Edwd (Leone) emp Genl Motors r 1, 962 Goyeau 
--Edwd W studt r 2226 Fanchette 
—Ernest (Pearl) h 376 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

—Ernest C (Leona) emp Gotfredsons h 1808 Central 

—Evelyn Mrs drvr I X L Cleaners h 1727 Chatham e 
--Florence Mrs r 491 Caron av 
--Frank A (EnolaJ ^*eas Candn Collord Products Ltd 
h 336 Sunset av 

--Gerald M (Pearl) emp Board of Education h 3, 323 
Louis av 

—Gladys (wid Geo) h 1904 Aubin rd 
—Gordon emp Town of- Riverside r 376 Ford 
Boulevard (Riverside) 

— Henry (Maud) emp Wonder Bakery h 873 Elsmere av 
—Jeanne emp Chryslers r 908 Lawrence rd 
--John inspector Essex Wire Corp r 107, 1616 
Ouellette av 

—John E pressman Dom Off Supply r 908 Lawrence rd 
— John H r 883 Dougall av 

— Joseph (Mabel) inspector Peerless Countryside 
Dairies h 469 Foch av 
— Josephine r 1403 Lincoln rd 
—Lawrence J H (Edith) (Best Roofing Co) h 883 
Dougall av 

—Lloyd (Blanche) core carrier Walker Metal 
h 438 Erie e 

— Lome M (Mabel) pres Best Mfg Co res Detroit 
--Louise Mrs elk C H Smith h 107, 1616 Ouellette av 
— Margaret I (wid Harry) h 1016 Goyeau 
— Manufacturing Co Ltd Lome M Best pres, Orville 
Palmer vice-pres, Mrs Mabel Best sec-treas 
ventilators & motor stampings 2437 Howard av 

— Ralph (Betty) emp Fords r 1904 Aubin rd 
—Richard (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1654 Marentette av 
—Richard (Elizth) emp Fords h 1008 Monmouth rd 
— Robt A (Betty) pressman Win Star h 227 Crawford av 
--Roofing Co (Lawrence J H Best) roofers 144 Aylmer 

— Thomas A (Cora) police const Police Dept h 
1329 Lincoln rd 

--Wm (Faye) emp Can Auto Trim r 731 Moy av 
— Wm A (Marie) pharm Ha rly Wilson Pharm h 908 
Lawrence rd 

— Wm E (Leila) emp Fords h 2226 Fanchette 
— Wm F typewriter mech D W Jolly r 908 Lawrence rd 
--Wilson r 859 Goyeau 
Besthall Chemicals Jan Huidekoper mgr 816 
Parent av 

Beswick Arthur F (Margt) slsmn J D Branch Lumber 
h 1952 Francois rd 

—Ernest emp Windsor Steel Co r 957 Pelissier 
Betburl Hotel (Hazel Jean) 206 Sandwich w 
Bethany Baptist Church Rev H A Edwards pastor 1543 
Aubin rd 

Bethel Pentecostal Church Rev William H Fitch pastor 
510 London w 

Bethell Lorna Mrs r 3273 Baby 
— Wm E (Florence) h 948 Tecumseh blvd w 
Bethlehem Mary Mrs h 1415 Marentette av 
Bethune Angus (Jacqueline) emp Metropolitan Hotel 
h 544 Crawford av 
--Leona M h 392 Lincoln rd 
Betik Frank r 1465 Hickory rd 
Betland Clarence emp Chryslers r 1377 Hickory rd 
Betschel Ann stenog Beauty Counselors of Can r 
320 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

--Jos (Teresa) brklyr h 320 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 
--Jos jr elect Brown Electric r 320 Westminster blvd 

Bettany Albt E (Elizth) slsmn Ronnie & Agnew h 2121 

—Stanley p c Police Dept r 2121 York 
Better Geo (Norma) emp Genl Motors h 1378 Rossini" 
b lvd j 

—Shop The (Angela Moyse & Florence Lamar) 
children’s wear 4593 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bettridge Ernest F (Lydia) customs off Natl Rev r 
h 1035 Dawson rd 

—Ernest R drvr slsmn Coca - Cola r 1035 Dawson rd 
--J Lome dairymn Silverwood’s r 494 Victoria av 
Betts Dorothy h 3, 195 Mercer 
—Jack H adv layout James Benton & Co r 226 
Cameron av 

—Reginald (Ruth) stkpr Fords h 952 Elm av 
Betty Ann Beauty Shop (Beatrice Lavender) 1310 
Gladstone av 

Beuchesne Walter emp Fords r 1370 Moy av 
Beudoin Bernadette (Bernadette’s Beauty Salon) 
h 476 Janette av 

Beuglet Bernard emp Chryslers r s s Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Ernest (Marie) eye, ear, nose & throat specialist 
605, 1011 Ouellette av h 1945 Ontario 
--Eugene H (Marguerite) slsmn National Grocers 
h s s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

--Henrietta r 564 Rankin av 

--Henry J (Olive) h 564 Rankin av 

—Jeanne nurse r 1945 Ontario 

--Paul (Doris) gro h 1756 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Robt studt r s s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
--Thelma (wid Lorenzo) h 822 London e 
— Wm J (Donna) slsmn Helwig Adjusting h 2887 
Melbourne av 

Beun Flora h 2351 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Oscar (Lillian) emp Can Auto Trim h 922 Elsmere 

— Remi emp Fords r 2351 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Remain emp Chryslers r 2351 Pillette rd (Sand E 

Beutet Rose Mrs r 890 Arthur rd 
Beutler Arnold emp Remington Bakery r 3818 Byng rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bevacqua Rosa (wid Antonio) h 912 Wellington av 
Bevan Arthur emp Fords r 293 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Cyril toolmaker Motor Products Corp r 293 
Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Doreen elk Gotfredsons r 293 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Joseph H (Cecelia) emp Fords h 293 Ford blvd 

—Lewis (Madeline) emp Chryslers h 369 Ford blvd 

— Theodore (Audrey) r 875 Ouellette av 
Beven Sally emp Auto Trim r 561 Church 
Beveridge Elizth opr Textile Specialties r 460 
Wyandotte w 



--Geo R (Edith) emp City Engineers Dept r 3476 

—Jean laundress Grace Hospital r 454 Church 
—John engineering mgr John Wyeth & Bro 
r 2806 Dougall av (Sand W Twp) 

--Leonard L jr r 1460 Gladstone av 
--Lloyd G (Theresa) emp Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd 
h 547 Belle Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

--Mary (wid John) h 629 Hildegarde (R Park) 

--Mary (wid Leonard) h 1460 Gladstone av 
--Mary E r 1460 Gladstone a v 
— Wm (Glenna) emp Chryslers h 1574 Mark (Sand 
w Twp) 

Bevin Terence (Audrey) cost acct R P Scherer r 
875 Ouellette av 

Bevington Kenneth (Agnes) butcher Alfred Stedman 
h 1725 Ellrose av 

Bevins Bernard opr Motor Products Corp r 1456 
Westcott rd 

— John r 1456 Westcott rd 

— Leonard (Emelda) emp Ford h 1456 Westcott rd 
--Leslie G (Bernice) inspector Essex Wire Corp 
h 1371 Sandwich w 

Bevis Bernard C (Ruby) emp Board of Education 
h 1055 Louis av 

--Lois nurse Metropolitan Genl Hospital r 1055 
Louis av 

Bew Donald manufacutring opr John Wyeth & Bro 
r 842 Dougall av 

Beyer Leonard (Minnie) emp General Motors 
h 2669 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

Bezaire Alfred J (Ida) emp Candn Bridge h 1528 
Lincoln rd 

— Alma nurse Hotel Dieu r 829 Marentette av 
--Alphonse (Helen) emp Dominion Forge h 1062 
Albert rd 

--Apts 1014 Marentette av 

—Archille trk drvr Win Truck & Storage h 4, 629 
Pitt w 

—Arthur acetylene wldr Motor Products Corp res 

—Christine hsekpr r 1474 Pelletier av 
—Clarence r 476 Janette av 
--Clarence emp Candn Bridge res Roseland 
—Clifford (Edna) trk drvr P L Reaume & Son h 
751 Hall av 

--Donald (Phyllis) emp Fords h 1508 Goyeau 
--Edmond (Edith) emp Fords h 970 Tuscarora 
--Emma Mrs r 2904 Sandwich w 
--Ernest J (Ida) tool & die maker Fords h 1827 Moy 

--Eugene (Emma) h 877 Marion av 
—Frank r 970 Tuscarora 
— Gerald studt r 970 Elm av 

—Helen slsldy Reitman's (Ont) Ltd r 1062 Albert rd 
--Isabelle tchr Holy Rosary School res River Canard 
--Joseph chip grinder Walker Metal res Amherstburg 
— L Insurance (Louis Bezaire) 803 Elliott e 
—Leo emp Teron Sign Co r 3123 Donnelly 
— Lloyd (Anne) h 204, 410 Giles blvd w 
—Louis (L Bezaire Insurance) h 803 Elliott E 
— Louise M emp S W & A Rly r 829 Marentette av 
— Marjorie dental nurse Fernand Lacasse r 970 

—Mary Mrs r 2904 Sandwich w 

— Ovila (Myrtle) dist chief Win Fire Dept h 970 Elm av 
— Ovila N T (Lola) foremn R P Scherer h 3821 
Glendale av 

— Raymond inspector .Motor Products Corp r 1509 
Elsmere av 

— Romeo emp Hawkeswood Garage res River Canard 
— Samuel (Margt) emp Norton Palmer Hotel h 592 
Elliott e 

—Stanley trailer fitter T J Eansor & Sons r 3123 

— Theophile M (Elizth) h 829 Marentette av 
— Ulysie (Thelma) emp Alpine Nursery h 1804 Bernard 

Bezant Charles F (Clara) brklyr h 1163 Church 
Bezaof Wm emp Detroit Grill r 333 Windsor av 
Bezdan Geo inspector Motor Products Corp res 

Bezeau Francis mach Fords r 1438 Central av 
— Harold (Maxine) emp Chryslers r 2403 Francois rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Helen nurse's aide Metropolitan Hospital r 1438 
Central avenue 

— Hercule M (Jean) (Border Cities Auto Wreckers) 
h 2211 Pelissier 

— Joseph (Ethel) welder Fords h 1438 Central av 
— Louis J (Agnes) pres Bezeau's Appliances & Furn- 
iture Ltd h 1558 Victoria av 
--Theresa bkpr & typist Bezeau’s Appliances & Furn- 
Iture Ltd r 1558 Victoria av 

Bezeau's Appliances & Furniture Ltd L J Bezeau 
pres 3943 Tecum seh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Bezen Wm (George’s Confectionery) h 2480 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Bezener Gregory (Mary) emp Chryslers r 517 Janette 

Bezina Joseph (Rose) emp Fords h 753 Dougall av 
Bezoff Ilia K (Vassilka) (Windsor Grill) h 2155 Dougall 

— Kouzma h 3, 130 Wyandotte e 
Biafore John (Anna) (Johnny's Auto Body & Fender 
Service) h 386 California av 
Biagin Lula elk Woolworth’s r 385 Ford blvd (R’Side) 
Bialas John (Bialas Shoe Repair) h 1503 Langlois av 
— Shoe Repair (John Bialas) 1503 Langlois av 
Bialkowski Joseph (Rose) emp Chryslers h 1242 Albert 

—Mary (wid Bronislaw) h 1059 Cadillac 
—Stanley emp Fords r 1059 Cadillac 
—Thomas emp Motor Lamp r 1059 Cadillac 
Bially Wm (Ruby) welder Chausse Mfg Co Ltd 
h 2369 Forest av 

Bianchi Rianondo (Pia) h 725 Church 
Biasatti Aldo emp Fords r 17&6 Hickory rd 
— Archd emp Chryslers r 1786 Hickory rd 
— Esaia (Adina) emp Fords h 1848 Hickory rd 
—Joseph (Therese) emp Fords h 1786 Hickory rd 
--Romano (Flora) emp Fords r 1848 Hickory rd 
—Wilbur (Elizth) emp Chryslers r 1848 Hickory rd 
Biasutti Edwd (Regina) tile setter Colautti Bros h 
1172 Highland av 

—Elsa clerical Prudential Assce Co Ltd of London 
England r 1172 Highland av 
— Jos r 1592 Marentette av 

—Mario insp Motor Products Corp r 2523 Arthur rd 
— Vladimiro (Argio) emp Fords h 1592 Marentette av 
— Zora (wid Luigi) h 671 Brant 
Biauk Mary emp Paul’s Meat Market r 1467 Aubin rd 
Biazutti Annabele emp Essex Steel Wool r 671 Brant 
Bib Peter (Sophie) emp Fords h 371 Moy av 
Bibbings A Wm (Betty) slsmn Hobbs Glass res 

Bibby Robt stkpr Don Curtis Automotive r 1127 Wigle 
—Sidney (Wainwright) asst mgr Don Curtis Automotive 
h 1127 Wigle av 

—Sidney M perm force r 1127 Wigle av 
Bibeau Alphonse (Anita) carp h 344 Glengarry av 
Bibik Stanley emp Fords r 1052 Langlois av 
Bican Matt (Mary) emp Fords h 1232 Albert rd 
—Olga K stenog DeMers Elect r 1232 Albert rd 
Bice Eugene A tchr H E Guppy School r Bll, 286 Pitt w 
Bichilo Harry (S) drHl press opr Phil Wood Industries 
r 1768 Marentette av 
Bickel Grace r 1272 Goyeau 
—Harry (Ada) elect h 1272 Goyeau 
—Kenneth emp Chryslers r 1272 Goyeayu 
Bickers C Walter h 204, 29 Giles blvd w 
Bickerstaff Elizth emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1865 
George av 

— Wm freight trucker CPFrtr 581 Bruce av 
Bickerton Anna priv sec Hiram Walker & Sons r 553 
McEwan av 

—Catherine teacher Marlborough School r 553 
McEwan av 

—Edwd (Catherine) emp Fords h 553 McEwan av 
—John (Hannah L) emp Fords h 1, 271 Pillette rd 
--John studt r 553 McEwan ay 
—John (Lenora) suprvsr Candn Auto Trim h 2080 
Lorraine av 

Bicket Wm J (Liilian) yard conductor M C Rly h 3421 

Bickford Charles (Kathleen) emp Chryslers h 1938 
Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Harris J probation officer Juvenile Court County of 
Essex h 2429 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Hazel assembler L A Young Industries r 265 

Bickhart Homer F (Marjorie) engnr Fords h 2221 

Bickle Edgar H (Eve) slsmn Can Steel Corp h 1291 
Victoria av 

— Jack W (Studio of the Dance) r 1291 Victoria av 
Bicknell Eugene (Bernice) emp J C Teron Co h 400 
Langlois av 

Bicks Rex (Dorothy) with Chryslers h 20 St Louis av 

Biddle Frederick A (Sarah) supt Hein Construction h 
427 Cameron av 

— Frederick C (Henrietta) supt Woodall's h 1422 Janette 

— George glass cutter Motor Products Corp r 1868 
George av 

— Geo S (Florence) wrehse elk J T Wing & Co h 1170 
Windsor av 

Alphabetical, White Page 43 

2 M 

"S 0 2 

•S'** 9 U 
« 8 e.'S 




w ds ® 

U W 

>• cn J; 

« 52 * 
w j *« 
w W I 
P* . 
H 8 
W C £ 
h o "< 

O' ° § 

3 ^ 2? 

, H 

g “ O 
w & ^ 

Q £ o 

2 <! w 
s Ph fca 
^ K, 


o CO 



•X © 

—Hazel studt nurse r 427 Cameron av 
-- *Ruth finishing opr John Wyeth & Bro r 427 Cameron 

— Wm C (Rose) emp Fuller Construction r 376 Giles 
blvd e 

Bidinost Dominic (Olga) assembler L A Young Indus- 
tries h 811 Vimy av 
Bidnock Fred (Bella) h 1569 Alexis rd 
—John (Joyce) emp Candn Bridge h 1596 Cadillac 
—Peter h 2860 London w 

Bieber Henry billiards 1940 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 
h 1086 Felix av 

Biecelli John emp The Standard Stone Co Ltd r 553 

Bieker Anthony jan Somerville Ltd r 431 Langlois av 
Biela John (Katie) emp Auto Specialties h 1620 
Elsmere av 

Bieleski Frank (Jennie) emp Fords h 1531 Langlois av 
— John face dipper McCord Corp r 1531 Langlois av 
—Paul (Mary) h 1531 Langlois av 

Bielich Michael emp Chryslers r 1636-38 Drouillard rd 
— Mike (Angeline) (Southwood Hotel) h 1353 
Wellington av 

—Nick (Elizth) h 2536 Windermere rd 
Bielicki Andrew (Tekla) vegetable man Norton Palmer 
Hotel h 1636 St Luke rd 

Bienis Mario (Jean) mach opr J D Branch Lumber h 
783 Stanley (R Park) 

Bienvenu Tancrede (Antoinette) h 356 Victoria av 
Bies Michael (Catherine) h 189 Cameron av 
Bieszcz Mike (Helen) mach Fords h 1790 Tourangeau rd 
Big Bear Super Market Ltd Ralph Polsky pres gro and 
meats 279 Chatham e 

Bigelow Bert (Rena) emp M C Rly h 3628 Queen 
--Ernest plmbr Wm H Pierce res Roseland 
— Shirley bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 3628 Queen 
--Wm emp Dupuis & Gravel Sheet Metal Works r 
3628 Queen 

Biggar Alex r 847 Chatham e 

—David (Ann) emp Board of Education h 934 Gladstone 

— H Wm (Amy) h 1162 Devonshire rd 
--Jessie nurse Metropolitan Genl Hospital r 934 Glad- 
s tone avenue 

—Mary (wid Wm) h 708 Argyle rd 
Biggin Dawn studt r 195 Rankin av 
--Lawrence W (Marion) bus opr Eastern Candn 
Greyhound Lines h 195 Rankin av 
—Murray L emp Consumers Warehouse r 195 Rankin av 
— Robt mech Victoria Service Station r 195 Rankin av 
Biggleston Maurice (Irene) h 124 Elm av 
—Phillip emp Fords r 124 Elm av 
— Phillip (Joyce) emp Fords h 1395 Ouellette av 
Biggs Arthur (Winnifred) trimmer Fords b 240 Villaire 
av (R’Side) 

—Arthur A (Ruby) emp Hydro Project h 2, 1231 London 

—Geo F (Anna) millwright City Enginerrs Dept h 
2231 Windermere rd 

—Jesse C (Mary) slsmn Silverwood’s r 71 Oliver Farms 

—Victor G (Margt) (Windsor Optical Co) h 1240 

Bigham Robert H (Jeanne) sis engnr C G E h 1484 
Dougall av 

Bighity Massid emp Fords h 6, 2564 Matilda 
Bignell Alice (wid Geo) r 1034 Janette av 
—Grace r 4, 417 Caron av 

--Leonard pntr & dec National Paint & Decorating Co 
h 10, 587 Pitt w 

— Wm (Margt) emp Detroit h 956 St Luke rd 
Bigness Albt r 230 Strabane av 
— Fredk E (Lillian) mech J Bigness & Son h 2603 
Turner rd 

— Inn (Geo Marr) 2415 Walker rd 
— J & Son (Joseph & Merrill J Bigness) garage & 
service station 2403-2411 Walker rd 
—Joseph (Eva) (J Bigness & Son) h 2545 Turner rd 
—Merrill J (Mary) (J Bigness & Son) h 144 St Louis av 
(R’ Side) 

—Percy A (Malvina) bus opr Eastern Candn Greyhound 
Lines h 287 Belle Isle av 
Bigras Joseph A inspector Motor Products Corp 
r 3702 Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bik Harry r 948 Cadillac 

—Stephen (Alexandra) emp Candn Bridge h 948 Cadillac 

Bikitch Mike bkpr r 4877 Wyandotte e 

Bil Walter emp Genl Motors r 951 Dougall av 

Bilalych Geo emp Walker Metal r 874 Moy av 

--Mike emp Chryslers r 874 Moy av 

Bilanycz Jurij emp Walker Metal r 874 Moy av 

Bilbie Richard K (Rose) emp Candn Bridge h 1016 

Monmouth rd 

Bilbija Nick emp McCord Corp r 1584 Cadillac 
Bilcar Luka (Maria) h 1194 Albert rd 
--Nikola emp Fords r 1194 Albert rd 
Bilick Andrew (Phyllis) grinder Auto Specialties y~ 
h 1124 Drouillard rd 

Bilida Philip (Evelyn) app toolmkr Stand Mach 
& Tool r 3959 Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bilinski Kazimicuz (Helena) emp National Radiator 

h 1459 Langlois av IT 

Bill's Barber Shop (Wm Nemeth) 862 Erie e V 

Billtjc Hzo (Nihda) emp Fords h 317 Westminster blvi f 
Billing Geo J mgr Geo T White Co r 43 Ford blvd '* 
(R’Side) “ 

—Geraldine M emp Detroit h 312, 444 Park w 
—Henrietta (wid Chas) h 269 Homedale blvd (R’Side) m 
--Isobell h 43 Ford blvd (R’Side) . 

--Joseph servicemn Modernaire Ltd res Essex ** 
Billinger Henry (Alice) emp Chryslers r 2034 Ottawa 
Billings Christine emp Bendix-Eclipse r 1904 Larkin, 

— Geo (Beverley) design engnr Fords h 3896 Glendale 
Billsborough Mary-Ann studt r 1028 Pelissier 
Bilodeau Aldea M h 1427 Bruce av ■" 

Bilokrely Paul emp Essco Stamping Products Ltd T* 
r 947 Langlois av 

Bilokury Olla priv sec Butcher Engning Enterprises 
r 1384 Pierre av 

Bilosky Gordon key process man Sterling Drug r 
420 Bruce av 

Bilson John (Mary) (Arlington Hotel) h 891 Erie e 
Biltmore Apts 444 Park w 

Bilton Laura (wid Joseph) emp Can Auto Trim h 1257 
Moy av , 

--Lloyd (Ruby) tool maker Fords h 1806 Pierre av 
Bily Henry (Kathleen) emp Fords h 1434 Gladstone av " 
Bilyk Nick emp Prince Edward Hotel r 1715 Alexis 
—Peter (Catherine) h 1308 Laurendeau av 
--Peter barber 1679 Adanac gj 

— Zyhowij (Nina) emp Fords h 2309 Alexis rd (Sand I 

Binder Catherine emp Hiram Walker r 878 Elsmerei Bj 
—Frank (Elizth) (Frank the Tailor) h 1090 Pierre 
—Frank jr app Frank the Tailor r 1090 Pierre av , Bi 
—Fred toolmaker International Tools Ltd 
r 1151 Moy av 

— J (Emily) h 1234 Dufferin pi -Bi 

—Jack maint McCord Corp h 7005 Riverside dr (R S. __ 
—Joseph (Susanna) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1544 Pierre 

Joseph tool improver Essex Mach & Tool r 1234 r _ 


—Katherine elk -typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 878 , Bi 
Elsmere av 

—Rose Mrs h 878 Elsmere av 
—Susanna M compt opr Fords r 1544 Pierre av 
— Wm tube cutter McCord Corp res R R #2 Ruthven 
Bindner Ferdinand (Margt) slsmn Colgate -Palmolivi 
Peet h 1773 Byng rd 
—Raphael A (Merva) h 309 Chatham w 
Bing Lee (Maple Leaf Restaurant) r 658 Dougall av Bi 
—Victor R (Audrey) stock recording elk Toledo Seal g; 

h 1609 Francois rd f i 

Bingle Wm G emp Great Lakes Die Casting r 263 

Rankin av Bi 

Binich Pete r 1825 Hickory rd Bi 

Bink Hendrik (Viola) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 
1803 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

—Ronald (Helen) emp Canada Packers h 3144 Dormelj*> 
Binkley Murray W engnr Long Mfg r 1233 Chilver n — 
— W Walter (Mabel) dist mgr Pratt & Whitney of Cai — 
Ltd h 1233 Chilver rd — 

Binks Alfred C (Anna) rep The Canada Life Assce Ci 

r 1357 Lillian av Bi 

—Clara M Mrs swtchbd opr Essex Wire Corp h 140W. 

Benjamin av " — 

--Geoffrey R drftsmn DeVilbiss Mfg r 1526 Dufferin .. 
—Helen M elk Latng’s Drug Store r 3144 Donnelly 
— Jeaff emp DeVilbiss Mfg r 1526 Dufferin av Bi 

Manufacturing Co of Canada Ltd R A Higgins mgr, Bi 

p aint spraying equipment 216 Sandwich w J*. 
—Ronald S (Helen) wrehsemn Canada Packers r f — 
3134 Donnelly 

Binky William h (rear) 797 Stanley (R Park) i 

Binning Helen teacher r 2067 Vimy av Bi 

--John R (Gladys ) emp Detroit h 2067 Vimy av 
Binns Harold (Harriet) emp Burroughs Detroit h 

603 Brazil (R Park) /*_' 

Birau John (Dommica) emp Fords h 1862 Pillette re 
Birce Walter F (Rita) h 2243 Dominion blvd (Sand » 

Birch Barbara priv sec Assumption Coll r 369 | 

Indian rd , , 

Liiuiau a ‘-a ,» r<M 

—Cecil A (Caroline) chief pricing elk J T Wmg & L 
369 Indian rd 

—Cecil M (Rosella M) emp Det roit h 2366 Howard 



' —Dallas (Elise) engnr Michigan Central RLy h 
5168 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

—Eileen opr Motor Products Corp r 1173 Giles blvd e 
—Elmer (Theresa) elk Standard Tire & Auto Supply r 
1067 Pierre av 

—Geo S elk C G E r 2173 York 

Birchall Geo (Florence) emp Fords h 1327 Granville 

—John (Gladys) emp Fords h 1720 Arthur rd 
Birchard Charles (Eileen) traffic and shipping dept mgr 
‘g/ John Wyeth & Bro h 136 Elm av 
— Wm D coll Win Star h 135 Elm av 
Birchnall Andrew (June) asst br mgr Central Mortgage 
& Housing Corp h 1937 Ellrose av 
Bird Allen r 3589 Queen 

—Angela M advtg elk Win Star r 519 Cameron av 
£ —Dorothy elk Bird Hardware Co r 346 Randolph av 
— Elizth elk Walsh Advertising Co Ltd r 519 
a Cameron avenue 

Ei --Ernest V leader Motor Products Corp h 3589 Queen 
■*’ --Frank (Veda) emp Fords h 818 Chilver rd 
—Gerald D (Joan I) (Bird Hardware Co) h 496 
Part ington av 

—Hardware Co (G D Bird) 2014 Wyandotte w 
— Harry r 370 Brant 

—Henry A (Irene J) detective Police Dept h 519 Cam- 
eron av 

--Howard (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1327 George av 
-James D (Agnes) emp Fords h 643 Hildegarde 
(R Park) 

,co --Joseph emp Can Auto Trim r 1875 Balfour blvd 
' (Sand E Twp) 

1 —Mary emp Marios h 643 Hildegarde (R Park) 

Oscar (Florence) emp Fords h 309 Glidden av (R’Side) 

— Th°s emp S W & A Rly h 1594 Hall av 
rQ r ■ —Walter F (Estella) emp City Engineers Dept h 
907 Howard av 

. , Birenbaum Fella Mrs opr Textile Specialties 
1<U r 233 McEwan 

--Saul buyer I Fogel & Co r 1223 Hall av 
r ®‘^3ires John (Mary) shoe repair 1789 George av h same 
v ?3irht Percy r 824 Chatham e 
r Birk Joseph J still opr Hiram Walker & Sons h 482 Hall 

--Minnie (wid John) h 482 Hall av 
'-Birkett Audrey r 220 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

--Barbara opr Motor Products Corp r 220 Ford blvd 

Frank (Annie) public accountant h 220 Ford blvd 
« (R’Side) 

0 ■ Birkner Martin (Anne) h 3479 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 




Roy J Hall Manager, Jewellers, Diamonds, 

China and Silversmiths. 
Avenue, Phone *4-5145 

373-375 Ouellette 

* v . Birks Joseph A (Lizzie) h 2524 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

,ca ' Birmingham Douglas (Muriel) emp Cunningham 
Metal & Roofing h 2559 Clemenceau blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Birne Wm emp Fords h 7, 393 Caron av 
Biro Alex (Irma) emp Chryslers h 1752 Elsmere av 
1 — Alexander (Mary) core maker Fords h 1462 Lillian 

— Alice swtchbd opr & stenog Viking Pump r 1752 
Tneij£». Elsmere av 

—John (Margt) emp Chryslers h 1637 Benjamin av 
Cat —Julius emp Morris Contrs r 716 Windermere rd 
—Steven emp City Engineers Dept r 1716 Cadillac 
e u --Walter emp Genl Motors r 1716 Cadillac 
^ Birrell Kenneth driver Diamond Cab r 1531 Lincoln rd 
L40 ^?^-R O bt emp Motor Lamp r 1531 Lincoln rd 

* —Roy (Adeline) emp Detroit h 1531 Lincoln rd 

, —Stewart (Marjorie) toolmaker Win Tool & Die res 
y , _ Comber 

Bisero Frank emp Hobbs Glass r 751 London e 
ngr,, Bisetto Adeline finishing dept opr Sterling Drug 
i jk. r 1040 Marentette av 

? — Ernest emp Truscon Steel r 1040 Marentette av 
—Victor (Philomene) emp Woollatt Fuel & Supply 
i h 1040 Marentette av 

Bishop Alfred W (Claire) teacher Kennedy School 

i ! h 1463 Pelissier 

l JR*— Carle (Margaret) emp Huron Steel Products h 1276 
Wigle av 

a r d* — Emile (Jeanne) emp Chryslers r 805 Bruce av 
id ? --Fred (Elsie) emp Detroit r 573 Tecumseh blvd e 

—Fred W porter Windsor Court h 118, 1616 Ouellette av 
. — Gordon L (Mary) supt Sterling Constn r 1215 
' Windermere rd 

& ‘Gwendolyn Mrs elk Sam’s Department Store Ltd 

* r 248 Bridge av 
> ar d'. ““Helena A (wid Stewart) h 2315 Chilver rd 


— Henry E (Sarah) h 1215 Windermere rd 
— Henry R (Joan) fire chief C I L h 1624 Goyeau 
— Jennie (wid Joseph) h 1111 Louis av 
— John h 1753 Gladstone av 

— Joseph A dept mgr H Gray Ltd h 1252 Windermere rd 
— Patrick J (Esther) emp New York Central Rly h 
2159 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Ralph I (Eileen) emp Fords h 1378 Bruce av 
— Robt emp Detroit r 573 Tecumseh blvd e 
--Samuel H (Ethel emp Detroit h 573 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Shirley stenog Viking Pump r 1624 Goyeau 
— Walter (Irene) emp C I L h 478 Cameron av 
—Wilfred (Amy M) tool & die maker Candn Engnrg & 
Tool h 1574 Church 

— Wilfred J (Lillian) welder Stan Brown Transport h 
2619 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Elizth) elect h 2451 Kildare rd 
— Wm mailing room Win Star res R R #1 LaSalle 
--Wm F (Elizth) police constable Sand E Twp h 2468 
Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bisikewich Roman emp Fords r 1171 Albert rd 
Biskup Otto (Edith) (Otto’s Meat Market) res R R # 1 

Bisnaire Bernice L office elk C H Smith r 4385 
Wyandotte e 

— Jeanne M M elk Bank of Mont r 1224 Wyandotte 

— Robert timekeeper L A Young Industries r 1224 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Bisnett Gordon opr Motor Products Corp r 3584 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Harold G slsmn Can Bread res Belle River 
Bison Antonio roofer Malack' Roofing & Flooring Co 
r 925 Howard av 

Bissell Alfred emp Fords h 975 Mercer 
— Clarence F (Olive) com trav h 890 Hall av 
—Harold (Cecilia) emp Fords h 379 Elliott e 
—Wallace F sis acctg elk Eastern Candn Greyhound 
Lines r 890 Hall av ' 

Bissett Helen E emp Det roit r 766 Lincoln rd 
Bissky Anthony (Tena) emp Chryslers h 1867 Durham 

Bisson Charles A (Teresa) trk drvr Brewers’ Wrhse 
h 916 St Rose av (R’Side) 

--Conrad carp r 392 Lincoln rd 
— Earl (Carolyn) emp Dom Twist Drill h 1387 Glad- 
stone av 

— Evelyn r 1024 Cataraqui 
--Francis J emp Chryslers h 2539 Turner rd 
--Joseph (Leona) emp Chryslers h (rear) 1478 
Hickory rd 

--Leo J (Emma) bus opr Eastern Candn Greyhound 
Lines h 1551 Bernard rd 

—Rene (Lorette) millwright Kellogg Construction h 2, 
1486 York 

--William (Catherine) emp Dom Twist Drill h 1024 

Bissonette Raymond H (Lorraine) engnr Johnny’s Spring 
Service h 372 Aylmer av 
--Theresa h 5, 972 Erie e 

Bissonnett Paul assmbly wkr McCord Corp res Mc- 

Bissonnette Dominique emp Bell Tel r 572 Niagara 
— Jean L asst surveyor Orville Rolfson r 805 
Bruce av 

— Louise bkpr Scales & Roberts Ltd r 546 Oak av 
— Napoleon (Blanche) emp Fords r 572 Niagara 
— R N (Margt) h 117 Elm av 

— Rocque emp Windsor Utilities Commn (Hydro Div) 
r 626 Victoria av 

--Roland (Eleanor) app lineman Win Utilities Commn 
(Hydro Div) h 922 Howard av 
--Walter (Loella) checker Inter-City Forwarders 
h 572 Niagara 

Bistany Phillip J (Jeanne) police const Police Dept 
r 1196 Brock 

Bisutti Dino emp Tony Barbesin Plasterers r 1577 
Pierre av 

Bitkowski Alex mach Viking Pump r 1817 Drouillard' rd 
— Bruno studt r 983 Marion av 
— Constantin emp Fords h 983 Marion av 
— Joseph emp General Motors r 983 Marion av 
— Max r 983 Marion av 
Bitonti Joseph r 309 Langlois av 
--Louis r 309 Langlois av 
— Stevatore (Barbara) h 309 Langlois av 
Bittner John (Katherine) emp Fords h 1838 Hall av 
Bitzer Allan A (Jean Lois) truck drvr Win Truck & 
Storage r 1222 Curry av 

--Peter (Susianna) emp Win Gas h 1222 Curry av 
-Wm elk Candn Tire Corpn Associate r 1222 Curry av 
Bixler James (Ella) emp Chryslers r 343 Erie w 
Bizero Addo M (Juliette) drvr-glazier Hobbs Glass 

h 23 94 Louis av 






CO.. LTD. 








• — — — 


Building Material 
6P4 Cameron A ve. 
PHONE 4-3215 

Alphabetical, White Page 45 




731 goyeau street ^ 



--Frank glazier Hobbs Glass r 751 London e 
Bizner Dora r 1597 Drouillard rd 
--Irene emp Woodmans Valet & Cleaning Service 
r 1597 Drouillard rd 

Biznir Fred (Catherine) emp Detroit h 1597 
Drouillard rd 

Biz ok Dominique r 458 Cataraqui 
Bjamason T B studt r 1409 Granville cres 
Bjegovich "Deter emp Gotfredsons r 974 Drouillard rd 
Bjelojlav Obren Jan International House r 928-932 
Drouillard rd 

BJerkelund Toralf chemical engnr C I L r 484 
Askin avenue 

BJorkman Daniel (Shirley) mach opr R P Scherer r 
2268 Louis av 

—Roy attdt Robinson’s Service Station r 934 
McKay avenue 

BJorkquist Eric A app druggist Thompson Pharmacy 
r 2454 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

Eric J (Mary) toolmaker Fords h 2454 Bernard rd 

(Sand E Twp) 

—Raymond studt r 2454 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bjornson Arthur A (Joyce) emp Chryslers h 1134 Oak 

Blachford Marjorie moulder Singer Sewing Machine 
Co r 1338 Ouellette av 
Black Alfred J r 815 Lincoln rd 
--Archie H (Ruth) jeweller 1918 Wyandotte e h 2194 
Chilver rd 

—Charles (Downtown Auto Supplies) r 1294 Bruce av 
—Charles (Florence) emp Fords r 467 McKay av 
—Daniel emp Woodbine Cafe r 1123 Hickory rd 
—David (Mary S) emp New York Central Rly h 860 
Elm avenue 

—Donald emp Chryslers h 1377 McKay av 
—Donald grinder Fords h 1111 Janette av 
—Earl G comptroller Canadian Sirocco Co Lt-d h 
2382 Parkwood av 

—Eileen compt opr H Walker & Sons r 430 Giles blvd 

—Florence r 1377 McKay av 

—Fred (Margt) engraving dept supt Win Star h 320 
Eastlawn av (R’Side) 

—Gordon emp Kelsey Wheel r 1118 Assumption 
—Helen F emp Detroit r 932 Bruce av 
— Henry (Mary) h B 21, 286 Pitt w 
— Herbt (Gladys) h 1486 Martin 

Herbt E (Bessie) tnsmth Fords h 10, 1766 London w 

—Herbt T (Gladys) emp Murphy Paint h 396 Curry av 
—Hugh C (Edna) blue printer 6, 8, 152 Pitt w h 945 ’ 
Coronada dr (South Tecumseh) 

—Isaac (Margt) emp New York Central Rly h 1603 
Mark (Sand W Twp) 

—Isaac F (Jane) emp Michigan Central Rly h 1035 
Oak av 

James wtr Monarch House h 3, 629 Pitt w 

—James O (Lillie) emp Fords h 771 Charlotte (R Park) 
—James R optometrist 7, 1922 Wyandotte e r 732 
Gladstone av 

—James S (Annie) diesetter Fords h 2217 Lincoln rd 
—James W (June) customs officer Natl Rev h 2660 
Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jean (wid Alex) r 353 Wahketa 
—Jessie shipping dept opr Sterling Drug r 880 
Elm avenue 

—John (Ruth) emp Chryslers h 2148 York 
—John (Betty) emp Rendezvous Hotel h 1155 Monmouth 

—John J buyer C H Smith h 1172 Lesperance rd 

—Jos (Eileen M) butcher Superior Meat Market h 308, 

4 30 Giles blvd w 

—Leslie E (Mary J) sis elk J T Wing & Co h 1033 
Dougall av 

—Lome drvr Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd r 960 
Howard av 

—Mary J slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow h 102, 286 
Pitt w 

—Olive r 1769 Lincoln rd 

-Patricia emp Can Auto Trim r 2217 Lincoln rd 
—Richard studt r 2194 Chilver rd 
—Rose Mrs h 1325 Ouellette av 

—Russell (Loretta) foremn Chryslers h 1229 Argyle rd 
Stanley (Lottie) emp Fords h 1352 California av 


—Stanley S (Feme) suprvsr Chryslers h 30, 1382 
Ouellette av „ ^ . 

—Violet L Mrs janitress R P Scherer h 750 F® 11 * 

—Walter H (Margt) slsmn Johnston Hardware h 17 id 
Central av 

— Wm (Faith) h 565 Sandwich e 

— ' Wm (Daisy) emp Fords h 1549 Lincoln rd 

— Wm W shop foremn Best Mfg r 1035 Oak av 

Blackbourn Garth (Betty) emp Bell Tel h 351 Elm av 

— Herbt (Frances) h 364 Elm av 

Blackburn Agnes (wid Derwood) h 1, 307 Gladstone av 

Arthur meat cutter A & P r 1378 Gladstone av 

—Earl F (Agatha) emp Chryslers h 1378 Gladstone av 
•—Edith assembler Someville Ltd h 7, 655 Chilver rd 
—Fred W (Helen) quality control opr Fords h 2, 214b 
London w _ 

—Geo C (Mary) stock counter Walker Metal res R K 
# 1 Tecumseh 

—John (Mary) toolmkr Fords h 120 Edward av 

--Reginald P (Mary) coremaker Walker Metal h 1877 
Norman rd 

--Robert (Donna) emp Fords r 610 Grand Marais rd 
(R Park) 

--Walter J ins suprvsr H Walker & Sons h 48 
Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

—Wilfred (Marcia) rep United Automobile Workers 
of America Local 195 r 3155 Curry av 
(Sand W Twp) 

Blackford Fred (Phyllis) emp Chryslers h 639 Sunset 

Blacklock John (Peggy) h 133 McEwan av 
Blackman Frank E (Ada) slsmn Swift’s h 401, 410 Giles 
blvd west 

Blackmore Albt H (Dolores D) emp Bristol Co of Can 
h 1589 Norman rd 

—Ernest W (Annie) h Janisse av (Sand W Twp) 

— Jas emp Fords r 711 Argyle rd 
--Peggy wtrs Ann’s Dairy Bar r 711 Argyle rd 
— Robt pntr & dec h 3161 Glrardot av 
—Wallace G (Claudia) lab Fords h 1583 Church 
—Wallace G (Evelyn) mgr Walkerville Bakery h 514 
Devonshire rd 

— Wm J (Hilda) emp Fords h 711 Argyle rd 
Blackshaw Elizth (wid Ar ttur) r 1225 Parent av 
—Harry (Margt) police Fords h 2368 Bernard rd 

(Sand E Twp) _ . , , 

— Wm R (Lillian) elk Abbey-Gray Ltd h 3212 Linwood 

Blackton Dorothy M office elk Mario’s Rest r 1757 
Westcott rd 

—Jean nurse’s aid Hotel Dieu res Cottam 

John R foremn McCord Corp h 1757 Westcott rd 

—John R Jr emp Read Photographic r 1757 
Westcott rd 

Blackwell Raymond tchr Marlborough School r 
334 Rankin av 

Blackwood Sheila physiotherapist Candn Red Cross 
Society r 1023 Church 

Bladen Joseph (Olive) drvr Checker Cab h 376 
Cameronav _ 

Blahitka Wm (Telia) firemn C P R h 3451 Cross 
Blain Adolf emp Brochert Upholstering r 3285 
Riverside dr 

—Anthony (Rose) emp Detroit h 4797 Seminole 

Clifford (Marie) welder Phil Wood Industries 

h Moran av (Roseland) 

—Diana r 1020 Marion av 
—Donald studt r 1537 Highland av 

—Doris h 8, 357 Goyeau 

Doris M opr Motor Proaucts Corp r 2362 Fraser av 

—Ernest (Violet) trk drvr Western Freight Lines 
h 677 Vimy av 

—Frances r 1168 Westcott rd 
—Francis J emp Chryslers r 4797 Seminole 
-Homer (Agnes) emp Kelsey Wheel h 615 Edinborough 
(R Park) 

—Lawrence (Jean) emp Detroit h 3168 Donnelly 
-Lena tchr J E Benson Schl h 139 Cameron av 
-Leo wtchmn C H Smith Co res R R 1 Granville av 

Louis J (Florence) emp Fords h 257 Frank av 

(R* Side) 

Madesse (Margt) trk drvr Kelsey Wheel h 1537 Highl- 
a nd avenue . 



— Ovila maint East Win Hospital r 3177 Sandwich e 
— Philip (Marie) emp Parke Davis h 1168 Westcott rd 
--Raymond truck drvr Noble Duff r 1537 Highland av 
Blaine Charles (Ethel) (Karen’s Shoes) h 1588 
Bruce av 

--Janet r 466 Rankin av 
--Sylvia Mrs r 822 Jos Janisse av 
— Wm h 161 Curry av 

Blainey James (Margt) emp Fords h 864 Gladstone av 
--Melbourne (Ann) tool engnr Fords h 1602 Bernard rd 
--Milo (Hilda) emp Detroit h 1777 Labadie rd 
Blair Adrianne elk Imp Bank r 511 Church 
— Alastair C (Agnes) emp Fords h 2232 Forest av 
--Alex emp Chryslers r 762 Victoria av 
— Alexander H (Isabell) emp Detroit h 2407 Turner rd 
— Alexander M studt r 2407 Turner rd 
— Chas (Susan) plstr h 1030 Marentette av 
—Clifford J (Rene) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp 
h 696 Chatham w 

— Daniel (Annie j emp Bell Tel h 567 Pierre av 
— Delvin R (Tottie M) janitor Long Mfg h 1481 Dufferin 

—Edwd (Elizth) h 349 Indian rd 
--Edwd H (Jeannette) pres International Customs 
Brokers Ltd h 2240 Parkwood av 
— Edwd J studt r 2240 Parkwood av 
—Elizth Mrs maid Norton Palmer Hotel r 349 Indian 

— Emma studt r 2240 Parkwood av 
—Ernest (Winifred) emp Chryslers h 1627 Moy av 
— Ernest marine engnr Lansdowne Ferry r 1030 
Marentette av 

—Helen emp Chryslers r 2235 Lillian 
--Irene receptionist Beauty Counselors of Can 
r 696 Chatham w 

--Jack D (Eleanor) act detective Police Dept h 273 
McEwan av 

— Jas opr Motor Products Corp h 165 Pierre av 
--James C emp Fords r 240 St Louis av (R’Side) 

--Jean h 351 Sandwich w 
—Joseph (Natalie) h 1273 Albert rd 
--Laura (wid Wm) r 937 Mercer 
--Margt studt r 2240 Parkwood av 
--Neil M (Vera) customs off Natl Rev 
h 3488 Girardot av 

—Nelson mach opr Win Lumber res LaSalle 
—Noreen J stenog Chryslers r 2407 Turner rd 
— Robt J (Frances) wtchmn Chryslers h 1332 Tecumseh 
blvd west 

—Rose (wid Neil) h 551 Hall av 
—Stanley (Kate) splicer Bell Tel h 2265 Lillian 
— Thos A (Thelma) drvr Stephen Robarts h 937 

— Wm R wtchmn J Kovinsky & Sons h 1581 Goyeau 
Blais Armand (Rolende) carp Loring Constn h 2769 
Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Fred (Elizth) r 1271 Marentette av 
--John (Wylena) emp General Motors h 4, 139 Sand- 
wich e 

—Jos A (Lenore) supt Eaton Chemical & Dyestuff 
Co h 100 Virginia av (R'Side) 

— Paul trk drvr Peerless Constn r St Pierre 

—Roderick (Blanche) carp Sterling Constn h 2747 
Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Stanley (Cecile) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 1271 
Marentette av 

— Therese studt r 100 Virginia av (R'Side) 

— Wm J (Anna) emp Chryslers h 1561 Laing 

Blak Alphonse emp Blak Bros Bakery h 583 California 

—Bros Bakery (Peter and Peter Blak jr) 1022 
Langlois av 

—Peter (Blak Bros Bakery).h 1022 Langlois av 
—Peter jr (Elsie) (Blak Bros Bakery) h 1014 Langlois 

—Victor emp Blak Bakery r 1022 Langlois av 

—Walter emp Fords r 1022 Langlois av 
Blakan Steve (Marija) moulder Stand Fndry r 1779 St 
Luke rd 

Blake Albt (Blanche) emp Chryslers h 1357 Aubin rd 
—Donna M opr Motor Products Corp r 1210 Argyle rd 
—Doris J statement elk C P Freight r 903 Pelissier 

--Edwd (Donna) stkpr Candn Liquid Air Co Ltd h 271 
Edward av (R'Side) 

—Ernest (Dorothy) group leader McCord Corp res 
R R #1 Roseland 

—Harry N (Ruth D) asst acct Royal Bank h 1756 
Byng rd 

--John W h 1524 Moy av 

—Mary emp Chryslers r 2470 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 


Pierce President, Auto, Furniture and Co- 
Maker Loans, 204-205-206 Douglas Building, 

15 Wyandotte East, cor Ouellette Ave, Phone 
4-1191 (See card Loans) 

— Shirley r 1216 Argyle rd 
— Wm emp Natl Painting r 1469 Ell rose av 
— Wm C (Alice) elk St Mary's Church h 1216 Argyle rd 
— Wm J (Mabel) foremn Auto Spec h 1508 Pierre av 
Blakely Arthur M (Mabel) phy 286 Rossini blvd h same 
Blakeston Edna billing dept Motor Products Corp r 
3363 Peter 

— Leslie mech Art Green's Service r 274 Chatham w 
Blam Fred (Brannie) emp Fords h 2291 Alexis rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Nellie priv sec Auto Spec r 2291 Alexis rd (Sand E 

Blanchaer Oscar (Rosalia) mach tool opr Stand Mach 
& Tool h 2391 Howard av 
Blanchard Alphonse (Emma) rotary & Blanchard 
grinder Colonial Tool h 1180 St Luke rd 
— Connie emp Riverside Marine r 4500 Riverside dr 

--Gary emp Town of Riverside r 4500 Riverside dr 

— Girad emp Fords r 1284 Albert rd 
--Jas M (Elva) (Auto Wheel & Axle Frame Service Co) 
h 923 Gladstone av 

--Mary nurse Hotel Dieu h 370 Campbell av 
--Raymond E (Leona) elk Fords h 1763 Tourangeau rd 
— Raymond G (Doreen) tester Long Mfg h 1150 Wind- 
ermere rd (R’Side) 

— Regd (Mary) broach sharpener Colonial Tool res 
R R #1 Belle River 

— Thelma dental nurse Roy G McMillan r 370 
Campbell av 

Blanchette Albt J (Emma) emp Fords h 974 Maison- 
ville av 

—Amanda (wid Armand) r 1621 College av 
— Anthime chkr H Walker & Sons res Tecumseh 
--Chas E iron wkr Romeo Mach Shop r 136 Randolph 
--Eugenie emp Hotel Dieu r 1320 Bernard rd 
--Francois (Helen) emp Candn Automotive Trim h 
1772 Central av 

--Geo L (Rose) h 3865 Matchette rd 
—Henry prod mgr Dom Store r 136 Randolph 
--Lee elk Bowman -Anthony r 1320 Bernard rd 
—Marguerite (wid Germain) r 2537 Lloyd George blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Olive r 2537 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ovila (Margt L) coremkr Walker Metal h 1151 
Marion av 

--Romeo G (Eugenie) mach Chryslers h 1320 Bernard 

--Thos L h 1621 College av 
Blancy Anne Mrs h 1380 Oak av 
Bland Don (Evelyn) mech Detroit h 1864 Norman rd 
--Douglas T meat cutter Loblaws r 1174 Howard av 
—Ella r 1432 Norman rd 
--John R emp Fords h 2061 Pillette rd 
— Richd (Alice) insp Fords h 1482 Aubin rd 
— Richd (Stephanie) millwright leader L A Young 
Industries h 1426 Howard av 
— Sami D (Gladys) tool mkr Fords h 835 Rossini blvd 
--Thos (Bernice) emp Fords h 1764 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Thos jr emp Fords r 1454 Pillette rd 
—Thos (Eliza) mach opr Fords h 1454 Pillette rd 
Blande M r 1374 Francois rd 
Blanden Frank H (Ellen) bldg supt Win Star h 1067 

Blandford Chas A (Lila) emp Back-Stay Standard h 
1495 Dougall av 

—Grace B night chief opr Bell Tel h 21, 1250 
Ouellette av 

— Herbt (Madelaine) maintmn Win Star h 121 Reed- 
mere av (R'Side) 

— Ida (wid Raymond F) r 235 Jos Janisse av 
— John emp Johnson & Turner r 1495 Dougall av 
Blaney Chas E (Jean) sec-treas Morris Funeral Serv 
Ltd h 1749 Iroquois 

--Edgar T (Eva) emp Fords h 1525 Lincoln rd 
—Marilyn emp Fords r 1525 Lincoln rd 
Blank John M emp Fords h 4, 789 Elliott e 
--Jos emp Fords r 4, 1519 Sandwich e 
Blasio Edwd (Pearl) emp City of Windsor h 111 Pierre 

Blasko Emery (Agnes) trk drvr Matthews Lumber h 
1498 Mercer 

Blastuig Etelca emp Hotel Dieu r 3536 Wyandotte e 
Blaszezak Mike yardmn Norton Palmer Hotel r 2184 

_____ Wellesley av 

Alphabetical, White Page 47 


Blay Julia C (wid Wm) h 3824 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Biazevich Mary (wid Danl) h 1857 Hickory rd 
Bleasby Chas H (Leonnie) emp Supertest Malnt h 1237 
McKay av 

Bleau John (Gladys) emp Great Lakes Die Casting r 
1024 Cataraqui 

Blek Alex emp Auto Spec r 1375 Langlois av 
Blencowe Harold (Rose) emp Candn Auto Trim h 1776 
Bernard rd 

Blessed Sacrament Rectory 3726 King 
—Sacrament (RC) Church Robt E Lowrey pastor cor 
King & Prince rd 

Blewett Arthur (Florence) cable splicer Beil Tel h 
1176 Goyeau 

—Geo emp Fibre Products r 1176 Goyeau 
Blight Albt sutdt r 115 Elm av 
— Marshal (Helen) carp h 115 Elm av 
Blinston Arthur (Carrie) wldr CIL h 3753 Montcalm 
— Wm (Mary) emp Fords h 985 California av 
Blisle Victor (Blanche) emp Fords h 1244 St Luke rd 
Bliss Dorothy Mrs r 1495 Windermere rd 
Blitstein Jos (Minnie) h 1334 Church 
— Sondra elk Shaar Hashomaylm Synagogue r 1334 

Blitzer Isadore (Libby) h 1387 Victoria av 
Block Agnes (wid Franklin) sec Mayor Resume r 1638 
Ouellette av 

Blockson Chas A (Lillian) trk drvr City Engineers Dept 
h 1097 Windsor av 

Bloedel Anna M emp Detroit r 3479 Harris 
—Theodore baker Lyttle's r 3479 Harris 
Blok John opr Motor Products Corp r 3187 Melbourne 
Blomme Hubert (Mary) engnr Ont Hydro h 1490 Church 
Blonde Barbara J studt r 2609 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
--Bernard (Genevieve) brklyr H Walker & Sons h 
1030 Janette av 

( —Clayton F (Frances E) (Blonde Insurance Agency) h 
L, 67 Thompson blvd (R'Side) 

--Cleaners (Arthur J Rivard & Sami D Buchanan) dry 
clnrs 909 Sandwich e 

—Clifford A (Marie J) (Blonde Insurance Agency) h 25 
Reedmere av (R'Side) 

—Doris elk Bank of Tor r 1283 Giles blvd e 
--Frances tchr St Bernard's Separate Schl r 10, 851 

—Geo S (Corinne) chief Insp Bendix-Eclipse h 1283 
Giles blvd e 

--Gregory L Rev pastor Church of Immaculate Concep- 
tion h 686 Marentette av 

— Insurance Agency (Clayton F & Clifford A Blonde) ins 
36 & 37, 25 London w 

—Jerome elk A & P Stores r 1030 Janette av 
—John B wrehse elk J T Wing & Co r 1030 Janette av 
—Jos C (Agnes) chief engnr Bendix-Eclipse h 2609 
Riverside dr (R'Side) 

—Lyle F (Ruth) ins agt h 5503 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

— 1 Margt (wid Peter) h 1285 Giles blvd e 
—Mary E (wid Francis) h 212 St Rose av (R'Side) 

Blondin Herbt J,(£gnes) emp Fords h 1064 Lillian 
— Hormldas (Louise) emp Fords h 3, 3165 Sandwich w 
— Rheal r 3, 3165 Sandwich w 
— Richd emp Can Salvage Co res LaSalle 
Bloom Apts 538 Louis av t 

—Theodore (Celia) h 1060 Parent av 
Bloomer John A (Annie) emp Fords h 1532 Prince rd 
—Robt J (Katherine) emp Fords h 3853 Matchette rd 
Bloomfield Albt (Florence) emp Fords h 505 Glengarry 

—Albt (Hazel) emp CNR h 2517 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 
— Annie emp Bennett's Superior Pies r 2004 Ottawa 
— Clayton C emp Fords r 1096 Lillian 
—Doris nurse r 1568 Goyeau 
— Elizth h 974 Langlois av 
— Emma h 1096 Lillian _ 

--Ernest N (Janet) boiler mkr CNR h 2523 St Louis av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— F Kenneth (Margt) "pattern mkr Frontier Pattern Wks 
h 1251 Parent av 

—Fred (Rose) emp CNR h 2525 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 
— Fredk barber Norton-Palmer Barber Shop r 536 Glad- 
stone av 

—Henry J (Annie) h 2004 Ottawa 

—Herbt (Irene) emp Chryslers h 1826 Francois rd 

—Kenneth elk Somerville Ltd r 2004 Ottawa, 

—Melvin r 1566 Goyeau 

—Morris R (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 1566 Goyeau 
—Wellington (Vera) h 974 Langlois av 
Bloomfield's Market (Andrew Tomczak) gro 8i btehr 
/ 3578 Bloomfield rd 

Blowey Johjt-FT3~tJ53 S ^guprvsr Ford's Industrial 
/ jpfaining h 2337 Windermere rd 
BlpxKam Herbt E (Cecile) staff sgt RCMP h 210, 280 
Park w 

Bludlute Julija r 903 Albert rd 

Blue Circle Products (Alvin Huston) nut processing 51 
Ouellette av 

--Cross-Plan For Hospital Care Harold P Murray mgr 
314, 76 London w 

--Water House (John Ilgutis & Peter Karpus) 128 
Windsor av 

— Wm (Sarah) r 433 Janette av 

Bluebird Confectionery (Stanley Chadala) 900 Pierre av 
--Restaurant (Robt Cottee) 414 Tecumseh blvd e 
Bluestone Louis mgr Manufacturers Surplus Store r 
1555 Pelissier 

— Morris (Sarah) Junk dir h 1555 Pelissier 
—Sol studt r 1555 Pelissier 
— Sydney studt r 1555 Pelissier 

Blum Walter E (M Jean) mgr Bank of Com (415 Devon- 
shire rd) h 873 Kildare rd 
Blumenfeld Leonard studt r 2333 Moy av 
—Saul (Sarah) h 2333 Moy av 

Blumhagel Carl (Matilda) welder Phil Wood Industries 
h 2620 Turner rd 

Blunck John (Ida) emp Ford Motor Co h 1849 Plllette rd 
Blundell Boy ce (Edith) emp Can Auto Trim h 317 
Reedmere av (R'Side) 

—Clifford S (Elsie) (Huron Steel Products) h 3224 Lin- 
wood pi 

—John (Lily) emp Ford's h 910 Gladstone av 
—Mary E h 404 Elliott w 

Blute Alfred C (Bessie) emp S W & A Rly h 3141 Wyan- 
dotte w 

— Edwd G (Amy) stkpr Fords h 1381 Lincoln rd 
Blyth Geo W (Mildred) customs excise officer Natl 
Revenue h 504 Dougall av 
—Jack (Rachel) emp Fords h 2474 Turner rd 
—Jack (Margt) metallurgist Walker Metal h 2251 Els- 
mere av 

Blythe Fredk R (Margt) elk Peninsular Club h 866 
Wyandotte w 

Boa Maurice W (Anna) emp Fords h 2815 Lillian 

p ar 

Boadway Violet emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 747 Kil- 
dare rd 

Boakes Arthur W (Evelyn) emp Chryslers h 1759 
Albert rd 

—Chris (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1110 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
—Ethel elk Win Credit Bureau r 1759 Albert rd 
—Harry (Hannah) emp Fords h 385 Jefferson blvd 

— Henry studt r 1759 Albert rd 
—Ivy E ldgrkpr Royal Bank r 1759 Albert rd 
Boal Edmond (Grace) emp Fords h 3520 King 
Board Arthur E (Beatrice) dist chief insp Win Fire 
Dept h 2122 Church 

—of Commissioners of Police A Cochrane, Arthur J 
Reaume Jt Roland A Harris Commissioners, 

Geo F Warlow sec 135 Park e 
—of Control W Steward sec 104 City Hall 
—of Education T R Noble business a_dministration 451 

— of Education Building 451 Park w 

BOARD OF HEALTH, John Howie, M.D..D.P.H., 

M.O.H., Office 2090 Wyandotte East, Phone 

Boat Arthur emp Chryslers h 335 Lincoln rd 
Boath Orval (Emma) emp Fords r 1024 Windermere rd 
Bob's Lunch (Robt W Neighbour) confy 2189 Howard av 
Bobaljik Steve (Juliana) emp Sterling Constn h 1067 
Moy av 

Bobb Danl r 1672 Georga av 

—Geo (Marie) tool grinder Long Mfg h 1322 Bernard rd 
—John (Norma) block air tester Chryslers h 1672 
George av 

—Virginia opr Motor Products Corp r 1322 Bernard rd 
Bobbie Zenla Mrs cash Loblaws r 1333 Langlois av 




— 48 — 


Insurance Adjusters for the Companies 

609-610 CANADA TRUST BLDG. PHONES 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 


Bobbis Phyllis off elk Sterling Drug r 3456 Harris 
--Stanley shpr Sterling Drug h 3542 King 
Bobby Geo emp Gotfredsons r 333 Windsor av 
Bobesich Philip (Lily) emp Fords h 1817 Alexis rd 
Bobich Peter glass grinder Motor Products Corp r-1636 
Drouillard rd 

Bobier Melvin (Eva) dept head Chryslers h 2017 Iro- 

Bobinic Katie r 1872 Alexis rd 

Bobosan Chas (Emilia) maintmn Chryslers h 1244 Moy 

Bobus Jos (Leona) emp Candn Steel h 3385 Peter 
Boby Jeany Mrs h 988 Cadillac 

Bobyk Daman (Barbara) emp Dom Twist Drill h 1538 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Bocchini Orlando (Frances) emp Fords h 654 Elliott e 
—Peter (Marjorie) sub stn constr Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1, 1073 Wyandotte e 
--Sante (Venusta) emp City Engineers Dept h 1014 
Highland av 

Boccihinl Betty drug elk Hotel Dieu Pharmacy r 1033 

Bock Doris emp Vernors r 1261 Monmouth rd 
— Elvin emp Chryslers h 1130 Strathmore av 
—Gloria C elk Royal Bank r 1261 Monmouth rd 
—Melvin emp Fords r 1462 Howard av 
—Nina emp Can Auto Trim r 1261 Monmouth rd 
—Wesley (Ada) emp Checker Cab h 1261 Monmouth rd 
Boda Jos stock man L A Young Industries h 1516 Els- 
mere av 

—Jos jr (Etta) emp Bendix-Eclipse r 1516 Elsmere av 
Bodaly John E (Marguerite) with Hobbs Glass h 2470 
Lincoln rd 

Bodchon Angus (Rita) emp Chryslers h 329 Campbell 

—Gustave (Elsie) emp Fords h 2358 Louis av 
Bodchun David spot welder Win Steel Products r 2358 
Louis av 

Boddy Albt F (Winnifred) asst purchasing agt Essex 
Wire Corp h 1479 Sandwich e 
—Harvey (Irene) emp Fords h 765 London e 
—Jennie .(wid Robt) h 274 Lot 
—Jennie S Mrs r 2276 Turner rd 
—Joan N priv sec Reid Industries r 1479 Sandwich e 
—Walter E carp Fords h 271 Prado pi (R'Side) 

Bode Denis (Sybil) emp Fords h 887 Jos Janisse av 
Bodechon Harold G (Rita) emp Gotfredsons h 57 
Belleperche av (R Side) 

Bodenham Harry N mech Det & Can Tunnel h 1943 
Tourangeau rd 

Bodfield Donald W emp Jewell Cleaners r 260 Edward 
av (HSide) 

Bodi Michl r 1530 Parent av 

Bodiak Michl (Eileen) emp Goyeau Cartage h 11, 629 
Pitt w 

Bodie Ice (Steve Bodie) 804 Erie e 
—Steve (Bodie Ice) h 790 Erie e 
Bodiul Ann emp Old Age Pension Dept r 1305 Giles 
blvd e 

— Wasile (Mary) blowing mach opr Walker Metal h 1305 
Giles blvd e 

Bodlack Jos (Margt) emp Fords h 312 Louis av 
Bodnar Edna h 778 William (R Park) 

—Emery (Caroline) emp Co-Operative Bakry h 1, 280 
Wyandotte e 

—Frank (Irene) pntr Natl Painters h 1280 Hall av 
—Geo Rev (Eugenia) pastor Greek Catholic Church r 
1181 Highland av 
—John r 1538 Parent av 

— John (Joan) servmn Hamilton Refrigeration Sales & 
Service r 421 Fairview blvd (R'Side) 

—Jos (Barbara) assembler L A Young Industries h 
1115 Highland av 

—Julius (Margt) emp Auto Specialties h 1559 Parent av 
--Martha emp Kresge’s r 1181 Highland av 
--Michl (Annie) emp Chryslers h 1441 Langlois av 
— Mike (Jessie) emp Fords h 2340 Chandler rd (Sand 
E Twp) 

— Wm emp Remington Groceries r 812 William 
Bodnarchuk Jerry (Phyllis) able seaman Dept Natl Def 
h 5, 1562 Tecumseh blvd e 


--Nadia emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1455 Langlois av 
— Paul (Leona) emp Fords h 1930 George av 
--Walter r 1816 Hickory rd 
— Wm emp Chryslers r 1455 Langlois av 
Bodner Wm btehr Remington Grocery r 812 William 
(R Park) 

Bodnerchuk John emp Fords r 1263 Chilver rd 
Bodnoiri Geo (Dorothy) (Ohio Market) h 1472 Albert rd 
—Geo (Dorothy) spot wldr Motor Products Corp h 1472 
Albert rd 

Bodo Jos (Louisa) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1660 Marentette 

—Jos emp Kennedy & Comstock r 1456 Howard av 
— Magdelina (wid John) h 1456 Howard av 
Bodrazic Nick emp Fords r 918 Albert rd 
Bodri Jos (Marie) h 978 Moy av 
—Jos r 978 Moy av 

Bodrock Michl (Pat) emp Chryslers h 1630 Cadillac 
Bodway Mable emp Park Davis r 564 Janette av 
Body Frank (Margo) emp Dom Forge r 1516 Moy av 
— Frank (Julia) emp Hungarian Radiator Shop h 1516 
Moy av 

— Leslie emp Chryslers r 1516 Moy av 
Bodyk Andrew (Mellie) h 1612 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 
—Dianne elk Rossini Dairy Bar r 1131 Gladstone av 
—John (Diana) r 1131 Gladstone av 
— Wm (Jessie) emp Auto Specialities h 2500 Buckingham 
dr (Sand E Twp) 

Boehmer Edwin (Estelle) slsmn h 933 Chilver rd 
— Elizth tchr Edith Cavell Schl r 933 Chilver rd 
Boes Michl (Annette) emp Fords h 2533 Rossini blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bogar Andrew (Mary) drill press opr Phil Wood 
Industries h 366 Bruce av 
— Andy (Mary) emp Garwood Ind h 918 Giles blvd e 
— Wendal (Veronica) emp Fords h 2515 George av 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bogden Archie (Rose) torch solderer Long Mfg h 
1839 Westcott rd 

—Elizth emp Long’s r 2546 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 
—Geo (Marie) emp Ford's h 2219 Forest av 
— Michl (Genevieve) emp Stand Mach & Tool h 2546 
St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

— Nicholas tool & die mkr Candn Engnrg & Tool h 
2546 St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

—Victoria with Win Medidal Serv r 2546 St Louis av 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bogel Jos emp Windsor Pattern r 722 Hall av 
Boggs Robt (Ada) drvr Direct -Winters Transp res 
R R #1 Belle River Puce 

— W D (Sarah) customs excise officer Natl Revenue 
h 3260 Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm J still opr Hiram Walker & Sons res RR #1 

Boghean Geo (Ann) emp Gotfredsons h 998 Lincoln rd 
Bogin's Dry Goods (Bernard D Mad off) 3188-92 
Sandwich w 

Bogl Jack (Madeline) slsmn Berecz Furniture Co res 
R R #1 River Canard 

—Jos app Win Tool & Die res River Canard 
—Katherine emp Candn Auto Trim r 382 Pierre av 
Bogle Stanley C (lola) acct Ford's h 1621 Dougall av 
Boglitch Jas (Margt) emp S W & A Rly h 8, 133 McKay 

—Jos L (Alice) emp Candn Bridge h 1355 Erie e 
—Jos L jr emp S W & A Rly r 1355 Erie e 
Bogoias Geo M (Vanoa) (Jumbo Cone) h 3209 Sandwich 

Bogois M Starvos dishwasher Arizona Lunch r 3209 
Sandwich w 

Bogosov Roy emp Ford's r 628 Hall av 
Bogsz Stanley (Agnes) carp h 2058 Glendale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bogucki Chas (Sophie) emp Chryslers h 1943 Bernard 

Bogues Frank emp Sterling Constn h 1, 70 Chatham e 
— Wm E (Ruth) sheet metal wkr Windsor Furnace h 
1326 Partington av 

— Wm J hand screw mach opr Burroughs Mach res 
La Salle 

Bohack Mary emp C I L r 625 Pe Ussier 
Bohannan Archie (Margt) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 
3220 Einwood pi 

—Eric J (Ruth) ertkr Dougall Av Schl h 335 Caroline 

Leo emp Fords r 1810 Hickory rd 
—Leon (Alexandra) emp Fords h 1455 Langlois av 
— Michl (Mary) emp Dom Forge h 1816 Hickory rd 
4 Alphabetical, White Page 49 



— Shirley emp Candn Motor Lamp r 3220 Linwood pi 

— Wm acct r 3220 Linwood pi 

Bohatuk Peter r 683 Alexandrine ( R Park) 

--Philip emp Ford's r 683 Alexandrine (R Park) 

Bohman Jack (Margt) emp Catholic Children’s Aid 
Society h 966 Curry av 
Bohnert Carl emp Windsor Fish r 934 Lillian 
Bohr Max (Susanna) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 951 
Elsmere av 

Boich Elias emp Fords r 1665 St Luke rd 
Boileau Paul (Josephine) h 5794 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Paul (Margt) emp Fords r 386 Louis av 
Boily Emile (Bertha) emp Fords h 1284 Windermere rd 
— Onil emp Fords r 1284 Windermere rd 
Boinczan Laszlo mech C I L h 3604 King 
Bois Alphonse F (Edna) opr Motor Products Corp h 1870 
Norman rd 

--Arthur (Rhea) ice slsmn Win Ice & Coal h 476 Craw- 
ford av 

—Emanuel J (Lillian) ice slsmn Win Ice & Coal h 558 

--Frances r 1125 Sandwich e 

—Frank D (Jessie) ice slsmn Win Ice & Coal h 1125 
Sandwich e 

— Heliodore asst mgr Win Ice & Coal h 1145 Walker rd 
—Oliver J (Doris) insp Dom Forge h 1352 Dufferin pi 
Boisclair Jean-M r 1102 Pierre av 
—Jeanne r 1102 Pierre av 

— Jeannine clipper Textile Specialties r 1078 Moy av 
--Louis E (Bernadette) emp Fords h 1102 Pierre av 
--Real drvr Inter-City Forwarders r 1102 Pierre av 
—Theresa emp Hotel Dieu r 1552 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Thos (Lena) millwright Fords h 1552 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

Boisleau Edwd (Agnes) emp Fords h 1828 Aubln rd 
Boismier Alfred (Florence) carp 354 Bruce av h same 
—Arthur (Cecile) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 340 Moy 

—Arthur M (Lorraine) trk drvr Meretsky Burnstine & 
Meretsky h 1071 California av 
—Dell (Dellma) press opr L A Young Industries res 

—Edwd (Nora) carp h 722 Bridge av 
—Eli (Verna) emp Empire -Hanna Coal 
—Ernest (Gertrude) emp Genl Motors h 1, 2223 Ontario 
— Eva r 2118 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Geo (Priscilla) carp h 943 Lincoln rd 
—Gordon (Evelyn) emp Fords h 3623 Mulford Court 
—Gwendoline Mrs fnshg opr John Wyeth & Bros res 

—Harold emp Edward's Fish & Chips r 7, 191 Maren- 
tette av 

--Helen (wid Dennis) h 1037 Lillian 
—Hilda Mrs br mgr Miles Bakeries (151 Tecumseth 
blvd w) res LaSalle 
— Jos h 433 Bridge av 
— Leo emp Central Constn r 340 Moy av 
— Leo J (Rose) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 1175 

— Lillian h 7, 258 Glengarry av 
— Louise Mrs h 733 Randolph av 
—Marie L emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 733 Randolph 
— Omer (Irene) insp McCord Corp h 1843 Jefferson 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Oscar (Ida) drvr Master Cleaners h 2525 Bernard 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ronald L mach opr L A Young Industries r 365 
Marentette av 

—Vital (Rose) emp Chryslers h 2857 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Boissonnau Christian Mrs wtrs White's Rest r 1256 
Monmouth rd 

Boissonneau Armand J (Cecile) capt Win Fire Dept h 
1158 Pierre av 

— Medric H (Pauline) firemn Win Fire Dept r 1336 
Howard av 

— Richd emp Chryslers r 1158 Pierre av 
—Victoria elk Hotel Dieu r 1158 Pierre av 
Boissonneault Gordon (Rita) emp Gord's Confy h 422 
Pitt e 

—Leo shoe shine boy Charles Shoe Clinic r 853 
Pe Ussier 

--Roland L landscape gdnr h 438 Chatham e 
— Wilbert (Germaine) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 
1012 Josephine av 

Boisvenue Adonias (Henrietta) foremn Chryslers h 
359 Cameron av 

Boisvert CamiUe (Lillian) toolmkr Perfect Cutting 
Tools r 2321 Tourangeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Donald perm force r 2535 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Henry (Jean) wtchmn L A Young Industries h 5, 

1241 McPougall av 

—John assembly Burroughs Mach r 2535 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Laurie r (Irene) emp Chryslers h 2535 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Louis (Bernadette) stockmn Fords h 2239 Howard av 
—Paul J emp Fords r 2239 Howard av 
--Suzanne stenog J D Branch Lumber r 2239 Howard 

Boivin Arthur scratch buffer Motor Products Corp r 
4182 Grand Marais rd (Sand W Twp) 

—Damien emp Motor Products Corp h 889 Sandwich e 
—Edwd L (Gertrude) emp Ford's h 1219 Hickory rd 
—Madeline assembler Flex -O -Tube r 1219 Hickory rd 
—Maurice pekr & chckr Motor Products Corp h 1141 
Oak av 

—Napoleon (Mary R) h 794 Josephine av 
—Theresa assembler Flex-O-Tube r 1219 Hickory rd 
Bojesco Leo r 1353 Wyandotte e 
Bojko John r 2665 Parent av (R Park) 

--Meter (Martha) emp Detroit h 1037 Dougall av 
Boka Julius emp Walker Metal r 3155 Riberdy rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Bokos Alex emp Chryslers r 1294 Erie e 
Bolahood Paul (Adele) emp Cutlorth Home Appliances h 
1577 York 

Boland Jack (Stella) comp Border Press h 938 Pierre av 
— Thos A (Rachel) purch agt Beauty Counselors of Can 
h 303, 435 Pitt w 

Bold Andrew emp Chryslers r 371 Bruce av 
Bolda Chas W vice -pres <i mgr Dominion Twist Drill 
Ltd res Detroit 

Boldizar John (Mary) emp Fords h 1478 Albert rd 
Bolduc Clarence chief controller Win Airport r 2041 

Bolechiwsky Peter r 1144 Marion av 

Bolek John emp Can Bridge r 939 Langlois av 

Boleka Ann emp Bendix Eclipse r 441 Langlois av 

--Lucille emp Bendix Eclipse r 441 Langlois av 

Boles Albt emp Detroit r 1529 Dufferin pi 

—Annie (wid Albt) h 1529 Dufferin pi 

— Celestine Mrs r 1441 Labadie rd 

—David (Inga) emp Fords h 1778 Arthur rd 

—Emma (wid David) r 1778 Arthur rd 

—Frances J acct h 1441 Labadie rd 

—Jos (Bloome) (Boles Market) h 590 Stanley (R Park) 

—Market (Joseph Boles) gro 2710 Howard av (R Park) 

—Mary nurse Evarist A Durocher r 1441 Labadie rd 

—Murray studt r 590 Stanley ( R Park) 

Boley John P (Phyllis) oculist 405 Wyandotte w h 612 

Bolger Jack emp Meikar Roofing r 951 Dougall av 
—Stanley J (Florence) serv stn 1919 Wyandotte e 
h 367 Pine w 

Bolhan Martin emp Fords r 1519 Langlois av 
Bolichowska Rosie Mrs dom b 2253 Mercer 
Bolishyn Peter emp Hawkeswood Garage h 1654 Parent 

Bolle Maurice (Guiliana) emp Auto Spec h 112 Elm av 
Bolog John (Vera) emp Pigott Cons’tn h 1031 Marion av 
Bologh Alex (Elizth) h 692 Eugene (R Park) 

Bolohan Ananie (Mary) emp Fords h 1032 Marion av 
—Geo N (Victoria) (Bolohan Homes) h 2197 Moy av 
— Gregoire emp Fords r 1417 Pierre av 
—Homes (Geo N Bolohan) bldg contr 2197 Moy av 
— Lazor (Ilena) emp Fords h 1417 Pierre av 
--Mary r 1527 Albert rd 

—Nicholas (Lee) emp Bolohan Constn b 1515 Lincoln 

—Nicholas A (Lydia) wrhse elk J T Wing & Co h 257? 

Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Sophie (wid Geo) h 1527 Albert rd 
— Vasili (Marie) emp City Engineers Dept h 1021 Raymo 

--Willard (Lillian) mach opr Fords h 1410 Hall av 
Bolsban Joure emp Genl Motors r 1030 Albert rd 
Bolt Susan (wid Sam) r 1777 George av 
Bolter Elsie elk Cunningham's Grocery r 1034 Janette 

—Fred (Winnifred)XBolter's Market) h 272 Esdras pi 

— Geo A slsmn Swift Candn h 1034 Janette av 
—Grace shpg room elk Beauty Counselors of Can r 1515 
London w 

— Percival J (Grace) h 1515 London w 
Bolter's Market (Fbed Bolter) gro 409 Shepherd w 
Bolton Alice (wid Walter) h 1450 Arthur rd 
—Arthur W h 327 Langlois av 

— Arthur S (Freda) elk Soldier Settlement and Veterans’ 
Land Act r 327 Langlois av 
— Catherine stenog Beaver Lumber Co Ltd r 2303 
Gladstone av 

— Chas H r 2303 Gladstone av 
— Chas J (Mary L) h 2303 Gladstone av 
—Frank L (Marie) maintmn Fords h 1458 Hall av 
—50— ' 














*. . 





--Geo (Agnes) emp Detroit h 370 Josephine av 
--Gordon (Virginia) emp Fords h 2210 Elsmere av 
— Harold D (Mary) emp Fords h 1150 McKay av 
--Hugh (May H) elect Tucker Elect h 1008 Bernard 

—John wtr Tasty Lunch h 812 Ellrose av 
--Joseph (Sarah) roofing and sheet metal wkr 240 Wyan- 
dotte e h same 

— Margt studt nurse Grace Hosp r 1379 Moy av 
--Mary shpg room elk Beauty Counselors of Can r 
1150 McKay 

--Mary (wid Ernest) h 549 Niagara 
--Maureen emp Fords r 042 Devonshire rd 
— Maxine h 083 Campbell av 
--Norma RMh 2537 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Norman V (Lois) emp Dom Twist Drill h 757 London 

--Richd (Eleanor) emp Detroit h 005 Charles (R Park) 
--Richd (Mary) emp Fords h 042 Devonshire rd 
--Ronald O r 642 Devonshire rd 
— Thos H (Minnie) emp Fords h 442 Chilver rd 
--Warren prod mgr Auto Specialties h 1379 Moy av 
--Warren P (Evylene) prod mgr Auto Spec r 1379 Moy 

-Wm H (Winnifred) emp Detroit h 225 Villaire av 

— Wm I (Laura) emp Fords h 467 Parent av 
Boluk Stanley (Nellie) meat elk A & P h 423 Logan av 
Bolus Frank W (Annis) mgr Bank of Montreal (1295 
Walker rd) h 2290 Ottawa 
--John studt r 2290 Ottawa 
— Mose r 2242 Victoria av 
--Rose studt r 2242 Victoria av 
—Simon (Nora) h 2242 Victoria av 
Bombardier Alfred J emp Fords r 2791 St Louis av 
(Sand E Two) 

—Clementine (wid Alfred) h 2791 St Louis av (Sand E 

—Dorothy studt r (rear) 1080 Drouillard rd 
—Emery (Emma) emp Chryslers h (rear) 1080 
Drouillard rd 

--Gerard mach opr L A Young Industries r 2791 St 
Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

—Isidore (Priscilla) emp Fords h 2695 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Laura stenog R C Children's Aid Society r 2791 St 
Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

—Lena M opr Motor Products Corp r 2791 Louis av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Norman (Ha) emp Fords h (rear) 1070 Drouillard rd 
Bomben Sante emp Walker Metal r 1385 Shepherd e 
Bomhof Margt emp Accessory Products r 3888 Mat- 
chette rd 

—Richd (Marie) emp Candn Bridge h 3888 Matchette 

Bomok Ernest emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 1878 St 
Luke rd 

— Michl (Pauline) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 1878 
St Luke rd 

—Nick (-Pauline) emp Fords h 3471 Cross 

Bona Carl emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 1477 Cadillac 

Bonami Wm btehr r 891 Erie e 

Bonanno Antonio emp Dinsmore-Mclntire r 580 Elliott e 
Bonar Geo watchmn Win Co-Operative Bakery r 1029 
Drouillard rd 

Bonard Peter (Amelia) lab J Kovinsky & Sons Ltd h 
3795 Sandwich w 

Bonasso Salvatore emp Hydro r 309 Langlois av 
Bonato Erino emp Walker Metal r 884 Marentette av 
--Giovanni P emp Walker Metal r 884 Marentette av 
Bonavia Geo (Mary) emp Fords h 1645 Cadillac 
Bonben Aldo lab Padovan Dredging r 1385 Shepherd e 
Bond Arthur studt r 1721 Oneida Court 
—Bella r 1076 Victoria av 
—Catherine (wid Arthur) h 1721 Oneida Court 
—Clothes, Wm Brandes mgr mens wear 368 Ouellette 
av & 1201 Ottawa 

—Daisy (wid Geo) r 1720 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Donald (Hilda) emp Fords h 1170 Hickory rd 
Dorothy fabricator McCord Corp r 203 Gladstone av 
--Frank (Gloria) emp Sterling Constn r 1131 Maren- 
tette av 

—Henry r 2671 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jacqueline wtrs New Service Lunch r 395 Pitt e 
—John (Mabel S) emp Genl Foods h 840 Elm av 
—John P (Ida) merchandise mgr C H Smith h 2061 

--Jos L (Veronica) emp Woodall Bros h 572 Caroline 
—Laura A h 1076 Victoria av 
—Marjorie r 1121 Goyeau 

—Oswald A (Emma) emp Empire Ice & Coal h 1149 

--Percy (Dorothy) em Border Cities Iron Wks h 1720 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Peter emp Bank of Toronto r 1720 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Phyllis press opr Banner Metal Prod h 1121 Goyeau 
— Robt emp Motor Products r 1121 Goyeau 
— Robt stockmn Motor Products Corp r 621 Cameron 

--Robt J emp Abbey Gray's r 203 Gladstone av 
—Roy (Irma) block mkr Sterling Constn h 2675 Chandler 
road (Sand E Twp) 

--Ruth opr Motor Products Corp r 1720 Ford blvd 
—Thos J (Betty) emp Penberthy Injector h 203 Glad- 
stone av 

— Wm driver Ambassador Taxi Cab h 2671 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm emp Sterling Constn r 2675 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Ttap) 

— Wm K (Julie) emp Fords h 3515 King 
Bonder Jerry (Evelyn) showman h 1545 Church 
Bondy Ada (wid Albemy) h 741 Marentette av 
— Alphonse tapman Monarch House res La Salle 
—Alphonse (Ida) wtchmn Walker Metal h 674 Josephine 

—Alphonse J (Genevieve) emp Gotfredson's h 1721 
Francois rd 

— Annie (wid Hector) h 963 Windsor av 
--Annie A (wid Victor) h 732 Goyeau 
—Arnold r 101 John M (R'Side) 

— Aurele vehicleman C P Exp res R R #1 River Canard 
--Beatrice stenog Webster Motors r 1218 Hall av 
— Bernard J (Rose-Mary) slsmn W J Bondy & Sons h 230 
Fairview blvd (R'Side) 

--Bernice emp Hotel Dieu res R R #3 Amherstburg 
—Cartage (Henry Bondy) 2645 Union 
—Chas A emp C I L r 3463 Harris 
— Clarence (Pearl) emp Chryslers h 2270 Marentette av 
--Claude (Bessie) insp Fords h 423 Haig av 
— Clayton M (May M) lab asst Walker Metal res River 

—Clifford W (Lottie) emp Fords h 1834 Lincoln rd 
— Corinne h 854 Pierre av 
--Dari emp Fords r 1359 Pierre av 
—DeRay G (Jean) slsmn Borden Co r 481 Cameron av 
--Donald (Florence) emp Fords h Janisse av (Sand W 

--Donald L (Margt) h 1923 Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 
--Earl (Elsie) emp Candn Auto Trim h 329 Campbell av 
—Earl J (Loretta) emp Chrysler h 1522 Howard av 
—Earle R (Dorothy) emp S W & A Rly h 1895 Labadie 

—Eileen estimator Somerville Ltd r 2312 Lincoln rd 
—Elmer E emp Fords h 1634 Central av 
— Elta r 1034 Central av 

—Ernest (Hazel) slsmn Automart Ltd h 1104 Parting- 
ton av 

—Ethel (wid Adrian) h 1359 Pierre av 
— Forest J (Rita) emp Fords h 968 Partington av 
—Garfield J (Germaine) acct Chryslers h 412 St Rose 
av (R'Side) 

--Gordon (Josephine) emp Bruner Mond Corp h 559 
Oak av 

--Gordon leader Motor Products Corp h 997 Josephine 

—Gregory J studt r 970 McKay av 
—Harold emp Detroit r 101 John M (R'Side) 

--Harry D (Marie) foremn Phil Wood Industries res 
La Salle 

—Harvey (Margt) cook Commodore Hotel h 1605 
Bernard rd 

—Harvey (Isabelle) steamfitter Candn Auto Trim h 3463 

—Helen off elk John Smith's Womens Wear r 101 John 
M (R'Side) 

—Henry (Corinne) (Bondy Cartage) h 1927 Francois rd 
— Jas (Betty) teller Bank of Toronto r 909 Jos Janisse 

—Jas R (Helen) shovel opr Sterling Constn h 3073 Peter 
—Jean bindery girl Sumner Printing & Publishing r 
3510 King 

—Jos emp Upton, Bradeen & James Ltd res Harrow 
—Jos T (Joyce) 1 c P O h 915 Curry av 
—Joyce studt r 1923 Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 
—Kenneth (Helen) emp Bendix -Eclipse h 1661 Ottawa 
—Lawrence L (Dorothy) emp Auto Specialties h 1518 
Howard av 

—Leah emp Loblaws r 937 Dawson rd 
—Leah fnshr Parke Davis r 3127 Wyandotte w 
—Leo (Eileen) emp Fords r 1050 Oak av 
—Leo D (Philomene) emp Chryslers h 594 Tournier 
—Leo E (Leah) shpg dept Chryslers h 101 John M 

—Leo T (Evangeline) stock chaser Chryslers h 2580 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Lillian R fnshg opr John Wyeth & Bros h 1188 Howard 


Alphabetical; White Page 5 1 
















PHONE 4-2547 

Ice Cream 



PHONE 4-3291 

— Lionel J (Hose) (Bondy Si Scott) h 734 Rosedale av 
— Lloyd E (Mabel) wldr Chryslers h 3509 Sandwich w 
—Lome (Rose) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1364 Pierre av 
—Louis D (Yvonne) emp Gotfredson's h 876 Parent av 
—Louis F (Audrey) engnr Brading's Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 976 McKay av 

--Louis G (Martha) maintmn Chryslers h 748 Moy av 
--Madeline prod wkr Burroughs Mach r 1359 Pierre av 
--Malcolm (Lillian) emp Chryslers h 559 Oak av 
— Marie-Anne tchr Our Lady of Perpetual Help Schl r 
846 Pierre av 

— Marie T ldgrkpr Royal Bank r 809 Pierre av 
—Mark T (Rose) slsmn Fuller Brush h 2524 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Martin J (Mabel) elk Felix Av Self Serve Grocery h 
938 Lincoln rd 

—Niles (Cecile) emp Detroit h 1390 Ellrose av 
—Nina bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1477 Felix av 
—Norman (Eleanor) emp Fords h 2834 Howard av 
(R Park) 

—Norman J A (Lena) acct Fords h 717 Partington av 
—Orville (Elizth) (Windsor Auto Parts) res RR#2 

--Orville (Grace) emp Fords h 982 Curry av 
—Otto J route suprvsr Can Bread h 695 Randolph av 
—Patrick H foremn Fords h 1043 Oak av 
—Pauline J tchr Kennedy Collegiate h 405, 1616 
Ouellette av 

— R Clifford (Lillian) emp Chryslers h 1929 Amiens av 
—Raymond emp Chryslers r 1043 Oak av 
—Raymond (Juliette) trk drvr Confed Coal & Coke res 
R R #1 McGregor 

—Raymond L (Loma) emp Fords h 3553 Girardot av 
—Regina opr Sterling Drug r 1043 Oak av 
— Relford T emp S W & A Rly h 3510 King 
— Richd studt r 734 Rosedale av 
— Robt G (Delaine) tinsmith Central Plumbing h 2832 
Howard av (R Park) 

—Robt J (Eva) slsmn W J Bondy & Sons h 200 Mathew 
Brady (R'Stde) 

—Ronald J (Mary) mech Ambassador Motors h 1069 
Janette av 

—Roy A (Kathleen) emp Can Motor Lamp h 1140 Oak 

—Roy B (Dorothy) garage mech Police Dept h 1107 
Pierre av 

—Roy J (Blanche) supt R C Children's Aid Society h 
661 Parent av 

—Russell (Marie) spray pntr Truscon Steel h 688 
Aylmer av 

—Russell tractor opr Dept Transp -Aviation Dlv res 
Windsor Airport 

— Stanley J (Kathleen) servmn Provincial Tire Co 
res Huron Line 
— Theresa r 420 Hall av 

—Theresa D stenog Hiram Walker <i Sons r 695 

--Theresa M emp Hiram Walkgr & Sons r 2270 
Marentette av 

--John W (Anne) supt Fords h 1837 Pillette rd 
--Jos (Anne) p c Pol Dept h 828 Arthur rd 
— Nickolas J (Isabel) emp S W & A Rly h 392 South 
Bonn Norman W (Fern) emp Candn Aulo Trim h 953 ' 

Erie e V- 

Bonnar Camillus elk Metro Stores r 72 Shawnee rd ' 1 

(Tecumseh) I £ 

Bonne Lea fruit elk Loblaws r 937 Dawson rd ! 
Bonneau Jos (Geraldine) emp Chryslers h 1728 
Elsmere av 

—Leo emp Chryslers r 734 South Pacific av (R Park/?'* 
--Paul (Lena) emp Auto Specialties h 2809 Norman r ' 
(Sand E Twp) ‘ - 

—Richd app Morris Funeral Serv r 1624 Wyandotte e " 
— Wilfred L emp Dresser Electric Ltd r 734 S Pacifi: " 
av (R Park) E 

Bonner Archd (Euphemia) emp Fords h 7, 1139 C* 

Sandwich e * ~ 

— Elizth hsekpr r 1005 London w E 

Bonnett Ralph (Cora) emp Fords h 1875 Pillette rd 
—Ralph (Gladys) emp Fords h 2546 Turner rd 
— Rawson (Gwendolyn) emp Fords h 1288 Partington j * 
—Redmond (Beatrice) emp Fords h 1650 Pillette rd 
— Regd pres Foreman's Guild r 1650 Pillette rd 
— Regd (Mabel) welder Fords h 101 Elinor (R'Side) 1 B 
— Robt J (Ida) foremn Fords h 937 Moy av 
—Robt J punch press opr Burroughs Mach r 2546 , 

Turner rd 

— Wm (Laura) r 463 Dougall av 

—Wm F meat elk Loblaws r 2546 Turner rd • 

Bonneville Loretta opr Sterling Drug r 2338 Pillette r 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Marie Mrs h 2338 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Rudolph H (Doris) emp Fords h 93l£ Albert rd 
Bonnie's Bar (Jack Tulte) light lunches St confy 1022*, 
Wyandotte w f 

Bonnomi Wm (Erie's Meat Market) r 893 Erie e 
Bonsall Fredk ertkr Hewitt Battery & Elect Serv r 3( 
Victoria av 

Bonsor Beatrice O cash London Life h 210, 274 Giles 
blvd w ** 

Bontront Eugene F (Grace) insp Chryslers h 11Q7 

Walker rd I 

—Louis (Flora) foremn Chryslers h 5066 Royal Com- 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Lucille emp Candn Auto Trim r 1107 Walker rd 1 
Booker Albt J (Loretta) sign pntr h 509 Bridge av 
—Alfred J (Amy) trimmer Fords h 974 Lincoln rd J? 
—Charlotte Mrs emp Kresge's r 565 Crawford av 
—Donald glass pntr Acme Neon Signs r 509 Bridge at 
—Harry (Lorraine) mgr Agnew Surpass Shoe Store Is 
h 1751 Olive rd 

—Philip (Muriel) emp CIL h 1130 Lincoln rd 
—Raymond emp Chrysler’s r 565 Crawford av rs 
Bookman Louis (Annette) (Bookwin's Dry Goods) h 4 A } 

704 Elliott e 

—Milton sec Propas Furs (Windsor) Ltd h 32, 1250 
Ouellette av 

— Sami M h 1107 London e 

— Therese emp Hotel Dleu res RR#3 Amherstburg 
— Therese emp Royal Bank r 854 Pierre av 
—Ulysses J (Nina) emp Detroit h 357 California av 
—Verne (Marguerite) emp Candn Oil h 189 McKay av 
—Veronica P fnshg dept opr Sterling Drug r 1043 Oak 

—Virginia tchr St Edward (RC) Schl r 810 Richmond 
— W J Si Sons (Wallace J Bondy) shoes 126 Ouellette av 
—Wallace J (Gladys) (W J Bondy Si Sons) h 325 East 
Lawn av (R'Side) 

—Walter D (Leona) tractor drvr City Engineers Dept 
h 529 Bridge av 

— Wm J (Catherine) emp Fords h 426 McKay av 
—Si Scott (Lionel J Bondy Si R Gordon Scott) btchrs Si 
gros 3204 Sandwich w 

Bone Arthur (Jeannette) emp Chryslers h 2659 Alexis 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—May emp Candn Bridge res River Canard 
—Walter (Edith) emp Fords h 1472 Central av 
BoneUi Ezio emp Walker Metal r 532 Glengarry av 
Bonenfant Matilda (wid Israel) r 2268 Marentette av 
Bonensuh Thos emp Cummlng Wrecking Co Ltd res 

Bonfield Arthur G r 1128 Highland av 
—Henry (Jessie) emp CNR h 4, 1014 Marent ette av 
— Wm S vehicleman C P Exp r 384 John B 
Bong Lonls (Suey Yin Chong) r 187 Goyeau 
Bongard Si Co W M Guillot mgr stocks Si bonds 86 
London w 

Bonham John C (Marian) engnr Fords h 1912 Devon- 
shire Court 

Bonita Beauty Salon (Mrs Loretta Walsh) 541 Caron av 
Bonk Evelyn prod wkr Burroughs Mach r 1837 Pillette 

Bookwin's Dry Goods (Louis Bookman Si Sam Winogi- 
1604 Wyandotte w 

Boom Fred (Rebecca) slsmn Westod Ltd h 4, 1073 
Wyandotte e 

Boomer Donald emp NYC Rly r 264 Janette av 
--John J stock elk Fords h 109, 280 Park w 
—Mary (wid John J) r 109, 280 Park w 
—Ted I (Helen) slsmn h 264 Janette av 
— Wm mgr Eplett's h 1464 Bernard rd 
Boone Doreen bkpr Paterson's Drug Stores Ltd r 35 
Moy av 

Boos David K rate elk C N R r 397 Sunset av 
Boose Geo E h 306, 218 Sandwich w 
— Norman (June) emp Park Davis h 1571 Labadle rd 
— Robt (Evelyn) h 3518 Barrymore Lane _ 

--Wesley E (Jean) engnr Toledo Scale res RR#1 Hurt 
Line (Sand W Wtp) 

Boot Si Saddle Riding Club (Jos Wilkin) riding club 

1602 Huron Line (Sand W Twp) , , - 

Booth Anne Mrs stenog Direct -Winters Transp r 151^ - - 
Hickory rd 

—Barbara mach opr Imp Bank r 301 Prado pi 

(R'Side) ,• g 

—Bertrand (Marion) emp Chryslers h 709 St Rose si, 

—Daniel (Marjorie) tool mach hand Candn Engnrg 4 
Tool h 301 Prado pi (R'Side) 

--David W (Louise) emp Chryslers h 2315 Chilver ri* 
--Geo r 6316 Riverside dr (R'Side) B 1 

—Geo (Annie) emp Chryslers r 1546 Hickory rd 
—Gordon r 1, 233 Sandwich e 
—Herman (Lilly) mail porter P O h 461 Eastlawn a 

(R'Side) ~ ~ 

— John (Jean) h 1306 Hall av _ 


— 52 — 

td td • m td ' • ' td u td td m 







—Leslie wtr Fleming House h 1560 Westminster av 
(S^nd E Twp) 

' —Mary E Mrs slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow h 6316 
1 Riverside dr (R'Side) 

y-Wm S emp Parke Davis r 6316 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
' Boothroyd Ada Mrs r 241 St Mary's blvd (R'Side) 

Boots Georgina (wid Alfred H) swtchbd opr Bell Tel h 
J 230 Erie e 

—John D credit mgr Supertest r 230 Erie e 
’ — Wm P insp Genl Motors r 230 Erie e 
Boow Christopher (Olga) emp Fords h 2135 Forest av 
— Edwd J foremn Chryslers h 2377 Louis av 
—Joseph C r 2377 Louis av 
— Thos emp Fords r 2377 Louis av 
--Wm (Sophie) r 2377 Louis av 

Boozan John (Catherine) emp Chryslers h 1450 Prince 

/*• —Marie r 1450 Prince rd 
Booze Halell (Fadah) gro 399 Elliott e h 383 same 
>d —Mike emp Walker Metal Products h 4, 166 London e 
— Mohmed emp Walker Metal r 287 Windosr av 
. —Omar studt r 383 Elliott e 
--Phillip r 383 Elliott e 

"‘--Sarah opr Textile Specialties r 399 Elliot e 
e \ f Bopp Wm mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool r 733 
Ouellette av 

Borach Wm r 1214 Drouillard rd 
Boras Clara emp Essex Packers Ltd r 1083 Ellis av e 
Borbely Albt (Ethel) emp CNR h 1224 Marentette av 
fc*'— Frank E emp Dinsmore & Mclntire r 1224 
Marentette av 

Borchuk Helen r 952 Cadillac 
— Michl (Jennie) drvr Seven-Up Bottling Co h 952 

--Mike h 1224 Cadillac 



*.--Wm (Rose) p c Pol Dept h 1276 Hall av 
Bordeau Daniel (Anne) patrol sgt Police Dept h 487 
Pierre av 

i p 

e ar 

e Ls 


Walkerside Division, J M Lawrence Vice-Presi- 
dent and General Manager, J P Handrigan 
Secretary-Treasurer, Head Office 628 Monmouth 

Milk Dept: D Wilson Manager, 628 Monmouth 
Road Phone 4-2547 

Ice Cream Dept: A Ducklin Manager, N B Hills, 
Sales Manager, 369 Dougall Ave, Phone 4-3291; 
(See side lines, also cards Dairies and Ice Cream 

1 Borden Victor emp Candn Steel r 646 Tournier 
Bordeniak John emp Fords r 2324 Meldrum rd 
££• (Sand E Twp) 

1 41 --Mary h 2324 Meldrum rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Nick emp Excello Tubing r 2324 Meldrum rd 
0 (Sand E Twp) 

Bordeniuk Alex (Pearl) emp Gotfredsons h 1184 Marion 

‘—Metro cook Norton Palmer Hotel r 2456 Meldrum rd 
Border Brokers Ltd L Daw manager 2nd fir, 712 
Huron Line 

— Cities Auto Wash (John N McRowsky & Georgia 
, Foubister) 639 Langlois av 

— Cities Auto Wreckers (H M Bezeau) 339 Wyandotte e 
Cities Bakery Ltd (Ephraim Lyons) 1051 Drouillard 
P road 

— Cities Coal Co (Lionel Desjardins) 1574 Gladstone av 
35- —Cities Consumers Co-operative Services gro & meats| 
1450 Tecumseh blvde 

—Cities Gum Tape (Walter Morton) 169 McKay av 
^ — Cities Insurance Agency (Jos M Cohen) ins 302, 176 
’d London w 

** —Cities Kosher Meat Market (Fred Lopatin) 527 
ur! Wyandotte e 

—Cities Polish Canadian Club Andy Miro pres 1530 
Langlois av 

1 4 ~. — Cities Shoe Repairing (Louis Zorzit) 755 Wyandotte e 
5^ — Cities Window Cleaning Co (James & Walter Bartlett) 
61 Ferry 


a? Structural Steel, Galvo Grating, Ornamental Iron, 

Bronze, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, Steel 
Stairs and Fire Escapes, 961 Walker Road, Phone 
rci 3-5225 

BORDER CITY TIRE SERVICE, Dun iop Tire oistn- 

butor (Lawrence V Bensette) 701 Wyandotte East, 
Phone 2-1131 


r — City Toy Co (Leo S Brandoline) toy mfg n s Tecum - 
seh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

— House (Mike Milovich & Eli Ostoich) hotel 428-444 
Wyandotte e 

--Masonic Temple Assn Ltd E T Howe sec 986 
Ouellette av 

—Press (T F Flood) prntrs 128-132 Ferry 
--Specialty Co (Osmond A Post) waterproof case 

lining, 8, 1922 Wyandotte e & 2043 Sandwich e 
— Tool & Die (John Tingle & Henry Shepherd) 1358 
Windsor av 

Bordian Chas (Anna) (Bordian Used Cars) h 4549 
Wyandotte e 

--Harry (Mary) chef East Win Hosp h 1282 Argyle rd 
—John (Mary) h 1457 South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 
—Used Cars (Chas Bordian) 4537 Wyandotte e 
--Walter (Theresa) lab Fords h 1280 Argyle rd 
Bordman Phyllis (The Paramount Studios) r 4, 420 
Aylmer av 

— Sami (Celia) h 4, 420 Aylmer av 
Bordoff Benjamin (Mary) (Candn Auto Wreckers) h 291 
Wyandotte e 

--Chas (Beatrice) tool mkr Kelsey Wheel h 1415 George 

--Dave slsmn Arena Auto Parts r 291 Wyandotte e 
--Jack (Standard Auto Parts) h 2216 Lincoln rd 
Bo reeky Annie (wid Harry) h 1176 St Luke rd 
Borek Waleria Mrs opr Textile Specialties r 962 
Marion av 

Borelli Santo (Vera) emp Hydro h 975 Goyeau 
Boretsky Alex drvr Consolidated Truck Lines r 1214 
Drouillard rd 

—Jos (Viola) drvr Direct-Winters Transp h 62 Oliver 
pi (Roseland) 

--Walter (Mary) emp Fords h 1115 Elsmere av 
■Borg Francis X emp Long Mfg r 995 Bruce av 
—Ida r 378 Goyeau 

Borgchese Ermames r 1619 Benjamin av 
Borge Florence (wid Gordon) h 3, 74 Shepherd w 
--Ted tech Imperial Piano Co r 242 Bridge av 
Borgford Harry r 391 Hall av 
Boricevich John emp Fords r 1232 Albert rd 
Borio John (John Borio Agency) h 1, 1154 Wyandotte e 
—John Agency (John Borio) real estate & ins 1012 
Wyandotte e 

Boris Jos r 1516 Langlois av 
Borkowski Walter (Windsor Grocers Supply) h 950 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Borland Geo whsemn C P Exp r 493 Wellington av 
--Jane A (wid Edwd) r 917 Chilver rd 
--Wm emp Purity Dairies r 3151 Riberdy.rd (Sand E 

Bornais Achille (Avangeline) lab Chryslers h 1263 
George av 

—Dorothy (wid Lawrence) h 1830 Westcott rd 
—Ernest W (Rose) emp Fords h 1978 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Jerry (Cecilia) emp Fords h 353 Bridge av 
— Rosemary emp Vanity Sweets r 353 Bridge av 
Bornstein Harry L (Dorothy) (Harry's Used Clothing ) 
h 936 Victoria av 

--Ruth emp Detroit r 936 Victoria av 
Borofsky Doris studt r 1041 Elsmere av 
--Jacob (Annie) (Wyandotte Furniture) h 1041 Elsmere 

--Muriel studt r 1041 Elsmere av 
Boron Emil J (Albina) core carrier Walker Metal h 
1516 Langlois av 

— Peter (Vera) tool & die mkr L A Young Industries 
h 604 Edinborough ( R Park) 

Boros Clara Mrs pekr Essex Packers Ltd h 1083 
Ellis av e 

— Elsie swtchbd opr Kelsey Wheel r 1083 Ellis av e 
— Goldene emp Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r 1083 
Ellis av e 

— Peter emp Kelsey Wheel r 1427 Parent av 
Boroski Alex (Marge) emp Chryslers h 1884 Alexis rd 
— Alfred J (Marjorie) trimmer Chryslers h 2395 
George av (Sand E Twp) 

--Victor A (Vera) fruit pdlr h 1323 Elsmere av 
Borowiec Jos (Gladie) emp Fords h 1385 Benjamin av 
— Walter studt r 1385 Benjamin av 
Borreda Patk (Mary) r 327 Windsor av 
Borrell Geo (Matilda) carp C I L h 818 Bruce av 
Borrelli Francisco roofer Malach Roofing, & Flooring 

Borri Carlo (Adela) emp Baldassi Constn h 2373 Elsmere| 

—Dora wtrs Ann's Snack Bar r 2373 Elsmere av 
Borrowman Una nurses aide Metro Genl Hosp r 2224 
Chilver rd 

Bors Julius r 1404 Howard av 

Borsellino Jos (Anna) emp Motor City Polishers h 592 
Glengarry av 

Borshuk Alex r 952 Cadillac 





O S3 

O (ft 


3 &> 



O Q, 
2 *< 

CD ■ 

» * 











CO 09 

c e 


■o — 

K ' 

"O Da 


“ CD 

CD T* 


(A CO_ 

1— 1 

t % 


o o 

=’ o 


3 M| 

s- 1 

"* A 
09 S’ 








8 5 





2*3 r 

* £ o 
-• a ° 



o S .-0 

2.x sr 

3 * *»' 






2 ?3 



- *" 5' 



W „ 

9 “ x 



X X 
rr * n 





o 2 3 
g-3 J 
? 3 * 



s 0 





o r 



S H 



» & 





Uk ' 


? gr 




ST 2 

- fL 






c ■> 


2. cr 


' 3 B 



2 a 



‘ ol 

Alphabetical, White Page 53 



—Janet h 1366 Hickory rd 

--Morris (Nellie) emp Fords h 320 California av 
— Wm (Rose) p c Pol Dept r 1276 Hall av 
Borsos Paul (Elizth) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 459 
Chilver rd 

— Theresa priv sec Norman A McCormick r 459 
Chilver rd 

Borthwick Chas (Marion) emp CNR h 12,’ 581 Cataraqui 
Bortkiewicz Konstanty (Leokadia) emp Walker Metal 
h 236 Crawford av 

Bortolin Angelo (Margarita) r 615 Tuscarora 
—Anthony carp h 1675^ Parent av 
--Anthony (Malvina) emp Woollatt Fuel & Supply r 851 

— Guiseppe (Angela) emp Woolatt Fuel h 851 Mercer 
— Peter (Blaska) wldr Romeo Mach Shop h 715 Aylmer 

— Rosiano (Angelina) emp Woollatt Fuel & Supply r 
851 Mercer 

Bortolo Nick emp Brewers Warehouse h 380 Brant 
— Viccile emp Colautti Bros r 533 Irvine 
Bortolon Harry A (Armeda) emp Sartori Constn h 2370 

— Narciso r 493 Mercer 
—Olga r 408 Pitt e 

— Oliva Mrs emp Windsor Wiping Cloth h 408 Pitt e 
Bortolotte Gordon (Blanche) emp Central Contractors 
h 2249 Reaume rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bortolotti David (Mary) plstr h 532 Windsor av 
— Jos (Maria) brklyr Thos J Startup h 2233 Louis av 
— Jos studt r 532 Windsor av 

—Lawrence emp Fords r 2416 Rossini blvd (Sand E 

— Mario B (Pauline) tool mkr Toledo Scale h 3301 
Curry av (Sand W Twp) 

—Norma emp James Holden Lawyer r 2233 Louis av 
--Umberto (Mary) brklyr h 2416 Rossini blvd 
(Sand ETwp) 

Bortolotto Albt emp Fords r 2606 Parent av (R Park) 
--Fred emp Be ndix- Eclipse r 6215 Riverside dr 

— John (Aline) emp Fords h 2606 Parent av (R Park 
—Linda emp Stand Paint r 2606 Parent av (R Park) 
--Lorenzo (Veronica) carp Fullerton Constn Co h 6215 
Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Bortolussi Alex r 969 Bridge av 
--Angela r 788-792 Gladstone av 
—Jos (Johanna) hlpr Nicholas Coal Co Ltd h 969 
Bridge av 

--Mary emp Detroit r 969 Bridge av 
— Paolino emp Candn Tile & Terrazzo r 792 Gladstone 
avenue (Sand E Twp) 

—Paul r 788-792 Gladstone av 

Borton Francis (Florence) insp Fords h 1033 Bruce av 
--Wm T (Lea) emp Detroit h 2309 Louis av 
Boruschak Andrew emp Fred B Stevens Prod r 951 
Dougall av 

Borychewski Stephania wtrs Home Lunch r 1380 
Hickory rd 

Boryczewski Jerzy (Stefania) emp Walker Metal r 
1211$ Cadillac 

Boryskewich Matt (Elizth) emp Fibre Prod h 848 Lang- 
lois av 

Borysowytsch Ivan assembler Welles Corp r 1380 
Hickory rd 

— John (Mary) r 1380 Hickory rd 
Bos Pieter (Louise) (Pete’s Body Shop) h 2224 Elsmere 
avenue „ 

Bosak Rose Mrs h 2260 Meldrum rd (Sand E Twp) 
Boscarino Anthony emp J R Tubaro & Son r 670 
Windsor av 

Boscariol John (Victoria) supt Sterling Constn h 2945 
Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

Boscott Robt r 7, 1375-9 Martin 

Boseczko Wsyl emp Candn Bridge r 4366 Grand Marais 
rd (Sand W Twp) 

Bosetti Doris sis elk C H Smith r 897 Moy ay 
— Epifanio (Carmela) emp Gotfredson's h 897 Moy av 
--Rose off elk Brown's Silk Shoppes Ltd r 897 Moy av 
Boshier Helen Mrs h 104, 1616 Ouellette av 
Bosick Jake r 1681 Factoria 
Bosnyak Geo (Barbara) emp Fords h 3425 Baby 
—Jos (Mary) h 1021 Campbell av 
— Jos emp Sterling Constn h 1031 Marion av 
— Karoly emp Lukacs Garage r 1031 Marion av 
—Mary stenog Metropolitan Genl Hosp r 3425 Baby 
Bosomworth Ernest emp Fords r 1746 Marentette av 
Bossence Florence Mrs h 336 Victoria av 
Boss! Anthony sample mkr L A Young Industries r 1105 
Dougall av 

--Chas (Petronilla) lab h 1105 Dougall av 
—Joseph (Mae) assembler L A Young Industries h 2073 
Ford blvd 

Bossom Ada Mrs h 345 Windsor av 
--James r 345 Windsor av 
— John r 345 Windsor av 
--Jos emp Detroit r 345 Windsor av 
— Robt emp Natl Groceries r 345 Windsor av 
Bostitch (Canada) Ltd C E Shaver mgr stapling mach 
mfrs 209, 29 Park w 
Bostock Violet h 462 Caron av 
Boston Oliver h 345 McDougall 
Boswell Josephine r 1082 Highland av 
—Wordlow (Alberta) h 149 Westminster blvd (R'Side) 
Bos worth Albt G (Blanche) emp S W & A Rly h 1556 Hall 

--Ruby M tchr Victoria Schl r 1556 Hall av 
Bosyj Michl (Eugenia) emp Fords h 1286 Francois rd 
Boszorat Helen punch press opr Johnstel Metal Prod r 
1038 Oak av 

— John core mkr Fords h 1038 Oak av 
Bot Ronald (Dora) r 876 Janette av 
Bo talc, Stanley emp DeLuxe Cleaners r 266 Goyeau 
Botek Anthony (Mary) emp Fords r 1473 Rossini blvd 
—Frank emp Candn Natl Rly r 2252 Chari (Sand W Twp) 
— Jos (Rose) boilermkr C N R h 2252 Chari (Sand W Tv$ 
--Lydia acctg elk Walsh Adv r 2252 Chari av (Sand W 

Botosan Aurel slsmn Bonds Clothes Shop r 1440 
Tourangeau rd 

--Gregory sprayer Motor Products Corp 
— Helen r 1457 Labadie rd 
— John h 1457 Labadie rd 

Botoshan Ralph (East Windsor Roofing Co) r 1669 
Drouillard rd 

--Steve (Mary) (East Windsor Roofing Co) h 1669 
Drouillard rd 

Botsford Emma h 1291 Ouellette av 
—John E (Beatrice) merchandising suprvsr Hiram 
Walker & Sons h 2230 Hall av 
—Jos L (Grace A) emp Fords h 1232 Windermere rd 
— Lawrence M h 1075 Pelissier 

—Walter J (Jean) sis off suprvsr Hiram Walker & Sons 
r 1075 Pelissier 

Botson Gregory (Elsie) emp Walker Metal h 776 • 

Windsor av ^ 

Bott Geo C (Florence) turnkey Essex County Gaol h 1237 
Oak av 

Botterill Matilda (wid Agars) h 384 J.ohn B av 
Bottler Jack stock mgr Household Prod r 3, 1469 

—Martin (Sonya) emp D O Dare h 3, 1469 Ottawa 
--Saul (Sarah) pres & genl mgr Household Products 
Co Ltd h 2372 Hall av 
Bottoms Edwd studt r 3, 547 Partington av 
— Edwd B (Hazel) lab Fords h 3, 547 Partington av 
Bottos Me Ivina fabricator McCord Corp r 775 Hall av 
Bottoset Angelo (Albino) emp MCR h 670 Grand Marais 
rd (R Park) 

• —Bessie Mrs insp dept R P Scherer r 2534 Rossini 

— Elso emp Wonder Bread r 670 Grand Marais rd 
(R Park) 

— Marcel (Ellen) cabt mkr Fraser Box & Lumber r 
2960 Langlois av (Sand E Twp) 

Bouchard Adolphe emp Candn Bridge 
—Arthur (Elisabeth) h 735 Parent av 
— Benoit (Gracia) emp Genl Mc f ors h 857 Brant 
--Eugene (Anna) emp Fords h 1005 Hickory rd 
—Jos E (Rosemary) lndry foremn Hoi.**! Dieu r 483 
Randolph av 

— Ovila J (Eva) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp h 821 
St Luke rd 

— Verne (Barbara) drvr Berch Constn r 2848 Howard 
av (R Park) 

Bouchat Andrew (Mary) (Andy's Market) h 699 
Charlotte (R Park) 

Boucher Aurora (wid Wm) h 306 Foch av 
--Cecil hlpr Price Air Conditioning Co Ltd r 1175 
Louis av 

— Colombus wldr Fords r 693 Moy av 
— Donald (Regina) emp CNR h 161 Aylmer av 
—Earl (Evelyn) emp Fords h 719 Lauzop rd (R'Side) 

. — Emile r 477 Pierre av 

— Eula A emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1122 Chatham e 
—Fernand (Isabelle) h 477 Pierre av 
—Henry W (Yvonne) emp Essex Packers Ltd h 672 
Randolph av 

— J Alphee (Nellie) roller opr City Engnrs Dept h 
1574 Bruce av 

— Jacqueline h 173 Aylmer av 
—Jacqueline elk Prudential Ins r 672 Randolph av 
—Jacqueline Mrs h 567 Chatham e 
— John emp Fords r 306 Foch av 
— John B (Irene) mach Penberthy Injector Co h 3220 
Sandwich w 






•r •••»>. 




— 54 — 





t f 



>r " -r. 





—Jos R (Lorette) emp Chryslers h 3244 Peter 
--Lawrence H (Irene) emp Hydro Project h 2880 
London w 

—Leona receptionist Borden Co r 1574 Bruce av 
—Maynard (Helen) emp Fords h 161 Aylmer av 
—Philip (Dora) emp Fords h 932 Albert rd 
--Ray (Yvonne) emp Penberthy’s h 3249 Baby 
— Thos (Therese) emp Fords h 991 1 Albert rd 
— Wm F (Delia) mach Fords h 715 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 
Boucock Norman mach tool opr Stand Mach & Tool r 
1174 Chilver rd 

Boud Carson (Erla) wtchmn Hydro h 571 Brock 
Boudreau Adrian (Beatrice) elect Dresser Electric 
Ltd h 734 S Pacific av (R Park) 

--Anthony (Evangeline) emp Fords r 715 Lincoln rd 
— Armand (Diana) h 1329 Crawford av 
—Armond (Loretta) emp Fords h 1681 St Luke rd 
—Arthur (Betty) emp Chrysler h 555 Janette av 
— Elmina emp Candn Auto Trim r 1329 Crawford av 
— Hermance M D sis elk Federal Stores r 964 
Josephine av 

—Jacques emp Fords r 670 Aylmer av 
—John (Flordora) emp Fords h 715 Lincoln rd 
—Jos assembler Chryslers r 1329 Crawford av 
—Lucy h 413 Prado pi (R'Side) 

—Marion wtrs Uneeda Snack Bar r 1396 Lillian 
--May emp Universal Button r 715 Lincoln rd 
— Philip (Patricia) emp Chryslers h 2, 393 Caron av 
—Pierre chaplain Hotel Dieu res same 
—Roger barber Bert's Barber Shop r 865 Erie 
--Rose priv sec Scales & Roberts Ltd r 715 Lincoln rd 
— Theophane (Lilliane) carp h 640 Langlois av 

--Victor (Shirley) emp Fords h 540 Lauzon rd (R'Side) 
Boufford Clifford R (Dorothy) elk C N Exp r 395 ^ 
Aylmer av 

—Donald D (Veronica) emp Chryslers h 1093 Glad- 
stone av 

— Edwd G (Arseline) tinsmith Fords h 1711 Oneida 

—Eugene r 2328 Wellesley 
—Florence (wid Gordon E) h 369 South 
—Henry C (Maude) engnr Fords h 967 Pierre av 
— Herbt D (Effie) section head Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 917 Windermere rd 

— J Elmer (Eva) assessor City Assess Dept h 1219 
Hall av 

--John emp Fords h 1833 Wyandotte e 
--Madge (wid Harold) r 3721 Glendale av 
— Orval J (Frances) immigration insp Citizenship & 
Immig h 1547 Arthur rd 
—Phyllis emp Fords r 1711 Oneida Court 
—Russell (Margt) h 464 Villaire av (R'Side) 

Boug Gordon C (Alice) mgr Milner Ross & Co h 316 
1616 Ouellette av 
Boughner Anna r 931 Sandwich e 
— Byron (Laura) mgr Erie Paint & Wallpaper Ltd 
h 3F, 657 Argyle rd 

— Chas wtr Driving Park Hotel r 2248 Church 
— Chas E (Electa) mech Chyrslers h 2248 Church 
—Chester J (Blanche) btehr Foodland Ltd r 1550 
Windermere rd 
—Cyril (Helen) h 980 Lillian 

—Donald M drvr slsmn Coca-Cola r 360 Logan av 
—Everett C (L Violet) tchr Harry E Guppy Schl h 
2526 Gladstone av 

— F Clifford (K Florence) elk Fords h 2429 Tour- 
angeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Harold (Melina) elk Chryslers h 346 Frank av 

—Harry D (Martha) mach opr Toledo Scale h 2161 
Dougall av 

—James (Janet) h 1850 Cadillac 
—Lewis A (Etta) barber 263 Wyandotte w h B16, 286 
. Pitt w 

—Margt (wid Wm) h 1550 Windermere rd 
— Martin (May) emp Hill's Meat Market h 360 Logan 

--Neville (Doreen) trk drvr Waddell's h 1857 London w 
— Richd H (Selina) trk drvr Hendrie & Co h 206 Parent 

—Sami (Nellie) emp Fords h 1023 Cataraqul 
--Stanley (Katherine) emp Modern Cleaners h 761 
Sandwich e 

— Sylvester r 1023 Cataraqui 

; — Wayman (Alice) attdt Henry's Serv Stn h 471 Elliott 

Boughton Edwd A (Ida) incinerator opr City Engnrs 
. Dept h 2666 Turner rd 

— Fredk G (Anna) cooler reprmn Coca-Cola h 1084 

Boulay Donat (Rose) emp Woodall Constn h 253 Belle 
Isle av 

—Maurice. (Edith E) drvr Fords h 233 Villaire av 

Boulden Fredk A (Barbara) announcer CKLW h 1087 
Windermere rd 
Boulet Edwidge r 1555 Goyeau 

Bouliane Albt slsmn Ed Haas Fine Shoes r 702 Lincoln 

—Alexander J (Norma) freight hndlr John Wyeth & Bro 
r 671 Brant 

—Arthur gro elk Dom Store r 702 Lincoln rd 
— Eugene (Blandine) (Gene's Welding Service) h 702 
Lincoln rd 

—Henry ( Marion) emp Gotfredson's r 702 Lincoln rd 
—Theresa statistician John Wyeth & Bro r 702 
Lincoln rd 

Boult Lyse studt r 1103 Pelissier 

Boulton A H Co Ltd Arthur H Boulton pres & mgr, 

Benjamin H Boulton vice -pres, Frank A Dietzel 
sec-treas whol gro, tob, confy 635 Caron av 
--Arthur H (Florence) pres & mgr A H Boulton Co Ltd 
h 2249 Victoria av 

—Benjamin H (Irene) vice -pres A H Boulton Co Ltd 
h 2216 Union 

—Eric (Georgina) engnr Long Mfg r 108 Ramsay av 

Bouma Walter assembler McCord Corp r 78 Grosvenor 
rd (Roseland) 

Bound Fred G emp & claims officer Unemploy Ins 
Commn h 1103 Hall av 

Boundy Chas J (Eliza) information elk & cig & tob grnd 
fir City Hall h 434 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Elmer engnr Metropolitan Genl Hosp r 950 Pierre av 
— Ernest J emp Fords h 1039 Lincoln rd 
— Frank A emp Wheel Trueing Tool r 1039 Lincoln rd 
—Joan emp Universal Button r 433 Cameron av 
Bourassa Eugene emp Fords r 679 Pelissier 
— Gerald emp Chryslers r 679 Pelissier 
Bourbonais Gerald (Dorothy) emp Detroit h 6628 
Riverside dr (R'Side) 

Bourbonnais Aldde (Aurore) firemn Essex Terminal 
Rly h 1776 Hall av 
—Rene r 1776 Hall av 

—Roland (Margt) emp Chryslers r 1776 Hall av 
Bourcier Josephine hsekpr r 804 Grand Marais rd 
(R Park) 

Bourdeau Albt J (Louise) brklyr Giroux Constn h 932 
California av 

—Albt N (Pearl) insp Chryslers h 2065 Ottawa 
—Beatrice M asst supt R C Children's Aid Soc h 305, 

29 Giles blvd w 

— E Claire (Hilda) emp Gotfredson's h 1347 Bruce av 
—Harvey (Helen) emp City Engnrs Dept h 1331 Aubin 

--Hector J (Annie) emp Fords h 2482 Francois rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Henry h 1288 Albert rd 
—Irene gro elk Loblaws r 759 William 
—John C (Jean) druggist Pond's Drug Stores h 1237 

— Kenneth L emp Candn Collord Prod r 414 Lespe ranee 
rd (Tecumseh) 

— Lorraine sis elk Metro Stores r 1331 Aubin rd 
— Phillip (Olga) emp Fords h 1735 George av 
— Raymond meat elk A & P Stores r 1331 Aubin rd 
—Rita r 1331 Aubin rd 
— Stella r 932 California av 

Bourdganis Peter (Valida) emp British American 
Hotel h 1342 Dufferin pi 

—Sylvia stenog Border Brokers Ltd r 1342 Dufferin pi 
Bourdginon Fredk £ (Anna M) trk drvr Inti Cartage 
h 1215 Brock 

— Sally stenog C GRussell Armstrong r 1215 Brock 
Bourdignon Cecilia dom h 612 Victoria av 
Bourdon Patricia nurse East Win Hosp h 41 1 Janette 

Bourdzy Jos r 1714 Alexis rd 

Bourgard Grocery (T Ross Bourgard) 2141 London w 
— T Ross (Dorothy) (Bourgard Grocery) h 2251 Longon 

Bourgault Ralph emp Essex Terminal Rly r 1508 
Gladstone av 

Bourgeau Romeo J E (Dorothy) (Romeo School of 
Dancing) h 1, 1314 London w 
Bourgeois Jean (Berthe) vice -pres & prod & engnrg 
Welles Corporation Ltd h 819 Gladstone av 
Bourgeon Rheal mgr East Windsor Hotel r 1086 Albert 

Bourget A dom r 731 Victoria av 
--John (Ulanda) emp Elmwood Hotel h A6, 825 Ottawa 
—John M (Yolanda) tool &die mkr DeVtlbiss Mfg h Al, 
825 Ottawa 

—Mary r 956 Bridge av 

—Paul L (Louise) opr Motor Products Corp h 834 

Bourgon Rheal (Isobell) emp East Windsor Tavern h 
1086 Albert rd 


Alphabetical. White Page 55 




Branchei and Agents at all principal points in Canada. U.S.A. 

and Abroad. 


Bourgouin Emile (Georgette) emp Fords r 394 Aylmer 

Bourke Frank (Josephine) maintmn Kelsey Wheel h 914 
Oak av 

—Harold (Albertine) emp Motor Products Corp h 710 
Charles (R Park) 

--Irene M emp Detroit h 364 Victoria av 
—Lloyd ( Jacqueline) emp Bell Tel h 324 California av 
Bourne Alvin (Evelyn) emp Fords h 30, 858 Erie e 
--Arthur (Isabelle) sheet metal wkr h 2664 Howard av 
(R Park) 

—Elizth r 321 Caron av 
—Geo (Clara J) stock elk Fords h 1971 Ottawa 
--Gerald M (Phyllis) tool engnr Chryslers h 138 
Glidden av (R'Side) 

— Jack emp Chryslers h 4, 61 Sandwich w 
Bourque Albt (Georgina) emp Kelsey Wheel h 471 

—Fernand emp Fords r 892 Jos Janisse av 
— Gladys r 1554 Aubin rd 
— Harvey emp Fords r 1554 Aubin rd 
— J Maurice lab Somerville Ltd h 1998 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Leo sprayer Motor Products Corp h 410 Janette av 
— Ovide (Yvonne) emp Fords h 892 Jos Janisse av 
—Paul emp Fords r 892 Jos Janisse av 
— Roy (Marjorie) slsmn Silverwood's h 6£, 1361 
Ouellette av 

—Wilfred (Vina) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1554 Aubin rd 
Bourquin Paul (Mary) emp Fords r 1922 Francois rd 
Boussey Arthur watchman Hiram Walker & Sons 
h 1142 Lincoln rd 
--Henry r 1142 Lincoln rd 
--Isabel r 1142 Lincoln rd 

— Therese emp Universal Button r 1142 Lincoln rd 
—Wilfred J (Loretta) capt Win Fire Dept h 1158 
Lincoln rd 

Bouteiller Harold J (Jean) engnr Chryslers h 1250 
Gladstone av 

— Wm M emp Candn Bridge res Tecumseh 
Boutet Albt emp Chryslers h 2528 George av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Alfred h 924 Peirre av 

—Norman J (Edith) foremn Vix Products Co h 1871 
Francois rd 

Boutette A Jas (Angela) dispatcher Diamond Cab r 839 

--Albt J h 839 Brant 

— Bernice A emp Parke Davis r 1856 Meldrum rd 
— Donald studt r 664 Randolph av 
— Edwd E (Mary) pres W M Maybe e Ltd h 651 Parent 

— Emmanuel (Josephine) emp Detroit h 516 Langlols av 
— Emmanuel staty engnr Assumption Coll h 468 Pierre 
—Ernest (Rose) h 647 Brant 

— Gabriel J (Aileen) reprmn Win Utilities Commn 
(Hydro Div) h 604 Randolph av 
—Gerald J emp Dom Forge h 3543 King 
—Herman emp Gotfredson's r 647 Brant 
--Ivy Mrs pekr Reid Industries r 711 Pierre av 
— Lawrence elect Gotfredson's r 647 Brant 
—Lena (wid Michel) h 831 Tuscarora 
—Leo J set up & genl reprmn Great Lakes Die Casting 
r 314 Lesperance rd 

—Ray (Dorothy) emp Chryslers r 678 Partington av 
— Ronald (Lorraine) tool mkr L A Young Industries h 
1970 Labadie rd 

—Rose Mrs slsldy Lazare's Furs h 678 Partington av 
—Theodore J (Bertha) elk Fords h 1850 Meldrum rd 
— Wm J (Berndette) elect Gotfredson's h 2338 Parent 

Boutin Andrew studt r 1219 Aubin rd 
—Francis (Florida) carp h 1219 Aubin rd 
—Louis (Maria) h 1169 Marion av 
Boutz Geo E (Adella) emp C N R h 984 California av 
Bouzide Dolores M elk Unemploy Ins Commn r 930 
Parent av 

—Fred r 930 Parent av 

—Jas fruit & vegetables 930 Parent av h same 

— Jeannette r 930 Parent av 

Bove Antonio r 502 Glengarry av 

Boven Frances h 534 Assumption 

Bover Jos (Gertrude) emp Gotfredson's h 149 Aylmer 


Bovey Gertrude priv sec Hiram Walker & Sons r 1163 
Pierre av 

--Leonard (Muriel) drftsmn Dom Forge & Stamping 
r 2462 Byng rd 

— Wm (Alice) emp Fords h 1163 Pierre av 
Bovill Annie (wid John) h 218, 1616 Ouellette av 
Bovine Rene emp Fords r 818 Chilver rd 
Bow Henry -tester DeVilbiss Mfg r 2378 Louis av 
—John off elk O P Hamlin Co Ltd r 2378 Louis av 
Bowchuk Peter r 1117 Drouillard rd 
Bowden Arthur (Dolly) elect Northern Crane & Hoist 
res Essex 

—Gerald emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 3561 Barrymore 

—Gerald emp The Standard Stone Co Ltd res RR#1 

—Jas (Edith) buffer Duplate h 620 Church 
—John J (Bessie) tchr Hon J C Patterson Coll Inst 
h 850 Gladstone av 

— Lenora (wid Leonard) emp Champion Spark Plug 
h 707 Sunset av 

—Lorraine Mrs stenog cash Household Finance res 
R R #1 Harrow 

—Stewart W (Gwen) elk Burnside Hdwre Ltd h 1703 
Albert rd 

— Wm J firemn L A Young Industries r 1083 Pelissier 
Bowdin Janette Mrs r 361 Church 
Bowen Walter (Florence) storekpr Metropolitan Genl 
Hospital h 2403 Tuner rd 

Bower BenJ bartender Woodbine Hotel r 139 Goyeau 
— Elizth Burnside Wet Wash Lndry r 1059 Marion 
--Frank B (Ada) interior dec Detroit h 1380 Hall av 
—Jas W (Blanche) stkpr Candn Automotive Trim h 418» 
Ellis av w 

— Wm (Jessie) drvr Peerless Countryside Dairies 
h 1369 Curry av 

Bowering Chas (Marie) emp Fords h 1127 Marentette 
Bowerman Douglas studt r 132 Patrice dr (R'Side) 

— S Benjamin (Jean) sis mgr R P Scherer h 132 
Patrice dr (R'Side) 

Bowers Alvin mech Art Green's Service h 715 Chatham 

--Emmanuel ( Miry) emp Chryslers h 1, 655 Chilver rd 
—Ralph drvr & dispatch mgr McAnally Freight Ways 
res Cottam 

— Wm (Nancy) meat mgr Loblaws res RR#1 Tecumseh 
—Zita emp Champion Spark Plug h 327 Salter av 
Bowes Beatrice Mrs nurses aid Metropolitan Genl 
Hosp h 1016 Assumption 
— Emer B r 1, 74 Shepherd w 
— Emer W J (Violet) prin Victoria Schl h 1, 74 
Shepherd w 

— Frances opr Motor Products Corp h 2377 Louis av 
--Geo tinsmith Neilson Sheet Metal h 1669 Mark 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Richd R (Birdie) foremn Essex Wire Corp h 2167 
Woodlawn av 

— Robt emp Burnside Wet Wash Lndry r 1016 Assum- 

— Robt D (Isabel) supt Fords h 1637 Francois rd 
—Ted (Darleen) emp Chryslers r 1016 Assumption 
Bowey Florence (wid Sydney) r 1979 Arras 
— Percy T (Eva) mech Fords h 857 Dougall av 
—Wilson (Marguerite) bkpr Candn Motor Lamp h 1979 

Bowie Robt emp Chryslers r 2238 Chari (Sand W Twp) 
Bowker Frank S (Maud) emp Prince Edward Hotel 
h 540 Campbell av 

--Sheila off elk Fords r 540 Campbell av 
Bowlby E Margt h 806 Victoria av 
Bowles Marlon emp Rowson's Tavern h 721 Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

—Mildred Mrs sis elk C H Smith Co h res Maidstone 
— Wm G (Minnie) h 1061 Elm av 

Bowley Gordon R (Mary) slsmn Detroit h 377 Campbell 

Bowling Robt C (Vera) expoet dept Fords h 7, 972 Erie 

Bowman Alexander J M (Ruby) genl contr h 1875 

— Anthony Ltd, Geo H Dickson pres & mgr, Alex 

McDonald vice-pres, Ivan McLellan sec-treas, 
auto accessories 130-144 Pitt w Si Electronic 

dept 121 Sandwich e 

— 56 — 




VV "V ■*>- 'Y ' ■'N*' V V V'S' 






PHONE 4-6491 


— G Wm (Helen) barr 401, 76 London w h 816 Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

—Hazel practical nurse East Win Hosp r 918 Pierre av 
— Leona (wid Chas) h 3605 Bloomfield rd 
— Margt (wid John) h 1117 Pe Ussier 
--Melvin W (Raylena) h 216 Cameron av 
— Rachel emp Detroit r 1117 Pelissier 
--Rodney G (Marguerite) bus opr Eastern Candn Grey- 
hound Lines h 3-4, 465 Chatham w 
Bownass Jack (Toni) emp Chryslers r 802 Hall av 
Bowser Henry A (Lillian) metal fnshr Fords h 3163 
Melbourne av 

--Kenneth (Louise) emp Fords h 1273 Monmouth rd 
—Norman (Constance) emp Ford Motor Co h 2603 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Bowsher Douglas (Rose A) asst dept mgr John Wyeth & 
Bro h 2346 Parent av 

—Lancelot J (Alida) elk Fords h 338 Randolph av 
— Wm L (Lois) acct Essex Wire Cor h 1663 Pierre av 
Bowskill Arthur W (Dorothy) suprvsy 1 c P O h 3981 
Rose land dr 

--Jean bkpr Ecclestone Constn r 1542 Marentette av 

— Leah Mrs h 1542 Marentette av 

—Thos (Jean) emp Parke Davis h 1542 Marentette av 

Bowyer Chas (Leah) slsmn Silverwood's h 2170 Hall av 

—Chas G emp Wonder Bread r 2170 Hall av 

—Fred (Nellie) emp Chrysler h 1976 Westcott rd 

—Percival W emp S W & A Rly h 742 Rankin av 

Box Marjorie tchr h 20, 577 Moy av 

Boxall Anne J sec-treas Waffle's Electric Ltd h 25, 

1556 Goyeau 

--Mary tchr J E Benson Schl h 25, 1556 Goyeau 
Boy Scouts Associations, The Windsor District Percy 
S Brady exec commissioner 27 Sandwich w 
Boyarchuk Elie (Mary) (Fleming House) h 4715 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Boyce Alfred (Evelyn) emp Wonder Bakeries h 469 
Crawford av 

--Clarence G (Lucy) emp Chrysler h 3733 Whitney av 
—Doris emp Fords h 2177 Dougall av 
--Elsie F Mrs janitress Borden Co h 481 Cameron av 
— Jas H foremn Nicholas Coal Co Ltd h 364 Clinton 
—Leonard L (Lula) mech Fords h 477 Caron av 
—Thos A (Victoria) drvr Overland Exp h 559 Chatham 

— Wm E tool & die mkr Fords h 180 Elm av 
— Wm J (Agnes) foremn Nicholas Coal Co Ltd r 89 
Shepherd e 

— Wm L elk Hiram Walker & Sons r 477 Caron av 
Boychuck Annie h 1926 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— John emp Chrysler r 1271 Sandwich e 
— Michl (Mary) maintmn Fords h 2519 Turner rd 
Boychuk Frank oiler Walter Metal r 1590 Hall av 
--Geo emp Genl Motors r 716 Goyeau 
--Mike (Jessie) emp Chryslers h 1859 Albert rd 
— Nickolas (Beatrice) spray pntr Long Mfg h 1577 
Felix av 

— Robt J emp Coca-Cola r 1859 Albert rd 
—Sonia Mrs r 1554 Langlois av 
— St eve (Frances) emp Fords h 1186 St Luke rd 
Boycott Albt E (Flossie) emp Fords h 353 Jefferson 
blvd (R'Side) 

—Alfred h 357 Jefferson blvd (R'Side) 

--Harold W (Janet) prntr Win Star r 187 Janette av 
—Lillian emp SW&A Rly r 187 Janette av 
—Louisa (wid John) r 1690 Mercer 
— Wm A (Florrie) emp Candn Sirocco Co h 461 Louis av 
Boyd Alice (wid Wm) h 209 Crawford av 
—Andrew jr r 982 Gladstone av 
—Andrew (Elizth) emp Fords h 982 Gladstone av 
— Archd (Margt) meter rdr Win Utilities Commn Water 
Div h 2398 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Audrey r 822 Bridge av 
—Bertha (wid Mortimer) h 43 Maiden Lane w 
— Betty J emp S H Camp Co r 822 Bridge av 
— Chas emp Fords h 6, 384 Chatham e 
— Douglas acct Fords r 1219 Marentette av 
—Edna h 1334 Goyeau 

—Ernest emp City Engnrs Dept r 1030 Highland av 
—Francis (Isabel) maintmn Essex Wire Corp h 1933 
Ellrose av 

— Garnet emp Somerville Ltd r 3714 Turner rd 
—Geo N (Isabel) prin Marlborough Schl h 474 Rose- 


— Harry barber Duke's Barber Shop r 891 Wyandotte 

— Herbt W (Gladys) p c Sand E Twp h 2404 Chandler 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jas r 822 Bridge av 
—Jas (Olga) emp Fords h 3662 King 
--Jas M (Elizth) stockmn Chryslers h 1219 Marentette 

— Jas R (Margt) insp Fords h 2362 Francois rd 
(S and E Twp) 

—Jean (wid Robt) h 822 Bridge av 
—John h 957 Goyeau 

— Kenneth J (Dora) drvr Bell Fuels Ltd h 1152 Elm av 
— Laura hsekpr r 467 Parent av 

—Leah Mrs slsldy Brownes Silk Shoppes r 859 Pierre 

—Leone (wid Louis) r 1265 Windermere rd 
—Mark acct r 1265 Windermere rd 
—Maud Mrs h 1030 Highland av 
— Morley emp Seven-Up Bottling Co r 859 Pierre av 
--Norman O (Barbara) phy & surgeon 6, 7, 8, 618 
Lincoln rd h 16 Thompson blvd (R'Side) 

--Thos G (Elizth J) assessor City Assess Dept h 1532 
St Lute rd 

—Thos H (Florence veterinary surgeon 1011 Howard av 
h same 

— Wm r 2404 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm r 209 Crawford av 
--Wm studt r 1219 Marentette av 
— Wm (Leslie) emp Chryslers h 1566 Westcott rd 
— Wm supt American Decalcomania Co of Can Ltd res 

— Wm L (Jean) engnr Chryslers h 2, 2114 Gladstone 

Boyde John R (Julia) architect 156 McEwan av h same 

--Mar Jo studt r 156 McEwan av 

Boyden Caroline acctg off Grace Hosp r 393 Elm av 

Boyed Harry r 658 Caron av 

Boyer Andrew emp Gotfredson's r 400 Chilver rd 

— Angeline (wid Wm) h 4, 557 Cameron av 

—Edgar J h 1502 Howard av 

—Fred emp Ferry Lunch r 7, 386 Devonshire rd 

—Geo r 380 Wyandotte e 

—Geo emp Fords h 61 Hanna w 

— Helen Mrs slsldy Jo-Anne Shoppe Ltd r 515 Victoria 

--Jack studt r 3, 517 Victoria aV 
—Jas r 619 Eugene (R Park) 

—Jos studt r 3, 517 Victoria av 
—Leo J (Madge) elk Fords h 5, 1766 London w 
— Maude (wid Wm H) h 748 Argyle rd 
— Napoleon J (Corinne) emp Genl Motors h 2324 
Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Phyllis priv sec Arthur S Fitz Gerald h 7, 133 McKay 

—Thos (Lila) emp Chryslers h 1538 Aubin rd 
—Thos J (Antoinette) supt Win Arena h 3285 Russell 
—Thos J (Margt) treas Candn Pensioners Assn h 1561 

— Wm (Helen) emp Fords h 515 Victoria av 
— Wm H (Jean) h 3. 517 Victoria av 
Boyes Arthur (Ida) fe mp CIL h 2252 Union 
— Frank E (Margt) metal fnshr Gotfreds'ons r 2370 
Turner rd 

Boyko Alex emp Purity. Dairies h 2312 Byng rd 
— Anthony servmn Bryant Pattern & Mfg Co res 
R R#2 Maidstone 

— Kus stkmn Johnstel Metal Prod r 1056 Marion av 
— Pala (wid Joe) h 2657 Parent (R Park) 

— Peter (Doris) reprmn Chryslers h 636 William 
(R Park) 

— Wm emp Brading's Cincinnati Cream Brewery h 
872 Hall av 

Boylan Grace stenog Hotel Dieu h 1474 Pelissier 
— Mary J (wid Patrick) r 1474 Pelissier 
Boyle Carl M (Margt) mech Chryslers h 1109 Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

—Clarence servicemn Jolliffe Enterprises Ltd res R R 
#1 Windsor 

—David (Catherine) emp Maple Leaf Prod h 768 
Marentette av 

— Edwd F (Aileen) carp Motor Products Corp h 1240 
Marentette av 

Alphabetical, White Page 57 



— Elgin C (Dorothy) assmblr Fords h 34 89 Barrymore 

—Fred L (Hilda) tire repairmn Chatham-Lodi Nu 
Treads h 1623 Aubin rd 

— Fradk trk drvr John Catalano r 361 London e 
— Geo (Lena) h 3, 1529 Sandwich e 
— Geo (Gladys) wldr Maple Leaf Metal h 1372 Pierre 

—Hugh (Vivian) erap S W & A Rly r 723 Bruce av 
— Irene emp Bell Tel r 581 Elm av 
— Jas elk Fords r 2222 Turner rd 
— Jas Jr emp Chryslers r 3, 1637 Assumption 
— Jas (Alexandra) emp Fords h 3, 1637 Assumption 
--Jessie emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1529 Sandwich e 
— John A (Alma) sec-treas & genl mgr Win Medical 
Service h 211, 280 Park w 
—Joseph (Betty) pntr Wm Russell & Sons h 552 
Parent av 

--Joseph slsmn Silverwood's r 361 London e 
— Josephine hsekpr r 3072 Alexander blvd 
—Kenneth (Rita) emp Chryslers h 909 Pierre av 
— Michael T (Eileen) trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp 
h 168 Elm av 

. — Norma emp Fords h 947 Lincoln rd 
— Norman (Jean) emp Fords h 1579 Sandwich e 
—Norman E (Verna) drvr Overland Exp h 5, 1486 

--Raymond (Edith) bkr Rowland & O'Brien r 955 
California av 

— Robt emp Fords r 4, 939 Wyandotte e 
' — Robt H winder Johnson Turner Electric r 2222 
Turner rd 

--Sami C (Marguerite) chief engnr Assumption Coll h 
2222 Turner rd 

— Thos (Charlotte) emp Candn Auto Trim r 453 Mercer 
— Thos J (Louisa) lab h 361 London e 
—Wilbert C (Ivy) emp Fords h 1538 Richmond 
— Wm (Carrie) r 947 Lincoln rd 
Boyles Hdrace E (Nan) mgr Bank of N S (491 Ouellette 
av) h 2383 Chilver rd 

Boyne Geo emp Chryslers r 447 Victoria av 
Boynton Arthur J (Minnie) mgr Burton The Tailor r 
430 Randolph av 

--Lloyd emp Fords r 430 Randolph av 
Boys' Town-Girls' Town (Rose Vexler) clothing 1199 

Boyton Helen nurse r 2221 Victoria av 
Boz Achille (Francis) mill room lab Walker Metal h 
3347 Tecumseh rd 

Boza Adzia Milos (Olga) (International Barbershop) h 84 
St Louis av (R’Side) 

Bozanick Geo (Nettie) emp Chryslers h 1107 Drouiilara 

Bozek Geo (Margt) h 1356 Langlois av 
— John (Elsie) mech h 1519 Marentette av 
Bozich Bessie cook Hotel Royale r 4877 Wyandotte e 
' — Frank (Irene) mach Fords h 1245 Hickory rd 
— Mealon emp Fords r 1529 Hickory rd 
Bozinovich Andy (Dixie House) h 1076-1080 Erie e 
Bozman Burdette studt r 880 Janette av 
1 — Geo H (Zelma) emp CPR h 880 Janette av 
Bozonzick Nick (Emilia) emp Fords h 1108 St Luke rd 
Bozzetto John mach Nickleson Tool & Die r 1727 
Langlois av 

Brabant Aurele J (Nancy) slsmn Can Bread h 29 Frank 
av (R’Side) 

— David J (Lorraine) tool mach repr Backstay Standard 
h 3424 Handy (R’Side) 

— Dora r 3432 Handy (R Side) 

— Edwd (Delores) emp Kelsey Wheel h 2218 Forest av 
— Joseph H (Albina) emp Town of Riverside h 3432 
Handy (R'Side) 

--Leonard (Rolondie) drvr slsmn Windsor Coat, Apron 
& Towel Supply Ltd h 117 St Mary’s blvd 

—Pauline elk Can Salvage Co r 3432 Handy (R’Side) 

— Rene J emp Kelsey Wheel r 3432 Handy (R’Side) 
Brabson John r 6, 1569 Assumption 
— Lavina (wid John) h 6, 1569 Assumption 
Bracci Louis (Evaline) trk drvr City Engineers Dept 
res LaSalle 

Bracke Dominic (Mary) h 303 Parent av 
Bracken Donald W store mgr Brewers* Wrhse res 
Belle River 

— Horace E (Antonia) meteorological asst Dept 
Transport h 1095 Cadillac 

Brackett Benson (Shirley) toolmkr Fords h 909 Ellrose 
avenue , 

Brada Frank glass grinder Motor Products Corp r 
1143 Langlois av 

Bradacs Julius (Margaretta) plshr & txiffer Mfg Plating 
h 1856 Hall av 

Bradbrook Cameron A (Florence) emp Chryslers h 

356 Jefferson blvd (RTSide) 

--Nora (wid Wm) h 1679 Highland av 
♦Bradd see also Bradt 

— Nelson T (Mildred) firemn Win Fire Dept h 842 
Janette av 

--Sylvia Mrs h 1307 Wyandotte e 
— Thos N (Alice) staty engnr Palace Theatre h 912 
Curry av 

Braddick Joseph (Florence) emp Fords h 2943 
Clemenceau blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Braddock Edwd agt Comstock Co h 205, 1338 
Ouellette av 

— Jas F (Kathleen) mech supt Win Star h 149 Patrice 
dr (R’Side) 

Braden Fredk (Vera) elect Fords h 1246 Hall av 
Bradford Apts 1225 Monmouth rd 
Bradica Geo emp Chryslers r 1488 Tourangeau rd 
— Mary emp Fibre Products h 1488 Tourangeau rd 
Bradie Alex J (Nellie) br acct Central Mortgage and 
Housing Corp h 1108 Brock 
--Irwin app Sieber-Delaney Co r 3201 Sandwich w 
— Jas (Jane) emp CIL h 258 Mill 
—John (Bessie Y) emp CIL h 1837 Windermere rd 
— John I plmbr’s app Hydro Project O Jibway r 3201 
Sandwich w 

— John M (Ellen) caretkr Sandwich Postal Stn h 3201 
Sandwich w 

BREWERY LIMITED, ep Tayior (Toronto) 

President, George M Black Jr (Toronto) Vice- 
President, W Chester Butler (Toronto) Secretary, 
H A Cornwall (Toronto) Treasurer, A F Fuerth 
General Manager, 130 Bruce Ave, cor Sandwich 
West, Phones 3 - 7491 - 2 - 3-4 (See adv Front Cover) 

Bradley Albt (Lena) emp Fords h 764 St Antoine 
— Arthur r 3534 Sandwich w 
— Benj r 764 St Antoine 

--Christine r 1725 South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Dora h 329 Pierre av 
— Elizth (wid Randolph) h 2092 Vimy av 
— Elizth A emp Chryslers r 2092 Vimy av 
—Erie R (Anna C) specifier Chryslers h 1753 ^ 

Pillette rd 

—Fannie r 542 St Paul (R Park) 

—Fletcher S tool & die mkr Fords r 1428 Olive rd 
—Geo (Helen) r 2290 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Geo emp Ryall Sheet Metal r 542 St Paul (R Park) 
—Herman J (Kathryn) elk Hiram Walker & Sons h 
1471 Sandwich e 

— Herman J Jr (Jessie) elk Liquor Control Board h 
3118 Peter 

--Jas studt r 2092 Vimy av 
— Jane (wid Wm) h 542 St Paul (R Park) 

— John emp Chryslers h 2290 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 
--John (June) emp Parke Davis r'1153 Dougall av 
— Kenneth (Patricia) emp Fords h 3596 Bloomfield rd 
— Leonard C (Olive) tnsmth Fords h 677 Kildare rd 
--Lewis G (Doris) emp Chryslers h 1083 Lena 
— Matthew J (Jean) garage supt Borden Co h 1140 
Hall av 

— Olive E Mrs h 1428 Olive rd 
—Percy (Margt) emp Assumption College h 2264 
Els mere av 

— Peter (Stella) emp Chryslers h 345 Westminster 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Robt C (Caroline M) chief chemist Stand Paint h 
3774 Montcalm 

--Ruth J phy & surg 858 Wyandotte e h same 
— Thos J (Bernadette) emp CPR h 3416 Peter 
— Walter E (Phyllis) emp Customs & Excise h 1051 
Felix av 

--Wilbert W (Thelma) drvr Overland Exp h 747 
McKay av 

— Wm H (Rosaria) garage mech Borden Co h 1725 
South Cameron blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Wm . J (Rita) slsmn The Candn Fairbanks Morse 
Co Ltd h 3542 Bliss (Sand E Twp) 

— Wm R (Miriam) studt app Marcotte Funeral Home 
r 2092 Vimy av 

Bradshaw Arthur (Elizth) emp Fords h 1556 Albert rd 
— Douglas (Martha) (Bradshaw Garage & Service 
Station) h 1917 Oneida ert 
—Ellen Mrs r 3, 289 Chatham w 
—Frank (Lucy) h 689 Church 

—Garage & Service Station (Douglas Bradshaw) repairs 
& gas stn 1578 Howard av 

— John C (Marie) (Bradshaw’s Small Animal Hospital) 
h 1861 Kildare rd 
—Marie (wid Geo) r 612 Goyeau 
—Norman L (Kathryn) btehr Stall #3, 285 Pitt e h 
735 California av 

—Phoebe (wid Seth) r 1237 Parent av 

--Phyllis phys 612 Goyeau r same 







— 58 — 




— Wm (Elsa) slsmn Hoover Co Ltd h 1434 Dougall av 

Bradshaw's Small Animal Hospital (John C Bradshaw) 
1895 Tecumseh blvd e 

Bradt Aaron E janitor Bank of Mont h 2, 435 Pitt w 
—Edmund D (Elizth) telegrapher NYC Rly h 1428 
Bruce av 

--Emily Mrs r 1450 Pelissier 
—Geo (Leila) ydmaster NYC Rly h 494 Caroline 
— Jas G (Madeline E) emp Walker Metal res Leaming- 

--Paul E emp NYC Rly r 1428 Bruce av 
Brady Albt (Verna) emp Hobbs Glass h 1868 Pillette 

— Alice r 1858 Pillette rd 

--Allan slsmn Varsity Sports Centre r 1868 Pillette 

--Del R (Margt A) mach Fords h 1111 Bruce av 
--Dennis A (June) mech Fords h 3555 Peter 
—Grover (Laurance) pntr h 3435 Riverside dr (R’Side) 
--Harvey (Iva) wldr Sieber-Delaney Co h 1911 Aubin rd 
—Irene M stenog Dept of Transports r 10, 561 Parent 

--Iva elk in charge Can Service Stores r 1911 Aubin 

--Jack studt r 1783 Gladstone av 
--Jas (Edith) (Jim Brady Ad Service) h 510 Randolph 

— Jas jr (Mima) (Merchant’s Delivery) h 449 
Fairview blvd (R’Side) 

--Jas M mgr Province of Ontario Savings Office r 
1309 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Jim 'Ad Services (Jas Brady) 410 Randolph av 
--John (Jean) emp Fords h 1783 Gladstone av 
--Marie J M cash Central Mortgage & Housing Corp 
r 1340 Lincoln rd 

—Mary A bkpr Furlong, & Furlong h 1309 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

—Norman tchr King George Schl r 510 Randolph av 
--Percy S (Winnifred M) exec commr The Boy Scouts 
Assn h 2557 Turner rd 
—Peter (Irene) emp CNR h 10, 561 Parent av 
--Phyllis E Mrs cook Crystal Tower Rest r 817 
Walker rd 

—Roy (Merchant's Delivery) r 510 Randolph av 
— Thos V emp Detroit r 1309 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Wm J (Jean) h 1340 Lincoln rd 
Braendle Asa (Edith) crane opr Fords h 3389 Sand- 
wich w 

—John H (Jean) mach C H Mclnnis Co h 1, 592 
Randolph av 

Braeside Nursing Home (Ethel Oldfield) 511-517 
Devonshire rd 

Bragg Edwd (Viola) h 509 Erie w 

Braid Elizth studt r 813 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Jas L (Olive P) (Bartlet, Braid, Richardes, 

Dickson & Jessup) h 813 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Robt J studt r 813 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Ross B (Margt) elk Win Utilities Commn, Water Div 
res R R #1 Roseland 
— Wm (Mae) h 290 Assumption 
— Wm (Florence) emp Genl Motors h 1864 Larkin rd 
Braidford John C (Margery) sis dept Motor Products 
Corp r 346 Indian rd 

Brailean Connie emp Fords r 1784 George av 
—John (Helen) wldr Fords h 1784 George av 
—Paul (Kathleen) emp CNR h 3671 Mulford ert 
Brain Frances J stenog Chamption Spark Plug r 455 
Elliott w 

—Hanna (wid John) h 1173 Giles blvd e 
—John (Mae) emp Fords r 1,52 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Neslin Mrs h 455 Elliott w 

,:> rait Anthony (Margt) emp Bell Tel h 7, 285 Cameron 

Braithwaite Arnold (Hazel) marine engnr CNR h 244 
Me Ewan av 

— Arthur F (Frances) purch agt Sterling Constn h 
1903 Francois rd 

—Grace emp Fords r 1155 Campbell av 
—John W (Carolyn) supt Sterling Constn h 1826 
Byug rd 

—Kenneth wldr Victory Welding Service r 1155 
Campbell av 

— Kenneth L (Lila) elk Chryslers h 132 Homedale blvd 

—Laura (wid Wm) h 1923 Francois rd 
--Marion G (wid John) h 1389 Parent av 
—Murray personnel elk John Wyeth & Bro r 1155 
Campbell av 

— Philip (Elmire) (Victory Welding Service) h 1155 
Campbell av 

—Robt W (Lily) asst mgr Mfg Plating h 2, 577 Moy av 

—Theodore C emp Fords r 1389 Parent av 

Braltman Jeanette (wid Barney) h 796 Giles blvd e 

--Leonard studt r 796 Giles blvd e 
Brajkovic John emp Chryslers r 1826 Alexis rd 
Brake Gerry (Mabel) emp Windsor Construction r 
218 Parent av 

Brakenbury Benson (Barbara) emp Chryslers r 679 
Josephine av 

Bramner John constable Windsor Police Dept r 1082 
Felix av 

Brancaccio Michael (Mary) mach mldr Walker Metal 
h 937 Campbell av 

Branch Douglas (Jean) tchr J E Benson Schl h 1659 
Pierre av 

—Edgar J (Daisy B) emp Fords h 1150 Curry av 
—Gordon J vice-pres J D Branch Lumber Co Ltd r 
1504 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— J D Lumber Co Ltd Jas D Branch pres & genl mgr 
Gordon J Branch vice-pres 2479 Howard av 
— Jas D (G Ethel) pres J D Branch Lumber Co Ltd 
h 1504 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

--John (Florence) metal fnshr Fords h 924 Wellington 

— John J h 887 Monmouth rd 

--Kenneth R (Grace) store mgr LaSalle Lead Products 
h 2532 Chilver rd 

--Leslie emp CPR r 924 Wellington av 
--Shirley studt nurse Grace Hosp r 1504 Riverside 
drive (R’Side) 

— Victor (Eleanore) p c Police Dept r 647 Hall av 
Brand Annie (wid Thos) h 1057 Oak av 
— Elthia Mrs tchr Victoria Public Schl r 2440 
Windermere rd 

— Henry (Frances) emp Universal Button r 2295 
Turner rd 

— Jean emp Chryslers h 19, 1164 Ouellette av 
—Robt (Caroline) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 556 
McKay av 

--Wm (Alethe G) detective Police Dept r 2440 
Windermere av 

Brandes Wm (Lorraine) mgr Bond Clothes Shop h 
1810 Kildare rd 

Brandle Thos (Audrey) emp Backstay Standard r 
965 Howard av 

Brandoline Leo S (Border City Toy Co) r n s 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

—Sami J emp Detroit h n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

Brandon Wm R (Blanche) emp M C Rly h 1154 
Wellington av 

Brandons io Raffaele emp Meretsky, Bumstine & 
Meretsky r 1679 Howard av 
Brandt Chas A architectural drftsmn Giffels & Vallet 
of Can Ltd r 730 Windermere rd 
—Frank (Helen) mach mldr Walker Metal h 1909 
Tourangeau rd 

Branget Emile E (Edna) emp Gotfredsons h B9, 815 
London w 

— Ernest (Joan) emp Gotfredsons h 315 Wellington av 
— Joseph (Marie) janitor Bd of Education h 1156 
Josephine av 

— Louis A emp Trailmobile r 1156 Josephine av 
Branislaw Naurocki r 932 Tecumseh blvd e 
Branka Stanley (Bernice) emp Windsor Laundry & 

Dry Cleaning Co h 1535 Elsmere av 
Brannagan Frank (Agnes) emp Fords h 1679 Francois 

— Fredk (Mary) emp Fords h 857 Arthur rd 
— Fredk P p c Police Dept r 877 Langlois av 
— Gerard musician Elmwood Hotel r 877 Langlois av 
— Jas (Penelope) emp Fords h 10, 3421 Wyandotte e 
— John (Anne) emp Chryslers h 1946 Bernard rd 
— John G (Isabelle) p c Police Dept h 1122 Louis av 
— Margt typist & elk United Automobile Workers CIO 
Local 195 r 877 Langlois av 
—Mary cash Dom Store r 3421 Wyandotte e 
--Thos slsmn Auto Mart Ltd r 877 Langlois av 
—Thos F (Annie) emp Fords h 877 Langlois av 
Brannan Arthur (Helen) elk Fords h 1, 1317 Dufferin 

— Jas A (Emma) carp Fuller Construction h 4, 1325 
Dufferin pi 

Branoff Chris (Yordana) emp Speedy Lunch h 816 
Janette av 

— Mark emp Speedy Lunch r 366 Oak av 
—Mary emp United Lunch r 816 Janette av 
Branson Chas (Leonora) res mgr United States Steel 
Export Co h 86 Reedmere av (R'Side) 

Brant Ronald app Candn Engnrg & Tool res R R #1 

Branter Robt opr Motor Products Corp r 1019 

Brantford Coach & Body Ltd Mrs Kathleen Price sec 
Fred C Howie mgr 1403 Dufferin pi 
Branton Clayton (Lillian) h 3228 Baby 

Alphabetical, White Page 59 



Air Line 

Money Orders 







Notary Public 






0 u 

" -a o 

^ § * 

^ 8 B 

Jg • * 

.s M 

^ l ! 

6 o 

<*> 8 ° 

1 fir 

^ K 

0 5? 

o • 
n! * « 

^ ® 3 

. I*- 

m * D to Sx 
^ ;■*! 


--Geo M (Rhea) sign writer C E Marley Ltd h 1458 
Norman rd 

— Harvey ir studt r 426 Josephine av 
—Harvey (Mabel) wtchmn Chryslers h 426 Josephine 

— Leona emp Fords r 426 Josephine av 
—Lucy Mrs emp Detroit h 1907 Francois rd 
— Wm emp Chryslers r 254 Goyeau 

Wm (Clara) emp Fords h 1173 Chatham e 

Braschel Nicholas (Theresa) emp Fords h 1551 Hall av 
— Rosina (wid Ignatz) r 1551 Hall av 
Brash Carl (Emma) emp Berkel Products r 2715 
Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

Brassard Roland (Marguerite) emp Chryslers r 333 
Windsor av , , , . . 

Brasser John (Bernice) adjuster Burroughs Mach h 
1316 Janette av 

Brasseur Verne (Marcel) emp Chryslers r 1540 
Olive rd 

Bratt Annie (wid Thos) r 222 Louis av 
—Edwin H h 218 Cameron av 
—Inez r 218 Cameron av 

-Jas A trk drvr Inti Cartage res Amherstburg 
— Robt E (Christina) slsmn Borden Co r 1214 Lillian 
—Stephen M (Laura) counter elk Brewers' Wrhse res 

Braun Anton (Rose) (Braun’s Snack Bar) h 1419 
Langlois av _ 

Elsie Mrs shipping elk Great Lakes Die Casting 

h 395 Josephine av 

Frank barber Stan’s Barber Shop r 1152 Pierre 

—Garnet (June) studt r 3632 Sandwich w 
—Helen press opr L A Young Industries r 1370 
Hall av 

—John opr Motor Products Corp r 1370 Hall av 
—Lome L (Gladys) crane opr Empire-Hanna Coal h 
3632 Sandwich w 

Braun’s Snack Bar (Anton Braun) restaurant 934 

-Bravo Achille (Regina) cement fnshr Bravo Cement 
Contr h 1544 Gladstone av 

-Lorenzo emp Bravo Cement Contrs r 1544 Gladstone 

—Mario (Irene) room serv barman Norton Palmer 
Hotel h 1411 Elsmere av 

Bray Albt (Isabel) elect Chryslers h 1831 Central av 

Albt E (Lillian) stkmn Fords h 2291 Meighen rd 

(Sand E Twp) 

—Barbara C studt r 2297 Gladstone av 

Chas A (Elva) emp Candn Bridge h 344 East Lawn 

blvd (R’Side) 

--Chas A Jr emp Cunningham’s Sheet Metal r 344 
East Lawn av (R’Side) 

Gerald elk Dunlop’s Market r 838 Lincoln rd 

—Leo (Eileen) emp General Motors h 1196 

— Lucienne E Mrs elk Bank of Com h Boa 235 

Sandwich P O , , 

— Orval (Rose) emp Chryslers h 682 Tecumseh blvd 

Raymond emp Palace Recreation r 838 Lincoln rd 

—Rhea r 357 Partington av 

—Robt W (Catherine) h 137 Thompson blvd (R Side) 

Roy (Laura) emp Chryslers h 838 Lincoln rd 

—Walter E (Kathleen) emp Essex Terminal Rly h 
1726 Moy av 

—Walter J emp Essex Terminal Rly r 1726 Moy av 
— Wm R (Geraldine) officer Customs St Excise h 2297 
Gladstone av 

Brazeau August J (EUen) millwright Fords h 395 
Marentette av 

—Ben (Viola) emp Chryslers h 1409 George av 

Peter (Eglantine) fireman L A Young Industries 

h 342 Lincoln rd 

—Shirley elk Peerless Dairies Retail Store r 1409 
George av 

—Wayne N emp Inti Playing Card r 1409 George ay 
Brazier Edwd (Jessie) pipe fitter City of Windsor b 
1730 Tourangeau rd 
—Thos studt r 1730 Tourangeau rd 
Brazil Wm H (Beaulah) emp Fords h 1270 Curry av 
— Wm H Jr (Margt) r 1270 Curry av 
' Brazlll Delbert J h 637 California av 
! —Nellie sec A G Hutchinson Ltd r 637 California av 
Brazille John D (Winnifred) fndry lab Walker Metal h 
744 London e 

Brearley Douglas (Bertha) emp Fords h 973 Josephine 

Breault Alfred P (Ena) swtchmn NYC Rly h 3176 
Wyandotte w _ 

—Anna mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 878 Pillette rd 
—Basil (Rita) h 135 John M (R’Side) 

—Bernice r 1120 Moy av 

Clarence (Kathleen) emp Fords h 1052 Drouillard n 

Emile emp Fords r 712 Dougall av 

Ernest (Emily) emp Detroit Michigan Central 

h 151 Curry av 

--Ernest (Germaine) emp Genl Motors h 1681 Albert r 
road , 

Henri J (Monica) phys 602, 1011 Ouellette av h 75 , 

Prado pi (R’Side) 

--Jeanne Mrs h 442 Bruce av 

— Jeannine opr Sterling Drug r 442 Bruce av . 

Joseph (Flora) emp Fords h 1163 Hickory rd f 

--Leo (Germaine) emp Fords h 1120 Moy av 
— Raymond emp Purity Dairies r 151 Curry av 

Romeo (Theresa) emp Fords h 1653 Cadillac 

—Sam (Jean) emp Chryslers h 878 Pillette rd 
Brebner Jas A (Myrtle) emp Genl Motors h 765 Hall ^ - 
avenue 3' 

—John W (Elizth) officer Customs & Excise h 5A, 12F 

Brechka Peter (Arlene) carp h 686 Hildegarde (R Par 
Brechkow Geo (Pola) mach Fords h 283 Strabane av 
—Mary elk Toledo Scale r 283 Strabane av 
Brechun Zenon (Rose) emp Walker Metal h 761 Vimy )>- 

Brecka John (Phyllis) emp Champion Spark Plugs r 
h 2611 Parent av (R Park) 

--Joseph (Anne) emp Fords h 1898 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

Breen Ellen Mrs r 918 Campbell av * 

—Neil (Marcelle) foremn Chryslers h 434 Oak av r 
--Percy T (Frances) officer Customs & Excise h 
830 Campbell av 

— Regd emp Fords h 282 Windsor av 
—Thos F radiator handler Long Mfg r 282 Windsor t 
--Thos M (Isabelle) mach Viking Pump h 426 ^ 

Chatham w ' 

Breese Ellsworth C (Christine) h 2050 Iroquois 
Breeze John N (Freda) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 
912 Partington av 

—John T (Louise) financial sec & bus agt United 

Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners Local 
h 355 Curry av ~~ ;~ 

Breitenstein Geo (Sibilla) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1617 
Howard av 

—Geo (Beatrice) emp Fords h 1844 Larkin rd 
--Helen (Mrs stenog Helin Tackle Co of Canada res 

Sandwich ** 

Bremner Chas emp Chryslers r 484 Kildare rd ' 
—David G emp Genl Motors r 1867 Irowuois r 

—Donald pekr Motor Products Corp h 1962 Bucking- 
ham dr (Sand E Twp) 

—Dorothy Mrs mgrss The Gotham Shop r 2332 Byng 

—Geo (Edith) emp Genl Motors r 1867 Iroquois 4-: 
—Geo (Mary) Janitor Hiram Walker & Sons h 380 
Ford blvd (R'Slde) , 

—Harold G (Bertha) emp Chryslers h 2384 Byng rd 
—John (Elizth) h 1284 Bruce av 
—John r 2277 Forest av 

—John (Agnes) emp Chryslers h 2277 Forest av >- 
—John insp Motor Products Corp r 1867 Iroquois r 
— John p c Police Dept r 1082 Felix 
Brenam Rtchd (Betty) emp Trailmobile h 2147 Chur 
Brenn Edwd (Helen) emp Dom Forge & Stamping n 
16, 851 Tuscarora 

Brennan Bernice H sec-treas Hydraulic D^mond , v 
Drill & Products 1 o Ltd h 130, 1616 Ouellet-J. 

—Betty J r 2489 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) . 

-Chas (Elsie) (Brennan’s Grocery) h 1558 Bruce a 
—Edwd (Marie) lndry mgr Norton Palmer Hotel a o 
476 Parent av 

—Eileen studt r 3878 Connaught rd f 

—Elizth Mrs tchr Hon J C Patterson Coll Inst r 1H 
Argyle rd 

—Elizth A h 1128 Ouellette av 
-Ernest emp Win Lumber h 721 Huron Line 
—Frank J (Helen) emp Norton Palmer Hotel h 15<sc 
Y ork 

Fred slsmn Windsor Ice & Coal Co r 2489 

Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Harold (Frances) emp Fords h 1256 Pierre av 

—Jas (Winifred) coal slsmn Win Ice & Coal Co n 
2489 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jessie (wid Wm) r 1749 Ellrose av 
--John P (Mary) emp Detroit h 2367 Windermere 
—Lawrence (Mary) emp Auto Mart h 1965 Olive rd 
-Mary h 481 Church , J 

—Mary elk Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) r I960 
Dacotah dr 

—Michel (May) wtchmn Fords h 256 Cadillac 
—Rose M h 1128 Ouellette av r* 

—Thos h 1240 St Luke rd _ 





— Thos A cash Pere Marquette Railway Depot r 423 
Kildare rd 

Thos F (Mary) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 404 

Elliott w 

— Wm A (Rebecca) emp Fords h 3878 Connaught rd 
— Wm J advtg elk Win Star r 1272 Gladstone av 
Brennan’s Grocery (Chas Brennan) 358 Shepherd w 
Brennenstuhl Harold (Reta) toolmkr Steel Master Tool 
Co h 1480 Pierre av 

Brenner Alex R emp Chryslers r 1081 California av 
—Andrew (Jean) emp Chryslers h 951 Louis av 
—Catherine emp John Smith r 1150 Louis av 
—Frank (Julian) meat packer h 1150 Louis av 
—Frank R (Dolores) h 1081 California av 
—Joseph (Norma) emp Herman Schen Wholesale Meat h 
h 1823 Ellrose av 

—Katherine T slsldy John Smith's Womens Wear r 
1150 Louis av 

--Maurice r 446 Aylmer av 

— Micheal lathe wkr Colonial Tool r 446 Aylmer av 
—Packers Ltd Eric Wuthe pres Ulric Marentette 

vice-pres Frank Miesmer sec treas wholesale 
meat packers 497 Cataraqui 
—Rebecca (wid Jack) h 446 Aylmer av 
—Sidney (Juliette) buyer I Fogel & Co h 1426 Rossini 

—Victoria emp C H Smith r 443 Karl pi. 

—Victoria Mrs mach opr Essex Wire Corp h 538 

Brenoff Anthony (Helen) h (rear) 458 Janette av 
Brent Barbara L cash Loblaws r 1614 George av 
--Frank B (Jean) emp Prince EdwArd Hotel h 1347 
Wyandotte w 

—Orville C (Elsie) slsmn Wm T (Bill) Bygrove & Son 
h 1614 George av 

— Wm (Hattie) wrehsemn C P Exp h 687 Partington av 
Brereton A engnr Dept of Public Wks res Roseland 
—Ernest S (Mary) tool dsgnr Stand Mach & Tool h 
1819 Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Breschuk Leo (Julia) emp Downtown Chevrolet Co h 
2533 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Waselena Mrs rack unloader Walker Metal r 2503 
Alexis rd 

Breslin Jessie (wid Peter) h 10, 129 Erie w 
Bresolin Augusto houseman Norton Palmer Hotel r 
753 Cataraqui 

Bresson Henri emp Candn Auto Trim r 1167 Walker rd 
— Omer (Adriene) mach opr Chryslers h 1167 Walker 

Breton Leander (Theresa) emp Gotfredsons h (rear) 

925 Drouillard rd 
--Wm r 916 Moy av 

Brett Alice M chaplain Grace Hospital r 339 Crawford 

— Wm (Mabel) h 746 Prince rd 

Brettel Jas (Mina) emp Chryslers h 372 Riverdale av 

— Mima emp Burnside Wetwash Laundry r 372 
Riverdale av (R'Side) 

Brew Robt C caretkr Prince Edward Schl r 2230 
Turner rd 

— Thos (Clara) caretkr Prince Edward Schl h 2230 
Turner rd 

—Thos V (Marieta) turnkey Essex County Gaol h 1849 
Labadie rd 

— Wm (Edna) emp Chryslers h 1509 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm slsmn Wm T (Bill) Bygrove & Son r 992 Lena 
— Wm jr (Mirian) sheet metal wkr Bryant Pattern 
Mfg Co Ltd h 992 Lena 
Brewer Allan (Eleanor) h 1530 Lillian 
— Frank (Helen) emp Champion Spark Plug h 1050 
Windermere rd 

--Glen (Diane) room elk Prince Edward Hotel h 205 
Villaire av (R’Side) 

--Harry R (Reina) emp Fords h 880 Gladstone av 
—Laura Mrs h 623 Dougall av 
— Violet (wid Wm) h 1786 Dacotah.dr 
— Wm (Margt) emp Candn Sirocco Co Ltd h 1969 
Tourangeau rd 

Brewers’ Retail Stores 1573 McDougall, 1246 Ottawa, 
1430 Tecumseh blvd e, 4611 Tecumseh blvd e 
(Sand E Twp), 162 Wyandotte e, 4281 Wyandotte 
e & 2145 Wyandotte w 

--Warehousing Co Ltd operating Brewers Retail 
Stores Harry L O'Neill mgr office 1573 

Brewster Albt (Nettie) emp Fords h 977 Gladstone av 
— Albt jr emp Chryslers r 977 Gladstone av 
— Elizth housemaid Grace Hosp r 1133 Howard av 
—Howard (Evelyn) drvr Inter-City Forwarders r 647 
Victoria av 

—Victor oiler McCord Corp r 647 Victoria av 
— Wm B janitor Chryslers r 1133 Howard av 

Brezecky Alex blocker A J Gervais Furs Ltd r 452 

Brezsnyak John (Mary) emp Chryslers h 2308 Turner 

— John M (Eva) purch agt M G Butler & Co r 1417 
Moy av 

Brian Alfred (Doris) die setter Fords h 2168 Bruce 

— Blanche (wid Edwd) h 181 McEwan av 
— Clara (wid Albt) h 1096 Dougall av 
--Donald F (Margt) mgr M A Brian Co h 1467 York 
— Francis emp Hydro r 156 Windsor av 
—Henry (Daisy V) app meterman Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 467 Gladstone av 
—Henry C (Blanche) group leader Chryslers h 4, 554 
Pitt w 

— Joseph elk Sterling Constn r 1886 London w 
— Joyce r 3321 Edison av 

—Kenneth (Lena) emp Chryslers h 1808 Gladstone av 

BRIAN M A CO, Donald F Brian Manager, Plum- 
bing and Heating, 245 Sandwich West Phone 3-3431, 
and 444 Pitt St East, Phone 2-5502 

— Malcolm (Irene) h 1673 Francois rd 
— Patrick (Pearl) prsmn Win Star h 3321 Edison av 
—Rosary opr Sterling Drug r 181 McEwan av 
—Wilfred (Ellen) drvr Diamond Cab h 395 Marentette 

Briant Mark (Ethel) tool & die mkr Fords h 233 Walker 

— Melvin emp Detroit r 233 Walker rd 
— Orville opr Motor Products Corp r 233 Walker rd 
Brice Danl emp Chryslers r 292 Bruce av 
Brichko Arsan (Clara) (Brichko's Grocery) h 1860 
Drouillard rd 

Brichko's Grocery (Mrs Clara & Arsan Brichko) 1860 
Drouillard rd 

Brick Francis E (Dorothy E) elk Maris Auto Transport 
h 1530 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

—Geraldine emp Detroit h 40 Isabelle pi (I? Side) 
--Kathryn studt r 65 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

—Malcolm G studt r 65 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

— Mary Mrs r 40 Isabelle pi (R’Side) 

— Michl G (Mary) dentist 406 , 304 Ouellette av h 65 
Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

Brickman Gordon (Ruth) slsmn Electrolux (Can) Ltd 
h 1950 Francois rd 

Briden Garth (Betty) dairymn Borden Co r 835 
Marentette av 

—Jack (Leuada) h (basement) 2208 McDougall 
Bridge Avenue House (Wm & Julian Popowich) hotel 
1886 London w 

—Grocery & Soda Bar (Mrs Anne Setterington) 2840 
London w 

--Harry P druggist Gubb’s Pharmacy r 2296 
Windermere rd 

—Harvey W (Isabel) emp C I L h 1283 Prince rd 
—Mary studt r 1312 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Robt S (Margt) genl mgr Fords h 1312 Riverside dr 

Bridgeman Berton emp Chryslers r 193 Janette av 
—John W (Dorothy) insp NYC Rly h 2165 Church 
--Mary E studt nurse Hotel Dieu r 2165 Church 
— Wm (Annette) emp Chryslers r 2165 Church 
Bridgen Kenneth (Margt) firemn Win Utilities Commn 
Water Div h 1156 Lena 

Bridger John bench hand Win Lumber h 3417 Wilkinson 

--Margt stenog Property Dept City Hall r 3417 
Wilkinson Lane 

Bridges A F Ltd A F Bridges pres J L Leech vlce-pres 
Si mgr Mrs Frances Bridges sec treas 
electrical appliances, fixtures St television 1520 
Wyandotte e 

--Allan F pres A F Bridges Ltd r 3011 Riverside dr 

— Clarence emp CPR r 900 Campbell av 
—David M (Jean) h 1663 Pelissier 

Frances Mrs sec-treas A F Bridges Ltd h 3011 

Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Fredk W (Irene) mach L A Young Industries h 6638 
Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Harold (Irene) emp Fords r 748 Lincoln rd 
—John W (Pauline) elk Walker Metal h 549 Allendale 
—Madge r 739 Elliott e 

—Maude (wid Jas) h 2905 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—Percy R (Rita) acct Fords h 746 Lincoln rd 
—Robt F emp Fords r 6638 Riverside dr (R’Side) 
Bridgewater Fredk (Alice) first aid instructor C I L 
h 637 Brock 

—Geo studt r 637 Brock 

—Horace (Alma) installation foremn Bell Tel h 1062 
Pierre av 

Alphabetical, White Page 61 

"Scuf it with MORRIS FLOWERS" 

Ed. W 

at Lincoln Rd. 

Morris President 

* 4-5101 

at Goyeau St. 



—John (Elizth) h 1476 Central av 
— John W (Amy) emp C I L h 3683 King 
—Leslie (Marie) emp Candn Auto Trim r 351 Windsor 

—Ray (Hilda) emp C I L h 2256 Fraser av 
Bridgman Ellen Mrs nurse Essex County Sanatorium 
r 2435 Princess av 

—John W (Barbara) elk C N Exp h 1148 Lincoln rd 
— Wm R (Norma) emp Candn Bridge h 204 , 619 

Bridgwater John (Mar)orie) emp Fords h 1207 

Bridson Geo (Christian) sawyer Fords h 808 Hall av 
—Grace eec Copeland Reflector Products r 804 
HaU av 

— Regd G (Mary) emp Fords h 1016 Bruce av 
Brieir Arnold (Herta) h 739 Hall av 
Brien E Marion stenog H Walker & Sons r 594 Pine 
—Elmer M (Hazel) C & E suprvsr Customs & 

Excise Natl Rev h 594 Pine 
—Isabel stenog P O r 10, 1164 Ouellette av 
—Isabelle Mrs h 10, 1164 Ouellette av 
— J Wilbert (Caroline) phy & surg 806 OueUette av h 815 
815 Victoria av 

— Joseph (Ernestine) caretkr St Clarens Schl h 1, 485 
Crawford av 

— Wesley stmftr r 1179 Giles blvd e 
—Wilbert P (Ruth) phy 806 OuLlette av h 2177 
Chilver rd 

Briens Alex emp Essex County Sanatorium r 1514 
Wyandotte e 

—Beatrice Mrs asst cook Essex County Sanatorium 
r 1453 Prince rd 

Brierley Mary L Mrs Janltress Eastern Candn 
Greyhound Lines h 947 Goyeau 
— Patrick emp Wonder Bread r 947 Goyeau 
— Robt L mech Webster Motors (Windsor) r 947 

— Thos emp Bolton Wholesale r 947 Goyeau 
Briese Fredk G (Queenie) emp St Mary’s Academy 
h 1, 561 Louis av 

— Malcolm (Lillian) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1231 Goyeau 
Briffa Carmel (Mary) emp Truscon Steel h 557 
McKay av 

Briggs Chas R (Mabel) barr Chryslers h 450 Elliott w 
--Fredk F (Alice) caretkr Palace Theatre h 1432 

—Fredk G (Edith) maint Waddell’s Sound & Radio 
r 330 Elliott w 

—Harold (Gloria) emp Ford r 717 Randolph av 
—John (Catherine) elk J T Labadie Ltd h 264 
Reedmere av (R’Slde) 

—John C (Pearl) emp Fords h 133 Reedmere av 

— Margt (wid John) h 1553 Marentette av 
—Theodore drvr Riverside Taxi r 133 Reedmere av 

Bright Annie E (wid S Ross) h 561 Aylmer av 
— Irene M priv sec Bank of Com r 349 Oak av 
— LUlian h 595 Bruce av 
—Lucy (wid Robt M) h 349 Oak av 
—Vivien M stenog'Customs Si Excise r 349 Oak av 
— Wm (Inga) emp Fords h 1231 Argyle rd 
Bright’s Wines Ltd E T Chisholm mgr 591 
Ouellette av 

Brighter Duke (ABC Service Station) r 295 
Marentette av 

Brightmore Alan emp Candn Sirocco Co r 1049 
WeUington av 

Dorothy typist Chryslers r 1049 Wellington av 

—Florence r 1049 Wellington av 
— Herbt P (Eva) foremn Elcombe Engineering Ltd h 

1065 Elm av ‘ 

—John R (Dorothy) elk Fords h 1068 Elm av 
—Kathleen stenog h 1049 Wellington av 
Brignall Betty studt r 6, 474 Chilver rd 

Chas (Mabel) steward Essex Golf Club h 6, 474 

Chilver rd 

—Clarence (Florence) emp Fords r 648 Church 
—Gerald drvr Windsor Home Furniture Co Ltd 
r 389 Church 

—John (Ruby) emp City Engineers Dept h 448 Janette 

—Kenneth (Verla) glass setter Motor Products Corp r 
1071 Wellington av 

..Peggy stenog Detroit r 6, 474 Chilver rd 
Brill Fredk E immigration insp res R R #2 South 

— Wm J fndry suprvsr Walker Metal r 1444 Ottawa 
Brillargen Blanche h 1011 Wellington av 
— Helen emp John Wyeth & Bro r 1011 Wellington av 
— Rosaire r 1011 Wellington av 
Brillinger Neil (Mary) firemn Win Fire Dept h 3234 

Brimacombe Audrey emp Textile Specialties Mfg 
r 1036 Elsmere av 

—Clifford R (Dorothy) emp Gotfredsons h 972 
Tecumseh blvd w 
— Edna r 552 Cameron av 

—Ivy fabricator McCord Corp r 212 Langlois av 
—Peter (Alice) oiler Lansdowne Ferry h 1036 
Elsmere av 

Brimner Claire A (Hazel) elect Moore Elect res R R 
#1 Harrow 

— Donald E (Marian) emp S W & A Rly h 1017 Raymo 

—Mabel r 1, 1637 Assumption 
—Mary Mrs h 1, 1637 Assumption 
Brimson H Douglas (Bessie) service control 
Ambassador Motors h 2159 Bruce av 
Brinacombe Clayton slsmn Purity Dairies res 

—Kenneth (Eleanor) time study L A Young Industries 
h 1566 Dufferin pi 
--Lee mach r 222 HaU av 

—Sterling (Margt) timekpr L A Young Industries 
h 1584 Bruce av 

Brincott Felix (Laura) emp Chryslers h 516 London e 
Brindle Jas (Jean) mgr Douglas Apts h 207, 131 
Wyandotte w 

Bringas John mach Viking Pump r 559 Caroline 
Brinkman Juan (Lorraine) emp Detroit h 282 
Parent av 

— Lawrence (Carol) emp Fords h 2134 Wellesley 
--Margt office elk B F Goodrich Stores h 825 
Bruce av 

— Wm emp Fords r 936 Albert rd 
Brinkmeier Irene mgrss United Cigar Stores (1698 
Wyandotte e) h 1706 Norman rd 
Brinsden Mabel tchr John Campbell Schl h 1815 

—Mary (wid Chas) r 1815 Richmond 
Briody Annie tchr Gordon McGregor Pub Schl h 
508 Parent av 

— Blanche cash C I L r 508 Parent av 
—Celia r 508 Parent av 
—Elizth (wid Thos) h 5, 435 DougaU av 
Brioux Gontran W (Mar)orie) emp Chryslers h 3564 
Mulford ert 

Brisco Alfred (Vera) shpr Dom Off Supply res 

—Arthur (Mabel) emp Fords h 608 Eugene (R Park) 
—Elizth (wid Alfred) r 1567 Cataraqui 
—Geo R (Lenora) emp Fords h 818 Lincoln rd 
—Regd emp Chryslers r 1567 Cataraqui 
— Richd emp Genl Motors h 1567 Cataraqui 
— Sydney r 1567 Cataraqui 
Briscoe Anne Mrs h 2150 Chilver rd 
—Chas (Frances) emp McColl Frontenac Oil Co h 
3, 357 Goyeau 

—Edith (wid Wm) h 1234 Moy av 
—Jack (Peggy) off elk Fords r 1234 Moy av 
—Stanley C (Doris) slsmn C H Smith h 948 London e 
Brisebois Fred (Lore) coremkr Stand Fndry r 1164 
St Luke rd 

--Jean (Ethel) emp Consumer’s Groc h 850 
Windsor av 

—Joseph (Joseph Brisebois & Son) r 973 Moy av 
—Joseph & Son (Joseph & Wilbrod Brisebois) ins & 
real estate 889 Wyandotte e 
— Maurice slsmn Can Bread r 1436 Goyeau av 
—Raymond slsmn Border City Tire Service r 
260 Riverside dr (Tecumseh) 

—Rene (Gertrude) service mgr LaSaUe Lead Products 
h 260 Riverside dr (Tecumseh) 

— Roger emp Fibre Products r 439 HaU av 
—Wilbrod L (Bernadette) (Joseph Brisebois & Son) 
h 504 Pierre av 

Brisley Stanley W (Avis) mach Fords h 1122 Oak av 

— 62 — 



1010 London St. West .... Phone 4-8456 


Brison John emp Fords r 385 Askin av 
—Minnie deaconess Campbell Avenue Baptist Church 
r 478 Campbell av 

— Vena M tchr John Campbell Schl r 2123 Pelissier 
Brissette Donald spray pntr Genl Fireguard Corp r 
1286 Wellington av 

--Earle attdt Ivan Brissette r 1286 Wellington av 
— Edwd (Clara) swtchmn CPR h 1286 Wellington av 
—Fern emp Essex Wire Corp Ltd r 1286 Wellington 

—Ivan (Judy) service station 925 Tecumseh blvd w r 
1286 Wellington av 

— Lucille elk Industrial Acceptance Corp Ltd r 265 
Park w 

— Rosaire emp Fords r 1034 Albert rd 
--Roy emp Candn Sirocco Co Ltd r 1286 Wellington av 
—Theresa emp Essex Wire Corp Ltd r 1286 
Wellington av 

Brisson Dennis studt r 5876 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

—Eldon S studt r 705 Indian rd 
--Georgette (wid Joseph) smstrs Hotel Dieu r 876 
Marion av 

--Joseph carp r 559 Sandwich w 
--Joseph E Rev asst Sacred Heart (R C) Church r 
1334 Benjamin av 

—Louis (Emma) (Brisson’s Market) h 5876 Tecumseh 
blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

—Oscar E (Lorraine) emp Fords h 997 McKay av 
— Osios (Estelle) emp Fords h 34 Park e 
— Robt prsr Windsor Laundry r 1611 Pierre av 
Brisson’s Market (Louis Brisson) gro and meat 5876 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Brister Bernard J perm force r 384 Erie w 
—Harry J (Edna) h 384 Erie w 
Bristlon Chas M (Louella) mech Direct- Winters 
Trans p h 1415 Tourangeau rd 
Bristow Annie (wid Fred) h 731 Bruce av 
—Clara L (wid Frank) h 1155 Chilver rd 
--Donald F (Shirley) emp Fords h 1049 Windermere rd 
—Ellen (wid Frank) h 883 Church 
—Fred (Doris) maint Win Star h 332 Bruce av 
--Geo A (Jessie) tool salvage Fords h 1149 Chilver rd 
—Roy E (Lillian) mach Bryant Pattern & Mfg Co 
h 1905 Labadie rd 

— Russell (Edna) tool & die mkr Fords h 2, 1330 
Giles blvd e 

— Wm E (Thelma) adjuster Burroughs Mach r 1155 
Chilver rd 

— Wm R (Mary) h 941 Louis av 
Bristowe Fred (Margt) emp Walker Metal h 1618 
Pierre av 

British American Coal Co (Martin & Wm Klus) 1291 
Albert rd 

--American Hotel (E M Doumani) 4 Sandwich e 
--American Oil Co Ltd John Barniecki br mgr 4027 
Sandwich w 

--Billiards (Wm Storie) 1177 Ottawa 
— Methodist Episcopal Church of Canada Rev I H 
Edwards pastor 363 McDougall 
Britten Arthur (Marjorie) emp Fords r 1593 Hall av 
Britton Catherine (wid Wm) h 370 Curry av 
— Doris sec City of Windsor Bldg Dept r 1636 
Ouellette av 

—Ethel elk Sterling Drug r 737 Bruce av 
--Lilly (wid Chas) h 737 Bruce av 
— Mabel asst sec Win Ice & Coal h 942 Dougall av 
--Mary (wid Joseph) h 1636 Ouellette av 
— Mildred power mach opr Candn Auto Trim h 6, 777 

--Robt (Patricia) emp Detroit h 2109^ Riverside dr 

--Roy (Edna) suprvsr Fords h 1284 Dufferin pi 
— Wm H (Bertha) emp Detroit h 419 Indian rd 
Britz Arthur J h 2, 330 Union 
Brkic Mireslav test repair McCord Corp r 949 

Brkich Miroslav wldr McCord Corp r 2, 588 Dufferin 

— Nick bartender Pero’s House r 1056 Wyandotte e 
Brklich Martin (Anne) (M B Auto Sales) h 1560 
Hickory rd 

Brkljacie Frank r 1259 Albert rd 



— Joseph (Stella) emp Fords h 1259 Albert rd 
Brkovich Steve emp Long Mfg h 699 Langlois av 
Brlno Maxim r 1868 Factoria 
Broad Irene stenog Sanborn Insurance Adj r 553 

--John E emp Banner Metal Prod r 896 Wyandotte e 
—Robt J (Eva) h 8, 129 Erie w 
Broadbent Edwin (Inez) p c Police Dept h 1641 
Pillette rd 

—Edwin L (Anna) shpr Parke Davis h 914 Dawson rd 
--Percy (Reta) mech Windsor Motorcycles Sales & 
Service b 886 Wyandotte w 
— Violet A studt r 914 Dawson rd 
—Wilfred (Thelma) emp NYC Rly h 1952 Pillette rd 
Broadley John W (Jean) customs & excise officer 
Natl Rev h 328 Edward (R’Side) 

--Martha Mrs h 935 Hall av 

Broadwell Chas slsmn M G Butler & Co res Kingsville 
—Douglas J (Helen) phy & surg 912 Erie e h 2041 
Mohawk . 

— Ferris C (Jean) sis elk J T Wing & Co h 212 Home- 
dale (R'Side) 

—Frank (Lillian) emp Fords h 444 Erie e 
— Garnet C emp Detroit h 1261 Lincoln rd 
— Lawrence R studt r 444 Erie e 
—Manley C (Edith) dist mgr Chryslers h 2241 
Windermere rd 

Brobst Merrill F (Esther) pres R P Scherer Ltd res 
Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan 
Brochert Eva (wid Peter) h 944 Marion av 
—Joseph P (Theresa) (Brochert Upholstering) h 743 
Erie e 


Upholstering Furniture Repairing and Refin- 
ishing, Antiques, Furniture Cleaned, 824 
Tecumseh Blvd, East, Phone 3-4585 

Brock Betty J emp Walker Lumber Co r 1133 London e 
—Confectionery (Mrs Blanche Pinel) 3328 Sandwich w 
—Francis Mrs nurse Detroit h 444 Chatham w 
—Harry (Merle) h 1389 Victoria av 
—Irene hsekpr r 1863 Pillette rd 
—Roy studt r 1389 Victoria av 
— Thos emp Candn Motor Lamp r 786 Dougall av 
— Wm M emp Candn Bridge h 1863 Pillette rd 
Brockbank Harry (Kathleen) emp Fords h 1039 Parent 

—Marion elk Williams Drug Store r 1743 Howard av 
— Thos H (Beatrice) emp Fords h 1743 Howard av 
Brockenshire Freeman A (Gladys) orthopedic surg 
402, 1011 Ouellette av h 1142 Kildare rd 
Brocklebank Abraham (Hannah) emp Chryslers h 1363 
Lincoln rd 

— Abraham jr emp Chryslers r 1363 Lincoln rd 
— Edna I (wid Frank) h 273 McKay av 
— Harry (Margt) foremn Chryslers h 1152 Oak av 
Brockley Alfred (Fanny) emp Loblaws r 7 17 Windsor 

Brockman Agnes tchr Immaculate Conception Schl r 
2105 Wyandotte e (R’Side) 

— Alice r 270 Belle Isle av 

—Geo (Helen) emp Ryan Builders Supplies h 2696 
Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

Brod Johanna sec Albt E McWha r 2162 Moy av 
Broda Frank r 1645-7 Ottawa 
Broday Stella P stenog Wm C Benson & Co r 947 

Brode Bernard J (Isabella) emp Detroit r 241 Salter av 
--Geo (Marjorie) emp Detroit h 140 Prado pi (R'Side) 

— Geo W (Myrtle) emp Detroit h 1711 Dacotah dr 
—Joseph (Patricia) emp Detroit h 1740 Francois rd 
— Wm emp Detroit r 140 Prado pi (R’Side) 

Broder Mary Mrs h 825 Victoria av 
—Violet elk Peerless Dairies Retail Store r 825 
Victoria av 

Broderich Mike r 1089 Hickory rd 
Broderick Albt (Elizth) purch dept Chryslers h 1103 

—Alvin V (Audrey) acting detective Police Dept h 
1, 1695 Wyandotte w 

—Arthur (Anna) slsmn Can Bread h 2033 Balfour rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Chas studt r 512 Partington av 

White Page 63 



—Clara E Mrs h 718 Marentette av 
--Edith (wid Lawrence) h 1104 Bruce av 
—Gilbert (Julia) assmblr L A Young Industries r 
3251 Curry av (Roseland) 

—John T (Patricia) wldr L A Young Industries res 
R R #1 Malden 

— Lawrence R (Lorna) emp S W & A Rly h 2207 Moy av 
—Luke L (Ida H) firemn Win Fire Dept h 512 Parting- 
ton av 

--Raymond (Anna-Nora) mech Don Curtis Automotive 
res R R #1 Windsor 

— Thos G (Maude) utility man Eastern Candn 
Greyhound Lines h 2122 London w 
— Wm L drvr slsmn Coca-Cola r 2207 Moy av 
Brodeur Leon (Marie A) pntr Separate School Board 
h 923 Tuscarora 

— Noel J (Frances) emp Fords h 2141 York 
--Roger insp Motor Products Corp r 300 Poisson 

— Roland emp Chryslers h 1091 Gladstone av 
— Stanley (Elizth) emp H Walker & Sons h 636 
Edinborough (R Park) 

--Wilfred (Julia) emp Chryslers h 923 Josephine av 
Brodey Stella emp Benson Co h 947 Lillian 
Brodfuhrer Alex (Elizth) h 1288 Windermere rd 
Brodi Jozsef emp Walker Metal r 1531 Benjamin av 
Brodie David M judge Juvenile Court h 1114 Victoria 

Brodsky Fannie (wid Isaac) h 740 Pierre av 
—Meyer emp Chryslers r 740 Pierre av 
—Morris O (Gertrude) (Morris Dry Goods) h 1151 
Kildare rd 

—Seymour (Tillie) slsmn Union Men's Shop Ltd h 
5, 558 Partington av 
Brody Apts 1616-40 Wyandotte w 
— Benj (Lillian) pres & mgr Baum & Brody Ltd h 
1032 Victoria av 

—Louis D (Helen) treas Baum & Brody Ltd h 1140 
Ypres blvd 

—Louis J (Simon & Brody) h 405, 274 Giles blvd w 
Brogan Agnes (wid Michael) h 1646 Tourangeau rd 
—Francis (Glovina) emp CNR h 511 Langlois av 
—Francis W (Marion) customs & excise officer Natl 
Revenue h 1843 Ellrose av 
—Geo (Annie) toolmkr Inti Tools Ltd h 2185 Moy av 
— Jas J bkpr Metro Genl Hosp r 1646 Tourangeau rd 
— Joan opr Motor Products Corp r 2185 Moy av 
—Joseph F (Elizth) emp Wheel Trueing Tool h 1001 

--Leo (Dorothy) safety man T J Eansor & Sons 
h 1797 Moy av 

—Matilda Mrs h 1621 Howard av 
—Michael J teller Imp Bank r 1646 Tourangeau rd 
Brohman Allan J (Rita) emp S W & A Rly h 1955 
Labadie rd 

Broj inski Mike emp Natl Radiator Cor 2303 
Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

Brokenshire Douglas (Netta) splicer Bell Tel h 1846 
Bernard rd 

— Iva emp Bell Tel h 101, 147 Janette av 


C.A., J A Hall, B.Com., C.A., and W F Harvie, C.A.,) 
Chartered Accountants, 910-911 Canada Trust Build- 
ing, 176 London West, Phone 4-3201, (See top lines; 
also card Accountants) 

Brokovich Joseph (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1237 
Albert rd 

Bromaroff Aileen h 530 Janette av 
Brombal Ada M sec Geo A Yates r 1258 McEwan av 
— Douglas emp Fords r 1258 McEwan av 
— Nero (Johanna) emp Gotfredsons h 1258 McEwan av 
Bromley Barbara bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 
1048 Pelissier 

--Benj (Isabel) emp Chryslers h 663 Cameron av 
— Ethel dom r 491 Victoria 

— Frank (Violet) emp Gilson Auto Transport h 3612 
Girardot av 

— Geo r 663 Cameron av 
—Harry K (Rose) h 3177 Manchester rd 
—Joseph (Rene) emp Chryslers h 1048 Pelissier 
— Walter E (Barbara) 1 mgr Silverwood’s h 24 1 
Rossini blvd 

— Wm elk Trims Market r 1048 Pelissier 
Bronicki Stanley (Mary) h 791 Hildegarde (R Park) 

Brons Fred J (Clara) emp Fords h 1066 Moy av 
Bronzieri Attilio (Josephine) emp Dinsmore-Mclntire 
Ltd h 527 Char lotte (R Park) 

Brook A1 emp Dupuis & Gravel Sheet Metal Works 
res Belle River 

— Arnold sheet metal wkr J R Lynn Sheet Metal 
Serv r 118 Lesperance rd Tecumseh 
— Geo H (Yula) emp Candn Bridge h 2089 Argyle ert 

— John R (Rhoda) night wtchmn Dom Forge & Stamping 
h 861 Lincoln rd 

--John R (Dorothy) wtchmn Fords h 436 Elm av 
— Joyce practical nurse East Win Hosp r 509 Erie w 
— Raymond with R C M P r 2089 Argyle ert 
— Walter G (Winnifred) asst engnr Borden Co h 118 
Lesperance rd (Tecumseh) 

Brookbanks Richd F (Vera) h 984 Wyandotte e 
— Wm (Edith) emp CPR h 1563 Westcott rd 
Brooke Frank A (Marion) vice-pres & sec-treas T W 
Brooke & Sons Ltd h 988 Windsor av 
--Geo (Jear) emp Fords h 916 Partington av 
--Jas (Jessica) emp Chryslers r 1625 Pillette rd 
— T W & Sons Ltd Walter F Brooke pres & mgr 

Frank A Brooke vice-pres & sec-treas pntrs 
& decorators, wallpaper & paint 74 Pitt w 
— Walter F (Beryle A) pres & mgr T W Brooke & 

Sons Ltd h 996 Windsor av 
Brooker Albt J jr emp Fords r 74 Hanna e 
— Albt J (Mary) emp Marshall Construction Co h 74 
Hanna e 

— Beauty Shop (Jean Brooker) 2155 London w 
—Catherine billing elk Sterling Drug r 548 Pierre av 
— Don emp Win Lumber r 3157 Wyandotte w 
--Emma r 781 Indian rd 
— Ernest (Jennie) h 470 Crawford av 
— Howard T (Bertha) h 396 Rankin av 
— Jean (Brooker Beauty Shop) r 470 Crawford av 
--John M (Ruby K) insp Walker Metal res R R #4 
South Woods lee 

— Lewis emp Tucker Electric h 1770 Balfour blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Lloyd T (Marie) sec-treas J T Labadie Ltd h 429 
Belle Isle blvd (R’ Side) 

--Wesley A (Myrtle) head shpr Win Lumber h 3157 
Wyandotte w 

Brookes Horace mech Candn Traction Ltd res R R #1 

Brookmyre Albt emp Fords r 815 Moy av 
Brooks Alfred (Kathleen) emp Wonder Bread h 411 
Bridge av 

—Alma Mrs emp S S Kresge Co Ltd h 5, 425 Pitt w ^ 
—Arthur (Laura) emp Fords h 629 Alexandrine 
(R Park) 

—Benj emp Windsor Police Dept r 2241 Woodlawn av 
— Brece emp City Engineers Dept r 309 McDougall 
— Bruce (Jean) emp Bell Tel h 915 Jos Janisse av 
— Chas (Theresa) h 4558 Ontario 
— Chas (Frances) emp Chryslers h 2237 Elsmere av 
— Chas H (Esther) shoe repr 315 Wyandotte w h 617 
Dougall av 

--Donald (Jean) emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 2313 
Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Donald A (Connie) btehr Wing F Brooks r 397 
Partington av 

—Donald J (Laura) tool repr Chryslers r 1356 Hall av 

—Doris r 1093 Windsor av 

—Edith h 1866 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Eli (Violet) engnr Norton Palmer Hotel res 

--Frank (Jean) r 433 Janette av 
— Geo r 645 Janette av 
— Geo emp Fords h 1733 Iroquois 
—Geo F (Mary) immigration shift suprvsr Citizenship 
& Immigration h 235£ Casgrain pi 
—Gerald A (Mary) elk Chryslers h 2307 Fraser av 
— Gilbert (Ruth) emp Walker Metal h 2193 Victoria 
blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Goldie nurse Colonial Tool r 2179 Windermere rd 
— Gordon (Rose) slsmn Windsor Paper Co h 1651 

—Henry B (Anna) contr h 624 Alexandrine (R Park) 

— Jacob (Wright’s Market) h 95 Giles blvd e 
—Jas (Margt) p c Police Dept r 2241 Woodlawn av 
—Jas F (Frances) emp Bell Tel h 1278 Gladstone av 
— John (Nancy) h 1329 Goyeau 
— Joyce studt r 1029 Goyeau 

— Kenneth (Mildred) emp Chryslers r 1145 Highland 

--Lawrence studt r 95 Giles blvd e 
—Leonard (Fern) engnr R P Scherer h 2681 Howard 
av (Sand W Twp) 

— Leonard D (Martha) press opr Long Mfg h 1609 

--Leonard W (Frances) emp Detroit h 6, 616 Winder- 
mere rd 

— Lorraine emp Champion Spark Plug r 882 Monmouth 

— Louie emp Littles r Annex 1, 465 Chatham w 
— Myrtle (wid John) h 883 McDougall 
— Norman (Lucille) emp Fords h 3538 King 
— Orval (Margt) emp Pullman Co h 1029 Goyeau 
— Raymond studt r 808 Moy av 

— 64 — 



— Regd H (Margt) sash engnr Truscon Steel h 1195 
Windermere rd 

— Richd W (Mabel) chief engnr Metro Genl Hosp h 882 
Monmouth rd 

--Rosaline r 2115 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

--Ruth G Mrs emp Inti Playing Card r 1720 Lincoln rd 
— Sami (Zelda) tlr 189 Pitt w h 921 Pelissier 
—Walter F (Martha) emp Fords h 808 Moy av 
— Walter T (Janet) trk drvr Ryan Construction Co h 
1877 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Wm N emp Fords h 2241 Woodlawn av 
— W'ing F (Doris) btchr 2141 London w res Roseland 
Brophey Elizth h 1065 Elsmere av 
--Geraldine emp Candn Auto Trim r 530 Giles blvd e 
—Henry (Marie) tobacconist h 2296 Moy av 
—Llewellyn (Edith) h 530 Giles blvd e 
--Mary L swtchbd opr Ambassador Motors r 528 
Giles blvd e 

— Melvin E h 1087 Lillian 

— Parkinson (Minnie) miller H Walker & Sons h 528 
Giles blvd e 

--Parkinson (Agatha) emp H Walker & Sons h 2539 
Rossini blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Regd G emp Detroit News h 1362 Bernard rd 
--Sally emp Fords r 1368 Bernard rd 
— Therese (wid Wm B) h 1233 Albert rd 
— Thos jr studt r 1368 Bernard rd 
— Thos (Eleanor) studt h 1368 Bernard rd 
— Vernon (Alfreda) emp Chryslers r 530 Giles blvd e 
— Wm F (Evelyn) elk Automotive Trim h 1938 
Aubin rd 

Brophley Harry r 57 1 Sandwich e 
Brophy Jas (Vivian) drvr Acme Cartage h 471 
Cameron av 

—Joseph W (Agnes) cost acct Fords h 229 St Mary’s 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Winifred Mrs librarian C H Smith r 175 Giles blvd w 
Brosseau Laura emp Fibre Products r 1573 Pelissier 
—Lorenzo r 753 Eugene (R Park) 

Brother John emp Bell Tel r 432 Hall av 
Brotherhood Men's Store (Sami F & Albt Vexler) men's 
furnishings 1535 Ottawa 
Brothers Frances Mrs r 908 Monmouth rd 
--Geo emp Fords r 908 Monmouth rd 
—Mary L elk Silverwood’s r 908 Monmouth rd 
--Thos H (Mary) pntr Natl Painting & Decorating Co 
h 908 Monmouth rd 

--Walter (Mary) pipe fitter Fords h 225 St Rose av 

Brotherstone Lois elk Parke Davis r 276 Cadillac 
Brotto Tarcisio chemist Murphy Paint r 357 

Brough Alex (Vera) emp Fords h 1929 Central av 
—Beverly J emp Fords r 2217 Gladstone av 
—Herbt J (Hazel) acct Fords h 2217 Gladstone av 
—Marian studt r 2217 Gladstone av 
— Orval emp Natl Radiator r 1929 Central av 
Broughton Albt (Clara) emp Fords h 1798 Dominion 
blvd (S?nd W Twp) 

— Calvin h 4, 485 Crawford av 
—Calvin (Marie) emp Postum Co h 778 Aylmer av 
—Howard western Ont editor Win Star r 1100 
Ouellette av 

--Marshall (Rose) mixer Berry Bros h 17, 3261 
Sandwich w 

— Wm G vice-pres McGuire Advertising Ltd h 272 
Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

Brouille Stanley (Lorna) emp Chryslers h 2260 
Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

Brouillette Albt J (Madeline) emp City Engineers 
Dept h 1078 Mercer 

—Arthur (Louise) emp Chryslers h 7215^ Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

— Erby r 1128 Moy av 
— Ernest emp Chryslers r 1078 Mercer 
— Frances Mrs h 7215 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

--Geo E (Rita) mach opr Chryslers h 7237 Riverside 
dr (R'Side) 

—Gerard emp Wonder Bakeries Ltd r 1078 Mercer 
Brousseau Arthur (Rita) wldr Phil Wood Industries 
h 559 Alexandrine (R Park) 

— Edwd r 1450 Lillian 

—Gerard emp Genl Motors r 1177 Marentette av 
— John (Edna) emp Gelatine Prod r 766 Windermere 

Brouyette Carl (Jessie) press opr Long Mfg r 3138 
Turner rd 

— Donald emp Fords r 1647 Tourangeau rd 
—Irene (wid Steve) h 1647 Tourangeau rd 
—Raymond emp’Candn Bridge r 1647 Tourangeau rd 
— Stanley T (Marjorie) emp Candn Bridge 
— Stephe J (Betty) torch solderer Long Mfg r 2769 
Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

Brovchuk Geo (Anna) emp Fords h 2504 Meighen rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Browe Geo (Edna) emp Chryslers r 475 Louis av 
--John (Margt) h 439 Louis av 

Browell Geo W (Eva) janitor Beil Tel h 319 Wellington 

*Brown see also Browne 

— A C Wallace elect contr h (rear) 289 Tuscarora 
— Adrienne nurse Metro Genl Hosp h 1539 '/ork 
— Albt T emp Chryslers r 277 Glidden av (R'Side) 

— Alex elk Sunshine Food Store r 378 Elm av 
—Alex emp Fords r 382 Church 
— Alfred (Elizth) emp Fords h 265 Homedale blvd 

— Alfred (Anne) emp L A Young Industries h 2533 
Tourangeau rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Alfred R L elk H Walker & Sons r 265 Homedale 
blvd (R'Side) 

— Alice r 377 Bridge av 
--Alice E (wid Geo) h 338 McEwan av 
—Allan emp Fords r 502 Oak av 
— Allan C (Donelda) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 1212 
Ouellette av 

— Allan T (Kathleen) 1 c P 0 r 814 Marion av 
— Alma (wid Gibson S) h 1510 Gladstone av 
— Alvan (Viney) emp Fords h 3529 Queen 
— Amelia Mrs elk Unemploy Ins Comm h 757 McKay 

— Andrew emp Fords r 2491 Kildare rd 
— Angeline Mrs mach opr L A Young Industries res 
R R #1 Huron Line 

— Annetta M (wid Sami) h 19 09 Pillette rd 
—Annie maid r 1022. Victoria av 
— Annie (wid Jas) h 4, 3202 Sandwich w 
— Archd M (Mabel) h 378 Elm av 
—Arnold (Lily) slsmn Montour Electric Co r 1509 
Ellrose av 

— Arthur (Mary) emp Fords h 1356 Oak 
—Arthur (Gertrude) slsmn White Laundry h 774 
Sunset av 

— Arthur C (Priscilla) emp Curtis Co h 3637 Barry- 
more Lane 

—Arthur E (Louise) emp City Engineers Dept h 959 

— Arthur R (Caroline) janitor Reitman’s h 3494 
Mulford ert 

--Barbara cake wrapper Can Bread r 839 Walker rd 
—Barbara receptionist & swtchbd opr Walsh 
Advertising r 1044 Elm av 
--Bernard (Laura) insp Win Gas h 728 Prince rd 
— Bertson W (E ith) tchr Kennedy Coll h 1772 
Lincoln rd 

—Bessie tlrs O’Hara The Tailor r 122 Janette av 
—Bessie (wid Jas) r 306, 218 Sandwich w 
—Betty J elk H Walker & Sons r 2C, 686 Argyle rd 
—Blaine W (Georgette) drftsmn Fords h 2189 
Parent av 

—Blake drvr Windsor Coat, Apron & Towel Supply 
Ltd h 1005 Goyeau 

— Bruce J emp Can Packers r 212 Janette av 
—Burton serv stn attdt Alfred C Baynham h 1309 
L^nglois av 

— C H h 105, 1290 Ouellette av 
— C Walter (Marjorie) sis mgr Truscon Steel h 57 
Villaire av (R’Side) 

— Chas (Julia) emp Medical Art Bldg h 518 McKay av 
— Chas (Edna) mech Webster Motors (Windsor) h 
1760 Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Chas emp Motor Products Corp r 1006 Brock 
— Chas E (Helen) stmftr Fords h 1677 Dougall av 
— Chas J studt r 958 Windermere rd 
— Christina (Brown’s Dry Goods) r 425 Glidden av 

—Christina emp Parke Davis r 2347 Turner rd 
— Clarence emp CNR r 1065 Elsmere av 
—Clarence H emp Fords r 1135 Lincoln rd 
— Cleve T (Mary A) stkmn Fords h 329 Villaire av 

— Clifford washer McCord Corp r 1314 Partington 
— David (Gertrude) (Brown Stationery Co) h 3, 1095 
Bruce av 

— David opr Motor Products Corp r 1018 Windsor av 
— David F (Evelyn) emp Fine Foods of Canada h 1824 
Albert rd 

—Donald elk James E Spence & Sons r 209 Frank av 

— Donald F (Brown, Nisbet & Burnell) h 2529 
Lincoln rd 

— Donald J (Marie) wrehsemn Shell Oil r Grand 
Marais & Huron Line (Sand W Twp) 

— Donavan (Alice) chefri engnr Berry Bros h 623 St 
Paul (R Park) 

--Doreen emp Kresge’s r 2131 Forest av 

— Doreen stenog CILr 3735 Peter 

Alphabetical. White Page 65 


Complete Line of Builders' Supplies 
Ryancrete Blocks — Ready Mixed Concrete 
210 DETROIT STREET - - PHONE — 4-3271 


— Dorothy A priv sec Natl Rev r 1332 Lincoln rd 
— Dorothy M stenog Dept of Natl Rev r 117 Prado pi 

— Douglas r 1729 Pierre av 

—Douglas (Vera) emp Chryslers r 844 Marion av 
— Douglas (Noreen) emp Fords h 1510 Arthur rd 
—Edith h 262 Campbell av 

—Edna cash Consumers Fruit r 1760 Jefferson blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Edna M Mrs h 1736 Gladstone av 
— Edwd (Marie) carp Phil Wood Industries h 317 St 
Louis av (R’Side) 

--Edwd (Velma) emp A & P h 639 Alexandrine 
(R Park) 

— Edwd (Stephanie) emp Chryslers h 1160 Marion av 
— Edwd maint dept Grace Hosp r 311 Windsor av 
— Edwd S (Lauretta) elk Fords h 205, 444 P?rk w 
— Edwin opr Motor Products Corp r 1018 Windsor av 
— Edwin (Jessie) prod elk Dom Forge & Stamping h 
2553 Windermere rd 

— Edwin C (Marion) slsmn McCormick Biscuits h 838 
Francois ert 

— Edwin E (Winifred) customs & excise officer 
Natl Revenue h 1730 Labadie rd 
—Edwin G (Agnes) h 359 Oak av 
--Electric Co (W Gordon Brown) electrical contr 
& appliances 4573 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

—Eliza (wid Harry) h 320 Erie w 
— Elizth r 1666 Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

— Elizth swtchbd opr Waddell's Sound & Radio Ltd 
r 217 Apsley (Amherstburg) 

-Elizth H tchr David Maxwell Schl r 102, 410 Giles 
blvd w 

—Elton C (Grace) route slsmn Imp Oil h 277 Glidden 
av (R Side) 

— Elwin H (Gerda) firemn CPR h 1396 Janette av 
—Emily (wid Fred) h 1447 Marentette av 
--Eric J (Lena ) customs officer Natl Rev h 1621 
Olive rd 

--Ernest W (Florence) emp Fords h 265 Jefferson blvd 

— Esther H bkpr H Gray Ltd r 546 Aylmer av 
—Ethel F Mrs librarian’s sec Willistead Pub 
Library h 303, 410 Giles blvd w 
--Etta r 786 Grand Marais rd (R Park) 

--Evelyn tchr r 580 Grove av 

--F Austin prin Assumption College r 398 Huron Line 
— F Chas (A Idea) emp Windsor Laundry h 1071 
Drouillard rd 

--Fannie (wid Louis) h 546 Aylmer av 
--Floyd app druggist Ken Wiley Pharmacy r 338 
McEwan av 

--Frances R h 7, 308 Randolph av 
—Francis opr Bell Tel r 3530 Sandwich w 
— Frank night wtchmn Williams Driveaway Ltd h 785 
California av 

-Frank H (Edith) h 1125 Church 
—Frank R (Daisy) emp Fords h 212 Lauzon rd 

--Fred opr Motor Products Corp r 1484 Tourangeau rd 
--Fred (Ellis) slsmn h 1565 Lillian 
— Fredk J (Hazel) edit deskmn Win Star h 870 Elm av 
— Fredk N (Laura) asst foremn Fords h 1447 
Marentette av 

--Fredk W (Millie) plmbr h 1218 Howard av 
— Fredk Y (Jessie) foremn Fords h 1029 Dawson rd 
— Garland boats & bait 4600 Riverside dr (R’Side) 
h 184 River dale av (R’Side) 

— Garnet C (Reta) druggist Wm F Westover h 4, 

1287 Parent av 

— Geo h 14, 265-271 Chatham e 

--Geo (Pauline) h 1495 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 
--Geo (Georgina) perm force h 1788 Bernard rd 
--Geo H (Ellen) h 858 Windsor av 
—George N messr Bank of Com r 527 California av 
—Geo R (Joan) emp Prince Edward Hotel h 186 
McEwan av 

--Geo R (Lily) slsmn Montour Electric h 1509 Ellrose 

—Geo W (Angeline) perm force r 20 Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

•-Geo W (Dorothy) janitor Inter-City Forwarders r 
1131 Tuscarora 


—Georgina prsr Spotless Cleaners r 655 Chilver rd 
— Gerald emp Can Bread r 1736 Gladstone av 
— Gertrude (wid Arthur) r 368 Church 
--Gladys stenog Hough & Hough r 279 Glidden av 

— Glendon r 269 London e 

— Gordon (Marie) emp Chryslers r 1054 Albert rd 
— Gordon (Marie) maint Bendix-Eclipse h 1931 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

— Gordon messr John Wyeth & Bro r 836 Elm av 
—Gordon Ah 1736 Gladstone av 
--Gordon H (May) (Brown’s Radio & Television) h 
3, 890 Erie e 

--Grace (wid Geo) h 323 Gladstone av 
— Gus (Maria) with Post Office Lunch h 775 Janette 

— Guy (Edith) h 2083 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Guy A (Lillian) foremn Producers Cold Storage 
r C4, 1653 Wyandotte w 

--Hadley M (Lisabelle) tchr Sand Coll Inst h 1535 
Victoria av 

— Harold (Ida) emp Postum Co h 573 Oak av 
--Harold (Eva) emp Warner Gear h 333 Caron av 
—Harold A (Mara) emp Pelton Constn h 368 
Sandwich w 

— Harry (Suzanne T) customs & excise Natl Rev 
h 504 Dougall av 

--Harry (Lillian) emp Genl Motors h 294 Rankin av 
—Harry emp H Walker & Sons h 117 Prado pi 
(R Side) 

—Harry B (Myrtle) acct Fred P Carom h 458 Moy av 
— Harry J D (Margt) mach CNR h 1644 Hall av 
—Harvey (Marjorie) tchr John Campbell Schl h 30, 
1106 Lincoln rd 

—Helen emp L A Young Industries r 1370 Hall av 
— Helen nurse Hotel Dieu r 1309 Langlois 
— Helen sec C Kilpatrick Manufacturing Co Ltd r 
2491 Kildare rd 

--Helen E typist H Walker & Sons r 458 Moy av 
--Henry r 2580 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

—Henry (Beatrice) suprvsr S H Camp & Co h 1258 
Gladstone av 

— Henry J (Emma) millwright Fords h 988 Curry av 
— Herbt (Frances) maint man Chryslers h 209 Frank 
av (R’Side) 

—Hilda emp Detroit r 320 Erie w 
— Howard S (Phoebe) toolmkr Fords h 918 Jos Janisse 

— Hugh T emp Inti Playing Card r 1604 Felix av 
— Ida V fnshng dept opr Sterling Drug r 1738 
Ellrose av 

--Irene r 2383 Moy av 

— Irene stenog H Walker & Sons r 34, 1106 Lincoln rd 
— J E emp Kelloggs r 176 Campbell av 
— J Wilfred (Eva) engnr Essex Terminal h 1718 
Highland av 

— Jack (Jessie) estimator Somerville Ltd h 2323 
Parkwood av 

--Jack B (Mary) foremn R P Scherer h 730 Kennedy 
dr w (Rose land) 

— Jas (Jean) emp Detroit h 308 River dale av (R’Side) 
— Jas interne Hotel Dieu r 858 Erie e 
— Jas (Hilda) mach Kelsey Wheel h 824 Ottawa 
— Jas projectionist Tivoli Theatre res R R #1 

— Jas C (Sarah) supt Chryslers h 2149 Gladstone av 
--Jas E (Ruth) emp Champion Spark Plug h 252 
Ford blvd (R’Side) 

--Jas E slsmn Can Bread r 67 Erie (Leamington ) 

— Jas W emp Riverside Utilities r 265 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Janet G (Brown’s Dry Goods) r 425 Glidden av 

--Jean M tchr Ada C Richards Schl h 102, 410 
Giles blvd w 

--Jean R tchr John Campbell Schl h 642 Lincoln rd 
— Jeannie (wid Wm) emp Grace Hosp h 1539 York 
— Jedson r 230 Chatham w 
--Jennie h 1030 Pelissier 
—Jessie r 724 Mercer 

—Jessie emp Key Personnel Employment Service r 
801 Victoria av 

—John (Gertrude) h 549 Langlois av 
—John elect Fords r 458 Moy av 

— 66 — 




Windsor Avenue :it Cily Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1183 
Complete Service on oil Ford Products 
Branch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 



— John (Mary) emp Inter-City Transport r 325 

—John lab Motor Products r 1370 Hall av 
--John lettering Welles Corp r 69 Frank av (R’Side) 
--John A (Ada) emp Chryslers h 1075 Gladstone av 
—John A (Edith) emp Donnelly Bros Cartage h 674 
Hildegarde (R Park) 

— John A (Pauline) (Brown and Snider Service Garage) 
h 887 Francois crt 

—John C (Mae) set-up man L A Young Industries h 
1729 Pierre av 

— John M (Elizth) mldr Auto Specialties h 851 

— John T (Marie) emp Fords h 646 Glengarry av 
—John W (Beatrice) steel wkr Detroit h 940 Monmouth 

— Joseph (Grace) h 810 Giles blvd e 

—Joseph (Mary) emp Fords h 204 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Joseph (Velma) engnr C I L h 1970 Arras 
—Joseph A (Jean) emp Detroit h 416 Elliott w 
—Josephine Mrs emp S W & A Rly r 2691 Walker rd 
—Kathrine (wid Edwin) r 859 London w 
—Kenneth (Kay) emp Fords h 2131 Forest av 
--Kenneth C (Betty) slsmn Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 1557 Arthur rd 

--Kenneth M (Mary) toolmkr Fords h 716 Rosedale av 
--Lawrence mgr Drake Hotel h 193-199 Glengarry av 
—Lawson (Nellie) emp Fords h 538 Elm av 
—Lee M studt r 8, 1534 Ouellette av 
—Leo (Mary L) emp Fords r 1869 Alexis rd 
—Leonard (Katherine) emp Gotfredsons h 861 Goyeau 
— Leota Mrs pckr Reid Industries h 148 Randolph 
(South Windsor) 

--Lester emp Gotfredsons r 967 Pillette rd 
—Lillian (wid Wm) h 802 Hall av 
—Linda stenog Fords r 1, 815 London w 
—Llewellyn (Irene) emp Fords h 507 Elm av 
--Lorenzo (Ella) slsmn Can Bread h 1490 Elsmere av 
—Lorenzo J (Patricia) slsmn Borden Co h 1072 Hall 

— Lorna E elk Pond's Drug Stores r 859 London w 
—Lome J (Pearl) barber Arthur Beauvais h 1508 
Elsmere av 

—Louis (Magdalene) emp United Lunch r 775 Janette av 
—Mabel Mrs r 89 Reedmere av (R’Side) 

--Mack Rev (Mildred) minister First Baptist Church 
h 437 Tuscarora 

— Margt emp Chryslers r 1582 Central av 
—Marie L Mrs r 1574 Hall av 
—Marilyn studt r 870 Elm av 
— Marion K emp Detroit h 119, 286 Pitt w 
—Marjorie Mrs slsldy Morris Dry Goods r 1432 
Hall av 

—Mary A emp Kresge's r 968 Gladstone av 
— Maurice W (Bernice) emp Fords h 133 Janette av 
--Melvin D (Lavine) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 
343 Lot 

—Michael plshr Motor Products Corp h 377 Bridge av 
—Michael washer Arlington Hotel r 891 Erie e 
— Mildred Mrs h 442 Elliott e 
—Milton (Eva) postal elk P'O h 1383 Goyeau 
— Mina (wid Horace) h 7, 1342 Wyandotte w 
— Mona emp Bendix-Eclipse r 808 Hall av 
--Myrtle Mrs bkpr City Treas h 203, 619 Pelissier 
— Nancy mach opr Essex Wire Corp res R R #1 

— Nathan B (Augusta) emp Windsor Bedding Co h 8, 

1534 Ouellette av 

—Nellie (wid Hugh) h 1684 George av 
— , Nisbet & Burnell (Donald F Brown, Gordon 

Nisbet & Regd E Burnell) barristers 401-402- 
403, 176 London w 

— Norah opr Tinker Togs h 6, 1225 Monmouth rd 
--Norma office elk Rowland & O’Brien r 458 Moy av 
■-Norman J (Marguerite) service mgr Royal Win 
Garage h 2125 Dougall av 
— O Mac elk H Walker & Sons r 1126 Lincoln rd 
—Optical Co (H Wasserman & H Shanfield) 
optometrists 475 Ouellette av 
-Orville emp H Walker & Sons r 891 Erie e 
-Oscar (Adeline) h 1370 Hall av 
—Oswald W (Constance) elk P O h 1881 Ellrose av 

— Patricia emp Chryslers r 1183 Bruce av 
--Paul plmbr Veterans Plumbing Cor 209 Frank av 
(R Side) 

— Peter (Edith) shpr Fords h 839 Walker rd 
— Peter studt r 775 Janette av 
— Peter (Ida) wldr Fords h 492 Glidden av (R’Side) 
—Peter N (Betty) emp Candn Bridge h 2C, 686 
Argyle rd 

— Peter R opr Motor Products Corp r 839 Walker rd 
— Prudence r 1044 Elm av 

— R Alex (Frances) deputy city engnr City Engineers 
Dept h 958 Windermere rd 
— R H officer Customs & Excise, Natl Rev res 
R R #3 Amherstburg 

— Raymond (Helen) acct Parke Davis h 2491 Kildare 

--Raymond A (Agnes) wire drawer Walker Metal h 
1828 Lincoln rd 

—Regina Mrs asst chief opr Bell Tel h 409, 430 
Giles blvd w 

— Richd emp CNR r 1159 Lincoln rd 
— Richd (Emily) emp Fords h 1331 Erie e 
—Richd C emp Fords h 6, 972 Erie e 
— Robt (Helen) emp Bell Tel h 972 Moy av 
— Robt emp Chryslers r 1582 Central av 
•-Robt (Hilda) emp Fords h 1044 Elm av 
—Robt (Florence) p c Police Dept h 3517 Bloomfield rd 
—Robt C r 1509 Ellrose av 

--Robt D (Eleanor) mgr Vanity Theatre h 775 Sunset 
— Robt H (Roberta) section head H Walker & Sons 
201 Edward (R’Side) 

--Robt L (Irene) elk F E Dayus Co h 34, 1106 Lincoln 

—Robt N (Beatrice) emp Essex Terminal h 718 
Sunset av 

—Robt S (Harriet) h 2347 Lincoln rd 
—Robt S (Anna) set up man Fords h 3735 Peter 
—Robt T (Evelyn) advertising dept Chryslers h 2173 
Kildare rd 

— Robina (wid Alex) h 1582 Central av 
— Ronald emp Gotfredsons r 315 Victoria av 
— Ronald J (Robina) emp Detroit h 79 Prado pi 

—Ruby bkpr r 462 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 

—Russell J (Elizth) elect Can Electric h 531 Belle 
Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

— Ruth r 830 St Luke rd 
--Sally studt r 958 Windermere rd 
— Sami (Clare) (Sam’s Second Hand Store) h 1334 
Parent av 

— Sami E (Jacqueline) emp Detroit r 1579 Sandwich 

--Sami N G (Elizth) slsmn Neilson Chemical h 1763 
Central av 

--Sarah h 1139 Highland av 
— Shirley A stenog Coca-Cola r 1677 Dougall av 
—Solomon R (Frances) emp Fords h 1126 Lincoln rd 
--Stan Transport Ltd (Stanley Brown) 2260 Walker 

--Stanley (Elsie) pres & genl mgr Stan Brown Trans- 
port Ltd h 2383 Moy av 

— Stanley A (Annie) dentist 2776 Charles h 349 Sunset 

— Stanley A (Marjorie) deputy elk' Town of Riverside 
r 1432 Hall av 

— Stanley W (Catherine) elk CNR h 1307 Bruce av 
— Stationery Co (David Brown) office supplies 4th 
fir, 108 McDougall 

—Theodore emp Fords h 425 Glidden av (R'Side) 

— Theodore (Mary) mech Genl Motors h 1812 Cadillac 
— Theo W emp Chryslers r 1812 Cadillac 
— Thos emp Tunnel Restaurant r 774 Sunset av 
— Thos emp P O Restaurant r 775 Janette av 
—Thos C (Vera) p c CNR h 470 London e 
— Trevelyn (Teresa) emp Chryslers h 2420 Highland 

--Vera elk Vizzards Market r 844 Marion av 
— Victor R immigration insp Citizenship & Immigra- 
tion h§ 307 Gladstone av 

—Vincent L emp Candn Bridge r 1630 Pelissier 
— W Ferguson (Lillian) customs officer Natl Rev h 
235 Casgrain pi 

Alphabetical. White Page 67 







(Windsor Branch) 


Phone 3-1 192 

— W Gordon (Rita) (Brown Electric Co) h 1716 Balfour 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Waldo E freight insp r 79 Giles blvd e 
—Walter mech Hawkeswood Garage r 368 Church 
--Walter K (Gladys) emp Fords h e s Huron Line 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Walter W (Nora) janitor CNR h 835 Ellrose av 
—Wilfred A (Margt) boiler insp NYC Rly h 1183 
Bruce av 

--Wilfrid emp Fords h 676 Aylmer av 
— Wm h 4-4, 265-271 Chatham e 
— Wm drftsmn DeVilbiss Mfg r 4, 547 Partington av 
— Wm emp Chryslers r 3494 Mulford ert 
--Wm (Noreen) emp Fords r 484 Kildare rd 
— Wm (Isabelle) emp Fords h 2377 Parent av 
— Wm emp Osborne Lumber h 3-4, 265-271 Chatham e 
— Wm studt r 858 Windsor av 
— Wm A (Georgina) emp Detroit h 2075 Ottawa 
— Wm A (Clara) emp Fords h 688 Dougall av 
— Wm C (Agnes) wldr Fords h 1484 Tourangeau rd 
--Wm G emp S W & A Rly h C5, 277 Curry av 
— Wm H (Evelyn) caretkr Win Utilities Comm (Hydro 
Div) h 836 Elm av 

--Wm J (Josephine) h 1436 Wyandotte w 
--Wm J ctr Hobbs Glass r 542 Church 
— Wm J (Helen) engnr NYC Rly h 3030 Wyandotte 

— Wm L (Florence) emp Detroit h 3912 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

— Winnifred D stenog Cock Bros r 815 Victoria 
blvd (Tecumseh) 

— & Snider Service Garage (John Brown & Earl 

Snider) gas service stn 2910 Tecumseh blvd 

Brown’s Dry Goods (Christina & Janet Brown) 131 1 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

— Radio & Television (G H Brown) service 1163 
Tecumseh blvd e 

—Silk Shoppe Ltd Harry Rosenthal pres ladies 
apparel 665 London w Branches 1078 
Drouillard rd, 1257-63 Ottawa, 429 Ouellette 
av & 1755 Wyandotte e 
♦Browne, see also Brown 

—Albt L (Eunice) core -maker Stand Fndry h 2, 2223 

— Chas R (Anna) payroll elk Dom Forge & Stamping 
h 2155 Pelissier 

--Geo (Alice M) patrol sergeant Police Dept h 567 

— Jas (Matilda) foremn CILh 110, 286 Pitt w 
Brownell David F stk mgr Kresge’s r 1318 Erie e 
— Hance (Beatrice Y) engraver Win Star r 652 Park w 
— Hance L (Una) mech Fords h 202 Josephine av 
—Harold H (Ethel) elk Fords h 1318 Erie e 
--James W thinning man Stand Paint r 711 McKay av 
--Marshall (Elsie) emp Fords h 711 McKay av 
— Robt (Lilian) emp Fords h 336 Esdras pi (R’Side) 
--Vance L photo engrvr Win Daily Star h 2, 854 

— Wilfred process suprvsr Sterling Drug r 720 
Campbell av 

— Wm F key wrehsemn Sterling Drug h 338 Elliott w 
Browning Albert (Ada) h 1566 Bruce av 
— Alice elk Lyttles Bake Shop r B7, 1518 London w 
— Archie (Isa) emp Truscon Steel h 1537 Dougall av 
— Clifford drvr Candn Builders' Supply r 378 Mercer 
— Elizth (wid John) h B7, 1518 London w 
—Ernest (Agnes) incinerator opr City Engineers Dept 
h 874 Louis av 

— Harold (Irene) emp Gotfredsons h 1180 Mercer 
— James h 126 Elm av 
— John (Adelaide) h 374 Tuscarora 
--John emp Candn Bridge r B7, 1518 London w 
—John A emr B7, 1518 London w 
— Joseph (Geraldine) emp Williams Norman & Co h 
1240 Curry av 

--Joseph S (Gladys) barber h 1255 Assumption 
— Lily (wid James) h 1026 Mercer 
— Lorraine receptionist r 1255 Assumption 
— Peter r 378 Mercer 
—Peter G (Verna) emp Fords h 378 Mercer 
— Phyllis emp Motor Lamp r 1508 Francois rd 
— Shirley r 378 Mercer 

Brownlee Andrew (Anastasia) emp John M Troup h 261 
Reedmere av (R’Side) 

— Clara (wid Geo) r 350 Campbell av 
--Edgar baker Canada Bread r 833 Albert rd 
— Kenneth (Mary L) assembly Burroughs Mach r 340 
Moy av 

— R (Norma) emp Canada Bread r 833 Albert rd 
—Roy r 261 Reedmere av (R’Side) 

Brownley Wallace J emp Gotfredsons r 1139 McKay av 
Brownlie Andrew (Mary) emp Fords r 1681 St Luke rd 

--Grace dept mgr Bartlet Macdonald & Gow r 649 1 

Kildare rd 1 __j ( 

— Jas r 260 Prado pi (R’Side) i 

--John (Isabel) foremn Colonial Tool h 6^ Kildare — ft 
— John M emp Parke Davis h 260 Prado pi (R’Side) 
--Kenneth (Catherine) emp Fords r 1166 Hall av f__u 
— Maxwell studt r 260 Prado pi (R’Side) 

— T Alan (Gladys) emp Burrough’s h 1794 Norman rd Bru 
Brownrigg Wm A welder T J Eansor & Sons res —A 

Tilbury i E 

Brozdeikis Alex (Mary) emp Chryslers r 1465 DufferiW.C 
place — C 

--Katie (wid Domnin) h 1071 Cadillac 
Brozovich John emp Fords r 595 Cataraqui __C 

Bruce Adam (Margaret) emp Fords h 947 Partington^ — G 
— Alex R (Germaine) acct Chryslers h 342 Grove av 
--Amy F stenog Master Tool h Grinding r 2245 *.%-G 

Turner rd VI -G 

--Apts 840-846 Bruce av — J 

— Beatrice Mrs r 479 Randolph av — ft 

— Carol stenog Dom Life Assce Co r 1175 Campbell at --h 
— Douglas (Leone) emp Chryslers h 848 Hall av — T 

--Douglas E (Jeanne) produce mgr Canada Packers >>. — V 
1338 Ouellette av V^ru 

— Duncan emp Motor Products Corp r 1175 Campbell i 
— Elizabeth Mrs r 2506 Princess av (Sand E Twp) . — A 
— Eunice C emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1057 j — to 

Langlois av 

--Geo (Margt) emp Fords h 1175 Campbell av l — C 

— Grant R (Mary) (Riverside Marine) h 1016 St Rose^V-F 
(R’Side) y — P 

--Harold A (Margt) (Riverside Marine) h 829 Raymo — F 
road — V 

— Helen M r 1594 York Bri: 

--Jack emp Loblaw’s r 647 Victoria av 
—Jack studt r 947 Partington av -M&rv. 

—James (Marion) elk C I L h 1930 Larkin r --K 

--James welder T J Eansor & Sons r 722 Hall av —I 
—Jeanne jewellers 62 Park e r 305, 1338 Ouellette a? 
—John elk A & P r 647 Victoria av —N 

--Joseph (Ella) butcher Acme Meat Market h 1594 Yoii — F 

r — V 


0- J 
i tin 


— J 

Hall avenue 

--Market (Bert Ingram) 1411 Bruce av 
--Maurice emp Chryslers r 1057 Langlois av 
--Robt (Martha) slsmn Riverside Marine h 374 
Fairview blvd (R’Side) 

— Udet V elk Foodland No 2 r 1057 Langlois av 
--Wm (Mary) emp Chryslers r 979 Hall av 
--Wm H (Amy) emp Chryslers h 2245 Turner rd 
Brucher John plater East Side Plating r 2359 

Alexis road , 

Brudner Henry (Goldie) (Stop-N-Shop) h 672 Bruce a? 

— Leatrice bkpr Buy-Rite Furniture Co r 672 Bruce 
Brugge John emp Fords r 2A, 129 McDougall -jy— J 

--John (Ida) emp Win Utilities (Hydro Div) h 3422 
Sandwich w 

Bruggeman Adolph L (Lea) mach opr J D Branch Lie* 
ber r 1673 Hillman av 
Brule Emile (Elizth) punch press opr Fords 
h 512 Lincoln rd 

--Jeannette emp Parke Davis r 5560 Tecumseh blvd* 

(Sand E Twp) ’ Brl 

— Lucien (Lilly) drvr Thibodeau h 5560 Tecumseh Hd Bri 
east (Sand E Twp) —I 

Brumpton Florist -Nursery (Harry Brumpton) flowers 

& shrubs 2244 Walker rd I 

— Harry O (Brumpton Florist -Nursery) h 1919 ArrasJ^ 
--Sidney W emp S W & A Rly h 1154 Goyeau —I 

— Willis H (Helen) police insp Police Dept r 

1919 Arras rd —I 

Brumwell Donald r 247 McEwan av 
--Robt (Reffa) elk Fords h 247 McEwan av • 

— Stanley W (Charlotte) slsmn Baum & Brody h 245 — J 

McEwan av 

Brundritt Wm F (Ethel) elect maint Chryslers h , —3 
444 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) — j 

Brundsaite Eugenie nurse Hotel Dieu r 705 Dougall __j 

Bruneau Bernice Mrs h 577 Chippewa vt' 1 

Brunell Eli (Agnes) emp City Engineers Dept h 101>- — i 
California av 

—Louis P drvr Checker Cab r 611 Bridge av , I 

— Madeline (wid Henry) h 611 Bridge av r —I 

— Maurice emp CNR r 509 Bruce av ^ 

Bruneile Antoine (Alexandria) millwright L A^ Youn^; 


Industries h 2709 Chandler rd (Sand E Twp)* 
— Armand (Florence) lab Gilson's Transport h 3375. 

Peter ' 

— Arthur emp Fords r 5th East Betts av (Sand W Tr. 
—Henry (Doris) emp Truscon Steel h 4th East St C* k 
(Sand W Twp) 

--Joseph (Alexina) emp City Engineers Dept h 1017^ 
California av ! 


— ( 
— C 



—Joseph W (Alma) sprayer Motor Products Corp h 
i 6th East Betts av (Sand W Twp) 

: ^ —Marc (Cecile) emp Chryslers h 975 Albert rd 
'^-Maurice wtr Palace House r 509 Bruce av 
' --Wm M (Alice) emp Motor Products Corp h 
5th East Betts av (Sand W Twp) 
rd Bruner Ann laundress Grace Hospital r 383 Bridge av 
—Arthur emp Sterling Construction r 833 Assumption 
i __Boyd (Marie) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1667 Bruce av 
sr%^C D realtor 305, 267 Pelissier h 2291 Hall av 

-Clarence N (Alice) bus opr Eastern Candn Greyhound 
Lines h 1922 Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Cynthia h 833 Assumption 
>n» --Geo E (Margt E) emp Empire-Hanna Coal h 945 
v Windsor avenue 

'■•v-Gerald emp Fords r 1231 Albert rd 

Gerald stn attdt Getty’s Service r 383 Bridge av 
--June stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 8, 1563 Ontario 
—Martha h 1163 Chatham e 
U a , —Mervin (Gladys) emp McGinnis r 945 Windsor av 
— Thos emp Sterling Construction h 760 Chatham e 
5 *. —Violet Mrs laundress Grace Hospital r 457 Karl pi 
V^runet Alfred (Yvetta) emp Parke Davis h 1228 
11 ^ Hickory road 

. —Arthur r 247 Langlois av 
, --Maurice W (Lillian) emp S W & A Rly h 693 
Charlotte (R Park) 

l —Oliver emp Fords r 247 Langlois av 
e ^-Philip r 321 Chilver rd 
^—Philip J timekpr Walker Metal r 247 Langlois av 
m —Raoul (Della) emp Truscon Steel h 247 Langlois av 
--Veronica M prod elk Loblaw’s r 247 Langlois av 
Bruneteau Edwd (Annette) hockey player h 5812£ 
Riverside dr (R’Side) 

wSrunett Gilbert emp Fords r 1135 Elm av 
1 — Kenneth insp Motor Products Corp res LaSalle 
—Lawrence foremn Motor Products Corp res 
a? LaSalle 

--Margt nurse Grace Hospital r 1135 Elm av 
Yon —Ronald J tablet mkr Sterling Drug r 1135 Elm av 
ijvs-,, Wallace J (Ellen) emp Fords h 1135 Elm av 
''vJ^runette Annie (wid Sami) h 1115 Cadillac 
^—Willis (Orsova) slsmn Montour Electric Co h 1773 
Cadillac ^ 

Brunxe Alb't A (Emma) carp Roger Allan Lumber h 382 
Pierre avenue 

w -Joyce E filing elk J T Wing & Co r 382 Pierre av 
^runner Francis J mach opr Fords h 383 Bridge av 
Bruno Angeli emp Dinsmore Construction r 1631 
. Benjamin road 

. —Anthony (Constance) engnr Chryslers h 619 Charles 
J (R Park) 

ey-r-Cosco emp Candn Bridge r 473 Erie e 
•pr— Faccini r 1021 Langlois av 

--John (Velma) emp Chryslers r 619 Charles (R Park) 

, —Ortolan r 1021 Langlois av 
Brunskill Harry T (Phyllis) emp Fords h 3058 Peter 
Brunt Roy T (Margt) acting detective Police Dept h 2176 

-/j^Brunton Clare M asst mgr Prov Bank (199 London w) 
rde r 315 Victoria avenue 

i Brusati Vyonne h 508 Church 
Brush Douglas (Mildred) emp Fords h 374 Campbell av 
— Fred emp Diamond Coal Co res Albert rd 
a* ^ (Sand E Twp) 

Harold (Vivian) assembler L A Young Industries r 
1767 Walker rd 

— Harold E (Elinor) store elk J T Wing & Co res 
1 Harrow 

— Harold F (Alice) chief constable djibway Pol Dept 
h 553 Mill 

. -Harvey emp McFarlane & Loree r 553 Mill 
5 ~ —John (Dorothy) emp Motor Products Corp h 1274 
George avenue 

, —John A L (Ethel) emp Fords h 1777 Moy av 
. —Kenneth E emp Chryslers r 1777 Moy av 
L —Leighton (Isabelle) h 1736 Bernard rd 
V^-Ray (Lila) emp Fords h 416 Prado pi (R’Side) 

^ — Robt L (Audrey) sheet metal hlpr DeVilbiss Mfg 
res Amherstburg 

. —Rose hsekpr r 1219 Devonshire rd 
) — Rosella Mrs r 1024 McKay av 

—Thelma lab techn Marz Laboratories Ltd r 481 

--Thos opr Motor Products Corp r 416 Prado pi 

1 —Vivian r 416 Prado pi (R’Side) 

Bruski Mike shearman Meretsky, Burnstine & 

Meretsky h 529 Wyandotte e 
3russeau Geo h 335 Wellington av 
--Geo (Dorothy) emp Ford’s h 1197£ Albert rd 
--Grover (Geremie A) h i & 2, 1318 Drouillard rd 

—Henry mach (Leah) Northern Crane & Hoist 
res Essex 

--John K (Edna) mach opr R P Scherer Ltd r 766 
Windermere rd 

Brusutti Onofrio (Flora) emp Fords r 1774 
Marentette av 

Brusznay Geo emp Fords h 1211 Albert rd 
Bryan Arthur (Gertrude) emp New York Central Rly 
h 1398i Crawford av 
— Chas W elk P O r 1534 Dougall av 
--Daniel (Clare) (Kendan Mfg Co) r 2330 Tourangeau 
road (Sand E Twp) 

— Edwd P (Violet) jan R P Scherer Ltd h 2, 425 Pitt w 
— Evelyn wtrs Edwards Fish & Chips r 1392 
Crawford av 

— Irwin (Ruth) welder Can Sirocco r 1317 Lillian 
— John (Frances) emp Fords h 1889 Tourangeau rd 
—Kenneth J B (Elizth) (Kendan Mfg Co) h 2497 
Bernard road 

— Nellie chief opr Bell Tel r 1534 Dougall av 
— Victor (Hazel) plstr Don Peddel h 1011 Bruce av 
— Wm T assembly Burroughs Mach h 1534 Dougall av 
Bryant Alvah W treas Bryant Pattern & Mfg Co Ltd 
res R R No 1 Belle River 
— Doris L maid r 880 A r gyle rd 
--Gordon (Stella) slsmn Silverwood’s res R R No 1 
River Canard 

--Jack emp Genl Motors r 1054 Moy av 
— Jas elk Bank of Com r 262 Wyandotte w 
--Louis (Georgina) glass setter Motor Products Corp 
r 961 Hall av 

— Lulu (wid Robt) h 1054 Moy av 
--Mary (wid Robt) h 262 Wyandotte w 
— Mervin (Lucille) assembler L A Young Industries 
h 108 Dougall av 

—Mildred emp Champion Spark Plug r 1054 Moy av 


CO LIMITED, E I Mamer President, F G 

Loeffler Vice-President and Secretary, A W 
Bryant Treasurer, Wood and Metal Patterns, 
Toolmakers, Foundries and Stokers, 469 
Shepherd East, Phone 4-8631; Stoker Division, 
Phone 2-7275 

—Robert emp Fords r 1054 Moy av 
—Robert E (Dorothy) mach opr Toledo Scale h 1556 
Central av 

— Roland (Lucille) cash Brewers’ Warehouse No 18W 
h 1891 Francois rd 

—Ted (Margt) slsmn Roland O’Brien h 1815 Larkin rd 
Bryantwick Alfred binder Herald Press Ltd h 374 
Bridge av 

Bryce Frank (Vera) emp Gotfredsons h 1815 Ferndale 
avenue (Sand E Twp) 

--Louis (Doris) emp New York Central Rly r 1115 
Oak avenue 

—Lucy physiotherapist Candn Red Cross Society r 
352 Cameron av 

Bryden Edward stereotyper Win Star r 1926 Bernard 

—Frank (Lillian) r 319 Windsor av 
— Wm R (Mary) customs off Natl Rev h 1968 Malta rd 
Brydes Donald (Geraldine) emp Fords h 1427 Bruce av 
Brydges Alfred (Gladys) elk Fords h 2348 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Clarence emp C N R r 1683 College av 
— Herbert (Ella) emp Penberthy Injector h 739 Elliott e 
--Joan elk Loblaws r 1515 Crawford av 
— Luckino emp Kaiser-Fraser r 2348 Norman rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Percy h 748 Lincoln rd 

— Ray (Doris) butcher Big Bear Market h 1515 Craw- 
ford avenue 

--Rita L priv sec H Walker & Sons r 746 Lincoln rd 
Brydon Gabrielle Mrs cash A & P r 2587 Plllette 
—Geo J A (Margt) elk Fords h 1782 Kildare rd 
—Mary E cashier Marras Bakery r 1782 Kildare rd 
Bryer Edmond A (Maggie) emp Fords h 2370 Louis av 
Brygidyr Mike (Mary) cyl venter Walker Metal h 
2546 Bernard rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bryk Mary nurse Grace Hospital r 2258 Chilver rd 
Bryl insky Thomas (Julia) bar porter Norton Palmer 
Hotel h 2639 Seminole rd 

Bryntwick Paul (Frances) slsmn Wonder Bakeries 
h 561 Wyandotte e 

Bryrne Mary elk Loblaw’s r 652 Langlois av 
Bryson Joseph (Margt) emp Fords h 1873 Arthur rd 
— Sami (Susan) emp Gotfredsons r 559 Assumption 
— Theron M (Fortuna) (Bryson’s Drugs) h 4, 2891 
London west 

Bryson’s Drugs (T M Bryson) druggist 3194-3198 
Sandwich west 







Blvd. East 

PH. 2-8621 




PH. 4-9666 

M J flu 
M Ig-3 
« 5’R » 

S •'"‘s- 

td X •£, _ 

> g'SG 

iphabetical, White Page 69 


Brysto Dan emp Fords r 2756 Charles 
Bufcacz Zygmunt emp Can Steel h 2B, 129 McDougall 
Bubbs Clarence E (Olga) emp Chryslers h 4, 851 

Bubela Petro (Tanya) chip grinder Walker Metal r 
1246 Chilver rd 

Bublevich Mike emp Fords r 2868 Richmond 
Bublick Harry mech Jack’s Garage r 2640 Charles 
--LUly Mrs maid r 2359 Reaume rd (Sand E Twp) 
Nicholas (Edith) pntr Motor Products Corp h 
2514 Norman rd (Sand E Twp) 

Bubnick Mabel social wkr Children’s Aid Society h 
207, 274 Giles blvd w 

Bubrick Edwd emp Fibre Products r 430 Foch av 
--John (Elizth) contr h 1682 Elsmere av 
—Madeline bkpr American News Co Ltd r 430 Foch av 
— Michl (Elizth) h 430 Foch av 
— Wm emp Fitch & Sons r 430 Foch av 
Buburuz Gus wtr Seminole Hotel Enterprizes Ltd r 
1519 Aubin rd 

Bucci Rcss cook Mario’s Rest r 276 Pierre av 
Buchan James S emp Hoover Plumbing r 995 
Lawrence rd 

--Jean M elk Win Arena r 445 Crawford av 
— John r 585 Sandwich e 
— Robt R (Margt) h 995 Lawrence rd 
--Wm J (Enid) Jan YM C A Si Y WC Ah 445 
Crawford avenue 

Buchanan Alexander (Agnes) sec-treas Elcombe 
Engineering Ltd h 338 Rankin av 
—Betty A studt r 882 Felix av 
--Dora h C6, 277 Curry av 
--G Alan (Ethel) (Lome Campbell Co) h 2216 
Hall av 

--Geo (Euphemla) tool maker Fords h 1590 Goyeau 
—Harold C (Lillian B) oik Fords h 413 Fairview blvd 

lone emp New York Central Rly h 331 Tuscarora 
—John emp Fords r 733 Pelissier 
June r 331 Tuscarora 
—Louise r 2B, 129 McDougall 
— Percival manufacturing opr John Wyeth & Bro r 
3177 Bliss rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Robt r 1164 Josephine av 
—Russell G (Gaetene) crane firemn Walker Metal 
r 1164 Josephine av 

—Russell N (Ag nes) emp S W & A Rly h 1164 Joseph- 
ine avenue 

—Sami D (Jean) (Blonde Cleaners) h 6, 706 
Marentette av 

--Victor V (Matilda) drvr Teahan Furniture h 882 
Felix av 

Buchar Joseph (Ann) emp Fords h 1511 Bernard rd 
-Steve (Mary) emp Chryslers r 1511 Bernard rd 
Buchel Jos emp Gotfredsons r 1212 Gladstone av 
Bucheski Geo (Domnica) $mp City Engineers Dept h 
1224 Lillian 

--John (Kay) emp Candn Bridge h 1888 Malta rd 
—Leo (Barbara) police constable Police Debt h 6 
883 Erie e 

—Steve emp City Engineers Dept r 1224 Lillian 
Buchholz John (Peggy) swtchmn CPR h 3476 Barrymore 

Buchholzer John (Susie) emp Fords h 843 Marion av 
Buchmsky Helen emp Detroit r 1715 DrouUlard rd 
--Irene studt r 1715 DrouUlard rd 
—Lucy studt r 1715 DrouUlard rd 
— Wm (WasUia) emp Detroit h 1715 DrouUlard rd 
Buchko Andy r 1366 Shej(herd e 

Buchkusky Fred (Pauline) emp Dominion Forge h 1880 
Alexis rd 

Buchnan Donald (Dona) emp Fords h 433 Crawford av 
Buchner Charles O (Bertha) bUl elk NYC Frt Off h 
1048 McEwan av 

—Leighton E (Nancy) firemn Win Fire Dept h 782 
California av 

Bucholtz Rudolph emp C P R r 1370 HaU av 
Buchoski Annie Mrs r 2336 Lillian 
—Mary emp Metropolitan Hospital h 2336 Lillian 
Buchta Wm (Emma) h 2245 Sandwich w 
Buchynsky Alex (Natty) emp Fords h 1085 Hall av 
—Polly elk Bendix-Eclipse r 1085 Hall av 
Buck Delores bench worker Essex Wire Corp r 2432 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Duncan r 4, 863 Marentette av 
—Duncan (Rose h 579 Caron av 
Geo (Ethel) h 1956 Oneida Court 
—Gordon emp Fords r 809 Moy av 
—Gottlieb (Anna) emp New York Central Rly h 959 
Curry avenue 

—Harold E (Margt) personnelmgr Inti Playing Card 
h 2273 DougaU av 
—James emp Fords r 538 Church 
--Jean elk Wm F Westover h 4, 863 Marentette av 


--Margt A tchr Marlborough School r 2273 DougaU av 
--Wm E perm force r 2273 DougaU av 
Buckborough L Treacy studt r 349 Hall av 
--Lawrence E (Mary) emp Chryslers h 349 HaU av 
Bucke Eileen Mrs mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 772 

Buckell Brenda emp Kresge’s r 911 Partington av 
Buckler Alice slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow r 958 
Windsor av 

--Arthur D (Irene) special exciseman Customs & 

Excise res R R # 1 Roseland 
--Betty opr Bell Tel r 726 Eugene (R Park) 

--Geo (Audrey) emp Fords h 958 Windsor av 
—Jack emp Bennett’s Glass r 627 Victoria av 
--Nancy bkpr-typist John E Murphy r 1115 Gladstone 

Buckley Cecil (Agnes) elect Fords h 1217 Hickory rd 
—Eric N (Edna) regional suprvsr Soldier Settlement 
& Veterans Land Act h 639 Bruce av 
--Gerald r 1217 Hickory rd 

—James (Margt) die setter Fords h 674 Eugene (R Park) 
— Wanza emp BeU Tel r 639 Bruce av 
Buckmaster Auriel (Elizth) h (basement) 446 
Wyandotte y 

Buckner Alec M (Gertrude) yard master New York 
Central Rly h 166 Hanna e 
—Douglas studt r 166 Hanna e 
—Robt (Mary) emp Gotfredsons r 1923 Francois rd 
--Robt (Doris) hospital supt Metropolitan General 
Hospital h 2309 Lincoln rd 
Buckwheat Barney cashier Liquor Control Board of 
Ont #33 res Pike Creek 
Bucsu Adam emp Chryslers r 948 Marion av 
—Frank (Anna) emp Teutonia Club h 948 Marion av 
Buczkowski Norman (Freda) emp Fords h 2874 Lloyd 
George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Buda Cyril (Ennie) emp Fords h 1545 Seneca 
—Joseph (Emily) emp Fords h 1150 Albert rd 
Budai Leslie (Theresa) emp City Engineers Dept 
h 1283 Lincoln rd 
Budak Geo studt r 2710 Seminole 
—John emp Fords r 2710 Seminole 
--Steve (Mary) emp Fords h 2710 Seminole 
Budapest Restaurant (Mary Szucs) 1015 Erie e 
Buday Leona emp Lazarcs Furs r 584 DougaU av 
Budd Luther M (Margt) asst mgr Parke Davis h 1203 
Chilver rd 

Machine Tool Co (Fred & Vincent Decker) tool dies, 
jigs & fixtures 825 Tecumseh blvd w 
Budenow Thos grainer Motor Products Corp r 1689 
Hickory rd 

Budget Director & Financial Advisor R J Moore 
financial advisor 2nd fir, City HaU 
--Finance (Mervin Eisen) 524 Goyeau 
Budimir Nick (Larissa) (Sam’s Groceteria Store) 
h 642 Windermere rd 

Budin Josephine (wid Alex) h 1174 Westcott av 
Budlsquljevic Milan r 1030 Albert rd 
Budoloski Walter (Ann) emp Chrysl ers h 
2528 Rossini blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Budrewicz Geo (Stella) carp r 345 Elinor (R’Side) 
Budrikas Povilas emp Walker Metal r 749 Walker rd 
Budwin Peter (Bessie) checker Chryslers h 324 
Matthew Brady blvd (R’Side) 

Budyonow Thos emp Motor Products r 1689 Hickory rd 
Budziaszek Zgenunt cooper H Walker & Sons r 1016 

Budziwojski Stanley (Mary) emp Fords h 3296 
Edison av 

—Stella L floor walker Metro Stores r 3296 Edison av 
Budzynski John (Amelia) emp Fords h 636 Stanley 
(R Park) 

Buel Richd with Metalco Products res Detroit 
Buffett Wm A (Lorna) elect engnr Win Steam Plant 
h 797 Bridge av 

Buffey Victor T (Jean) foremn DeVilbiss Mfg h 
1311 Campbell av 

Buffon Edith assmblr Somerville Ltd r 926 Mercer 
—John emp Fords r 926 Mercer 
—Lena (wid Raymond) h 926 Mercer 
--Victor (Rita) emp Dom Forge r 905 Langlois av 
Bugar Valeri (Florence) emp Detroit h 2174 DougaU av 
Bugara Ella nurse Hotel Dieu r 1043 Langlois av 
Bugert Irene r 554 Langlois av 
Bugg Grace 1227 Wigle av 
Buhagiar John emp Erie Machine Products Ltd 
r 354 Goyeau 

Buhay Sam emp Norton Palmer Hotel r 1006 Langlois 

Buhlman John C (Margt) social worker R C Children’s 
Aid Society r 966 Curry av 
--Leo P (Agnes) barber Prince Edward Hotel h 1350 
Bruce av 




9 ' 

70 - 








--Rita nurse Hotel Dieu r 1350 Bruce av 
Buie Norman A (Marjorie) tchr W D Lowe Vocational 
School h 7, 274 Giles blvd w 
Buist Amelia spotter Rivard Clnrs r 768 Marentette av 
Bujdoso Alex emp Fords r 1125 Hall av 
Bujnak Imrich emp Walker Metal r 1691 Marentette av 
Bukovich Matt emp Fords r 1181 Drouillard rd 
Bula Frank (Joyce) emp Windsor Packers h 403 Haig 

— Frank H pntr & dec h 653 Pitt w 
—Stanley (Mary) emp Essex Packers Ltd h 405 Haig 

Bulat Andrew (Mary) opr Motor Products Corp h 
1556 Langlois av 

—Daniel (Norma)(Bulat’s Market) h 1657 College av 
—Peter (Kathleen) (Bulat’s Market) h 4020 Riverside 
drive (R’Side) 

— Robt (Helen) (Bulat’s Self Serve Market) h 4898 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Bulat’s Market (Danl, Pero & Robt Bulat) gro & meats 
1657 College av 

—Market (Peter Tosic & Zika Tomic) gro 975 
Drouillard rd 

—Men’s Wear (Peter Bulat) 16 23 Drouillard rd 
—Self Serve Market (Robt Bulat) 4898 Tecumseh blvd 

Bulbeck Wm emp John Gilchrist Bakery Ltd r 1050 

Bulger Wm (Doris) emp Detroit r 1067 Highland av 
Buliga Alex emp Chryslers r 444 Caron av 
—Betty bkpr Chryslers r 444 Caron av 
—Geo (Margt) emp Fords h 2148 Marentette av 
--John (Bertha) assembly Burroughs Mach h 961 
Ellrose av 

— Jordachi (Zanfira) stock handler Fords h 444 Caron 

—Margt elk Coutts Drugs Ltd r 2148 Marentette av 
Bulkiewicz Stefan emp Candn Bridge r 1022 Wellington 
Bull Albt (Alice) mech E W Lancaster Co h 396 Cam- 
eron avenue 

—Arthur W (Daisy) tool maker Essex Mach & Tool 
h 7, 1225 Monmouth rd 

—Cecil (Marie) pntr Webster Motors (Windsor) h 
951 McKay av 

—Edgar S (Mary) minister h 1267 Kildare rd 
— Edwd A uphol Bernhardt’s Furniture Ltd r 677 
Gladstone av 

—Elaine elk Pond’s Drug Stores r 887 St Pierre 

—Fred S (Gwen) mach Kelsey Wheel h 1533 Howard av 
—George B (Lilian) teller Bank of Com h 3C, 686 
Argyle rd 

—Ida nurse Victorian Order of Nurses h 6, 629 
Josephine av 

—John emp Chryslers r 1419 Labadie rd 
—Louis (Jean) (Bull Signs) h 1419 Labadie rd 
—Roy A (Eileen J) elect Waffle’s Electric r 2573 
McDougall (Sand W Twp) 

--Sidney G (Edith) adj quarter master Candn Corps 
of Commissionaires Inc h 1649 Howard av 
—Signs (Louis Bull) 1419 Labadie rd - 
—Stuart H (Doris) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 184 Rankin av 
—Sydney r 711 Moy av 

Bullard Albt F acct Marnoch Office Supply Co r 
1175 Windermere rd 

—Barbara bkpr Johnson Turner Elect Co r 1543 Church 
—Clarence (Harriet) emp Fords h 1434 Central av 
David (June) butcher Atchison’s Grocery r 957 
Windsor av 

—Earl (Margt) emp Candn Bridge h 1670 Olive rd 
— Elizth r 1175 Windermere rd 
— Gordon S (Mary) Inspector Fords h 1543 Church 
Harold J (Constance) emp Chryslers h 320 Villalre 
av (R’Side) 

—Norman E (Eva) emp Candn Bridge h 865 Parent av 
— Thos emp Candn Bridge' r 771 Chilver rd 
— Whitney emp Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) 
r 1105 Windermere rd 

Bullas Arthur (Edna) foremn Wonder Baking Co 
h 232 Josephine av 

Bullechuk Nicholas (Cecile) emp Bendix Eclipse 
h 957 Maisonville av 

Bulleir Wm emp Fords h 2548 Tourangeau rd (Sand E 

Bullen Frances Mrs slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow 
r 2341 Howard av 

Glenora M emp Chryslers r 1260 Windermere rd 
--Robt (Edna) emp Fords h 1260 Wlndrmere rd 
Robt J emp Inti Playing Card r 1260 Windermere rd 
Buller Chester D (Catherine) mech Webster Motors 
(Windsor) h 1549 Church 

— Henry (Louise) emp Fords h 312 Jefferson blvd 

— Louise (wid Michael) r 1153 Dougall av 

Alphabetical, White Page 7 1 

Bulley Alex M perm force r 1833 Olive rd 
—Bazil (Rose) elk Chryslers h 1581 College av 
— Chas S (Rose) emp S W & A Rly h 1197 Monmouth rd 
— Danl r 1476 St Luke rd 
— Edwd (Edna) emp Chryslers r 1259. Albert rd 
—Edwd J (Jennie) emp Fords h 1635 St Luke rd 
—Gerald teller Guaranty Trust r 1635 St Luke rd 
—Hector E (Ernestine) emp Chrysleps h 1151 Albert 

—Mary L r 1833 Olive rd 
— Norah r 1581 CoUege av 
—Wilfrid steel wrehsemn Peerless Steel r 231 
Windsor avenue 

Bullinga Herman h 350 Josephine av 
Bulloch Chri stine emp H Walker & Sons r 693 
Lincoln rd 

—Margt (wid Joseph) h 693 Lincoln rd 
Bullock Margt (wid Mason) h 4, 890 Erie e 
— Wm G Jan Genl Motors h 1790 Luke rd 
Bullocke Geo (Mary) emp Fords h 338 Josephine av 
Bulman Earl (Ann) elect Montour Electric Co res 

Bulmer Albt F (Evelyn) genl ins 41, 25 London w h 2307 
Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Business College Wm F Mathoney prin 44 London w 
—Donald drvr Williams Driveaway Ltd r 2454 
St Louis (Sand E Twp) 

—Edwin N (Eva) emp Detroit h 1054 Oak av 
—Elmer H (Beatrice ) inspector Chryslers h 3596 
Bloomfield rd 

—Geo W (Nancy) emp S W & A Rly h 1874 Bernard rd 
—Geo W (Eulak) emp S W & A Rly h 3751 Peter 
—Gilbert (Ruby) emp Fords h 1351 Central av 
— Grenville (Kathleen) emp Chryslers h 567 WellLngton 

—Norman E (Marjorie) drvr Overland Exp r 361 
Bridge av 

— Russell (Ada) emp Fords h 1789 Westcott rd 
Typewriter Co (W J Bulmer) typewriters & office 
supplies 312, 76 London w 
— Vernard (Dorothy) emp Fords h 1308 Central av 
— Wilfred J (Florence) (Bulmer Typewriter Co) 
res Amherstburg 

—Wilfred N (Marjorie) drvr Rose Furniture Co h 
685 Elliott w 

— Wm (Leona) engnr Michigan Central Rly h 2454 
St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

Bumb Danl (Annie) cook New Service Lunch h 548 
Victoria av 

Bump Garnet (Elva) foremn Gotfredsons h 1391 
Francois rd 

—Glen P (Edna) emp Fords h 2, 626 Chilver rd 
Bumpus J Allen (Isabella) pres Candn Collord Products 
Ltd res Birmingham 

Bunce H Robt (Jerrie) emp Genl Foods h 1575 Pierre av 
Bunchuk Joseph emp Motor Products r 865 Erie e 
Buncic Valent (Josephine) with Kelsey Wheel h 1687 
St Luke rd 

Buncick John (Janet) slsmn Singer Sewing Mach h 
1854 St Luke rd 

Bunclark Geo F C (Leah) genl foreman Michigan 
Central Rly h 654 Rankin av 
Bunda Frank (Josie) emp Candn Bridge h 2433 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— James emp Co-Operative Bakery r 1655 Albert rd 
Bundok Kay r 730 Chilver rd 

Bundun Philip (Frances) emp Fords h 1061 Hickory rd 
Bundy Geo W (Mary) immigration inspector h 1128 
Highland av 

Bunker Douglas R drvr Checker Cab r 1572 Janette av 
— Sarah (wid Robt) r 1572 Janette av 
Bun’n Burger (Wm & Muriel Winton) light lunches & 
dairy bar 1201 Monmouth rd 
Bunn May r 511 Devonshire rd 
Bunnell Margt Mrs h 5, 191 A skin av 
Bunney Arthur (Lottie) h 389 Campbell av 
Bunning Claudia tchr J E Benson Schl h 310, 131 
Wyandotte w 

Bunny Wool & Gift Shop (Helen Baillie) 2149 
London w 

Bunt Alex (Donna) emp Dominion Forge & Stamping 
h 1694 Mercer 

--Alfred (Myrtle) emp Universal Button Co h 1379 

— Andrew (Michaelina) emp Chryslers h 1657 West- 
minster av (Sand E Twp) 

—Cecil T (Miriam) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 60 Reedmere 
b lvd (R’Side) 

— Howard O (Pansy) emp Universal Button h 3045 
Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Michael (Laverne) photo Win Star h 1759 Central av 
—Mike (Anna) emp Fords h 1369 Cadillac 
— Oliver W (Irma) foremn Universal Button h 3051 

Walker rd (Sand E Two) 


' I ,nmna 




PHONE 4-3201 



Bunting Norah M emp Bell Tel r 967 Windermere rd 
Norman J elk Bank of Com r 415 Devonshire rd 
—Reginald (Margt) emp Fords h 967 Windermere rd 
Bunyan Robt utility man Motor b>roducts Corp res 

— Thos (Nellie) elk P O h 3893 Glendale av 
—Thos Jr (Lillian) 1 c P O h 332 Esdras pi (R'Side) 
Burak Anna (wid Mark) h 1476 Langlois av 
Bural Michael emp Candn Bridge r 1534 Langlois av 
Buratto Albt (Antoinette) emp Chryslers h 778 
Hildegarde (R Park) 

Burbach Philip (Susanna) emp Fords h 1520 Marentette 

--Philip studt r 1520 Marentette av 
Burbridge Mary studt r 167 Cameron av 
—Norman (Florence) h 167 Cameron av 
— Walter E (Gertrude) caretaker Avalon Apts h 
11, 858 Erie e 

Burchell Chas (Margt) emp H Walker & Sons h 1942 
Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Burchiel Alvin T (Helen) emp S W & A Rly h 3, 629 
Josephine av 

Burd James A (Alice) lab Fords h 1792 Jefferson 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Walter (Rhoda) emp Fords h 1776 Jefferson blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Burdan Karl elk James E Spence & Sons r 2235 Howard 

Burden Chas E (Florence) auto mech Chryslers h 1744 
Windermere rd 

— Herbt- (Ruth) emp Brading's Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 1573 Cadillac 
— HUda F emp Bell Tel r 1744 Windermere rd 
—Stephen H (Edith) h 1709 Gladstone av 
—Wilfred J (Margt) ramp agent TCAh 3515 Turner 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Burdeny Alex (Frances) emp Chryslers h 1523 Olive 

—Peter (Nellie) (Pete’s Dairy Bar) h 4033 Tecumseh 
b lvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Burdect Ernest (Irene) emp Candn Auto Trim h 2584 
Pittett rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Ernest R (Ellen) emp C & O Rly h 2570 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Gordon H (Dorothy) emp Fords h 2566 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Orval (Bernice) (Tru-Tone Studios) h 1183 
McKay av 

—Robt (Marion) h 474 Caroline 
—Thos body repair man Riverside Garage 
res Leamington 

— Wm (Alice) lathe-hand Win Tool & Die h 2416 
Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

Burdette Ernest W emp Fords h 2523 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Ray S (Evelyn) slsmn DeMers Elect h 1923 London w 
—Robt (Shirley) h 3317 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

Robt (Irene) h 2523 Arthur rd (Sand E Two) 

— W R (Anne) emp Chryslers h 208 Westminster blvd 

— Wm (Cecile) emp Zold Roofing Co h 3317 Riverside 
drive (R’Side) 

Burdge Chas H (Bertha M) mach Fords h 2363 Turner 

—Gordon H (Freda) elk Lyons Transportation res 
South Lawn 

Burdick Lome drvr Ambassador Taxi Cab r 1994 

—Vivian Mrs emp Detroit r 534 Lincoln rd 
Burdikoff Geo Rev (Eva) pastor Holy Trinity Russian 
Orthodox Church h 240 Virginia av (R’Side) 
Burdon Arnold J (Grace Marion) police constable 
Police Department h 1144 Hall av 
—Audrey bench worker Essex Wire Corp r 209 
Crawford av 

— Edwd (Elizth) mach Fords h 660 Irvine av 
Gelling L (Valetta) slsmn Downtown Chevrolet 
& Olds mobile Ltd h 2279 Chilver rd 
—Kenneth spotter Vets Dry Cleaners r 660 Irvine av 
—Robt studt r 2279 Chilver rd 

—Wilfred (Eileen) emp S W & A Rly h 2148 Dougall av 
Bureau of Industrial Chemical Research (Frederick 
Shurley) 424 Pitt w 
Bureigh Donna r 230 Strabane av 

Burek Chas tlr f 1440 Langlois av 
— Frank (Antonia) emp Chryslers h 1440 Langlois av 
— John lab r 1691 Marentette av 
— Mary emp Wyeth’s r 1440 Langlois av 
--Paula emp- City Hall r 1440 Langlois av 
Burford Fred W (Alice) emp Fords h 548 Janette av 
— Gilbert studt r 548 Janette av 
--Richard M studt r 548 Janette av 
Burgar Pearl Mrs dept mgr Bartlet Macdonald & Gow 
h 475 Janette av 

Burge Chas studt r 995 Chilver rd 
— Roy L (Madalynne) slsmn Lowe Bros h 995 Chilver 

Burgess Chas (Edith) emp Checker Cab h 1906 
Bernard rd 

— Clara A (wid Richard) h 365 Partington av 
— Clarence r 7, 233 Sandwich e 
• — Clifford (May) 2nd counsellor The Church of Jesus 
Christ h 378 Joffre pi 

— Cyril T (Violet) elect Chryslers h 115 Esdras pi 

—Donald J (Ollie) mach shop foremn H Walker & Sons 
h 2254 Lincoln rd 

— Edwin R G (Hazel A) acct Royal Bank h 472 
Rosedale blvd 

— Jean r 240 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

— Kathleen reg nurse Grace Hospital r 365 Partington 

— Kenneth studt r 365 Partington av 
— Kenneth D (Margt) h 1795 Tourangeau rd 
--Margt r 240 Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

— Martin (Sybil) foremn L A Young Industries h 
520 Cabana rd (Roseland) 

--Mary J r 1, 641 Sandwich e 
—Myrtle h 575 Sandwich e 
—Robt emp Essex Wire Corp r 378 Joffre pi 
—Stanley R (Hazel) elk Bank of Com r 1794 Hall av 
Burgle Joseph (Verna) emp Fords h 1495 Aubin rd 
Burgin Albt A (Ethel) elk Fords h 2, 962 Pelissier 
—Dean (Elizth) slsmn J T Labadie Ltd h 360 
Belle Isle View (R’Side) 

Burgon Fred L (Irene) emp Fords h 2197 Woodlawn av 
—Robt paint man Motor Products Corp r 2197 
Woodlawn av 

— Wm (Shirley) drftsmn DeVilbiss Mfg h 1783 Labadie 

Burgoyne Geo (Edna) drftsmn Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 321 Eastlawn av (R’Side) 

Burigo Albt (Odelia) cutter Textile Specialties h 1679 
Alexis rd 

♦Burk, see also Bourke and Burke 
— Irene h 1211 Chilver rd 

—Manuel (Mary) (Consumers Outfitters) h 1072 Church 
—Mary Mrs office mgr John Smith’s Womens Wear 
r es R R #1 Roseland 
--Warren elect Fords h 1211 Chilver rd 
♦Burke, see also Bourke & Burk 
— Cecilia emp Motor Lamp r 2243 Richmond 
--Elaine J emp Detroit r 1252 Pelissier 
— Elizth nurse C L Fuller res Detroit 
— Ellen (wid John) h 1252 Pelissier 
— Emma Mrs r 406 Partington av 
—Frank (Agatha) trustee United Automobile Workers 
of America (C I O) Local 195 h 1806 Byng rd 
—Frank J (Mary) emp Fords h 2243 Richmond 
— Fredk W (Ruby) emp Fords h 1179 Gladstone av 
—Harry (Charney) pres Westod Ltd h 1433 Victoria av 
--Kate hsekpr r 1705 Highland av 
— Max (Sophie) h 2352 Parkwood av 
—Nathan (Florence) sec-treas Consumer’s Warehouse 
of Win Ltd h 1404 Victoria av 
—Peter A (Marguerite) emp P H McKenty Auto Suppl- 
ies h 16, 1640 Niagara 

— Raymond elk Unemploy Ins Comm r 2243 Richmond 
— Richd M emp Chryslers h 12A, 951 Sandwich w 
—Robt (Laura) brakemn CNR h 1346 Duffer in pi 
—Teresa (wid Arthur) r 11, 416 Lincoln rd 
—Thos C h 1705 Highland av 

— Thos S (Sarah) veterinary surgeon 2205 Dougall av 
h same 

—Warren (Betty) emp Fords h 11, 416 Lincoln rd 

— Wm A pntr r 815 Lawrence rd 

Burkhart Chas E studt r 348 Glidden av (R’Side) 

—Harry emp Burkhart Electric r 1109 Dougall av 





650 Ouellette Ave. 
PHONE 2-0962 


Coote And Dundas 



—Hazel (wid Chas) h 348 Glidden av (R’Side) 

~Wm (Geraldine) cond New York Central Rly h 1109 
Dougall avenue 

—Win W (Flossie) elk Fords h 328 Esdras pi (R'Side) 
Burkholder Anna (wid Wm J) h 311 Chatham w 
Burkinshaw John W (Margt) mach Fords h 7, 951 
Sandwich w 

— Wm (Doris) emp Chryslers h 1438 Bernard rd 
Burko Frank (Ida) timekpr T J Eansor & Sons 
h 929 Josephine av 

Burkoski Norman (Freda) emp Fords h 950 Tecumseh 
blvd east 

Burkowski Alphonse app Border Tool & Die r 
1067 Campbell av 

—Dennis app Border Tool & Die r 1067 Campbell av 
— Edwd J wrehsemn Win Truck & Storage r 1067 
Campbell av 

—Michael (Mary) emp Rowson’s h 1067 Campbell av 
Burlak Frank (Mary) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 
1588 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

--John emp Fords r 1588 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
Burleigh Harry (Gladys) carp h 1, 775 Sandwich e 
—James drvr Sandwich West Taxi 
—Mary assembler Somerville Ltd r 386 Bruce av 
— Reg’d (Hazel) drvr Checker Cab r 386 Bruce av 
— Wm G (Audrey) carp CNR h 931 Sandwich e 
Burley Earle crane opr Walker Metal h 248 Curry av 
--Edward (Ellen) emp Fords h 2390 Louis av 
— Elwell (Doris) emp Detroit h 886 Lawrence rd 
Burling Aibt emp Downie Bros res Essex 
--Elsie Mrs emp Parke Davis r 1923 Wyandotte 

—Ethel emp Backstay Standard r 1882 Aubin rd 
—Kenneth br mgr Webster Motors (Windsor) h 1369 
Gladstone av 

—Raymond emp Webster Motors (Windsor) r 
1369 Gladstone av 

Robt jr (Jean) slsmn Thomson Produce res Essex 
Burman Alice (wid Wm G) r 1003 McKay av 
—David L (Jeanine) h 589 Giles blvd w 
—Marguerite nurse Hotel Dieu r 1560 York 
— Wm C (Lucy) emp New York Central Rly h 1003 
McKay av 

Burn Geo emp Fords h 1683 Hall av 
—Robt emp Fords h 1788 Westcott rd 
Bumard Alice r 1159 Louis av 
Burnel Wm r 997 Parent av 

Burnell Dolores stenog H Walker & Sons r 1547 Moy 

Reginald C N (Edith) emp & claims off Unemploy 
Ins Comm h 1547 Moy av 
—Reginald E (Margt) (Brown, Nisbet & Burnell) 
h 24, 1250 Ouellette av 
‘Burnet, see also Burnett 

--John G (Agnes) office mgr Windsor Furnace Co 
h 1859 Arthur rd 

— W Nichol (Julia) (Windsor Furnace Co) h 1076 
Bruce av 

‘Burnett, see also Burnet 
—Clifford R (Donna M) lineman Win Fire Dept 
r 335 Elm av 

— Corinne (wid Geo) r 447 Vera pi 
—Dennis mach opr L A Young Industries r 890 
Windsor av 

—Harry (Florence) emp Detroit h 8, 36 Hanna w 
—Jessie stenog Candn Natl Rly r 258 Elm av 
—John header dip McCord Corp r 890 Windsor av 
Mark (Arlene) drvr The Good Housekeeping Shop of 
Canada Ltd r 886 Gladstone av 
—Paul B (MacPhee, McWilliams & Burnett) r 1143 
Argyle rd 

—Percy emp Chryslers r 1482 Aubin rd 
—Stephen B (Maude) 1 c P O h 676 Rankin av 
urnette Gordon (Eleanor) emp Prince Edward Hotel 
h 3721 Vaughan 

—Helen studt r 890 Windsor av 

— Herbt emp Thibodeau Express r 1090 Mercer 
--John r 890 Windsor av 
—Marcus (Alice) h 890 Windsor av 
Burney Clara Mrs h 1175 Albert rd 
—Nelson G (Helen) emp S W & A Rly h 1716 Bernard rd 
—Russell (Velma) staty engnr Kelsy Wheel h 1175 
Albert rd 


Burnham Geo (Therese) emp Gotfredsons h 787 
Chatham e 

—Geo (Emily) millwright Genl Motors h 345 
Campbell av 

—Iris nurse Victorian Order of Nurses r 2920 
Langlois (R Park) 

— James (Violet) bench worker L A Young Industries 
h 705 Vimy rd 

--Wm (Alice) h 1097 Elsmere av 
Burnie Chas H (Virginia) sec-treas business agt Hotel 
& Rest Employees’ Union Local 743 h 432 Caron 

—Douglas (Shirley) emp Fords h 1583 Labadie rd 
—Forrest (Frances) tapman Monarch House h 483 
Curry av 

—Frederick W sis dept Essex Wire Corp r 2212 
Chilver rd 

--James r 67 Thompson blvd (R’Side) 

— Lottie L (wid Chas) r 432 Caron av 
—Norman S (Lee) collector City Treas h 3076 Walker 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

— W Rae (Laura) vice-pres & gertl mgr Essex Wire 
Corp Ltd h 2212 Chilver rd 
Burningham Ethel h 872 Pillette rd 
—Ronald (Jean) route slsmn Imp Oil h 152 Albert 

Burns Catherine r 869 Wellington av 
—Chas P (Theresa) h 77 Watson av (R’Side) 

—Chas R customs off Dept Natl Rev h 3427 Peter 
—Christine (wid Sami) r 854 Hall av 
—Denton O (Belle) emp Detroit h 869 Bruce av 
—Dorothy (wid Frank W) h 1153 Dougall av 
— Edith r 3834 Connaught rd 
--Edith r 2904 Sandwich w 

— Edmind E tchr Assumption Coll r 398 Huron Line 
—Edwd (Susan) emp Chryslers h 1, 978 Parent av 
—Eleanor M stenog Hebert B Smith r 655 Alexandrine 
(R Park) 

—Ernest malnt dept Grace Hospital r 311 Windsor av 
—Florence Mrs (Gay-Paree Beauty Salon) r 377 
Partington av 

--Francis emp Fords r 809 Sunset av 
—Frank L (Ruth) emp Natl Grocers h 344 Oak av 
—Frederick D (Frances) foremn Bendix-Eclipse 
h 1, 905 Wellington av 

—Geo A (Elizth) slsmn Candn Durex h 2212 Moy av 
—Gladys (wid Wm) h 1252 Wigle av 
—Grant L barber h 65 Shepherd e 
—Harold F (Enid) stock elk Trailmobile h B8, 815 
London w 

—Harold P (Maxine) emp Candn Bridge h 655 Alexand- 
r Ine (R Park) 

—Harold R (Florence) bench mech Northern Crane & 
Hoist Works r 881 Lawrence rd 
—Harry (Etta) mech Kelsey Wheel h 125 Shepherd e 
—Iris E sis John F Burns r 4224 Riverside dr (R’Side) 
--Ivan (Margt) emp Fords h 809 Sunset av 
—Ivan emp LaFontaine Furs r 859 Goyeau 
—Jack (Margt) r 286 Lincoln rd 
—James (Grace) butcher Bulat’s Markets r 865 
Gladstone av 

— Jas emp Fords r 519 Oak av 

— Jas W (Antoinette) welder Chryslers h 2432 George 
a v (Sand E Twp) 

—John (Florence) emp Truscon Steel r 2, 405 
Caron avenue 

—John (Helen) route foremn DeLisle Ice & Coal Co 
h 765 Josephine av 

—John (Edith) wtchmn Motor Products Corp h 3834 
Connaught rd 

— John C (Geraldine) Derbyshire’s Esso Serv Stn 
h 1556 Janette av 

—John F (Frances) dry goods & shoes 4767-69 Wyan- 
dotte e h 4224 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

—John J (Florence) insp spec Investigation br Police 
Dept h 1529 Goyeau 
—John W (Lillian) r 3427 Peter 
—Kenneth emp Fords r 1069 Highland av 
--Lillian r 386 Bruce av 
— Louis (Cecelia) emp Fords h 1158 McKay av 
—Margt Mrs beauty opr The Vanity Beauty Salon h 
6, 1293 Parent av 

— Martin L (Christina) h 519 Oak av 
— Mary h 651 Pelissier 

Alphabetical, White Page 




--Mary emp Detroit h 867 Windermere rd 
--Michael J (Annie) h 6, 125 McKay av 
—Mildred Mrs r 1136 Windermere rd 

BURNS MINNIE, General Insurance and Ocean Tickets 
(Formerly with Late A G Baker), 188 Pitt West 
Phone 3-5515, Res 475 Janette Ave, Phone 3-6470 

—Nellie h 651 Pelissier „ _ , , 

— Richd G (Ella) drvr Yellow Cab h 1509 Dufferin pi 
— Robt emp Truscon Steel r 239-241 Sandwich e 
— Robt (Loma) servicemn Hamilton Refrigeration 
Sales Si Service h 14, 815 London w 
—Roy R emp H Walker & Sons h 854 HaH av 
—Stanley emp Chryslers r 3834 Connaught rd 
--Stanley C (Bernice) equip maintainer C N Tel h 
342 McEwan av 

— Thos r 867 Windermere rd . 

-Thos (Olive) carman NYC Rly h 3183 Tecumseh blvd 
w (Sand W Twp) 

-Thos (Mary) emp Fords h 1562 Rossini blvd 
--Thos P emp Chryslers r 1562 Rossini blvd 
—Violet (wid Harvey) h 2, 736 London e 

BURNS W i CO LIMITED, W G Wells President, 

Bertha E Wells Secretary-Treasurer, General 
Insurance, Real Estate, 501 Bartlet Building, 

76 London West, Phone 3-6541 (See card Insur- 
ance Agents) 

Wallace (Mary) linoleum layer C H Smiths h 2556 

Turner rd 

—Walter R (Florence) drvr Peerless Countryside 
Dairies h 377 Partington av 
— Wm (Charlotte) h 1656 Central av 
— Wm emp Walker Metal r 263 Tuscarora 
--Wm J (Selfast Dry Goods) h Victoria blvd (South 

— Wm R drvr Yellow Cab r 65 Shepherd e 
— & Co (Eastern) Ltd Fredk J Kilpatrick mgr packers 
1518 Mercer 

Burnside Apts 1573 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Block 1569-1577 Tecumseh blvd e 
—Gordon (Doris) mach Genl Motors h 1335 Marentette 

—Hardware Ltd J D Patterson mgr hardware, paints 
& oils 1577 Tecumseh blvd e 
--Wet Wash Laundry (Robt Slutzky) 1148 Chatham e 
Burnstine Marion E bkpr Meretsky, Burnstine & 

Meretsky r 2385 Sandwich w 
—Michael vice-pres Meretsky, Burnstine & Meretsky 
2385 Sandwich w 

— Milton sec-treas Romeo Mach Shop 2385 
Sandwich w 

Burprich John (Eva) emp Chryslers h 589 Crawford av 
Burque Thos emp Chryslers r 1379 Cadillac 
Burr Fred A (Dorothy) tchr Walk Coll Inst h 1867 
Chilver rd 

— Gwen emp Chryslers r 317 Goyeau 

John H (Ina) pattern mkr Fords h 2144 Lincoln rd 

—Ronald F (Theresa) slsmn Can Bread h 207 Langlois 

Burrell Donald (Jacqueline) emp Hayes Plumbing h 
8, 978 Parent av 

— Edwd (Muriel) emp Consolidated Transport h 1334 
Marentette av 

—Fred (Mildred) (B & B Tool Co) h 332 Grove 
—Fredk (Justina) emp Fords h 561 Ellis av e 
—Geo E (Muriel) dockmn Consolidated Truck Lines 
r 1117 Wellington av 

—Jack emp B & B Tool Co r 561 Ellis av e 
— Kenneth emp B & B Tool Shop r 561 Ellis av e 
—Robt G (Freida) emp Chryslers h 1364 Pelissier 
--Wallace stkpr Fords r 561 Ellis av e 

Wilfred (Mary) emp Fords h 1337 Partington av 

Burridge Chas R mgr McBride Mfg Co h 848 Hall av 
—Thos H (Margt) emp Candn Bridge res Randolph av 
(South Windsor) 

Burroughs Adding Machine of Can Ltd J Alex Whitelaw 
br mgr adding machines, sales & service 
916-918 Wyandotte e 

—Alvin (Anna) toolmkr Candn Sirocco Co h 161 
Clover (R’Side) 

—Machines Ltd John A McAlister plant mgr Frank J 
Gill asst plant mgr 804 McDougall 
—Sarah r 940 Pelissier 

Burrows Arthur (Jessie) mgr Monroe Calculating 
Machine Co h 4851 Seminole av 
—Barbara emp Fords r 2276 Parkwood av 
—Fredk emp Fords h 1979 Ferndale av (Sand E Twp) 
-Geo A (Minnie) emp S W & A Rly h 484 Rankin blvd 
—Geo N (Millie) mgr Dom Press h 510 Oak av 
—Gerald S (Jean) emp Thibodeau Express h 1222 

Janette av 

—Harry (Jane) emp Fords h 56 Belleperche av 

—John (Etta) wrehsemn Lanspeary’s Ltd h 554 
Dougall av 

—John B (Ivy) emp Fords h 2276 Parkwood av 
—John T (Helen) emp Chryslers h 1738 Hall av 
—Oliver (May) h 1979 Ferndale av (Sand E Twp) 

Peter G (Joan) emp Fords h 21, 249 Pillette rd 

—Stanley r 484 Rankin av 

--Wm emp Coronet Television r 1408 Albert rd 
— Wm C (Martha) acct h 1273 Pelissier 
Burstyn Earl (Gertrude) h 864 Dougall av 
— Sami (Frances) h 515 Moy av 
Burt Barbara studt r 3811 Glendale av 
--Edwd E emp Chryslers h 1428 Westcott rd 
—Geo regional dir United Automobile Workers of 

America CIO Regional Office h 848 Dawson rd 
—Harry (Hilda) slsmn Can Health & Accident Assce 
Corp h 1036 Gladstone av 
—Hazel stenog United Automobile Workers (C I O) 

Local 200 r 848 Dawson rd 
—Ida Mrs h 2502 Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

— Jas A studt r 1515 Bruce av 
— Jas L (May) probation officer Juvenile Court h 
1515 Bruce av 

—Katharine r 250 Cameron av 
—Robt W elk H Walker & Sons r 1515 Bruce av 
— Wm (Betty) emp Fords h 3811 Glendale av 
Burthwick Frank H (Carrie) h 372 Indian rd 
Burtniek Orest r 886 South Pacific av (R Park) 

Burton Albt (Lilly) marine engnr CNR h 1246 
Dougall av 

— Corinne suprvsr Bell Tel r 423 Sandwich e 
—Edith (wid Roland T) r 1627 Moy av 
--Fanny (wid Geo) h 1321 Dougall av 
—Fred (Edith) emp Chryslers h 2140 Church 
—Fredk (Pearl) tnsmth Mordernaire Ltd h 1660 
Wyandotte e 

— Geo emp Chryslers r 1321 Dougall av 
—Gerald (Helene) emp Genl Motors h 1160 Marion av 
—Gladys F emp Bell Tel h 1654 Goyeau 
— Harold emp Leonard Sign Co res R R #1 

—Irene r 1476 Moy av 
--Jas emp Fords r 1321 Dougall av 
—Jas emp Seary’s Flowers Ltd r 423 Sandwich e 
—Jas S (Ada M) foreman Candn Steel h 3048 
Sandwich w 

—John D studt r 1043 Sandwich e 
—Joseph r 284 Chatham w 
--Joseph S emp Candn Steel h 3525 King 
—Margt W bkpr Geo H Wilkinson Ltd r 3525 King 
—Marjorie assmblr Win Steel Products r 3676 
Matchette rd 

Orland (Cora) yd foremn CNR h 423 Sandwich e 

— Regd W (Margt) emp Parke Davis h 245 Grove av 
—Richd (Rosemary) slsmn Essex Welders Supply 
h 264 Pierre av 
—Robt studt r 1043 Sandwich e 
--The Tailor Arthur J Boynton mgr 89 Sandwich w 
—Thos r 1404 Howard av 

Thos (Laura) slsmn Firth Agencies h 1476 Moy av 

—Truman T (Ruby) customs officer Natl Rev h 1043 
Sandwich e 

— Wm h 8-5, 265-271 Chatham e 
--Wm F pres Detroit and Windsor Subway Co, Candn 
Representatives res Detroit 
— Wm L (Barbara) slsmn Silverwood’s r 3497 Turner 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Burwell Melville drvr Ambassador Taxi Cab r 349 
Chatham e 

Burwick Doreen wtrs h 6, 517 Victoria av 
Bury Andrew (Helena) h 1431 Gladstone av 
—John H (Katherine) engnr Prince Edward Schl h 
1493 Crawford av 

--Joseph Jr emp Cunningham Sheet Metal r 405 Aylmer 

—Joseph (Evelyn) emp City Engineers Dept h 40b 
Aylmer av 

—Margt (Three Star Coffee Shop) r 1431 Gladstone 
avenue , 

— Mervin Rev (Ada) rector Lincoln Rd United Church 
h 957 Windermere rd 

—Peter emp Bendix-Eclipse r 1431 Gladstone av 
—Steve (Jean) emp Fords h 1431 Gladstone av 
Bus Barn Shoe Repair (Wm Geml) 1125 London w 
Busato Richd (Viola) (Dominion Auto Electric 
Service) h 1791 Benjamin av 
Busburger Lunch (Fredk S Smith) 1620 Durham pi 
Busby Chas (Lily) emp Unemployment Ins Commn 
h 102, 619 Pelissier 

—Edwd K trk drvr H Walker & Sons r 906 Lincoln rd 
Edwd L (Zoe) motorman C N Exp h 906 Lincoln rd 

- 74 - 



--Joan E elk L A Young Industries r 906 Lincoln rd 
— Lily Mrs indrs Grace Hosp r 429 Wyandotte w 
--Robson J emp Maurice Cartage r 906 Lincoln rd 
Buscu Frank mgr Teutonic Club 

Busfield Arthur (Lillian) construction wkr h 3567 Peter 
Bush Blanche r 432 Mercer 

— Donald (Jean) emp Chryslers h 2888 Howard av 
(R Park) 

— Fred (Amy) r 815 Lincoln rd 

--Norman (Marjorie) techn Frawley Electrical 

Appliances Ltd h 407 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 

— Sammy mech Don Curtis Automotive r 1026 
Monmouth rd 

.--Wilfred (Madeline) insp Genl Motors h 209 St 
Mary’s blvd (R’Side) 

— Wm (Marie) emp Parks Dept h 1267 Goyeau 
— Wm M (Maude) emp Fords h 1108 Windsor av 
Bushell Constance emp Fords r 818 Chilver rd 
Busher G Clayton (Hazel) mech Abbey Gray h 595 

--Horace J (Elsie) wtr Monarch House h 763 Monmouth 

Busich Elena Mrs power gewing mach opr Textile 
Specialties r 915 Albert rd 
Business Systems Ltd Fred S Gibson dist rep 209, 

29 Park w 

Bus insky Mildred studt r 1873 Cadillac 
— Wencel (Milada) emp Chryslers h 1873 Cadillac 
Buss Peter F (Winnifred) emp Windsor Plumbing Co 
h 1435 Aubin rd 

Bussey Henry (Martha) emp Fords h 1281 Crawford 

— Herbt (Jean) emp Fords h 1722 Benjamin av 
--Lawton emp Fords r 1281 Crawford av 
Butcher Agnes (Windsor Arena Concession Co) r 24 
Jefferson blvd (R’SideJ 
— Archd (Lucy) h 2456 Windermere rd 
--Audrey Mrs slsldy Reitman (Ont) Ltd r 538 
Wellington av 

--Donald (Amy) emp Detroit h 336 Victoria av 
--Edgar (Mary) (Butcher’s Confectionery) h 5, 1292 
Parent av 

—Engineering Enterprises Ltd L A Butcher pres 

Fred Butcher vice -pres Wm Butcher sec treas 
& mgr packaging & rustproofing 2nd fir, 258 
Chilver rd 

—Fred vice-pres Butcher Engineering Enterprises 
Ltd res Detroit 

—Jessie Mrs h 538 Wellington av 
—John (Emma) emp Fords h 1056 Elm av 
—Joyce studt r 40 Jefferson blvd (R Side) 

--Leslie A (Agnes) pres Butcher Engineering Enter- 
prises Ltd h 24 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 

—Mary (wid Alex) r 602 Bruce av 
— Norah Mrs h 4, 357 Wyandotte w 
— Richd (Betty) drvr Thomson Produce r Arthur av 

—Sydney (Elizth) (Triangle Construction) h 550 
Devonshire rd 

— Thos elk Inti Custom Brokers Ltd r 1056 Elm av 
— Thos S (Ella) prod mgr Truscon Steel h 2320 
London w 

--Virginia emp Assumption College r 981 Lillian 
— Wm (Grace) sec-treas Butcher Engineering Enter- 
prises Ltd h 40 Jefferson blvd (R'Side) 

Butcher's Confectionery (Edgar Butcher) 2874 

Butcherd Henry decorator Nicholls & Nicholls h 272 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

--Thos decorator r 172 Foijd blvd (R’Side) 

Butkowski Machael emp Candn Steel Corp Ltd r 
538 Brock 

Butler Archd (Florence) lab Fords h 4 12 Glidden av 

— Arthur (Alice) assembler McCord Corp r 29 
MacDonald (Kingsville) 

— Arthur E (Florence) h 97 1 McKay av 
— Arthur J emp & claims officer Unemploy Ins 
Comm h 264 St Mary’s blvd (R’Side) 

—Bella r 1518 York 

— Chas (Helen) emp MCR h 1271 McKay av 
— Chas D (Kathryn) (River View Boat Harbour) h 
3296 Russell 

— Delmus (Phoebe) emp Detroit h 139 Erie e 
— Elmer (Genevieve) emp S W & A Rly h 527 Elm av 
— Geo r 333 St Louis av (R’Side) 

—Gertrude A nurse h 1, 638 Glengarry av 
—Jack (Margt) with Maris Automobile Transport h 785 
California av 

— Jas C mgr Household Finance (457 Ouellette av) h 
Howard av (Roseland) 

— Jean L opr Bell Tel r 2, 537 Pelissier 

—Jerry drvr Baby Diaper Laundry r 1217 Hickory rd 

— John M office mgr T W Savill Refrigeration Sales 
& Service r 264 St Mary’s blvd (R’Side) 

--L Alberta Mrs h 1234 Curry av 
—Leslie G (Myrtle) marine engnr Wabash Rly h 696 
Sunset av 

— Loretta (wid Chas H) h 866 Lincoln rd 
— M G & Co Ltd M G Butler genl mgr & pres J B 
Veitch asst mgr & treas mill supplies 1220 
London w 

— Martin slsmn Coward Clothes Ltd h 275 Crawford 

— Michael G (Gladys) pres & genl mgr M G Butler & 
Company Ltd h 907 Chilver rd 
— Norbert M bkpr Harrison Nursery Co r 1159 

— Norman (Margt) lcPOh 1911 Iroquois 
— Norman S (Edith) cusoms & excise officer Natl 
Rev h 520 Rankin av 

—Peter (Rachel) emp Fords h 333 St Louis av (R’Side) 
— Phoebe wtrs Stan's Snappy Snacks r 139 Erie e 
— Ray E elk Parke Davis r 511 Rankin av 
— Richd r 1569 Westcott rd 
— Robt (Fay) emp Fords h 1328 Marentette av 
— Robt W (Edna C) customs officer Natl Rev h 511 
Rankin av 

— T Earl (Thora) emp Chryslers h 2, 537 Pelissier 
— Thos (Doris) elk Fords h 1183 Oak av 
—Thos (Mary) insp h 1234 Bruce av 
— Wm (Winnifred) h 1421 Curry av (Sand W Twp) 

— Wm (Verna) ydmn Cross Supplies & Paving h 
1054 Mercer 

Butnari Cos tan (Cassandra) emp Fords h 1277 
Aubin rd 

— Eli wtchmn Hartwell Bros r 1641 Hickory rd 
--Leo (Pamela) emp Genl Motors h 1332 Dufferin pi 
— Mary elk Wartime Prices Board r 1277 Aubin rd 
Butt Elmer G (Margt) radiologist 705, 1011 Ouellette 
av r 2550 Gladstone av 

—Ernest C (Frances) emp Detroit h 1441 Bernard rd 
—Gordon W Rev (Nellie) pastor Giles Blvd United 
Church h 763 Giles blvd e 

—Julius (Lidia>„mldr Auto Specialties h 1703 Elsmere 

--Mabel (wid Wm) h 1578 Dougall av 
—Norman N (Lillian) h 816 Howard av 
— Stephen W h 816 Howard av 
Butterfield Convalescent Home (Luella Butterfield) 

1750 Union 

—Frank (Gladys) emp Romeo Machine Shop r 1664 
Highland av 

--Robt (Jean) emp NYC Rly r 1024 Church 
—Robt C (Luella) foremn Walker Metal h 1752 Union 
— Wm (Charlotte) h 4, 773 Pelissier 
— Wm J (Kathleen) emp S W & A Rly h 767 Randolph 

Butterley Annie (wid Arthur) h 677 Gladstone av 
—Marjorie E tchr Western Pub Schl r 677 Gladstone av 
Butte rworth Isabel S h 595 Victoria av 
Buttery Fred B (Elsie) emp Fords h 1023 Hall av 
— Jack r 1, 686 Giles blvd e 

— Philip G (Vivian) tree topper Parks Dept h 2239 
Parkwood av 

— Wm (Minnie) h 1, 686 Giles blvd e 
Buttl Julie bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 2498 
George av 

Button Jack h 790^ Langlois av 

Buttone Benardi emp Can Steel r 776 Brant 

— Carlo r 776 Brant 

Buttrey Gloria Mrs maid Norton Palmer Hotel r 433 

Butts Beatrice h 985 Albert rd 
— Marjorie A nurse r 985 Albert rd 
Butzer Gordon (Olive) emp General Foods h 1194 
Partington av 

—Gordon D (Annie) (Reliable Electrical Appliance. 

& Repair) h 3181 Sandwich w 
— Harry G (Melba) glazier Hobbs Glass h 256 Crawford 

Buy-Rite Furniture Co (Mrs D Oventhal) 1022-1030 
Wyandotte e 

Buzak Albt (Margie) h e s Taylor av (Sand W Twp) 

— Alex S (Bertha) emp Fords h e s Taylor av (Sand W 

—Alice H emp Champion Spark Plugs res Taylor av 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Ernest (Betty) wtch repr John Webb Ltd h 3248 
Sandwich w 

Buzar Geo emp Fords r 1024 Marion av 
— Olgar Mrs elk typist Sterling Drug r 360 Belle 
Isle View blvd 

Buzaa Ann wtrs Ottawa Cafe r 1385 Hall av 
Buzes Anton (Ann) emp Fords h 1021 Cadillac 
Buzogany Alex (Annie) emp Milan's Auto Serv h 
1669 Marentette av 

Alphabetical, White Page 75 

8 M 

-a 5 *« 

« 0 ft - S 
a £* 
u & 




If 5 ! 

u w A 



> <« I 
ps a 85 

W _J *« 
tn W » 

P* . 
H £ 
W C <fc 

. * E-* 

3 ^ s 

^ t“^ . 

£ ^ Q 
W & fe, 
Q £ c 

S CL faj 

o to 

VO **!■ 





— Sandor emp Milan's Auto Service r 1669 Marentette 

Buzzeo Michele r 1077 Erie e 
Bwmbu Costa (Maria) h 445 Elliott w 
Byatt John S (Betty J) payroll suprvsr Long Mfg r 
2230 Lincoln rd 

—Rachael (wid John) h 2230 Lincoln rd 
Bychkowski Ksenia clnr Tivoli Theatre r 1357 
George av 

Byckwski Wm (Sadie) emp Fords h 1357 George av 
Bycraft Ethel M acct Consumers Wall Paper h 35, 

405 Pelissier 

Byczek Joseph emp CNR r 709 Hildegarde (R Park) 
Byer Gerry (Man-Dees Products) r 1343 Moy av 
— Louis (Fannie) (Man-Dee’s Products) h 1343 Moy av 
Byerley Robt W (Flavie) toolmkr Kelsey Wheel h 207 
Edward av (R Side) 

Byers Anna M r 687 Pierre av 
— John A (Olive) (East Windsor Auto Parts) h 2350 
Byng rd 

Bygrove Carson (Muriel) emp Northern Electric h 
1683 Randolph av (Sand W Twp) 

—Robt M (Wm T (Bill) Bygrove & Son) r 3585 
Virginia crt 

— Wm T (Ruby A) (Wm T (Bill) Bygrove & Son) h 3585 
Virginia crt 

— Wm T (Bill) & Son (Wm T & Robt M Bygrove) oil 
burner sales & service 3008 Tecumseh blvd e 
Byles Albt (Elsie) yd foremn Win Lumber h 527 
Gladstone av 

Byng Geo studt r 1057 Lincoln rd 
--Wm B (Clara A) carp h 1057 Lincoln rd 
— Wm T studt r 1057 Lincoln rd 
Byrd Alfred (Vera) emp Detroit h 1010 Curry av 
Byrne Bernard (Ruth) emp Fords h 1871 George av 
—Betty (wid John) h 686 Lincoln rd 
— Chas C h 1162 Hall av 
— C let us (Frances) emp Fords h 718 Irvine av 
— Danl (Grace) counter elk Brewers’ Wrhse h 426 

--Dave emp Chryslers r 206 Sandwich w 
--David J iron pourer Walker Metal res R R #2 Belle 

--Donald (Vanda) h 904 Elsmere av 
—Edwd (Helen) slsmn Purity Dairies h 1863 Aubin rd 
--Harold (Jean) emp Fords h 2255 Highland av 
--Harry G (Mary L) asst vendor Liquor Control #32 
h 797 Pierre av 

—Harvey H (Joyce) service station 1875 Wyandotte w 
h 686 California av 
--Ida (wid John E) h 1288 Chilver rd 
— Ileen (wid Henry) h 652 Langlois av 
— J Emmett (Mary) capt (insp) Win Fire Dept h 2207 

— John (Alva) mgr J MacD Thomson & Co h 523 
.Edinborough (R Park) 

--Lawrence r 1162 Hall av 

--Lawrence stn attdt Harvey H Byrne Shell Service r 
652 Langlois av 

— Margt nurse Hotel Dieu r 1162 Hall av 
--Orville invisible weaver Crystal Cleaners r 249 
Josephine av 

--Ruth emp Detroit r 511 Pelissier 
--Sidney (Edith) h 458 Glengarry av 
--Stanley J (Lillian) staff mgr Prudential Ins h 2125 
Lincoln rd 

—Theresa r 1162 Hall av 

— Thos opr Motor Products Corp res R R #2 Belle 

— Walter emp Chryslers r 1162 Hall av 
— Wm emp CNR r 473 Erie e 

— Wm (Kathleen) emp Motor City Polishers r 1334 
Lincoln rd 

— Wm D dairymn Borden Cor 426 Chippewa 
— Wm E elk Fords r 1186 California av 
— Winnifred tchr St Jules Schl res Woods lee 

Byrnes Carl W (Alice) suprvsr Soble Tea & Coffee 
h 1854 Cadillac 

— Harold (Ruth) (City Dry Cleaners) h 2030 Vimy av 
— Lawrence J prsr Vets Dry Cleaner r 605 Tournier 
—Ronald B (Alva) drvr Wonder Bakeries Ltd h 571 

—Ruth M Mrs elk Pond’s Drug Stores h 584 Dougall 
Byron Chris tnsmth Fords h 7, 117 Ferry 
--Francis M slsldy N Tepperman Ltd h 214, 274 
Giles blvd w 

—Joseph L emp Detroit r 1110 Hall av 
—Kathleen nurse Detroit r 1110 Hall av 
— Lawrence L (Mary) emp Donald Fielding & Co h 
1110 Hall av 

—Paul (Simmons & Byron) r 926 Dougall av 
—Roy spot wldr Chryslers r 7, 117 Ferry 

Bystryk Joseph E (Margt) stk elk J T Wing & Co h 
472 Logan av 

Byzick Pearl opr Motor Products Corp r 358 Lincoln 

Bzdziuch Stanley (Catherine) emp Kelsey Wheel h / 
2276 Chari (Sand W Twp) 

Bziuk Nickolas emp East Win Hosp r 1317 Benjamin 

C K L W (Western Ont Broadcasting Co Ltd) 9th & f 
10th firs, 176 London w 

Caba Jesse J (Elsie) officer Customs h Excise h 2512 
Howard av (R Park) 

— Joseph S (Irene) tool & die mkr h 1946 Aubin rd 
— Magdeline h 1375 Langlois av * 

Cabadian Victor (Constance) emp Fords h 1089 r 
Windsor av f 

Caban Mike emp Chryslers r 1232 Albert rd 
Cabana Arthur A (Marie L) emp Fords h 1289 Curry 

— Joseph emp Fords r 1097 Albert rd 
Cabanaw Robt drvr Empire-Hanna Coal res R R #1 f* 
River Canard 

Cable Winford (Mabel) h 110, 430 Giles blvd w 
Caboto Club Angelo Zamparo pres M Bernachi 
vice-pres G DePaoli sec G Pillonet treas 
2175 Parent av 

Cachois Norman packing rm hlpr Hartwell Bros res 

R R #1 Tecumseh f 

Cada Clarence (Helen) maint Duplate res St Clair 

Beach i 

— Denis F header assy Long Mfg res R R #1 

— Gladys photo asst Win Star r 826 Rossini blvd ^ - 
--Hector J (Marguerite) county treas Essex County h ? C 
3136 Wyandotte w C 

--Leo J (Mary G) engnr Chryslers h 880 Mill 
—Minnie (wid Henry) r 877 Bruce av 
--Patrick L (Eva) elk Fords h 826 Rossini blvd 
Cadarean Joseph (Mileana) mach opr Genl Motors h 
1231 Hickory rd 

Cadarette Adelaide r 620 Edinborough (R Park) . 

— Fred J (Rita) asst foremn Candn Motor Lamp h 231 c. 
Chandler rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Herbt E (Philomen) emp Fords h 3415 Sandwich w 
— Herbt F emp Natl Groe r 3415 Sandwich w i - 

—Wallace (May) auto mech h 148 Lauzon rd (R'Side) £ 
—Wallace (Rose M) (Cadarette’s' Garage) r 148 Lauz' 

rd (R’Side) C 

Cadarette’s Garage (Wallace Cadarette) 148 Lauzon 

rd (R’Side) C; 

Cadarian Peter (Julia) emp Chryslers h 753 Chatham 

--Sami emp Chryslers r 753 Chatham e f ** 

--Tony (Connie) emp Fords h 178 Glengarry av 
Caddick Albt J (Violet) emp Chryslers h 414 Bruce a 
Cade Edwd G (Grace) emp S W & A Rly h 20 Belle- 
perche av (R’Side) 

— Robt F elk Toledo Scale res R R #1 Essex 1 

Cadeau Grace r 359 Janette av 
Cadieux Archille (Pauline) lathe wkr Colonial Tool 
h 2267 Meighen rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Gervais emp Chryslers r 731 California av 1 
— Leonce E (Florence) customs officer Natl Rev h 
1727 Pillette rd 

--Napoleon lathe wkr Colonial Tool r 2267 Meighen V 
rd (Sand E Twp) * 

— Raymond emp Fords r 669 California av 
— Rosalie Mrs slsldy C H Smith Cor 1055 Moy av 
Cadman Donald tool improver Essex Mach & Tool r * 
248 Cadillac ( 

Cadotte Arsenia r 679 Pelissier > ■ 

— Fred (Germaine) contr h 1063 Parent av 
— Luella A emp H Walker & Sons r 1003 Tuscarora ' 
— Theresa nurses aid Hotel Dieu r 679 Pelissier 
Cadwallader Eva C (wid Robt) r 1033 Dougall av 
— Frances Mrs sis elk West & Son r 2917 Langlois 

av (Rose land) W 

Cadwell J Donald (Anne) tchr Hugh Beaton Schl h 1, 

130 Elliott w ; " 

Cady Geo W (Gladys) supt Dom Off Supply h 2720 ’ 

Wyandotte (R’Side) 

— Mervyle J (Bernadette) plant acct L A Young 

Industries h 1079 Pierre av V* 

C affray Jimmy (Ina) emp C I L h 570 Lot pf _ 

Cahill Chas J (Virginia) rep Calvert Distillery h 716 
Campbell av 

— Earl F elk Clare Poehlman Auto Supply res Old- ^ 

— Eugene H (Jane) emp Chryslers h 1154 St Luke rd^ 

— Frank (Ruth) emp Fords r 390 Pierre av 
—Frank (Helen) emp Fords h 2357 Turner rd 
—Geo (Mabel) h 1415 Labadie rd 


_ —Gordon wldr L A Young Industries res Old castle 
—Helen elk Bank of Com r 2357 Turner rd 
— Ina M stenog Detroit h 365 Cartier pi 
In —John slsmn J E Loree Realtor res R R #1 Windsor 
%• —Laurie sis rep American Mat Corp of Can Ltd 
/ h 696 Josephine av 

—Redmond (Ueene) emp Brading’s Cincinnati Cream 
i Brewery h 1319 Oak av 

—Vivian E r 365 Cartier pi 

—Walter R (Florence) section head H Walker & Sons 
* r h 3E, 686 Argyle rd 

t Cail Fred H (Grace) caretkr Masonic Temple h 7, 

1246 Dufferin pi 

>12 Caille Arthur emp Genl Motors r 555 Crawford av 
— Edgar (Bernadette) h 555 Crawford av 
—Irene tchr r 555 Crawford av 
a —Roland emp Fords r 555 Crawford av 
p — Wilfred J mech’s asst Borden Co r 555 Crawford 
f _ avenue 

Cain Bernice V stenog Giffels & Vallet of Can Ltd r 
7 815 London w 

—John (Johan) night wtchmn Heintzman & Co r 1537 
* Dougall av 

W* — Robt (Mabel) factory supt Inti Playing Card res 

Caine Jas mgr Dayus Stadium r 2925 McDougall 
(Send E Twp) 

Cainen Geoffrey (Barbara) accounts adjustor 

Industrial Acceptance Corp Ltd h 708 Sunset av 
s —Mary V stenog H Walker & Sons r 449 Partington av 
f —Walter H (Veronica) emp Elcombe Engineering Ltd 
h 449 Partington av 

Caird Alex (Hettie) suprvsr P O h 891 Bruce av 
— Alex slsmn Scales & Roberts Ltd r 2516 Bernard 

^ —Jas B (Kathy) wtchmn C H Smith h 411 Oak av 
r h ' Cairngorm Apts 524 Pitt w 

Caisse Leon B (Margt) emp Detroit h 1771 Windermere 

— Populaire Rene Quenneville mgr loan company 
1602 Drouillard rd 

H -v*Caissie Leo emp Fords r 996 Albert rd 

£*Cake Chas A (Ethel) agt Turnbull Elevator h 2837 
St Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

’31 ci Ciiffor d R (Kathleen) dir relations Stan Brown 
Transp h 992 Windermere rd 
«v —Donna nurse r 992 Windermere rd 

i — Hazel Mrs elk typist Sterling Drug r 3866 Matchette 
s) * road 

az f —Shirley emp Bell Tel r 992 Windermere rd 

Cakebread Geo F (Yvonne) vice-pres Abbey Gray Ltd 
a h 1515 Victoria av 

Calarco Antonino (Concetta) emp Gotfredsons h 681 
im >4 Mercer 

j* Calbeck Arthur G slsmn r 660 Josephine av 

Calcott J Robt (Janet) (Morton Wholesale Tobacco) 

! a h 304 Belle Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

--Marion cash Purity Dairy r 1356 Dufferin pi 
—Roy (Vera) elect Bell Tel h 1356 Dufferin pi 
Calder Donald L (Margt) acct exec Walsh Advertising 
h 1782 Byng rd 

— Elizth stenog Inti Customs Brokers Ltd r 3757 
Glendale av 

i --Ethel h 5, 135 Ellis av e 

—Geo J (Pauline) spray pntr Fords h 2363 Parent av 
—Geo W (Ilene) porter C N Exp r 43 Maiden Lane w 
i V— Jean Mrs, elk Grace Hosp h 582 Irvine av 
r — R Douglas stn mgr T C A r 2291 Dougall av 
— Wm assmblr Elcombe Engineering Ltd r 2346 
Highland av 

r — Wm J (Florence) h 3757 Glendale av 

Calderwood Jean (wid Robt) h 2145 ChilVer rd 
Caldwell Alfred D (Helen) emp City Engineers Dept 
p" h 1238 Goyeau 

i — Donald G dsgnr Morris Flowers r 953 Curry av 

—Frank studt r 953 Curry av 
1 —Frank prod elk A & P r 2577 Turner rd 
s —Frank (Phyllis) engnr NYC Rly h 953 Curry av 
Frank C (Ann) sis mgr Border Press h 2577 
t Turner rd 

r Geo emp Auto Specialties r 953 Curry av 
—Geo (Marguerite) emp Fords h 1217 Louis av 
--Geo H emp Fraser Box & Lumber r 1179 Walker rd 
—Janet Mrs hsekpr r 2005 Willistead cres 
—Jean cook Genl Motors r 858 Jos Janisse av 
p —John (Mary) h 303 Villaire av (R’Side) 
lfi Marilyn finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 953 
Curry av 

--P r 921 Campbell av 

Caledonian Clothes Shop (Sami McChesney) tailoring 
»d 1310 Gladstone av 

L Calewaert Jean r 2382 Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 
r Calhoun Christine nurse East Windsor Hospital r 
~ 270 Belle Isle av 



THE, K S Downs Manager, Exclusive Hatters, 
Neckwear, 323 Ouellette Ave, Phone 3-3413 

Calibaba Arthur L (Sophie) emp Coca-Cola h 1490 
Aubin rd 

Caligiuri Joseph (Carmela) Ur Fenech’s Tailor h 809 
Giles blvd e 

Caliguire'Ralph (Josephine) mgr Genasco Co h 1218 
Moy av 

Calla Jas r 1385 Wellington av 
Callaghan Danl (Aileen) emp Detroit h 468 Fairview 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Gordon S studt r 577 Josephine av 
— Gordon S (Thurza) h 577 Josephine av 
—Jas (Julia) emp Chryslers h 2509 Alexis rd (Sand E 

— Thos M (Agnes) foremn C I L h 933 Josephine av 
Callard Edwd J (Lucy S) asst foremn Win Utilities 
Commn, Water Div h 2163 Windermere rd 
—Percy S (Ethel) chief elk C P Frt h 254 Giles blvd e 
Canary Loretta r 206 Sandwich w 
Callaway Frances electrolysis 7, 469 Ouellette av 
res Detroit 

Callegari Danilo carp Slotsky Home Builders r 1418 
Lincoln rd 

Callegario Jerry h 918 Howard av 
Calleja Nick firemn McCord Corp r 806 Albert rd 
— Wm r 1030 London e 
— Wm emp Fords h 5, 258 Glengarry av 
C alien Kenneth A (Anne) chief elk dist frt office 
CNR r 659 Rankin av 

CaUery B Lorraine stenog CroU & Cron r 566 Parent 

— Bernard (Loretta) transformer maint Win UtUities 
Comm (Hydro Div) h 3327 Peter 
—Germaine bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 206 
Sandwich w 

—Norman F (Marie) firemn Win Fire Dept h 1240 
Louis av 

—Thos barber Alex’s Barber Shop r 720 Brock 
--Wm J (Rose) line foremn Win UtUities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 566 Parent av 
Callewaert Arthur (Stephenia) emp Univ Button Co h 
1610 Laing 

—Denise emp Canada Bldg r 1610 Laing 
CaUow Graham asst Chas J Ellison r 659 Victoria av 
Calluso Desidero carp r 1418 Lincoln rd 
Calvary United Church Rev Christopher F McIntosh 
minister 1099 London w 

Calver Henry (Theresa) emp Fords h 305 Villaire av 

Calvert Ashton (Audrey) engnr Fords h 5120 River- 
side dr (R’Side) 

— CecU (Shirley) emp Highway Furniture h 3, 5 
Mahon av (Sand W Twp) 

—Leonard W caretkr Bd of Educ h 1575 HaU av 
—Marilyn A studt r 6120 Riverside dr (R’Side) 
—Patricia cash Excelsior Life Ins Co r 2347 Meldrum 

— Walter (Calvert Gift & Magazine Shop) res Calvert’s 

—Walter drvr McAnally Freight Ways Co Ltd res 
Grand Marais rd (Sand E Twp) 

Calvert’s Gift & Magazine Shop (Walter Calvert) 671 
Ouellette av 

Calvin Cleaners (E Foreman) 1098 Wyandotte w 
--Molly emp Bell Tel r 2240 Lillian 
Calzavara Bortolo (Mary) emp Fords h 854 Langlois av 
--Leo emp Chryslers r 854 Langlois av 
—Louis (Danila) improver Win Tool & Die r 558 
Elliott e 

—Ottorino (Rosie) tractor opr Dept Transp-Aviation 
Div h 558 EUiott e 

Calzetta Antonia (Elsie) r J.250 Albert rd 
Cam Dominico (Concetta) emp Giroux Contr h 973 
Louis av 

Camack Jennie r 220 Bridge av 
Camarie Fredk with Can Packers h 17, 265-271 
Chatham east 

Cambala Henrietta studt r 3687 Seminole 
—Jos (Marie) (Seminole Fruit Market) h 3687 

—Marian studt r 3687 Seminole 
—Mary I elk Seminole Fruit Market r 3687 Seminole 
Cambell Chas (Lena) emp Fords h 591 Charles (R Park) 
Cambor Ferdinati (Mary) emp Inti Button Co h 685 

Cambria Sports Products (V H PUlsworth & Howard J 
Riggs) sporting goods 181 Sandwich w 
Cambridge Geo (Dorothy) purchasing agt Fords h 4182 
Riverside dr 




CO.. LTD. 







. • 




Building Material 
694 Cameron Ave. 
PHONE 4-3215 

00 O 


1 • o ^ 

E B. c 
3. o „ 

i > 

C a> ~ 

5‘ E? 

■3 « 


3 3-. 

8 j * 

•* 3 

% a 

M 5 

3 • rN> 

8 3 

bJ ifck 

*< § 

e* >« 

Alphabetical, White Page 77 









— Katharine emp Gotfredsons h 1110 Campbell av 
— Robt (Helen) emp Fords h 102, 710 Giles blvd e 
Camden Andrew P (Rachael) emp Fords h 1804 
Central av 

Cameo Lunch (Thos Peters) 3226 Sandwich w 
Camera Shop (Robt J McDonald) cameras, china & 
souvenirs 526 Goyeau 

Cameron Albert Rev (Muriel) pastor Church of the 
Nazarene h 1108 Pelissier 
—Alex r 730 Lincoln rd 

— Alex Me (Christina) cretkr Sand Coll Inst h 559 

--Alice (wid Conrad) h 15, 1441 Wyandotte e 
— Catherine C compt opr H Walker & Sons r 2356 
Turner rd 

—Daniel M with Union Gas r 1157 Ouellette av 

CAMERON DAVID i (Evo)* Architect, Room 315, 

76 London West, Phone 3-8060, h 314, 1616 Ouel- 
lette Ave. 

— Donald (Jean) emp Genl Motors h 2356 Turner rd 
— Donald M timekeeper Dom Forge r 2356 Turner rd 
— Duncan (Theresa) emp Fords h 527 Pierre av 
— Geo A (Isabel) slsmn Borden Co h 1272 Argyle rd 
—Geo R (Eleanor) customer engnr Inti Bus Mach 
h 458 Belle Isle View (Riverside) 

--Gertrude r 636 Kildare rd 
—Harold (Josephine) emp Fords r 412 Church 
—Harry D (Eva) wtchmkr Henry Birks & Sons h 1167 

— Hulda (wid Wm H) h 842 Elm av 
--J Herbert (Edith) tchr Hon J C Patterson Coll Inst 
h 1176 Dougall av 

—Jack A (Ellena I) trainman CNR h 4951 Reginald 
—James D (Christie) carp h 37, 1164 Ouellette av 
--James R (Marg’t) head brewer Brading’s Cincinnati 
Cream Brewery h 1216 Chilver rd 
—John emp Ambassador Taxi Cab r 437 Wyandotte v 
— John emp Candn Bridge r 3295 Turner rd 
—Joseph studt r 314, 1616 Ouellette av 
—Kello M (Elsie) supt Chryslers h 96 Villaire av 

— Marion D asst cataloguer Willistead Pub Lib r 3026 
Sandwich w 

— Mary stenog Board of Health r 2257 Turner rd 
— Murray (Ina) sprayer Fords h 535 Oak av 
--Murray studt r.535 Oak av 
— Norah h 704 Eugene (R Park) 

— Peter (Elsie) h 702 Rosedale av 
— Ralph elk A & P r 1841 Victoria rd (Sand W Twp) 

— Robt (Marg’t) h 1563 Hall av 
— Robt G (Dorothy) elk Fords h 2543 Windermere rd 
--Robt J (Mabel) staty engnr Fords h 2257 Turner rd 
--Ruth r 359 Brant 

— Shirley bkpr W H McLean Ltd r 1578 Dougall av 
— Thos emp Fords r 325 Pierre av 
— Wm h 1603 Balfour blvd 

Wm elk Admin of Justice r 645 Brazil (R Park) 

— Wm J (Dorothy) emp Downtown Chevrolet h 645 
Brazil (R Park) 

— Wm P stenog Police Station r 645 Brazil (R Park) 
Camille Ollie emp Fords r 771 William (R Park) 
Camilleri Francis (Mary) emp Fords r 1016 Dougall av 
Camilotto Baldo (Ella) mgr Colautti Bros h 2430 Byng 

— Clovinda stock elk Colautti Bros r 2430 Byng rd 
—Elio (Louise) tile setter Colautti Bros res Calvert’s 

—Louis (Pierina) tile setter Colautti Bros res Calvert’s 

Camlis Frank h 1216 Laurendeau av 
—Joseph A (Nora) emp Chrysler's r 1216 Laurendeau av 
— Kerma Mrs emp Fords r 1811 Hickory rd 
— Leonard N customs off Dept Natl Rev h 209, 131 
Wyandotte w 

—Victor drvr International Truck r 588 Caron av 
Cam midge Gladys C nurse S Hardie Campbell r 2342 
London w 

— Godfrey R mach Fords r 2342 London w 
--Gordon (Margt) garage attdt Checker Cab h 1923 
G eorge av 

—Robt (Winifred) h 2342 London w 
— Thos G jr drftsmn Sheppard & Masson r 2342 London 


Camp Florence (wid Frank) r 590 Shepherd e 
— S H & Co of Can Ltd Eugene G Weaver mgr 
abdominal supports 932 Walker rd 
Campagna Cornelio emp Walker Metal h 1693 Parent 

— Rino emp Walker Metal r 1693 Parent av 
Campagnola Vito h 942 LiUian 
Campau Edwd (Josie) emp Chrys lers h 847 
Windermere rd 

— Russel emp Chryslers h 1609 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Russell E metal pattern mkr Win Patterns r 
847 Windermere rd 

Campbell Agnes nurse h 424, 1616 Ouellette av 
—Albt (Gertrude) personnel elk Fords h 1236 
Windermere rd 

—Alberta (wid W Edwd) h 1225 Windsor av 
—Alex (Pearl) brakeman New York Central Rly h 
1421 Tourangeau rd 

— Alex emp Chryslers h 2578 Princess av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Alex (Mary) wldr Chryslers h 346 Pierre av 
--Alex F carp Loring Construction Co r 1336 
Wyandotte e 

—Alex J (Ida) h 873 Church 

— Alfred assembler Welles Corp r 181 Janette av 
--Allen emp Motor Products r 2250 Forest av 
— Alva mech Consolidated Truck Lines r 830 St Luke 

--Andrew (Annie) engnr Norton Palmer Hotel h 
1164 Dougall av 

—Andrew C studt r 742 Caron av 
— Andrew F (Maude) cabinet mkr Bernhardt’s 
Furniture Ltd h 1130 Mercer 
— Angus (Jean) mach H Walker & Sons h 1831 Hall av 
--Anna J stenog C N R r 706 Victoria av 
— Archd tool & die mkr Bryant Pattern r 1543 
Howard av 

—Archie F (Celeste) h 472 Pine w 
--Avenue Baptist Church Rev J H Watt pastor 892 
Campbell av 

—Block The 255-265 Sandwich w 

—Bruce D (Olive) slsmn London Life res River Canard 
— C Gordon (Dana) phy 304, 1011 Ouellette av h 
1097 Windermere rd 

— C Russell (Mamie) pipe fitter Genl Motors h 1432 
Elsmere av 

— Cassie h 102, 435 Pitt w 

--Catherine (wid Alex) (Campbell’s Tourist Home) 
h 1511 OueUette av 

--Catherine J elk Kaiser-Frazer r 742 Caron av 
— Chas emp Fords r 417 Janette av 
— Chas (Maria) emp Fords h 1136 Lillian 
—Chas (Cecile) emp O’Keefe’s Brewery r 665 Chatham 

—Chas H emp S W & A Rly h 786 Grand Marais rd 
(R Park) 

--Clara r 875 Lincoln rd 

—Clarence (Aline) emp Backstay Standard h 462 Parent 

— Clarence studt r 1130 Mercer 

--Claude E (Ena) (Campbell's Barber and Beauty Shoppe) 
h 4, 425 Pitt w. 

--Clifford A (Shirley) adjuster Sanborn & Co Ltd 
h 852 Lawrence rd 

—Colin (Beatrice) emp Gotfredsons h 134 Curry av 
— Colin plstr Jim McGregor r 993 Wyandotte w 
— D St Clair Rev (Anne) minister Knox Presbyterian 
Church h 528 Partington av 
— Danford N (Kathleen) slsmn Silverwood’s h 818 
Langlois av 

— Danl emp Candn Postum r 570 Chatham w 
— Donald drvr Murphy Paint r 1429 George av 
--Donald housekeeping maint Essex County Sanatorium 
r 1453 Prince rd 

— Donnie (Josephine) drvr Chas R Wilkins & Son h 2266 

— Duncan (Marion) emp Fords h 2266 Union 

— Duncan J emp Chryslers h 1336 Wyandotte e 

— Earl H emp Fords h 1064 Prince rd 

—Edna matron The Homestead r 380 Wyandotte e 

—Edward A ins agt Metro Life r 2333 London w 

— Eleanor emp Fine Foods r 10, 16 Ellis av e 

— Elizth (wid W H Ross) h 107, 430 Giles blvd w 

— 78 — 



— Ellen (wid Robt) h 3215 Howard av (Sand W Twp) 

— Erie H registered nurse & x-ray techn Metropolitan 
General Hosp h 1,211 4 Gladstone av 
--Ernest emp Essex Terminal r 742 South Pacific av 
(R Park) 

— Ernest (Agnes) emp H Walker & Sons h 239 Walker rd 
—Esther opr Motor Products Corp r 1352 Partington av 
— Flora (wid Ranald) r 1336 Wyandotte e 
—Florence M tchr F W Begley School h 424, 1616 
Ouellette av 

--Francis A tchr Alicia L Mason Schl h 1102 Ouellette 

—Frank (Kay) emp Poole's Cold Storage Ltd r 2584 
Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Geo emp Detroit r 2145 Windermere rd 
— Geo emp Essex County Sanatorium r 1453 Prince rd 
—Geo (Tiluska) res engnr Fords h 401 Bruce av 
— Geo (Ruth) wtr White Tavern r 534 Charlotte (R Park) 
--Gilbert trk drvr Win Star r 4, 135 Ellis av e 
--Gladys (wid Wallace R) h 1857 Richmond 
— Glen water tender H Walker & Sons res R R #1 Rose- 

— Gordon r 742 South Pacific av (R Park) 

—Gordon r 1153 Wyandotte e 
— Gordon (Valya) foremn Chryslers h 1077 Moy av 
— Hadley jr (Laurentia) emp Chatco Steel r 2450 
Clemenceau blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Hadley (Violet) suprvsr Fords h 2450 Clemenceau 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Hannah (wid Joseph) h 1 1 80 Ouellette av 
— Harlen (Beatrice) h 856 Chatham e 
—Harold E (Joyce) mech Webster Motors (Windsor) h 
2503 Tecumseh blvd w <Sand W Twp) 

—Henry (Doris) emp Universal Button Works r 968 
McEwan av 

—Howard A (Elba) prin Ada C Richards Schl h 1343 
Dougall av 

--Hugh A emp Fords h 702 Brant 
— J Gerard (Dorothy) surgeon 306, 1011 Ouellette av 
h 2456 Gladstone av 

— Jackaline press opr Win Steel Products r 658 

— Jas (Alice) h (rear) 3479 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

—Jas shipping elk Welles Corp r 346 Pierre av 
—Jas P (Jessie) insp of detectives Police Dept h 6, 

1515 Ouellette av 

--Jarrell A (Anne) butcher Handy Food Market h 
3795 Matchette rd 

—Jean (wid Andrew) h 177 Cameron av 
—Jessie B emp Detroit h 310, 274 Giles blvd w 
—Joan Mrs folder Textile Specialties r 3, 274 
Langlois av 

—John r 1840 Chilver rd 
--John (Minnie) carp h 1505 Windermere rd 
—John (Emma) emp Fords h 3, 274 Langlois av 
—John emp Fords r 443 London e 
--John A (Pearl) h 3341 Sandwich w 
--John A (Christie) emp Chryslers h 3745 Vaughan 
--John A emp Detroit h 902 Victoria av 
--John D proofreader Win Star r 560 Chatham w 
—John L (Edith) emp Chryslers h 1429 George av 
— John T (Aletta) mach opr Candn Postum h 517 
Elm avenue 

— Joseph L (Mabel) emp Inti Playing Card h 4, 135 
Ellis av east 

— Katherine (Star Restaurant) r 1427 Ouellette av 
—Lawrence D emp Fords h 304, 619 Pelissier 
— Lena r 1064 Prince rd 

--Leslie (Madeleine) maint East Win Hospital h 
2084 Tecumseh rd w 

—Lloyd (Mary) emp Fords h 1^55 Ellrose av 
--Lome (Jamesena) (Lome Campbell Co) h 379 Janette 

—Lome Co (Lome Campbell, G Allan Buchanan) whol 
produce 379 Janette av 
—Lula studt r 1427 Ouellette av 
—Mabel (wid Geo) h 2275 Victoria av 
— Malcolm slsmn Hoover Co Ltd r 1434 Dougall av 
— Malcolm A (Nettie) emp Fords h 1021 Wellington av 
— Malcolm W r 1236 Windermere rd 
—Malvina (wid Fredk) h 742 South Pacific av 
(R Park) 

— Marlow emp CNR r 2450 Clemenceau blvd (Sand E 

— Martha Mrs matron Vanity Theatre r 769 Cataraqui 

--Mary r 1402 Albert rd 
--Mary r 564 Caron av 
--Mary Mrs r 2236 Lincoln rd 
— Maud h 3, 1604 Goyeau 

— Maurice emp Fords r 2366 Chandler rd (Sand E 

—Milton (Mina E) h 1491 York 

--Mungo A (Sarah) emp Fords h 742 Caron av 
--Murray asst attendance officer Board of Education 
h 3242 Linwood pi 
— Neil plumber h 15, 1556 Goyeau 
—Ray mgr Star Bar-B-Q h 1427 Ouellette av 
— Raymond slsmn Canada Bread r 1024 Monmouth rd 
—Robert (Patricia) mailer Win Star h 210 Riverside 
dr (St Clair Beach) 

--Robert studt r 346 Pierre av 

—Robert G spec excisemn Customs-Excise Natl Rev 
h 25 Prado pi (R'Side) 

--Roderick J emp Fords h IB, 645 Argyle rd 
—Roy r 575 Sandwich e 

— Roy V elk H Walker & Sons h 1668 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Russell G (Mary) mech Webster Motors (Windsor) 
h 2503 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

— Ruth h 1067 Josephine av 

— S Hardie (Grace) physician & surgeon 1710 Ottawa 
h 1128 Kildare rd 
— S K h 203, 410 Giles blvd w 
— Sarah Mrs h 175 McEwan av 

— Shirley tchr David Maxwell School r 1343 Dougall av 
—Shirley Mrs elk stenog Dept of Receation City of 
Windsor r 1044 Windsor av 
— T Lamey (Rita) emp Fords h 841 Pillette rd 
--Theresa Mrs smstrs Windsor Coat, Apron & Towel 
Supply Ltd r 1064 Prince rd 
— Thos (Catherine) h 2145 York 
— Todd (Edna) r 181 Janette av 

— Vera A Mrs customs off Natl Rev h 10, 16 Ellis av e 
— Wilfred (Mary) stock chaser Phil Wood Industries 
h 2250 Forest av 

— Wm (Geraldine) emp Candn Industries Ltd h 1876 
Malta rd 

— Wm r 2904 Sandwich w 

— Wm H (Gwen) emp National Paint r 658 Tournier 
— Wm N (Alzora) foremn Win Star h 147 Oak av 
Campbell's Barber and Beauty Shoppe (Claude E 
Campbell) 419 Shepherd w 
—Tourist Home (Mrs Catherine Campbell) 1511 
. Ouellette av 
♦Campeau see also Campau 

— Aime (Valerie) pekr Toledo Scale h 2653 Parent av 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Albt (Eloise) emp Genl Motors h 632 London e 
—Alex studt r 3651 Riverside dr 
—Alfred (Jeanette) (Master Tool & Grinding Co) 
h 950 Pillette rd 

—Alphonse r 261 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

—Amy (wid Ed) h 490 Caron av 
—Arthur J (Margt) mach Fords h 1260 Pierre av 
—Barbara finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 1260 
Pierre av 

— Barney (Lydia) h 730 Marentette av 
—Bernard studt r 49 Frank av (R’Side) 

— Bernice insp Essex Wire Corp r 49 Frank av 

— Danl (Dolores) off Chryslers h 7, 249 Pillette rd 
— Dolphis emp Candn Bridge 

—Doreen wrapper Henry Birks & Sons res Tecumseh 
— Edwd (Mary) foremn Genl Fife Hose Corp h 492 
Caron av 

— Emile (Madeleine) emp Fords h 1142 Windsor av 
—Eugene (Loretta) assmblr L A Young Industries res 

—Geo (Mary) bank mgr Prov Bank (199 London w) 
h 3651 Riverside dr 
— Gilbert (Emma) h 245 Parent av 
—Harvey emp Gotfredsons r 917 Walker rd 
— Jeanne off Fords r 730 Marentette av 
--Joel (Norma) emp Fords h 6028 Riverside dr 

— John J elk Hiram Walker & Sons r 3651 Riverside 

— Jos (Claire) emp CNR h 449 Elm av 
— Jos (Mary) slsmn Campeau Motors h 1120 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

— Jos D A emp Tucker Electric h li30 Langlois av 
—Jos E (Blanche) pres Western Ontario Broadcasting 
Co Ltd h 1128 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Josephine r 2453 Francois rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Lawrence emp Fords r 2650 Norman rd (Sand E 

—Lawrence (Kenille) emp Fords h 2587 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Leon G (Charlotte) h 331 Fairview blvd (R’Side) 
—Leonard (Theresa) assmblr L A Young Industries 
res R R #1 Belle River 

— Leonard N emp Fords r 49 Frank av (R'Side) 

— Lovedy J barr 8, 25 London w r 1324 Victoria av 
—Norman off Chryslers r 730 Marentette av 
—Pauline (wid Paul) h 261 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Wilfred (Dora) mach Fords h 49 Frank av (R’Side) 

Alphabetical, White Page 79 

; ' j * : 'l 1 I 



— Wm J h 3449 Erskine 

Camper Clara emp Chryslers r 1931 Oneida Court 
—Fred E (Matilda) elect Walker Metal h 502 Oak av 
--Marie (wid Abraham) h 1931 Oneida Court 
— Rose (wid Ernest) h 502 Oak av 
Campo Louis emp Fords r 1766 Albert rd 
--Vincenzo core stringer Long Mfg r 1485 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

Campura Lorraine r 2, 773 Pelissier 
— Rhea H Mrs core clnr Walker Metal h 2, 773 

—Rose -Marie emp Detroit r 2, 773 Pelissier 
Campus Recreation (Ernest & Arthur Reaume) 2598 
Wyandotte w 

Can USA (Anastas Christou) rest 400 Tecumseh 
blvd e 


C. Taylor, Office Manager, 1031 Walker 
Road, Phone 4-2589 

Canada Building 374 Ouellette av 
--Building G S Porter mgr, rental office 904, 374 
Ouellette av 

—Cement Co Ltd Louis A Banwell shpr, 602 Sandwich 

—Customs 31 Park e 

—Department of Fisheries Roy Opsal Insp in charge 
49, 137* Ouellette av 

—Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) Ltd H Faulconer Gauthier 
' mgr, beverages 2310 Walker rd 
—Grill (Chan Lun & John Bing Foo) 4780 Wyandotte 

—Health & Accident Assurance Corp John Robinson 
mgr, ins 29, 332 Ouellette av 


Branch Manager, 503-504 Canada Building, 374 
Ouellette Ave, Phone 3-5223 


Wholesale Meats and Provisions, Office and Fac- 
tory, 795 London West, Phone 2-7251 

—Salvage Co (Abraham Katz) 65 Pitt e 
—Service Shoe Repair Robt Slutzsky mgr 543 Wyan- 
dotte e , 

—Service Stores (Robt Slutzsky) clnrs & dyers 1550 
Elsmere av branches: 44 Chatham e, 1071 
Drouillard rd, 885 Erie e, 521 & 1603 London 
w, 1620 Ottawa, 36-40 Shepherd w, 1572 Tec- 
umseh blvd e, 4597 Tecumseh blvd e, 136, 

543, 1534 & 4758 Wyandotte e, 285 & 2203 
Wyandotte w 

—Steamship Lines Ltd F J McAllister mgr, 444 
Sandwich w 

—Storage Co Ltd Charles Baker pres, Jed Parent 
vice -pres, genl storage 978 St Luke rd 
— Tavern (Katherine & Chas T Goodman) 5923 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

—Trust Building Windsor Building Co mgrs 176 
London w 


Richard A Treleaven, Manager 190 London 
West, Phone 3-5236 

—Waste & Sanitary Supply (Julius Szevchuk) 704 
Felix av 

—Wire & Cable Ltd Robt Finlay dist rep, 209, 29 
Park w 

Canadian Acceptance Corp Ltd Wm J Ward mgr, 
finance cos 1201, 374 Ouellette av 
—Admiral Sales Ltd Robt S Pettit mgr, distributors 
650 Sandwich w 

—Auto Store (Gordon W Henderson) 594 Wyandotte e 
—Auto Trim Building 776 Albert rd & before 797 
Albert rd 

—Auto Wreckers (Benj Bordoff) 295 Wyandotte e 


Adjuster, 603 Canada Building 374 Ouellette 
Ave, Phones 3-1151-2 



Philip E Church, General Manager, 658 St Luke 
Road, Fhone 2-1145 


Harry V Carling Manager, 100 Ouellette Ave 
cor Sandwich East, Phone 3-2471 


W E Blum Manager, S B Clarke Accountant, 
(Walkerville Branch), 415 Devonshire Road 
cor Assumption, Phone 4-5191 

—Bank of Commerce The Edwin Christopherson mgr, 

236 Drouillard rd 

—Bank of Commerce John R Higgins mgr, 1395 

--Bank of Commerce The Geo G Morrow mgr, 1420 
Tecumseh blvd e 

--Bank of Commerce D W McKim mgr, 4742 Tec- 
umseh blvd e 

—Bank of Commerce The I C Dinning mgr, 597 Wyan- 
dotte e 

—Bank of Commerce Chambers 100 Ouellette av 
—Battery & Bonalite Co Ltd Oscar L Olson pres, 

D Phillips plant mgr, plumbing supplies 1587 

--Booster Co Ltd Florence A Hartson sec-treas 

Harry C Master mgr, hair tonics 1604 Tec- 
umseh blvd w 

—Breweries Transport Ltd John Vicary mgr, 645 

— Brickcote Ltd Michael Patrick pres, Mrs Mary E 

Blows acct sec, bldg materials 1105 Tecumseh 
blvd e 


(Montreal) President, A St Clair Ryley General 
Manager, G G Henderson Assistant General Man- 
ager, J W Holzhauser Treasurer and Auditor, 

D K Douglas Assistant Secretary, 1219 Walker 
Road, Phone 3-7452 

—Bridge Engineering Co Ltd A St Clair Ryley genl mgr, 
plastics 1219 Walker rd 

— Broadcasting Corp Mertin L Poole mgr, 10th fir, 

267 Pelissier 

—Builders Supply (M Sorffer & A Urkansky) 3215 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

— Collord Products Ltd J Allen Bumpus pres, R J 

Moore mgr, rubber & plastic coating to metal 
& fabrics 985 St Luke rd 
—Customs CNR Station n s Sandwich e 
—Engineering & Tool Co Ltd Wm E Tregenza pres 

& mgr, Alfred E Tregenza sec-treas, Andrew 
Stanko purch agt, tool & diemaking 920 


LIMITED, THE, P J McGillivray Manager, Engines, 

Pumps, Electrical Equipment, Scales, Machine 
Tools, Mill Supplies, Steam Specialties, Railway 
and Contractors' Equipment and Transmission 
Equipment, 357 Pitt East, Phone 3-5293 

—Furniture Exchange (Peter Wayvon & Isadore L 
Garber) second hand furn 704 Wyandotte e 


H M Wilson Manager, H Victor Johnston Account- 
ant, Manufacturers of Electrical Supplies and 
Home Appliances, 180 Church Street, Phone 

--Girl Guides Association (Windsor Div) Mrs lone R 
Austin exec sec 162 Ouellette av 
— Government Annuities W J Elliott rep, 701, 374 
Ouellette av 

—Industries Ltd C A Wickens sis rep, paint & varnish 
div 801, 176 London w chemicals dept & salt 
div 4016 Sandwich w 

— Institute for Better Hearing (Kenneth R Steeves) 

376 Cartier PI 


Insurance Adjusters for the Companies 

609-610 CANADA TRUST BLDG. PHONES 4-3203, 4-3204 and 4-3205 


—Legion of the B E Service League Jas C MacLeod 
service bureau officer, 219, 15 Wyandotte e 
and 2090 Brant, 111 Wyandotte (R’Side), 1880 
Wyandotte w 

— Liquid Air Co Ltd John E Cranley dist rep welding 
supplies 467 Chatham e 

--Meat Market (J Cheifitz & Z Kamen) stall #5, 265 
Pitt e 

—Mirror Craft Ltd Ed M Prest genl mgr, mfrs 
mirrors 1052 Wyandotte w 
—Motor Lamp Co Ltd Harry J Warner pres, & genl 

mgr, Jas B Macon sec-treas, automobile lamps 
& misc stampings, 2429 Seminole 
—National Express Melvin J O’Reilly genl agt, 30 
Sandwich e and 298 Walker rd 
—National Institute for the Blind Herman Henry dist 
field sec, 230 Strabane av 

— National Institute for the Blind Cigar Stand Rosabelle 
Lamoureux elk, 135 Park e 
—National Railways G Stiven city pass & ticket agt, 

364 Ouellette av 

--National Railways Jas Smythe terminal trainmaster, 

26 Sandwich e 

—National Railways Depot n s Sandwich e 
—National Railways Freight Traffic Dept Chester Hill 
dist frt agt, 28 Sandwich e 
— National Telegraphs Margt Costello mgr, 396 
Devonshire rd 

—National Telegraphs W F E Barsotta mgr 364 
Ouellette av 

—National & Wabash Railway Freight Office Carl D 
Phelps agt, 794 Sandwich e 
—National & Wabash Railway Freight & Ticket Office 
D K Loyst ticket elk, 298 Walker rd 
—Oil Co Ltd (Service Stn) Carl Ellis mgr, gas serv 
stn, 838 Erie e 

—Pacific Communications J T Lynch agt, 196 
Ouellette av 

—Pacific Communications C A Stewart mgr, 1984 
Wyandotte e 

—Pacific Express Co 196 Ouellette av 
—Pacific Express Co Earle Anderson agt, s s Tec- 
umseh blvd w 

—Pacific Railway Ticket Office W J Stewart city pass 
agt 196 Ouellette av 

—Pacific Railway Yard Office before 876 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

—Pacific Railway Freight Office W M Henry genl agt, 

824 Caron av 

— Pensioners Assn John Black pres, Victor Buchanan 
vice -pres, Herman Freed sec, Thos J Boyer 
treas, Geo White canteen mgr, veterans club 
493 London w 


Margaret Mothersill Executive Secretary, 1226 
Ouellette Ave, Phone 4-6421 

--Salt Co Ltd Philip F Morand wks mgr 4016 Sandwich w 

— Shoe Repair (John Toth) 1635 Ottawa 

—Silk Manufacturing Co Ltd Ronald McLeod rep, 

industrial wiping towel serv 2527 Sandwich e 


(Detroit) President, C W Johnson Vice-President 
C Fuller (Detroit) Secretary-Treasurer, S A 
Wright Production Manager, E G Black Comptroller 
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, 310 Ellis 
Ave East, Phone 4-4353 

— Slovanian Club Wasyl Jaworski pres, 848 South 
Pacific av (R Park) 


L A Forsyth (Montreal, Quebec) President, A St 
Clair Ryley General Manager, J W Holzhauser 
Treasurer and Auditor, D K Douglas Assistant 
Secretary, Executive Offices 1219 Walker Road, 

Phone 3-7452; Sales Office and Plant s s Front 
Road (OJibway), Phone Office 4-5166 

— Steel Sales Associates (Division S & W Equipment 

Co) (Henry J Stumpf) commercial refrigeration 
347 Sandwich w 


— Television Service Co Wm Whittall mgr, television 
serv & installations 257 Tecumseh blvd w 
— Tile & Terrazzo (John & Wm S Grazutl) 2910 
Walker rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Tire Corpn Associate (H Cosford) 695 Wyandotte e 
—Traction Ltd Chas O'Conor-Fenlon (Montreal) 

pres, Geo P Simpson sec, John D Wood treas, 
trucks 1989 Wyandotte w 

— Underwriters Assn J A Markham res insp 35, 25 
London w 

—Upholstering (Frank Ricica) 4468 Wyandotte e 
— Von Company Mrs Florence Stockman mgrss 
tablet distributors 1968 Wyandotte e 
—Welding & Manufacturing Co (Wm Petruniak & C L 
Green) 1691 St Luke rd 

—Wood Products (Emile J LaFave) wood workers 
1066 Lena 

Candler Jas (A mold -Candler) r 1732 Riverside dr 

— Jas D antiques & gifts 558 Goyeau h 1732 Riverside 
dr (R’Side) 

Candusso Galliano (Yolanda) emp Fords h 520 Niagara 
Candy Wm (Eleanor) store mgr Loblaws r 82 Hanna e 
Canera Frank btehr Consumers Meat Market h 558 
Elliott e 

Caney Blanche (wid Sidney) h 364 Bruce av 
Cangiano Andy r 653 Assumption 
—Anthony (Mae) emp Detroit h 653 Assumption 
Canil Cristoforo (Teresia) mldr Stand Fndry h 884 
Marentette av 

—Inez nurse Nicholas Alewlck r 884 Marentette av 
—John P (Jean) trk drvr Brewers Wrhse r 1880 
Hickory rd 

Canjar Mike emp Fords r 1643 Alexis rd 
Cann Bronwen (wid J) r 3277 Edison av 
Cannazzaro Jos (Eva) emp Checker Cab h 1177 Marion 

Canniff Ann Mrs nurse Fords h 1385 Marentette av 
—Marie emp Detroit r 1385 Marentette av 
Canning Donald emp White’s Elbow Room r 511 

Cannon Albt E (Isabel) insp Citizen & Immigration 
h 463 Rosedale av 

— Chas J night aud Norton Palmer Hotel r 245 Elm av 
—Ernest J (Ellzth) ertkr Sand Coll Inst h 545 Brock 
—Jas D (Jane) emp Fords h 1326 Central av 
—Jeanette stenog Chryslers r 545 Brock 
— John emp Norton Palmer Hotel r 690 Windsor av 
—Ola h 690 Windsor av 
Cano Jos emp Fords r 1624 Drouillard rd 
Cantagallo Jos lab L’Heureux Plumbing & Heating Co 
Ltd r 816 Chatham e 
Cantaruttl Archisio r 959 Langlois av 
Cantello Lester (Dehlia) h 1466 Marentette av 
— Melford emp Genl Motors h 1466 Marentette av 
Cantelon Gerald phy 702, 1011 Ouellette av h ID, 625 

— W Henry (Harvrene) genl mgr Auto Spec h 2055 

Cantin Andrew baker r 1653 Westcott rd 
— Edwd (Gladys) wldr L A Young Industries h 1628 
Central av 

— Fred (Mary) assmblr L A Young Industries h 40 
Ros eland dr (Roseland) 

—Ray (Doreen) emp Fibre Products h 866 St Luke rd 
— Rene (Yvonne) emp Chryslers h 1653 Westcott rd 
— Rheal emp Bell Tel r 1653 Westcott rd 
Cantlo Jas (Eileen) emp Windsor Packers h 2329 
Woodlawn av 

Cantwell John r 1491 Hall av 
—John app tool mkr Perfect Cutting Tools r 856 
Howard av 

—Margt h 690 Aylmer av 

— Orval jr maint Remington Rand r 856 Howard av 
— Orval D (Ethel) firemn Sterling Constn h 856 Howard 
—Roy studt r 856 Howard av 
Canzi Benjamin (Inez) pntr McCord Corp r 1141 
Drouillard rd 

Caparowich Robt (Olga) pntr Ray & Huebert h 2456 
Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Cape Frank (Mary) ticket agt Eastern Candn Grey- 
hound Lines r 1786 Dacotah dr 
— Frank S (Pearl) dept mgr Bartlet Macdonald & Gow 
Ltd h 1327 Windermere rd 

ki { 


Alphabetical, White Page 81 



— Katherine tchr St Jules School r 5465 Tecumseh 
blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Capell Laurence r 2920 Trenton 
--Thos (Leona) emp Truscon Steel h 2920 Trenton 
Capitol Beauty Salon (Mrs Angeline Sino) 6, 315 

— Cab (Chas Prosser) 4647 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E 

—Egg & Poultry Co (Irving Raizin & Irving Kirzner) 

4S5 Pitt e 

--Recreation (Anthony J Fontana) poolrm 133 London w 
— Tailors & Cleaners (Abraham J Klein) 1948 Ottawa 
--Theatre Robt E Knevels mgr, 125 London w 
— Theatre Building 315 Pelissier 
♦Caplan see also Caplin and Kaplan 
— Archie emp Fords h 5, 697 Victoria av 
— David B (Anna) pres Jo-Anne Shoppe Ltd)h 1470 
Victoria av 

—Elaine B emp Detroit r 1562 Victoria av 
—Jennie r 5, 697 Victoria av 
--John F (Evelyn) emp Fords h 1116 Lena 
— Peter btchr Superior Meat Market r 1082 Goyeau 
— Ruth (wid Bernard) h 1562 Victoria av 
Caple Chas R (Dorothy) asst supt Fords h 1380 
Francois rd 

— Chas W (Elizth) h 860 Jos Janisse av 
— Marguerite pract nurse East Win Hosp r 860 Jos 
Janisse av 

--Robt studt r 1380 Francois rd 
♦Caplin see also Caplan and Kaplan 
--Arthur (Margt) emp Chicago Tool Co h 344 Curry 

--Flossie (wid Sydney) h 376 Elliott w 
— Isadore r 239-241 Sandwich e 
— Mary r 562 Dougall av 

— Melvin J (Doris) emp Windsor Body & Fender Co 
h 3, 1608 Wyandotte w 
—Ruth emp Detroit r 376 Elliott w 
Capling Robt M (Stella) emp Fords h 1509 Erie e 
Cappelli Dominic (Pauline) acct Don Curtis Automotive 
h 316, 286 Pitt w 

Capstick Omer J (Elaine) undercoater Ambassador 
Motors res Harrow 

— Percy (Florence) foremn Genl Motors h 1636 
Dufferin PI 

Capussi Antonio tester McCord Corp r 751 London w 
Caradonna Giovanni emp Dinsmore Constn r 693 
Hall av 

Carberry Wm E (Dorothy) sect head Hiram Walker & 
Sons Ltd h 44 Thompson blvd (R'Slde) 

Carbin Harvey (Fanny) shoe repr 70 Erie e h 2, 392 
London w 

Carbino Ray C (Valda) h 222 Janisse dr (R'Side) 
Carbonneau Marie r 140 Glengarry av 
Carconen Sam (Stella) bar tender White Tavern h 
214, 286 Pitt w 

Card Arthur W (Vida) emp Fords h 1415 Francois rd 
--John (Jacqueline) emp Fords h 1296 Labadie rd 
--Percy (Lena) h 1362 Lincoln rd 
Carder Albt (Lillian) emp Detroit h 715 Stanley 
(R Park) 

Cardinal Adrian agt R A Jewell Globe Ins Agency r 
Killamey Castle Hotel 

— Albt A (Elsie) emp Fords h 1133 Hickory rd 
— Chas (Beatrice) emp Detroit h 2139 Dominion blvd 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Donat J (Amanda) lathing contr 206, 55 Wyandotte w 
h 1532 York 
— Eugene 1532 York 
— Eva M wtrs Dom Cafe r 2933 Trenton 
—Janet M wtrs Dom Cafe r 2933 Trenton 
— Marcel (Marline) emp Fords h 451 Dougall av 
— Philomene (wid Jos) h 311 Bruce av 
— Roland J (Vera) lather Cardinal Lathing h 1077 
Partington av 

— Sylva (Julia) emp Fords h 2933 Trenton 
Carefoot Helen M (Rodd, Rodd & Carefoot) h 2161 
Sandwich w 

— Rankin L (Clara) h 2161 Sandwich w 
Carey Alvin (Patricia) emp Chryslers h 1266 Califor- 
nia av 

— Edwd (Jean) emp Fords h 1455 Westcott rd 
— F Gerald slsmn The Candn Fairbanks -Morse Co 
Ltd r 4, 1257 Wyandotte e 
—Hugh (Rosella) h 1035 Me Ewan av 
—Hugh C servlcemn Natl Cash Register res Roseland 
— John J (Gwendolene) phone opr C N Tel h 952 

— Shirley Mrs h 4, 1257 Wyandotte e 
— Wm (Celia) emp Cunningham Sheet Metal h 405 

Cargoe Ruth elk Dixon's 5 <? to $1.00 Store h 1578 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Carignan Roland (Gabriel) mach hlpr Somerville Ltd 
h 1157 High 

Carl Butcher Shop & Groceries (Carl Ajersch) 2625 
Parent av (R Park) 

Carlan Harry (Helen) emp Fords h 1413 Albert rd 
— John studt r 1418 Albert rd 
—Nick (Bernice) glass ctr Motor Products Corp h 
1581 Albert rd 

Carle Robt (Ethel) mgr Lanspeary's Ltd h 2258' 
Gladstone av 

Carlechuk Peter (Liddy) emp Motor Products r 1715 
Alexis rd 

Carless A A (Janet) customs Excise off Natl Rev r 
3230 Turner rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Allan (Catherine) emp Chryslers h 1403 Tourang- 
eau rd 

Carlesso Alda A (Rose) crane opr Fords h 910 
Louis av 

—Marjorie r 878 Howard av 

— Sam (Mabel) emp City Engineers Dept h 878 Howard 

Carleton Phyllis E occupational therapist Candn Red 
Cross Society r 2, 1246 Dufferin PI 
Carley Albt E (Margt) emp Chryslers h 2296 Hall av 
--Arthur (Elizth) emp Fords h 517 McEwan av 
--Edwd (Mary) asst foremn Fords h 1176 Argyle rd 
— Hazel tchr W D Lowe Vocational Schl r 221 Moy av 
—Jean h 412, 274 Giles blvd w 
--Phyllis r 1176 Argyle rd 
—Robt (Ella) emp Fords h 1988 Iroquois 
— Stanley (Joan) customs off Natl Rev r 1770 Pillette 

--Wm r 535 Windsor av 
— Wm J h 221 Moy av 

Carlin Catherine (wid John) r 448 Dougall av 
Carling Breweries Ltd Earl Langlois mgr 209, 29 
Park w 

— Harry V (Priscilla) bank mgr Bank of Com (100 
Ouellette av) h 951 Victoria av 
—Martha emp Champion Spark Plugs r 951 Victoria 

Carlins Loreto r 152 London e 
Carlisle Arthur (Elizth P) reporter Win Star h 240 
Giles blvd w 

—Donald (Joyce) emp Chryslers h 723 Vimy av 
— May E (wid Arthur) h 1185 Victoria av 
Carlone Carlo emp Sterling Constn r 520 Mercer 
--Carlo (Carolina) plstr h 417 Langlois 1 av 
--Constanzo emp Vets Cleaners r 674 Mercer 
—Frank (Antonette) barber William’s Barber Shop 
res LaSalle 

—John (Serafine) emp Stand Mach & Tool h 674 

Carlos John emp Fords r 1380 Cadillac 
Carlson Adolph sheet metal wks Globe Sheet Metal 
Works res Kingsville 

— Carl (Ivy) plant suprvsr Genl Fireguard Corp h 
551 Belle Isle View blvd (R’Side) 

— Chas (Anna) emp Can Steel Corp h 3606 Barrymore 

— Julius O (Alice) supt Candn Steel h 3503 Peter 
Carlton Walker (Audrey) rep Hygrade Containers Ltd 
h 830 Ouellette av 

Carlyon Edwin S (Katherine) pipe ftr Win Utilities 
Commn Water Div h 1281 Goyeau 
—Kathleen M cash Loblaws r 1281 Goyeau 
Carmen Victor C (Muriel) sis & serv Home 

Appliance Shop h 1431 Everts av (Sand W Twp) 
Carmichael Allan (Julia) emp Fords h 2141 Moy av 
— Ann studt r 44 Isabelle Pk (R'Slde) 

--David M (Jean) mgr Bank of Mont (200 Ouellette av) 
h 877 Victoria av 

— Dorothty Mrs sis elk C H Smith res R R #1 
Dougall rd 

— Elwood emp Fords r 321 Lincoln rd 
—Henry G (Mabel) h 411 Prince rd 
— Jos E (Isabelle) asst engnr City Engineers Dept 
h 450 Randolph av 

— L Dougal (Winnifred) dental surg DVA h 44 Isabelle 
PI (R'Slde) 

— Marion tchr Western Public Schl r 650 Moy av 
— N F (Frances) emp Trailmobile h 9, 285 Cameron 

--Patricia finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 4b0 
Randolph av 

Carmody Clara r 692 William (R Park) 

—Montague J (Ada) h 436 Karl PI 
Camagle Lloyd emp Inter City Trans r 516 Dougall 

Carnahan Victor P (Effie) swtchmn CPR h 1591 
Bruce av 

Carnegie Edna Mrs slsldy Bartlet Macdonald & Gow 
h 209, 444 Park w 

—Floyd (Elsie) h 1650 Westcott rd 

— 82 — 



--Frank (Edith) emp Fords h 765 Monmouth rd 
—Harry (Pauline) emp Marsh Ice & Cold Storage Co 
Ltd h 2, 891 Assumption 

—John emp Chryslers r 2507 Arthur rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Lloyd (Gladys) drvr Direct -Winters Transp r 
516 Dougall av 

—Louis (Laura) elk Ford Motor Co h 2482 Rossini 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Luella J swtchbrd opr Bartlett Macdonald & Gow 
r 209, 444 Park w 

--Patricia A elk Bank of Mont r 2482 Rossini blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Public Library 416 Victoria av Gladys Shepley 

— Robt elect Mtllen Electric Co r 217 Campbell av 
— Wm r 1650 Westcott rd 
—Wm C (Ruby) emp Chryslers h 2507 Arthur rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Carney Ann h 228 Elm av 
--Caleb R E emp Windsor Gas h 228 Elm av 
— Chas W (Jean) prod mgr McGuire Advertising r 
1482 Giles blvd e 

—Edwd (Rosary) emp Detroit h 952 Bruce av 
— Frances M h 1425 Victoria av 
— John (Mary) emp Fords h 452 Pitt w 
--Mary B r 1425 Victoria av 
Carriie Calvin (Betty) emp Fords h 790 Bruce av 
--Norma opr Motor Products Corp res Tecumseh 
Carno Audrey emp Borden Co r 1105 Goyeau 
— Thos (Ethel) trk drvr h 1105 Goyeau 
Carol Lee (Alfred & Donald Meretsky) ladies ready- 
to-wear & accessories 519 Ouellette av 
Caroline Beauty Shop (Mrs Caroline Kaput) 3166 
Sandwich w 

Carollo Pietro r 230 Strabane av 
Carom B elk CNR Frt Off r 126 Pitt e 
—Eugene M acct T J Eansor & Sons r 897 Parent av 
—Fred P (Adele) certified pub acct 232 Wyandotte e 
h 738 Elliott e 

—Freda (Carom’s Dry Goods) r 897 Parent av 
—Mary (wid Chas) h 126 Pitt e 
—Peter (Bedelia) h 897 Parent av 
--Philip P (Carom’s Dry Goods) r 897 Parent av 
— Wm G elk CNR r 126 Pitt e 
Carom’s Dry Goods (Philip & Freda Carom) 911 
Wyandotte e 

Caron Amedie (Marie L) emp Fords h 878-880 
Windsor av 

--Bernard r 880 Windsor av 

— Cyprien (Helen) header assmblr Long Mfg h 946 
St Luke rd 

—Hector (Helen) gardnr Hotel Dieu h 1235 Elsmere 

— Honore (Theresa) wldr Armson Iron Works h 1572 
Howard av 

—Jerome r 880 Windsor av 

— Laurette assmblr Somerville Ltd r 1135 Albert rd 
—Leo trk drvr Somerville Ltd h 1135 Albert rd 
--Rodger emp Somerville Ltd r 1135 Albert rd 
Carpene Anthony (Regina) emp Motor Products Corp 
h 1685 Pierre av 

— Armand (Elsie) emp Truscon Steel h 1685 Pierre 

Carpenter Alfred (Al’s Radio Service & Electrical 
Appliances) r 3721 Glendale av 
—Belle h 611 Eugene (R Park) 

— Cecilia r 611 Eugene (R Park) 

—Clara opr 'Motor Products Corp r 3721 Glendale av 
—Edwd (Jane) emp Chryslers h 3721 Glendale av 
— EHzth stenog A Whitley Ltd r 3721 Glendale av 
— Ellwood F studt r 1264 Bruce av 
—Frank (Evelyn) emp N Y Central Rly h 1526 Goyeau 
— Geo W (Jessie) emp S W & A Rly h 1407 Dougall 

--Glen slsmn Frawley Electrical Appliances Ltd r 
1407 Dougall av 

— Grant techn Candn Television Service Co r 358 
Bridge av 

—Ian M (Yvonne) emp Fords h 1020 Hickory rd 
— Jas A (Jessie) emp Fords h 1552 Albert rd 
— Jas R (Florence) emp CPR h 3, 354 Bruce av 
— John C (Florence) emp City Engineers Dept h 1746 
Arthur rd 

—June r 1264 Bruce av 

—Keith (Beverly) tchr St Ceclle Separate School h 
1633 Pierre av 

• — Lloyd F (Theresa) flremn Win Fire Dept h 1526 

--Rosalie elk Al’s Radio Service & Electrical App- 
liances r 3721 Glendale av 
—Violet Mrs h 978 Moy av 

Carpiuk Doris emp C H Smith r 615 William (R Park) 
— Geo emp Chryslers r 615 William (R Park) 

— Michailo (Ksenia) emp Candn Bridge h 615 William 
(R Park) 

Carr Alice emp Fords r 27, 1382 Ouellette av 
—Edith Mrs slsldy John F Burns r 860 Ellrose av 
--Ernest H (Ruth) mng dir Motor Products Corp h 1174 
Devonshire rd 
— Geo h 1689 Sandwich w 

— Geo W B (Sylvia) dairymn Sllverwood’s h 237 Mercer 
— H Nelson (Ruth) slsmn Bowman -Anthony h 3313 
Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Jas traffic capt Det & Can Tunnel h 752 Bridge av 
—Jas J jr emp Det & Can Tunnel r 752 Bridge av 
--John W (Blossom) h 656 Partington av 
— John W (Lillian) h 1096 Wigle av 
—Jos P (Marion) job suprvsr Hiram Walker & Sons h 
356 Eastlawn blvd (R’Side) 

—Kathleen elk Greene’s Ideal Drug Store Ltd r 752 
Bridge av 

— Langton B (Anne) emp Fords h 2, 189 Crawford av 
—Malcolm F (Evelyn) dept mgr Geo H Wilkinson Ltd 
res Essex 

— Margt A emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 826 Belle Isle 
— Michael (Margt) emp Fords h 849 Arthur rd 
—Robt (Joyce) staty engnr CIL h 2318 Parent av 
— Ronald B dairymn Borden Co r 637 Kildare rd 
--Ross (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1665 Olive rd 
--Roy C (Irene) foremn Chryslers h 17, 249 Pillette 

—Russell (Bessie) h 3628 Queen 

— Russell J trk drvr T J Eansor & Sons r 559 Pelissier 
--Sarah Mrs nurse Essex County Sanatorium h 27, 

1382 Ouellette av 

—Thos stkpr Viking Pump res R R #1 Roseland 
— Wm (Virginia) stk drvr Webster Motors (Windsor) 
h 1352 Droulllard rd 

Carrell Wm J (Isabelle) chipper Walker Metal res 
R R #1 Oldcastle 

Carrick Albt emp Truscon Steel r 979 Gladstone av 
—Alex emp Chryslers r 4877 Wyandotte e 
—John H (Bessie) clutch assmblr Long Mfg r 665 
Partington av 
— Wm h 407 Chatham e 

Carrier Antonio (Edwydge) emp Fords h 1127 Campbell 

--Florida hsekpr r 1991 Norman rd 
—Gerard (Anne) emp Chryslers h 1172 Oak av 
— Hermel (Theresa) emp Fords h 2, 873 Wyandotte e 
Carriere Albt emp Carriere' s Hardware r 1928 
Arthur rd 

—Alfred J emp S W & A Rly r 1167 Drouillard rd 
— Eli (Cecile) emp Fords h 830 Ellrose av 
—Ernest (May) emp Fords h 468 Langlois av • 

—Ernest E (Brenda) set-up man Bendix -Eclipse h 436 
Foch av 

— Gertrude tchr Holy Rosary Schl r 1167 Drouillard 

— Helen r 1146 St Luke rd 
—Henry (Rose) h 243 Drouillard rd 
— Jas A (Vivian) elk C N Exp h 2158 Highland av 
—Jos A (Helen) carp h 2389 Highland av 
—Lucia (wid Jules) h 1167 Drouillard rd 
— Melven (Mary) (Carriere’s Hardware) h 1928 
Arthur rd 

— Nancy (wid Jos) r 468 Langlois av 
—Romeo (Duveen) emp Kelsey Wheel r 436 Foch av 
—Rudy (Irene) emp Chryslers h 726 William (R Park) 
—Thos A (Lottie) emp S W & A Rly h 320 St Louis av 

Carriere’s Hardware (Melven Carriere) 3935-37 

Carrigan Chas Rev pastor Our Lady of Perpetual Help 
RC Church h 804 Grand Marais rd (R Park) 

— Elizth r 166 Pierre av 
— Elizth dom r 187 California av. 

— Elizth Mrs h 166 Pierre av 

—Kathleen opr Motor Products Corp r 166 Pierre av 
— Margt emp Baum Brody r 166 Pierre av 
— Mary opr Motor Products Corp r 166 Pierre av 
Carrington Chas K (Mary) emp Detroit h 950 Lawrence 

— Chas W (Viola) officer Customs & Excise h 3425 

—Olive E (wid Wm) emp Fords h 2192 Windermere rd 
— Susan r 2136 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Carriveau Calix (Jean) emp Detroit h 141 Frank av 

— Lenore opr Bell Tel r 141 Frank av (R’Side) 

Carroll Albt (Martha) emp Chryslers h 1104 McKay 

— Cathleen bkpr Wilfred Cooper r 8, 357 Goyeau 
— Chas (Ruth) h 1323 Moy av 
— Danl E (Rita) slsmn Silverwood's h 1974 Aubin rd 
—Edwd (Mary) punch press opr Fords h 3552 Sand- 
wich w 

Alphabetical, White Page 83 

















PHONE 4-2547 

Ice Cream 

PHONE 4-3291 

— -Ferdina r 1531 Goyeau 
— Frank emp Chryslers r 3552 Sandwich w 
— Fredk (Joan) drvr Waddell’s Sound & Radio r 3552 
Sandwich w 

— John (Geraldine) emp Burroughs Mach h 1696 
Albert rd 

— John F (Victoria) (Murphy’s Lunch) h 3417 River- 
side dr (R’Side) 

— Lawrence shpr Baum & Brody r 928 Wellington av 
--Lorna nurse Metropolitan Genl Hosp r 1323 Moy av 
— Marion r 431 Langlois av 
— Mary J stenog City Treas r 4091 Kennedy dr 

— Monique emp Big Bear Market r 964 McKay av 
— Roland (Dorothy) emp Detroit h 311 Campbell av 
—Ronald emp Chryslers r 1323 Moy av 
Carrothers Gerald W brakemn CNR r 741 California 

--Geraldine studt nurse r 741 California av 
— Jos H (Beatrice) emp CNR h 741 California av 
— Milton T (Zella) emp Fords h 1789 Aubin rd 
Carruthers Arthur B (Bessie) tchr Board of Educ 
h 1648 Benjamin av 

—Bruce (Bernice) wtr Rowson Tavern h 3, 139 
Sandwich e 

— Geo (Winifred) customs excise off Natl Rev h 372 
St Louis av (R’Side) 

— Geo & Son (Geo W Carruthers) bond dlrs 201, 76 
London w 

— Geo W (Dorothy) (Geo Carruthers & Son) h 2079 

— Gerald M (Eva) h 6, 1314 London w 
—Gordon studt r 2079 Niagara 
— Hermina Mrs emp Red Robin Dress Shop r 327 
Curry av 

— J Ewart (Mildred) mgr Fords h 20 Thompson blvd 

— Jas (Margt) emp Walkerville Breweries h 409 
Vlllaire av (R’Side) 

—John mach Viking Pump r 311 Bruce av 
—Joyce priv sec Toledo Scale r 327 Curry av 
— Leil (Tena) bus agt AFL h 333 Randolph av 
--Peggy stenog Sterling Drug r 355 McEwan av 
—Russell emp Chryslers r 751 Hall av 
— W Earl (Louise) emp Fords h 355 McEwan av 
Carry Harold J (Grace) phy Grace Hospital h 9, 1441 
Wyandotte e 

Carscallen John C (Helen) customs & excise off 
Natl Rev h 510 Crawford av 
Carshaw Porcupine Gold Mines Ltd W F Morgan -Dean 
pres, gold mining 906, 374 Ouellette av 
Carson Beverly F studt r 835 Goyeau 
— Chas T (Irene) prod mgr Hiram Walker & Sons h 
317 Askin blvd 

—Cliff wtr Erie Hotel r 1067 Erie e 
— Clifford wtr Dixie House r 1076-1080 Erie e 
— G Donald (Evelyn) phy Detroit h 2372 Chilver rd 
— Garnet (Lena) emp Chrysler h 1, 387 Partington av 
--Mabel (wld Jos H) h 2123 Pelissier 
--Rex (Grace) br sec Mutual Life of Can h 1858 
Byng rd 

— Robt (Evelyn) drftsmn Viking Pump Co h 835 

--Rodney (Yvonne) emp Somerville Ltd r 1239 

--Roy emp Can Postum r 1703 Benjamin av 
— Wm L (Helen) h 1520 Ouellette av 
Carss Robt J (Elsie) h 458 Bruce av 
Carswell Clair (Marion G) follow-up Long Mfg h 1488 
Westcott rd 

—David studt r 960 McEwan av 

— Jane r 960 McEwan av 

—Kenneth emp Bell Tel r 1674 Dufferin PI 

— Martha r 930 Windsor av 

— Mary I h 930 Windsor av 

— Milton R (Irene) slsmn Prudential Life Ins Co h 241 
Villaire av (R’Side) 

— Wm H (Ruby) emp CPR h 960 McEwan av 
Carter Acle B (Mary) emp Fords h 832 Hall av 
— Albt (Theresa) (Howe-Carter) h 1267 Bruce av 
— Albt J (Margt) h 1904 Pillette rd 
— Alfred I (Rosetta) detective sgt Police Dept h 1475 
Pillette rd 

—Alfred J elk Hiram Walker & Sons r 1475 Pillette 

—Alice h 670 St Paul (R Park) 

— Alma elev opr Norton Palmer Hotel r 617 Cataraqui 
—Arnold (Elizth) phy & surg 803 Victoria av h 1677 
Victoria av 

—Arthur maint foremn Win Utilities Commn (Hydro 
Div) h 859 London w 

—Arthur J (Lorraine) advtg sis Win Star h 6, 32 
Wyandotte w 







— Chas (Margt) h 408 Bridge av 
— Chas E slsmn Copeland's Bookstore r 2183 

Pelissier i 

—Chas W (Ellamae) adjuster Burroughs Mach r 848 >*- 
Hall av ' f* 

—Clarence (Lillian) h 961 McDougall 
— Cummings & Co Ltd H L Schade pres, H O Hopkins — 
vice-pres, H C Eastman sec-treas, pharm- 
aceutical supplies 443 Sandwich w 
—Douglas (Eleanor) emp Chryslers r 1475 Pillette 
— Edwd with Copeland’s Bookstore r 2183 Pelissier f 
--Edwd G appraiser Natl Rev (Imm ) h 467 Rosedal? — 

— Elmer (Frances) emp Fords h 972 Windsor av C< 
— Emily emp Detroit r 542 Niagara 
— Ernest (Howe-Carter) h 1781 Dominion blvd ±2,1 
(Sand W Twp) * 

— Ezra L (Grace) emp Fords h 1141 Gladstone av ( Ci 
— Fanny (wid Henry) r 1341 Windermere rd -- 

— Florence nurse Metropolitan Genl Hosp r 1475 

Pillette rd ' — 

— Frank (Howe -Carter) r 1267 Bruce av 
— Frank (Mary C) emp Fords h 1434 Marentette av 
— Geo G (Mary) sis mgr A Whitley Ltd h 2308 
Windermere * rd 

— Geo J (Pearl) wtchmn Can Auto Trim h 815 
Gladstone av 

— Georgina (wid Roy V) h 2183 Pelissier 
— Gertrude assmblr Win Steel Products r 206 
Sandwich w 

—Greta serv rep Bell Tel r 3563 Peter 
— Harry (Mary) furnacemn Alvin Apts h B10, 286 
Pitt w 

— Henry emp Fords h 486 Bruce av 
—Irene Mrs press opr Banner Metal Prod h 880 
Tecumseh blvd e 

— Jack (Shirley) emp Fords h 648 Bruce av 
— John (Lois) emp Fords h 2262 Marentette av 
— Joy emp Chryslers r 1341 Windermere rd 
—Kenneth emp Chryslers r 1091 McDougall 
— Mable r 753 Eugene (R Park) 

--Margt M (wid Alfred) h 334 Rankin av 
—Marguerite B r 334 Rankin av 
--Marie (wid Solomon) h 1032 Mercer 
--Marjorie Mrs wtrs Speedy Lunch r 206 Sandwich! - 
—Marjorie M inventory control elk J T Wing & Co ' - 
r 263 McKay av 

— Marjory L stenog Chryslers r 467 Rosedale av 
--Maud (wid Harry) h 3563 Peter 
—Maxwell (Josephine) trk drvr Hiram Walker & Sons' 
h Northway (Sand W Twp) f 

-Nellie (wid Orville J) h 94 Hanna e ! 

--Norman (Joyce) (Carter’s Flowers) h 1063 Goyeat^V" 
--Olive emp Champion Spark Plugs r 880 Tecumset f 
blvd e 

--Orville J (Marylena) tube saw opr Lon g Mfg h 243 
Jarvis av (R’Side) 

— Ralph E emp S W & A Rly r 1141 Gladstone av 1 " 
--Raymond V (Hilda) slsmn Wickhams h 1856'Durhjrw; 

Place \ c 

— Regd (Julia) asst supt Fords h 786 Hall av ’ 

— Regd (Margt) emp CNR h 1435 Lincoln rd ! ■ 

— Richd (Marguerite) emp Chryslers h 1341 Winder* ( 

mere rd ~ 

—Ruth M court reporter County Judges Office h 334^ 
Rankin av xp 

--Shirley emp Burnside Wet Wash i^aundry r 1184 e 
Mercer ■ 

— Stewart L mech TCA h 3 146 Curry av (Sand W Twp,! - 
— Thos r 248 Jarvis a v (R’Side) ) 

--Timothy h 1028 Goyeau 




--Walter (Doris) bkpr Consumers Warehouse h 263' 
McKay av 

— Wm J (Edna) statn mgr & chief engnr Western 

Ontario Broadcasting Co Ltd h 1609 Riverside! 
dr (R’Side) 

— Wm T (Sarah) h 542 Niagara 

r _ 

—Willis (Mabel) plstr h 2115 Victoria blvd (Sand W 


t - 

— Willis O (Luella) r 2133 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp| 
Carter’s Flowers (Norman Carter) florists 1063-67 I 

Goyeau 1 _ 

Carthas Dorothy tchr J E Benson Schl r 3795 Sandwto 

west \ 

Carthew Wm T (Helen) h 2550 Gladstone av j 

Cartier Arthur (Juanita) wtr East Windsor Hotel h •, , - 
1703 Olive rd f - 

—David (Cecelia) emp Chryslers h 1129 Hickory ri J . 
— Florence opr Motor Products Corp r 1129 Hickotf - 
road -‘w - 

--Harry emp Fords r 926 Janette av r 

— Ha rvey (Bemedette) foremn Fords h 966 Cadillac ^ - 







--Joffre (Gertrude) trimmer Chryslers h 1608 Westcott 

' road 

—Rita M sis elk Federal Stores r 966 Cadillac 
i — Ronald emp Fords r 966 Cadillac 
I48>-Wm (Frances) emp Fords h 717 Lauzon rd {R’Side) 
'cartlldge Douglas (Margt) emp Fords h 890 Howard 

—Earl T (Helen) elk C N Exp h 1172 Monmouth rd 
—Lome E (Inez) engnr King Edward Schl h 929 
Windermere rd 
:e ^^Cartmill Geo (Edna) foremn Parke -Davis h 915 
er f Dawson rd 

al« —Geo M (Neta) chief elk CNR Frt Office h 1268 
Gladstone av 

Cartridge Jas (Lena) carp Hein Constn h 1879 Pillette 

Cartwright Jas J (Mary) mach Chryslers Corp h 5, 

* 951 Sandwich w 

Caruana Alice M r 951 Josephine av 
’ --Bartholomew carpet wkr Excello Services h 951 
Josephine av 

’ —Frances T emp Detroit r 951 Josephine av 
>»Caruhel Earl V (Ida) mech Chryslers h 1609 Tour- 
iv angeau rd 

Caruso John emp Head Const & Supply Co Ltd r 669 

Carver Louis M (Lillie) insp Fords h 1947 Bernard 
■ road 

Casa Del Mara Apts 1338 Ouellette av 
'i^-Loma Restaurant (Geo Young) 1533 Wyandotte e 
J Casaar Larry emp Fords r 571 Dougall av 
Casagrande Alberto (Amelia) emp Woollatt Fuel & 

Supply h 829 Langlois av 

1 —Louis (Regina) emp Baldassl Con h 510 Louis av 
, — Nillo emp Central Constn r 5 10 Louis av 
-^Casanova Albina emp Hotel Dieu r 1852 Alexis rd 
r drDanl (Albina) emp Haggis h 1852 Alexis rd 
— Wm r 1292 Victoria av 

Casay Edgar A (Elizth) emp Fords h 2287 Parent av 
Cascadden Albt G (Olive) btehr Packers Meat Mkt 

* h 656 Devonshire rd 

a\ ^-Donald (Betty) emp J T Labadie h 674 Pierre av 
Donald (Marjorie) customs excise off Natl Rev 
V r 1095 Roseland dr (Roseland) 

—Elaine elk Lanspeary’s Ltd r 220 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

:hi --Fred (Pearl) emp CNR h 1087 Lillian 
o ’ — Fred emp Fords r 1087 Lillian 

C -Harry h ( basement) 446 Wyandotte w 

-Howard drvr H C Nelson Chemicals h 678 Peltssier 
' — Larry emp Fords r 1901 London w 
, . —Larry K emp Inti Playing Card r 25 Fairview blvd 

I —May r 341 Parent av 

— Morley (Grace) emp Inti Playing Card h 25 Fair- 
' i' V* view blvd (R’Side) 

--Myles emp Somerville Ltd r 1087 Lillian 
2 |j —Neil (Norma) pressmn Win Star h 4293 Wyandotte 

i --Orlando (Mabel) h 508 Elm av 
'ha'-Casclo Quiseppi (Girolama) r 728 Tuscarora 

i**Case Raymond E (Opal) vehiclemn C P Exp r Ducharme 
t av (Roseland) 

Casement Jack emp Fords r 1965 Rossini blvd 
er . —John (Mary) emp Fords h 1965 Rossini blvd 
I — Robt (Lila) mgr Toledo Scale h 1010 Bruce av 
34 Casemore Victor (Edna) wldr Fords h 925 Marlon 

^ r Casey Albt J emp Mousseau Constn Co r 1273 
Aubin rd 

-Albertine tchr Our Lady of Perpetual Help (RC) 
School r 1548 Windermere rd 
-Benjamin (Lucy) emp Fords h 1808 Albert rd 
-Cyril emp Mousseau Constn Co r 1046 St Luke rd 
-Edmund r 359 Goyeau 
-Edmund emp Fords r 1046 St Luke rd 
-Edwd (Mary) r 1808 Albert rd 
-Emile J (Albertine) emp Dominion Forge h 1548 
Windermere rd 

-Geo emp Prince Edward Hotel r 1046 St Luke rd 
-Henry J (Christine) emp Candn Bridge h 4, 1556 

Jas r 412 Prince rd 

•John (Jean) emp Fords r 437 Wyandotte w 
John (Irene) tool mkr Motor Products Corp h 2467 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

-Jos (Suzanne) emp Dominion Forge & Stamping h 
1046 St Luke rd 

-Jos (Anne E) with Casey's Tavern h 412 Prince rd 
Raymond emp Chryslers r 1046 St Luke rd 
RJchd G (Frances) mech Stan Brown Transp h 450 
Elliott e 

Robt J (Ariel) emp Arsenault Contracting h 881 
Lawrence rd 


rwpj- -- 

r .. 

t - 



67 I 



1 \ :: 
rd [ ,, • 








— Veronica typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 4, 1556 

— Wilfred J (Anne) emp Fords h 555 South 
Casey’s Hardware and Furniture (Casey Wachna) 

276 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

— Tavern John Partyka mgr, 3885 Sandwich w 
Casgrain Alice (wid Jos) r 1209 Kildare rd 
—Elizth A emp- Detroit r 2334 Chilver rd 
— F Mark (Bernadette) mgr Scarfe & Co Ltd h 2334' 
Chilver rd 

—Jos r 478 Windsor av 

Cash Frank (Mae) emp Fords h 1338 George av 
— Frank (Margt) emp Fords r 311 Bruce av 
Casino Grill (Evangelos Lambros) rest 1405 London 

Casni Cvetko (Mary) emp Sterling Products h 1657 

Caspell Wm L chief elk CNR r 240 Edward (R’Side) 
Cass Frank (Madeline) emp Chryslers h 929 McKay 

— Harry (Elizth) emp Fords h 1, 333 Chilver rd 
Cassady Edwd L (Lenora) emp Detroit h 812 Hall av 
--Robt J (Frances) studt h 4850 Seminole 
Cassan Cecil L (Elizth) linemn Win Utilities Comm 
(Hydro Div) h 1519 Prince rd 
Cassar Chas (Teresa) emp Fords h 2466 Resume rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Cassel Vernon (Mary A) roofer Meikar Roofing h 1994 
Jefferson blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Casselman Homer (Theresa) guard Essex Wire Corp 
h 1881 Alexis rd 

Cassels John D (Jean) emp Fords h 1, 30 Ellis av e 
Casserino Rena emp Rowson Tavern r 1166 Lillian 
Cassey Wm J (Marie) emp Candn Auto Trim h 1076 
Dougall av 

--Wm J (Ellen) carp Chryslers h 14, 74 Ellis av w 
Cassidy Albt J (Iris) emp Chryslers h 942 Monmouth 

--Anthony (Catherine) mach Fords h 2542 Turner rd 
— Chas (Elizth) emp Fords h 994 California av 
—Chas H (Priscilla) emp Fords h 330 California av 
—Elmer (Iva) emp Chryslers h 3, 2212 Ontario 
—Francis studt r 1194 Argyle rd 
— Fredk (Violet) paymaster L A Young Industries 
r 253 Windsor av 

—Geo (Olive) emp Fords h 505 Lincoln rd 
—Homer C emp Candn Collord Prod r 942 Monmouth 

—Jas F (Alice) (Windsor Typesetting Service) h 1194 
Argyle rd 

—Jas P sprayer Motor Products Corp r 3565 Riberdy 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

—John (Anne) emp Fords h 1, 665 Pierre av 
--Jos A (Lexie) spray pntr Candn Motor Lamp h 3137 
Melbourne av 

—Katherine E stenog Chryslers r 330 California av 
— Kenneth A serv opr National Cash Register Co of 
Can res Bruce av (South Windsor) 

— Rosslyn (wid Fred) h 2576 Rossini blvd (Sand E Twp) 
— Sylvester emp Fords r 799 Kildare rd 
—Vincent (Jean) emp Windsor Laundry h 3218 Baby 
—Viola Mrs slsldy J Anne Specialty Shop 
— Wm (Elsie) emp Fords h 1651 Aubin rd 
— Wm C app typesetter Windsor Typesetting Service 
r 1966 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 

Cassin Angelo emp Sartori & Son Constn Co r 2689 
Parent av (R Park) 

Cast Edwd F (Ruth) emp S W & A Rly h 1514 Wyandotte 

Castanier Clayton emp Kelsey Wheel r 220 Jefferson 
blvd (R’Side) 

— Frank (Rose) emp Fords h 220 Jefferson blvd 

— Norval H emp Fords r 220 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 
—Robt (Vivian) emp Fords h 1840 George av 
Castellan Lino r 457 Glengarry av 
Castellarino Isidoro emp Candn Tile & Terrazzo h 
945 Marion av 

Casterson Jas (Daisy) emp Fords h 2245 Woodlawn av 
— Jas D studt r 2245 Woodlawn av 
Castle Doreen M aud off Norton Palmer Hotel r 144 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

— Fred B (Ellen) elect Waffle’s Elect h 144 West- 
minster blvd (R’Side) 

Caston Fred (Mae) r 1810 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 
--Louis h 1810 Victoria blvd (Sand W Tw p) 
Castonguay Amedee (Matilda) wtchmn L A Young 
Industries h 1435 Benjamin av 
— Cyrias A (Margt) Customs & Excise h 731 Erie e 
— Irene emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1884 St Luke rd 
--John (Rose) emp Fords h 1884 St Luke rd 
*— Olivier P (Jeanette) gasket mkr Barco Mfg Co of 

Can h 534 St Paul (R Park) 

Alphabetical, White Page 85 



—Robt (Marlon) mach opr L A Young Industries h 
1475 Bernard rd 

--Roger (Jeannine) boiler mkr Romeo Mach Shop h 
1112 Janette av 

Caswell Jos (Ethel) (Caswell Tailors) h 770 Randolph 

--Tailors (Jos Caswell) custom tlr 373 Pelissier 
Cata Louis h 1245 McKay av 

CATALANO JOHN, (Sami J and Nova Catalano), 

Wholesale Fruits, 263 Chatham East, Phone 

Catalano Josephine r 2, 278 Josephine av 
—Nova (Marion) (John Catalano) res Detroit 
— Sami J (Lena) (John Catalano) res Detroit 
Cataldo Santia emp L A Young Industries r 630 

Catauro Mike (Rosa) emp Dom Forge r 1180 Lillian 
—Nicholas (Antonia) emp Dom Forge h 1180 Lillian 
Catellier Geo (Huguette) emp Livingston Wood Prod 
r 526 Oak av 

—Julies emp Livingston Wood Prod r 426 Oak av 
Catenacci Onorio (Mary) h 1784 Moy av 
Cater Duncan M (Bessie) plumbing & heating 2131 
Wyandotte w h 445 Sunset av 
Cates John M (Shirley) druggist Holmes Drug Store 
Ltd h 1385 Moy av 

— Manson D (Freda J) asst supt Long Mfg h 1494 
Howard av 

Cathcart Ramona nurse Board of Health h 1, 1604 

Catholic Church Goods (J Robt Charette) 455 Ouellette 
—Family Service Bureau Rev P A Mugan dir 429 

Cathrine Betty opr Motor Products Corp r 483 
Dougall av 

—John (Beverly) emp Chryslers h 1659 Olive rd 
— Richd W (Charlotte) shipping foremn Health Cooking 
Serv h 483 Dougall av 

Cathryn John emp Chryslers r 748 Assumption 
—Robt emp Chryslers r 748 Assumption 
— Thos (Eliza A) emp New York Cent ral h 748 

— Wm emp Downtown Chevrolet r 748 Assumption 
Cathy’s Confectionery (Wm Forfitt) 827 Ptllette rd 
C’atlin John (Frances) h 1234 Lincoln rd' 

—John F emp Fords r 2230 Chilver rd 
--Wm S (Elsie) chief meter reader Win Utilities 
Comm Water Div h 2230 Chilver rd 
Caton Emma Mrs wtrs Woolworths r /097 Marian av 
— Fredk W (Margt) emp Chryslers h 1059 Lena 
— Geo T (Anna) h 952 Dawson rd 
— Jas plmbr r 1152 Marion av 
Cator Betty J I teller Royal Bank r 1171 Hall av 
—Bruce W filler Stand Paint r 1171 Hall av 
— Wm C (Anne) typesetter Windsor Typesetting 
Service h 1171 Hall av 

Catramis Denis barber 177 Pitt w r 264 Janette av 
Catsman Cornelius (Adriana) emp Fords h 959 
London e 

—Isaac (Madeline) (Catsman & LeClaire) r 384 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

— & LeClaire (Isaac Catsman & Raymond LeClaire) 
serv stn 2705 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Cattai Caterina h 698 Eugene (R Park) 

— Napoleone emp Candn Battery & Bonallte Co r 698 
Eugene (R Park) 

Catton Clifford (Lorraine) emp Fords h 410$ Lauzon 
rd (R’Side) 

— Gordon A (Helen) (Acme Neon Signs) h 1427 
Rossini blvd 

Caudette Regd F lab Chryslers r 244 Cadillac 
Caughell Robt E (Doris) insp MCR h 434 Grove av 
Caughey Jas carp h 5219 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Marie emp Windsor Steel r 5219 Riverside dr 

Caughlll Emery S (Reta) h 460 Campbell av 
—Ethel r 460 Campbell av 

— Helen M stenog New York Central System r 460 
Campbell av 

Caughlin Isabel tchr Gordon McGregor Pub Schl r 904 
Lawrence rd 

Caughy Jas carp r 1534 Elsmere av 
Caullay John (Margt) h 1050 Gladstone av 
— Moira emp Bell Tel r 1050 Gladstone av 
Caunce i^ric M P (Mary) emp Fords h 69 Esdras 
"Pi' (R’Side) 

Caunt Wm A (Rose A) h 161 Cameron av 
Caurant Yves (Yvonne) r 1554 Langlois av 
Causton Henry (Daisy) foremn Kelsey Wheel r 5145 
Howard av (Roseland) 

—Ivan (Dorothy) elect L A Young Industries res 

♦Cavanagh see also Cavanaugh, Kavanagh & Kavan- 

— Floyd r 1160 Windsor av 
— Lewis emp Windsor Gas Co r 1160 Windsor av 
--Melvin H (Gladys) emp Fords h 369 McKay av 
--Percy (Judith) emp Windsor Gas h 1160 Windsor 

— Ruth nurse r 1160 Windsor av 
♦Cavanaugh see also Cavanagh, Kavanagh & Kavan- 

— Alfred D (Jane) emp Loblaws h 1278 Campbell av 
— Chas (Audrey) emp Elmwood Hotel h 1724 Cadillac 
—Daisy E Mrs typist C Hinton & Co r 468 Bridge 

— Jas assmblr L A Young Industries res LaSalle 
—Jos (Eva) r 242 Chatham w 

—Ludger (Marie) emp S W & A Rly h 514 Bridge av 
— M D h 3, 1534 Ouellette av 
— Robt J (Ellen) consul United States Consulate h 
1127 Victoria av 

--Wm trk drvr Great Lakes Die Casting res La- 

Cavanough Mary A slsclk C H Smith r 709 Devonshire 
Cavasin Frank H (Esther) emp Downtown Chev & 

Olds h 3661 Bloomfield rd 

Cave Alvin E emp S W & A Rly res R R #1 Tecumseh 
—Ernest E (Annie) emp OIL h 1196 Felix av 
— G Allen (Evelyn) off in charge Advisory Board on Air 
Pollution Windsor Lab of the Technical Int 
Joint Commn r 529 Victoria av 
--Harry A (Madeline) med dir Sterling Drug h 3050 
Alexander blvd 

—Joyce emp OIL r 1196 Felix av 
—Joyce stenog Royal Bank of Canada res R R #1 

—Kenneth tool mkr Genl Motors r 1881 Pillette rd 
—Lawrence W (Elinor) toolmkr Fords h 1881 Pillette 

—Mary emp Precision Tool r 1196 Felix av 
— Wm E (Mary) emp Detroit h 948 Curry av 
— Wm E (Doreen) ftremn CIL h 862 Francois Court 
Caven Roy W (Hazel) slsmn Borden Co h 863 Marentette 

Ca vender Lillian (wid Wm) h 271 Crawford av 
— Verlie Mrs off Peerless Walkervllle Cleaners h 
1708 Benjamin av 

Cavers Anne E stenog Railway & Power Engrg Corp 
r 827 Giles blvd e 

Caverzan Umberto (Mary) emp Dinsmore Constn h 
928 Langlois av 

Cayea Emma (wid Frank H) r 3177 Donnelly 
—Frank D r 660 McKay av 
— Joyce H M acctng elk Walsh Advertising r 660 
McKay av 

—Laura (wid Frank) h 660 McKay av 
Cayer Lillian h 274 Windsor av 
—Roger (Gabrielle) emp Fords h 879 Elliott e 
Cayne Frank emp General Motors h 3, 532 Church 
Cayton Jack W r 2290 Fraser av 
Caza Achllle (Catherine) emp Chryslers h 1965 Ell- 
rose av 

— Agnes tchr St Jos Elem Schl r 312 Reedmere av 

— Armond (Elizth) emp Dom Forge h 1060 Lillian 
—Beatrice suprvsr Hiram Walker & Sons r 793 Hall 

— Blanche elk Sami Johns r 867 Sandwich e 
— Elizth assmblr Somerytlle Ltd r .1060 Lillian 
—Frank X (Maria) wldr Motor Products Corp h 2451 
Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Geo wldr Candn Bridge res Belle River 
— Gerald drvr Bennett’s Superior Pies r 2451 
Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

— Harvey emp Ford Motor Co r 2451 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Jack emp Fords r 1060 Lillian 
— Janet emp Chryslers r 1060 Lillian 
— Jos (Blanche) emp Chryslers h 260 Reedmere av 

— Jos L h 2011 Ford Blvd (Sand E Twp) 

--Lily opr Motor Products Corp r 2451 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Lionel (Stella) emp Purity Dairies h 1587 Ford 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Louise (wid Alfred) h 793 Hall av 
--Lucille elk Langlois Market r 2451 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Marie A emp Hotel Dleu r 3437 Askin blvd 
--Nelson R floormn Sterling Drug res Belle River 
—Nora fabricator McCord Corp r 793 Hall av 
—Pearl emp Budget Directors Dept City of Windsor 
h 6, 1287 Moy av 

—Raoul A (Edna) ice slsmn Win Ice & Coal h 555 
Gladstnnp »v 

— 86 — 



--Ray (Theresa) emp Fords h 28 Frank av (R’Side) 
—Rene H (Hazel) foremn Bendix -Eclipse res 

--Stella Mrs sec Roger J DesRosiers res Belle 

—Victor (Dorilda) emp Chryslers h 312 Reedmere 
av (R’Side) 

— Wm (Stella) elect Hall Electric res Belle River 
Cazabon Jos emp Chryslers r 1261 Curry av 
Cazelais Wilfred (Margt) emp Fords h 2, 609 
Ouellette av 

Cazzola John L (Elizth) shpr Coca-Cola h 1479 
Windsor av 

— M Joyce stenog Hiram Walker & Sons r 325 
Wellington av 

—Norman (Joyce) emp Chryslers h 325 Wellington 

Ceasar Elsie emp General Foods Ltd r 1024 

Cebrynski Harry (Jennie) (Harry’s Food Market) h 
1523 Langlois av 

Cecchetto Gino (Antonia) r 251 Tuscarora 
— Gino (Natalina) emp Cross Supplies & Paving 
r 905 Langlois av 

Cecco Luigi (Albina) emp Barbesin Plasterers h 924 
Chatham e 

Cechetto Frank emp Bruce De Santi r 905 Langlois av 
C echini Nick emp Fords r 891 Louis av 
Cecil Wilfred (Viola) emp Gotfredsons h 693 Brant 
Cecile Adelaide r 956 Pierre av 
— Albemy r 395 Janette av 

— Alex (Philomene) foremn Town of Riverside h 39 
Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

— Alfred emp Chryslers h Chappelle (R’Side) 

—Archie emp Chryslers r 39 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

— Armand r 3411 Wyandotte (R’Side) 

— Arsene (Delphine) assmblr Chrylsers h 53 
Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

—Audrey J emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 335 Home- 
dale blvd (R’Side) 

—Carl mach Windsor Machine & Stamping Ltd res 
Little River 

—Clarence E (Emily) delivery boy Allan’s Market 
h 14, 1441 Wyandotte e 
— Dolphus (Florida) h 137 St Paul av (R’Side) 

—Doris J stenog Candn Admiral Sis r 335 Homedale 
blvd (R’Side) 

—Dorothy off elk Chryslers r 211 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 
—Edgar G elk Hiram Walker & Sons r 39 Lauzon rd 

—Edmund J (Lena) (Riverside Hardware & Electric) 
r 535 Homedale blvd (R’Side) 

—Eileen cash Tor Genl Trusts r 211 Lauzon rd 

— Eugene (Elizth) emp White Constn h 3425 Clairview 
av (R’Side) 

—Flora (wid Geo) h 317 Langlois av 
—Frank r 655 London w 

— Geraldine stenog Essex Wire Corp r 39 Lauzon rd 

— Lawrence (Edna) emp S W & A Rly h 1869 West- 
minster (Sand E) 

—Leonard (Louise) (Cecile Service) h 215 St Paul 
av (R’Side) 

— Mildred sis elk Woolworths res R R #2 Tecumseh 
--Omer J (Rose) pollcemn Chryslers h 211 Lauzon 
rd (R’Side) 

—Paul I (Marguerite) agt Prudential Ins res Tecumseh 
—Service (Leonard Cecile) gas serv stn 3341 Wyan- 
dotte (R’Side) 

—Walter H (Mildred) emp Chryslers h 211 St Paul 
av (R'Side) 

Cecile’s Snack Bar (Mrs Adelaide Cecile) 3335 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Cedar Clarence caretkr St Joseph’s Schl res R R #2 

—Leo (Rita) (DeLuxe Barber Shop) res R R #2 Tec- 

Cefal Larry emp Prince Edward Hotel h 284 Chatham 

Ceisluk Anthony (Frances) emp General Motors h 1715 
Elsmere av 

Celotto Beno (Louise) (Beno’s Barber Shop) h 1462 
Wyandotte w 

Ceman John (Susie) iron pourer Walker Metal Products 
res R R #1 Kingsville 
Cena Jos emp Fords r 1514 Howard av 
Cenfonte Francissco h 327 Janette av 
Cennemo Peter (Jean) emp CIL h 1784 Labadie rd 
Centa Betty N opr Motor Products Corp r 1721 St 
Luke rd 

—John (Mary) pntr h 1721 St Luke rd 

Center Abraham (Rose) (Center Produce) h 591 

Pine w 

— Israel (Molly) (Center Produce) h 2240 Dougall av 
— Produce (Abraham , Israel & Sam Center) 225-229 
Chatham e 

—Sam (Elaine) (Center Produce) h 1025 Bruce av 
Central Auto Sales (E J Belleperche, Jacob Katzman) 
used cars 638 Wyandotte e 
—Bakery (Walter Uzdillo) 665 Glengarry av 
--Beauty Supply (Norman H Sinclair & Robt G Cohen) 

134 Wyandotte e 

--Car Mart Ltd (Claude M Parker) used cars 772 
Ouellette av 

— Contractors (Gino Maniacco & Albt Faoro) 926 
South Pacific av (R Park) 

— Furniture Co (Max Horn) 1389 Wyandotte e 
— Garage & Body Works Co (John & Mike Gapa) 
blacksmiths 452 Brant 
— Gospel Mission 3586 Seminole 
— Grocery (Nick Mirozolin) 1129 Drouillard rd 
— Hardware (Adam Wallace, H Claude Dafoe & Earl B 
Dafoe) 56 Pitt w 

— Mortgage & Housing Corp R L Mersey br mgr Natl H 
Housing Act Mortgages 1109 Wigle br off 2117 
Forest av, Field Office 1524 Labadie rd 
—Plumbing (John P Band) (rear)* 178 Janette av 
— Shoe Repair (Mary Nemeth & Sam Milosev) 1525 
London w 

—United Church Rev Henry Mick minister 623-38 
Ouellette av 

Centre Theatre J Hooper mgr 4904 Wyandotte e 
Cepaitis Jos emp Fords h 304, 609 Ouellette av 
Cerchie Antonio (Olanda) emp Walker Metal h 486 
Windsor av 

— Ulisse emp Walker Metal h 672 McKay av 
Cerget Anthony (Helen) emp Candn Bridge h 1814 
Tourangeau rd 

—Ignace (Anna) emp Fords h 1487 Westcott rd 
--Jos drftsmn Truscon Steel r 1487 Westcott rd 
--Julius (Jessie) emp Fords h 1434 Westcott rd 
Cerneant Geo (Mary) oven unloader Walker Metal h 
1222 Pierre av 

Cervenak John (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1661 Factoria 
Ceshan August (Julia) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1706 Parent 

—Julia M stenog Chryslers r 1706 Parent av 
— Michl emp Chryslers r 1706 Parent av 
Ceschin John (Ida) brklyr h 1443 Pillette rd 
— Primo r 1443 Pillette rd 
Chabak John emp Candn Bridge r 856 Brant 
Chaborek Amiel (Josephine) emp Fords h 1126 Marlon 

— Eugene J (Mary) suprvsry 1 c PO h 2319 Lillian 
—Michl (Victoria) emp Chryslers h 1480 Benjamin av 
—Michl (Pauline) slsmn Bonds Clothes Shop h 1480 
Benjamin av 

--Stephen (Marcelline) emp Chryslers h 2315 Lillian 
—Walter lcPOr 1480 Benjamin av 
Chabot Fortunat emp Fords r 2, 2682 Richmond 
— Idola (Denise) opr Motor Products Corp h 2, 2682 

— Irene r 3518 Mulford Court 

— Jos R (Irene) motormn C N Exp h 3518 Mulford Crt 
Chabradi Pete emp Dom Forge r 1552 Pierre av 
Chach Paul (Mary) emp Fords h 472 Tuscarora 
Chadala Constance emp Blue Bird Confy r 1342 
Langlois av 

—Stanley (Stephanie) (Blue Bird Confectionery) h 
1342 Langlois av 

— Zymunt emp Hydro r 1342 Langlois av 
Chadbourne Thos S (Evelyn) yardmn Confed Coal & Coke 
h 605 Tournier 

Chadd Fred C (Anna) emp StokelyVan Camp h 2053 
Pillette rd 

—Walter B (Doris) druggist Pond’s Drug Stores h 303, 
1361 Assumption 

Chadole Ralph emp Fords r 1430 Albert rd 
Chadwell Douglas (Doris) emp Parke -Davis h 1974 
Arthur rd 

— Jas (Annie) malnt dept Fords h 1336 Dufferin PI 
Chadwick Fredk paint rm Motor Products Corp res 

— Gordon (Marjorie) emp Fords h 1397 Rossini blvd 

— Horace H (Catheline) emp Fords h 549 Aylmer av 
— J D’Arcy (Grace) genl mgr Armson Iron Works h 
4147 Riverside dr 

— John (Bernice) emp Francis Lorenzon r 2019 
Lorraine av 

—Marjorie Mrs hsekpr r 716 Bridge av 
—Phyllis slsldy C H Smith r 1853 St Luke rd 
— Sam emp Fords r 1765 St Luke rd 
—Susan M (wid Chas H) h 2019 Lorraine av 
— T Walter (Doris) plmbr’s hlpr Robinson Plumbing 
res R R #1 River Canard 

— Wm expert floor sanding 2352 Forest av h same 

Alphabetical, White Page 87 


AMHERSTBURG and four branches in WINDSOR 

Branche. and Agents at all principal point, in Canada, U.S.A. and Abroad. 


Chaffin Thos (Daisy) emp Burroughs Adding Machine 
h 657 Cameron av 
—Virginia r 657 Cameron av 

Chaisson Loretta emp Tea Garden Rest r 585 Chatham 

Chakmak Alexandra mgrss Brown’s Silk Shoppe r 
1712 Drouillard rd 

— Bojanna stk elk Brown’s Silk Shoppe Ltd r 1712 
Drouillard rd 

—Louie slsmn r 1712 Drouillard rd 
-Ray (Helen) emp Fords h 1712 Drouillard rd 
Chalcraft Harold (Florence) shpr National Grocers h 1086 
Janette av _ 

— Harvey (Catherine) emp Fords r 2936 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Richd (Gladys) sect foremn CPR h 2936 Walker rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Challk Frank emp Cumming Wrecking Co Ltd r 310 
Glengarry av 

--Steve emp Essex Packers Ltd r 350 Glengarry av 
Challans Geo maint Win Arena h 905 Wyandotte e 
—Jack R (Sophie) trk drvr Inti Cartage h 772 Langlois 

Challen Edwd (Audrey) storage supt Lazare’s Furs r 
772 Tecumseh blvd e 
— Jas (Martha) h 751 Patricia rd 
—Sydney (Vera D) stk elk Fords h 849 Lawrence rd 
Challoner Helen emp Bell Tel r 407 Hall av 
— Jas (Audrey) emp Chryslers h 1323 Rossini blvd 
Chalmers Bros (Stuart & Ronald Chalmers) serv 
stn & garage 92 Erie e 

—Donald (Chalmers Bros) res St Clatr Shores Mich 
-Fred (Joan) mach opr Fords h 2347 Marentette av 
—Jean sec Robinson Plumbing r 1247 Gladstone av 
-Joan elk Jas E Spence Si Sons r 2347 Marentette av 
—Stuart (Theresa) (Chalmers Bros) h 895 Jos Jantsse 
avenue , 

— United Church Donald DeMille minister 897 Winder- 
mere rd 

— Wm (Jessie) emp Genl Motors h 1247 Gladstone av 
Chalmonsky Vendel (Katerine) emp Chryslers h 1033 

Chaloupka Jos (Agnes) (Joe’s Lunch) h 1627 Alexis rd 
Chalupiak Danl (Ann) emp Fords h 1035 Elsmere av 
Chalus Roselena (wid Geo) h 2903 Lloyd George blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Chalut Dorothy h 578 Church _ , . 

— Michl A (Laurentla) hoist mech Phil Wood Industries 
h 1950 Arthur rd 

Chambe Fred C (Eulalia) emp Fords h 1029 Chilver 

—Louis (Atleen) metal pattern mkr Walker Metal 

h 333 Elm av ... 

Chamber Ann emp College Soda Bar r 981 Bridge av 
Chamberlain Aubrey E (Theresa) emp Fords h 341 

—Benoit J (G C & G Enterprises) h 3, 435 Sandwich e 
—Ivory (Mildred) wldr Gotfredsons h 209 Glidden av 

— John (Mildred) emp Fords h 1435 Francois rd 
Chambers Alex emp Fords h B17, 280 Pitt w 
-Camilla Mrs r 559 Pellssler 

— Douglas (Mavis) elect Elmwood Hotel h 506 Winder- 
mere rd . . . 

—Edith studt r 1729 Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

—Ernest D (Lottie) mech Det Si Can Tunnel h 1549 

—Eva h 263 Tuscarora 
—Fred W (Ann) emp Fords h 981 Bridge av 
—Gordon (Janty) emp Fords h 709 Bridge av 
—Harold J A (Madeline) pres St genl mgr Stand Mach 
& Tool Co Ltd h 1729 Riverside dr (R’Slde) 

— Jamlma h 3, 1271 McDougall 
-June elk stenog Bd of Education r 445 Chatham w 
-Lucy (wtd Moses) h 2133 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 
--Mary r 469 Hall av . , co1 „ . 

—Michl (Mary) (Snowden & Chambers) h 321 Fora 
blvd (R’Side) ^ _ „ 

—Nelson J (Mary) emp Fords h 1549 York 
—Ray E (Yvonne) treas Si genl mgr Yellow Cab Co of 
Windsor Ltd h 1327 Church 
-Ronald P finishing dept opr Sterling Drug r 1549 

Stewart (Joyce) suprvsr Fords h 2342 Moy av 


— Wm die set up Si grp leader McCord Corp h 1137 

Monmouth rd 

Chamko Michl (Annie) emp Fords h 1482 Westcott rd 
—Steve (Sylvtna) lab Win Utilities Comm (Hydro Div) 
h 1610 Olive rd 

Champ Arthur W (Leila) emp Detroit h 1118 Howard 

Champagne n Aime A (Alda) 1 c PO h 1012 Hickory rd 
—Alex (Clara) mach Truscon Steel h 664 Pierre av 

—Anne r 664 Pierre av 

—Baity emp Fords r 1074£ St Luke rd 
— Cectle assmblr Somerville Ltd r 1279 Westcott rd 
-Edgar (Champagne Electrical Refrigeration) h 226 
Pitt e 

-Edwd (Mabel) elect Fords h 934 Maisonville a v 

Electrical Refrigeration (Edgar Champagne) 230 

Pitt e 

—Elmer J (Josephine) foremn Chryslers h 309 Prado 
PI (R’Slde) 

— Geo (Jennie) emp Fords h 1350 Cadillac 

Guy emp Ambassador Taxi Cab r 1012 Hickory rd 

—Henry drvr Fords r 934 Maisonville av 
-Lawrence emp Fibre Products r 811 London e 
—Leo H (Georgina) lab Kelsey Wheel h 2, 61 Sandwich 

— Luclen r 143 Aylmer av 

— ovtla (Patricia) wtchmn Hiram Walker Si Sons h 
3147 Tecumseh blvd w (Sand W Twp) 

—Paul (Fernande) emp Kelsey -Wheel r 143 Aylmer 

— Wllbrod (Lumtna) h 143 Aylmer av 
— Wm (Helen) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 959 Albert 

Champaigne Frank (Cecile) emp Fords h 1279 West- 
cott rd 

—Gerald emp Fords r 975 Albert rd 
Champaux Agnes hsekpr r 641 Chatham e 
Champeau Rose M (wid Louis F) h 642 Duffertn PI 
Champion Jas (Vera) slsmn Bill’s Cigar Shop h 1703 
Langlois av 

—Spark Plug Co of Can Ltd C A Speers genl mgr, 

1624 Howard av 

Chan Bong (East Windsor Cafe) h 2925 Sandwich e 
--Bros Laundry (Lee Tong Si Jin Foon) 269 Wyandotte 

--Foon mgr Dominion Cafe h 1020 Drouillard rd 
—Sam (Maple Leaf Restaurant) r 658 Dougall av 
Chance Jos (Olive) h 15, 435 Dougall av 
--Ted vice -pres Original Club Inc #3 res Detroit 
Chandler Arthur h 1594 Mark (Sand W Twp) 

—Audrey J dental asst Arthur L Meredith r 372 
Westminster blvd (R’Side) 

-Coal Co (Ivor G Chandler) 1402 Crawford av 
— Fredk W (Lily) emp Chryslers h 372 Westminster 
blvd (R’Slde) 

—Harry emp Fords r 1636-38 Drouillard rd 
-Ivor G (Ivy) (Chandler Coal Co) res Roseland 
—Virginia emp United Cigar Store r 1452 Tourangeau 

Chang Lee Kwang emp Dom Cafe r 1020 Drouillard rd 
Chantk John vlce-pres Penn-Ada Petroleum Co Ltd 
res Detroit , , _ 

Chanko Helen Mrs h 2358 Alexis rd (Sand E TWp) 

— Otto trk loader Coca-Cola r 2358 Alexis rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Channon Courtney (Thelma) emp Chryslers h 931 
Partington av 

Chant Stanley emp Fords r 271 Crawford av 
—Stanley (Phyllis) emp Fords h 458 Partington av 
Chante-Lyndon emp General Motors r 3, 954 Ottawa 
Chantler Jas N (Wlnnifred) customs excise off Natl 
Rev h 368 McKay av 

Chantry Frank J (Nellie) pntr Hiram Walker Si Sons 
h 117 Villaire av (R’Slde) 

Chapelle Myles G (Rita) elk Dom Bank h 1337 Wyan- 
dotte (R’Side) . 

Rita priv sec Leepo Machine Products Ltd r 133 / 

Wyandotte (R’Stde) 

Chapelo Dtmetro emp Fords r 1400 Cadillac 
Chaperon Alex (Pamela) slsmn Win Ice Si Coal Co 
h 313 Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

—Ellen emp Htram Walker Si Sons r 313 Lauzon rd 

Chapleskl Elphedge emp Hotel Dieu r 1020 Gladstone^ 

- 88 — 






—Mary (wld Anthony) h 1020 Gladstone av 
—Ronald emp Fords r 1020 Gladstone av 
Chapim Frank h 2, 954 Ottawa 

Chapla Matthew (Pauline) emp Fords h 1668 Elsmere 

— Walev T (Katherine) emp Fords h 1627 Langlols av 
Chaplain Maxwell H (Nellie) carp h 221 Thompson 
blvd (R’Side) 

Chaplan Frank (Matilda) insp Colonial Tool h 1682 
Marentette av 

Ohapleau Eugene (Georgina) emp Chryslers r 764 
London e 

—Homer (Annette) emp Chryslers r 764 London e 
Chaplin Conrad (Barbara) toolmkr Fords r 1108 
Drouillard rd 

Chaplinski Helen (wid Stanley) h 1108 Drouillard rd 
—Henry r 1108 Drouillard rd 
Chapman Albt E (Ada) h 1460 Pierre av 
—Alfred (Marjorie) emp General Motors h 1320 

—Alice Mrs (Chapman’s Beauty Shop) h 211, 131 
Wyandotte w 

— All,an W (Edna) gas serv stn 1691 Ouellette av 
h 1127 Louis av 

—Allen B (Emma) emp Fords h 1559 Elsmere av 
—Anne A bkpr L McGill Allan Ltd r 1460 Pierre av 
—Arthur J (Martha) h 1326 Gladstone av 
—Arthur W (Florence) (Chapman Bros) h 1058 
Bruce av 

—Bertha (wld Chas) h 3385 Sandwich w 
—Bros (L E & Arthur W Chapman) meats & gro 
229-231 Pitt e 

—Carol studt r 1058 Bruce av 

—Chas (Bessie) slsmn Borden Co res R R #2 Maid- 


— Wm (Mable) emp Can Auto Trim h 239 Crawford av 
— Wm (Winnifred) emp Backstay Standard h 444 
Glidden av (R’Side) 

— Wm (Georgette) emp Fords h 963 McKay av 
— Wm tool mkr Motor Products Corp r 93 Bartlett 
dr (Roseland) 

Chapman’s Beauty Shop (Mrs Alice Chapman) 28, 137 
Ouellette av 

Chappeis Eileen elk Charlton’s Pharmacy res La- 

Chappell Alex A (Marvel) emp Fine Foods h 887 
Howard av 

—Betty E emp Fords r 857 Lawrence rd 
—Chas emp Fords r 283 Gladstone av 
—Cliff (Winn) emp Fords r 938 Curry av 
— Fredk C V (Betty) off Customs & Excise h 1735 
Tourangeau rd 

—Gordon (Laura) store mgr LaSalle Lead Products 
Ltd h 241 Ford blvd (R’Side) 

— Gordon app Nicholls & Nicholls r 1060 Oak av 
— Horace (Cora) car insp NYC h 1060 Oak av 
—las N (Bernice) chemist Fords h 895 Elliott e 
—las S (Lily) mach Fords h 857 Lawrence rd 
Chappie Elmer L (Helen) emp Walker Metal Products 
h 10, 1469 Ottawa 

—Ernest (Rachel) buffer Fords h 804 London w 
Chappus Albt (Ottawa Cycle Shop) res LaSalle 
--Albt 1 (Marie) tool desgnr Bendix-Ecllpse res 
LaSa lie 

—Claire kitchen hlpr St John The Evangelist Home 
for the Aged r 2904 Sandwich w 
—Marie M typist Long Mfg res LaSalle 
— Richd (Germaine) emp Fords h 278 Marentette av 
— Thos (Marie) trk drvr Bondy Cartage h 3854 


—Chas C (Beverly) agt M e tro Life res R R #1 
Bruce av 

—Chas E S rep Diamond Specialty Ltd res LaSalle 
—Chas T piano tuner h 451 Bruce av 
—Daisy Mrs emp Metro Stores r 451 Pelissler 
—Diana studt r 834 Riverside dr(R’Stde) 

—Donald opr Motor Products Corp res Essex 
--Douglas emp N Y Central Rly h 825 Bruce av 
— Edwd emp Fords r 907 Bridge av 
— Elsa E Mrs priv sec Stand Mach & Tool res La- 

—Fred (Noreen) emp Bell Tel h 1894. Ellrose av 
— Fred (Florence) emp Fords h 1430 Labadie rd 
—Geo (Edith) emp NYC h 914 Elm av 
—Geo E (Helen) tchr Hon W C Kennedy Coll Inst h 1544 

Connaught rd 

Chapron Helen M emp Hiram Walker Si Sons r 313 
Lauzon rd (R’Side) 

Chapski Dmitro (Helen) emp Fords h 940 Windsor av 
Chaput Chas (Dorlna) emp Chryslers h 1244 Hickory 

—Cyril r 1244 Hickory rd 

—Doris emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1244 Hickory rd 
— Dorothy assmblr McCord Corp r 1244 Hickory rd 
—Frank (Bertha) emp Fords h 1160 Marion av 
—Josephine maid Norton Palmer Hotel r 971 Pierre 

—Rudolph (Monica) slsmn Scales & Roberts Ltd 
h 4, 3421 Wyandotte e 
— Rudolph emp DeLisle Ice & Coal Co 
—Yvonne Mrs Inspectress housekeeping dept Norton 

Dufferin PI 

—Geo H (Leona) (Chapman Market) h 971 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

— Harris (Edna) emp Fords h 313 Eastlawn av (R’Side) 
— Isabel elk Farrell’s Pharmacy r 914 Elm av 
— Jack (Marjory) btehr Chapman Market h 1365 Oak 

— Jane (wid Edwd) h 1548 Albert rd 

--Jean typist Russel A Farrow Ltd r 914 Elm av 

— L (Dupuis Market) 

— LeGrand D (Mary) emp Detroit h 1085 Bruce av 
— Lorson E (Lorraine) (Chapman Bros) h 3101 Byng 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

— M Clea r 1085 Bruce av 

--Market (Geo H Chapman) gro & meats 969 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

—Mary E J (wid Sidney) hsekpr r 1215 McKay av 
—Melvin (Yvette) emp Backstay Standard h 1966 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

— Nettle r 907 Bridge av 

—Owen R (Edna) (Whiteside, Coughlin & Chapman) h 
1565 Pierre av 

—Percy H (Dixie M) vice -pres & genl mgr Long Mfg 
Co Ltd h 834 Riverside dr (R’Side) 

— Robt (Joan) emp Godfredsons h 461^ Janette av 
— Robt J jr (Jennie) emp Candn Bridge h 1895 
Olive rd 

— Robt J (Frances) emp Candn Bridge h 1270 Parent 
—Ruby hrdrsr Paris Beauty Shoppe res Amherstburg 
— Sophie hsekpr r 3803 Glendale av 
—Thos (Cathie) emp Chryslers h 1st, 11, 308 Randolph 

—Violet registrar Bulmer Business College r 3385 
Sandwich w 

Palmer Hotel h 814 Marion av 
Charboneau Clare court elk Juvenile Court r 380 
Caron av 

— Edwd J trk drvr Brewers Wrehse r 380 Caron av 
— Malvina (wid Louis) h 380 Caron av 
Charbonneau Alfred (Anna) emp Fords h 431 Curry 

--Alphonse (Olive) emp Fords r 587 Chippewa 
—Anna Mrs h 359 Wellington av 
— Arthur jr emp Art’s Market r 1156 Mercer 
— Arthur J (Irene) (Art’s Market) h 1156 Mercer 
— Audrey billing typist CGE r 1156 Mercer 
—Ben (Agnes) emp Fords h 789 California av 
— Bernard (Lise) mgr Polarmat Ltd h 1028 Dawson 

— Clifford (Annie) emp Genl Motors h 3381 Peter 
— Cordelia dressmkr h 4, 130 Elliott w 
—Cyril R (Mary) attdt Dept Transp -Aviation Dlv 
h 665 Pelissler 

—Donald druggist The Dispensary r 359 Wellington av 
--Donna elk Sandwich Provisions r S483 Peter 
—Earl (Stella) emp CIL h 861 Marion av 
— Elysses (Nellie) emp CIL r 3483 Peter 
—Geo (Hilda) stk hndlr Long Mfg h 1304 Central av 
— J Ovide (Marie) h 358 Louis av 
—Jacqueline r 1028 Dawson rd 
—Jerome studt r 835 Jos Janisse av 
Charbonneau John elk Meretsky Furn Store r 476 Giles 
blvd w 

—John (Margt) emp Windsor Packers h 817 Niagara 
—Leon (Marilda) emp Fords h 835 Jos Janisse av 
—Louis drvr Veteran Cab Co res La Salle 
--Muriel emp Win Lndry r 753 Josephine av 

Alphabetical, White Page 89 



! I I 

If | 1 

Itli ‘ 

hV I 1 


—Nancy Mrs r 395 Gladstone av 


— INcUl^y iviio a 

--Paul servmn Polarmat Ltd r 1028 Dawson rd 
— Robt studt r 431 Curry av 
—Rose (wid Jerry) h 3483 Peter 
—Rose-Marie bkpr Rivard Clnrs r 359 Wellington av 
—Rudolph emp Chryslers r 1543 Howard av 
—Stanley J tchr St Genevieve (RC) Schl r 359 
Wellington av 

—Terrance (Ada) emp Fords h 664 Argyle rd 

Thos emp Woolworth's r 359 Wellington av 

Vivien elk Sandwich Provisions r 3483 Peter 

--Wilfred J (Gertrude) emp Fords h 104, 286 Pitt w 
— Wm emp Fisher's Flowers r 395 Gladstone ay 

Wm (Alma) grinder Fords h 1421 Francois rd 

—Yvonne emp Bell Tel r_1421 Francois rd 
Chard Lorraine emp A H Bolton r 915 Dougall av 
—Mildred Mrs h 915 Dougall av 
— Wm (Myrta) supt Murphy Paint h 469 Hall av 
Charest Adelard (Helen) emp Fords h 1059 Lillian 
—Alphonse (Yvonne) (Al's Grocery Store) h 622 South 
— Roland wrapper Can Bread r 622 South 
Charette Arthur emp CPR r 875 Ouellette av 
—Boyd (Mary) drvr Overland Exp h 2312 Louis av 
—Clifford r 120 Clover (R'S Ide) 

—Clifford emp Norge Oil Heating Co r 720 HUdegarde 
(R Park) 

-Delia nurse r 1636 Victoria av 
—Earl (Claire) blowing mach opr Walker Metal h 120 
Louis av 

--Earl (Clara) emp Walker Metals h 120 Louis av 
—Edmond (Stella) emp Chryslers h 3528 Queen 
— Edwd (Rachael) mach Chryslers h 2429 Francois rd 
(Sand E Twp) , „ 

—Eleanor M A elk Bank of Mont res RR#1 McGregor 
-Ernest emp Hotel Dieu r 2429 Francois rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Francis (Doreen) emp Fords h 3804 Matchette rd 
—Frank (Ida) emp Fords h 240 Louis ay 
—Gordon (Eva) emp Chryslers h 120 Clover (RSide) 
--Gordon emp Chryslers h 720 HUdegarde (R Park) 
—Hector (Helen) pekr Si chkr Motor Products Corp 
r 3804 Matchette rd 

-Helen shpr Helen Tackle Co of Can r 3804 Matchette 

— HUton J (Margt) mach opr Fords h 333 Goyeau 
— Isaie (Yuolande) sand mixer Walker Metal h 451 
Indian rd 

— J Robt (Catholic Church Goods) res River Canard 

John J (Evelyn) drvr Overland Exp r 972 Bruce av 

--Mary Mrs bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1227 Wigle 
avenue „ „ „ 

—Rudolph (Pearl) emp Chryslers h 1639 Felix ay 
— RusseU (Marie) emp Fords h 575 Capitol (R Park) 
—Sami (Doris) die set up & group leader McCord 
Corp res RR#1 Windsor 

—Theresa emp Giroux 5? to $1.00 Store res River 

—Veronica bkpr Checker Cab res McGregor 

Wilbert (Carrie) mach Ryan Constn h 3556 Peter 

—Wilfred r 1525 Elsmere av 

CHARIS OF WINDSOR, Mrs Florence Groombrldge 

Proprietor, Adjustable Foundation Garments, 
Girdles and Brassieres, 472A Pellssler, Phone 

Charko Michl (Margt) dockman Consolidated Truck 
Lines h 1095 Elm av 

Char-La-Mar Beauty Salon (Martha McCafferty 81 
Charlotte Koehler) 204, 327 Ouellette av 
Charlebois Anita Mrs fabricator McCord Corp 
res Calvert's Corners 

— Aurelien (Barbara) emp Fords h 936 Goyeau 
— AureUe carp r 978 Wyandotte w 
— Chas r 292 Windsor av 

—Harvey emp Fords r 1734 Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Jeanne (wld Raymond) emp Assumption College h 

248 Rankin av 

— Joffre emp Fords r 1167 Hickory rd 
— John (Clemence) h 1824 Westcott rd 
—Raymond A (Pauline) assembly Burroughs Mach 
h 2, 1080 DrouUlard rd 

— Rlchd emp Campus Recreation r 248 Rankin av 
-Rodolph emp Fords r 1734 Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 
—Romuald (Dorothy) emp Fords h 235 3 Forest av 
—Victor (Madeleine) emp Fords h 734 Windsor av 
Charles Apts 1574 Ouellette av 
—Cigar Shop (John Kush) 2838 Charles 
— Elizth h 2, 581 Pierre av 
-Geo emp Detroit r 2, 581 Pierre av 

Harry (Rose) emp Motor Products Corp h 1895 

Ellrose av 

-Jos emp Detroit r 2, 581 Pierre av 

—Pool Room (Walter Stachowsky) 1624 DrouUlard rd 

—Rebecca r 990 Bruce av 
—Shoe Clinic (Fredk Shalhoub) shoe repair 336 
Ouellette av 

Charley Bedey (Mary) (Empire Welding Service) h 975 
Parent av 

--Florence Mrs r 1844 Windermere rd 
Charlie's Shoe Repair (Charlie Metel) 988 Moy av 
Charlton Algernon (Alice) emp Candn Auto Trims h 3, 

1696 Lincoln rd 

—Arthur D (Daisy) (Charlton's Pharmacy) h 237 Virginia 
av (R'Side) 

—Ben] R (Rosalie) r 345 Victoria av 
--Edna E Mrs h 345 Victoria av 
—Ethel M Mrs h 2157 Victoria av 
—Eva (wid John) h 255 Askin av 

--John H (Helen) genl mgr Dom Tent & Awning Co Ltd 
h 3334 Sandwich w 

—Michl J L (Louise) flremn Win Fire Dept h 2342 
Louis av 

--Molly J off emp Fords r 3, 1696 Lincoln rd 
— Reanie r 1157 Victoria av 
— Robt (Audrey) emp Fords h 1930 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Robt (Rene) with Murphy Tobacco h 1016 Church 
—Rosalie Mrs acct bkpr L'Heureux Plumbing r 7, 1428 
Wyandotte e 

Charlton Transport Ltd E J Renaud dispatcher 710 
Huron Line 

Charlton's Pharmacy (Arthur D Charlton) drugs 2411 
Wyandotte (R’Side) 

Charm Beauty Salon (Emily Zelenek) 1157 Erie e 
Charneski Victor (Anna) mach opr Fords h 2324 Chandler 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Charnley Geo H (Ethel) epap Fords h 3814 Glendale av 
Charny Nicholas r 221 Sandwich e 
Charon Alvin J (Jean) supt L'Heureux Plumbing Si 
Heating Co Ltd h 61 Esdras pi (R'Side) 

— Nazaire I ward clnr Essex County Sanatorium r 1453 
Prince rd 

Charrette Jeannette elk Thompson Pharmacy r 2429 
Francois rd 

—Jos mech Duffy Resume Service res Tecumseh 
—Sami (Madeline) emp Chrysler h 516 Campbell av 
Charron Albt (Lillian) emp Fords r 3317 Chappelle 

-Albt D (Helen) emp Fords h 1545 Windermere rd 
—Alexandre emp Fords r 304 Louis av 
—Alfred (Mildred) elk Charron Quality Market h 2757 
Charles , , , 

-Alfred drvr W H McLean Ltd r 6704 Riverside dr 

— Alphy (Delia) emp J Kovinsky Si Sons h 2939 Sand- 
wich e 

—Antoine (Melina) emp Fords h 862 Ellrose av 
—Chas H (Albine) h 281 Louis av 
--Claire savings ldgrkpr Provincial Bank of Can r 
2335 Marentette av 

—Claudette tchr St Edmund Schl res River Canard 
— Dore r 2335 Marentette av 
—Doris elk Wilfred Charron r 2753 Charles 
-Earl (Brldgtt) emp CIL h 253 Windsor av 
—Earl (Victoria) emp Campeaus Motors h 2335 

Marentette av ... 

—Edgar (Edith) (Charron Plumbing Si Heating h 440 
Glengarry av 

— Eleanor emp Inti Playing Card r 2753 Charles 
-Elizth (wid Wilfred) h 3062 Sandwich w 
—Francis X (Alice) deck hand CNR Car Ferry h 6636 
Riverside dr (R'Side) 

—Fred (Louisa) pntr h 304 Louis av 
--Gabriel J emp Bell Tel r 1030 Hall av 
—Gerald emp Fords r 1414 Francois rd 
—Gerald off elk Fords r 1030 Hall av 

Gloria cake wrapper Can Bread r 2335 Marentette av 

—Hector (Rose) emp Park Theatre h 244 Windsor av 
—Henry (Clair) emp Gotfredson's h 2457 Rossini blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Jos O emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1008 Albert rd 
—Leo Rev asst Our Lady of the Rosary r 229 Cadillac 
—Leo J (Gladys) emp East Win Hosp h 874 DrouUlard 

— Leoni (wld Solomon) h 1243 Albert rd 
— Leta emp Win Star r 1102 Hickory rd 
—Louis h 1348 CampbeU av 
--Marguerite r 253 Windsor av 
--Oscar (Azelma) welder Fords h 293 Louis av 
—Plumbing Si Heating (Edgar Charron) 440 Glengarry 

—Quality Market (Wilfred Charron) gro 2747 Charles 

—Rachael (wld Camille) h 1030 Hall av 

—Raymond emp Si claims off Unemploy Ins Commn r 
3062 Sandwich 

—Roger app Tony's Paint Shop r 1030 Hall av 
—Roger emp Tony's Paint Shop r 1030 Hall av 

— 90 — 



--Ted (Lorina) (Ted Charron Service Station) h 1012 
Albert rd 

—Ted Service Station (Ted Charron) 1007 Drouillard rd 
— Thereses emp Inti Playing Card r 974 Maisonville av 
—Wilfred (Pearl) tinter Berry Bros h 2753 Charles 
Charter Douglas emp Fords r 911 Hall av 
Charters Dalton studt r 2220 Victoria av 
—Irene (wid Dalton) h 2220 Victoria av 
Chartier Arthur E (Ruth) pckr & chkr Motor Products 
Corp h 3451 Barrymore Lane 
Emmanuel (Berangere) carp h 429 Glengarry av 
— Fleurette press opr Win Steel Products r 2138 

—Frank (Peggy) gro elk A & P res Tecumseh 
--John emp Ford r 1248 Louis av 
—Leopold (Joyce) emp Fords h 1006 Lena 
--Raymond r 1021 Albert rd 
—Robt (Ann) emp Detroit r 433 Janette av 
--Roland (Elvia) emp Fords h 2138 Wellesley 
--Wilfred (Clare) emp Can Motor Lamp h 837 
Wellington av 

--Wilfred (Jeanette) emp Fords h 3225 Riverside dr 
— Wm studt r 1248 Louis av 
— Wm J night supt Kelsey Wheel h 1248 Louis av 
Chartrand Alex (Noemi) emp Fibre Products h 2446 
George av (Sand E Twp) 

— Aurelien emp Fords r 2329 Parent av 
— Edwd (Theona) foremn Auto Spec h 546 Hall av 
—Francis (Janette) emp Colautti Eros r 546 Hall av 
--Gerald emp CNR r 546 Hall av 
--Geraldine emp Bell Tel r 546 Hall av 
— Jos (Leona) welder Welles Corp h 1966 Westminster 
Blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—Lionel r 546 Hall av 
— Muriel r 2329 Parent av 

— Noella emp Metropolitan Hosp r 2329 Parent av 
— Ovide (Bertha) (City Delivery Service) h 2329 Parent 

—Pauline (wid Treffle) r 2904 Sandwich w 
—Ray emp Fords r 521 Windsor av 
—Rene emp Kelsey Wheel r 546 Hall av 
—Roland h 1015 Albert rd 

— Ubald emp People Food Market r 2329 Parent av 
—Wilfred P (Mary) engnr Sterling Drug h 422 Erie e 
—Roland J (Valande) emp Fords h 1097 Albert rd 
Charuk Pauline r 640 Edinbo rough (R Park) 

—Peter (Mona) kitchen foremn Can Packers h 640 
Edinborough (R Park) 

Charytoniuk Jos (Theresa) assembler L A Young 
Industries res RR#1 River Canard 
Chase Annie C (wid Henry A) h 1061 Ouellette av 
—Bessie Mrs h 2, 309 Chilver rd 
--Chas (Bessie) emp Fords h 451 Cataraqui 
—Donald emp Fords r 1738 St Luke rd 
—Edwd G (Rose) lab Chryslers h 3352 Peter 
— Elzora Mrs elev opr Geo H Wilkinson Ltd r 883 Mc- 

—Geo (Alva) h 1042 Mercer 
--Gertrude A slsldy Copeland’s Bookstore r 1061 
Ouellette av 

— Gilbert (Edith) firemn Lansdowne Ferry h 930 Mercer 
—Gordon (Jean) btehr Dunlop's Mkt h Janisse av (Sand 
W Twp) j 

—Jean r 930 Mercer 

— John T (Annie) emp Candn Bridge h 643 Bridge av 
--Marshall (Bernadette) emp Fords h 1738 St Luke rd 
—Norman (Yvette) emp Auto Specialties h 679 Stanley 
(R Park) 

— Richd G (Harriet) emp City Engineers Dept h 816 

—Russell (Arlene) emp Chryslers r 812 Bruce av 
--Thelma r 930 Mercer 
—Wilson pntr C H Smith 
Chasely Marie r 339 Dougall av 
Chateau Leo emp Fords r 542 Cataraqui 
Chateauneuf Alberta (wid Theophile) h 1141 Louis av 
— Alcide glass grinder Motor Products Corp h 3, 1257 
Wyandotte e 

—Bernard prntr Somerville Ltd r 1141 Louis av 
--Jos (Mary) foremn Somerville Ltd h 1879 Pillette rd 
—Lorraine r 1141 Louis av 
—Roger (Margt) press opr Somerville Ltd r 1879 
Pillette rd 

— Therese emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 1141 Louis av 
Chatham Lodi Nu -Treads (H L Allsop) 505-515 
Wyandotte e 

—Meat Market (Eric Wuthe & Frank Meismer) 216 
C^jatham e 

Chattel Jos emp Candn Bridge r 2314 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Chatten John C (Patricia) tool mkr Nickleson Tool & 

Die h 1166 Moy av 

Chatters Othello P (Verna) phys & surgeon 309 

Wyandotte e h 804 Giles blvd e 


Chatterton Cecil C (Alice) prntr h 480 Oak av 
Chaulk Wm G (Mabel) caretkr Dowler’s Ltd h 1, 55 
Sandwich w 

Chausse Edwd J emp Chryslers r 2193 Parent av 
--John E (Gladys) emp Fords h 2193 Parent av 
--Manufacturing Co Ltd Geo England pres, Frances 

R Daymond vice -pres, Irene Cormier sec,‘T J 
Fournier treas, Irvine Daymond genl mgr oil 
burning constn equip & welding 1263 McDougall 
--Marjorie emp Radio Tavern r 2193 Parent av *" 
Chauvin A (Rose) r 505 Caron av 
— Albt J (Louise) emp Fords h 939 Tuscarora 
--Alcide (Ann) emp Elmwood Hotel h 1327 Tourangeau 
--Alcide P (Martha) emp Detroit h 333 Sunset av 
--Alfred (Almina) emp Chryslers h 2330 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Arthur (Kathleen) barber 33 Wyandotte e h 854 
Janette av 

—Arthur taxi drvr r 1101 Howard av 
— Cecele studt r 1278 Albert rd 
—Chas (Loretta) emp Service Plating h 250 Crawford 

—Clifford P (Blanche) (Chauvin Feeds) h 312 St Rose 
av (R'Side) 

— Daniel (Marie) emp Fords h 935 Parent av 
— Donalda cash Purity Dairies h 212 Cameron av 
--Edmond (Albertine) tchr Assumption College h 939 
McKay av 

—Edna emp Bartlett's r 1815 Albert rd 
—Elia (May) emp Fords h 1134 Felix av 
—Emile (wid Isadore) r 112 Virginia av (R'Side) 

— Ernest H ins 24, 25 London w res Woodslee 
—Eugene (Verdine) emp Gotfredson’s h 1010 Albert rd 
--Feeds (Cliff P Chauvin) 312 St Rose av (R'Side) 
--Francis J (Irene) asst City solicitor City of Windsor 
h IB, 693 Argyle rd 

—Francis X (Alphonse) vice-chairman Sandwich , Wind- 
sor & Amherstburg Railway Co h 354 Pierre av 
--Gerald emp Downtown Chev-Olds r 2330 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Gregorie emp Candn Bridge res Tecumseh 
— H Ernest dist mgr Sovereign Life Assurance Co res 

— Hermidas emp Candn Bridge res Tecumseh 
—Irene tchr Our Lady of Perpetual Help r 1994 
Balfour blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— J Russell refrigeration Windsor Hotel Supply Co r 6, 
3857 Sandwich w 

— Jerome A (Yvonne) customs & excise off Natl Rev 
res R R #1 McGregor 

—Jos H (Dona) stkpr Chryslers h 2437 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Joyce Mrs fabricator McCord Corp res RR #1 South 

—Lawrence (Ida) emp Gotfredson's h 1994 Balfour blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Lorenzo emp Candn Auto Trim r 2330 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Lorraine Mrs emp Fibre Products r 1920 London w 
— Ludger (Sarah) emp Fords h 1220 Gladstone av 
--Marie studt r 312 St Rose av (R'Side) 

--Maurice (Ada) mach opr L A Young Industries h 1994 
Balfour av (Sand E Twp) 

—Peter F (Marguerite) mgr Windsor Hotel Supply Co 
h 3857 Sandwich w 

— Philias J (Jean) emp Fords h 278 Albert rd 
— Raymond J emp Chrysler r 354 Pierre av 
—Real S (Laura) emp Chryslers h 683 Gladstone av 
— Reni h 212 Cameron av 
— Robt T studt r 939 Tuscarora 
—Roland G studt r 354 Pierre av 
— Russell (Mary) emp Windsor Hotel Supply Co h 3857 
Sandwich w 

— Wilfred (Catherine) (Windsor Advertising Artists) 
h 1816 Chilver rd 

— ' Wm slsmn Bond Clothes res Tecumseh 
Chavara Stanislas (Casimira) h 1655 South Cameron 
blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Chavelier David (Hazel) r 1086 St Luke rd 
Chawrun Wm (Mary) h 1947 Labadie rd 
— Wm pckr Motor Products Corp r 1857 Alexis rd 
Chaychuk Fred (Anna) emp Fords h 1886 Dominion blvd - 
(Sand W Twp) 

—Maurice studt r 1886 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Victoria emp Fords r 1886 Dominion blvd (Sand WTwp) 
— Wm emp Fords r 1886 Dominion blvd (Sand W Twp) 
Chaykoski John W (Edith) emp Demers Elect h 1635 
Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 

— Paul (Nellie) emp Fords h 1639 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Chebetar Paul (Mary) emp Fords h 1612 Central av 
Checaloski Thos J (Ann) h 1431 Everts av (Sand W Twp) 
Chech John (Margaret) emp Walker Metal h 1823 Glad- 
stone av 

Alphabetical, White Page 91 

:i: k i 


1! Ir 

■ M 



Air Line 

Money Orders 







Notary Public 







^ B " 

8 8 

4) >• 

* „ 

B o 

® *2 


• o 

0 t 

o ® 

§ Ta S 


^ ® a 

. I*- 

< 2 it 

^ g-O | 



man President and Manager, Malcolm M Banks 
Vice-President, Dave Mechanic Secretary-Treas- 
urer, 379-389 Goyeau cor Park East, Phone 3-3551 
(See card Taxicabs) 

Checker Hotel (Mrs Yvonne DesJardins) 353 Sandwich e 
Chedour Elwood (Doris) emp Gotfredson's h 208 
Glidden av (R'Side) 

—Geo W (Ethel) emp Fords h 132 Prado pi (R'Side) 

— Jas S (Betty) welder Gotfredson's h 229 St Louis av 

Cheeseman Alex emp American Blower h 241 Curry av 
— Gerald emp Chryslers r 953 Hall av 
—Larry usher Vanity Theatre r 953 Hall av 
—Laura (wid Albt) emp Augustine Drug Store h 1908 
Pillette rd 

—Lila M (wid Wm) h 953 Hall av 
—Louise r 241 Curry av 

Cheesewright Gladys emp Parke Davis r 445 Crawford 

Cheetam Glenn (Mary) metal mixer Hewitt Metals Corp 
Ltd h 1905 George av 

— Lloyd watchman Hiram Walker Si Sons r Scofield av 

Cheetham Francis J (Elizth) tool Si die mkr Fords 
h 1387 Windermere rd 

.-Frank elk Hiram Walker Si Sons r Scofield av 

Cheff Jos (Clarice) emp Truscon Steel Co h 474 
Prince rd 

Cheifitz Julius (Esther) (Canadian Meat Market) h 504 
Hall av 

Cheiresh Andrew (Theresa) r 504 Crawford av 
Chekardln Jos emp Fords r 1009 Cadillac 
Chelovich Vidak (Delore^ emp Candn Bridge r 474 Bruce 

Chemczuck Jos (Annie) tinsmith Fords h 693 Hall av 
Chen Eddy r 5, 109 Windsor av 
Chenard Lena h 2, 826 EUrose av 
Chene Chas mach opr Chryslers r 268 Riverdale av 

—Edgar C (Irene) welder DeVilblss Mfg r 763 Walker 

—Jack (Lillian) cook Menard's Tavern h 228 Riverdale 
av (R'Side) 

—Victor (Joane) mach opr L A Young Industries res 

Cheney Diana r 239 Crawford av 
—Jane E emp Win Lndry r 239 Crawford av 
— Robt W (Paula) emp John Wyeth St Bro h 207, 1616 
Ouellette av 

— Rueben (Mercedes) (Cheney Si Hamlin Meat Market) 
h 946 Moy av 

— Wm C (Jean) mech Webster Motors (Windsor) h 239 
Crawford av 

—Si Hamlin Meat Market (Rueben Cheney Si Gerald H 
Hamlin) btchrs 2120 Wyandotte w 
Chenier Barney wtr West Side Hotel r 623-9 Sand- 
wich w 

— Fernand (Ruth) emp MCR h 1332 Oak av 
—Hector (Jeannine) steel wkr Romeo Mach Shop h 738 
Vlmy av 

—Paul (Theresa) tool mkr Truscon Steel r 3474 Peter 
Cherer John (Christine) emp Auto Spec h 1257 Maren- 
tette av 

Cherevach John r 1423 Hickory rd 
Cherkasoff Lloyd (Kathleen) mach tool opr Stand Mach 
St Tool h 1595 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
--Olga emp Fords r 1595 Westminster av (Sand E Twp) 
Cherkinsky Essie h 6, 581 Cataraqui 
Chernets Michl wtr Radio Tavern r 1100 Ouellette av 
Cherney Frank J (Frances A) h 1780 Wyandotte (R'Side) 
Cherniak Archie D (Beatrice) pres Stuart Fashions Ltd 
h 1160 Victoria av 

— Cyrille off elk H Gray Ltd r 1655 Bruce av 
— Eugene studt r 1614 Hickory rd 
— Harry M (Kate) pres Stuart Clothes Ltd h 2158 
! Victoria av 

—Michael (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1614 Hickory rd 
—Rudy emp Chryslers r 1614 Hickory rd 
—St Co Ltd H M Cherniak pres acctg off 6-8, 356 
Ouellette av 

Cherniauski Nick (Nellie) (Windsor Barber Shop) r 
2212 Fraser av 

Chernier Barney wtr West Side Hotel r 623-9 Sandwich 

Cheropita Wm (Lena) r 842 Elliott e 
Cherrett Annie h 1292 Monmouth rd 
Cherrie Elizth (wid Hugh) h 2248 Turner rd 
—Hugh assembler Welles Corp r 532 Windsor av 
— Hughina emp Chryslers r 2248 Turner rd 
—Mark (Violet) mach For ds h 1862 Droulllard rd 


Cherrington John W (Caroline) butting mach opr Dom 
Off Supply h 202, 151 Casgrain pi 
Cherry Geo W (Hazel) trk drvr Win Utilities Commn 
(Hydro Div) h A3, 825 Ottawa 
—Hugh e mp Welsh Corp r 532 Windsor av <' 

—Jas A (Helen) troubleman Win Utilities Commn f 
(Hydro Div) h 1021 Lillian 
—Jeannette receptionist H Bruce Hough r 1021 

—Mary H tlrss h 1081 McDougall 
— Thos (Lily) emp NYC Rly h 416 Foch av r 

--Wm (Esther) h 1428 Lincoln rd 
--Wm Jr r 1428 Lincoln rd 

Cherwak John (Anne) emp Chryslers h 1651 St Luke r 
Cherwinski Ralph (Dorothy) emp Twist Drill h 1860 
Windermere rd 

Chesebro Chas P r 1351 Bruce av } 

Cheshire Alfred (Kathleen) mach Fords h 1040 Felix • 

—Chas T emp Candn Bridge r 104 Edward av (R'Side) 
--Frank shovel opr Woollatt Fuel & Supply r 3390 
Howard av (Roseland) 

—Gordon wrhse elk CGE r 3384 Howard av s, 

—Jack (Beverley) emp Fords h 5114 Tecumseh blvd e 
Cheslea Anthony (Phyl iss) tool St die mkr Fords h 26 
Turner rd 

--Sophia (wid John) h 2262 Janette av (Sand W Twp) 
—Veronica hrdrsr Capital Beauty Salon r 2262 Janetl 
av (Sand W Twp) ■„ 

Cheslock Jas emp Fords r 956 Curry av 
—Mary h 956 Curry av 

—Paul bar tender Elmwood Hotel r 956 Curry av 
Chesney Kenneth J (Olive) fnshg dept suprvsr Sterlin 
Drug h 811 Janette av 
—Olive M (wid Harold) h 811 Jannette av 
Chesnik Paul rough plshr Motor Products Corp r 370£/ 
Riberdy rd (Sand E Twp) 

Chesswick Geo (Margt) final assembler Chryslers h 
Watson av (R'S ide) 

— Richd television serv r 69 Watson av (R'Side) > 

Chesterfield Cecil (Annee) emp Genl Motors h 366 
Langlois av 

— Wm C (Edith) emp Candn Steel Co h 1108 Ouellette^ 

Cheswick Catherine emp Parke Davis r 76 Watson at 

— Fredk h 76 Watson av (R'Side) 

—Helen hsekpr r 76 Watson av (R'Side) Jr 

— Rosamond r 76 Watson av (R'Side) 

Chettuci Anthony lab Erie Mach Products Ltd r 354 

Chevalier Albt (Mary) emp Chryslers h Bl, 147 
Janette sv 

—Alfred (Betty) emp Fords h 2593 Princess av 

(Sand E Twp) * 

—Alfred emp Godfredson’s r 790 Bruce av 
—Alvin (Rose) mech Shorty's Auto Supplies h 2251 
Woodlawn av 

—Archie emp Harrison Nursery Co r 865 Erie e 
—Arthur J (Jeanne) (Art's Barber Shop) h 2, 1608 ? 

Wyandotte w ~f 

— Bernard drvr R Chevalier & Sons r 3349 
Riverside dr 

—David (Hazel) r 1086 St Luke rd 
— Donat emp CIL r 230 Cadillac 

—Fred emp Fords r 939 Droulllard rd v 

— Fred emp Ford Motor Co r 1023 Elm av f 

--Gave (Jerry) emp Fords r 891 Pillette rd 
—Gerald r 3349 Riverside dr 
— Gerald emp Fords r 230 Cadillac 
-Harvey (Mildred) emp Security Bldg h 4, 

1526 Wyandotte e 

— Henry (Madeline) emp Fords h 1757 St Luke rd 7 
—Herman emp City Engnrg Dept r 883 Strabane av < 
—John emp Detroit r 2, 1608 Wyandotte w 
—John B (Anna) emp Fords h 230 Cadillac 
—Jos (Marie) h 137 Cameron av 
—Jos (Emma) asst foremn Town of Riverside h 384 
Westminster blvd (R'Side) , 

—Jos emp Gotfredson's r 1023 Elm av 
—Julia (wid Raymond) h 3349 Riverside dr 
--Laurence J (Doris) core mkr Fords h 2714 St Loti 
av (Sand E Twp) 

—Mabel emp Hiram Walker St Sons r 4415 Wyandot! 

—Marie prsr Crystal Cleaners r 2, 1608 Wyandotte* 
—Mildred emp Hiram Walker Si Sons r 4415 WyandS, 

—Oscar (Blanche) trk drvr Fords h 410 Lauzon rd 

— Ovila (Floride) h 853 Cataraqui * 

—Patrick J (Rose) (Pat's Cartage) h 883 Strabane a^ 
--Paul emp Gotfredson's r 439 Niagara 

- 92 — 

- r / 




--Paul emp Simmons & Byron r 2, 1608 Wyandotte w 
--Roger r 883 Strabane av 

—Ronald (Lillian) emp Fords r 4088 Sandwich w 
—Theresa elk Patersons Drug Stores r 3349 Riverside 

Cheverie Eileen r 1714 Labadie rd 
Chevier Norman (Beatrice) emp Fords h 738 Brock 
Chevreson George A (Dorothy) emp Fords h 124 Pat- 
rice dr (R’Side) 

Chevrier Bertha h 926 Janette av 

Chez Rene (Irene Noonan) beauty parlor 1194 Monmouth 

—Renee's Ladies Wear (Rene & Blanche Quenneville) 
ladies ready to wear 1602 Drouillard rd 
--Suzanne (Mrs Suzanne Aseltine) mlnry 31 Wyandotte 

Chiampi Philippe r 173 Aylmer av 
—Philippe r 567 Chatham e 

Chiandussi Giglio assembler L A Young Industries r 
1592 Marentette 

—Jos contr r 1592 Marentette av 

Chiarcos Ettore (Cesira) emp Fords h 811 Giles blvd e 
—Giordano tlr Frank The Tailor r 1768 Hickory rd 
Chiarini Hector (Antoinette) h 1687 Highland av 
Chiasson Aime r 1126 Albert rd 
— Aime J lab Candn Collord Prod r 1110 Albert rd 
— Albani (Melvine) emp Fords h 547 Janette av 
— Albt (Clmantine) relieving mach & thread mill 
Colonial Tool h 1110 Albert rd 
— Elizth bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 1544 Church 
— Exio grinder Colonial Tool r 1410 Benjamin av 
--Jos r 253 Drouillard rd 
—Leo emp Fords r 1574 Hickory rd 
— Omer medical dept Fords r 3227 Peter 
— Regd r 3227 Peter 

—Roy elk Evan's Drug Store r 3227 Peter 
Chic Beauty Salon (Cora McFarlane) 471 Curry av 
Chichkan Nicholas (Nadeska) carp Sterling Constn h 
2288 Dougall av 

Chicilo Elmer r 1576 George av 

—Mat (Emily) grinder Auto Specialties h 1576 George 

—Walter (Kay) emp Chryslers r 1576 George av 
Chick Betty Mrs emp John Smith's r 1417 Windermere 

--Bruce emp CKLW h 415 Bruce av 
--Bruce (Eileen) studt h 1704 Mercer 
— • Douglas cost elk DeVilblss Mfg r 415 Bruce av 
—Elizth stenog John Smith's Womens Wear r 1417 
Windermere rd 

—Frank emp Chryslers r 1441 Elsmere av 
--Inez (wid John) r 430 Sunset av 
—John (Julia) emp Fords h 1441 Elsmere av 
—John studt r 1441 Elsmere av 

—John D (Agatha) emp American Hockey League h 102, 
274 Giles blvd w 

—Mabel (wid Russell) h 3146 Wyandotte w 
--Russell G wrehse elk J T Wing & Co r 250 Chatham w 
— Wm R (Bertha) emp Candn Bridge r 3146 Wyandotte w 
Chickee Hughes O (Margt) emp Fords h 484 Elliott e 
— J Wesley F (Bertha) mech Ambassador Motors h 304 

— Minnie Mrs h 976 Mercer 
— Vivian r 976 Mercer 

Chicken Court (Andrew Kominar) rest 531 Pelissier 
Chiesa Delki (Valeria) emp Truscon Steel Co r 188 
Erie e 

— Ignazio (Emma) (Melody Grill) h 188 Erie e 
Chihonik Andrew emp Fords r 1528 Benjamin av 
Chilcott F Newton (Helen) emp Fords h 1419 Bernard rd 
— F rank (May) elk Chryslers h 955 Dougall av 
Child Guidance Clinic John Howie administrator (rear) 
263 Bridge av 

— Richd J (Phyllis) iron pourer Walker Metal h 1591 
Pillette rd 

Child's Studio, The (Mrs Verna E Fairbairn & Reinette 
Duchene) photog 578 Wyandotte e 
Childerhose Herbt G (Evelyn) tabulator Fords h 4, 1640 
Wyandotte w 

—Lillie (wid Herbt) h 914 Church 

—Victor B (Jessie) pres & sec-treas Mercury Chemical 
Co Ltd h 393 Caroline 

Children's Aid Receiving Home Mrs Frances Ward 
matron 263 Bridge av 

—Aid Society of the City of Windsor, County of Essex, 
and Pelee Island, J Herbert Lawson supt 737 
Louis av 

Childs Benj A (BeUe) emp Chryslers h 603 Capitol 
(R Park) 

—Richd (Eula) emp Stan Browns Transp h 1357 
Partington av 
--Ruby r 364 Elm av 

—Viola bkpr Can Dry Bottling Co (Windsor) r 1817 
Chilver rd 

Chiliwich Fred (Mary) emp Fords h 1185 Hickory rd 
Chillak Wm (Lena) emp Chryslers h 2277 Kildare rd 
Chillcott S master mech Welles Corp res Harrow 
Chilliak Michl parts assemblr Long Mfg 
Chilo Wm emp Gotfredson's r 1636-38 Drouillard rd 
Chilton Lena (wid Thos B) h 337 Park w 
Chilver Chas A (Grace) engnr & sis mgr Sterling Constn 
h 776 Chilver rd 

—Henry L (Annie) h 1761 Sandwich e 
—Land & Bldg Co Lettie Chilver sec 794 Chilver rd 
— Lettie priv sec Chilver Land & Bldg Co h 794 Chilver 

— Wm (Jeannette) dispatcher Inter-City Forwarders h 
1781 Norman rd 

Chimiak Wm (Katerine) emp Candn Bridge h 1857 Hick- 
ory road 

Chimniak Waysl emp Candn Bridge r 1856 Hickory rd 
Chinchick Geo (Anna) emp Dom Twist Drill h 1536 
Hickory rd 

Chincourt Herbt (Serafima) emp Gotfredson's h 1080 
McKay av 

Chinese Benevolent Society Bldg 171 Sandwich e 
--Hall 169-71 Sandwich e 

-Chinirri Anthony emp Chryslers r 448 Pelissier 
Chinn Kenneth elk A & P Tea r 1011 Arthur rd 
—Sarah (wid Alex) h 1011 Arthur rd 
Chinsky Eddie emp Adelman's Dept Store r 1040 
Elsmere av 

—Harry (Sarah) fruit pdlr h 1040 Elsmere av 
Chiozos Gust emp CNR r 370 Goyeau 
Chlperone Georgina r. 287 Tuscarora 
Chipinski Henry toolmkr International Tools Ltd r 1108 
Drouillard rd 

Chippawa House (Earl LaForet) 3404 Bloomfield rd 
Chipperfield Jack (Francis) emp Chryslers r 698 
South Pacific av (R Park) 

—Mary (wid Regd) emp Minden's h 628 Campbell av 

Chippewa Susan Mrs r 157 Chatham e 
Chirko Joseph S (Irene) emp Fords h 2282 Howard av 
Chirkoski Frank (Louise) emp Auto Specialties h 24 
Shepherd e 

—Lloyd (Patricia) moulder Auto Specialties h 
1536 Highland av 

Chiro Steven (Helen) emp Candn Bridge h 2533 
Meldrum rd (Sand E Twp) 

Chisholm Alex J (Kathleen) dec h 756 Campbell av 
—Ambrose trk drvr Candn Breweries Transp h 2, 

354 Bruce av 

—Bernard J emp Genl Motors r 722 Pelissier 
—Eric T (Anne) mgr Bright's Wines Ltd h 2166 Byng 

—Genevieve slsldy Sheridan China Shop r 3523 Girardot 

— Jas J emp Fords r 1039 Elm av 

—John (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 2, 1441 Ellis av e 

--John (Fay) emp Chryslers h 2847 Melbourne av 

— John studt r 835 Hall av 

—John A (Rose) emp Chryslers h 1039 Elm av 

—John A (Jessie) emp Fords h 3523 Girardot av 

Marion cash Metropolitan Store r 1575 Sandwich w 

— Rae (Florence) emp Dom Store h 835 Hall av 
— W Jas (Gertrude) rep Mutual Life of Can h 1931 
Tourangeau rd 

W Stanley (Grace) emp Bell Tel h 283 Moy av 

--Wm F asst shpr Burns & Co (Eastern) r 3523 
Girardot av 

— Wm S emp Fords r 845 Bruce av 
--Wm S mech engnr Fords h 6, 135 Ellis e 
Chlsson Roy elk Evans Drug Stores Ltd r 3227 Peter 
Chistoff Alec emp Genl Motors r 1758 Hickory rd 
--Olga sec Barbara Wood Secretarial Serv r 1758 
Hickory rd 

— Peter (Annna) emp Fords h 1758 Hickory rd 
Chittaro Albt emp Detroit r 2217 Marentette av 
—Anthony (Margt) emp Gotfredson's h 2217 Maren- 
tette av 

— Llizth F Mrs elk Dom Bank res Roseland 
— Enzo emp Bell Tel r 1522 Elsmere av 

John (Mary) emp Allen Constn Co h 1522 Elsmere 


—Norma opr Bell Tel r 1522 Elsmere av 
Chittenden Edith M r 857 London e 
Chittick Wm J (Dorothy) emp Purity Dairies h 1520. 
Elsmere av 

Chittim Freida J (wid Gordon) h 1944 Iroquois 
—Melvin (Stella) revr Fords h 2444 Clemenceau blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— N C Laurie emp Chryslers r 1944 Iroquois 
—Richd A acct Bank of Mont r 1106 Moy av 
Chittle Edwd (Mary) emp Fords h 1348 Elsmere av 
—Leonard emp Chryslers r 2963 London w 
--Loretta emp Hiram Walker 6 Sons r 1127 Marentette 

Alphabetical. Whitt Page 93 


Chivers Albt E (Alma) h 2840 Melbourne av 
-•Alice M ind nurse Walker Metal r 1417 Lincoln rd 
— Clifford H (Doris) utility man Chrysler s h 721 Lens 

—Harry (Alice) emp Chryslers h 1417 Lincoln rd 
--Marjorie priv sec Fords r 1417 Lincoln rd 
Chiverton Clarence L (Ida) millwright L A Young 
Industries r 850 Victoria av 
Chlebda John (Valerie) emp Fords h 1542 Langlois av 
Chmara, Wm carp foremn Sterling Constn r 967 
Parent av 

Chmiel Charlton (Dora) emp Fords h 1341 Labadie rd 
Chmilnitzky Wm (Olga) emp Fords h 1356 Aubin rd 
Chniker Anna r n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
--Christine r n s Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Choate Emerson (Millie) emp NYC Rly r 1623 Parent 

--Harold emp Chryslers r 1622 Parent av 
--Margt (wid Frank) h 1623 Parent av 
Chocolate Bar, The (Ames Haddad) rest 3865 Tecum- 
seh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Chocur Julie wtrs Home Lunch r 1111 Drouillard rd 
Chodola Walter (Martin^emp NYC Rly h 575 Alex- 
andrine (R Park) 

Chodorowski Dymitr (Agnes) emp Fords h 1823 
Albert rd 

Chodyk Jennie emp Plaza Rest r 435 Caron av 
Choice Market (Rudolph Lojewski) gro & meats 2315 
Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 

Choinard Verna emp Motor Products r 1463 Ellrose av 
Chokan Walter slsmn Standard Brands Ltd r 503 
Janette av 

Cholvat Adam (Susie) welder L A Young Industries h 
1658 St Luke rd 

Chomacki Arthur A (Helen) emp S W & A Rly h 1362 
Parent av 

—Mary r 217 Windsor av 

— Michl (Audrey) emp S W & A Rly h 838 Langlois av 
Chomiak Catherine hsekpr r 1574 York 
—Eva emp Can Auto Trim r 1574 York 
Chomick Pearl Mrs fnshg dept opr Sterling Drug h 
1078 St Luke, rd 

Chomyshyn Michl (Rose) crane opr Fords h 421 
Wyandotte w 

Chong Geo lndry 73 Wyandotte e h same 
--Lee (Wing Ching Laundry) h 1491 London w 
Chop John emp Fords h 1135 Marion av 
— Martin emp Fords r 1135 Marlon av 
— Michl (Euphemia) trk drvr Fords h 1855 Cadillac 
Chopiak Mathew (Ann) emp Fords h 1211 Cadillac 
--Russell (Jennie) emp Chryslers h 928 Cadillac 
Chopick Peter (Anna) (Regal Recreation) r 1346 
Parent av 

—Walter (Lucille) emp Regal Recreation h 1346 Parent 

Choptiany Chester (Astrid) carp h 1554 Labadie rd 
— Constantine (Peggy) elk Ted's Grocery & 

»«kts h 1041 Goyeau 

--Michl (Sophia) btehr Ted'.s Gro & Meats h 740 
Campbell av 

—Theodore (Bernice) (Ted's Grocery & Meats) h 1539 
Langlois av 

Choptowich Geo (Annie) off elk Jamieson's r 1163 Aubin 

— Geo (Annie) emp Radio Electric h 11 73^ Aubin rd 
--Lukash (Antonet) emp City Engineers Dept h 1163 
Aubin rd 

Chorney Peter (Mary) emp Fords h 1101 Goyeau 
— Philip sand-cutter Stand Fndry r 1036 Marion av 
—Walter (Ann) emp Fords h 1386 Hickory rd 
Chorny Ernest studt r-1175 Janette av 
Chorny Philip (Doris) emp Stand Fndry h 2936 
London w 

— Walter (Stella) emp Fords h 1175 Jannette av 
Chorolsky Eugene (Edith I) engnr Fords h 2478 
Buckingham dr (Sand E Twp) 

Chorostkowski Helen stenog Sanborn & Co Ltd r 
1326 Elsmere av 

— Jos (Mary) emp Fords h 1526 Elsmere av 
Chors Chas r 5 25 Goyeau 

Chosnowsky Jos mldr Stand Fndry r 1115 Hickory rd 
Chotary Mike (Annie) emp Fords h 1718 Factoria 
Chouinard Emer (Eleanor) plant supt Elder Packing 
h 148 Tecumseh blvd e 

— Melvina r 1463 Ellrose av 

—Paul (Pauline) slsmn Purity Dairies r 847 Jos Janisse 

--Verna opr Motor Products Corp r 1463 Ellrose av 
— Wm (Delene) emp Chryslers h 1978 Ellrose av 
Chouvin Edna r 817 Walker rd 

^hovan Mike (Mary) drvr Windsor Co-Op Bakery h 1619 
Pillette rd 

Chow Henry h 114 Windsor av 
--Jim chef Westwood Hotel r 47 Elliott e 
Chowen John servmn Berkel Products h 6, 655 
Chilver rd 

Chownyk Emile (Frances) emp Chryslers h 1547 
Langlois av 

—Walter (Anne) emp Fords h 2288 Marentette av 
Chreptyc John (Ella) carp h 464 Karl pi 
Chrestensen Margt Mrs emp Parke Davis r 885 Dawson 

Chretien Esdras (Mary) r 2904 Sandwich w 
Christance Stephany nurse East Windsor Hosp r 270 
Belle Isle av 

Christensen Edwd (Marian) emp CIL r 744 London e 
— Ejnar (Nora) emp Fords h 1520 Ferndale av 
(Sand E Twp) • 

— Greda hsekpr r 1910 Lens av 

— Wm (Shirley) elect John Wyeth & Bro h 1163 Marion 

Christenson Vernon (Mary) emp Essex Terminal h 
1668* Albert rd 

Christian Brothers Academy 677 Marentette av 
—Chas (Lillian) emp Fords h 1957 Pillette rd 
—Donald L emp Genl Motors r 1033 Hickory rd 
— John (Susana) mach Gotfredson's h 1805 Hall av 
—Jos (Mary) h 1033 Hickory rd 
— Robt ice slsmn Win Ice & Coal r 1406 Rossini blvd 
—Science Church 1185 Pelissier 

—Science Reading Room Mrs Minnie McIntosh librarian 
205, 29 Park w 

—Stanley (Winifred) emp Fords h 395 Glengarry av 
— Thos L emp Gotfredson r 921 Howard av 
— Wilbert (Maureen) emp Detroit r 2318 Meighen rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Wm E (Florence) coal yard foremn Win Ice & Coal 
Co h 1406 Rossini blvd 
Christians Alfred (Lillian) h 175 Aylmer av 
Christiansen Mary Mrs drill press opr Johnstel Metal 
Prod r 1668 Albert rd 

Christianson Paul (Frances) emp Jeff Kearn Ltd h 1826 
Ellrose av 

Christie Brown & Co Ltd Stanley Nighswander mgr 
biscuit mfr 1493 Union 

—Carl J (Garnette) dir Dept of Health Prov Laboratory 
h 31, 308 Randolph av 

— Catherine assembler L A Young Industries r 40 
Rose land dr (Rose land) 

--Harvey A (Kathleen) customs officer Dept Natl Rev 
h 650 William (R Park) 

—Jessie E stenog Heintzman & Co r 1158 Moy av 
— Jos (Nora) emp Hydro h 848 Hall av 
—Kenneth elk Toledo Scale r 3395 Riberdy rd (Sand E 

—Nelson H (Irene) customs & excise officer Natl Rev 
h 733 Rankin av 

—Norman kitchen wkr Ann's Snack Bar r 2237 Woodlawn 
--Ronald N r 2237 Woodlawn av 
—Ross D (Patricia) blowing mach opr Walker Metal h 
2237 Woodlawn av 

— Steve (Sandwich Lunch) r 3248 Sandwich w 
Chri stmas Chas E (Alice) Computing elk customs & 
excise Natl Rev h 438 Rankin av 
—Chas R studt £ 438 Rankin av 
Christoff Geo (Harmony Grill) r 1288 Windermere rd 
Christopherson Edwin (Freyda) mgr Candn Bank of 
Commerce (236 Drouillard rd) h B, 476 Giles 
blvd w 

Christow Anastas (Florence) (Can U S A) h 2227 
Howard av 

Christy Arnold (Celina) h 855 London e 
-Lila off elk’ Romeo Mach Shop r 855 London e 
Chromo Joe (Anna) emp Walker Metal r 1762 Cadillac 
Chrymoto Men's Club Harold Thompson pres 2330- 
2334 McDougall 

Chrysler Corporation of Canada Ltd administration 

bldg automobile & truck mfrs Chrysler Centre 



at Lincoln Rd. 

W. Morris President 

* 4*5101 

at Goyeau St. 


— 94 — 



1010 London St. West .... Phone 4-6456 


—Margt M Mrs sec-treas Purity Dairies h 4, 1287 
Kildare rd 

--Provision (Demien & Romeo Dubien) gro, meat St 
fruits 3019 Tecumseh blvd e (Sand E Twp) 
Chrzanowski Eugene (Janet) emp Detroit r 431 
Wellington av 

Chrzastok Jos emp Genl Motors r 1311 Elsmere av 
Chsmosky Jos emp Dom Forge r 1115 Hickory rd 
Chu Pon Ing with Roseland Golf Club r 159 Sandwich e 
Chubb Delphine Mrs ward aid Metropolitan Genl Hosp 
h 3876 Matchette rd 

Chubey Peter (Carol Anne) emp Candn Motor Lamp 
h 1066 Felix av 

Chuby Alexander (Mary) plshr Motor Products Corp h 
1650 Highland av 

—John (Agatha) elk Fords h 1762 George av 
Chuck Davey foremn Back Stay Stand r 716 Bridge av 
—Geo (Oriental Cafe) h 2, 220 Goyeau 
Chuck's Grill (Chas Dunlop St Gordon Neish) rest 1824 
Wyandotte e 

Chudyk Edwd optical techn Imp Optical r 2, 323 Louis av 
—Frances Mrs h 2, 323 Louis av 
—Jenny r 2, 323 Louis av 

— Wm optical techn Imp Optical r 2, 323 Louis av 
Chuhnoski Mike emp CNR h 307 Glengarry av 
Chuk Donna dish washer Europe Hotel r 1814 Drouil- 
lard rd 

— Peter emp Chrysler h 1814 Drouillard rd 
Chulumovich Alex (Rose) emp Fords h 2614 St 
Louis av (Sand E Twp) 

Chung Chan B (Ottawa Cafe) r 1680 Ottawa 
Chunn Chas (Josephine) h 1418 Central av 
Chuprun May Mrs h 639 Cataraqui 
Church Allan (Vivian) emp Russell Painters h 997 
Parent av 

--Alvin E pntr DeVilbiss Mfg r 905 Bridge av 
‘—Chas H (Ethel) trk drvr City Engineers Dept h 905 
Bridge av 

--Edwd (Vernia) emp Fords h 2152 Forest av 
—Harold G (Vesta) slsmn Borden Co h 455 Curry av 
—John M (Norma L) office elk Fords h 1647 Windsor av 
—June fnshg dept Sterling Drug r 455 Curry av 
—Lloyd r 455 Curry av 
--of Christ 405 Curry av 

—of God Rev W Harry Thornhill pastor 1604 Dougall av 
—of Jesus Christ, The R Watson presiding elder n s 
Irvine av cor Howard av 

--of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Rev Wilfrid J Langiois 
pastor 2879 Sandwich e 

—of the Ascension Rev Walter B Cunningham rector 
1385 London w 

—of the Holy Name of Mary (RC) Rev J A Rooney parish 
priest 681 McEwan av 

— of the Immaculate Conception (RC) Rev G L Blonde 
pastor 821 Wyandotte e 

—of the Nazarene Rev Albt Cameron pastor 1108 
Pe Ussier 

--Percy (Freda) emp Can Auto Trim h 1627 Highland av 
--Philip E (Thelma) genl mgr Candn Automotive Trim 
h 2282 Chilver rd 

— Roy (Henrietta) emp Peerless Countryside Dairies h 
Matchett rd (Ojibway) 

— Russell pntr Wm Russell St Son r 997 Parent 
Churchill Barber Shop (Randolph Churchill) 607 Eugene 
(R Park) 

—Beatrice r 685 Victoria av 

— Betty opr Motor Products Corp r 353 Chappell av 
— Catherine h 1087 Lena 

— Clifford mech Art Green’s Service r 459 Dougall av 
— Edith h 685 Victoria av 

— Gladys social wkr Children's Aid Society h 745 
Lincoln rd 

—House (Candn Legion) 36 Chatham e 
--Hugh E slsmn r 470 Lincoln rd 

— Joyce bench wkr Essex Wire Corp r 353 Chappell av 
—Lloyd (Betty) furnace rep Windsor Furnace Co res 
R R#1 Windsor 
--Margt C h 470 Lincoln rd 
—Ralph (Ruth) emp Fords h 1210 Strathmore av 
— Randolph (Helen) barber 607 Eugene (R Park) h 

— Raymond (Lulu) emp Brit Amer Brewery h 353 
ChappeH av 

—Roy r 685 Victoria av 

— Wm (Yvonne) slsmn Agnew Surpass Shoe Store Ltd 
h 350 Cameron av 

Churma John emp Candn Steel r 705 Brock v 

Churptta Peter emp Hydro h (basement) 1088 Drouillard 

Chypeezook Barbara press opr Great Lakes Die 
Casting r 126 Wyandotte w 

Chytyk John (Rose) welder Fords h 966 Drouillard rd 
Chyz Anthony T (Mary) (Empire Auto Repair) h 1043 
Langiois av 

Cianci Carl (Clara) emp CPR h 1092 Campbell av 
Ciancio Jos emp Doran Constn r 1148 Assumption 
Ciantar Jos (Emelda) h 1016 Dougall av 
Ciarrocchi Nick barber 1398 Pelletier av r same 
Cicala Nestorian Rev rector St Georges Roumanian 
Orthodox Church h 1238 Pierre av 
Ciccodicola Antonio r 687 Dougall av 
Ciccone Anthony emp Parks Dept h 368 London e 
—Frank musician r 931 Langiois av 
--Mary Mrs bench wkr Essex Wire Corp h 1069 
Marentette av 

—Pat (Maria) music tchr 1, 609 Ouellette av h 931 
Langiois av 

— Rocco dairymn Silverwood's r 368 London e 
Cichini Frank (Arcangela) emp Pigott Constn r 1136 

Cichon Jos T (Harriet) clutch assembler Long Mfg h 
4927 Reginald 

— Michl (Helen) moulder Stan Fndry h 3244 Edison av 
Cichy John (Jennie) emp Kelsey Wheel h 1447 Benjamin 

—Wanda x-ray techn Royden E Holmes r 1447 Benja- 
min avenue 

Ciebien Alfonse (Elizth) emp Chryslers h 3426 Harris 
Ciebin Anne H Mrs h 1208 Cadillac 
--Jos (Vena) emp City Engineers Dept h 1884 Alexis rd 
—Peter emp Walkerville Fndry h 1214 Cadillac 
—Walter emp Fords r 1214 Cadillac 
Cieciuch Peter tester Long Mfg r 1291 Langiois av 
Cierpisz Michl (Annie) emp Fords h 1879 Dominion 
blvd (Sand W Twp) 

Cifarelli Archie (Beulah) tube mill opr McCord Corp r 
333 Goyeau 

Cieslik Adam fndry emp Walker Metal r 1518 Moy av 
Cilli Betty emp Can Bldg Elevator r 1272 Campbell av 
— Lenord (Rose) emp Empire-Hanna Coal h 1272 
Campbell av 

Cimaroli Aldo fndry emp Walker Metal r 1322 Maren- 
tette av 

Cimer Grocery (Jos Cimer) 1482 Langiois av 
—Joseph (Peros) (Cimer Grocery) h 1482 Langiois av 
Cinat Elia (Eva) emp Fords h 714 Tuscarora 
—Larry studt r 714 Tuscarora 
Cincurak John (Howard Taxi) h 3180 Byng rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Cinderella Beauty Parlor (Alice Baldock) 203, 182 
Pitt w 

Cioch Frank (Dorothy) emp Chryslers r 466 McEwan 

■—Geo (Annie) carp Sterling Constn h 1662 Westcott rd 
—Mary off elk Forest Clnrs r 1662 Westcott rd 
—Olga stenog DeVilbiss Mfg r 1662 Westcott rd 
Ciphery Gordon E (Rose) emp Fords h 702 Caron av 
* — Patricia sec l ords r 1583 Pelissier 
Cipparone Buonaventura (Raffaele) (Tony's Paint Shop) 
h 2337 Turner rd 

—Edith billing elk Sterling Drug r 1915 Francois rd 
—Frank (Julia) emp Chryslers h 1915 Francois rd 
— Ida stenog Sterling Products r 1915 Francois rd 
—Joseph (Mary) emp Candn Bridge res Roseland 
— Jos studt r 2337 Turner rd 
— Patrick (Rosemary) emp Chryslers h 1650 St 
Luke rd 

--Sam app Johnnys Auto Body St Fender Service r 973 
Louis av 

—Sam studt r 1915 Francois rd 
Cirbes Herbt box mkr Toledo Scale r 371 Aylmer av 
Cirku Jos (Barbara) emp Chryslers h 1877 Alexis rd 
Cirku Wm emp F ord Trade Schl r 1877 Alexis rd 
Cisai Andros emp Chrysler r 1803 Hichory rd 
Cisek Jos (Slavika) emp Fords h 1957 George av 
--Louise fnshg dept Sterling Drug r 947 Josephine av 

Alphabetical, White' Page 95 


Cisillno Fred (Mary) emp Fords h 1130 Louis av 
— Ines emp Borden Co r 1130 Louis av 
— Norman emp Johnson Turner r 1130 Louis av 
—Ray studt r 1130 Louis av 

Cities Service Oil Co Ltd Clarence J Riddell mgr 
305 Giles blvd e 

Citron Alfredo (Elizth) emp McCord Radiator h 751 
London e 

--Alfredo tube mill opr McCord Corp r 750 London e 
Citulski Kate (wid Mike) h 1107 Langlois av 
City Delivery Service (Ovide Chartrand) 2329 Parent 

— Dry Cleaners (Harold Byrnes) 333 Mill 
—Electric Service (John A Poirier) elect repr shop 78 
Erie w 

--Hall City Hall square, Windsor av at Park e (See 

also City Officials List Miscellaneous section) 
—Hall Annex (rear) City Hall, City Hall Square 
— Incinerator 1269 Mercer and 3476 Front 
— Market Building 255-287 Pitt e 
—Morgue Wm E Ballantyne genl mgr 1297 Marentette 

--Of Windsor - City Hall sq, Windsor av at' Park e, 
Arthur J Reaume mayor, C V Waters city elk, 
Eugene J Langlois city treas, R J Moore budget 
director, S W Harding tax coll, W W Green 
asses commr, (City Hall Annex) Jas E Watson 
solicitor, W Steward sec board of control, S A 
Tarleton property mgr, D S Whyte purch agt, 
Kenneth E Shaw bldg insp (City Hall Annex) 
Herbert Pozner plumbing insp (City Hall Annex) 

R J Desmarais city engnr (City Hall Annex) W 
Geo Gardner dir of social services (669 Tus- 
carora) Chas Cook parks mgr (940 McDougall) 

H G Coates fire chief (254 Pitt e) Carl W Farrow 
chief constable (Park e) A W MacMillan police 
magistrate, (Park e) John Howie medical officer 
of health (2090 Wyandotte e) C R Holmes sani- 
tary insp (2090 Wyandotte e)DU Piche, Market 
Clerk (195 McDougall St) 

—Of Windsor Asphalt Plant Earl Knight supt 1579 
Elsmere av 

—Of Windsor Signal Building 950 Chllver rd 
—Shoe Repair (Mike Jackiw) 1027 Drouillard rd 
—Shoe Repair (Joseph Girard) 4453 Wyandotte e 
—Welding & Boiler Repair Ltd Ernest J Barchard 

pres & genl mgr, Wm Barchard sec-treas 472 
Tecumseh blvd e 

Ciumb Jane maid Driving Park Hotel r 29 Tecumseh 
blvd w 

Ciuprinskas Vitold (Adele) emp Natl Radiator h 1181 
Marion av 

Ciurysek Joseph (Sophie) (Remington Dry Cleaners) 
h 758 South Pacific av (R Park) 

—Paul emp Remington Dry Cleaners r 758 South 
Pacific av (R Park) 

Civil Defence C H F Fletcher civil defence controller 
1 City Annex 

Cizmar Jos (Theresa) emp Fords h 2370 Alexis rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Jos Jr emp Chrysler r 2370 Alexis rd (Sand E Twp) 
Ckess Victor emp Fibre Products r 886 St Luke rd 
Clachrie John A (Mary) r 2521 Riverside dr (R'Side) 
Cladyz Ted (Ethel) emp Chrysler h 473 Broadhead 
Clair Louise nurse & receptionist Wm A Taylor r 1332 
Dufferin pi 

—Stanley (Hedwig) prntr Sumner Printing & Publishing 
Co Ltd h 905 Bruce av „ 

Clairmont Arthur J (Rose M> stkpr Fords h 353 Villaire 
av (R'Side) 

— Edwd emp Detroit r 353 Villaire av (R’Side) 

Clancy Anna Mrs nurse CIL h 1358 Moy av 
—Donald R drvr D Fielding Co r 1, 362 Moy av 
—Fred (Lillie) plmbr Sieber -Delaney Co h 1362 
Moy av 

— Gerald (June) emp Ford r 630 Bridge av 
—Gerard J (Marie) 1 c P O r 790 Marentette av 
— J B r 511 Pelissier 

—John B (Vera) engnr Fords h 259 Lincoln rd 

—John F r 1362 Moy av 

—Marie maid Hotel Dieu r 790 Marentette av 

Marie nurse Norman A McCormick r 1356 Moy av 

—Roderick (Marie) cab owner Veteran Cab Co of Win- 
dsor Ltd h 674 Pierre av 

— PPy (Stella) auto mech Fords r 1395 Langlois av 

Thos (Caroline) radio despatcher Police Dept h 248 

Pillette rd 

—Vincent J (Eva) mech Fords h 964 Hall av 
Clapic Steve (Annie) emp Ryan Constn h 3218 Sandwich 

Clapp David W (Agnes) emp Andrew W Gillespie h 738 
Charlotte (R Park) 

—Donald C (Madeline) drvr Industrial Rubber & 
Supplies Ltd r 3472 Byng rd (Sand E Twp) 


--Edith (wid Fredk) r 487 Glengarry av 
—Ezra (Helen) emp Raitor Transp h 744 Charlotte 
(R Park) 

—Malcolm S (May) (Peerless Construction Co) res 

Tecumseh ? 

—Margt (wid Roy) h 1137 Wigle av 
--Maude (wid Cecil) h 1080 Bruce av 
— Regd S (Myrtle) revr Brading's Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery h 204, 1361 Assumption 
--Rose (wid Clarence) h 566 Windermere rd 
--Roy E (Marie) maintain Chryslers h 2038^ Wyandotte t 

— Wm r 566 Windermere rd 
Clapper Donald W (Hilda) emp Customs & Excise 
Natl Rev h 2289 Chilver rd 

— Wm G (Laura) drvr Stan Brown Transp h 2295 Chilver 

road t 

Clara’s Gift Shop (Mrs Clara Wallace) 604 Alexandrine 
(R Park) 

Clarazo Leo woodwkr Adrian’s Woodworks h 553 Irwin 
Clare Harry R btehr Wright's Mkt h 244 Erie w 
— Jane occupational therapist Candn Red Cross Society 
r 437 Indian rd 
— Margt h 381 Pierre av 
- -Mary (wid Robt) r 430 Elm av 

—Murray (Patricia) chart acct Price, Waterhouse & Co 
h 1069 Shepherd e 

— Wm (Louise) courtesy man Ambassador Motors h 
1558 Rossini blvd 

Claridge Leonard E (Margt) emp Johnson & Turner '■ 

Electric Repair h 935 Goyeau 
Claringbold Chas (Marie) emp Fords h 1441 Francois 

— Lawrence emp' NYC Rly r 1617 London w 
— Vernon A commentator CKLW h 1617 London w 
Clark Alexander (Nellie) emp Kelsey Wheel r 1467 1 

Parent av 

—Allan (Mary) tool crib attdt DeVilbiss Mfg h 125 
Aylmer av 

—Allen T (Patricia)welder Candn Kellog Co h 6320 < 

Riverside dr (R'Side) 

—Andrew S (Hazel) emp Fords h 1578 Westcott rd )' 

—Annie (wid Henry) emp S W & A Rly r 629 Chatham w 
— Arleigh (Tessie) h 1143 Windermere rd 
--Arnold emp Genl Motors r 394 Erie w 
—Arthur C (Grace) mgr W H Adam's h 129 Patrice dr 

— Benj B (Harriet) emp Chryslers h 2322 Elsmere av ; 
--Betty emp Hiram Walkers & Sons r 1757 Windermere 

—Burton (Clara) emp Fords h 1209 Curry av 
--Chas emp Fords r 309 McDougall 
--Chas B (Jessie) maintmn CIL h 639 Randolph av 
—Chas J (Anna) lawyer McTague Springstein h 1355 V 

Ouellette av 

--Clifford S (Winnifred) slsmn Rly & Power Engnrg 
Corp h 1818 Meldrum av 
--Clinton e (Catherine) h 643 Tecumseh blvd e 
— Constance emp Detroit r 1058 Assumption 
— Constance studt r 1273 Ouellette av t 

— Dan emp Windsor Daily Star r 206 Sandwich w 
—Derrick emp NYC Rly r 242 Chatham w 
— Donald emp Chryslers r 523 Parent av 
— E Grace (W H Adams) r 129 Patrice dr (R’Side) 

--Earl h 1241 Goyeau 

— Elmer H treas Walkerville Printing Co Ltd h IF, 

6 57 Argyle rd 
--Elizth r 394 Erie w 
—Etta Mrs r 450 Elliott e 
— Etta (wid John) h 6, 1342 Wyandotte w 
—Evelyn fnshg dept opr Sterling Drug r 394 Erie w 
— Evelyn opr Motor Products Corp r 720 Wyandotte e 

--Frances (wid Percy) h 1746 Gladstone av 
--Frank (Elsie) emp Business Fleets Ltd h 1757 
Windermere rd 

— Frank M (Catherine) emp Ford h 3777 Whitney av 
— G Vivian elk Brading's Cincinnati Cream Brewery 

r 1259 Windermere rd ? 

--Geo (Jean) emp A H Bolton Co h 595 Caroline 
—Geo (Clara) mech Fords h 1411 Labadie rd 
—Geo emp Fords r 1578 Westcott rd 
--Geo C Metal Last Co (Geo C Clark (USA) shoe lasts 
1889 Sandwich e 

—Geo F (Catherine) genl sis mgr General Fireguard ^ 

Corp h 25 Giles blvd e 

—Glen (Harriett) emp Hackney Cartage h 3, 458 Janette 

— Glynn (Marie) drvr Cities Service Oil Co Ltd h 407 
McKay av 

--Gordon (Marie) emp Fords r 546 langlois av 
— Gordon C (Kay) emp S W & A Rly r 976 Elm av 
—Harold R (Lelah) mech engnr Fords h 2315 Moy av 
— Harold S (Hazel) civil engnr Fords h 1168 Chilver rd 

— 96 



— Henry W (Iris) mech 3 G Matlock Co r 1826 Lincoln 

—Howard (Mary) emp Fords h 3377 Peter 
—Ida Mrs h 625 Pelissier 
—Inga h 2, 1604 Goyeau 

--Isabel plant nurse Essex Wire Corp r 1259 Winder- 
mere rd 

--Ira emp Bruner Monds r 394 Erie w 
—Iris Mrs slsldy Singer Sew Mach r 2417 George av 
—Ivan L (Margt) uphol h 1839 Ford blvd (Sand E Twp) 
--Ivan W opr Motor Products Corp r 1839 Ford blvd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Jack (Ila) emp Prim Cleaner h 549 Gladstone av 
— Jas h 2546 Howard av (R Park) 

— Jas r 319 Glengarry av 

--Jas (Catherine) emp Fords h 836 Giles blvd e 
--Jas jr toolmkr Motor Products Corp r 836 Giles 
blvd e 

—Jas (Janet) pres Peerless Steel Co Ltd res Kingsville 
— Jas E (Louise) emp Tucker Electric h 194 McEwan 

--Jas H,K C (Clark & Zeron) h 1273 Ouellette av 

—Jas R (Lillian) emp^S W & A Rly h 976 Elm av 

—Jas W r 1380 Moy av 

—Jas W studt r 1273 Ouellette av 

—Jeanne L studt r 194 McEwan av 

—John r 54S Langlois av 

—John (Jane) emp Fords r 1578 Westcott rd 

—John (Rose) emp Fords h 894 Bridge av 

--John (Olive) emp MCR h 65 St Louis av (R'Side) 

—John J (Beth) emp S W & A Rly h 1768 Olive rd 
--John M (Sadie) emp Win Utilities Commn (Hydro Div) 
h 1481 Lincoln rd 
—John S studt r 1168 Chilver rd 
—John W (Ann) emp Chryslers h 1125 Curry av 
—Johnstone W (Alice) emp Candn Bridge res Roseland 
--Kenneth assembler Welles Corp r 335 Goyeau 
—Kenneth emp Metropolitan Store r 356 Victoria av 
—Kenneth G (Betty) iron pourer Walker Metal h 1186 
Pierre av 

—Kenneth R (Alice) emp Fords h 573 Aylmer av 
--Lewis emp Walker Metal r 509 Chilver rd 
—Mabel E (wid Wm) h 1826 Lincoln rd 
— Madaline Mrs h 523 Parent av 

--Marie assembler L A Young Industries r 562 Brock 
--Marion E typist Hiram Walker & Sons r 1757 Wind- 
ermere rd 

—Marion S emp Fords r 1504 Lincoln rd 
—Mary nurse Hotel Dieu r 2322 Elsmere av 
—Mary priv sec Toledo Scale r 470 Giles blvd e 
—Mary A (wid Justin) nurse h 344 Chippewa 
—May (wid Wm) swtchbd opr Grace Hosp h 2633 
Turner rd 

—Neil P stock handler Long Mfg r 562 Brock 
—Norman F (Verne) suprvsr Fords h 1658 Westcott rd 
— Oliver (Margt) caretkr Prince Edward Schl h 394 
Erie w 

—Oscar (Rita) emp Fords h 712 Dougall av 
—Pauline practical nurse East Win Hosp r 336 
Victoria av 

--R Burl (R Mary) elk Fords h 1543 Windsor av 
— Raymond (Anna) mech Hawkeswood Garage h 1123 
Curry av 

—Reginald (Isabell) emp Fords h 2704 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Richd (Elsie) asst foremn Fo^ds h 1450 Everts av 
(Sand W Twp) 

— Richd W (Jacqueline) drvr Overland Exp r 155 
Chatham e 

— Robt (Marion) purch agt Genl Fireguard Corp r 393 

—Robt M elk J T Wing & Co r 872 Church 
--Rodney A (Rosaline) radio engnr Candn Broadcasting 
Corp h 1152 Pelissier 

—Roy A (Anna) yardmaster CNR Yard Off h 546 
Langlois av 

— Roy L (Eleanor) pres Walkerville Printing Co Ltd 
h 1259 Windemere rd 
— Sarah (wid John) r 391 Oak av 
--Stewart (Marion) emp CKLW h 2292 Parkwood av 
—Victor emp Genl Motors h 4, 1310 Pierre av 
—Wallace H (Dolores) personell mgr Fords h 128, 

1616 Ouellette av 

—Walter (Emily) emp Whittakers Fndry h 491 Caron av 
—Walter E (Edith) mill man Beaver Lumber Co Ltd h 
2046 Glendale av (Sand E Twp) 

—Wilbert engnr Motor Products Corp res Leamington 
— Wm r 762 Victoria av 

— Wm (Irene) emp Bell Tel h 2564 Bernard rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

— Wm (Rosetta) emp Walker Land & Bldg h 607 Kildare 

— Wm (Marion) emp Fords h 1504 Lincoln rd 
— Wm janitor Vet's Dry Cleaners r 468 Pitt w 

--Wm steel wkr T J Eansor & Sons r 1362 Elsmere 
— Wm G (Lillian) elk Genl Foods h 1785 Westcott rd 
--Wm G (Nancy) elk Fords h 330 Partington av 
— Wm H (Grace) h 1058 Assumption 
—Willis L vice -pres & editor Windsor Daily Star r3945 
Riverside dr 

— Zoe Mrs elk Wright's Meat Mkt h 62 Erie e 
— & Zeron (Jas H Clark KC & J Ernest Zeron KC) 
barrs 404, 374 Ouellette av 
Clarke Agnes nurse Auto Specialties h 40 Isabelle pi 
(R'S ide) 

— Alice (wid Abraham) h 2343 Lillian 
— Anderson (Annabelle) h 3183 Sandwich w 
--Anderson (Verdine) trk drvr Stand Paint h 2421 St 
Louis (Sandwich E Twp) 

--Arthur emp Chryslers r 2283 Turner rd 
--Arthur A (Mildred) foremn Fords h 551 Moy av 
--Bernard (Ena) foremn Gotfredson h 1637 York 
— Bruce studt r 179 Hanna e 
— Chas h 1074 Howard av 

— Chas (May) canvasser Win Star h 663 Hildegarde 
(R Park) 

— Chas N (Chas N Clarke Insurance Service) res 

--Chas N Insurance Service (Chas N Clarke) 6, 332 
Ouellette av 

— Chas P (Lillian) (Forest House) r 1070 Howard av 
— Chas W (Annie) h 1062 Howard av 
— Chas W (Evelyn) mgr Appel Bros Ltd h 333 McEwan 

— Clara (wid Walter) h 1733 Iroquois 
— D & Company (Duncan Clarke) monuments 1044 
Howard av 

--Daniel prntr Win Star r 1103 Tecumseh blvd e 
--David (Edith) emp Fords h 633 Brazil (R Park) 
--Donald emp D Clarke & Co r 1070 Howard av 
—Doreen emp S S Kresge & Co r 633 Brazil (R Park) 
--Douglas mach opr LA Young Industries r 1183 Lena 
--Duncan (D Clarke & Co) h 1070 Howard av 
—Earl T (Edith) oven opr L A Young Industries h 1183 

—Edith Mrs emp Palace Theatre h 8, 110 Elliott w 
—Edward (Lillian) emp Candn Postum r 451 Indian rd 
— Edwd (Kay) dock man Hendrie & Co h 260 McEwan av 
—Eleanor shpg dept Sterling Drug h 1566 Church 
—Eric N (June) pres & genl mgr Maris Automobile 
Transp Ltd h 2343 Moy av 

--Ernest R (Marion) stockmn Chryslers h 481 Bridge av 
—Evelyn Mrs emp Motor Products r 720 Wyandotte 

—Fred emp Fords r 2283 Turner rd 
— Fredk C (Alice) millwright CIL h 3336 Sandwich w 
— Fredk D tchr Prince of Wales Schl r 3336 Sandwich w 
—Geo r 665 Partington av 

--Geo (Evelyn) emp Chryslers h 843 Partington av 
—Gloria M elk Carnegie Pub Library r 1070 Howard av 
--Gwendolyn stenog Chryslers r 179 Hanna e 
— Harold (Marie) dist slsmn Brit Amer Oil Co Ltd 
h 1017 Felix av 

--Harold (Margt) emp Detroit h 3489 Sandwich w 
— Herbt (Georgina) emp Chryslers h 1186 George av 
— Herbt (Nina) emp Fords h 2345 Lillian 
—I R (wid Edwd J) (Clarke Wallpaper) h 139 Sandwich 

— J D Mrsfr 7, 133 McKay av 
—Jack (Barbara) emp Detroit h 11, 978 Parent av 
--Jack (Birda) real estate 224, 744 Quellette av h 211, 
1616 Ouellette av 

— Jane emp Inti Playing Card r 956 Louis av 
— Jean nurse Hotel Dieu res Harrow 
--John A (Roxy Signs) h 401, 524 Pitt w 
— John J (Evelyn) emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 1543 

—John W (Adela) emp Fords h 2320 Fraser av 
— Jos (Katherine) auto mech Genl Motors h 2694 Turner 

—Jos H (Mary Jane) stn attdt T C A h 3163 Curry av 
(Sand W Twp) 

— June typist Grace Hosp r 551 Moy av 
—Kathleen elk Grace Hosp r 551 Moy av 
— Kenneth emp Can Auto Trim r 633 Brazil (R Park) 
—Kenneth B studt r 551 Moy av 
—Leslie opr Motor Products Corp.r 1019 Pelissier 
—Lome emp Ford Trade Schl r 274 Cadillac 
—Louis photog 1030 Dougall av h same 
—Luther C (Margaret J) (Riordon, Wlgle & Clarke) 
h 45 Jefferson blvd (R'Side) 

— McLeod emp Fords r 572 Oak av 
— Mervin A (Elizth) emp Fords h 2604 Buckingham dr 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Nellie (wid Chas H) r 52 St Louis av (R'Side) 

—Nina Mrs h 179 Hanna e 

--Norman (Leona) emp Fords h 1532 Elsmere av 
— Norman opr Motor Products Corp r 633 Brazil 

Alphabetical, White Page 97 


Complete Line of Builders' Supplies 
Ryancrete Blocks — Ready Mixed Concrete 

210 DETROIT STREET - - PHONE — 4-3271 



—Patricia E r 785 Patricia rd 
—Paul A (Phyllis) piano tuner h 2436 Turner rd 
— Robt (Margt) emp Fords h 530 Moy av 
— Robt (Tiny) emp Fords h 3859 Montcalm 
—Robt (Elizth) opr CIL h 1405 Drouillard rd 
--Robt A (Edna) personnel supt CIL h 785 Patricia rd 
--Robt H (Laura) emp Fords h 284 Gladstone av 
—Robt J (Marion) purch agt Genl Fireguard Corp r 393 

—Ronald D (Mary) emp Candn Auto Trim h 233 Ford 
blvd (R'Side) 

— Roy (Agnes) emp Truscon Steel h 1489 Lincoln rd 
—Russell W (Amelia) customs & excise officer Natl 
Rev h 1095 Josephine av 
--Stanley elk Essex Wire Corp h 1566 Church 
—Stanley B (Barbara) acct Bank of Com h 1933 
Pillette rd 

--Ted (Marie) emp Chryslers h 273 Virginia av 

—Travel Service (Chas N Clarke) 6, 332 Ouellette av 
—Wallpaper (Mrs I R Clarke) 139 Sandwich w 
--Walter J (Eleanor) emp Fords h 264 St Louis av 

--Wesley (Jean) asst foremn Burroughs Machs h 956 
Louis av 

—Wesley ]r elk Fords r 179 Hanna e 
— Wm (Minnie) h 1433 Rossini blvd 
— Wm (Minnie) shpr McCord Corp r 640 Alexandrine 
(R Park) 

--Wm (Ila) mach opr Essex Wire Corp r 549 Gladstone 

— Wm J (Ellen) emp Can Motor Lamp h 559 Charlotte 
(R Park) 

— Wm T (Violet) emp Can Sirocco h 2967 Clemenceau 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Clarkson Ann h 1175 Bruce ay 
—Bertha tchr H E Guppy Schl r 1175 Bruce av 
—Daniel (Vera) emp Chryslers r 1539 Lincoln rd 
-Daniel (Jennie) emp Fords h 1274 Pierre av 
—Duncan (Elizth) cabt mkr Chryslers h 1274 Pierre av 
—Edwin A (Dorothy) insp Chryslers h 704 Hall av 
—Helen T stenog City Treas r 1272 Pierre av 
— Herbt E (Elizth) mgr Dan McG e e r 4, 700 Marentette 

— Jas carp Walkerville Lumber r 1274 Pierre av 
—Kenneth (Leola) mgr Riverside Constn h 1510 Aubln 

— Wm (Jennie) bkpr Peerless Countryside Dairies h 
1272 Pierre av 

— Wm emp Chryslers r 402, 410 Giles blvd w 
Clarot Louise wtrs Meldoy Grill r 949 Marlon av 
. — Luciano (Celestina) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 
949 Marion av 

—Valentino (Elba) emp Fords h 888 Tecumseh blvd e 
Clarridge John (Estelle) emp Chryslers h 1303 Central 
—Ralph G r 1303 Central av 

Clary Hugh F (Madeline) dept suprvsr Bendix-Eclipse 
h 203 St Res* av (Riverside) 

Clattenburg Calvin emp Brading's Cincinnati Cream 
Brewery r 448 Dougall av 
Claus Agnes r 345 Rankin av 
—Allan R (Cleda) emp Detroit h 1774 Chllver rd 
— Gertrude Mrs r 319 Park w 
— Murven E emp S W & A Rly res Roseland 
—Pearl (wid Philip) r 2632 Turner rd 
Clausius Elmer (Cecile) emp Dom Forge & Stamping h 
240 Tuscorora 

Clavel Jas M studt r 680 Windermere rd 
—Martin J (Ethel) (Gourlay & Clavel) h 080 Winder - 
mere rd 

Claxton Betty emp Back Stay Ltd r 1484 Arthur rd 
—Frank (Beatrice) sheet metal man Genl Motors 
h 1484 Arthur rd 
Clay Earl r 914 Parent av 

— Geo (Constance) emp Natl Grocers h 844 Hall av 
— Thos R (Lila) h 589 Kildare rd 

— Thos R (Lila) emp Walker Metal r 1880 Wyandotte e 
— Wm h 1294 Goyeau 
Clayden John (Catherine) h 343 Curry av 
—John (Alwilda) emp Chryslers h 653 McKay av 
— Wm (Geraldine) dept mgr Henry Birks & Sons 
h 1633 Olive rd 

Clayton Audley A (Jean) scale assembler Toledo 

Scale h 2298 Marentette av 

--Bertha Mrs h 630 Bridge av 

— Doreen emp Detroit r 630 Bridge av 

—Ernest (Helen) emp Fords h 374 Campbell av 

— Fredk W (Fanny) emp Fords h 1145 Gladstone av 

—Jas H (Martha) h 2227 Hall av 

— Thos h 592 Elliott e 

Clazie John (Frances) h 1080 Church 

—John )r studt r 1080 Church 

--Marjorie studt r 1080 Church 

Cleak Mollie (wid J E)-h 414, 1616 Ouellette av 

Clearie Jas (Margt) emp CIL h 209, 286 Pitt w 

Cleary D’Arcy J (Norma) h 864 Dawson rd 


—Edmund lawyer h 1094 Victoria av 
—Eileen nurse r 132 Reedmere av (R'Side) 

—Helen h 1033 Victoria av 

— Marjory nurse Hotel Dieu r 864 Dawson rd 

— Norah h 1033 Victoria av 

—Ray emp Fords r 132 Reedmere av (R'Side) 

— Rosemary nurse r 864 Dawson rd 
— Wm J (Mildred) crane opr J Kovinsky & Sons r 
132 Reedmere av (R'Side) 

Cleaver John J (Marguerite) area insp Ont Hydro h 
216 Glidden av (R'Side) 

Clegg Allan studt r 1635 Westcott rd 

—Helene tchr Prince of Wales Schl r 665 Kildare rd 

— Jas (Hanna) h 3560 King 

—John (Margt) h 1532 Tourangeau rd 

--Margt Mrs h 665 Kildare rd 

—Thos (Florence) emp Fords h 1535 Westcott rd 

--Wm studt r 3560 King 

Cleghorn Alex (Rita) emp Redbird Decorating h 767 
Windsor av 

--John R (Freda) emp Detroit h 220 Prado pi (R'Side) 
Cleland Thos (Norma) emp Fords h 808 Campbell av 
Clelland Andrew (Annie) emp Fords h 2374 Chandler rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

--Andrew jr emp Fords r 2374 Chandler rd (Sand E 

--Jas (Mildred) emp Genl Motors h 2418 Alexis rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Clemas Lome R (Jean) serv off elk Webster Motors 
(Windsor) h 414 Fairview blvd (R'Side) 

Clemen Emma h 1144 Victoria av 
Clemens John B (Lorna M) (Sure Good Products Co) 
h 1494 Gladstone av 
--Lillian F (wid Herbt) r 2276 Byng rd 
Clement Clarence (Mabel) set-up man Motor Products 
Corp r 2075 Ottawa 

—Ernest A (Olive) maintmn Chryslers h 1935 West- 
minster av (Sand E Twp) 

—Geo emp Candn Bridge r 388 Gladstone av 
—Harry (Ethel) emp City Engnrs Dept h 1209 Felix av 
— Louis (Helen) acct Hiram Walker & Sons h 2283 
Windermere rd 

Clements Geo A (Maude) elect h 388 Gladstone av 
—Geo H (Helen) asst foremn Fords h 1664 Bruce av 
— Jas A emp Norton Palmer Hotel h 1142 Louis av 
--Norman (Mary) sheet metal wkr Globe Sheet Metal 
h 1450 Parent av 

—Pauline tchr Edith Cavell Schl r 2930 Wyandotte 

— R C emp Detroit h 478 Karl Place 
—Shirley A priv sec Eastern Candn Greyhound Lines 
r 1625 Tourangeau rd 

— T Wm (Mary) mech Globe Sheet Metal Works r 1450 

— Wm (Margt) emp Detroit h 167 Erie e 
— Wm (Emmie) emp Champion Spark Plug h 1933 
Westcott rd 

Cleminson Frank R (Ethel) suprvsry p c P O h 319 
Moy av 

—John E (Grace) emp S W & A Rly h 894 Dougall av 
—Leonard (Jean) drvr S W & A Rly h 1554 Windermere 

—Robt (Anne) emp CPR h 750 Randolph av 
Clench Barney (Lorraine) emp Chryslers h 839 Fran- 
cois Court 

—Barney (Laura) emp Chryslers h 1003 Wellington av 
—Stanley emp Chryslers r 1003 Wellington av 
Clendenning Osn R emp Park Theatre r 2323 Parent av 
—Nellie emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 559 Sandwich w 
— W Ross (Ethel) insp Dom Forge h 2323 Parent av 
Clermont Emile emp Gotfredson r 4, 240 Langlols av 

■ 98 - 



V> inJsor Avenue at City Hall Square — TELEPHONE 4-1185 
Complete Service on nil Ford Products 
Ilranch — 1304 Ottawa St. at Hall av. Phone 3-7419 
Truck Service — 48 Wyandotte E. Phone 3-3586 


—Marie r 677 Sandwich e 

Cleroux Eloi A (Laverna) blowing mach opr Walker 
Metal r 595 Cataraqul 
Cleve Apts 271 Plllette rd 

Cleveland Ben) (Jessie) emp Sterling Constn Co h 419 
Wellington av 

—Charlene tchr Edith Cavell Schl h 304, 524 Pitt w 
—Jack r 419 Wellington av 

—Ronald (Shirley) reprmn Border City Tire Serv h 
638 Louis av 

Clevenger Lillian (wid Herbt) h 529 Giles blvd w 
Cleverley Edwd tile setter Malach Roofing & Flooring 
Co r 680 Pelissier 
Clewett Wm h 990 Hall av 

Clews Matthew W C (Ruth) printer Win Star h 749 Sun- 
set av 

Cliff's Service Garage (Clifford G Little) 723 Tecumseh 
blvd e 

Cltffe Berton (Mary) wrehsemn Imp Oil r 559 Giles 
blvd w 

—Bertram P (Patricia) route slsmn Imp Oil r 559 
Giles blvd w 

—Clarence J r 3, 474 Wyandotte e 
—Frank sr foremn Parks Dept h 952 Curry av 
—John A emp Chryslers h 3, 474 Wyandotte e 
—Mildred Mrs r 3, 474 Wyandotte e 
Clifford Alfred emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 5111 
Howard av (Roseland) 

— Chas cost acct Truscon Steel r 1523 Windsor av 
— Chas J (Alexandria) emp Genl Motors h 1523 
Windsor av 

—Colin (Mildred) emp Fords h 054 Church 
--Edna stenog Underwood Ltd r 456 Glidden av 

—Edwin (Eileen) tchr Assumption College h 3, 237 
Askin av 

— Elizth (wid Wilfred) h 3470 Girardot av 
—Eric R (Edna) plmbr Hughen & Co h 441 Jefferson 
blvd (R'Slde) 

—Geo (Doris) emp S W & A Rly h 208 St Louts av 

—Gerald (Blanche) pntr h 1611 Bernard rd 
—Gordon Jos opr Motor Products Corp r 3470 
Girardot av 

—Herbt (Anna S) emp Can Bridge h 249 Louis av 
—Ilene fnshg dept Sterling Drug r 3470 Girardot av 
— Mary slsldy Red Robin r 1489 Benjamin av 
— Maurice mech r 456 Glidden av (R'Slde) 

—Maxwell A (Helen) btchr Produc ers Cold Storage h 
1065 Howard av 

--Merton (Mary) yardman CPR h 734 Indian rd 
— Mervin T (Anna) emp S W & A Rly h 1440 Niagara 
— Rita fnshg dept opr Sterling Drug r 3470 Girardot av 
— Thos R (Violet) auto mech J T Labadie h 466 Glidden 
av (R'Slde) 

--Wilfred (Helen) emp Fords r 444 Crawford av 
--Wilfred E (Helen) emp Fords h 1208 Prince rd 
. — Winnifred mgrss Honey Dew r 106, 444 Park w 
Clift Alfred (Edith) prntr Win Star res RR#1 Dougall 

— Fredk (Florence) tool Si die mkr Fords h 1442 Assum- 

— Fredk (Vivian) tool Si die mkr Fords h 768 Lincoln rd 
Clifton Edith Mrs (wid Harry) h 1287 Windsor av 
— Ernest A (Doris) slsmn D M Duncan Machinery 
h 1891 Oneida Court 

—Glen A (Joan) buffer Bendlx-Eclipse r 1287 Windsor 

—Ronald (Genevieve) emp Kelsey Wheel h 881 Marlon 
Cllmle Margt asst mgrss The Manor r 801 Victoria av 
Cltnansmith Betty emp Can Bonalite Co r 1541 Pierre 

—Betty Mrs elk Bank of Com r 1355 Marentette av 
— Bruce delivery boy Select Food Mkt r 1541 Pierre 

—Charles R (Louise) (Atlas Roofing Co) h 1766 Durham 

— David (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1242 Felix av 
— Fred (Helen) emp Chryslers h 924 Elsmere av 
—Geo emp Chryslers r 1218 Hanna e 
— Steven (Helen) emp Fords h 2493 Plllette rd (Sand E 


’ " Alphabetical. 


—Thos (Bertha) emp Chryslers h 1541 Pierre av 
— Wm (Emily) emp Chryslers h 1218 Hanne e 
Cline Delbert emp Detroit h 369 McKay av 
--Ella F tchr Richards School r 3405 Riverside dr 
--Emma h 3405 Riverside dr 
—Martina nurse h 201, 1290 Ouellette av 
—Richard C (Helen) office Fords h 275 Crawford av 
--Viola nurse r 201, 1290 Ouellette av 
Clingan Andrew S (Nancy) bus opr Eastern Candn Grey- 
hound Lines r 2240 Fraser av 
— Ian perm force r 2240 Fraser av 
—John watchmn Forest Cleaners r 565 Kildare rd 
- - John E leading seaman Dept Natl Def r 2240 Fraser 

—Margt Mrs h 2240 Fraser av 

—Maxwell (Irene) btchr Alfred Stedman h 1376 Part- 
ington av 

Clingersmlth Alex (Sarah) h 454 Aylmer av 
—Chas G (Eileen) emp C1L h 3446 Girardot av 
—Mildred B hsekpr r 1089 Victoria av 
Cllnkman Orra W (Sarah) customs & excise officer 
Natl Rev h 1931 Lorraine av 
Clinko Mary Mrs h 876 Drouillard rd 
Clinton Helen J stenog Raymond B Marentette r 1124 
Jannette av 

Clipa Calestro emp Godfredson's r 1696 Hickory rd 
Clohecy Hubert D (Alice) retail suprvsr Supertest h 
1498 Giles blvd e 

dory Ann T lab asst R P Scherer Ltd r 2409 Francois 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

--Jos W (Florence) dairyman Borden Co h 2409 Francois 
rd (Sand E Twp) 

Close Cecil (Mary) emp Chryslers h 1640 Hall av 
— Robt opr Motor Products Corp r 1640 Hall av 
Closs Allister K emp Fords h 1039 Drouillard rd 
—David plmbr WalkervUle Plumbing r 1039 Drouillard 

—Mary (wid Andrew) emp Butcher Engnrg Enterprises 
r 1039 Drouillard rd 

Clough Edwd J (Beatrice) trk drvr Candn Breweries 
Transp r 2562 Plllette rd 

Clouse Bruce A E sheriff County Essex res Kingsville 
Clouthier Arthur (Martina) emp Fords h 1757 Bucking- 
ham dr (Sand E Twp) 

—Duane slsmn Agnew Surpass Shoe Stores r 674 Bridge 

—Hector (Madallne) pntr & dec h 959 Albert rd 
—Margt (wid Claude) emp Harly Wilson Pharmacy h 
674 Bridge av 

Cloutier Albt J emp Downtown Chev & Olds h 356 
McKay av 

--Alfred F drvr Overland Exp r 2347 Parent av 
—Alphonse A (Melina) h 816 Dougall av 
— Arrmnd (Fellane) emp Fords h 960 McKay av 
— Belva tchr Holy Rosary Schl res River Canard 
—Delia hsekpr r 711 McEwan av 
—Edmond (Blanche) h 627 Dougall av 
—Emilia r 2233 Woodlawn av 

—Emmanuel (Dora) line servmn John Wyeth & Bro h 
329 Oak av 

— Gabrielle M r 816 Dougall av 
—Harold G assembler Genl Fireguard Corp r 816 
Dougall av 

—Henry emp Chryslers r 895 Lincoln rd 
—Helen Mrs elk Silverwood's r 943 Moy av 
—Justine Mrs r 955 Elsmere av 
—Leo T (Cyrillta) shpr Chryslers h 372 Fairview blvd 

— Louis (Jeanne) emp Fords h 719 California av 
— Michl (Clara) emp Chryslers h 955 Elsmere av 
—Raymond A r 816 Dougall av 
— Raymond J (Susanna) 1 c P O h 416 Caroline 
—Victor r 964 Gladstone av 
— Wilfred J (Rosemary) agt Metro Life r 952 
Lincoln rd 

Wm J (Edna) customs officer Natl Rev h 3229 Lin- 

wood pi 

Club Housing Center Marion Eades suprvsr Wartime 
Houses 2306 Parent av 

Clue Grace (wid Lennox) r 306 Belle Isle View 

Cluff J Barber Shop (Jas Cluff) 1769 London w 

White Page 99 









(Windsor Branch) 


Phone 3-1192 



i CO 

> 1 




u f 






ui §i 



II Sc 

W J5 2 




wmm * 


- O’ 
















--Jas (Minnie) (J Cluff Barber Shop) h 1171 Pelissier 
—Norman baker Walkerville Bakery r 668 Windermere 

— W Joseph pres & genl mgr Frederick B Stevens of 
Can Ltd res Detroit 

Clutterbuck Irene hsekpr r 686 Marentette av 
Clystale John r 370 Brant 
Cmar John (Mary) emp Fords h 1811 Alexis rd 
Coad Jack (Bertha) mgr Royal Windsor Apts h 14, 280 
Park w 

Coakley Jerome emp Genl Motors r 361 Josephine av 

Coaper Jas emp Fords r 1077 Cadillac 

Coate M Mrs h 306, 1338 Ouellette av 

Coates Alger emp Fords r 447 Elliott e 

—Betty r 447 Elliott e 

—Betty stenog Cross Supplies Si Paving r 1042 Lena 
—Carl emp Fords r 1793 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 
—Claude (Arline) emp Dorn Forge & Stamping h 1869 
Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 

— Dunseith Service Station (Norman Coates & Lavern 
Dunseith) 2588 Howard av (R Park) 

—Geo (Maude) bench moulder Walker Metal h 447 
Elliott e 

—Hannah (wid Geo) h 496 Glidden av (R'Side) 

Hedley G (Edith) chief Win Fire Dept h 101, 524 Pitt 

—Hubert (Ann) tool & die mkr Candn Engnrg & Tool h 
1402 Pillette rd 
—Mary r 3296i Russell 

—Geo S emp Dinsmore Mclntire r before 515 Bell,, 
Isle View blvd (R'Side) 

--Irvine W emp S W & A Rly res LaSalle 
—John emp Fords h 5-4, 265-271 Chatham e 
—John M (Neva) purch agt Fords h 2494 Lincoln rd * 
—Joy studt r 2483 Chilver rd 
—Leonard E dental lab 1179 Giles blvd e h same 
--Lester lab Genl Motors r 3629 Queen 
—Lillian emp Park Davis r before 515 Belle Islet 
blvd (R'Side) ■ 

—Marie emp Champion Spark Plug h 900 Giles blvd^ 
—Mary L emp Candn Auto Trim r before 515 Belle 
Isle View blvd (R'Side) 

— Morley N drvr Fords h before 515 Belle Isle Vie. 
blvd (R'Side) 

—Peter N J (Lizzie) swtchmn CNR Rly h before 51! 

Belle Isle View blvd (R'Side) *, 

-Phyllis stkpr Sterling Drug r 1178 Giles blvd e ' 
— Robt (Margt) emp Somerville Paper Box h 806 
♦Cock, see also Cox 
— Albt E (Winnifred h 1062 Victoria av 

COCK BROS LIMITED, RN Cock Manager, > 

Dealers In Poultry and Animal Feeds and 
Garden Seeds and Supplies, 340 Pitt East 
Phone 3-4611, and 1451 Tecumseh Blvd ’ 

East, Hobby Craft Dept Phone 2-9721 

—Norman (Velma) (Coates -Dunseith Service Station) 
h 630 William (R Park) 

— Oda (Mary) emp Auto Specialties h 724 Mercer 
--Reginald G (Daisy) special stone mkr Cross Supplies 
& Paving h 1042 Lena 

— Wm (Alma) r 1793 Victoria blvd (Sand W Twp) 
Coatsworth Alice dental asst Louis Perlman r 1570 
Prince rd 

—Fern Mrs emp Prince Edward Hotel h 1570 Prince 

—Jack emp Fords r 678 Parent av 
—Kenneth (Elizth) (Coatsworth's Meat Market) h 222 
Gladstone av 

—Murray emp Livingstone Wood r 1570 Prince rd 
—Ronald slsmn Purity Dairies r 1991 Ottawa 
Coatsworth's Meat Market (Kenneth Coatsworth) 1412 
Wyandotte e 

Cobb Arley (Verna) emp Roto Cam Piston Ring Mfg Co 
Ltd h 3435 Harris 

—Bertha Mrs cook Windsor Private Medical Hosp h 
953 Mercer 

—Russell emp CPR r 953 Mercer 
Cobbett Chas L W (Daisy) stock group leader Toledo 
Scale h 506 Windermere rd 
—Geo A W (Adelaide) firemn Chryslers h 1922 Wyan- 
dotte (R'Side) 

--Kenneth r 506 Windermere rd 

—Leonard (Nellie) swtchmn NYC Rly h 2490 Clemenceau 
blvd (Sand E Twp) 

Cobbin Jas H (Florence) grinder Fords h 871 Dougall av 
Coburn Christine emp Hiram Walker & Sons h 31, 1556 

—Margt Mrs h 479 Oak av 
— Urelta (wid Ernest) h 2256 Church 
Coca-Cola Ltd Martin J Foy mgr carbonated beverages 
1650 Howard av 

Cocar Time stenog Backstay Standard h 384 John B av 
Cocchetto Augusto h 557 Windsor av 
—Bruno emp Ryan Constn r 557 Windsor av 
-Clara clipper Textile Specialties r 557 Windsor av 
— John r 557 Windsor av 
— Jos r 557 Windsor av 
—Louis emp Ryan Constn r 557 Windsor av 
Oochols Adolf J emp Chryslers r 967 Lillian 
— Amede E (Delma) cartage 967 Lillian h same 
—Bernard F (Florence) emp Candn Motor Lamp h 1111 
Oak av 

—Jos (Vltaltne) carp h 2369 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 
—Louis carp r 2369 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

—Louise stenog Foster Si Roberts r 2369 Pillette rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

—Russel carp r 2369 Pillette rd (Sand E Twp) 

Cochran PhyUis emp Sterling Prod r 4, 1178 Giles blvd e 
Cochrane A Judge commissioner Bd of Commissioners 
of Police res Brampton 

—Alfred P (Catherine) h 57 Jefferson blvd (R’Side) 
—Andrew (Velma) emp Fords h 2483 Chilver rd 
—Donna reg nurse Grace Hosp r 2483 Chilver rd 
—Cecil emp Chryslers r 725 St Luke rd 
—Cecil E A stkmn Chryslers r before 515 Belle Isle 
View blvd (R'Side) 

—Constance prlv see Fords r 902 Parent av 
—Douglas (Edith) emp Waterston Hardware h 902 
Parent av 

—Chas S (Louise) h 1463 Victoria av ? 

—Douglas wrehse elk Imp Oil r 1332 Langlois av 
—Earl E (Mae) cond NYC Rly h 468 Bridge av 
—Geo D emp Imp Oil r 1332 Langlois av 
—Geo E sis mgr Cock Bros h 1332 Langlois av 
—Jos F (Luva) h 1571 Lillian 

—Louis E roofer Wright Coal & Supply Co Ltd r / 
1272 Felix av 

—Ralph N (Florence) pres & genl mgr Cock Bros h 
Gladstone av 

1557 York 

Cockbain David (Nell) foremn supt Genl Motors h 721 1 **’ 
Partington av P 

Cockburn Andrew (Annie) r 3544 Sandwich w 
--Ann Mrs emp Essex County Sanatorium r 458 
Janette av 

—Christine elk Hiram Walker & Sons r 1556 Goyea’ 
-Helen h 7, 191 Askin av >4 . 

—John (Nancy) emp Chryslers h 1, 458 Janette av ^ 
--Lewis F h 11 , 285 Cameron av 
—Margt emp Chryslers r 7, 191 Askin av 
— Thos (Helen) lab Fords h 3544 Sandwich w 
Cocker Ian D (Dorothy) emp Chryslers h 365 Rankin, 
Cockerham Arthur (Mary) emp Fords h 719 Charlotte 
(R Park) y 

—Dorothy emp Gotfredsons r 433 Elliott w 
--Henry (Lily) h 1560 Marentette av 
—Jas (Violet) pntr Fords h 1222 Hall av 
—Marla (wid John C) h 1433 Elliott w i 

—Peter emp Fords r 719 Charlotte (R Park) 

—Stanley (Doris) emp Fords r 1665 Highland av f i 
Cockland Leonard B (Karina) concrete engnr Hydro 

h 214, 280 Park w ( 

Cockman Jas (Jean) emp Fords h 89 St Louis av (R'S 
Cocolas Mart (Ethel) h 1226 Pierre av i 

— Afia Janitress Sterling Drug r 1226 Pierre av „ 
Cocomazzi Antonio (Assunta) emp Pelton Constn h > 
1163 Goyeau ’ 

—Leonard (Antoinette) emp Buttery h 679 Chatham’' < 
—Lucy emp Hotel Dieu r 679 Chatham e ' 

—Mathew emp Fords r 1163 Goyeau ( 

Code Angelina nurse r 301,1290 Ouellette av 
—Kenneth (Virginia) h 1345 Rossini blvd $T 

— Wilmot R (June) sr insp Dept Agric res MacGregr 
♦Cody, see also Cody and Cote 
— Emile emp Central Mortgage & Housing Corp 1 
--Gertrude L (wid Fabian) h 1194 Windermere rd 
--Gregory emp Fords r 443 Logan av 
—Harry emp Riverside Grill r 3340 Wyandotte “V 

(R’Side) < 

--Jas emp Chryslers r 443 Logan av 
--John J emp Chryslers r 443 Logan av 
—John P emp Candn Bridge r 443 Logan av | 

— Wm emp Sterling Constn r 400 Chilver rd 
Codyre Thos baggage elk Eastern Candn Greyhound «£-■ 
Lines r 1562 Tecumseh blvd e r 

Coe Dorothy H Mrs prlv sec Hiram Walker St Sons t’ 

416 Lincoln rd 

— Douglas G (Esther) custom s excise officer NatlEf 
h 297 Moy av 

Cofell Henry (Marcella) emp Fords r 360 Lauzon rcS-v- 
(R’Side) v 

Coffey Jas lab Wm H Pierce r 504 William (Tecum a 


100 — 

Ui i • O O • iOOU ■ O i UiO iiiiii it i ii i iii'it i i i iooo 




slle --Lewis (Doris J) assembler W L Webster Mfg h 364 
Bruce av 

--Thos (Rose) drvr Merryfield h 1, 621 Wellington av 
Coffield Alma Mrs h 680 Pelissier 
rd * Coffin Geo J (Hilda) h 3675 King 

--Howard (Margt) (Veteran Cab Co of Windsor Ltd) 

! h 1242 Partington av 

--Kenneth W rcvg elk Prince Edward Hotel r 3675 King 
; 1 6 1 Cogan Margt S emp Jas Candler h 29, 1164 Ouellette 

'lvd^ Coggins Edwin (Jean) suprvsr dispensing John Wyeth 
He & Bro h 766 Windermere rd 

Coghlan Jas emp Hiram Walker & Sons r 561 
r ie« Crawford av 

—Joan tchr Victoria Pub Schl r 1589 Ontario 

515 Cogliati Albt (Carmen) emp Chryslers h 7, 435 
> Dougall av 

, —Louis A (Germaine) prsr Forest Clnrs h 1020 High- 
land av 

Cohan Fanny Mrs h 5, 1604 Goyeau 
--Sydney studt r 480 Randolph av 

Cohen Abraham (Miriam) (Twin Pines Dairy Co) h 1282 
Victoria av 

r —Allan studt r 952 Victoria av 

—Anne elk Ford Prov Mkt r 1345 Giles blvd e 
--Annie Mrs r 5B, 712-714 Elliott e 
— Benj (Rose) (Twin Pines Dairy Co) h 1116 Parent av 
—Betty studt r 1630 Dufferin pi 
a — Chas A (Ethel) (Merchant's Paper Co) h 1585 Dufferin 

—Eva drsmkr h 2, 758 Wyandotte e 
--Harry wrehsemn Merchant's Paper Co r 1585 
Dufferin pi 

— Jacob L (Fannie) phy 228-30, 744 Ouellette av h 952 
Victoria av 

f --Jennie (wid Isaac) h 201, 710 Giles blvd e 

—Jos (Sophie) (Ford Provision Market) h 1345 Giles 
h ; blvd e 

—Jos M (Florence) (Border Cities Ins Agency) h 1229 
ms: Victoria av 

^ —Louis (Ruth) (Avenue Men’s Shop) h 18, 577 Moy av 
'2l2? > - -Max h 1069 Marentette av 

* — Morrey (Geraldine) elk Ford Prov Mkt h 2226 Hall 
—Morris (Katie) emp Fords r 1046 Marentette av 
--Moses cab drvr Independent Taxi h 3B, 714 Elliott e 
— Robt G (Bessie) (Central Beauty Supply) h 803 Hall 

at avenue 

—Sam (Millie) (Ford Provision Co) h 1168 Parent av 
—Sami (Celia) (Windsor Packing Co Ltd) h 1630 
Dufferin pi 

' —Sami N (Tillie) (Twin Pines Dairy Co) h 583 Giles 
blvd e 

in; —Sydney studt r 1630 Dufferin pi 

Cohn Bernard (Helen) barr 201, 29 Park w h 2208 
f Gladstone av 

Cohoe Dorothy tchr J E Benson Schl r 2318 Byng rd 
Cohoon Murray (Robina) yard foremn CPR h 182 
Josephine av 

Cohut John (Anne) emp Dougherty Contr h 1, 393 

* Caron av 

f Cojicar Anne G prod wkr Burroughs Mach r 1861 St 
> Luke rd 

Cojocar Con (Rose) emp Gotfredson's h 1227 Janette av 
'Si — Elie emp Chryslers r 1861 St Luke rd 

Cojocari Louis (Margt) emp Fords h 2484 Meighen rd 
(Sand E Twp) 

Cojogar Daniel emp Gotfredson's r 548 Moy av 
--Geo (Mary) emp Gotfredson's h 548 Moy av 
3 s' Coke Geo E dockmn Consolidated Truck Lines r 519 
Dougall rd ' 

Colautti Achille (Delphine) welder Keystone Contrs 
. h 1472 Langlois av 

fr — Albt tool mkr Truscon Steel r 1696 Parent av 
jr --Alice dental asst M Brick & F Stodgell r 1950 
Labadie rd 

f --Antonio (Maria) pres & mgr Keystone Contractors 
Ltd r 1950 Labadie rd 

--Arm on emp Dom Forge & Stamping r 1696 Parent av 
y — Bros Ltd Baldo Camilotto pres & mgr tile & terrazzo 
contrs e s McDougall after CPR Tracks 
— Devit (Salute) wtchmn Sterling Constn h 1545 Parent 
’ —Garry (Andreina) timekpr Keystone Contrs h 1630 
‘ Benjamin av 

1 i/Y —Gerald emp Gotfredson's r 1696 Parent av 
jf’ — Gerenia (Dianella) tractor opr Keystone Contr Ltd t 
2614 Lloyd George blvd (Sand E Twp) 

—John (Mary) emp Keystone Contrs h 1722 Elsmere av 
^ —John (Maria) supt Keystone Contrs Ltd h 2416 Mercer 
— John A jr crane opr Keystone Contrs r 2416 Mercer 
. —John L (Mary) tractor opr Keystone Contrs h 1722 
Elsmere av 

— Jos (Rene) h 1545 Parent av 
— Jos emp Keystone Contrs r 889 Hanna 
--Liza elk Lady Ellis Shop r 2416 Mercer 
—Luigi (Maria) cement fnshr Allan Constn h 1723 Els- 
mere av 

— Nora elk Win Utilities Commn (Hydro Div) r 1696 

Parent av I 

— Nor ine (Norine's Beauty Shop) r 1545 Parent av 
--Norman (Theresa) tile setter Colautti Bros res 
South Lawn 

— Unberto (Louise) emp Fords h 1696 Parent av 
—Walter J (Mabel) asst foremn Keystone Contr h 1851 
Walker rd 

Colbreath Nathaniel (Rebecca) trkr h 927-929 Mercer 
— Nathaniel jr bellboy Norton Palmer Hotel r 927-929 

— Thos (Francis) carp h 1345 California av 
Colby Elizth r 560 Marentette av 
—Ethel M (wid Albt W) h 1136 Parent av 
--Marvin elk Save -Way Market r 560 Marentette av 
— Marvyn (Elsie) emp Fords h 560 Marentette av 
Colclough Barbara stenog Fraser Box & Lumber r 
4203 Grand Marais rd (R Park) 

Cole Albt E caretkr h 10, 841 Ouellette av 
--Bruce W slsmn Banwell’s Better Baggage r 943